The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1934
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Served by Mb United Prea VOL. XXXI—NO. 51 COURIER MWS ARKANSAS AND SOUTHMOT MUHOU1U Blythevllle Daily Newi Blythevllk Ofurltr Mississippi Valley Leader BlythevUle He kid BI.YTHKVIU.K; ARKANSAS, WKDNKSOAV, MAY ju, ina-i SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS REED WILL OPPOSE GOV. FUTRELL FLASHES "IT- tilKL KXPKOTS BAIiV HOLLYWOOD. Cal. — Friends U'fre advised 'oday that Clara I'.ow, the "It" tirl at (he tilius, is to b.i'ume a mother, thr I vs' and, Ilex Bell, wired here > fivm their lanrh thai they *-\/-,] r . ).tct a baby l .:\t 1), cfinbi r. Uues Lncourage Investi- , • c L £ D CONSIDER AI.UMINl!M I'l.ANT gators in Search tor Ko- WASHING TON - A vast Kidnaners. TUCSON, Ariz.. Muy 1C (UP) — Ace federal and stale li)vrstl°ul- crs loday pushed seurcli for the kidnapers of 6-year-old June Robles as their child victim rapidly recovered Ironi imprisonment in a hot desert hole. Experts from Washington Joined Arizona and Tucson authorities in examining material clues and running down leads implied in the little girl's own story of 19 terrible days she spent ml the kidnaners 1 hn'-'- She retained a slight limp from an ankle laceraieo uy i.. L..- . which totmd her in a filthy hole in the desert, nine miles from her home. The effects' of exposure in blistering sun and scant improper food almost had disappeared. , Federal agents pursued a warming trail in the search witli the Identification of two garbage cans found in the desert cage from which the girl was liberated. Gettle Kidnapers Sentenced I.OS ANGELES, May 16 (UP) — Prison walls closed, about the kidnapers of William F. Gettte today, a week after James Kirk, Roy Williams and Larry Kerrigan planned the ransom abduction ol the Beverley Hills millionaire. Swift justice was meted tile trio last night when on their pleas oi guilty they were sentenced to life imprisonment under California's new kidnaping law. Uncjer the Calilornia kidnap law, as'interpreted by Judge Charles, W. Fricke, the itrio''wilb be doomed to life imprisonment but with the possibility of parole. They agreed to plead guilty to escape a possible death penalty, permitted only if a victim has aluminum i.lant in the Teniieb,- .. e valle .._ aU( . d hy Roverillllrm liir.nnre ami govrri mint eledri::- al pcwtr, to operate in compeli- llun wilh Mellcn runtrullid aluiiiinuni interests, is under cui - sideration, Hit United I'ress karnea TO ASK PKNSION STUDY WASHINGTON — President Koosevelt will stud a message to fongrif' shortly dealing nilli so- ftol k;islatiui .-iid prubaLly suggesting a joint congressional ronimftlet study of unemployment Insurance and old age p*n- sitl >, How* Majority Leader Jcseph W. Bjriis laid today. Find Hand Believed Cut From Unidentified Body KKNNETT. Mo. -With till' ills"Wry in Ciittuim-ouil Point, :15 miles ran of hero, of u man'is hand, believed to have been | cut from ,1 body found in :i i slough in.;!,- |,,. rt , April 8. nunkllii ] and IVuilscnt county otflcers havi 1: uriiin ninird their ellorls toward | i§ 'Junior Class President at '''Irnl" 1 ^."/,,/ 11 ^^'^; 111 ',^^' 1 ' 1 -' Monticello Atlacks Pres- r <>»'"i "«.i wilii- onk, 'e . I ,. , n north, (if Kiimctt, had been cljop Kieill Horstall. l»il "ll ubout midway between ['ho wrist and eibow. Tlie body'Imd j MONTICE1,LO, Ark., May Ifi. < uull-t holes and was too badly | (UPI -ficinnvnl of President I-'nink decomiKwd for Identification. Ilorsfall and Trustee ,1'ihn W I Th<> lone hand found near Cot- nicluirdson and the enactment of lomvoal Point wns wired to an some (orm of student novernmeni °' 1 ' aiilomoblle sprlni;. It had evils the only means of