The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1946
Page 8
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PAGftETGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURfER NEWS Hits the Hungry quested the Arkansas Serv- Shipping Problems Qoloy Sending Food To Destitute Overseas. J BY GRANT DILUHAN United Tntf SUrfi. Correspondent WASHINGTON, May. 30. (OP) — Agriculture .Department officials j sionTesierday. w'aTexpliihicd'by"John THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1946 Telephone Executive Explains Collection of Fee on Hand-sets LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 30. (UP)— Admitting Umt n special fee on hand-set telephones was not Justified In Arkansas, the Southwestern B«ll Telephone Company hns re- ice Commission to keep such n fee in effect because "we need the money." Southwestcrn's position, the first to be placed l»forc the comml,s- yesterday studied ways of rushing . grairij overs*as in time to ease mass Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson said late yesterday tfiat the government has obtained enough grain" under-Iti bonus -program to keep-its prom cord-breaking 400,000,000 bushels fromJHs 1945 crop. • But he said It might not be pos- slble-'io get all this grain abroad by I fie July 1 deadline unless tremendous tVnnsportatlon problems could be overcome. Nearly 74,600,000 bushels of grain would have to be shipped during the next 32 days. The best tills country has been able > to do so far was 41,031,000 bushels shipped last January—the only months this yenr the -U. S. has topped its monthly export gonl of 37,300.000 bushels. Anderson said the two-day rail strike already had cost shipping days' "v> r e could ill afford to Jose." Other department officials said n cutback In rail operations ns ft result of a coal shortage or the calling of 'a maritime strike sche- JS"» dnled June 15 could wreck the whole export program. Even without emergencies, they said, the job will be difficult. ?.'Ue program said the bonus plan yielded 81,280,016 bushels jf wheat and 33,490,122 bushels of corn; Officials had hoped to get between .10,00.0,000 and 100,000.000 bushels ot wheat. Mohler, St. Louis rcprrsentntlvc of the company. Today's honrlna was ordered April 29, 194C; niter nn Informal investigation led the commission to Ijelicve '.that the special 15 to 25-ccnt per month fee clmrgcil by some 70 Arkansas telej>houc com- Mohler told the commission that In his opinion the original purpose of the fee, lo prevent nn abrupt replacing of desk sets by the cradle type phone, no longer existed. He said, however, that his firm came out of the war "poor." in spite of the tremendous volume ot business. l)?en heard, "Our earnings in 1945 were less than during the peak of Ilic depression," he said. He told the commission that his flvin, which charges n 15-cent monthly foe over n period of two years, collected some $39,000 last year from hnnd-sel phones. How- over, lie admitted that the company had abolished the special fee In Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri, niul said llinl it will probably do nway wllli It in Arkansas In MIR future, when n general rate revision Is made. The linn plans to spend $1000,000 simply to bring service up lo n reasonable normal, he said, Mohler added that it will spend $10,000,000 expanding their service. Some 25 Arkansas (Inns were represented at the hearing. Commission Chairman C. C. Wine, estimated earlier that customers of all companies would be saved $100.000 annually if the fees were abolished. The matter wns taken under advisement after the witnesses had GOP Chairman Says Controls Will Be Shifted SPRINOPIFLD, Mo., (UP)—B. Carroll Recce, May 30. chairman rHOrOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 38 SUBMITTED BY FIFTY-FIFTH GENERAL ASSEMKliI UK IT HKSOI.VKI) JIY TIIK SKNATh AND HOUSK Oil IIKI'KKSKNTAT] VKS Of TIIK ST.VI'K OP AHKANKAR, i. c!Ln;oritx of all llu* ini'mljrri; cl'^teil to Hint tin? Mlmviiij,' Is hcrHiy |,ro|«>nO'l lli>> SluU- n[ Arknn«*< nml upon Kiilniilllril lo lliv ..Vclor.i of th. for npiiruvnl or rcJiTlliiii M II.. KeiH-jnl I'liTtiou fur ll>'|ir,'*,>nl»- nnd Ki-iinlon,, [f Mobile Laboratory In Pemiscot County of the Republican National Committee, believes the GOP will take control of Congress this year by winning 35 congressional scats In the November genera) election. Addressing a Missouri Republican rally here, Recce snld