Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 9, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1896
Page 8
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GREAT SALE. SHIRT WAISTS -:-:= AT CUT PRICES. ' \\If\ i«t« S In all Beautiful Colors and made In VV aidLBj Stvles-Perfect Made of Dimities, Lawns, Percales, fladras, Grass Linens. Persians, Etc. Etc. styles .. Perfect Fitting with Separate Collars. Not One worth less than $1.75. Our Special Price for this Week p8c. Golden Rule, i" riffii'iin ... . . j... . . . ...-". __-nn.Ti 'J'faudo Coblont!!, Onwarii; \\'. V. Sliutt, ( 0nwai-d; Nell Snider, Onward; XIfa Barker, Onwarii; Etia IlMe, Onward; -Win. H. Panabaker. jr., Onward; T/illio Paclairci, .Onw.u'il; Otvo Burkcr, Onward; Jesse Reaviis, Ouward, Chas. I'anabakur, Omward; Win, .T, LainpLear Pine Crock; Delbort Flana.gau, Walton; '•Otho Lynch, Walton: Chas. W. Shn- 'uiau,- 1 Walton; Gilbert Wit fa, Walton; •Harry' Z. Curry, Walto-ii; Delbert L. Mlnulck, Walton, and Oscar Flanagan, Walton., " . ' ' . ' WASHINGTON. .Const.-mco Morrison, Logansport; .Itort.D; March. Logsuisporl.: Horace ..Sine, .Log.'irispfH-t: and Daniel T. Guy, .Logaiispor-t. .'/Tiptojj township has the largest graduating class, imiii-bcrlfl-g- twt'ury- ;fl"vo. Tlio.ro. are eighty-eight, graduates In all. The Iwglwst. general nvorago WILS gained Viy Miss Millie Rider, of Lincoln, Jackson township, f)0-";s per cent. Fk-kUng Thomas of Onward. Ti.pl on township, was second with SS-y, per cent. SCHMITT & HEINLY. Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the best shoes is at Walden's. Our Ladies 20th century Walking Shoes in both Black and Tan are strictly in it for $1.98. Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high, grade" and up $1.48 to $2.98. Our line of men's working shoes are the best value ever offered for the money 98c to $1.98. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. THE GRADUATES List of the Young People Who Finish Country Cuurse. LATE COrtriENCEMENT NOT THE BALL GAME Ls what -we wish to coll your atttntlori to. Most of the nobbiest and swelles hats seen In Logansport have corn< Cvom our store, where the stock was never so replete with Doveltles as now All the-newest styles to suit any taste are here in profusion, and tlio golfers tennis players, bicyclers, or all-rouuc athlete can suit his fancy from the most fanciful. Our new straws are (Jan dies, ' flORRIS FISHER THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. ITS NAME GUARANTEE. Though ho punctured his tire twice, G. It. Broaclbent brought down tlie Australian 100 mile road' record to 5:45:00, breaking tiie Australian record nineteen niJntntrs. The American record in 4:-10:00, lie-Id by A. B. McDou- -ncl, of Toledo. World's record Is 4:21:45 held by A. E. Walters of England. rocket Kodaks nt the Bnrgmau Cycle Co. • \ TCo 'tandem runs hard with- one's best girl on the front seat. The Floctwing for ladies. There are more of these wheels used in tills city than nil otihcr makes of wheels. Love and toll-gate keepers differ somewhat. Love never asks for pay in advance. Have your bicycle insured against theft, r.urjrman .Cycle Co., will do It. NOTICE. Members of the G. I. A. to B. L. E. will note that iit the last mcctlnp; .held on Saitwday. May 23d, it was decided, to change tlio day of meeting from Saturday to tlic second and fourth Thursday afternoons of eat-li month, at 2:30 o'clock. The tlrs-t meeting will be held next Thursday, nt McCaffrey's hall- INJURED WHILE WRESTLING. Harry Duncan,, a young man oC Young America, was Injured .recently while wresiUlng with a companion, Earl' Stonebmker. Duncan was unconscious for twi-lvc hours after the accident, Init at last accounts was able to be out. THKEB NEW GAS WELLS, ,: •The Logjinsport &Wnbnsh Valley Gas company yesterday finished up a good: well, known us the Sjioekney No. 2. It also began rtrllUnp Hogan No. 3, and Is rigging up the dem-ick for Hogan Noi 4: TAKE NOTICE. The Free Distribution oi tills Watc: and Cliain. Closes June 29,96. Bear In mind iit's not a Toy but an accurate Time piece ami Is Glveai Away Absolutely Free The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Biflier Men's, Boy's or Children's. Otto Kraus "Of Course" FIFTIETH AN'NIVSRSAJJY. Yesterday was the llftleth auulver- sary of the day on wlilch tlie Mexican volunteers from itiiiis' county and sur- rouuditag towns,' started for the Mexican border, to flght for Texas. There were ninety in ithe company. Thcro are now twelve, of the original fighters living. 