bringing wit- denilv been thrown Into the Mississippi river when Ihe water slave Omiri Airmen SalVfin|[rd;inii |lslaetion to.studt'iits of Montlc'el- lo A. and M. college. Hampton Tlioinpr.on. presir'ent of the junior hl<jhcr. A droi) In the stage exposed the liaml in view. Near- class and spokesman lor Ihe slu-' uv was found n sack, containing dents, told the board of trustees a bundle of dollies with holes Icday. | that might have been made by I Terming Horsfall's rule "ex- bullets. jtremely dictatorial and unsatis-| . | factory to students," Thompson testified that unkss changes were made at once there would be H GUARD KENTUCKY GOVERNOR FRANKFORT, Ky— fiov. Huby l.^fToon of Kentucky (oday had rceclvtd a second death threat. A cordon of national guardsmen in stet-1 helmets was posted at the executive mansion. Jonesboro Concern Asks ,n'andeT g ?ris " e lmproperty repr '" $2,750 Damages for Seizure of Truck. been harmed, not harmed. Gettle said hr- wns Ickes Denies Oil Bill Invades State Rights WASHINGTON, May 16 (UP) — Charges that the federal government, through the administration oil bill, seeks to "invade stale rights and intervene in state affairs," were denied today by Oil Administrator Harold I.. Ickes. Answering accusations "by some Texas officials", Ickes asserted they were tased on "unsound analysis either of the proposed oil legislation or of our record of the pasi few montlis under the oil code."' The oil bill, which seeks to bolster the oil code, would establlsl the oil administration as a semi- permanent governmental unit. In dependent ol the NRA. wholesale exodus, of studi-uls fron the school. Called Dancing "Sei Orgy" Richardson's removal h asked on the grounds of "incompetence." President Hoisfall Li charged with "crude allusions to sex problems" In reprimanding girl stu- j dents lor infractions of rules. I A fundamentalist, in the Baptist 1 religion. President Horsfall has ; termed dancing "just H sex orgy." His views on other college amusements, according to students, are just as drastic. Inied President Horsfall yesterday de- A controversy between Manila :own, officials and a Jonesboro bottling company over., parking regulations aVMa'hila has reached circuit court here with the alleged forcible holding of a Jonesboro truck by Manila officials. The Jonesboro Coca Cola Bottling company has filed a replevin and 52,750 damage suit against the town Carl Tipton, mayor, and Oscar Grant, marshal. The action is an "Apparently some of the students misunderstood my words or misconstrued them." he taid emphatically. "If I said anything that was objectionable to them or hurt their fellings, I want to .apologize to them publicly here and now, because It was not my imratlan lo do r .so." ' • " Smith Files Report State Comptroller Griffin Smith disclosed yesterday that he., has filed with Oovernor Futrcll a'pre- liminary report on his personal investigation into the accounts of Mr. Richardson. In his report ........i, .1,UI.,,I.LI. iiic ( n.viuii j:, iuil.i, , *-i«"i., cntgroivlh of an attempt bv Ihe. 1 e calll Ptrollcr lists "mis total. _ * - Itlrt *B 1 •) t R*I fr\~ n,\t Inli >*_ ni.,1- Manila marshal to enforce an °r-| ln = f 8 . 121 -". ">r which Mr. Rich- dinance which Ihe Jonesboro firmj ar jr ln * as paid contends is illegal because among I GoTCra °r ^U-ell ordered the In- other reasons, it attempts to place '''"""f", 011 after 227 ° f lhe school's control of a state highway <18) | 3M studellts '""I presented a pe- under town officials. tition demanding an investigation. B. E. Kirkendall. truck driver! and co-plaintiff, was twice arrested by the marshal for parking on Ihe highway, which is also the main street of the town, to make deliveries in violation of a Manila crdinance which would prohibit . , . .