The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1930
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 180 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS HOME EDITION THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Courier, Blytheville Herald, Blytheville Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. Til YT11!?V "'•' 1HM I.'lnnw nrrniWP •>! . IKIDAl, OClOIShU £1, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS : RAZILIAN CAPITAL FALLS TO REBELS County Must Provide For Own Needy EOF FUG BE Jol) Chairman Numerous Cases Await Action at Court Term Opening' Next Week. The grand jury of the fall term of criminal court which convenes here Monday will be asked lo investigate two or three recent fire: in this cily, Neill Reed, deputy prosecutor, stated today. Besides I!:; the fire investigations witnesses in approximately 00 other casts will be brought before the grand jurors. Among other cases the grand jury will be' r.«!:cd to Indict two for murder. They are- Ernest Fletcher Hodge, alleged wife murderer, and Tom Hill, sawmill worker of near Manila. William O'Dell. self-admitted hold-up bandit and his alleged accomplice. James Clllton Stewart, are also defendants in charges to be placed before tin: grand jury. Arson Suspected Charges of arson against. S]>cc McGregor, Arch Harry and H. S. Bryant, growing out of the Butting of George Wright's cafe c number of weeks ago by fire, will be investigated by the grand jury. Mr. Reed, who is a deputy fire mnrsholl, has Indicated that he wll call on the grand jury to conduct a quiz of one or two other fires here recently. Although Mr. Reed declined lo state specifically the fires ir question, one of Ihe group is generally understood to be the Morgan Motor company fire where city firemen discovered half destroyed cartons of.gasoline soaked rags and trash in 'several cars which were damaged. Flelcher Hodge, former big league ball player, is the defendanl in an action In which his indictment for the alleged murder of his wife. Mr?. Annis Ring Hodge, will be sought. If Hodge Is Indicted, his trial \viV prove the highlight, of the session. Mrs. Hodge, who was employed in a local store and had been separated from her husband for some time, was slain on the night ot June 13th at her home in this city. Hedge, who is said to have com here in an effort at reconciliation, was scsi) running from the house and is alleged to have fired shots at his mother-in-law. He was captured near BurUette the day aftci the tragedy occurred, and refused to comment on the charge agains' him. The tragedy aroused public interest lo a high pitch here. Hodge it is understood, has indicated lie will fight Ihe charge. Tom Hill is accused of murder- little sawmill community of Steves ing Dcwey Woods August 11 at tlv Mill, near Manila. TIlll surrendered to authorities and it is understood he will Dlead self defense. Youths Held as Highwaymen The grand jury will be asked to indict William Odell. youth, for highway robbery and his companion, James Clifftcn Stewart, as an accomplice. The pair were captured near Poplar Bluff, Mo., and after being returned here Odcll confessed to an effort to hold up C. R. Morgan, aged filling station operator, here the night of June 23. Morgan was shot, when he refused to turn over his money and the b?n- dit made his escape at the time, will be in ses- ISSTEElllL ! 1UD NXHGH TO 1 A Situation to Be Met •AN EPITOKIAI. === not fltarvj to itailh in n civili/fd • All Signs Point to Business j i Recovery Schwab Tells. ! Industry's Leaders. | NEW YORK, Oct. 24, <UP>—The American steel industry, a corner j stone of th/} nation's business, is' no\v preparing lo meet a greater llmnnn bring* lillHl. Kul llicvc arc hundreds ivomon and future demand fcr its products than ever realized in the past and 1 "will told the march to prosperity," Preiidenl Charles M. Schwab I iof the American Iron and Steel in- i slitute declared loday at the semi- i annual mr.'Uris of the institute. I j "The far sighted and sound ! handling of our workers interests ( i during these past months cf try- ; I ing condilions," he said "will stand [ I out. In bold relief as the major ac- i j complishment of American man- I | agement today." Other leaders, while more re strained in their optimism? also found the signs of better limes ahead. E. O. Grace, Bethlehem