Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 4, 1968 · Page 36
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 36

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1968
Page 36
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PAGE 34 City Calls For Bids On Water Line The City of Tucson will reach farther south in the Santa Cruz River Valley for part of its water supply with a $750,000 pipeline extension. The city called for bids on the project last week. Water Director Frank Brooks said about five miles of 30-inch and 24-inch pipeline is involved, which will link three new and highly productive wells in the Sahuarita area with the city's system. 'Tron finv'-'t.inn 'he ivojeot will augment the city's supply by joou! 4.3 million gallons a Advertisement When Dentures Don't Perform As Well As Natural Teeth, Do This... Use the plastic cream discovery that revolutionizes denture wearing. '" For the first time science offers · a plastic cream that holds false '. teeth almost like Nature herself * holds natural teeth. Forms an ·; elastic membrane that holds both . "uppers and lowers" as never before. It's a revolutionary dis- '. covery called FIXODENT for daily -home use. FIXODENT holds den- tures firmer... and it holds them more comfortably, too. Lets you bite harder, chew harder without pain. FIXODENT often lasts 'round- the-clock. Resists hot coffee. Dentures that fit are essential to health. See your dentist regular, ly. Get special FIXODENT today. OFFICE SUPPLIES,,^- Z.8KOADY/A.Y ^f '· v-"1t-l ^--I BUSINESS MACHINES 296-2329 ^^J _ f 24^E^Broadway "uptown Tucson" ^XC I days or enough to serve 6,000 people, Brooks said. Tiie project is in addition to another plan to pump wafer into the city from the Avra Valley, 18 miles from the city, which in its first phase is to produce around 10 million gallons a day. A bid call for the Avra Valley project also has gone out. The Sahuarita pipeline extension will feed water into an existing city pipeline, extending from the Martin Reservoir at E. Valencia Road and S. Park Ave. to a point 6.5 miles north of Sahuarita. ^ American Auto Rental 1 0 I Mile | Insurance Included g NEW CARS I SOI N. Stone Ave. ! B MA 2-7677 i ^x^~~*r~i 4 New Controller E. Thomas Brancheau has been appointed controller of Krueger Manufacturing Co., heating and air conditioning equipment firm with home offices in Tucson. ©MIDWAY Phone 327-4547 CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATES AND HELP WITH YOUR BUILDING PLANS. OPEN SAT.'TILLS PM ©LUMBER BOARD £|UP|| V ISORS' The.Boar a E B R U A R Y i ' ? 4 8 e r o a s s . Present : Thomas S. Jay, Chairman Pete Rubi, Member Dennis Weaver, Member Absent: j^f c D - Ha «" a ' 'Clerk GEM.-PUBLIC RECORDS: MINUTES °n motion by Mr. Weaver, seconded by m^tv,"^ 1 a ,nd carried, the minutes of the meetings of January 11, is, 14, and 29 1P4S, were approved as presented DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS rcporls were . C B ; B. 2674; B. 2675; B. 2676; B. 2481) The Purchasing Agent (HasKell Proper) f» t?n i ed , an ^ filod w ." h lne Clerk a ta- lation of bids received lor furnishing trie Health Department with a gas chromatograph wjlh hydogen flame and thermal conductivity detector and associ- ?L cd , a ««sorles (B. 2673). He explained in LL h o 6 h w ° bld s '"Dived were opened »Sr nnr?h, e « r 1 th;i[ , a reco .mrnenda(ion H pu . rchas ? has not previously been made because tile Department has been ,,n» e i v '2 g . 'he equipment as an individual unit and m relation fo other Items needed gram Jnly s atr Pollution control pro- u TI ,YL D 'rector of Adminislralion of the Health Deparlment (Phillip v. Hurle") ron.