__. such practice. On May 14, tne Department of commerce experts Radio Beam's Efficiency Blamed for Sea Tragedy WASHINGTON, May 16 <UP>— , occasion of Kirkenrtall's latest arrest, him his truck anrt held <vas taken from i the . an investigation today into sinking of the Nantucket being jailed. with the driver, [ ! Bl'tship. believed the efficiency of probablj the crash. He was released lo! tne radio beam systci: .|was responsible for stand trial in Manila city court-. later anil the truck was turned! Tlle experts said that they be- over to a deputy sheriff who serv- lfcvcc l the Olympic probably fol- ed Ihe replevin order. Manila of-i' mmi tlie beam so closely that • ncials contending that they had i ll svas lc(l directly into the craft I-liming StOCk Prices' mads no ettor l » hold the truck. ! il:itionc <l to warn vestcli ofl the . (Manila officers says Kirkcndalli ^antuckct shoals. NFAV YORK May 16 (UP) — 'enored an order to appear in I. Danger of such accidents had Price* drifted ' aimlessly on thiil 00 " 1 " 1 on hls fir ' n ttrresl stock exchange today in the light-1. Arlhllr L A<tan1s of Jo»«boro . ... ... T ' rf .ns counsel for the bottling com- - els following the beams to bear lou;ir " 1 - slightly to one side of the rauic team. Vlnrkerinu Ap;reement for tho Industry Has Received Tentative Approval. WASHINGTON. May 15.—A public hoarin? on the tentatively improved mnrkcting agreement for the cotton ginning Industry, to which some amentlments have wen nrncosed by glnners. will be leld Mnv 18, at the Mayflower Hotel. Washington. D. C. Ai the lime the agreement was tentatively approved, the .season Missouri FILES IUISI HT. I.OUIR, May 16. iui>)_Mls- ] HJflLLU niiri voled nearly two to one In i ai'dr of a SIO.WU.OM) bond issue —in yesterday's election, almost. Loiloke Mail, Refusing to :iinil>leu- United Press tnbubilluns ., „ ,,-r, . , •., ihowi-ti tixiny. | Kun, isavs Ihis Is No 'Ihe Inise lsii:c Is to be nsi-d [or rehabilitation and anewal of stuti: i:enal nnd eleeuioslmiiy in- stllutlons. Rxiu-'iidllure ol Hi.- nuney Is e\|XTlfil to m-ati 1 lO.uiX) - . .. jolxv |ciimplioller. entered the race for With 3.bOO oul of 4,117 election j tin* nonilniilloii tor governor In im'Clncls heard from the vole the lli'inoeititle primary In August slood: 282,54!), for; l-U.WU. againsl.!Eliorlly before Ihe ticket closed last 'midnight. Mr. flced L'sued no public'state- ment last night In connection with ills candidacy. He was u candidate for gover- ' nor two years ago In the many Run, Says "This Is I mi 1 .: lo Rock Boat." I irri.K DOCK, May 10. IUP) --Howard Reed, former Plate ft. IEEI BERTS PINGHDT 'Old .Dealer" . Victorious in Pennsylvania's Republican Primary. PHILADELPHIA. May 10 <UP) — Senator David A. Heed, dlrciple of l s jdal nice In which Governor Fu- thc "old deal" and i»llUcul enemy | troll won the nomination, hut did Howard Retd, who list nljht entered the nee for (overnor In opposition to Gov. J. Mirlon Kutrril, Is a brother of Nelll Ki-ed nl this city, lie Is well known here, liavlnr visited • and fiuokvn here a number of times. Ccsare Sabelli and George R. Pond (lop. lell to rlghli Iniidctl 01 the west coast ol Ireland yesterday when u broken fuel Hue forced \ras-well ndvanwl and elnnin* "nl [abandonment ol their plan lor n non-stop night from New York to citlrin of the 1933 crop was practically over, Rome. confronting the industrv. neiits which will be considered at >'e h"aviiw were suggested by f;tn- :>er.s fol'owln^ m' 1 eilnt! ! 