The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1951
Page 11
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER T, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams EGAD, Y£6, ALVINf X ONCE WROTS ABOUT -THE. PATH Of- A VIRTLKX* 1 GOTTM'SAA*/ YwEU-.lVl (SOD TH BOU. 6Oe* ll WOMT BARGE HO THERE TO \IM--He'l.tM6VEB SCRATCH HIS BACK LIKGASUV WJTHAPAIROF THEM Of_P CALIPEES, \ SEEN HIM AMP I TH1MK HE L W THAT PKOPP6PTHEM DCV/N TH' BACK OUT AM ESSAY ON! EDUCATION), UNCLE YOU'Re AM OLD OXFORD MM — SOT AMY TIP6 AMD NOBLE EDUCATION INDEED AT FIRST A<5CENT. 6UT ELSE 6O SMOOTH, 6O GREEK), -SO FOLL OF GOODLY PROSPECT AMD MeLODNDOS 6DUMD5 THAT THE OF ORPHEUS 16 X THW C*JCE, UNCUE 8uuey, T AMOS EOT T- -frtOGGHT IT WAG IN BOOK/ ~ UES, 30HM AVILTOSJ VJROTE ITTOO= THE BULL OF THE WOODS Political Announcements Subject 10 Municipal Election November Q, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLODGETIT Smart brides choose Meyer's Bread, For eacn ami every meal, H keeps hubby straight, and h.D'5 never late, Meyer's Bread has bridegroom appeal E EMERALD GESTED HOOPOE . Cordon MocC/eogh COmkJHT I Ml NEA SUWCC, IMC XI I they came to their quarry—the "TWO shots came from the house. vhole house—the more chance Just What The Doctor Ordered! After you see the doctor T ^faring: yonr prescription . to us. We will fill H exactly tho way he would want It. ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE . Alan could see no one in the almost black veranda shadows to shoot back at, but a Fang-due, a few trees away yelled and blazed off. Somewhere farther another of the old carbines Benoit had managed to acquire roared A crashing and creaking of bamboo floors indicated that men were rushing indoors to escape being targets as the light improved. A few more shots came. From beyond the house, at the hut fringe, a hubbub commenced. It presently died down to the compromise between natives. This had been Alan's hope. If white ,men warred with white men, that was all right, and the miserable pay of the natives bought little loyalties. If natives fought white mep, or a white-ish master, so much the better. Alan's men were coming on now through the coolie lines to fire happily, if blindly. All of them, kept strictly unarmed by the government, handled a gun like some lovely new toy. From within, the house rifles spal back. From the sewage creek, hogs squealed and-dashed out. The jungle men yelled and fired at them- The hogs scampered on, unhurt. The house fired back. Though light was filtering through the teak holes in long streaks, no men in it were to be seen. Furious voices came with the gun crashes that rattled the bamboo frame. HOW FAST DO YOU DRIVE? Sure you know? Maybe jour speedometer is wrong—and that roulil cost vou a ticket! \Ve g'~- lp-cl;iy repair service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chryslcr-l'ly mouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 But targets meant nothing to | jungle men who scarcely know how to aim a gun. Their bullets crackled through walls and inner partitions and clear on through. Alan yelled lutile warnings to "keep cover, you idols,™ realizing that they, even if they heard, neither understood nor cared. To them this was an authorized hunt, with guns for once in their lives. If anything hit back, that was part of the hunt. The closer here was thai they might hit something. • * * TN the creek, some particularly large hog seemed to be scramb- ing and splashing toward the iver. From the house, somebody vindictively cursed and fired at it. Another yelled some sort of enraged alarm and joined the firing. Alan saw the shots throw murky geysers in the path of the thing's flight. Then he shouted and raced angling for the ditch. This wasn't a hog wallowing away from noise. It was Vroom, escaping with the emerald hoopoe! Voices in the house yelled and fired a fusilade. A slice of bark flew white in front of Alan. He tripped and rolled desperately over and over to the shelter of a bush. Just as blindly as his men shol at the house, those within fired al Ihe bush. Alan crawled on T flat- bellied as a leopard, Alan wormed to the edge of the creek, barely an oozy ditch, green scummed and speckled with sew age, a Soatway for logs. He couli see the thing some 70 yards down the stagnant stream. The shape plowed and splashed, half swim ming, half neck deep wading scurrying for open water like hog, a manatee or a hippopotamus Alan incontinently dived int the sewer. As Vroom, for it was he, heavec canoes mto the water and drove a paddle, in expertly but with enormous power. Alan clawed filth from his shirt front to get at that seven-millimeter shoulder bolster. The pistol d with a greasy, sucking plop, o easily, too greasily, from lan's fingers into the turgid soup. Neck deep, he tried blindly lo el for it with his feet. If he d step on it, he trod it deeper to the muck. He floundered to river, rolled into a canoe, ishing he might stop to wash off, ien he paddled furiously after room. Alan felt like a man chas- g an elephant, wondering, if he lould catch up with it, what h* ouId do. As he did catch up, his confu- on had settled down. Vroom, hile powerful, did not have the ard jungle stamina to keep up is effort. Vroom too, had he a gun, 'ould have lost it in his frantic ounderings through the sewer itch, oth er