the Democrats suffered from having a "faltering leader." He estimated that the Republicans would win 26 new seats In the House of Representatives and nine in trie Senate. In lils first major address since becoming chairman of the party, Recce criticized Communists £iid "symiwthizers with the Communist theory," and charged that many of them "occupy key positions In the upper nftiks of our federal bureaucracy." Recce said Republicans this year faced their biggest job since 18CO. "In that year a Republican administration was elected to preserve the United States," he said. "Today we are threatened with nn even more vicious form of dismemberment, one which, disregards geographical areas and sets one segment of our population against another. 'Strike Proof Coal Pile The U. s. has :i.s.sii;ned 'nbllc TTonllh service a mobile tnborntory tlirrcori. tors votii nilnjil «:mi« shiill In-i-ninc A jmr .lilul!on of Itiu KlaU-s o ivil: .SHOT] OX 1. Tint Al of IKo Constitution nf Hands-Off Policy Set by Qff icials In Labor Dispute By United Press UTTLE ROCK, May 30. (UP)- ch' Arkn Ijo a[tko!Hh-<] lu irlty nl such of llio uf Arfcti cmtmnil l!io BUt Tin; roumy ( their rrspiTtlvp. • ni.ljoHly of tin- : f xticli cnnuly. imount of county kvlwl. shall |,avo not oxccrclltiK ton nil tn*nU* IITOJI lhi> rts nf (he KlnUi ji, niLntli^ Irnu'thor tvitf, Justices tit llir ]K-M- D fr jiililillnn ttt i r, u Int allou'i'.t to be tlin |uiM'cr IQ levy inill» on tFto itollur rty otfc tliflr rL-sitec.- tio5, which slnll Lu Viimwrt coimly rond tnv, linil \vK«-n slinll b« usc.l in the r.'.^iro- nlif.s for lljo [,iir|io«(. »{ m.\K- Ally. Gen. Guy E. Williams, chalr- maii of the Southern Association of Attorneys General, said today he could see little to be gained by calling the attorneys general together to consider action against, the 'so-cklled "labor union invasion of-.southern politics." Williams -was asked in a letter yesterday from Ally. Gen. Tom WnCson of Florida to call a special session of the law-enforcement of- ficials-4o~t»ke action against the I interest of-labor, unions in southern politics. He • indicated, however, that he would, take no • action until . he talkejj with«other attorneys general and I'gained a variety' of opinions^ He has talked with Atty. Gen. Mac Q. Williamson or.Oklahoma who he said ..agreed that the matter it not or)e In which the attorneys general ~can take an active part. Williams said that in his opinion R resolution passed by the attorneys general could have no legal ^landing and that any legal steps must be made by the federal government or by state legislatures. /or no ot!i< coltt'Ctod ici rnnil cnrrrn fund II n .lllj.lrily nf inn ^nnUficil oli'cKirs iif sni'K r-niiity t;hall liAvi 1 votctl iiuhllc roftd lax nt luu KCnornl rlt'Ction for Stain and ciminy otfici-ra iirrrt'illiii: slick ]tvy nl aiicu rlcrllini. 1'lli'cl In tin: nlficp o( Rrrrnlnry ot Slnlti on Urn 20l>t i!n)- o[ Mitrrli, IN 10. Vlliii'.M my hniul niu! snil i.f cirfin' on Ihis the SSlli ,lny ill ('olinmry. l!)pi. 0. 0. Hull. Secretary of Klntc WALLPAPER 48c Washable Now • 32c IJghtfast Now 20c Housewives are advised that yum frorh old stockings makes the best thread for mending snags and runs In other hose. Stocking yiun is less notfceablc than darning thrca; since it Is lighter In weight and it- color is more likely to match. Radio Service •Refrigerator Service Frwl Lawfer ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. W. Adams, Mpr. Phone 2011, 206-08 W. Main •Washer, Ironer and ^Gas Engine Service Phfflp tat Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons •and Small Appliances Re'. paired. Vail pa per Now 22 Vic unit lo ; the slnte Board of Health of Missouri, to make laboratory analysis in connection with environmental sanitation. 7 his Inbonilory has in turn been assigned to Hie stale department to •onii.scol. County for the week ol ,Tay 31 to June 7 and the facilities vlll be rtevolud to laboratory ex- iminatlon of milk, food and sew\sc control. Milk samples will be collected rom pasteurization plants, raw nllk • distributors and producers, lean-cling to plans of the Pemiscot ;oimty health department. Swab tests will be made on dishes and utensils from various rating and drinking establishments, .t was announced. Census estimates Indicate that the normal labor force of 1950 W H1 be considerably larger than the rifiurc of KO million jobs so much discussed recently. Census figures of 1945 show fewer people living on fewer b'.