5 at Ai | '"i- .a I'nil Dallas. . These amenilmcnts would mnkR the a?r"fmem. annly TO GIEET FLIERS nrre 5 :on crop. Amnni; the nronosed aniend- ineiit.'; ore: ffn amendment extKti'l- iniz (lie time for niinlmuin mnchln- "rv and eauiDment Instaltallon from Julv I. 1314 to a dare to be Arrests in Pasley Death Case Reported at Manila Joe Htckmiui, who lived with Luther Pasley on a houseboat at Big Lake, was reported Jailed at l Manila today In the slaying of Pasley. whose body punctured by of President Roosevelt, emerged victorious over Gov. Gilford Pinchot, a progressive and liberal, as icturns from yesterday's senatorial primary piled In today. Contending lor the Republican nomination lor the sent now held by Reed, the incumbent lind 440,586 votes against Pinchot's 323,992, with 5,200 ol the state's 1,930 precincts counted." This result seemed conclusive! enough. Governor PInchot conceded Heed's nomination shortly before noon today.' On the Dcmacnttlc side, Joseph P. Quffey, national commitleeman. ind the "original Roosevelt man," vhose big block of delegates formed the nucleus of the president's support at the Chicago convention, rnu far ahead of Roland S. Morris, ambassador to Japan under Woodrow WIlEon. . m. anny , . i o I if r I '' U5IL 'J'' wnuse uo<iy iiunL-turcu oy neeifically [ 0 the 1334 cot- I Ond and Oabelll, forced seven knife wounds, was found in Down in Ireland, Plan lo Continue Trip. DOME. May 1C (UP)- -Italy pre- •lelennlned "nfrir tlie 'niibilc 1^1-7- parcd tod:ly " llcnrt y welcome for Cesare S!lbf ' M1 a " d G ™ r g 1 ' "• ''°» cl , IIollrs of lraU! " E '" a " ullilt>s - f' lcrc Blcomier and gloomier ns time passed without reiwrl- end lir r : an amendment, cliantjin? Ehc requirement thnt seed cot(on be on g^ndc to inclurT« onlv those areas wh"re oil mills buy Hie ffed nti prari"- and nn of tllc which would exempt'certain ^?" ar 'j 0 , < j a , V " lcl '' 1lRI1 , dl111 ? '" i been recognized and instructions 'Sboro wcrc Riven recently ndvklng vcs- in nnoi,,,,,,,, from ,,,„ i'i"n iv>ii||)ltln» Ihf purchase of seed cotton, as enforcement of "•is provision would work a hardship on farmers ihpvr... accordl'"? 'o stnlpment.s of uinners nnd others fmin that area. "•nnld auMiorize the setting of ac"•al rates for chining In each "Inning community only after pub"" 'ica'ine. These local rates at Moy. on the Irish wesl The United Preps telephoned then to Satelll's brothers, ttanco and Oreste, and his sister. Maria. The main connection between the asoline tank and motor ol the craft broke, the fliers said. Forced :o cut oil their motor, the big est volume of the year. the c!o:e prices slipped lower after a brief rally. Wheat inean-|_- ~ «771 while advanced 21-4 to 2 3-4 cents;Mountaineer Kidnapers a bushel and other grains were very strong. A. T. Uud T 112 3-4 Anaconda Copper 137-8 Bethlehem Steel 33 5-8 Start Serving Terms HOT SPRINGS, May 16 (UP>Three mountaineers began throe Chrysler 35 1-4 year terms In the state peniten- " 2 5-8 Mary today alter pleading guilty 118 | lo kidnaping Ezra Fox. 19. and 34 1-21 holding him in slavery with his brother, Jabo. 16, at a liquor still In the Ouachita hills. • The men are Homer Markham, 28. his brother. Albeit. 19. and Ruben Von Marsh. Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Mlddlcwest Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Ueds 16 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 3-4 Standard of N. J 41 1-8 Texas Co 23 1-1! U. S. Steel 41 1-4 U. S. Smelting in i-a 19 7-8 32 32 7-8 3-16 24 3-B 27 3-4 4 17 5-8 7 1-4 New Orleans Cotton New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 16 (UP) — Pardon for Luke Lea jr. Asked in Petition Today . RALEIGH. N. C.. May 16 (UPI— Mrs. Luke Lea of Nashville today filed a petition to Gov. J. C. B. Ehrinehruis for a. pardon for her tep-:ou. Luke Lra. Jr.. who. with his father. Col. Luke Lea. is imprisoned here on conviction of tnnfclng