'CYCLIST CLUB MEETING. There will be a business meeting of the Klvcrslde Cycling Club next Friday evening at the club house. Business of great-Importance-will bo discussed, and all members are requested to be present. . Class Address Willdo Away With Essay Reading This Year. m.e'iiiti an- being jmodo for the big leaeho:*' kuvlitutu \\1iicli will hold in this city in Aiiynti 1 ;. 'Dtwlng- the M'cck of the Jsisfhuilo .\rtll occur the COUIIT.V L'oiiiiHH>ineeuitM;!t, at \vh,lcli time nlv big class ft' cinuity -dchool sra'du- :itas wall lfet(Hi to ;i class address-by a. i»r(xnluent ^puakei 1 from ainoug rhe oducatore of the country. -.The- plan IKLS bwu • to havu the liunor studeii-t 1'vuiii each (wwiishi]) in tJie county reart a-n o.«iy :it: the cDuuiy coiiMiiuncemout. nud tli-e i'xu'1'cLs'e has been, nindt the oc- ctislun o!' 11.11 orar.ui'ical coiite.st between the graduates, bint tilnis Custom will not .Sirpl. Cornell is trying to secure--Supt. o.I' Ttiblic liistnictiou Gee-ling for" the addri«v iiL'Xt August. Jlr, Geatiug will b« hure some Hnio during the-week ot! the iinstitu'le, .and it is thoug.h-t he..\vill to del-Ivor die lecture. If he bo- secured, sonnc cqimlly notable speaker w.ild be on lia-ucl, The graduates, with their postollicu aildre.sso.-=, who linlsli the course in the county sch*x>ls this .luni; are as follows: ADAMS. Alfi'cd Evans, Lucot;ta; Ira Flvecoat. Hoovers; 'JYunuiui G. Murdon, Twelve Mile; .Tessio Carson, Hoovers; W.-W. Hoover. Twelve M'itle: Hu-lda.Ij Rlnipler, Tivclvc Milt 1 : Clias. Hoover. Twelve Mile; and Chii.*. Barnhairt, Twelve Mile. • '-BETliLKHEM. Nv>nn Cover, rinc; AU'ouzo W. Pin-e; Merlon Brookwalter, Metea-; autl HiM-ry G. Grable, Fletcher, BOOXE. AA'illiam Funk, Royal Cciiler; Tlllie House, Royal Center: Rose Fox,. Royal cailer; Lkla Liric-s, Itoyal Center;'Ella Fttnk, Royal Center and M^ollie Kiug, Royal Center. • : CLAV. • • ! .Tannis Klmb'rougli, Adnmsboro. CLINTON. Percy Porter, Loga nsport 1 ; - DEER CREEK. ' Grace Burrows, Dego; GfiO. iH. 'W Harness, Young America; Wm. All •cad, Voung .America; O.Hio Jldntgoni- ery, Young America: Frank Harness, ; Brigltb McCluin, Young Vmorica; ':and Llnvllle. M^cCiaJn,.Young Vmerica. ! ... HARRISON. ' Herd Bu'rton, Lucerne; Garfield Hurd, Luicerne; Adeline. B. McCrea, t; Bessie Be'U,...Logansport and AJonzo'w, LeffoJ,-.Pino.-- JACKSON. Eikle Fawcett, Galveston; Grace Hur- icss, Galvostou; .Fannie Mink, Galvcs- on; G. B. Somsel, Galvoston; -Charles Thomas, Galves-twii;' Walter.,-.Crlstler. Salvestcm: Millie Rider, Lincoln; Pearl Galvestou; Frank Marshall; • Galveston; .Tolm B. PhMaphy,. Galveston; Joseph HllliB, Ga,lveston; Webster. Man-ell, Galveaton; Willard Oden, Gal- •eston; Maud Countryman,' Lincoln; 1 eorglenne Wad.del'1,. Galveston; Grace' Pa-ttoiisoh, Lincoln; i-Iarry 1^..-.Elliott,• •alvest-on and Everett Griffith. Galv.es- on. ... • • • ; ' • JEFFERSON.... .;•!.: Frank Gibson, Curveton; ,.Maggie ; Yoider, Ourveton; Grace" Buchanan, _uiTOton; Pearl Yeider, Curveton ;-Arthur Buchanan, Curveton and .Harry.; Gray, CurvettfE ,. ., ' MIAMI. .- ..-; ---| Miami township has no class. ••• , NOBLE. -.. .' .:• , M-amio Hlgglm-s, .Logansport;. Edri: Moss, Logansiport.; has. McCaul.ey, Lo-- gnmspoii't; Beuiah McKalg, Logansnort nd Delia McKalg, Logansport .-...•: TIPTON. ' • . • • Vanwe ilu/llenidore, Onward;. .Al.vln faster Thomas, Onward; Ethel Hann, auward; J«sse Haas, Onward; Homer. R. Reedi-- .Onward; Carl Snell; r -Plpe- Jreek; Fielding Thomas, Onward; Richest and Best Bargains FOURTH STREET HARRY FRANK'S FOURTH STREET Great Closing Out Sale DR, ROGERS EXPLAINS. The Hospital at Long Cliff and Daily Cost of Board. Editor Journal. City: Dear Sir:—In :i,n :in;ilysU oil Uic ro- cout quarterly report erf rive Board of Stale Charities wWch appearixl yesterday in ...your paper, I notice certain .jstaitKiriiiivtis which arc calcula-ici! to causc'tlio public to wake erroneous in- 1'ijren'ces 1-n regard to .subsistence 1'ur- nisl,icd -by tilie State for the Northern Hospital for Insane at Long ClilT. TJio figures con-rained in Hie economic section of the quarterly report of fhe Board of