^ hls Pofiprtment recommends acceptance ol the bid of Bcckman Instruments, Inc., as the only bidder meeting specifications which were drawn afler c °2* ul al'ort wilh experts at the University of Arizona. In answer to questions from Mr. Weaver, he added thai the specifications provided for competitive b.ddmg because the Perkin-Elmer Corpo- rallon (the low bidder) also manufactures a hinder-priced machine meeting the specified requirements. Donald D. Ward (Perkin-Elmer's branch manager from Denver), in protest to the recommendation, made explanations relative to temperature controllers and flash vaporization inlet systems, which are an integral part of the instrument; and he stated that his company's more expensive equipment exceeds specifications. During the ensuing discussion among the Board members, the aforementioned persons, and the Spe- H-N' ?i pu i'h C ,°V tnty Attorne V (Robert N. ii 1 ^S'', 1 " 6 J aJf i er expressed his opinion that .the low bidder's protest is based primarily on the fact that snecilicalions should have been based on performance standards and not on design. Mr Ward concurred; and he pointed ouf that his The Purchasing Agent also filed tabula- j n ?n, of r? ids received for furnishing the Health Department with a spectrophc? tomeler and cathode lamp (B. 2674) and a strip-chart multiple range recorder (B 2675) and explained that, although each nstrument has different functions, the Lawrence F. Schader ol Van w-itor« » Rogers, Inc., (designated by Pefkin EU mer as the. local firm responsible (or service ol equipment offered for purchase im der olds 2A73 anrl i7A\ ,.i..» n .j 4u^i · inai in- r ».:',~ -""Ufa not recommend one in- SeTafRl S^'thanr aVc^tl wxMtti;,fo s S%'^ '".derationat the University', action on ing further review 5 Was Postp0ned Pend- MONDAY, MARCH 4, 1968 EFSS-HIGHWAY: TIRES (B. 2704; B. f,, · * - a r that with .acquisition of the afore-mentioned equipment, purchase of ihe infrared machine can be postponed to a future date without impairing the program f On consideration, f was moved by Mr Rubi seconded by . Mr. . J av, and carried ""hat' r t v i n a n 5 e r to P^suant 1o the Board's acfion relative -- B. 2681 (Mem 4. Decmber A. 19A7 minutes), the Purchasing Agent and the Assistant .Director of Administration of the Health Deparlment (Mrs. Mary M Raymond) reported that they have shop: ped for refrigerators available on the lo- r -M market. On their recommendation, the in'r.^?'?- 9 se u was authorized to issue l°,£l c 'L G Sy,?L H ,,° me .Appliances a $477,34 Wffrn . " "····""'"H "Mom, recommenaea that "tT" , e " le needed accessories are available from no other source, purchase or- dD Jr a i» e is ^ ed A or s " p Pl ie . s necessary to operate the Department's Burroughs r CPA a "'°matic accounting ma- ««"" e '«, n C0n5 i de ration, it was moved by ^·Weaver, seconded by Mr. Rubi, and h« let li that - * he Purchasing Agent be au- horized to issue to the Burroughs Corpo fCHOpLS-CONTRACTS: SAHUARO SCA A !^? E; IRRIC "-· On recommendation of the Board n! rr,Vr C « al '°, n ·? Hiflh Sch °° l District No (Tucson), it was moved by Mr Weawr seconded by Mr. Rubi, and carried that in connection with site "~--..--? a .