Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 26, 1950 · Page 26
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 26

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1950
Page 26
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' Sees No Call For Overcpnfidence By MARGARET CHASE SMITH U. 8.' Senator From Maine SKOWHEGAN, Me Oct. 26.--In the. flush of victory Juet as much,.as in the depths'of defeat, it'is always well to be realistic--even it that necessary realism, may sometimes be regarded as unjustified pessimism or optimism, as the case may be. Lack of confidence or any shred of optimism the day after the Pearl Harbor sneak attack., by- the J a P s or just a few weeks ago when the Korean HedB -were on the verge of pushing bur forces into the sea could have 'been fatal 'to our -side. In times like those optimism is nothing more than sheer courage, But the'thin thread of "sheer 'courage often has held long enough to turn almost certain defeat into victory. the same token, in those very crises usually the vanquished lost because they became overconfident in their hour of apparent victory. They forgot that realism that 1« prudent pessimism. You may prefer to call it caution. Mustn't Be Overconfident Whatever you call it, we must not be overconfident in the flush of our Korean victory. We must not be overconfident in the rout that we are presently enjoying against Russia in the United Nations and throughout the world, Runaway continued about prices here 'at home. and Inflation, if unchecked ,for.years, could bring about the -economic collapse of this country. In that event the x national security, would be greatly in danger. ' An even worse threat Is the state of preparedness that this country i« in now. It would be better to call It a state of shocking unpre-j puredness. The truth Is that despite our brilliant comeback victory in Korea, our armed forces actually have been operating on. a shoe- itrlng. In football, it would be culled operating on "a-punt, a pa*s and a prayer." , Think JRnssla Misssd Boat Some military experts are Jubilantly amazed that Rusia-did not choose to. make war over Korea. They feel that it was Russia's best chance to catch ug at our weakest *t*t« and at the time that she pos- ««ssed her greatest military super| lority over us. 'They say that Rus- ·i« simply missed the boat and will never have* as good a chance again --provided we stick to rebuilding our military strength .and aren't ·ucktci back into disarmament by a phony Communist peace offen- ·Ive. · " ·..,.."..- · Even more shocking is the lack of planning of national defense' In the ! face of constant Russian ag- grewlon and. threats. One of the Biggest disgraces is the lack of any rtal action oa. civil defense. Russia hai been known now to have had the atomic bomb for over a year. Three years ago the late Defense Secretary James.Forrestal outlined to the house armed services com Bilttee, of which I was a member a plan for civil defense. But I have not seen any real evidence of action on that plan. There hasn't ·ven been established a -uniform country-wide signalling system. Mayors Disgusted It it reported that the recent conference of several hundred mayors in ; Washington and Chicago with the national - security resources board on the matter of civil defense ended to disillusionment and disgust on the part of the mayors They wanted to find out exactly what the federal government · Intends to do. They got nothing specific. Instead they got vague generalities--not even elementary information. It is.rep'orted that the mayors concluded that the federal government doesn't have the slightest idea of what it is going to do. One mayor summed , up the reaction bitterly, ffius: "We feel that civil defense Is the stepchild of the government" If-the record of the NSRB is-rep- re'sentative or indicative" of the over-all planning and preparation 6f our national defense by federal officials, the'n ; we. are in dire'jecp pardy and are operating on "a aunt, -a pass-and a 'prayer." -We are itill warning civilians of .the potentiality and feasibility, of a, Russian air-atomic attack on '. pur ; Industrial centers and cities,- but .not giving them -any " real., plan - or program with which to ; . defend -themselves in the event of such 'an attack. , (Dist. by United Features) . , baby cry-out;in pain and stopped the car -to see what was wrong.,Mrs. "Orient said she feared, the baby had been stung by an Insect. She found, however,, a welt'.on the baby's, finger 'and discovered it had come from a B. BshotT-"" - Police said today it was the third report by a motorist of BB shots aeing fired Jn that neighborhood at automobiles. For several weeks iiere" have been reports from other areas of BB guns being discharged. Lights oruthe front porch- of the lome of Repr. and Mrs. Harold R. Patten were believed shot