The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1931
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Served by the t fi United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI380UKI NEWS mm EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 235 Ulytheville Courier, ulythevlllc Dally Ne'vs, PI vrin.'uu r r \n\r A VCAQ vnvn \ v ur.<m>i'Ai>v ir icvn jjlytlievllle Herald, MKslsslppl Valley Uader. '"• \ "II'.VH-UI',, AltKAiNbAb, fflUM)A\, 1'KliUbAUl It), 1S31 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Lower BIO Safest Trophy Paslor Claims Communion With Spirits ami Forecasts Anl!-A(lin:mslralion Members Flay Program of Reorganization. LITTLE HOCK. Feb. 10. (UP) — Governor Parnell's plan to reorganize tho state government was subjected to three hours of bitter debate in the lower house ot the general assembly today and then Viiil^u when !i motion to indefinitely pos',- lione action was adopted by a vole of 51 to 3$. The measure was offered as a joint, house resolution by Itepres3n- tatives McElhaney and Toney an- provided for submission to the electorate in 1932 of a proposed consti- Startling Even Is for 1931 MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. IVb. 10. (UP)—The Rev. Charles J. Morrow, paster of the First Church, revealed to 3[>lntui!ist the Unite-'' BY BAY BUKNNAN* .'.vlili'li c-ui b? nttp.chrd to a or I'nlleil 1' SUll Coirf-iimulrnt woman to lift tin- Individual olf tlu (Copyright. 1S31. hy United Pressi ' ground. - - --- - ' -- Business in the United States \vlll bj exceptionally ;;ccd and unemployment v.-lll begin to decrease In April. During the year. David Belasco, Jo!1n D. RoqMcller, Marie Dressier and Von lllndcnburg will die. flood Market The stock market will advance steadily until November and then decline, two of the largest steel companies will merge; three groat motion picture companies Lumber corporation int:r-dlvlsioni;!£cii by Judge John H. Lyle In Chi-j unite, safely championship for 1D30, has i cage's forthcoming election. I A United States Senator will lose tccn awarded to the Biyvhcvihe I Also, according to the prediction, his me-iilal balance, but, there will liant in r.'cosniiion cf its oulslanci-ilhe Prince of Wales will be s»rioin- Hress today a list of 13 prediction!) of world important events during 1931. obtained, he said, through consultation with the spirit wcrld. Among the events foiivast by Rev. Morrow for the next 11 months are repeal of prohibition, death of This handsome bronze trophy, em- i Premier Denlto Mussolini and de- blEinatic of the Ch^caso Mill mid i feat of Mayor William II. Thomn- lutional amendment Incorporating a general consolidation of sla:i departments, bureaus and commissions as recommended by Ihe Bureau of Municipal Research of New York, which conducted a survey ol Arkansas' governmental structure. The resolution was called for fini. passage by Representative Toney. Purncll Scored Representative Cannon, Hcmp- ftead county, opponent of the nicas ure, Immeciiately oifered a subsi: tute motion to indefinitely delay fiction. It was generally conceded beforehand that, the measure would b; defeated in the house, but the VOEV proved much closer than was an^ ti-::pa_ted by opponents of the plan . ' Governor Parnell and the- so- called "administration. machine . werei attackFd" during the discussion by those opposing the proposition. Representative Brown, c . Cleveland county, launched a bitter assault against the chief executive, declaring he hod been betrayed by the governor who he had supported for reelection during tin. summer and fall. "At the time I supported Governor Parnell I had no Idea ther. was a- foul conspiracy afoot to try and lake away the people's rights to select constitutional officers," Brown said. jSays Senators Threatened Representative Johnston, Johns;;;, county, and Cannon both lasheci the proponents of the resolution and spared no words in their denudations. Cannon charged tilt, chief executive caused the reorganization bill to te considered an:, a rival measure to Parnell to b3 killed in the senate by exerting ing accident prevention record last I ly ill during September, an unsuccessful move will be started to year. I unite Protestant and Calholic r