- lna ! Sahuaro High School th of n , a , nd wil1 Probably request owner-participation for the cost ol Im- J"lh faht-of-wav!" On recomme^- g 'he County Engineer, it was b )i Mr -, Weaver, seconded by Mr. that 1he Board pa " a C O N O T S UNDER PROCEEDINGS NO. 6 1422. T^f.. esta bllsrirnen) is described in the res- omtlon as follows: cpeBinnlnfl at the Northwest corner of Section 30, Township 17 South, Ran 8 e l£ E A a ^' G - s - R - B - M., PIma Coun- ry, Arizona; THENCE, South 0 degrees 32' 03" West along the West line of said Section 20, a distance of 1200.00 feet lo a point of curvature where the tangent of said curve bears Soulh 89 degrees 27' 57 LEGAL NOTICE Southeasterly along the arc of I? 5 ?00 'ooj radius curve To the right - * t0 a poir " ^ o bd dance with the terms ot Its $23,511 low Reject all other bids r ld Process the bids, complele lhe ccStract? $s TSS ^WL'Si? SSu^V^lT* ^ A ^»^ call. Schools to issue a new bid CHOLLA (Tucson), moved by Mr One o^ a serves ?/ "r/je Copper Kid But you promised to bring it tonight What can Daddy plead: Bad memory? A busy day? He's got the money; he works at a Phoenix bakery. A lot of the bread he bakes is sold in the mining towns. The COPPER DOLLARS he earns that way help buy food and other things. Like surprises--when he doesn't forget. Like many people around the state, his income, although he's not a miner himself, depends in great part on the mines. The mines mean a lot to a!! Arizonans, including our Miss Brokenheart Well...maybe after supper, if the dime store hasn't closed... ARIZONA MINING A S S O C I A T I O N Representing Arizona's Number One Basic Industry ARIZONA TJTLE 8UILDINO, PHOENIX. ARIZONA BSQO3 e o| cnolla High SchMl; (2) TM'. P u b c Sch 0 r,^ S !^,, m , anafler ?' Tucson . ^ . , r a °n9 t h e a r c f a 2)50.00 foot radius curve fo fie left ' Polnt ° f Northeasterly along the arc or a 787.40 foot radius curve to the left . J alon B Ihfr a r c o f a foot radius curve to the riaht a Of r6 ' · ·--·'·"- n«i uicnaici iy aimm ihe arc »' H- I 129 - 0 ' f ,°ot radius curve to ttva left a distance of 2126.99 feet to a point of tangency; THENCE, North 4 degrees 00' 30" East a . distance pi 415.00 feet to a point in ine north line of Section 29, Township i/ bputh, Range 16 East, said point DSaring North 89 degrees 0?' 03" East a distance of 75.27 feet from the Northwest corner of said Section 27. TM- right of .way of said road to be .0 feet each side of - ESTATES: ESTABLISHMENT OF STREETS0424) in Th f^ Board of Supervisors on December hi. i ' sett S ncl advertised this dale for ??hr-J3? on . tne ,0 a »t'on for proposed es- 'ab'isnment, under Proceedings No. 1626. Mnrih e5 5°' P i a 9 e 1and Foothills Drive in 9 ! J 5 ' 3 ! 65 - The Chairman In- whether anyone wished to be tieard. No or« appeared. On recommen- MAINTENANCE CAMP (SASABC) The Clerk reported for the r»cord receipt from the State' Land Department of notice that Certificate of Purchase No. 9294 (See Item No. 9, January 15, 1948, minutes), whereby PIma County acquired approximately 7.39 acres of land in the northwest quarter to Section 35. T. 23 s., R. 8 E., for establishment of a Highway .Department maintenance camp in fne Saw e 3£??{ " t l a . 5tb S? n "ncsled to Patent No. SSOI. which has been recorded in el Book No. 3169 at page ?34. f " " °° Ck ~ DisT-SANiTARY: NO. i (A) 345 AREA The Cl«rk presented petitions for anne. County of the 345 Area (Green° Va'ltey Fairways No. 3; Santa Catallna Estates No-., 3 '' Catalina Foothills Estate No. 7,- ih vlne h Counlry , c 'ub Estates, Lots 4 'hrouflh 8 and Lots 55 and 5; and un- subdlvlded acreage m Sections 11 and 16, Ln'%: R ,-Ji*A'..'wether with Resolu- the Board of Dl...._. -pprovlna the pro- i. On motion by Mr. r i e d " ' 1 - - " - - ' - · - Mr - HEARING BtP-AIR PORTS: AJO -. D.TM C0ns!d 5ration, it v/as moved by Mr ri 3 u , » ? n d " v Mr. Weaver, and car- rieo iridi fne Board ratify Its verbal auth « " » RobtTrMa'v'o 1 !or e t£ Airoorr 9 fnr N ft 2 , of ' h e A i o Municipal J£,?IL for ,,. f he_ six-month period from · e r IK® ^ reer ner,t has been de- son that the Board pa RESOLUTION AND ORDER PRO- y o c a , It for the construction of addilions to fnir elementary schools as follows- f F P a n v e t t Elementarv ' Sch001 F n p e c6i| !09C ' rs ElEmcnlar v school -- call tor, receive, open and tabulate bids on construction of the additions as rp quested and (2) that the school board °, mmenda - t J ons to lne Board . « , It was moved by Mr Weav- ·', seconded by Mr. Rubi. and carried th f 8 i M / d °' Supervisors f) award ° ntracl for instruction of an auditTM SVrpnasium, and auto mechanics ' t ? unn )( s ' de HiDh School to De co No*** 27 }' h ase b .!?'