out with a BB gun. .Chief Hays instructed policemen to "crack down" on violators 1 of the city' ordinance prohibiting, the flr- ng . of BB guns in the city. One of - -the penalties is confiscation 'of he air rifle. ONCE LITERALLY 'SQUARE' COHASSET, Mass. (U.R) -- 'John Carzis, ."restaurant, man, claims he has discovered · the . origin of the expression "square meal." About 150 years ago.food was, prepared in square' tins' in-New England.' From! ;hat custom stems' the 'hb'w-popu- ar: expression,. Carzis .thinks./$JL New'Sudsy'AmmoniaMakes ^^AT\ · \»» ' · . - «Pr"'/Me 9 \ \ WarnsBB GunsSSO Solicitors Tour Downtown More Than 4,000 In City In Push For Goal Set By Chest Illegal After police received a report^of a year-old ''baby being struck by a BB shot, Police Chief Don J. Hays warned parents and children it Is unlawful to fire a BB gun inside the city limits. Mrs! "W. L. Orient of 820~E. Ltma st. reported to police that as she 8 , "One day's pay Is Tucson's, way for. your community chest" la the byword for-over.250 solicitors who began their wprk In earnest to the downtown section today. v At yesterday'* meeting, volun- 1 teer workers received their-solid- was driving along North oParic avenue, between East Speedway and East Seneca streets, she heard the row, when 250 residential workers will get, their working materials. In the advanced gifts division, the first cards-showed an increase of 25 per cent over last year, so''chest officials'are optimistic that the goal lation material preparatory 1 to go- ^ju he met ·without difficulty, ing out to collect the. 'downtown . quota of $59,500. They, are striving to collect as much, as possible of the quota-for the first report meet- tog, Nov. 7. At .yesterday's kick-off meeting, downtown co-chairmea Harold Rietz and F. K. Carson gave a pep talk to their workers. Mundey Johnston, co-chairman of the overall drive, emphasized the need for reaching the full quota of- 5202,500, as all surplus funds have beenj- used to make up the deficit of the past two years. Emphasis was placed on careful solicitation of employees In downtown business Tinas. Wayne Sanders, chairman of the advertising committee, showed slides explaining solicitation-materials. Donations for the chest may be designated for any of the 14 agencies. Kick-off for the residential sec- MORTGAGES 'Low Cost -- Quick Service Life' Insurance : money and private funds to purchase, build or i refinance. Residential and com. mercial. Conventional or .F.H-A. I loans. Metropolitan Realty Co. · :-..' Ask for, Mir. Qraoy ''". ; I 2K» E. Broadway Dial t-2242 · CATTLE TOO FANCY - jfeNc:E, Ind. (U,PJ--Cattle Judges at the Muncie fair think "Mac" or "Annie" would'be good names for livestock. They say they're tired of recording long titles. One 'animal was entered this year under th^ name "Cold "Stream Douglas Net Cash" and another was called 'Stone Fence Paula's Lassie." Koreans Face Trial SEOUL, Oct 26. 1 00--The 7 South Korean army's joint investigation hoard reports that more"than half] of 8,458 Communist suspects" seized in the Seoul area have been ordered, » ' The' 4,774 ordered to trial Include about 500 women--and' scores 'of were freed. .Suspects charged' with murder and supplying information to the Red Korean array were ordered were turned over to the Seoul '-district court and the provost nwshal Authorities said many collaborators had fled north. ^ * Standing Roam Only 1 For - Reser v',e' Fliers ,,- NEW YORK, Oct.' 26.. Ufi--Ks standing room only forjiavy fliers f atfjt 'CtllzVn, Thurxliy Ivinlnq, Pet,' K, bureau of naval per|onnel[ than can T« utilized In the 1 foreseeable future," the navy announcwuent said. I CALL Cheese natTonalsr-TheotterleS^tching to.get back.into uniform, the third nayal district said today. ,"More requests from aviaUonTre- serve officers to return to active duty have been received at the FLOWERLRHD The Leading Nursery ol Tncioit for all your GARRET J need*. Tel. S-ttSi ' 100 South Plnmer Ragsdale - Wells MORTUARY "Chapel of the flowers? Service Dependability Reasonable Prices '^Tucson's only Negro Morticians" Serving Tucson and Outlying- Communities 801'N. 12th Ave. Ph. 3-3771 Open 24 Hours ;3TF Tubing Rushed To Beat New Tax SPOKANE, Oct. 26. (#) -- Five thousand miles of television antennae tubing was rushed from Spokane to New.'York. today, to satisfy a last minute pre-tax demand for TV sets. . ,···' .