n !»l churches and a sManishlo with I L IP! hundreds of passengers aboard will f il i)« smk tocaus " ol a » iiitoxlcat-sd t»U lit ! captain. Stakes Reputation "Both my church and myself are fully accredited National numbers of the be liltle publicity connected with it. The United States and Canada will have plenty of rain and sunshine and an abundance of crops. A man named Edward Lynn with the help of God. will dlscov a poulllcc to cure appendicitis. There will be Communistic disturbances in tire United States; attempt to assassinate the Empcro: of Japan; vast political trouble in Spiritualists' Association Mexico: disturbances in Turkey jwilh heatlo.umrlers in. Washington," and religious disturbances through, l Rev. Morrow announced, "t stake j out the world. n ' , C 1 , n ] l Rev. Morrow anncunceu. l staKe I CtniSCOl LOUllty Koad-1 my professional reputation on the house Proprietor's Leoj b = lie[ thal m > torccasls v;i " com? true? Broken by Bullet. "Last year 1 issued a list of 32 Chicago Accident In Chicago one of the newer am largest buildings will have a tor riblc accident, due to poor founda. . predictions. All except two cf them i tions. There will be no loss of lives J' f =e James. 30, operator of al were fulfilled." " " | A railroad train golpB ^through a roadhouse on Highway 84 six miles' Messages from persons many Uinneia Monlana will, be stop: v,est of Hayti Mo was brought; years dead were used t>j make up by a landslide. The train will cad to the Blytiievilie hospital today, the list of predictions, Rev. Morrow out again and not a person will b his left leg broken by a bullet said. For example, he said that. injured. • Kith whicli he war, wounded during Confucius, Ihe.IomouvChlnese phi-. In Anzona-^OTe wii-:be dlseoy a 'shoolffig affray in which two'lesopher who died' centuries aga. ered a new kind of fruit which ap- otlicrs wer= injured at his place, warned him that unprecedented un- pears to grow on bushes. Not f !a=t night. i employment disturbances will DDCiir large as an apple. It- is to be eatc A Kennctt. Mo., restaurant own-: in China. ' '" """" '"""' er, is reported to have done the! Heio are sonie of Rev. Morrow's shooting, although James stated i other forecasts: ioiiay he diii not remember his; There is a man coming out cf assailant's name. i obscurity wfco invented wings An unidentified woman was alsoj wounded in ' ' ' raw and Is exquisitely delicious. In Cleveland, Ohio, in a subur kncan as Lakchurst. a fire wl threaten to destroy the who! tuburb. wounded in the leg and a r.csro, ,-, C 1 1 * J :.oy *as '.rrucl: in the wrist by one | l-CSr.US SIX imprisoned i of the luil-els. Neither was s:r- iously hurt, it is said. /-.ccjrJin 0 to James' story, several men came to his place last in Schoolhouse by Snow i PLATTSBURG, N. "., disturban^. (UP)—Imprisoned by a Feb. 16. ten foot pressure on members of that b3d; and threatened to "cut their ap propriations to the bone." The resolution's supporters, in cluding Tonoy, Deane, night and caused One of them was ejected from snowdrift since last -Saturday, five the building by James who said men and a woman were rescued to- j . l:s later discoverer! the man try- '• day from n tiny schoDlhouse be- j W ing to steal a wildcat he hai tie:! : ween Chatc?.u Gay and Ellenbci's ' ^o a tree in his yard. In the al- '. where they had taken refuge. tercation that followed one of the | .j-j^j,. rescl;e was effected by state n-.en oper.3cl fire on James, one ri ghway crews which battled thru St ' ul""an ™ of 40 A Snappy Salute L'Yom 11 Dace layor Cites Administration Achievements in Statement to Voters. A conteit. at tho municipal elcc- ion ill Ayrll, for the office of muy- r, which has been generally anll- ipalcd since A B. FalrfleW wi- ounced as a candidate IT the ot- ce was definitely assured today vhen Mayor Nelll Heed formally! nncunced that he would seek he- Iccttai lo ths office he now holds, j It has been generaily iinclcrr.toixl hut Mayer.Rcttl would be a candl- ale to succeed himself but Iho .nrounceiuenl today was the first ifflclal statement of his candidacy, n is iour-pa°e statement, the full c-xt of 'which Is printed be'.ow. tfayor Reeil gives a brief history of .he cily government for the past wo years under his admtnlstra- lon. 