steel, colonel Arthur Woods, above, for- said the industry was on an even] mer Police Commissioner of New ko-1 and should find improvement-1 York city and organizer of uncm- U'ter the turn of the year. j ployment relief in 1921. has been ' L. E. Block, chairman of Inland ! elected by President Hoover to 1 steel, pointed out inventories are ake charge of the official program i now low and prices stabilized. or aiding the nation's jobless. He j "There are a great many signs 3 expected to bring about the co- i thal things' are getting better in iperation with the federal govern- j many directions," Thomas Girdier, ment of industry, state and muni-,'president of Republic steel, said. cipal governments, and organizations. welfare I While sounding a warning that j unreasonable expansion would re- : suit in ever production, Schwab. llioiisiuuls, ot' men. :hiltlix>n in Mississippi county who will !>' iH-nniUvis anil without rc- snurces of a iv kind liefore the approaching winter i.* cndud. Jinny of them, ill is true, )>y the exercise ol' reasonable industry and fore.siulit, miirht have' niiidi: provision against the .situation th^y now face. Others, handicapped by Hk-kness or other misfortune, or by iniuilf incnpiicity, are the hup)ess victims of circumstances; beyond their control. Rut responsibility for.trjeii' condition is not the question that must be answered now. Advice, however sutiiid, will not take the pjace of bread. The ChickasKwba distinct chapter of the American Hud Cross is the only organisation in Blytheville and the norlli halt" of Mississippi county to which th'a great majority of the destitute'can look for relief. And the Ked Cross can only help in proportion, to the means with which the people of; Blytheville and the Chicka- sawbii district provid;-. it.-; Human beings do r>oL starve to death in a civilized land. But are we to meet' our relief problem, intensified by drouth and agricultural and business depression, in a systematic and efficient way, or are we to drive the unfortunate members of our community to begging for food at back doors and to-petty thievery? The. answer lies in the response which is given the Red Cross roll call, which g;ts under way to-morrow. The Red Crc-.-i is the only organization which can investigate applications for help, sort out the really needed from the parasites, and give a maximum of relief for the money available. It is the best and cheapest way of meeting the situation.. ' . . Human beings do not starve to death in a civilized land. . , . , . If you are n poor man, but with enough to eat lor vourself ami your family, give a dollar that your neigh- OUTSIDE HELP IS SEENpON Provision f o r Workless Ihis Winter Depends on Red Cross Roll Call. He's Out Criminal Court for Osceola tons or within five per cent of average for the past ten years, Schwab said. Although stock market prices do iffect business they are of second- Schwab said. permiUed wome'n and children to suffer amidst plenty. District Will Work Today.. Complete OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 24.—The case of Albert Newton. Osceola ne- gro, charged with the murder of Clenunons Scales, another negro, in controversy over a $4 gambling debt, was continued fcr the term i«» i • o l • I and the jury in circuit court here | Memphis I arklng Lot yesterday afternoon dismissed after ; p,.-,*,-,,- Wpntifies returning a verdict of not guilty 1 elat01 laenillies In the,case of Albert (Slim) Griffin, Little River farmer, charged with the murder of Darsey Johnson, another farmer, at a neigh- 1 Li BIRTH' IS Evangelist Rivers Will Bring Baptist -Revival to Close Sunday. : - The Rev. W.- W. Rivers, who is Murder Victims. "' U1U< -' MEMPHIS Oct. 24. (UP)-A clue tlli; 5 evening on "The New Birth." a subject that will be of tn- to all and it Is expected that - , given police'and'Arkansas officers line attendance will be large, borhood dance. Court will continue j ;„ . hp ^ ,,. rch f 0r the slayer or i The series of special services now ..l l, 1 f^.^ il_,_ _-..! i. ! Ul 11ICI4 «3tn*>." •- •"..!_ «^ll nlrtr-n r.n Clin^riir : in ineir searcn i^i me amyci ui — -- -• nent I slayers of two North Carolina youths in progress will close on Sunday ients who were beaten and left for dead \ evening. There have been mere i _,. 