The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1944
Page 2
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MGE TWO BLYTHEVILtE^ (ARK : ,j : COURIER NEWS Scouts To Open Camp At Hardy 750 Eastern Arkansas Youths Wm Attend Beginning June 18 JrTfie Eastern Arkansas Area Council, Boy S^uls of America, 7;iH*open its summer camp, Camp Cedpj- Valley at Hardy, on June 18, »ith a record registration Ajlotal of 150 boss are registered for Die je\en weeks ol camp. There Dewey Biography Is Timely Tribute To Far-Sighted Hero \Ulllbe an r average of 127 attending each, week and boys with HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS tlie'staff of som$ ,20 odd leaders will, make an average of 150 men and, bojs each week Scouts from the various coun- iles^ throughput, .(lie. Eastern Arkansas Council will be well pr6\lded for«ln the matter of food from the, three-acre garden on the ppmp sHeJ'and beef that'has been raised especially, for Die camp Tvo Scouts will receive a program of ^aquatics and will have on flppbrlunlty to<go canoeing on the south ' fork^of Spring River nnd lange "c^er 'the hills of the 255 acres ot land that malte up Cedar Valley ' The staff (will consist of-veteran lenders in camping Tills each" troop Is i-equested to send with its '.Boys, 1 the Scoutmaster, n member ; of' the/ Troop' .Committee, or. Some, man of. good character to seei after their welfare wh'lc they •jre' in camp \yard Akcts the Scout Executive of tlhe Eastern Arkansas Aiea Council,: will'direct the 'camp. This Is Mr l Akers eighth 5 ear as a canjp director. Verrion James, assistant. Scout executive for the Council, uill be in charge ol the mess hall, and will: have as ills helpers ,, Charlie Kalb, ot West Helena, Jerry. White, of Heliira, B. ;L. .Harrison • o! Triimann, and TlKSnns Davis-of Forrest City. J^D. Martin,•'Assistant Scout executive: of *,ihe ..Council, win direct irogiam for the cnmp which be -hnsed'' on' outdoor skills nnd practical methods of taking caie of ones self in the open He nllf hare on l;Is staff, A A Adams principal of Osceola Junior High, Admiral George Dewey — there' was a maul Around his career re- yolv'es the history of the U. S/Navy, a fleet that has grown into the powerful in the world, and one that Is engaged In global warfare from the Pacific to the slfores of the Continent. Dewey, the man who knew Admiral Farragut as n'boy, and Admirals Ring and Halsey as n wan, is the subject of an Intensely Interesting biography by Lauiln Hall Healy and Luis Kntncr, "The Admiral" (Ziff-Davis: $3.50). Particularly timely right now Is the story'of the man who gave the tl.- S. Navy the start ft needed to bring it up to its present power. His feats in the Philippines (remember the battle of Manila) led to our eventual acquisition of the islands, the breaking of Spain's naval might and gave warning to all major powers that oiirs wus ti fleet fit to nght nny.' Aside from a history of his imval accomplishments, the book given a homely side to this great naval character. Particularly touching Is the reference to his dead wife right at, the,start af the' volume. Tlie authors portray him us a diplomat, the savior of the Philippines whose farsightedness envisioned Japan's Interest. In the Islands, and u imvnl strategist ranking with the (jrcntcsl or all time. Coincidental, the book points out, Admiral Dewey started his career Dec. 7, 1897, n dote marked later by Japan's Infamous attack on Pearl Harbor and the Philippines. * • • ABOUT TWO I'llYSICIANS Number among those popular religious novels that have been hitting the book shelves lately J. R. Perkins' "The Emperor's Physician (Bobbs-MeiTlll: $2.50). Following On the heels of Slio- lem Ash's "The Apostle," "The Robe," by Lloyd Douglas, "Blessed Are the Meek," the life of St. Francis of Assist, by Zotja Kossnk- Szcucka, and other religious volumes, this one ranks with any. Book Is n novel built nromul two conscience limes. around u couple of TJIIS'I.f, FHFEXK VOl) Cut yourself a bowl of soup! Sounds silly, doesn't it? Hut that's only one of the seemingly silly things most of us will be doing in the postwar era through the medium of home food freezing units. The first