irragularity charges. Mis. Lea pieviously had conferred wilh the governor aiX Paroles Commissioner Edviin Cilli who asked her to file the formal petition. Cotton closed ft^ady. open high Nfay July Oct Dec Jan March NEW ORLEANS, May 16 IUP>— Afternoon buying. Induced by nd-l 10 umc s in wheat, lifted cotton futures around 50 cents a bale lo- day. The close was very steady, near the session's highs on tlie local exchange. open high low close May 1135 1135 1132 1129b July 1130 1140 1126 (137 Oct 1147 1155 1140 1152 Dec 1159 1167 1152 1164 Jan H64 1164 1164 117QS) 1126 1137 1151 1162 1160 1177 1130 1140 1157 1179 1174 1184 low 1126 111>9 1144 1147 1163 1113 be within rnr« for ilv the nnxlnmni determined by the FCC- of agriculture, after public bearing. Cooies of the Drornsed nient as amended mav be oblaln- fr~ m lll.i C 1 - 1 "' HnvhljJ TWk. itod Slales Department of Agriculture. Washington, u C. Di'linger's Sweetheart Identified in Court ^ e Payday Payless Again 1129 i 1139 1156 llliU 1174 1183 Spots closed steady at 1155, up March 1175 11800 Spots closed steady at 1147, up 9. Chicago Wheat open May 87 3-4 July 88 high SO 1-2 low fi 7-8 close 90 1-2 68 1-2 Chicago Corn open high low close May 4fi 7-8 47 5-8 46 1-8 41 3-8 July 49 1-8 49 7-8 48 5-8 -19 3-4 for Employes of City A second consecutive payless payday greeted city employes yesterday. On the same day a new police car replaced an old machine pur' ST. PAUL. May 16. (UP)—Miss Marion Evelyn Frechetle. John nilllnecr's sweetheart, today stood In a crowded courtroom to be Identified as an occupant of the awrtment from which Dlllmeer fled after a machine gun battle with federal aeents and police. The Identification wns made b> Mrs. Daisy Coffey. who earlier Identified Mrs. Beth Green, the mystery woman In the N government's trial of Dilllnger harborers as the negotiator for the rental of (he apartment. Miss Frechette was asked to siand up and Mrs. Coffey. owner of the apartment building, was requested to tell when she saw her. the lake yesterday morning. Illckinnn was said to have been jailed by local officers at Manila and the sheriff's office here was ut a low lo explain the reason for his detention. Another man, whose name could not be learned, was also reported In custody. Sherlll Clarence Wilson's investigation into Ihe slaying was still underway today. Tile sherill predicted that a "break" In the case would probably develop soon but e.eclineii to enlarge on his statement. Marston Youth Drowns When He Falls from Boat HAYTf. Mo., May It!.—Funeral .... services were held at 4 o'clock orange plane ran into a sandbank. iTiiesday afternoon at Marston for causing some damage to the under-1 Evcrcllc Ryan, 15-ycnr-old son of Tompkins Again Heads Arkansas Farm Bureau J. P. Tompkins of Burdettc was re-elected president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau at a reorganization meeting held at Little Rock Monday. Other ollicers are: Hugh Miller, Fayetlovlllo, vice- president; J. ll. Snapp. Wood mil county, treasurer; and Harold A. Young. Pulasld county, secretary. On the executive committee are: A. C. Cobb. Phillips county; S. C. Mack. Jackson county: EM ward An- dcrron, Miller county; Burl Jolui- £0ii, Howard county; Walter Trulock, Jr., Jefferson county; and Mr. Miller. Mr. Young and Mr. Snapp. not finish near the top. '•No Time to Rock Bo»t" Charles A. Walls, Lonoke, nephew of Senator Joe T. Robinson; and who htnl been mentioned frequently as a ixx r ,slble candidate for iovernor, issued a statement law last night In which he said he had decided not to enter the race because he thought "this Is no time to rock the boat." Ll. Gov. Iff Cozort will have no opposition. Three candidates are In the attorney ueneral's