w ise h'e would h a ve urely turned and fired. Clearly he 'as sacrificing everything for his eed to escape with the emerald rested hoopoe. • • * 'T'HIS, then, would be hand to J hand, foot to foot, with what- :ver fang and claw a man might iave. And in that kind of a fight, Vroom had 50 pounds advantage. Alan could credit himself with just me possible asset. In countries ike this, where they didn't set so much store by hygiene, not many FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSE* Big Pitt enormously ahead, Alan saw tha he carried something wrapped in cloth. A something about two fee long and apparently heavy, fo even Vroom's thick arms could no keep it all the time above wate as he floundered along.'With bot arms free, Alan made better speec At the creek mouth, dug-oi canoes lapped at the bank of th open river like lean crocodiles the morning sun. Vroom pulle out of the ooze, rushed one of tl "It's not the dancing that gets me down—it's the thought of going through my whole life being so polite!" WITH WONEY T& 1 —YOt/Re ROCMN WOW.' LOOK 1 WELL.YOU SAID AT THESE WE HAD MOKIE 1 / PRICES/ 1 To BURN.' PIUSCILI.A'S POP On Second Thought BY AL VERMEEft people could swim very well—nol as well as Americans, anyhow. Alan spied the dirty bundle b«- ;ween Vroom's knees. "Hand it over, Vroom," he called, "and I'll let you go." Vroom looked over his shoulder and saw no weapon in Alan's hand. "YOU, let ME go?" he panted. He ceased paddling, and slowly grinned like a leopard. Alan reached his hand «o the other gunwale and heaved down it. The little lour-inch fn board dipped. Water swirled over. Vroom screamed and snatched up his precious bundle. Alan threw himself, half straddling Vroom'i canoe, and turned it over. Vroom's screech bubbled as both went under. <Te Be Concluded) The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a balanced diet can include as little as 39 pounds ol meat per year/ PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores REPAIR SERVICE A1 [ appliances: refrigerators, treezen, ranges, and washers. Radio* and small appliances. All our work I* )rnarante«d. Adams Appliance Co. FOR SALE LUMBER Seasoned Oak & Cypress All Dimensions E. B. Gee Cotton Co. Ph. 2026 or 6645 >°* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—CulTerts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 6! Hiway So. BlTthrvW* DR. W. A. TAYLOR Veterinarian Office* Now in ST. FRANCIS DRUG Phone 3507—Nlte, 2814 New soles? . . . new heels? , . . new lace;? . . QtfflLITY SHOC SHOP S-.MJI..-W. Mfliw ST. Real Service Whatever kind of c»r yon drive, you're Invited to bring it to « for expert, dollar-savin* service. Try us. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrv»'er-P!jmouth Denier 121 E. Slain Phoni- Z122 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 1Z Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber Tor barns, chicken houses, pomp houses tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver, CaU 01 for fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN 225 N. FIRST Phon* 4161 • MACHINE WORK (All Trpnl • LAWN MOWERS All kind mower* and mower en- flne« repaired. • WELDING (Any Tjpe) • Bicycle Repair (Complete Hn« of pard) Authorized Service & ParU for Clinton Engines. g«e vs] WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS, STUART? WHEN PRISCILLA'S GROWN Uf? SHE'S GOIMG TO MARRY A COWBOY! YES, WE'LL RIDE THE RANGE SIDE BY /S/VT IT THR/LLIM&? S SOMEHOW n DOESN'T SEEM 30 THRILLING ANY MORE 1 . Another Discovery BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE VHIL& NOT FWZ AVAV... WH ATS \ANOTHEE: POPV WASHEP) we \viKEt7 HIS UPOVSZTONE <VCV LATE HUS-7 15 WOTH1N& . WE FELL&? CAAA& FKOV\ THUWPSZ SAP? TOO, IJtE TT-te OTHEK. SVA5HINSTOM ANP THEY SAY HE'S 1SPTV"LJKJSL&. 6OT A LOSJ& CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER 1 FINELY (SOT "BR STOPPER EASV WONT WOK TH SAME YAWCEy OFF BALANCE BUGS BUNNY Right Down Sylvester's Allev R»IIr«»d * Asb fhon* CM* I«»r Friend!; Stldebaker -TOU...WORKW? \ NO A VAK.' /LEVITT, WHW4 TH' RU5H, &ILUV FELINE <* WANT "ACA\g MANUFACTURING COMFANV. "S-rt-VE'STER: .TESTER." WHAT PO ~«>U KNOW TE5TIN ANYTHING «* ) ['LU HAVE •VOU KNOW,^IRE, AN AUTHORITY ON TH' COMFORT r* AJ1P . aF *• •i-J •TRICES ARE BORN HERE— AND RAISED ELSEWHERE!" We have a few new can and track« . . . better buy NOW!" BY V. T. HAMLIN REFUSING TO \YOLJBOYS PEAR YOU AND I SELL HIM YOUR I BETTER TH'COLONEL /GLADIATOR ySLEEPWITH , OFFENDED I WASN'T TOO f VCHJR EYES SOTH'GENEKAL'S THREATWA5 NO/'lHW IDLE BUBBLE...I VOU Y/E REALLY ARE IN FOR TROUBLE. NOTONLV /HE'LLGRMl , ( ONTOYOUR AND YOU \SOONERORLATER CAM BET | MAYBE HE WILL, HE'LL FIND / WHEN IT SUITS •IM IF HE'S /MYPURPOSE./ EGYPTIAN • 1941 FORD V-8 Tudor, a one-owner car GENERAL SOANSOCUS; OPEN..,HE'SA B40 ONE! • 19*1 CHEVROLET A cltan 2-door • 1941 DODGE 4-dcor Sedan, hal overhauled motor 1910 FORD Coupe, extra clean car ........ • 1949 STUDKBAKER A !S-Ton Pickup lhat'i like new BOOTS AND HER BUDDIBIS BY EDGAR MARTIN Mfcf** XOO ANY \ %OOGW ^OW MX cvc&v^pvYV vvwwmwt \s so .Pi W.P>Y BUV&W r WtVP '. I— ! • 1919 STUDKMAKER K-Ton Pickup • 1949 DODGE H-Ton Pickup, clear.. • 1947 CHEVROLET Here's an extra fine !4-Ton Pickup Truck.. Most of these cars and trucks hare & heater And a radta.

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