Important contribution and guide book to their opeia- tlons and development. "Zero Stor- Your Home," by Hoyden (Doublcday Dorun: $2.50), age In Sparks has Just been published. Sparks asserts history will record the name "home frcc/cr" In the same boltl ty|>e that It now records THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1944 Ihe automobile nnd (he airplane. For the last three years two deep freezing units have licen the chief attractions In one of your reviewer's basement rooms. We've eaten wild duck brought down In tlie Lake Erie marshes near Snudusky, O., two winters ago and kept In Hie frcegcr. Delicious Is not the word, and neither Is it the word for the fresh red raspberry slioii cake that /allowed the- ducks. Contrary to the general idea, ficc/.iiii} nulls for home use% arc cheaper than the average electric refrigerator. One we operate Is an old slx-liole Ice cream cabinet. The other Is n modern qutck-riceze unit of smaller capacity. The latter has a lower temperature control than Hie old Ice cream cnWnet. We shock-freeze In the small one, store In the larijci 1 nnd (hen turn up the thermostat and use the smaller for more storage. So, Sparta' book Is THE book we've been looking for. He has done a, grand reporting Job and has told his story very well, His book should be next to (he ttur cook book In the home of every frozen food en- thusiast. Even If you don't hove a food freezer, you'll wajit the book. Freezers are not a luxury. Tliey actually Rave their cost many times over by permitting one to store and freeze when prices are lowest. Sparks' book will tell you this and a lot of other reasons why the food freezer will be a necessary piece of equipment for every home when materials again become 1 available. HAM CYCI.OUAMA Salvador Dall's first novel, "Hidden Faces" (Dial: $3.00), Is just what you'd expect from the artist, whose hallmark is the limp and dripping watch, as far as the essence of the book Is concerned. It's outre, it's out of this world. The characters are as psychotic a elan of decadent perverts as yon could expect to sec in u seven-day opium jag. In fact, Betka, (he "polymorphous perverse," and her pipe pal, Ceelle Goiidremi, swap the poppy pill tack and forth as casually as though they were lighting up with a coffin nail. » But startling to those who can see no form, framework, rhyme' or reason In Ball's paintings, Is the perfectly orderly plot. The author exploits the fall of France, depicted through the utter decadence of his hlgh-iiorn characters, the principal being the Count of Orand- sanics. whose idea of a little light bedtime reading Is a volume on dcmonology. Falling to produce a son, he becomes hipped on the Idea of forcing the Issue, so to speak, by a mystical process termed "bending of the blood." Hitler pops in for a brief chapter—a death scene which Involves much washing of smelly feel; the Marquis, French underground troops, provide a down-to-earth touch. You may laugh, you may be darkly disturbed. But If you start the book, you'll most certainly finish It. Many think Dal! Is kidding the public when he paints wrecked automobiles with flower.? blooming In the back seat. Be that ns II may, lie's not kidding when he writes. Church Leaden formerly Lectured In Arkansas < BOSTON, Mass., June ISI—Paul Stark Secley. Incoming president of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, In Boton, gave the first lecture broadcast on Christian Science in Arkansas while serving on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship in 1941. At the annual meeting of The Irtother Church this month the director Tlie following compose the'Murilor : vstaff In the; program depa'rtmen^ Scout Victor Hyde ol Helena, Ch&rles Roscopf of Marveil]- Bill : Sloan of Jonesboro, Hubert* Smith : : of:. Caraway. .Talmadge Hoi): of Manila and Edmund Hirsch of -.Marvell. Murray rHoiter, former Sconl- mnllcr at' Marvell, v>Hl be the First Aid director. .Steve 'Pryor of Jonesboro will be In tharge of the office and records GonVay^Bearden of Jonesboro, ivill be in charge'of the Quartermaster's Office B B Sprntt of Helena »lll join;'the. staff for two weeks ns a Senior - Councillor. l6e Davis, a veteran