race. They are H»l L. Norwood, Incumbent, Carl E. Dalley, Pulask.1,; county, -proseeuJ- ing attorneys arid John L. Carter, one time a-Afslanl -attorney geu-"" ial. Dr. W. H. Ahlngton of Beebe, state senator from tlie Faulkner-. White district, Hied as a candidate for the Third district congressloh- : a! nomination, opposing Congressman John E. Miller of Searcy. O.'fonent for Mr. Terry Dr. Horace E. Ruff of Little Rock qualified a few hours ahead of the deadline as a candidate !or Hie congressional nomination l-i Ihc Flflh district, opposing Congressman D. D. Terry who was elected at a special election last [nil, following resignation of Congressman Hcartslll Ragon to accept the appointment as federal Judge ol -Trie Western Arkuusas District. ' • carriage. :Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Ryan of Mar-" Although defeated in their at- fclon ' "'h° w »s drowned In Wolf :eni|!t. at a nonstop New York to Bayou In I'eintscol county late Rome flight, they completed the Monday afternoon while boal-rid- season's first aerial crossing of lm J during a school picnic. "Inter' the Atlantic. No plane has ever mc "t successfully made the nonstop jour- tery near Marston. made In Mounds ceme- ney to Rome from America. Had the gasoline line of Young Ryan, a Junior. In the the Marston high school, was In a boat Pond-Sabelli plane broken ten mln- »H" four or five other students utes earlier, the fliers would have «'hen the bunt lipped and he fell been forced down before ri-achin-j l»!o the water. Unable to swim, the rock-bound coast of County lie started lo sink In aboul 40 Clare, one of the wildest areas feet of water. Thomas Alexander In the British Isles. Jr. and his sister, Loretla, both The fliers sought aid from Bal- students, attempted lo save him. domi.l air field, Dublin, and an put gave up when Ryan started Air Corps unit there was sending dragging them to the bottom. Ry- i mechanic to help repair the an sank horn sight and the swim- Mine. They hoped repairs would mltig hole was dragged for his be completed today In time for a tidy, recovery being accomplished! tnk^-oll lor Home before nttiht- some time later, lall. i Wilson Company Seeks Right to Increase Hours MEMPHIS—Appeal of Lee wn- £on and Co. from a ruling of the local Hardwood Manufacturers Institute denying the company's petition for authority to Increase working hours lo cut 3.000,000 feet of lumber In Mississippi county, Arkansas, will be heard here Friday morning by the hardwood Industry's co-ordlnallng committee. The company asked authority to fpceil up operations on Hie grounds that the Frisco railroad was to discontinue service on Its Evodale branch, on which the timber Is locate 0. Both Insull Brothers in State Court Today chased about a year ajo. The' old j, '" I >'° or three times, pirtlcubr- car had a record of about 35,0001J? J he nl " nt of March 30 " Mrs ' miles and city officials decided It would be economy to purchase a new machine. Ross Beavers, city clerk, said today he could see little hope that the city would meet Its May 15 Coffey said. Dilllnger escaped from the apartment on March 31. Huey Off for Washington semi-monthly payroll for several, NEW ORLEANS, May 16 (UP'— days. He predicted that' a longer Senator Huey p. Long was en l»rlod would lapse before the "ghost" would "walk" than the lasl time, when city employes' checks were delnyed a day or two. Rouge. route to Washington today alter attending [he opening of the Louisiana leglslalure at Baton '• Plans for CHICAGO, May 16 (UP) - The Knoxvllic, Proposes U. S. Purchase of Utility at Knoxvilfe WASHINGTON. May 16 (UPI — Termination of CWA Boosted Relief Load WASHINGTON. May 16 (UP) — Termination of the CWA program cnused a