The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 6
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PAGS, feEg ™ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1945 Gdr uthersv///e Need ;/s Recogmzecf '- : -. ; ! J. \V.; kiihlmnii, district director ->bf the Fedei-fll Housing Admlnlstra- ;^ tloii for the Eastern District of Mis••"" sburt, 'is in receipt or.thp following .''•.release from'William. *&! Divers, ic- - ; vElptial representative of,the Nntlon: ; al Housing'. Agency, relative to the .•:•ciigibiity of CariUhersvllle In con- '•'nectlon wltli a conversion program: ",, "In a move to meet In some ..: degree the- acute housing shortage •;'in CaruthersvlUe, Mo., Win, K, Dl' vers, regional representative of the :" National Housing Agency, nnnounc- '••: ed today that conversions of cxlst- ••' ing dwelling structures into acltll- '-; llonar mills-will bo authorized so '••-• fur ns materials are obtainable. "Applications to convert oi 1 rc- :' inodei such structures should be filed ', with the nearest office of the Federal Housing Administration, h constituent unit of the NBA, to'obtaln B priority rating to secure the necessary materials and o'quipmenl. • 'The need for providing additional living qiiKrters In Canithers- j ville hiis long been felt, Mr. Divers j said, but he explained that little' could be done about It until more mate dais were available. "Only recently the NHA and the •War Production Board reached an agreement under vUilch enough mn- t terials will be nvjde available to per' mil conversions in connection with • • the NHA'ii limited new -construe- Improvements To Dick's Cafe Are Completed Dick's Cafe nt 317 West Main, operated by Dick Hoberts, has been remodeled nnd redecorated, creating a much more attractive interior, . - ,. Improvements Include n. hew lloor laid, new linoleum, and-certain repairs made. Iii .redecorating, a color scheme of red, white oncl black was used. > * '• *"4 »"* <£* + » »"* » »• O"+"*"+]jO!*"*!'* WE CAN FILL YOUR ORDER FOR : SUPPLIES J t .PRICES ARE RIGHT CO-ICD'S COXY COltNKIl—With school underway, Belly Co-Eds all over (he country arc room conscious. Here is a delighlfully feminine room that will nppeiil .16 students, 11 hasn't any electronic .yadncls to do the liomcwdrk, but the built-in bookshelf and'typewriter desk by Ihc window provide pleasant surroundings to stimulate study. | 'j Milady's built-in dresser and couch, sel-olT with frilly taffela, point the way Io maximum utilization of all available space Io make even the smallest bedroom seem larger. Builders associated with the National. Associalion of Homo Builders, say bliill in Auni- !urc will be one of the features of postwar homes. PET IS THE lion program aimed at relieving the housing shortage for resident workers and to meet individual hardship cases, Under the agreement, the NHA must designate congested areas, where the conversions nre nc'ericn smil rihist clear \vlUi the Productions Urgency Committees wherever such committees are active. "It was pointed out that the new provisions made to take care of remodeling and conversions lire not Hie result, of any change In WPB's Conservation Order L-41. "The $200 limit on remodeling of n dwelling unit in any calendar year without priorities and the 51,i!00 limit for an apartment building or other type of residence housint, six or more families, still apply. I is necessary, therefore, Io obtain PHA approval before beginning auj conversions project, Mr. Divers said, when not in use. Residential Property 's Involved In Deals Deeds recorded recently reveal r.ddlUona! transfers, of property In North Mississippi County. The D. C. Land Company has purchased the former resident at Lcachville. A residence owned by Mrs. ri. S. Harris, on avenue, has been sold Johnson lor S2300. How To Clean Badly Scorched Kitchen Utensil Although ho trenlment will moke a badly scorched kitchen utensil as good ntj.iiew, many pols ami pans that npp'cnr hopeless may b, t> restored U proper, cai-e is taitch while Ihcy nrc.belng cleaned, advises Mis: Com LCD Colcma'n, county . home demonstration agent. ' "The most Important factor In cleaning n burned utensil is that it should lie allowed to-cool'grad- ually," (|IQ, agent warns, '"Ncvei pour cold water into a hot dry con talner, for this is likely to-cans' the metal to buckle, when the utensil has cooled, ( half full o water and hcnt it'gradually tintl it reaches Hie boiling-point. Bakini .soda .ihiiy be 'araieo to 'the • wale to help soften' the. burned material. After heatinji,'scrape out loosened material, ad ( j more waler, and rc- jleat Ihc "healing process." Fine st'eel wool oi' scouring powder should bo used for removing burned particles, the