Charities arc correct but simply indicate liho amount of money expended for various purposes and in a lli:wim>r'loave it to be inferred tnnt such figures represent the entire amount of Hubxlstence consumed, winch, is by no mjeaiiis .fust either to the institution or l:o the public. While it appears to bo the fact that :.lio per capita ma.wHen:iiicc expense of the Northern, hospital for some time in.sl: lias been somewluitoless tihan Uiat of any other institution of a similar •lass, in the State, the public must not >e left- to conclude that in amount or •alue -the subsistence which it fnr- Rhes Us population is in any degree n.fei:ior to that furnished in t.li-e other instiluv.ious. Tlio per ill-o expense for subsistence for-each member of t.he entire population of the hospital is given by the report as O.Se, as compared respectively with .12.0c, ll.r.c and 12.1c at the other institutions. As above stated, tlwxsc figures simply ivDiTSfiirt cash paid for subsistence sup- jV'ii.w! .pwr'K'Wcd. In no insfcanco do tiliey cover (.lie actual value of suc.h sup- pi las consumed. At each of the hospitals a very fonpidwable proportion of food pro'ihicls are produced on the. farms a.nd gardpns of tiho several Insti- tu.tio'n.«. Tha.t i.he cash cxpencli-iurc for food at; Lor,-? ClilT hns boon less than at v.lio other h.ospifa.ls Is flue to the fact ••that th.o Conner has been able to pro-' dnce such products hi larger proportion than has boon possible at the other es- rablis-lMnents. It. is a fact ajid has been for a long nlnie tlia.t, -the gardens at Long Cliff have produced of gooff quality anil in amounts ample for all requirements every variety of vegetable food product which can be raised in this climate, ex- ceptin:; bread-stuffs and dried Ingiuncs. An ample herd of graded riolstei-u- Krcslau cat.de equal to the best and free of tuberculosis, as proved by a recent test, of the Veterinarian of -Purdue University, Dr. Bitting, furnishes about 23,000 gallons of milk annually. In addition very considerable quantities of pork, vc.il <und beet arc also produced. As a result of such doiiuisric economies there remain^ to be puirchasod only the iiirtjoi- iwrt of the fres-h and salt mea'tis. 1 fish:, fru'iits, canned goods, breadstuffs, spices, sugar, tea, coffee, rice, »tc. and a part'sometimes of the potatoes required: Constaat'eindeavor.is made to secure an ample and varied range of subsistence 'supplies and to have the same scientifically-and acceptably prepared and agreeably' .served. Tire rarity o£ complaint Is good proof of the measure 61' success attain ed. -lii this connection it may be proper to 'note that the action of the last Lcgis •kiture to reducing the maintenance fund of the tnstltuifcBwra of tills class In the face of a large 'liucreasc of population, warranted a fear that it would DC Still Continues! Our remarkable lowpricesv are a blessing- these hard times. All this week we could not begin to wait on the people as they knew where they could get $2. Worth of Goods For $1. Cash! Economical Buyers Will Need no Urging to Attend This Marvelous Sa!e. SEEING IS BELIEVING! Complete base ball outfit gratis with boys' and Children's suits. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. upon any adverse criticism which has comc'to my uouice, but 1 irave deemed It de.sh-able in order to avert such, as may arise from a failure to know and understand all facts bearing upon the matter in question. Very Kespectfullj 1 Yours, .T. G. ROGERS, Mod. Supt KNOCKED FROM THE TRACK Charles Cocoran Killed by a Wabash Switch Engine. Charles Cocoran, aged twelve, sou of Mike and -Mrs. Cocoran of Toledo slreet. was struck by a. west-bound \Vnlwsh freight train shortly after S o'clock last cvcnmfr and knocked from the track, receiving injuries from which he died an hour am] :i half Inter. The boy was playing widi a. number of other children, cliasiais lire-flies on the tracks iu the vidivHy of Fifteentb street. The oupiic stmck him and threw him against a switch stand, from whicilv ho rebounded and fell partly oa the track Mil front, of .the_ locomotive. Hfs left upper jaw «iis'crushed nud the lower Jaw was brolceu..by the force o£ the collision with the switch .stand, and. rhe left fore-ami was' crushed. Ihe shoulder ami collar bane and a number of ribs were fractured and the left luns