1.1 u rt ^ T *H,.K<«I r. Q n,.x in * Uhan 30 additions to the church. through today for the settler™ of minor cases in which agreenv ^^ n ^,.. i .. _. have been reached. ! after "tlieyTad'pitched"camp iii'a Uhan 30 additions to Oriffln was acquitted by the jury wooded spot near here, may 1111-', In t!le message, last evening the after less than five minutes dellfe-travel (he murder mystery, officers:" 1 " uswi was Hebrews 2:3, "How following a trial which i sn i d today ' sha11 *" e "cape, if. we neglect so the greater part of three j j T . Taylor, operator of a Mem- •&**• salvation; which at the first provided Ihe only major' phis parking lot. last night told po- | began to be spoken by the Lord, lie term involving white ] u c e the youtlis. Woodrow S. Wilson . and was coixfirmedjmto us by them Burlon Hcnsley. 11-year-old ' ' '"' " ™"~ - CHICKS "I, HUMES 0 . At the end of the Ami half in the Humes hlth-BlylhrvlU> high football tame here this afternoon the score was 1-6 in favor of Bljrthevtllf. : Whatever situation may develop ill Mississippi county wlien cotloi picking is completed and thousand; of persons face the winter wllliou employment or resources Is Missis slppl county's problem, to be fiK-ei and solved with little prospect c outside aid. That ts tlie word brought tack from Little Hock by Hoy Walton chairman of the local Red Cros chapter; and given by him yesterday afternoon to workers In the annual Hcd Cross roll call which will get underway here tomorrow. Problem Is Nation Wide Almost every community hi the United Slates is lacing a relief problem of more than ordinary magnitude, Mr. Walton declared. Few agricultural areas have escaped drouth and low prices for farm commodities; few Industrial centers have escaped the business depression that has thrown millions of men out of work. With the need for help general, It Is up to each community lo help its own people The annual report of Mrs. Ethel Wilson, executive secretary of the local Red Cross chapter, submitted at yesterday's meeting, showed expenditures in charity work of $3,- 5C4.95 hi Hi past twelve months This has exhausted the chapter's resources and, facing a year whicl seems certain to produce a greatly Increased need for help; Mr. Wai ton estimates that Blytnevlllc am the Chickasawba district mus raise at least W.OOO if the diopter i to be in a position to meet tlie im pending situation . . Situation Is Seriom Red Cross officers, county agent? and in fact.all who are In toucl IN SIE1S GF Washington Luis, who lias reigned the presidency of Brazil and surrendered the national capital 1C Government's Coll apse Comes Suddenly: President Luis Resigns.. RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct 24 (OP) —Juiire Tiwora. prominent revolutionary leader trom rernobuco, sr- rived by airplane loday arid took- charge of the provisional govern; ment In behalf of the revolution^ arles. ' • • • The triumphant rebel leaders began arresting various officials of the deposed jeglme, including form-' 2r senator Irineu Macado,-who was . taken to the Copacabna garrison.' (Continued on Page 8> Cardwell ManVictim of Hold Up Mrs. Hackett Had Just Re io Sum PrnsprntO 1 8 J um - rroSCCUlO 2-Year-Old's Clue Sets Chicago Police oh Trail of Fred Burke. CHICAGO, Oct. 24. (UP)—Sus- Icion (eU today on Fred Uurke us ne of the kid-gloved machine gun- ieis who last night murdered Joe licllo. powerful north side gang- ler. ftith a cross-fire of bullets. A 12-year-oM girl whose, identl- y was concealed set detectives on he trail of Burke, a fugitive, who is suspected of having manned the RIO DE JONE1RO, Oct. 24. (UP) —The Brazilian government '-was- overthrown today' and i evolutionary forces took control of the capital. Mobs raced through the streets, looting and bunting, within a few hours of the resignation of President Washington Luis. Newspapers which had supported the government were the special object of attack and the plants of six papers were wrecked. Anoltc, the handsomest newspaper building in Rio dc Janeiro, was entered by a mob which wrecked •'.the offices of the director, Geraldo Rocha, cue of the wealthiest men- lu Brazil. The furniture was thrown' Into Ihe streets and set afire. No Power to Check Mobs Rocha was not present but the' manager of tlie paper. Ismael Mala, was beaten. The offices of the United Press in Uie same building were not molested. The six newspapers which vere wrecked already had '. machine guiis that disposed of half a dozen or more of Scarlace Al C»pone's gangster, enemies. The girl was taken trom : a class suspeaided publication'at least tern? porarily. • ^ After the swift collapse.ol the government a revolutionary, co;n- mtttee headed by General Lelte de. room when detectives leirned she castro assumed temporary, power •..'