\Plus's36,5M, Allernate Siin* . 4 i paid Irom bcmd funds; $18,700, tota for Alternates 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8 tn he paid from ten-cent levy funds); (2) linn further review by the school .'· d /n f H r ,?f" on , on Alternates Nos. 3 i: snH n\ r =I»,t ^| other wdg ^ by Mr. Weaver, r, H Rubi, and carried that --~W.~UM^C With standard procedure* O.H p " r chasmg agent of Sunnyside Public mTM M» b 1hl n y,^ cled , ^ pr ? c " s the bidS cnmoiote the contract for signature of the an of the Board of Supervisors, am in the school files all official -__ of the contract, bids, specifica- I^TBfHats^ Tr^^«I eco T' 1 i? ndi l ti ? r ' of 'he Board of Tcr , ustees ., of the School District No. 12 wSS de k, it M was ,, movKl by M r. RUM; seconded by Mr. Weaver, and carried h» L - , tr Mascarella and Associates be appointed architects for preparation of Plans and specifications for construction , n ;W, as yet unnamed, elementary - South Alvernon SCHOOL DIS- In th "All of Mescal Place and Foothills Drive in Northridoe Estates s subdivision on record In the Pima County ?n5 pf e - r « s .°D ice \ n , Pu ook u of Ma »s and Plais at Page u thereof. Tte right of way of said streets to be as shown on Plat. These streets to be 1424 W " 8S ShOVVn OF1 Plaf ' or Road No - g 6 r «, u . . re "°rt a petition for pro- Wn ixw tabl «' 5l l ment ' under Proceedings K?: ' 427 - .°f Bluefield street, Staunton 7hi 'i ? nd « K , eriv on Drive as shown on ' h e .Plat of Blue Ridge Estates No 2 in Book 18 of Maps and Plats at Paso 94 Jje Bounty Engineer reported that the 5Vcv v ,, h . as $ ee !? completed and the suMi- v ' s '°, n streets have been constructed ac- fl??if n 'r» to .ii Co , l i n1v '« st=n d B,rds and are rmmtV? en S 1 9lb e for '"elusion in the posA y Th ad r yhst ? m for .maintenance purposes. lhe Chairman inquired whether awone wished to be heard. No one appeared. It was thereupon moved by Mr Wyver, seconded by Mr. Rubi and car^ ried that the report be accepted and that, 0" recommendation of the County Engl^ be Eet and of the Tur- ·sssai'-a ^ 1975 - seconded by lifto?!, E rj- TM ~ January 31, CONTROL Rubi, seconded by P^h^E:^£;£'«? Hnt r o r n en M E ck^ lbert5on ''t'j?, 7 n°er,ch os - ruarv A.lr), 1943, on Countv relative to the request of the Board of TK H i 9h Sch00 ' Dlstrlct No. 3 in "}? Board of Supervisors con- in adopting a reso utron to provide and the relnveslment m the sale of »75,000 H ' r I?d . by the c "'sl«led d 'strict on October 24, iiin « i o De «mber 18, m?. She called attention to tjie fact that the in a ' ,.,-I h L C V hai u rria . n '"^"'red whether anyone wished to be heard. No one appeared It was thereupon moved by Mr. Jay, seconded by Mr Weaver, and carrfed that re . c . otT irnendation of the school board ^ t h e c TM nt Y School Superintendent (Florence Recce) the Board of Supervisors pass a resolution entitled RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA GRANTING APPROVAL AND CONSENT TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF HIGH SCHOOL D I S- JR 1CT NO. 3 TO INVEST AND TO R f l N V E S T N SECURITIES AND TO SELL SECURITIES PURSUANT TO