sharp Increase In the number ot^-»milles on relief rolls in March and April, n survey of the purchase of tlie Terni., Public Service , Hi u I^IIW.M lllt f 1 111 U., f UUIIU OCI * IL Insull brothers. Samuel and Mar- company as part of the govern- tm. walked arm and arm lino )KeM - s Triinesfec Valley devclop- criminal court today for another ,,,„„ wa ., durai-seil with brief round In their nglil against Hoosevelt tjday by David E Lll- state charges that they embezzled ucmhal, member of the Valley thousands of dollars from trusting authority and its power expert, utmty Investors. . }Ml , n \ h;) - Iiro - OSf „ tne g £. crn . rhc brothers, Samuel, mumblln?',,, ent lniic mn the company at a his dlsllne of newspaper photo- j pr | Ce projecting Investors as n graphers, and the younger, Mar- lln, smiling affably, are under J50.000 bond on two slate Indictments charging embers lenient. j Samuel Insull Is also under $200,000 bond to answer federal charge's of using the malls to defraud. means of wiping out duplication of facilities. Japan's new factory law prohibits employment, of women and children between 11 pm «nd 5 am. Phone Poles L'sed (or Fences Plane 16 Years OH Fl»"COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP)—Just to prove thai the old "crates" would fly, C. T. B.irr.etle, superintend"! 01 the Voonvillo airport, flew a 1918 model airplane here from his horns, about 30 miles. Memphis Group Attends _„ Revival Meeting Here A delegation of Christian En-' deavor members of the East End Christian church In Memphis at- lendcd the evangelistic meeting at the First Christian church last evening. The Rev. J. J. Walker, who is conducting the meeting, is pastor-advisor to the Federation of Young People, comprising a [hourand members. ;) , The Rev, Mr. Walker will preach his rural sermon in the meeting Friday evening but Mr. and Mrs. Eira Jacks of Dallas. Texas, leaders of song service and the children's work, and the Rev. E. K. Latlmcr. minister of the local congregation, will carry on the meeting through Sunday evening. Ill his message last evening the speaker gave five outstanding re>- rous why people should Identify themselves with the church in their community. A total of 10 members have been added since the meetlnj opened Sunday. Services are to bo held this evlnlng, 7:45 o'clock, when Dr. Walker will tpeak on "The P.lght To Choose". 140 "cities showed today. Statisticians for the federal relief administralion reported to Administrator Harry L. Hopkins thai the Increase was 36 per cent and that obligations Incurred for relief from all public funds rose 48 per cent. The -140 cities represent 64 p;r cent of the total urban population of the country. Preparing Statement on Armament Policy WASHINGTON, May IS <UP>President Roosevelt and Norman Davis, roving ambassador, are preparing a statement outlining this government's policy on disarmament, tlie. White House announced todiy. CHIHUAHUA, Mexico (UP) — Tlie Chihuahua military commandant has warned tlie Chihuahua farmers that persons found guilty of destroying communication or •.ramportatlon facilities will be punished with prison sentences. The commandant said that Chihuahua farmers have a habit of tearing down telegraph and telephone poles and wires for fence building purposes. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Pair and warmer In extreme north portion tonight. Thursday fair and warmer. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair and warmer tonight. Thursday fair and warmer. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 75. minimum 59, cloudy, with .26 of an Inch rainfall, according to Samuel- r. Norris, official weather observer.

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