Independent from Long Beach, California on January 16, 1975 · Page 82
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 82

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, January 16, 1975
Page 82
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P-16I-I y, J»n.'u. ws' SOME SCINTILLAT- , DOVER BOOKS ON IC: v ,,v d e f i n i t i v e book about the great Russian ballerina A n n a Pavlova 08§1-1939) is the one that Do\)er now, to the profit of 'all balletomanes, reissues a republication of V. S v c t l o f f ' s 1922 limited edition (the book is translated f r o m the R u s s i a n by A. G r e y ) . Pavlova's technique, her roles, has travels, her c r i t i c a l a c c l a i m , h e r many sides, arc discussed.' There are 75 plates, 8 of them in color. No.ballc-t lover can do w i t h o u t Svetioff's " A n n a P a v l o - va~($5). Then there is Dover's edition of "Stephen Foster Song Book" ($3.95) containing the original sheet music (with reproductions of the original covers) of 40 songs by Foster, selected, with introduction and notes, by Richard J a c k son, " O h I S u s s a n a ; " "Swancc River," "Camptown Races;" "Beautiful Dreamer;" "Old Dog Tray," these and three dozen more- who could ask for anything more? If you can. Dover has it for yoii-"Show Songs from the Black Crook to The Red Mill ($6.95), original sheet music, again with .the original covers, for 60 songs from 50 Broadway shows from 1866 to 1906, edited w i t h introduction and commentaries by Stanley Appelbaum. Here you'll f i n d V i c t o r Herbert's "Every Day Is Ladies' Day with Me" and a bunch of other Herbert songs; George M. Cohan's "So':Long Mary," ar| d others by h i m ; "The M u l l i g a n G u a r d , " "Tjirhmany" and many anolher. Four score- no, we're not about to quote Abe Lincoln; what we're about to say is that four score books have also been issued by Dover: "Mozart: Later Symphonies" (Full Orchestral Score of Symphonies 35 - 41 ($6.50); "Don Giovanni," the complete orchestral and vocal score of Mozart's Great opjera ($10);-"Johannes Brahms: Complete Symphonies in Full Orchestral Score", edited by Hans Gal ($7.50), and "Sergei Prokofiev. F o u r Orchestra! Works" ($8.95), selected and edited by Lewis Roth, containing the complete scores of Peter and the Wolf, Lieutenant Kije Suite, the Classical Symphony and the Alexander Nevsky Cantata. THE P I C T O R I A L HISTORY OF L A N D BATTLES. By Alastair R e v i c . T h e P i c t o r i a l History of Sea Battles. By Thomas Foster. The Pic- t o r i a l H i s t o r y of Air B a t t l e s . By B u r t o n G r a h a m . Bobbs-Merrill, $7.95 each. From the Roman out- bluffing of Hannibal in 107 BC and the defeat and s l a y i n g of his brother Hasdrubal at the River Metaurus (a campaign in which elephants bore a vital role) to the titanic tank clashes of World War I I ; f r o m t h e E n g l i s h massed archers at A gin- court, France in 1415 to the bayonets of Korea; from the Charge of the · Light Brigade at Balaclava in the Crimean War to the rout of the Nazis at Stalingrad and in the Battle of the Bulge, "The Pictorial History of Land Battles" gives a complete picture of war on land over the centuries. From the epic defeat of 800 Persian warships by 200 Greek galleys at Salamis, through the magnificent victories of Nelson to the crushing of the Japanese fleet at Leyte Gulf, "The Pictorial History of Sea Battles" vividly describes the tactics of the greatest admirals, and the weapons and craft that changed the course of wars. From the dogfights o v e r the t r e n c h e s in France during World War I, through the Battle of Britain, to the clashes of Russian MIGs and American Sabres over Korea and the Israeli lightning jet strike in the 1967 Mid- east war ranges the "Air Battles" volume. These lushly illustrated books (filled with detailed diagrams, tactical maps, and sketches and photographs, recreate the most significant land, sea and air battles of history. GERMAN DRAMA BETWEEN THE WARS: An A n t h o l o g y of Plays. Edited by George E. Well- w o r t h . D u t t o n , $4.95 paperbound. The playwrights and the plays represented in this f i n e anthology r e c o r d , each in their own way, the disintegration of Germany and at the same time are among the most brilliant w o r k s written for the thealer in any country in this century. Job, by Ko- koschka (who was also a near-genius as a painter); The A t o n e m e n t , by B r o c h ; C h r i s t o p h e r Columbus by Tucholsky and Hasenclever; the picaresque C a p t a i n of Kopenick, by Z u c k m a y - ers; No More Peace! by Ernst Toller, and part of the -long, strange play, The Last Days of Mankind, by Karl Kraus, all saw the disaster that was approaching for G e r m a - ny. DICTIONARY OF FOREIGN TERMS. By Mario Pei and Salvatore Ramon- dino. Dell, $1.95 paperbound. Mario Pei has written a good many pleasurable and scholarly books on language, and here, with S a l v a t o r e R a m o n d i n o o f f e r s a comprehensive dictionary of most widely used words and phrases, with definitions and often the origins, not only from French, Italian, Spanish, German and Latin, but f r o m scores of other t o n g u e s , including Russ i a n , G r e e k , Sanskrit, Arabic and Hebrew. BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE: A Reappraisal of His Life and Times. By Robert E. Lee. John F. B l a i r , publisher, 1406 Plaza D r i v e Sw, SW, W i n s t o n - S a l e m , N . C . 