S - 1324 - BOND SCHOOLS-BUDGETS AND INCREASES: ^Pursuant to th? provisions of A.R.S. 151245 ana on recommendation of the County School Superintendent ns presented by the Deputy County School' Superintendent, wa moved b v; Mr. Rubi. seconded by . Weaver, and carried that the Board of Supervisors grant the requests of the governing hoards of Flowlna Wells Public Schools to exceed their 1967-68 budgets.' for salaries for teachers and janitorial and maintenance personnel; rent; transportation, etc., as follows: School District No. 8 SJ5.5S5 Hioh School District No. 8 401735" P, eca y,se of an increase in average da ' ly attendance,. the District's per capita costs will not be increased.) ic i^, suan !' to lhe Provisions of A.R.S. , 1.5-1141 and 15-1142, and on recommendation of the County School Superintendent. ' f was mowd by Mr. Weaver, seconded by Mr. Rubi, and carried that the Board °J Supervisors authorize the Board of Education of Hlah School District No. 30 (Sahuarita) to exceed Its 1967-68 budget m the amount of 11,003, federal funds available under Public Law 89-10, Title l! lax r'ate reaSe dOe$ P0t affect thc dis 'ri:t's SCHOOLS-WARRANTS: DUPLICATE On motion by Mr. Rubl, seconded bv Ml j « W T ea V er ., and carried. F. E. Mauldin ana Minnie R. Mauldin were approved as sureties for the bonds accompanying the The County Engineer presented a peli- U°5, f °r Proposed establishment, under from v? " 9S N .°- n'* 2 ?,' °! Thornydale Rold from Herman's Rond at a point near the southwest corner of Section 20, T. 15 S. R. 13.E., northerly one mile. The Chair- h=^ n , '^ whether anyone wished to neard. No one appeared. It was Ihere- Mr"^?^ by , Mr - Rubl - seconded by Mr. Weaver, and carried that the petition bp .·"·^epted and referred back to "-" Enqmeer for purvey and report. " ROAD: ' ° f Los ' the San Reserva- - - o oe heard. No one appeared. It was thare- M? RV,hf ed b ^ Mr - Weav f r ' seconded by be a?» n f»H" S arri f d lhaf u the Pe»«on te ^ ond , referred bock to the 1lJn . e ?, r for survey end STREET t,-TM he »5 ounty Ensineer presented a petl- P?ITMSi r i pro ff=«' abandonment, under MTterfS'T^"*! 1 * 30 ' ^.Behan Street rllS n n Slff^'^'ThS gS^T^SS tion h. .'., and car ried that the petl- rnnniv a - cce p ted and referred back to the RnAnc vnl 2 ce C,^°. r ~ SJrvey and report. ROADS-KOLB ROAD: M (RIGHT OF Board accept two 74, t 7, G gN-M: NOTARIES PUBLIC Aaberg, Robert R 63 ' Aboud, Edward Ahrens, Estelle Asby, Thelma Badger, Marian E. Battm, Elizabeth Bethel, Avo B. Bielas, Gall Bipndo, Patricia L» Bunn, Myrtle L. Butler, Stephen D Condes, John B. Coyinaton, Thomas W. Cutler, Carroll Arm Daveson, Joanne p. Davis, Stanlev M. »eckter, Louis L. DIetz, Roderlc A. Early, John F. Eddy, Colen J. Engte, Lowell Leon |scalante, Carlos H, Felber, Bruce L. Fotntaln, L. C. Gable, Lois M. Glaza, Bernlce Goering, w G Gonzales, Naz'ario A. Goorwitch, Albert Gracey, Chas. o. HBO strom, M, ..-".t,^,,, Nancy H. Holmes, Nancy M. Howard, Douslas C, Howard, Muriel E Jentsch, Harry G. Johnson, Janet L, Knost, Sarah E. Kreoeser, K N Ltee, Norman E. Lemlre, Donna J. Lmdbers, John B. Lena, Donald L. Lona, lone Lucas, Holds T. Lugjan, Glenn H.. Madrid, Mary Maths, Howard A. Malanaa, Emll P. Maxson, William P., Jr. MeCord, Inez Mead, Margaret T. Mondor, E. J Mosler,£enneth E. r :;: I . vin ^ oa ' d ^NoT'293." ",. VINSON, TRUSTEE: , Nort h Vi of the South Vi o* y thl , /3 r°LTMf. Southwest Vt In Sec- of the the THENCE North 07 ?;i;^rr^M', J" .." duplicate v.