The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1931
Page 8
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SIX KKWS Tourney Pi ay Beckons rurmiE RETHII MM Mrs. Moody May Turn Skilled Over to Frederick . and Wield Racquet Again • NEW YORK, Feb. 13.-O:i? ci these fine mornings Frederick .1. Moody, jr., is goin^ to •s-.Ae n,i .in.L find that he Ins to boil hi? ov.ii eggs for breakfast. Mrs. F. J. M:.j- dy Jr., will not b? there. Boiled eggs are r;a!ly no troviV. 1 : at all. And It Isn't mueh c( a ta-,i: j to dump a liltrc ccflce into the tt.j of a percolator and set the t'.ilir-. tc ccoking by pressing a biitlo:!. H Mr. Mcsdy likes his cijgs medium. I three minutes is th; proper lim?. Mr. Moody should first heat :; pan of water to the bollin? pa'n: .lock at the clock, place ihe e.;a gently In the water nnd then p-i ': the Ice box for a'n orange. "IV?.!-? •' are many delightful ways to serv;! oranges. They can be shccJ. Mine;:--! ed, halved, peeled. B'.it maybe Mr j Moody knows-all about this. An-.lj he may prefer fried eggs and bac;n. He can halve whatever lie finds in the ice box. • * • If things go wrong. Mr. Mnxlv shouldn't fret. Perhaps he will forget . the coffee until It turns te mud. And he may leave the 5ja^ In 15 minutes and find they ar? like pebbles. Bui there is phllcsojih- ical consolation for him—for Mr. Moody will be giving back to UK world of sporls one of Us grcnlcs cmpetitors when he tells Mrs. Moody she can go and play. Mrs. Moodv? You remember her —Helen Wills. It came out, the other day In n "little stoiy from California. Tho tale didn't tell much, merely beint; • a statement that listen Wills M:D- dy was consider!:-.!! a return tc Forest Hills during ihc coming season to find out if they :,! : 11 pliy I the same kind of tennis in li-s m-', HELEN VIL13 MOODY J C1L HK SfILL BECK CHE 1 SATURDAY, I'KHHUAKV Wilson Beats !BRUSHING I) P SPORTS By B. e. si Lillle Old Lefthander C-v-n- press Worker Now Bui Still Gets Ball Fever. l-y NKA Srrvirc IICUHTOM, T.;x., I-Vb. M.—fi is in tin air, am' nrhixly 'kn'. bcltfr tli.iu tin IJIJVE tinder _ Dickie" Ki-rr <iown 'at M-jnel I Cr.mpress. The Ken-1;-, enough to K0ud-bl-«d llcht in the j hot sfive league, (joins full i:: : i:;i. nbcut lido tlmr- excry y,?ar. Vn ihc baseball wise, he means a- little chunk of .Scotch who twice v.viit out to a world serins pitching .••lab in the "Black Classic" and sti-r|'n pc-d liming t:-;am on its cars de-1 '"'•'>'.•pile wnrfully peer support nlU'ldJ t1 "-' III- Makrs llnuslrrs IIuslli- Vnr the past three yeiir.-i Krrr hns had charge nf ih,? s!ii]i]:ii.i> j ilrpr.rtmciH of Manchester Cn.ii- I press. H is his job to supervise 1 I lie urvc.u.-:tit of cotton Trcm Un- compress lo .shipsid*?. "Yes, suli. it's easy to teil when ! Mistu!i ICuh feel de sprlnss," o:ie i of his negro buys scild. '.'He Ivistio 1 up around to Leal d? ban, 1 and ef I v.-i! (loin mnke ouah trucks fly v.'|-l n:iali r-tton bale, he junn in' J an' Jack us up r|ii!c-k." ' j Kcrr to~k Ills job after conrli-. '.; Hire Inslitule'.i baseball u-jim ir mar.atfinn .serni-jjry team-. \ M. tl'-> upk of his fame-, he s::d : Charles Cimi.'.key, OWIICT ant! I. I While Ko:;. t!-,? team whose Wilson basketball teams loo'f .•Aims from the Blyiruville! teems «t the Armory last! Beth yames viere closely !• contested, the vlsltin" girls win-] n'.aj SO :o 1-1 while th? nulidogs H!JV.'.;-:;| the Hudsonmen 1U to 12.i I 'lii'.; Hoys' name v,-2i specially I ii;t:i.-f,:iiv; with the battle n:|. ! linj'nnd '.'.irk unlll (he last five niin-l :; it : r.s (.', ])l:tjr. At i he hall Wilson i Vce i'.'