advises, pointing out that scraping should be done with a wooden spoon. Even the black carbon that 'clings inosL lightly to the bottom of utensils can usually be removed by patient sconring, she said. However, tan- ping with a .wooden hummer may help loosen thick layers of carbon. "Enamelware and 'thin, metal utensils require more careful : attention than other coiitainen;," the agent wnrns. "Cracking 'anj chip- i>ing occur when cnamelware vessels are scorched, it is not safe to use them because small particles of Brides Prefer Modern Decor and Cottons Tailored for the Iiiistohd jet indivhlual enough fur Ihc feminine half is Oils master bedroom In. the ideal postwar home bnlll by iH|i<tcm- .Isrlle ni:ifin7inc iaftcr a. survey of postwar brides. Colorful Ilamiii{;o- slrl|iert permanent-glaze cbinlv. makes tbc draw curtains used on the nail of- iiisiilalcd sfoss with French doors opening (in •« Icn'acf, ami -his same malcrlal combined with while cotton Midus cloth 'makes bcdsprc'ails, slipcovers, tlrcssing-tabUv and 'clcsel-door paildiiijf. Cottons H-crc the po|iular fabric choice for .this liohsc ot llic future because Ibe'y are "yoiinp; and fay and stay frcsli." . . . ' Moke'Beds This Way \ For Better Comfort j Knowing how to make a bed j properly is as much of an accom- I pllJhmenl as beiiiE able to turn out biscuits like your husband's "mother used to make." Here's how It's done: Tuck the bottom sheet well under j the mattress at the head and foot, Lift the lower edge of the sheet ! alxml 15 Inches from the foot to form a triangle, turn the triangle down against the side of the mattress iitid tuck in. Repeat, this inl- lerlng process on the other three corners, Then place the top sheet on the bed with the wider hem falling about 4 inches from the liead- boarcl. Make n three-melt fold alxmt 10 Indies from ttie foot for extra toe-wiggling room. 'Hick the sheet In at the foot end and half miter the two foot-end corners, allowing.the rest to hang loosely. Do the same with the blankets. Provided the mattress and bedspring are in good condllion, mak Ing a bed this way furnishes the last word in slumber comfort. Glamorize Your- Bedroom Beauty and glamour in bedroom furnishings are now possible on modest budget. Stunning headboard beds, available in,leading dcpart- ncnt and furniture stores all over ] he country, may be slipcovered or ipholstercd in colorful materials I o match draperies and bedspreads ior a new thrill in eye appeal, Waifs Matle Slate Wards BOSTON (UP) — Records shov.' that 51 babies have been abandoned in Massachusetts during I'm^i ;>ast H years. In 11 cases the p.\-" rents eventually were identified. Tlie other waifs became stale wards. acts fast on the kidneys — to ease painful bladder irritation caused by excess acidity in tlse urine Thousands ore thanliins; DR. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT lor helnlne .them Io remove the cause of needless "eeUinS up at nights". For (his pure herbal medicine, originally created by n practising phyii- lian, acts qulcjjly io Increase the llov/ of urine . . . helps relieve incfcaclie, I mi-down feeling, iince,tnforti\bls symptoms of ladder Irritation. SWAMP HOOT is :• scienltilc preparation. A comhluatj'on of . lircfiiHy blendsd herbSj roots, vegetable,*, haUiiins. /U-soluMy nothing Jia.-c/i of Itub'l-Iarmtns when you use Dr. Kilmer J ! medicine. Just good in E redients tfial act Scnci for free, prepaid sample TODAY! LIUo thousands of ethers you'll lie E'^J that you did. Send name and address io Department Cl Kilmer ft Co., Inc., Kov 1255, Stamford, Conn. Olfer Ihnllea. S.'nd ut cnct. AH druggists sell Swamp Roat. H. Huff enamel will appear in all foods prc- Mr. and Kentucky Io J. P. For Your Future Home In the future you may expect "on the spot" lighting for household Insks, says Better Homes As Gardens magazine. For example, you may have a fluorescent light over your Ironing'board which, like'the board, folds away into the wall Clay and dashing is the postwar Home young America Is dreaming .