-nrrant by School District No. 1 fTucson) to replace 537.27; and (2) a duplicate warrant bv Ji'^JS^I^t^t.No.,!. (Tucson) to n the amount ROAD: ES- The County Engineer reported receipt of a letlnr from American Telephone and Telegraph Company requesting that "nec- e i S Ki ar i^ re ? air s "e made and that if Possible the County assume the responsibility for .periodic maintenance of thff entire l^li?. n "J? °' d U-S. Highway SO from the Sonolta Road Exit of Interstate 10 to the Pantano Road Exit of Interstate 10." Jn revewmg the situation at the time maintenance of the roadway was pre- V''% sly . requested (tfem 30, March 20. 1967, minutes), it was mnde a matter of record that proposed establishment of the roadway had never been effected and that the portion of the highway abandoned by the state under rewlutfon dated June 6, 1955, and as used by the public was . '" such bad condition that a repair Project should be begun or the road closed. In answer to questions from Mr. Weaver concerning procedure, the County Engineer reported, with concurrence of the Special Deputy County Attorney, that Jh? Board may legally rescind Its July 5. 1957, action relative to this matter and by operation of law accept the right of way as abandoned by the State Hishway Commission under Its June 6, 1955, resolution. The Chairman Inquired whether anyone wished to be heard. No one appeared. On consideration and on recommendation of the County Engineer and the Special Deputy County AMomoy, it was moved bv Mr. Weaver, seconded bv Mr. Rubi, and carried that the Board qf Supervisors rescind Its July 5, 1957, action, thereby accepting bv operation of law the right of way abandoned bv the stato. E?s AH W«?, AURELIA : ESTAB The Board of Supervisors on December IB, 1947, postponed subject to call hear- no on the petition for proposed establishment, under Procecdlnas No. 1422, of Camino Aurella from « point on the west line of ttie northwest quarter of Section 30, T 17 S., R. 14 E., In an easterly direction lo a point near the norlhenst corner of the section. The Chairman Inquired whether anyone wished to be heard. The County Enelneer slated the · fleeted property owners plsn to plorwsr ra H dfm C ^ rv l 0 V h th °' de 3«". 'ROAD?^""" 1 '^""^ 1 1 -^" RAfJ CH w°*?i£, EAn l?i" ee £ vrKerta an ap- n Ranch in Sect on 20, T 12 S R is 3 Qualifies for maintenance as a . mendation, it was rnoved by 0 b Mr . stalllori OF A WAY RVINGTON ROAD: M On March 21, W66, the Board of Super- an ^ .^'^r' 1 "' 'he Chairman to sign an application to the U.S. Department of 'n'erior, Bureau of Land Manage- "iT -"-" t the naht-of-\vay acquisition in be completed. On his recommenda- '..'* w ? s rwed by Mr. Rubi, seconded ^=v r ' V £ B3ve I:. snd carried that the lairman be authorized to slon an Assur- t.ompllance form for transmltfal B "rest/ m connection with the application for rlaht of way for Road"" of a nortlon °' Irvlngton On December 18, 1947, the Board of Su""''-- ?«epted at public auction bids Is O f unredeemed real thZ"~riZ*~'"' iTMV"V' " " ad ' Bs aaerit for the state of Arizona, accepted County Treasurer's deeds on October U, 1947 Pursuant to the Board's instnictions, the County Hrqlneer reported that the properties have been Inspected and the offers tr. purchase have t, wn flv a|i,at,.d. On con- sideratloii of his rerommendatlon, it was moved bv Mr. Rubi, seconded bv Mr Weaver, and carried thst the Board of Supervisors fll relect all bids receive tor the properties on December IS. 1947. and f?) Instruct the Clerk fo notify all property on unredeemed real RfADS-SIXTH AVENUE: M (PAVING) The county Enomeer presented a nro- posed agreement between the Health Pro- f"rarn Systems Center. Division of Indian Health, Public Health Service, U S Department o Health, Education flnd Welfare nnd pirns County for the Improvement of Sooth Sixth Avenue from the c-iftleon-'rd »f f oi Re»Ie« Rnsd to Ihe Interser.Hon of Mission Road. On his recommendation. It was moved bv Mr. Ruhl, seconded bv Mr. Weaver, and carried that the Chairman t» autho'lMH to slqn )h» aoreem-vit with HM» Health Program Systems Center for the road Improvement prefect. 