.'l C to 5. The Chickasavvs sv;ep'.' •:trr:inta thr lead in the. third period. • th" score- was tied 12 all in the! an , fnuuli period anil three goals in : r::ji:d --ucf; sion sent the vsiltorsj ahead in the hist few minutes. i ik?ll of wilron and Christian! nnd McAfee of Blytheville were i :>•-' Girs' yam? was one of the .'d here this season with levillo girls showing to| miii-h bitter advantage than tlnlr previous ;'.:im:s. In nv I:VEKETT s. askulball Coach, Imllana U. •'• J Recently Nebraska defeated Drig- 1 liam Young 55 to 44 whicli shows '•'•<•> ; that Ncbr.iska can play a let of !S -| cllense In n short time. Ollensc l>- T-:O| makes the ;;anu popular and if that '."V.'^i! I s lrup Nsbrnsknns should like their Corn buskers last may be worn or scored, or »nmj :>'. the spark plugs may need vcphc^- i.icnt. All these should IK chc-okc: over nnd corrected, if coisipresslor. is low. before nnolhcr sourc: of engine failure is sought. 2. Spark plugs may need clean- wr.o seems always just aba^t'l-' Espcrleiicc lias shown that the In B01 ' replacement. Oaps sliould b: £ml!e but who never docs, told tin ! immediate cause of most -;neinc-i sc !, l ^, lllc w!uln of n thin, dim?. reporters in San Francises lint sl:,^! Ucublc is something ether than . ;.'""!'? should be choui:;J. wasn't certain she could slay away : carburetor failure. Yet the JhblvjDl from home long enough to gc many drivers, and even motor nin- abroad this ycir bcer.!ise such F cliatiics, go for is tills complicated trip would require fcur or five j and delicate Instrument. months. (Imagine th" kitchen whan j The carbureter been pro,)-!-]-, she rettirnedl) She would not de- adjusted at the Inctcry and is s-j, cide anvway before April whether dcsigne;! tlial It requires very little i c!1 - around edge. 1 ; or not she would play at Wimble- fuitlier nrlji.stii.ent, oxcepl for \vlii- bubbles arise. don. ' ler an dsiunmrr drivltiR.'to kc?p il 7. Spark control «hoiild b- , ' ' ' : cp?ratlng property. , ' checked for proper operation bv Hut-the'£[;nincance r:sts in t^r ; • • lEsphig that the ml froTi disli o_i lt._. T y-t_-^- 1_ 1.1 , , . Tn.I- ...... i, .... ^un l.u.ll u.l^ll u. wheel, leading to (he !<m- BY IK!!,\l:t, IUXIN' Sclcncr Miter. \'E.\ Scrrie; Wlv.-n uonutViinj njcs wrciv; wi'.h . the engine and you have tronblr- tlonal t:iu-namcnts she used to whi .locating the cause, remember on; so easily. | lni|i.irlA»t iicinl—leave the c.irbti- Thc Mona Lisa of snort-s. the sir', | rcun for last. <. Breaker points clf.iiie clji.ii adjusted. 5. Gasoline lino should b^ frc; from dirt, and vvalcr, 0. Intake gaskcls may leak. Check these by putting «'at;r. cr and seeing i! fact that Helen U all ready to play ; Before suspecting the carbmvior. some more championship lennis therefore. l\- would be udvLsable V) . (Ccme now, Mr. Mocdy. you da:i': - check up the following possible mind bcine alone lor a little u^iU;, ;SOUITCS of eiiglne failure: do you?) .' ; 1. Compression, if b«-, points to -There is no one on the courts a lesk and loss of power. Comproj- like her. She ..Is the Jack Demp- slon may bo tested by hnmi, by . sey of -the net game, asking no ad- : turning over the engine wiili the vantage.and giving none. Just RS .crank, cylinder by cylinder, while :operation" the sports world hated to give up i the ginilion switch is off nud the' the Man Mauler alter his defea;. i hand throttle •slightly open, so it-'felt keenly the absence c! j If the resistance on the comiffes- Mrs. Moody last year at Pores'.; slon stroke is slight, n'ncl the engine Hills, where she had dominated lor i turns over rather easily, there, is a ?ears. -leak through valves, around lc-s-* The sports world will ' ' er. is intact nnd properly connecu-d. 8. Vacuum tank suction linn may be- cirryl.iB gasoline direct!