'i/The 'announcement, by Mr. Reed provides the first contest for the coming election. In 'addition to tile balloting for mayor. Blythevllle citizens will vole for lhi-?c aider nien 'ind city treasurer at the April election. :cx; Hughes, First Word alderman, Tom W. Jackson. Second Ward alderman, and.S. E. Luns- fbrd, Third Ward alcbrman. have announced their Intention of seeking re-election and no opposition candidate to ay one of the three lies filed as-yet. Ross Beavers is iiopposed for re-election as city hasurer. . ... Mayor Reed's statement In fill follows: Blames Office Seekers TO THE PEOPLE OF BLYTHE VILLE: "Elsewhere In this paper yoi will find my formal aimounceracn for second term ns Mayor of Ely thevilie. For the past two years I have tried my utmost to glv the people of- Blytlieville a sane econcmlc, business administrator and had hoped that I would b permitted to serve two more year •without opposition. I know wh has taken an active interest In stirring up opposition to my sccon. Action by Congress Expected Before Adjournment cf Present Session. lavinj been officially apologized to by the United Slates government j [™? m ' y or the remarks of General Smedlcy Under, Premier Mussolini ot ! ~* WASHINGTON. Feb. 1C. (Special)— After n four-year fight Bly- jtlicvllk 1 is to have a new federal i poslofllce lo cc-sl at $95,000. '. President Hoover today sent to I congress the- recommendations of ! (he budget bureau asking that Ihe jsiiiu be appropriated (or erection ot the new Blylhevllle structure. • The appropriation (or Blythcvllle was incorporated In n statement | containing the recommendations for half n hundred places In the I United Stales. | It was In 1927 that Rcpresenta- |tlve W. J. Driver Introduced a bill • appropriating $75.000 (or the Bly| thevllic postofilcc. Since then a new I bill has been Inlroiluced by Mr. j Driver for the Blytlieville approprl- | atlon, his latest proposing n sum jot $95.000. I Hoover's recommendations went I lo the house appropriations com- i mlttcc which has been holding j hearings on poslofflce matters for 1 several months. It 13 expected that I the measure will get through tho present congress before adjourn-' uicnt March 4, but It will be at leas', two years before the new post- 1 offlcc- is erected in. Blythevllle. Af- lcr the appropriation Is made the t0r Sites f ° r Ul ° :taly Is quite himself ngr.ln, ns this characteristic picture, the most •ccsnt to reach America, shows. It. was .taken as the Italian dictator •csponded to a salute in Elena Square. Rome, where the eighth anniversary cf the founding of the Italian mllltla was b2ing observed. Girl Workers Overcome by Fumes ;n Factory Fii'8 S110,0f)0 for Jonrsboro- WASHINGTON, Feb. 16. (1 -'.- President Hoover transmitted .co congress recommendations of Uud- get Burenu Director Rcop, askin; authorization lor the treasury department to proceed with public ' bulliUa^-pi'jjiita -tiolttling $20,105,000 : In 1D32.' '',.'' Roop in '|ils recommendation Postoonement Will Permit Disposal of Regulation Apm'opnalions. bullet knockinj him to the ground.. the sno ,. V (irift after word nnd several other shots flyiui into j brou g nt hcre of tn= stranded pr.-ty. was Ihe fioni room of the ror.dliouse,i wounding two of the approximate- | ly 15 occupants. The men are said to have fled i in a car. and according to the; county, Smith, Pulasii county. Cun- i sheriff's office at Kenr.ett today, no; oiingnam, Yell county, and C.ily. warrants had arrived from Pern-' Sebastian county, discussed ti'.e ad- J iscot county officials, where vantages they contended would result from a change In the state gsv- ernmental structure under the prc- pcsed plan and asked for its adop ticn on the grounds ii wo'.ild "forward the science of government- I;- Arkar^as." occurred. Succumbs to Skull Fracture at Hospital. Injuries sustained when he fell from n moving truck near Armorel Saturday, proved fatal to \V. M. Sturgan, 64;year-old farmer, who succumbed at the Blylhe'vllle hospital about 0:30 o'clock this morning. Sturgan, who resided on the Forty and Eight plantation north of Armorel, obtained a "lift" from the driver Unknown Woman Found Dead at Little.Rock LITTLE ROCK, ,Feb. 