^t bigger farms than In 1940. Due to Remodeling and Redecorating Operations The Blue Room Will Be Closed Until Further Notice E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER GO. Baby Chicks $4.00 lo $12,00 prr 100. 3 duy.s lo 4 weeks old—Al Store Feeds and Supplies. WANTED Ear and shelled Corii—All grade*. One hliNliel up - Oats - Wheat - Barlejr - Alfalfa l!uy and Foul- try of all kinds. 1'ay top market prices. Elevator Feed Store • N. 4lh Broadway at KK Crosilnj J. J. Field, Mir. Local Option flection Withstands Court Attack RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., May 30. (UP)—Plans were under way today to hold a local option liquor election in Pope County following a circuit court hearing here yesterday. Circuit Judge Audrey trait, acting on an appeal from the liquor dealers of the county, checked petitions' and certified them as correct to county Judge Wallace Hullock who will set a date for, the election. Liquor, dealers filled to appear before Judge Strait'in yesterday's hearing. • •,. .-,'•: More than 100 Dude ranches ore now operating In Wyoming. FOR SALE Fresh Kivrr Catfish. Special jiriees lu Cufes and fish fries. C'ufe and large orders delivered. MACK'S FISH MARKET Phone 073 Oseeola, Ark. A "coal pile" unlikely to he reduced by the miners' strike Is the Williamson, W. Vn., Chamber ot Commerce building, pictured ubovc. Twenty feet wide, 18 feet high and 35 feet long, it is built cf solid biluminous coal—00 tons of it. Coal operators and miners __ cn-opcrated in erecting the building in 1933. For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIM SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. K. M. I.arkin Hulen Holmes HOTEL NOBLE WADE'S Can Make Your HOME SWEET HOME More Liveable! I Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE IN ONE AGENCY AT Lower Cost United Insurance Agency A. F. Dietrich, Manager Ulytheville's Only Exclusive Direct Wrilini; Agency of Leading Companies 209 >A West Main SI. ,, honc 510 Designed for Space Efficiency . Beautiful Sofas by day Comfortable double or Twin Beds by night! These classic styled Sofa-Bcds are the ideal solution to today's limited living space problems! They solve the problem of the arrival of visitors and unexpected guests . . . Choose Yours Today at WADE'S ... $69.95 to $98.50 , s . . ': \ * *' Is' Traffic Safety Check . tiw in Progress Throughout America! Check Yourself I Your Driving . . . Your Car or Truck . . Check Accidents! DO YOU ALWAYS 1. Signal before lurninji'Or coming to a slop? 2. Come'to n full stop at a stop sign? 3. Obey traffic lights? 4. Give the pedestrian a break even though he may not have the of way? Yes No 5. Drive in and turn from the proper traffic lane? (i. Refuse to drink before driving 7. Know and observe the rules of the road in your community? 8. Drive with extra raution in fog, rain or snow and on wet or icy pavement? 0. Keep alert when driving? 10. Drive within the speed limit? ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) j( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) « 10 YES answers — Arc you really that good? 8 to 10 YES answers — Good driving. We need more of you ! (i lo 8 YES answers- prove. Less (han G YKS answers td for trouMe! -Fair driving. You MUST im- -Poor driving. You're head- S. Take another I(«)k at your score. Would your family and friends rate you the same? Lee Motor Sales, Inc. r Your G.M.C. and Olds Dealer 'hone 51!) 307 East Slain Street The More Than "Occasional Chai Your family will never refer to one of these chairs as an "Occasional" . . . for they'll be in*e^nsfant use! They're spring-filled and beautifully tailored . . . all with that comfortable sit- down-and-sink-into feeling. Priced from 6.95 to 59.50 Let Us Solve Your Furnishing Problems Use Our Cosy Terms for Your Purchase WADE Your Time Is Valuable . . . Our Service Is QUICK! Call 2611 • for Road Service Anywhere • Tires Repaired—any Kind. • Batteries Charged—Quick or Slow • Washing and Greasing • All STANDARD PRODUCTS • Mechanical Repairs. MARR'S AUTO SERVICE YOU KNOW WHERE "URE CO. WHERK HOMK FURNISHING IS A MODKKATKLY 1'RICKD ART PHONE 3122 ' U2 West Main, Blyrhevill., Ark. DITCH BANK1EVELING PRIVATETOADS OR ANY EXCVATION >n stimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG. BLYTHEV1LLE ARK. • <Phone 364-6 0*42525

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