-.- oveV to the intake manifold. This line must bo entirely clear of gasoline'. U. Choke control may nut clcs:- completely supposedly not in The sports world will welcome \ or cracked pistons, or through -locse Helen back. 'or crnrkcd sp.irk plugs. ^And If \fr. Moody .doesn't like • The valves may need Rrhv.lint; his own toast, he can always fini 'and reseating, perhaps piston rin^s. ft restaurant around the or:icr. 'tire wom or tjroksn. the cylinders years. CV :ir. luvk l-'ailril T:I:I> back in ina ins; Clirnliv I-.TI) i-ov-. and lij*: fo-i:--.'.-i- iniloiU'hab!;'. iv^rr belteri r-': .:'.il |u;:m:s:i;o:L"ly. CJ:ici?n .sold hi::i 10 Siin I'rjinr's'-o. nivl he eivtnl his lirofcs'iional cavee: wills Wnco in Mis TOMS l-;-;:2iic' in 1027. nflcr a short i.tciy w.C.i '.'no Fort Wi-rlii Tl:i\'. M./ir; }?'( linn that \:??'.\ ID :?;*v i:-i |-..vii-i:: tiiat a ;r.rro n.?.-i!r:' ij.i.t ca:l:ir.'t lou:h sort et itches now, Kr:r said. "I never yA Use fever until '.he l-oyr. slnvt r.ciith," Kerv slid, "but v;iieii the headlir.'.-s ar? saying 'TTickn So:-kit Crashes Two 1 I j-urc '.!o oet lii? !)!t^.'' Kcrr is iv>v; 31 and r.v.'rnrs tint !ie will not play tiny h?.!l this s'-a>"n. bv.t ilie bic^a/oc! r^rocl or [lie ccltcn fore'.rl!' lir.c! ihy, f.-r tho roun'.ry Inil clubs cf t'.'.i-; rec:'tin. Tcr the; 1<^;> ve?.rs, niikie has "^ m^iKi^ed (in:! plir'-.->:i for n hot so'.ui-j:rn nine 1:^ U'.'e.i tli3 Eastwood Eocslcrs. FT K years th,? ?.cne defense v:as the accepted defensive style in Uiat soctla.i but last year and this Ready for Home Run Down the Fairway It, after all these pints have been checked and corrected, the-cngin: trouble persists, then Ihc cnrbure- tor may be suspected. Possibly the only didictilty may concern the proper adjustment. That's not so hard a job, but even thay requires knowledge of the particular carburetor in use.' , : This can bo ascertained from the (instruction bock furnished with the ]car. Besides telline how the car; bnrctnr'Is constructed, it. gives In; Etructions for adjustment. Some carbureters have only one ; point, of adjiis'.mem. ctl:sr.-; have i two and stilt others have even three. 'II would not do to tamper with the parts of the carburetor until you know what each means and iiow it should be adjusted. Blylhcvillc And Osccola Junior* Split Two Games 0 NEBRASKA PLAY KEY: PASS — DRIB61E —-> 0= _ lASEBALL'S il.GGEST loNERS RELDER JONES, as manager of tha White Sox, was responsible for th» ru)» that when a pitcher is substiiuted he has to pitch until-the battman either Is retired or reaches first base. In an important game at Chicago: in 1906, .whan the Sox were winning the pennant, Jones tent his »tar pitcher, Ed Walsh, to tho club house in the eighth ii.ninp- tailing.him he was to pitch the following day. It then seemed Chicago .had tt>» game in hand. But tha visitors rallied and Jones finally sent for Walsh, Ed was undtr the showers. Rules then permitted a manager to change pitchers at hi» discretion and l«t Bach pitcher throw five warm-up balls. Jones made five pi^h" ing substitution! whll* Walsh was hurriedly dressing. Eanh pitcher threw his five balls and u»«d ali tha tim« postibla, Walsh appeared as the sixth pitcher c: the innhur, and struck oul .the batter to end the rally. TSi^i parade of pitchers caused tha f_-;3°i'o bo changed to H* pra»«nt form. lnc j jujt 13 miles distant r\ I i» n " i ^-th ]ioys.' ; DlUlkun County FiTOrite, Fina'llv thfre coma'a tlnie *Hcii . ' '' '! t^i'a Ifornbrsville five were no long- SENATH.