16. lUP) — Mystery today surrounded the dc-at': of an unidentified woman whos^ body was found in a secluded, wooded section near here last night. Police are Inclined to discredit a theory that she met foul play. Dan Akers Will Face ' JSnanish King"~ Asks Hearing here Saturday; chez Guerra> Former term and had I ..been able to give n large per cent of the citizens of Blythevillc a Job or position I do not telieve my opposition would have come from Ihe source it did. Or.3 can't take carff of all his friends with appointments to lucrative positions. I made my appointments as my conscience and the Interests of Blythevillc seemed to me to dictate. I wish It Ciad been possible for me to have given a job or position to all my friends but of course that was Impossible. "I have tried to be courteous and attentive to all criticism of administration, and investigated where complaints WASHINGTON. Feb. 1C. (UP)— I Kfiorts to obtain cousider.itiou of ,|thc naval construction bill drsljn- IU ed to start the navy toward th; London treaty parity v'th Great Britain, were temporarily abandon- Twenty persons, including eight tne treasury to enter into contracts girl employes, were overcome when | Ior certnfll publl( . b , llldtng pro j e cts. fire brake out In the Pick Pen com-, An !ntreos ,, m tn e lurap ,f um np _ pany plant hero today nnd fumci prc prlation Is not requested at this from burning celluloid and other t | mc be CaU5e lt ^ b . u . vcd , utn . materials filled the bulidinsr. cient {unt , s „,, ' nnnd to me;t An explosion proceeded the fire! n)1 demands until the budget tor and only the fact that the plant, 1D33 (s transmitted to congress and had three exits through which 7a i additional iunds appropriated." other workers escaped averted loss Roop sM tne authorization proof life, firemen declared. vlslon wos t(i mcct " con ( lnge i le;; •ivc firemen were ovcvcam; a n d! nncl conditions which have arisen with the girls were removed to hoi- s i,, ce t !ic transmission to congress liltals. cd today In the senate. Chairman Hale of the naval affairs committee withdrew his mo-1 tlon to consider the till afler Chairman Jones' appropriations committee had pleaded for speed'.' action on regular appreciation bills. | The senale then loik un the $24.000,000 District of Columbia prlatlons bill. Hale attempt to brim? the construction program up again as soon as th2 district bill Is disposed of. today passed a rpso- of the budget ot 1932." Included in the projects provided for in Roop's message was: Postoffice extension, Jonesboro, Ark., 5110,000: customs house,courthouso, postcflice remodeling, llemphK Tenn., amended to 'include cafeteria constductlon work at Marine hospital, 8175,000; postofflce extsn- slon, Pine Bluff, Ark., $55.000. Checks Totaling 'Received b)' Early Ap-; plicauts for Federal Aid.' Carpenter Dam Gates , to Form Prer-.inary hearing f^r Dan Ak-1 ers. Chigger Ridge farmer, on oharses of nlsnt ridlns and as-1 ^'was^ted^^p^^ 1 ^ Sanche, Guerra who_,,„ be™ MADRID. Feb. 16. < lapsed into unconsciousness. Deatl (UP)—Don | resulled from a fracture to the ' skull. The former n S5.COO.OOO of tho taxes paid Into the sheriff for that /\Kers wns s.;iii:u LU iiyu*..u UK- ^ _, , , , „ , ^ycar. The Privilege Tax for the fere Jfftic: FJ, Walker today bin Premier, exile and revolutionary! The deceased Is survived by o h lf f [h r was urac . ' ' '—•-- "-- '""•""• '- "»" l -'""-h..r X,rc n^rfu H.H..^b I i(CTjly ^ ^^ , ncudlng UlC until leader, was commissioned ty Kin^' daughter. Mrs. Cordy Hedgeccck. . Three youths discovered the body held in tho county Jail, and notified police. Saturday. ' Altons » todn y to E0lvc tlie iovcm-! w" h wnom "e made his home, a • automotlle Uccns( , tnx . W e have Ak-s is alleged to have been mental crisis by formation of a; brother, Stan Sturgan of Kennetl. : ]ust gone thro . tgh one of the great- implicated with Murlin Ray in a new cabinet. • Mo., and a stepson, Hughey Jack-. £ _ t fl,,,,,,^,,] depressions since 1893 ' - - - - • -in of Armorel. 1 A , tnls Ume tnc audlt o{ the city Funeral sen-ices will probably be : Fhows (hat T havo no( . antlc lpaled tomorrow at Kennelt, Mo. The l rev( , nu<! for 1031 ;• the salaries HHIJ1LV, JH-Vl nnn.i.u..... »...