-' , . ' A 10 per cent federal manufacturers' tax on TV sets will go Into effect a week from -today. The aluminum tubing, 23,096 pounds of it, was loaded aboard two cargo planes bound for -!s f ew York this morning. The Kaiser aluminum rolling mill has been working on a 24-hour basis for more than a week to complete the rush order. Company officials' said they believed this.to be the largest single consignment any, airline has handled for a private concern. Ohio Congressman Sued By Ex-Aide LANCASTER, Ohio, Oct. 26. (ff)-Rep. Walter E. Brehm (R-Ohio) has branded a salary recovery suit filed by a former woman employe as "the most cockeyed thing I ever heard of." The former employe, Mrs. Clara Soliday, 75, a Logan, Ohio, widow asked recovery of 37,340, plus an additional $10,000 as "punitive damages" In the suit filed in ; Fairfield county common pleas court.. The congressman has .represented Ohio's llth congressional district In south central Ohio, .for eight years. He is a candidate for reflection Nov. 7.. -" Encampment Okay, But Not Camp fire WONSAN, NortiT- Korea, Oct. 26. CJ.RJ--During- the U.S. marines' voyage, from .Inchon to Wonsan, Capt. ;R.. V -S. Lamb .of Coronado, Calif., skipper of an attack transport, sent" tMs--mes- sage to Lt. Col, Harold Roise of Moscow, Idaho, commander of the Second marine battalion: "Request marine · break .camp on forecastle of the USS George Clymer after 0800. Please, no camp fires on deck at any.time," RO DIG'S fiwon Oplicii Service ( * Dfepenftaf Quality · O1»*M* it F«lr PrteM ··OT Vail*/ N«tH Bldg. Ph. S-lOTl OH? Get mm "^KSfe^*^* HEN, WOMEN Ifl ttlKttd. T»m OMK VITAinN Kt loc Iron: plua o*lcium, viumln Di. :o» lor nit MM. At «11 drui itoru «vtrywher«--in TucJon, ·t Mwtln Drue.' . ' - Clothes Two-Ways Cleaner! 1 cup Parsons' "Sudsy"Ammonia to a gaL hot water makes plenty iUds With less soap. 1) Cats grease, 2) sotla the toughest dirt loose, float! it away! FISHF FLOWN IN HOUSEHOLD AMMONIA Mdktri of Fin* A m m o n i a Sine* 1880 PERCH PIKE LARGE Football "A" Mums For Mother's and Dad's Day " 1 ROCK COP Fresh Yellow Wall-eyed ...... Fresh . Fillet ......... _ Ib. FIOWE'KS : 2362'E. Broadway Phone 2-4643, CATFISH Fresh Clear Channel Ib. SEATROUT Fresh Fancy .RED WAG ON MILES SCHOOL || EAST BROADWAY .._,,.... Ib. VISIT THE RED WAGON MARINE PROD. CO. The Largest Sea Food Distributor in the Southwest CHARLES J. KENNEDY Republican For REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT NO. 4 Tote for Him at WakeHeld Jr. | High, Sunnysfde and Rose .Schools.: SPECIAL NOTICE TO PIMA COUNTY MOTORIST Many of'the · light, and medium 1949. and 1950 cars and light trucks are equipped with the latest type (no civet) brake lining--this eliminates to a great extent scored drums--increases the life of the' lining and makes for more efficient brake operation. As specialists In this type of brake work (we operate the only .exclusive brake service In Tucson) tve can ; offer yon our experience and the following brake'overhaul for $21.85: · NEW GRIZZLY BONDED,ON LINING Work done In our own shop · TURN BRAKE DRUMS.TO CORRECT FIT , · REBUILD WHEEL CYLINDERS A must on any reline job - · FLUSH AND REFILL LINES WITH CORRECT j FLUID; · ·'· . ' - . . · ; . There is a difference you know · THIS FAMOUS GRIZZLY LINING CAN BE APPLIED TO THE BRAKE SHOES OF ANY CAR OLD OR NEW By our bonding process . . . , ! Come over an^ see our equipment^--NO OBLIGATION PERFECTION BRAKE SERVICE 419 N. 9th Avenue (rear) Phone 2-J.492 1 Out of the High Rent District V EQUALLED BY PEW^SURPASSED BI NONE \ 1340 E. Factory Ave. Phone 3-7493 Are You "Snowed Under"? V itws^ ,*k$^ fcS, / on this special sale package of .«S v,* \?' i^ / JC/vCQ t h e m o i t c a f e f u l l y - m a n a g c d budget can bog down-under an avalanche of bills due to a financial emergency. Trying to decide which creditor can be paid off--and which can be put off--is a discouraging process. a situation of 'il «*'*" 1 f'fe r// If you are faced with this kind, come in and apply for a thrifty personal loan to-pay off all your outstanding bills. Then you will have only one obligation to meet each month--the small payment on your personal loan. When you need extra money to take care of an emergency--or to take advantage of an opportunity--let an casy^to-makej easy- to-pay-personal loan solve your problem. PIE CRUST MIX The pie crast mix made by the DEEP-CHILLED PROCESS DHP-CHILUD PROCESS VALLEY NATDONAL BANK * TWENTY-NINE FRIENDLY CONVENIENT OFFICES IN ARIZONA * M E M B E R F E D E R A L D E P O S I T I N S U R A N C E C O R P O R A T I O N T W O C O N V I N I I N T O F F I C E S I N TUC«Olll D o w n l 6 W n 0 f ' I c t ' C o r 9 r *"* 5 t o n *- ** % * W1 * I Unlv.r.IfyOffliE.,mHBrthTynd.il Discover the flakiett pie crust you ever made If s easy, quick. You jwt add water to Pfllflbury Pie Crust Mir and roll out to make tender, flaky detiaaaB-crortaevacy ' time. Perfect cruet ii gvarantow. . ."» double your money back if you don't agree. · _ I Getyounatyoargrocar'itoday.fitfr* l8 faorteimig flakiness S^pneverypackageofPillflburyPieGrart Mir you buy during tbii big diicoyery ·ale. Remember, Piltobary Pit Cnwt Mix is made by the PBOCESS. Harry! Thk ofler ji by supply of ipecial Kile p»d«»a». HURRY! Offer good only while safe packages last! i

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