- Mo—With the home^ cr abli to keep off all comers to. coming of the Senatb/HIgh school[• i h , e .- Cjntest^and It was generally, -oys from the ' hc> tr °P Dtinklin iin '=. "I 3 n!!? a jl ^""S?™* «-.'!• *f»! "''that Steele would be the year more than ewr marked the coming of the man to man defense I ;1n;1 t!l = deliberate ocense with ret .1 type if plays. Kansas has been the The Blytheville Junior hicli bas-! main .idvccate of the zone defense ketbnll lonmr. split a dnuble leader: ".'-hilc Missouri uses the man to with ilic teams of Osroola Junior j man defens; exclusively lilfli at the Armory ye?ioni;iy nf-j U;v kctkall In tro nig Six is of ' c !',?,' 0 '!,, • , , I v ' r -' ; hl eh standing, as evidenced by I he nivtheville boys defeated the'. f!:mar.ativc scores fllli other con- 13 tc 8 in n Ran-? that was! fercncss. Kansas. Missouri and Ne- Intercstinc all the way. .Mos'.ry was bras-ka. all have had recent intcr- point, man of the paru- v,-i:li! i:clio:ial seres and have h-!d the!-- being recalled by many that Dunklin-county has been.accorded unique honors irj the- competition-, of this particular tqurnimEnt. for the first three years', fbllowlnj the mceptlon of .the CiruthersyiJle iri- vitatirnal meet, .Hornersvlllo '.won tl:e trophy ewh successive ysar, Seiiath on each occasion, playing in the finals or iiml-ftnals against tlie Bulldog ave who attend schcoi outstondlnj team In the tourna- men^on.the occasion of the fall of Yornfisl Army Cap! a in Captain-eicct Jack Price of the Army football team is th? youngwi erid captain in \VeU Po:n: history. Price, an all-oastern tackle. Is but 21 years old . •Hornertville, clinched 'try but honors were Campbell, another Just a Bunch nf Hocsicrs Indiana University's varsity basketball squad Is strictly an fn- ----- „„.., mmulck Dunklln county team. It was freely _________ ..... ,__ .................... stated -that Campbell, after Icsing diaria affair. The 13 members mak- four , of -her 1 championship nve last: ing up ire Crimson squad v,-erc 'yfir, "would, not 'be in the running : born !n the Hocsier state and have this -time' and that Steele would! lived there al Itheir lives. ' again be the choice flv.?, but again i the public was wrong nnd again Head Courier Nc-« V,'o:i'. Ans ••.'.VII. Tiip seven points Th? Blyiiioillo vcusiBslrrs with Droni'on and Pur- llc, his team mate, turned in a ^ grorl game. Cc.irh Stewart's boys which aided hue improved rap'.dly in Hie past, few v,?cks. The Osccola girls Innuicrri the, £n|icp/« Stnf)pnt« Ran local Juniors H to 8. Thr vi-.ilors' '- U "-B" JlUUtniS Dan had an edge on the BSyt'.icville. gills all the way. All carburetors, however. Invc an adjustment for idling <pc:d. It Is this, in many cnses. tral Ivis to be readjusl(>(l in DIET to [r:l i!ic- im- i WOMAN FOILS r.SC.WK tor operating evenly fioti; i:i:in» io ; PACO. Wcsh. <UP>—Mrs. \. J. high rpceds. ThLs is ra>h-r suiiii!?. !Bailie, wife of the Prauk'.iM ,-31111, Plrst, after the 1110:01- h;is bivn'ly sheriff, heard a dumb v.-.i:i»r dc- \varmecl up. retard tiio s;virk a:;' -'cending frcm the upj^cr floor, the way and close the throttle o.Dm- where prisoners are horde;!. anJ |>letely. N'ow, while the c-uslnr- i i thinking it \vas loaded with dishss running slowly, turn Hie idltm: 'bat needed washing, she oiwned screw tow jrd the le.m sloe anci watch the movement of t!-e far. Keep on turning toward lean until you notice the fan falter. Ther, I turn the .same screw back a not::-, • or two until the fan is re: :tin- . ;:11 " r steadily. " | came. While doing this, 0:1111 t:.-i ..