^ji. n , f A 1 plot- to terrorize some negroes in choice of Sanchez was made at-' son 01 Armorel. Ihe Sandy Ridge community. Ray (er t he king had failed to persuade I has already bt'jn bound over and is severe! monarchist leaders to sue-, ceed the resigned General Damaso ! c ° bb Undertaking company is hitlon by Senator Tydlpjs. Democrat, Maryland, calling on the Wick- crsham commission to sub:nit to It as much as possible of the dntr? on which the commission's prohibition report was based. The house immigration committee ordered today a favorable remr: en the Jenkins Immigration bill which provides for a 90 per cjnt cut in Immigration for a Iwo year p;rb:l. but would not restrict entrance of Flllpplnc-s. HOT SPRINGS, Feb. 16. (UP)— Clerks totaling S15W. which re-.The first waters from Lake Hcvm- prejcnt, made by the gov- : ilton were released into Lake Cath- crmncnt for feed and seed to ten' erlne yesterday through. the spill- farn-i2rs in this vicinity who have. way gates of the huge Carpenter not more than 40 acres in cultiva- dam when Harvey C. Couch pres- t!on. were received today £rcm the-ident of ths Arkansas Power and branch office at Memphis. . Light company, touched a button Of the GO applications ront In,.during brief ceremonies In observ- 20 checks have been received. : aiice of the event When the committee, which pass-, T he great force of the wat-r es on these applications, mc.its here. qu i ckly Elped wl con „ ^ Wednesday there will be a number more on hand. Fifteen are now ••eady. ,, , , . , In Ihe ten checks received some „! «' • structures below Lake Hamilton T ered from 82 feet to SO feet by the I farmers received ,he exact amount School on Suspended Lirt! j ranged from S87 to S250. Tv/o Men Have Held High State Office Twica HARTFORD. Conn. • men have held the office of Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors, twice. Until 1784. the General Assembly was recognized as the highest : Berengiier. Sanchez Guerra is lead-1 < ' cr of the Constitutionalist party i i and has consistently demanded the] T^ "' arrangemenis. Victory Returned to o _ iuo ^ o _ Finish CliV Sentence calling of an assembly to chinge th? j constitution of I87G. Buster Victory, who escaped : If he succeeds in forming a cabi- <UP>—Two fro:n the city chain gang on De- -net it was eouMcV:.!;d cerUIn it ' Missouri Pacific Asks Permit for Chic!! r,--ralXT 29th with about S!50 of a would bring about a change In the ' $160 fine to be worked out, was entire political system, probably Fire Over Week-End :o the amount of Sl,2n.50. Anyjthe association's council on' m-U- The city fire department re one .11* who is Interested enough education has defined, in Investigating this state-1 announced sponded to two alarms over back in chains tcday. with far reaching restrictions Victory was captured by Ccnsta- the throne. He Walter Cox at Osceola nnd re- • — week-end, both alarms being turn- , cMh ? - the'™nt « n fintl P root ln lne ? m "l Tllc £cn001 Hal , Governor TGW.lbo of it | when court in tr.c state, and its chief i '•«"»«' l" ^ ! ;o:ic:c -, ch ' e{ G . ood - , T la judge was the governor or lisuten- *'" crdcr-d Victory placed cack on Jj se 0 { p e «ny ant-govenior. Nathan Geld, twice lieutenant- \ governor. from 1712-13 and !7H-i5 and William PI'kin, lieutenant-sov- ernor from I7S3-H and governor from 1751-66. were the only onss to preside over Ihe Judiciary system on two cccsslcns. In 1807. the law was changed to the chain gang with an extra her- ness of chains. ed in when automobiles were Ignited. This In round numbers makes a | ousted its faculty, difference in the financial opera- C. J. Evrard. was damaged by fire i Saturday afternoon and a Chrysler coupe, the properly of a metn- Revision of Petroleum I j i • ler coupe, the properly of a rr i Longer a JOKe ber of the Farm Equipment co | was damaged Sunday morning TORONTO. Cf n. (UP)—Comic l ^ e " mll "'' or Business end So much for the of my at!mlnlstra- ' ployment fund" in Plllpit al Osceola Not a. penny of the fund will b3 \ „ „ Police Department for ten weeks, the fund wll to persons who u;i=er the E K L|>t|mc r _,.'"