cook for the- ; Scouts, this .will be his 28th veaij vull as usual preside in the kitcjen! It; is anticipated by the officials ot u\e camp that this \vill be one ol tjie largest and bes,t camps that Ilir. nr»imt>i^ l^nc nlrol* VinlH "- Garden Culprit ME\fPHIS, i Tenn- (UP) — Hal Buchanan, Memphis, attorney, decided tbat^hls /tomato patch was being sabotaged by children of the neighborhood ihen the strings Viith which he neatly tied the plants to supporting poles disappeared dally But the mystery , explained Itself when from a window he sa« a lobln give the string—, which v,as wrapped four 'times around the pole and fastehe'd "ylth.a bow knot —^.-vicious yank and fly off nest- ward with it In lis beak. personal physician to the Emperor of Rome, the father of whom taught Galen the practice of medicine then known. Both eventually meet while attending the daughter of the Governor of Syria, afflicted with .leprosy. A firm friendship Li struck up which leads them into the palace of Herod and other bigwigs of the time, eventually bringing them into contact with the Hcnler of all healers, Jesus of Nazareth. Adventures of the two follow In parallel with the life of Jesus as He performed His miracles of mak- healing; the 'lep- lame walk, and bringing the dead back to life. Galen rapidly Is convinced of the Savior's supernatural powers ami becomes a disciple; Cumaius is a doubting Thomas and believes nothing Jesus does Is without, quackery—until, In defending the Lord, he dies at the hands of Malclms, chief servant of the high priest. He breathes his last by calling the Naz- arcan "My Master." Book Is designed to turn your ing the blind sec, ers, making the LEMONS CARROTS WHITE SQUASH | LETTUCE ORANGES It mtj OMn W*< want u sax cs THK ABE NOT USING) In auk I Abe ttkml tnJt-bT •Bnrue* Mr •M-tmttanin MW. ( "Ahia Hardy fm. e». Ml K. Ibis WK FELL AU, DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS ND BATE TOD MONET STEWARTS Drni St*r e nan tm M«ln .* Uk* E BOWL '- for ton ud fcealthl BILL'S ,and GEORGE'S I BOWLING ALLEY - . • i» N. Seeoai - OLIVER ~ FARM EQUIPMENT Safes »nd Strrtce : HARRISON * AUIO FASTS CO. 517 W. Ash Premium Wheat PLUS Fine Milling EQUALS Shible/s Best FLOUR The' flour that needs !«$s shortening! STRETCH TOMATOES Fancy, Hand Packed tb Firm Heads 2 IBs. Stmkist POUNI> 2 RUNCIIKS Heads POUND- Florida's 8 POUNDS ll- IS' Pound 10 10' 49 ENGLISH PEAS •,.,•> CUCUMBERS RHUBARB POUND EGGPLANT GRAPEFRUIT POUND POUND POUND 15 12' 11 15 C Tenderized Half or W hole, I BUTTER BACON Best 'A tb Sticks, lb Best Grade In the Piece, lb 32* Center Cut PORK CHOPS «35* Chuck BEEF ROAST SALT MEAT * 30tf «£«22f 700 Per Cent Pure, GROUND BEEF WEINERS '"'^ 350 Carnation or Jack Spratt Tall Can No. 2 Can ENGLISH PEAS No. 2 Can TURNIP GREENS BABYFCOG ^ COFFEE Chase & Sanhoni Aristocrat Me Whole Kcan. I'ouml L I KRAFT DINNER BORDEN'S Chocolate Mailed I'oumi .far 28 FLOUR Vie1(1r 199 1 ™wifii 25 Pounds t*H LARD Swift's Silverleaf AJ, kHUlf ,j Pounds 03 WHITE MEAL 2S \3» 1.15 SUGAR 1'urc Cane On, 5 Pounds 00 LIBERTY SUPER MKT Only 15,500,000,000 ounces of silver have been produced in the world .since the discovery of Amer- 'Ica. Extra FLAVOR •m extra points . BACON SIKID MEMPHIS PACKIKG CO. Board of Directors cited the universal determination to win the peace as advance evidence of a world-wide realization that "rlght- tous victory under arms will not suffice to guarantee freedom tl mankind." They further pointed out the" 1 wisdom for fill to "Let our prayers for our dear ones In service, oiu- prayers for our church, our nation and for all mankind, find consistent expression In our everyday lives." The Gift Shop M»iin jod Antiqtn Gifts COSMETICS BABY GIFTS Gracilnc'Card* Novelties A Gift For Everybody InrritB BW|. . Phone 2254 MOSS BRYAN FEINBERG'S PRETTY CooJ "beau catcher" cottons for Canteen trotcing! Crisp and fresh—they're easy to wear—to care for. Pretty prints —slick stripes with flattering low necklines. Choose yours today—at budget prices. j 3" to 7" White Eyelet \ Embroidery Dresses One and two Piece Sfylts 16 95 Feinberg's Fashion Shop Phone 2221 BLYTHEVILLE CAPE GIRARDEAU

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