„.. throttle momenarily in order n. UP-v j clear the carburetor of accumuhi- j tf • ^ |cd gasoline, and FO as net tc. rho!;^ ' ~^ ' np the engine entirety. dcmcnstrctes one of trontr scor.lng plays in its scoring record. H Hazing and Cheering K.'.RTFORD. Conn. (UP)—The s'lKhnt Bovrrnment or?anliation of Trinity college, cue of New Eng- Ir.nci's oldrst -diicalional Institu- ti r ns. ha discovered increasing sentiment among college undergraduates against hazing and •:!icc!-i:i!?. . As a result, the sophomore class the door and saw, instead. Howard | has announced abolition of the so- McM'islcr, a pris:ner, tu^-^::ig at the rojx-. and attempting tr> reach i.illed "Frcflnnnn rules." which i provided for paddling and St- Pat- 1:11? bas?ment. She slaminc:! tho rick's day "scraps." (icor shut making McMastcr n prls- j Chr.^iing nr.w Is regarded as the elevator until police i "scjihomoric." according to campus I leaders. User Aged in Time for | Trial of Longshoreman SEATTLE. (UPj—The r-:eni"i -What constitutes bw was "titled in Justice court licre and The: answer cost Willir.:n A Lc-kwc.1 longshoreman. S2CO .\ 30 davs in jail. LockwnocI proiostc-d • tiiat th« : amber nuld that was found In his ! hoiife could not be called berr. b?-! cause it had been made just the night before his place was raided ; several months ago. The jury was undecided, some being ii:rli:ird tr<: agree with Lockwo-d. until a" deputy prosecutor pioduexl one of- the . bo:tles and opened it. Th? fluid turned into foam and sprayed the prosecufr and part ef the courtroom floor Lockwood was' fcinid cullty. ; >*v t: j&. That golf ball was ebout to take n lot of punishment \vh-n Oiis ylc'.-jre w»s taien. For the mighty Mr, Ruf.i was In fine fettle, whru ui'.h ; predicting a bumper crop of homo runs for 1931. You sec him here in i his customary winter-time ro'.c of links artist ;U St. Petcrsb-jr- Fla • Tilc Gfrs °PP :l waterfall in S whtre he has begun his pre-b.iscball season IvahihiB activln'os. "'j™,'* dr ° PS lr ° m " ^^ "' Our Want-Ad Service is like a cnmtnunily Switch Hoard. Ydii transmit your desires to n News Ad-Taker . . . that nti forms the connection hc- twcon you and a special group nf interested parlies . . . the quickest and most direct con- tad wilh results. -a, \EikClassifiecf For an Ad-Taker For More than a Centu Euildiiyr and loan associations have enjoyed an unequnled record for safety, and security. During, the recent'financial depression, and the many .failures in the business world,' the building and loan associations have weathered the storm nnd have proven beyond question, even to the most skeptical mind the desirability of building and loan investments. The law* under which they operate, circumscribe and regulate the method of operation that insures the greatest degree of safety and security to those who invest. ' " • This guarantee of saMy, plug the very large returns of monthly savings is almost, if not entirely, unequaled by any other savings institution. You pay no federal income, tax on. building and loan investments up to J3QO.OO in any one year. The Blytheville Building and Loan Association invites yon to suscribs for membership shares and begin a systematic monthly savings'ac- count. $5.00, £ 10.00 or $25.00 per month deposited with this association will oarn for you ;i \- C ry handsome return and is a positive guaranle: 1 . ajjainst future adversity. We pay 6 per cent on full paid stock, interest payable quarterly. This investment is guaranteed by first mortgage real estate loan, not in excess of sixty per cent of the value of the property, secured by a proper amount of insurance. Blytheville Building & Loan Association \v. M. BURN'S, SccV.

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