_, n , j artists for years have elaborated on "r 0 j n " Hnrvpv ImnrnvM Freight Rates Ordered the theme of papa shaking pen- l ' 0! " narvey improves r.ies from little Johnny's sivl:n<! Alter iritluenza Attack uy murmur. . , i t 4 u • *" i ^un.i, uu^iui UL >LJ ^ no. jvurnerftll^ _y , -Your personal comparl«on of the, chri , t(on ch £ h Bivtheville cmuibutcd • prtn^<Hrtt\ nt nl'.p etrPPfl Onrt nMPVS • .... . . • . LWILII1UUILU condition of our streets and alleys • the nr-sent time with the con-; c ? c " Flcc ?. lh ! plllntt the present time wiin tne-con . t , nn cnurch hcre disbursed except Ark.. Feb. 16—Rev. work for It. ' Firs: Numerous business firms have : 100 per cent of their th- WEATHER WASHINGTON, Feb. 16: (UP)— bank for his night out. but the] Tne Interstote commerce cormnh- present economic depression found in April 132S when | |)om " , ' ' d m ,nto office is invited. A:..,... * at the Chr:=- niembershlp to the fund, yesterday at MONTE NE. Ari;., Feb. 16. (UP) Provide that membership of thc'sion today pre;crlb;d a drastic re- turned this Joks Into grim reality. |_\v. H. "Coin" Harvey, 80. "pre-'wlth present ' was to be composed | vision of freight rates on petroleum says J. f?. Littleproud. inspector fo;-; £frver of tnc civilization" nnd for-; havo to say 'Ptemc _.. '•'• judges ol the superior court, the | prcdncts applying to EMpir.ents tn 1 : c=;di:\g judge U> ba known es tho | nnd between southern and'.crn c!vkr judge. . years later tr.e presen; Bank. I went 1: comparison by the people "who re-] member conditions at that tlmej conditions Is all I. as to the physical! Chr.ncery Court Opens !mcr "free silver" campaigner with: conditions of the'city. OSCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. 10—Chan- long, there Is now a modern nickel 54 degrees; cloudy. On the same title of chief justice was first cm- Ployed nnd continued thereafter. the Ontario Penny Hundreds "I families are drawing the late William Jennings Bryan. "You know that the Police De- j eery Court for the Osccola DU- "H'c-l automatic bar without any day n year ago th3 minimum t£in paints and from p>!n!s !n Illiinl-;. on their children's Penny Sank :!e- ; today was improving from a ssrl- i r.artment Is "the usual ovdlnaryj trict of Mississippi Comity con- bartender. Thirty patrons walk pcrature was 37 degress find Uie have all been paid to date; thej CHICAGO, Feb. 16. <UP)—The | . city has decreased Its liabilities'University of Mlwisfipp! mrrllcnl; wh'lch Is shown by the Audit dated | school will remain on the Amcri-1 novel Relief Measure Jan. 31, 1931, SILOS'].15: incrca-odj can Medical Asscciatl:r'? suspend-1 !? If 1 J iti assetl or property of the cltyjed list until further developments. . for Untmployeai WASHINGTON, Feb. 16. (UP)— • • Permission to expand its freight WATERVILLE. Me. (UP)-A nov-' facilities at Little Rock. Ark., was cl unemployment relief measure : asked ot the Interstate commerce has been inaugurated here by the; commission today by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce. , Pacific railroad. AH persons In the city now on ; A new and larger freight house a steady income fire being solicited i flr *d additional tvackags would bo to contribute $1 a week to an "cm- ; bought by the Van Siverin'en line ARKANSAS— ClO'jdy with rains to-i~ht. Tuesday cloudy; probably rr';-': In Ihe east portion and cold- rr In west portion. 1'ARIS HAS AUTOMATIC BAP. PARIS tup) — in tliat saira According to the official weather T.-otln Quarter where p-ets observer. Charles Phillips, the mln- ?nd artists comp^ed i:i verie or Imum temperature here yesterday oils over one glass of beer all day: wes J9 deg: ;es and the maximum, Missouri, K.inr.Co. Oklahoma. • Ar- iwsits in order to nuy necessities.: ous attack of Influenza which, bone of contention of any Mayor.i vened here this mornln?. Judge up t-v the slot they choose and drop rcaxlmum, 67 degrees. Up to 2 kansns. Louisiana and Texas, to Littleproud states In his latest re-1 threatened to develop into pneu-, For they are In direct contact with j. M. Pulrell of Paragould is p:e- in a coin for a glass of beer, cog- o'clock this afternoon it had rain- southern and eastern destinations. 'no: 1. monla. (Continued on Page Thr««) 'siding. I nac, white or red wine. led .21

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