•ibout, designed for everyday • living and comfortable easy enter- ihlntng. Lots' or light arid , plenty of privacy and , elbow room, tip-to-the-minrtc ecdilpmeiit, and draperies used'in the dining room and kitchen, cotton poullu in the hobby room. A ' handsome screen-print modem floral clilnlK carries out the blue nnd screen above easy to lake care or, be Hie prime require- nicnts, according to a recent survey of postwar brides by Mndem- alselle magazine.. From the answers received, they evolved; a composite of this ideal drcaj!) house of the future and the Pnlife Furniture Company have built it in l?os(on. In decoration the young people's elioice leans toward Modern, with emphasis oh color, freshness, and llvabihty. The furniture, clcr.u-cut color scheme of the living roo'm with it staccato l.iuches pt mngueta and violet. Tlie cool freshness is further emphasized by n- deep-piled cotton rug In silver gray, chosen because it blends harmoniously with modern decor and provides ury at low cost. An easy-to-clean cotton nig In a rich red completes the gay color scheme of the dining room for which the inspiration was the harlequin-striped chintz of ..., draperies and chair scats. In the In line, Is chosen wlih an eye Io i 1 .? bby room ' n combination imisle- vcrsiiillity plus practicality;" for J lw ' ar y-suuly, n shaggy beige cot- Instance, big, double-husband-and-1 lnle wns tUD choice to stand up wife desk in the living rcom which ™_™ r har<1 V S[ >E C an(i to help can be cleared off to hold the fix- ngs for a cocktail, party; wall banquettes in the hobby room .are easily converted into beds for overnight gucsls. Colton fabrics were the popular selection for draperias throughout; ni well as for many other decora- rive uses because, says Elinor Hill- vrl 1 , ifyr.orator for Ihe magazine. •louoiib IHB .".') very practical as well as beautiful, and they are adaptable to homes ior modern pr.iplc becahse tliey are young and rjay—hnd they stay fresh-looking." She has used washable perinanent- glazcd chinlK" generously because of Us charming colors and designs and its taffeta-like finish which lends to resist dirt. For instance, in the masler bedroom, all drap- ASBESTOS SIDING Asbestos cement siding provides protection from 'fire and weather; Offers decoration, pejaiaencl, and lowest A PERSONAL HOUSING PROGRAM TO $T MORALE ON THE HOME FRONT! "I only had a short C::rloufih— just enough time to meet a gal and get married!'* deaden unwanted reverberations. Read Courier News Want ACS. 2 drops in each nostril Work Enviftly to help you ilneatliofroL'ruii.iin. Can-. rUbuoiily^ndirectcd "—-. ""« nrtOP 1.50 per Square. Can be financed in easy monthly payments. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service bedspreads, dressing-table skirl and inside padding of closet, doors are of flamingo-striped Ever- i'laze chintz combined with white Evergln?.e Mirius cloth, with chintz Do you have Io be 'drafted into " hii'vin^ your home repaired' Io K' v c its best services in these war days? A fresi) face of wallunpcr will go a Ions way in preserving jour home's youth. Kring in your ideas for remodeling a room and we will help you select an appropriate wallpaper Io match your ideas. We have an elaborate display and a trained saff to assist you. There may come iv time wlion we will not have such a large selection. Now is the ( ime for you to put a new dress on your walls! V/e've A Wide Selection-Priced ISc Single Roll Up! True's Paints! . True's Semi-Gloss True's Muralione Gallon 3.50 3.50 Gallon /./J Gallon Enamels Priced 15 to 5.25 per Gal BlytheYille's Only Exclusive Paint & Wallpaper Store KANSAS Point, Glass and Wallpaper Co. GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QUICK TO DRYI EASY TO APPLY! ;•?• 105.E. Main Phone 2272 MADt \H > «<>">•» • Think of r«d*cota«nj » room b»- ' tween brenVfatt «nd lunctil You Cdn with T>chid»-PittsbUr E h'i amazing nsw development In wall paint. Two hour. U plenty of time to apply •ftchlds. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYINQI You §ave on labor costj-«»v« th» txpenia of icrapmg off old wallpaptr-and lava on tn» tost of pa!nt.TechldaisWeaUor paint- ins over wallpaper, piaster, brick, ttc. PITTSBURGH PAINTS H It B B ARD HARDWARE CO. War restrictions on all metals are here. Your w.ater pipes, fittings or fixtures damaged by freezing will be much more difficult to replace. If the plumbing in your home is subject to freezing, you should take «H proper precautions to protect it by closing oil ventilators in the house foundations, and shut off the water at thef stop and waste provided in your house plumbing—and be sure the plumbing is drained. DO NOT SHUT OFF THE WATER BY USE OF THE CURB STOP IN THE METER OOX, AS THIS WILL NOT DRAIN THE PLUMBING AND iT MIGHT FREEZE. Under no circumstances build fires or use heat in the water meter box; to do so will not restore water service in most cases, but will always damage the water meter. Such damage to meters is costly and should be avoided. Help us to keep the meter box lids in place. A tightly covered meter box is our surest way of preventing freezing of meters and service lines. If you ore not sure of how best to keep your plumbing from freezing, see your plumber. Thank You For Your Cooperation e Water Go. BERNARD ALLEN, Manafe r "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!"

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