27103, $8.95. He lured 14 women into becoming his wives and countless ships .to the dangerous waters off North Carolina. He was Edward T e a c h , the notorious Blackbeard, one of the foremost of 18th century pirates, and Prof. Lee, making good use of contemporary documents and letters, gives us a most" complete and thelively biography of Blackbeard. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF M A R Y WOLLSTONECRAFT. By Claire Tomalin. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, $8.95. M a r y Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) was far ahead of her times. This English writer's "Vindication of the Rights of Women" (1792) was history's first great feminist document. She married the philosopher and novelist William Godwin in 1797 and died that same year giving birth to U i M r daughter, Mary, who later became the wife of Shelley. In Paris, where she had gone out of her sympathy for the French Revolution, she had borne a daughter to an American w r i t e r and adventurer, Gilbert Imlay, who had deserted her. His unfaithfulness caused her to leap into the Thames in a suicide attempt. C l a i r e T o m a l i n h a s (iiimiimiiiimiiiimiiimiimiwjiuuuujt Get aboard the Portrait Special j:i NO HANDLING CHARGE All ages: Bathes, crmclre^ a^d acutt One sitting per subject AOditiOnal SuCieCtS--OroupS. C' ndrv:duai$ i same tamii--$1 00 per sutvect No proofs--Groove from finished prcfeisioi portraits (poses--our s^ect'cr,. You may select additional pc't'.vt: ct'cred a low prices I"' Photographer on duty Fri.-Sat.: 10 A.M.-8 P.M. Sun.: 10 A.M.-5 P.M. ;;; 4141 WOODRUFF AVE.-LAKEWOOD 119 LOS CERITOS MALL -- CERRITOS written a scintillating biography of the turbulent woman who conducted many affairs, and whose friends included Tom Paine, Coleridge, Southey, the artist Henry Fuseli. WINTER IN THE BLOOD. By James Welch. Harper and Row, $6.95. James Welch is a Gros Venire I n d i a n on his m o l n e r ' s side and a Blackfeet Indian on his father's. His earliest youth was spent on the Black- feet and Fort Belknap reservations in Montana. A poet who has won considerable acclaim, he now proves himself a first-rale novelist, in this p o w e r f u l , tighlly-woven tale narrated by a 32-year old Indian who finds the world of the reservation as empty as the Montana towns to which he goes for drink and women. His heritage has been shattered; to this inlelligenl and sensitive man life has lost most of its meaning. His tragedy, is that of his people. THE FRENCH AGAINST THE FRENCH: Collaboration and Resistance. By Milton uank. Lipincott, ?12.60.. The p i c t u r e m a n y Americans , h a v e of France under .Nazi occupation is of a nation seething with underground groups waging relentless and constant w a r f a r e against the Germans. Milton Dank tells what the f o u r y e a r s of Nazi oc- cuaoccupation were really like. French men and women by the tens of thousands gladly served the Nazis, most of them acting like sycophants. Not a few served the N a z i s as soldiers, and fought fellow-Frenchmen of the Resistance. Most French citizens backed Marshal Petain and his Vichy regime, lickspittles of Hitler. Indeed, the French themselves call the period "the time of shame." Milton Dank gives us the most thorough picture of this d a r k penod of French history yet to appear in English. He writes of Jean M o u l i n , who chiited into France to . unite the Resistance . groups and who was be- ) trayed and tortured to '·- death by the Nazis; of the opportunist politico Pierre Laval, who sold his nation to Killer; of the French Gestapo headed by Henri Chamberlin; of Marshal Petain, who had been a French idol but willingly : served h i s c o u n t r y ' s : . enemies; of the Vichy police's hunting down of · French Jews to be handed over to the Nazis for death in the gas chambers. Gradually, despite all this, the Resistance grew and played a significant role in the driving out of the Nazis. ' LOVE SONGS OF THE NEW KINGDOM. TFanT slated from 'the; amfiir Egyptian by John L. Foster, Scrbners, $10. - / T h e love "songsisb beautifully translated; by . John L. Foster were written in the time of the New*; Kingdom, the last Define' * great civilizations of ancient Egypt.; They we^re nardwritteii ifi fiieFaupi'w.~ cursive form of hierglypbTy ic writing, done on payScus'^.; with brush and ink. .,,;,;,,,;' Sometimes romantit;'', sometimes satirieaj;;;. sometimes witty, th'eV ; " deal with timeless mar- 1 ters -- a youth lists ail.the'. beauties of his sweeheart; · a young girl promisesjto wear her new bathing suit' if her boyfriend' will"gd' swimming with her; a so-.' phisticated youth ironicaU : ly prays to the lore goddess Hathor to bring' back the girlfriend who 1 ' · has wandered from him, " AND EVEN · MORE! Carpet · Bedroom · Den Sets Bedding · Dining Rooms · Living Rooms · Family Rooms You couldn't pick a better time or a better place to buy line home furnishings than during Thompson's store-wide January Clearance Sale. 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