.•heav&set'; German- hut " the ca n , lugging"; y: uk'ctiliie raoletice'*'*>: rmd seen a .ookliig" man gun 'from . the Apartment, from wliere the first of two streams of bullets poured into Alello as he came, out of his hiding, place In n northwest »lde apartment. The description fitted Burke. It also fitted Jack McGurn. Capone's chief machine gunner. The search for the two was started soon after the girl, frightened by. her knowledge of the gang murder, viewed pictures of the gnng- slers. Whether she positively Identified either'of the men who ran with the 'machine ' gun the police would not say. apital- CARDWELL, Mo.. Oct. 24. (Spe- clall—Reyburn'Spencp. Cardwell oil j dealer, was knocked unconscious on j bays. the highway near Arbyrd last nighi I and robbed of $175 in cash and I CHICAGO. Oct. 2-1. (UP)—The about $125 in checks. | murder of Mrs. Cora licllc Hackett. Spence. who was returning to Cardwell in his truck after a busi- Chicago saleswoman, while she was honeymooning with George W. E. ness trip to nearby towns, had a j p e rry. one-eyed alleged bigamist, flat tire a short distance north of j n Wisconsin, was n crime for mon- '| Arbyrd. He stopped and was pro- I CVi District Attorney George O'Con- ceeding to change tires when two j nor of vl | as coun ty. Wisconsin, an- case of the participants. i lice and that heard him." The subject from this text was "The Tragedy of Ncg- Oriffin, represented by Bruce Ivy,! school boys of Bald Creek. N. C. r O=ceola attorney, buill up a strong! stopped at his place early Tuesday | case of self defense to the state's i and that he talked with them about i The peracher said there was no men drove up. stopped, nnd nsked if tliey eould be of any assistance. When Spence replied that he needed no help one of the men struck him over the head. When he recovered consciousness the men were gone and so was $300 in check' nounccd here today. Mrs. Hackett received a large sum of money one or Iwo days before she was shot to dc.itb O'Connor said. "I am trying to trace the money to build up our case against Per- in cold blood, with the evidence of his incnilsitors. witnesses who were unshaken in i ne said the youths were travel- thcir testimony that Johnson fired j i ng j n a sm all machine with a com- ! lowing points: This salvation is great because of its source. It hat? its beginning in God. If it had come peace • sawba district and arraeal c*».s? p turned the fire in defense of his lite, sustaining n wound in his lef(i were froiii Blytheville city court will be tried. Approximately 35 cases hive been annealed but it Is extremclv doubttul if halt of the number will be disposed of in the brief time allotted, according to court attach? 1 ;. Deputy Sheriff Maddox of Po:n- JGladisli. assisted by D. F. Taylor jr, sett county, who shot. Finns Mill!- I Arthur Brown, negro, found guil- cfln, alleged jail-breaker, in_theUy of assault with intent to kill'viaduct, across the I ly officers had thought the youths | fau™- t i were hitch-hiking or that they had ; and will never fail. All Christianity and cash which he had on his per- son. Spence drove on to Cardwell r V- the prosecutor said. and reported the robbery. i Refusing to tell ho The holct-up occurred just after learned of Mrs. HackeU's receipt of he htid dark and Spence, who had no occasion lo take particular note of the money, O'Connor explained his Information came frcm a "trust- the men ur\til they tapped him over ! worthy source" but he had been the head, was unable to describe | unable to determine if.'he obtained "Buck" Mitchell Will Be Arraigtied Today f o r Culpepper Murder. STUTTGART, Ark.,'Oct. 24. (UP) —A second coroner's inquest into the slaying of Lawrence Culpepper 38-year-old England farmer; wa- set for this afternoon at De Wit following Uie confession yesterday at Little Rock of Louis "Buck Mitchell, 15-year-old youth, wht lives 20 miles east of De Wilt. Mitchell was taken to De Wit from Jail here this