iujured by the engine running over him. The lad was carried to the residence of liis parents, the second house west of the spoke factory on Toledo street. ami Doctors Jordan and Nyc were calk'd. He was too badly injured to survive and died us stated at about 10:30 o'clock. Michael Cocoran, the father of the boy, owns a saloou on Fifteenth street, near Toledo. THE REASOX WHY. impossible to sustain the standard of raatafenaiiice ; methods unlversalkv deemed necessary and desirable in siicli Jnstltutiiions and heretofore In vogue in this one without a deficit. But by careful economy, thJs danger has so far been averted. During the current fiscal year and during the one to come, the period covered by the last appropriation, the institution, has been and will be obliged to do without many wMch are desirable and essential to .the highest standard c-f operative excellence, but at no time lias It been contemplated to lower the standard ol subsistence furnished ei'bher now or in the future excepting as a last resort, which. It Is hoped will not be necessary. This communication is hot based DELEGATES, ATTENTION! Joint Representative Convention at Court House Thursday. Every delegate chosen to help select a Republican Joint representative for Cass and Miami counties, should be present, without fail at the convention to t be held Thuivsday, opening at 1 o'clock, p. m.. at The new court room at. the Cass county court-house in Lo- gaaisport. ' Some Merchants Arc Said to be High- Priced With Their Merchandise While Others Are Called Cheap. You ofttimes hear this remark made of some of our store-keepers: "Well, Messrs. & Co. charge good stiff prices for their goods, but somehow their goods always give so much better satisfaction than do the cheaper goods. I believe it pays to trade with Messrs. • — & Co. You have to pay a good price but everything you buy is in keeping with the price." Good shoes of all things are important. A well dressed foot speaks well for Its owner; either a lady or gentleman may put on nice clothing, and unless their feet are properly clad they are not wey dressed, and it Is very noticeable. Xow about the style and quality ot shoes to wear. It is only reasonable that ;) good fitting, well-shaped shoe must b« made by experienced workmen, consequently this shoe costs more than does the stine grade stock made by inexped- eiiifrvl cheap workmen. Cheap shoes haven't the workmanship, and as a result they do aot fit soon lose their shape and wear out L'mc Pilling, the up-to-date shoeman, makes a specialty of good high grade footwear, and his • prices are about the same as others charge for ordinary goods. Try Line's shoes once and you will wear no other. A CHILD INJURED. A horse, tho property of Stephen Gufihrle, took fright at. a locomotive .it the Third street, railroad crossing yesterday afternoon about 2:30 o'clock, and upset the buggy to which It .was attached. The buggy was occupied by Mrs, Guthric and little daughter. Mrs. Gnthrle was not injured bnt the child was slightly bruised. The horse was caught before any further damage was done. A NIGHT BLOOMER. The Rev. F. M. Huckleberry Is the possessor of a night blooming cereus. The flower was taken to the Baptist church Sunday, where it was admired by many. . THE SCHOOL BOARD. The board of school trustees organized Saturday evening as follows: President, T. McMtt; secretary, Q. A. Myers; treasurer, J. T. Elliott. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 cent* per month. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention ot the housekeeper and not a little do pends on tire appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-op curtalng spoil the effect of a well-furnished borne quicker t.imn anything else. We bare experienced help In this class of work wbo do nothing elae and wo Know we can glvo yon perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OK- JLOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAIi $25O,OOO. A. J. Murfock, Pre». W. W. Ross, Cwh. j. P. Brookm«yer, Ae»t, Cash. H 8. Bice, I, J. Mnrdoca, 8, F. YantJs, DIHECTOBS: W. H. Bringhnrat, Dennis CHiL F. M. Baiwood, W. T. WUson. Banklnp In ai: «« Deportments promptly and carefully dons. Safety to Customers and Stockholder* •ought for. Strong Keeerra Fund maintained.

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