'The agreement provides that the Center's S7.500 prorated shnr* fnr nradlni and nil surfscino ra- nrovlmPtelv tv/o «nd one-hslf mll' 1 ^ nf th« South Sixth Avenue extension shall be nnvabl* upon completion of the nrnlrM B P - H ) G H W A Y DEPARTMENT: Romero, Alfonso Rosenburs/ Lorraln* ' Ross, Howard P. Sacks, Lee Sanchez, Doris Schilling, Hazel A. Seliaer, Shirley A. Senderoff, Lillian S. Smith, Jrene J. Speioht, Donna Thomas, Norman Warren, Howard M. Weoner, Heinz Weisband, Morton Wiefland, Marilyn F. Wi (adson, Bert Wlllner, Geraldlne L, Wolm, Marvin Zoucha, Jane FIN-WARRANTS: ,.°n 5»'l.on by Mr. Weaver, seconded by Mr. Rubi and carried, the Board an Proved the following war?!ntsfo? SS month of January 1948: (See Minute Vol. * ' - 8721 . 1 American Fire Equipt Co 2 Amsten Supply Division 3 Arzona Glass «, Mirror Co 4 Ar zona Refrigeration Sply 5 Arizona White Trucks 7 Hih h h°J' Z nw S ^ pply , ?/, ArizOT a ef,? by Bids Specialties Inc S Bill Breck Dodge |jic Briggs Radiator Service 10 Comp ete Auto Supply Co , " \ s , |SD Electric Supply Co 2703 ' 4335 ' 11.42 99.57 15.94 531.41 7i9 14.53 232.13 . 12.88 13.46 554.12 20 General Tire Service 2) Graham Paper Co 22 Grohall «. Son 23 Harbour Tire Auto 21.84 184.70 11.19 13.00 28 irmnams i c 29 Kirby's Bus. 8, Ofc. Supply 3250 30.Lunar Radiator 4, Rebldrs. 20774 31 Woody McPherson 23 71 32Mulcahy Lumber Co ja/o* 33 Murray Bryant Chev. Co. uia 34 Myerson Stores Inc 3241 35 Omalley Builders Hardware 12 77 TT p^^ 1 " apa » tnt c a ' Yarn' 5 " Co TOM TM 5 *, s . Au l9 s "°Ply Inc 48.97 38 Road Machinery Co 23472 39 Sanitary Supply Co of Tucson 11.58 40 Sherwin-Williams Co 5 si 41 sidles Motor Supply Inc 4493 42 Southwstrn. Pamt Varn. 11211 43 Supplies for Industry Inc. 17.79 44 Tucson Auto Pts Eop. Co. 19097 45 Tucson Auto Parts Equip Co 44 Tucson Auto Pis Eqp. Co 47 Tucson Dally Citizen 43 Tucson Diesel Inc. 48 Tucson Diesel Inc. 49 Tucson Gas Electric Co 50 Pat Turner Equo. Supply 51 Whltthornes Glnss House 52 Mountain States Telephone C 53 Southern Arlzcra Testing Lai 54 Standard Oil Co lmB Lal |5 Standard Oil Co of Calif 54 Trlanflle Steel Supply 2*S42 89 31 2» 15 2915 1.15 999 v »71 7.33 9 bo 9n u Toiia 59 Feifx ' Rlflra g-ffi 40 Tony Joe Salazar 30.CH) 41 Frank Soto 3000 « Amstan Supply Division 1J5 77 « Arizona Cedar Rapids 22.31 *4 Arizona Refrjaeratton Sply 147.43 65 Auto Plane Electrical Serv 72.85 44 Earner Tire Co 67 Baum Adamson 69 Birch Service Station Equf- « Brlaas Radiator Service v 70 Complete Auto Supply Co af 448.52 572.40 29.34 15.03 504.14 135.88 4.34 108.00 411.65 53.48 4*1.37 73.58 ... %.winr'.ic rMjiw OUMHIV U.U 71 Complete fndustrlaf Supply 72 Comstock Steel Co 73 D A Dl C ceo Petty Cash 74 Empire Machinery Co 75 Eaulpment sales J, Service 76 Garland Steel Co 77 Hamilton Equipment Co Inc ,.,./» 78 Harbour Tire X, Auto Supply IM 30 79 Holmes Ti/ttfe Broadway Ford ^q.eo 80 Luna Radiator 59.U 81 Minnesota Mining fc Mfg 97.50 CJ Municfoal Parts Supply Co5i4.no 83 Miles Rndlo Cor-poratlocv M 30 34 Oriellv Motor Co 83.47 R5 PBSW m.*7 84 Pioneer Paint J, Vamlsh Co2,Sl9.« *7 W A Prewltt 3.11.44 88 R S Auto Supply Inc 74.55 89 P Ronstadt Hardware Co. ?7.92 M Seat Cover Kino Trtc 97 Smith Pipe steel Co 93 Standard Oil Co 93 Anna Sul'tnaer 94 Superln' Steel Supply Co (Continued »rt ftst 17} 9.34 11.74 44.53 52,00 243,0V r .

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