morning wher he was placed late yesterday fo safe keeping after confessing. I either them or their car. ! the. funds by telegraph or money ' order. He planned to confer with Nfrs y. II I ^ 1 C (JM1UIICU IU (.Umtl mill ,111.1 Lindbergh Completes w. H. Rogers of Chicago. B close A • T ... «i'«- T<MI» Air inspection I our ; friend of Mrs. Hnckett. ou this thc- i because it ts universal. This sal- 'valtlon includes everyone who will back at the latters hcme near Ma- Deputy sheriffs J. W. Ca:< and Ben- j "lla. has been bound over to await n!c Jackson, and his punishment i . ...... „ , the action of the grand jury on n l^ (o the court, was sentenced- to | CaliawaV Will "reach , charge of assault with intent toi a year in the penitentiary. Brown i . • , I -I,. Ci_««*' accep *• was alleged to have fired on toe of- ' Again at LaKC Street i fleers when they came to his home i — • !-- — ., near here to arrest him on a minor The special church services at the jcost God In gjvln? ^nls^&on. _ a^nd fallen 12 to 15 points since the outbreak, of the revolt and only recovered slightly in the last week, rose two to three points. Three Draw Fines Sor Their Parts in Fights A series of fights In the west end "leSUllV Ul HJi i.wn« -*..»i»j -*-^-*-w.. »..«.--- -- ";.»_ «-_i j K> r( i er r «.» »T i i t r, efi m l "AUIUCI tiltU gC* lt.^"U *-'.« v wn- , '~a~ " -~..~.j ~ -, ~.-. r ... VCStCrufly TOSUltGO 1U TllltJ l " t*J lying in the smoldering remains ol -.about. Money, health, friends, bust- off for New York at 12:50 p. m , nor gre ^^ 1in ,, ,, 1C elusive I county but the body was not dis- , lce court this morning for three a campnre near the old Harahanjness and loved ones can be taken t-day after completing an aerial; p £ flf marrylnf ,:covered until last Sunday when ai,. oimg men . Talmage Reed and ^H,,nr B cro K the river from here, but our salvation is secure It itnot inspection of the eastern link of fl > u .„ dl . '.^ of more than 100 citizens Jches t er H enson were fined slO each. ! then a wise investment? It is great [ the new passenger mail line of' - i ....... Comp i et8 K leg. •driven hito the "voodlot in anotii-j needs' is just a chance to show Johnson, wounded in the side. I er automobile. ' srnat ll can do died in n Blytheville hospital the j The boys died in a Memphis hos- ; "This salvation is great because next dav. The state was represent- L ital 5nor ti y alter being found Wed- lot its security. It is the only safe COLUMBUS. O., Oct. 24 (UP)- sring of ^ 3as am ed by Prosecuting Attorney S. L. Say afternoon, badly beaten and I and secure thing that we know Col .Charles A. lindbergh hopped Mun , ^ Gladisli. assisted by D. F. Taylor jr. lylng iu the smoldering remains ol -.about. Money, health, friends, busl- off for New York at 12;50 p. m , pending a; iji**6 ** k *• *• , __ , !.»___ -»,j isti-;u4 rtrnic f^n Vitf tabpn *(-i4i»- n f* -i» n^mi\lotino- -an nftrlal ' *-«v ^f u»ii & .-, is expected that a charge of first degree murder will be brought against the self-confessed slayer. Discrepancleo In the boy's statement and the fact that Culpcppsr was shot through the back of the head have led officers to believe all facts in the case have not yet been quell Uie mobs was lacking. Isolated gunfire began to be , heard through the city as tlie mote ; started their work of vengeance, by : ; wrecking the newspapers. A. vast -,. throng listened toward Guanabara, : the presidential .palace, which the ; revolutionary leaders had entered j U> oust the president. . . j •. • . .— . '/ i: Sao Paula Quiet , . I: SAO PAULO. Brazil, Oct. .24. j UP)— Federal troops concentrated i long the Sao Paulo-Parana fron- r er in defense of the state.of Sao [ aulo were reported, weakening to- , ay and wsre expected .to pplh .the ' evolutionarles. ... i There was no disorder in Sao ; Paulo up to an early hour this aft- ; moon. News/of the fall .of...the ; overhment In Rio de Janeiro, how- j :ver. resulted in a general suspen- i ion of business- . . VV'iiWnf'on Surprised j WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (UP)— i The state department and Brazil- i an embassy withheld comment to-' j day on the resignation of President Washington Luis of Brazil, saying rfflcia! advices concerning the action had not yet been received.- News of the resignation surprrs- . ed officials here by its suddenness as reporls circulated by Ihe embassy here have insisted upon military strength of the federal cimse. Braii!l»n Stocks Rise. LONDON. Oct. 24 (UP)—News of the success of the Brazilian revolutionists was the signal for a sharp rise in the values of Brazilian securities of all kinds on the London slock exchangs today. Government stocks which had tion of the slain woman through a [brought to lleht. string of beads and a nodding ring. | Culpeppcr was murdered a week by O'Con- [ ago In a lonely swamp in Arkansas jvorce an yot them. kill. He is free on bond. i The speaker further stated that ] York without stop, weather per- !ll was great because of wh»l it mittlng. He arrived her; early to- trans-contlriental-Wcstcrn Airways, i ... j llc | Variously reported m Blytheville. He Intimated he would fly to New i Ark-, and St. Louis. Perry has left ! no recent trace to gu;.-i* authorities Pilot Falls to Death at Le Bourget j liquor charge a few weeks ago. LE BOUROET. France, Oct. 24.1 (UP)-An airplane piloted by on American, otlhsrt Lane, crasiied MI (he housetops at the edge of the Hving field today and burst Into f!amei. The two occupants were burned occupant of the to death. TV? second piano was the French flyer Piovre Nicholas. Lake Street Methodist church this | what it cost Christ In the giving week, will be concluded tonight . of his life. In conclusion he said iwhen the Rev. Marsh M. Callaway, 'that it was great because of what I uastor of the First Presbyterian | It cost the sinner If he neglected tr t r u- n> '.church, will preach. A snecial In-1accept it. "It costs the sinner his from laerman Mine "it | vltatlon is being extencfed school >soul If he refused to place his trust . [students of the city to hear the '-In Christ and accept this great sai- I sermon. The music will also he a |vatlon so freely offered.' [258 Bodies Recovered day. In their search Detroit Communists State U. D. C. Picks 1931 Convention CHy HELENA Ark., Oct. 24. (UP)— The United Daughters of the Con- chose Little Rock as their killed In the Willielm pit of the •• Anna mines, which was wrecked by . an explosion, had been recovered ALSDORP, Germany. Oct. 24.! feature i W. Hines Sims, musical director, (UP)—The bodies of 258 miners ; ^ very good crowd heard the Rev. jhas made the song service a most J T Wllcoxson. pastor of the Os- i Interesting feature. Mr. Sims car- ccola. Methodist church, last nl^ht ! rles out a theme In sons at each when he discussed "Tlie Glorious; meeting which Is conducive to a I different birds. His solos In song [searched the woods. Lake States Have Worst Unemployment Situation I WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (UP)i Col. Arthur Weeds, director of fed-~' activities. on charges of disturbing the peace while Jeff Jackson was fined J5. Art Childs entered a plea of guilty to a charge of malicious mU- chief and was fined five dollars. Two public drunkenness cases were continued until tomorrow. DETROIT, Mich.. Oct. 24 (UP) — An orderly meeting o:' communists ctlled today to proses: against unemployment conditions, this afternoon threatened to gft out of con trcl. '" ] Between 3.000 _ milled about th.n oil j the speeches o; li WEATHER today took his first step to remedy the Jobless situation which he an- j ARKANSAS-Fatr, not so «ld in nounced was most acute in the lake ' northwest- portion; frcst tonistii; states. ] Saturday fair and warmer. Cl ' Last night was the coldest : vm . today and eight others were believ- church " Two songs by a quartet i most spiritual atmosphere. In a ; hve »lso been a delight to all who od rtlH missing. j nwl dlwl ^ AfA to thc prORTi , m . iso'.o last evening ho Imitated niany | hive heird him. Woods appointed Frederick ^ „ „„ ^ „. „_. Croxton, Calumbus, O., as mid- of , he fa)1 scason thus far. accord- west regional representative of his in lo jYajidj carpenter, official itv hull, checrin? j o(flce to ajslst the governors In veaR:ei . obsen-er. It was M degrees l«aclers tn'lec .1 organizing efforts to create Jobs. ! w1th ' a maximum of 52 degrees for committee rf the demonstrators representing In conference with Mayor Frank Murphy. The appointment was- the direc-! ye«!(rday. There waa ,01 inch of tor's first announcement regarding' rain vmsrday arid a l^ht frott basic organlzition. lost night.

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