The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1949
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1949 arley to Clear Berlin Confusion •"Big Four to Discuss "Remaining Details Of Blockade Lifting BERLIN. May 14. OT—A four- po»er conference was called today to seek to clear away some of the confusions and differences remaining as R hangover since the lifting of the Berlin blockade. The economic chiefs ot all four military governments In Berlin icheduled the meeting. A major n£)ect before them is the Russians' insWence on reviving old East- West trade agreements, suspended when the Soviet blockaded Berlin. The Western allies do not dispute the Russian claim that- the aKree- ments still are valid—but they do contend that- the agreements arc outmoded. For Instance, there Ss no way lo translate West marks into Fast marks, and vice versa, the Westerners hold, leaving barter theli only visible balance method of inter-zonal trade. Unconfirmed German press reports said the East and West German zonal economic authorities would meet here Monday. The German people, who had " hoped the lifting of the. blockade would bring swift end to their business depression and rationing, seem destined for disappointment. Pood and money both are scarce, and the Germans' own economic experts say It probably will be some lime be/ore the situation Improves much. "The people got a promise today, however, that cigarettes would be removed from the rallon list June 1. Cites Major Problems 0. S. Curran, Berlin sector chief of the Commerce and Industry rue- lion of the U. S. Military Government, gave this picture of two major problems which beset German economy: 1. The money shortage. .The per capita availability In West Berlin is 250 murks '$75). not much more than half the reported buying power in Eastern Berlin, which Russian controls. "If goods arc taken off ration." Curran said. "German economic officials fear that people from the .East, with more money, will clean out the slocks, and that West Berlin will be left short. The East sector and the East zone arc regarded as deficit areas in the ne- cesstttes ol lite." 2. Shortage of supply. •The lifting of the blockade took ns riack to the status of things as oTMarch 1, 1948," Curran explained'.''."Obviously there has been no chance for any stockpiling of note. And it will be a slow process." .Elaborating the financial prob- krri>he said virtually all West Berlin Industries exhausted their capital . reserves to save their plants Irom ruin during' the blockade. Japan's No. 1 Red Members of ''Moose's" Crew Rules of Debate To Be Enforced By Vice President WASHlNGTON-OPt-Vlce President Baiklcy, who presides over the Senate, has given the senators /nir warning he InlcntJs to enlorrc the rule.s of debate. He snld .that heretofore some of the rules hnve been violated by unanimous consent, because i\\f Lssne seemed trivial, or because some -en- MOOSE Continued Irom Page 1 Indian Parliament Quest-tens Paying $340,000 to French Blytheville .Club Abandons Plan for Shrine Ceremonial About 40 members of the Illythe-) ville Shrine Club attended a fish fry and business meeting at Walker Park last night. During the business meeting It was decided that R ceremonial would not be conducted here this fall, and that a member-ship drive would be conducted to Increase membership and strengthen the unit before planning a ceremonial. About M of those attending the fish fry las night indicated lhat they would attend the ceremonial to be conducted at the Sahara Temple , In Pine Bluff. Thursday Tentative plans call for the securing of a sepcla! bus for the Irlp Members not present last night are to be contacted before a bus Is chartered. E. M. Holt, Fred Cnllnhnn and Mike Maroney last night were nam ed as a committee to investlgati possible club rooms for the organ i/ation. During the few months o the club's axlsto-nce here the gro has met in A. U. Sullivan's Cafe. The club here now has 48 mem ber.s and a membership drive neing planned. The next nice tin will oc June 11. a barbecue chickc dinner, at Walker Park, with th wives and dates of the Shriners t be special guests L. W. Williams of O.secola. grand commander of the Knights Templar of Arkansas was ampng the guests last night. On Trial Tlie chances of a passenger be- ig fatally Injured on British riU> •ays is one In 150,000.000 this year,. ccording to the British ministry [ transport. itors \vcrc reluctnnl to make a joint of order against another .sen- itor who nmy be violating rules, So. Bnrkley sakl, it appeared lo be up to ihc vice president to enforce tlic rules. He warned the scimtors Dial when they hnve the Door for a speech they nre not compelled to yield to another senator. "During debate on t\ motion (to lake ii[) a bill or resolution) or matter which may be pending;, the rules of the Senate provide Hint a senator can yield only to another senator only for a question," the vice pifrM rtenl explained. "He is not veqittved to yield (or any purpose. He may yield only for the of permitting another senator lo ask lilm a question. "If he yields for any oilier purpose nnd running debate ensue which frequently happens, more o less by unanimous consent, nnd in violation of the t rules, he mny b tnkcn from the floor by reason b violating the rules." A long discussion followed. Soni senators weren't quite sure they un deistood the rule. They were atrai they would be "taken from th floor" by violating a rule wtthoi knowing they were violating it The vice president suggested the might protect themselves by askln the unanimous consent of the olhe senators to permit another sens to to in tempt them while they we talking. Senator Hnyrten hnd the floor this point. With the vice president warning still fresh in his mln opened hLs speech this way: them to spend their time between rims at home. The Moose obtained Us name from the bellowing soimd of the air horn on the Diesel engine. The ! future of the Moose Is uncertain, I but. officials here said that the engine Is good for many, many more years. Another Moose Is in opera- lion In the Valley Division and nukes a dally run between Caffce id rinvll-ln Missouri. Enslneer Has Hnme Here Harry Hamby the t'-osc's jiiRl- ecr. who owns n home at 12^1 Vest Ash Street, here in Blythc- lle said that he "hate's lo see the loose retired." He has devoted 4-/ ears lo railroading and nine of icm were at the controls of the loose. Of the Blvtlievlllc-Jonesboro un. he said: "It Is th.- best run tlie entire Frisco organization, list four hours and 15 minutes on he rond each dny. and that Is dl- Icled In hull with a two-hour rest ach dny in Blythcvllle. I'«e r » llv "Joyed it. I rlo not know what I'll do next. I guess I'll move back over lore to live." He has made hl.s lome In Joneslwro durhig the nine vcars that he lias been • on the Moose. Dr. Robert C. Rutledge, Jr., nnd his wife, Sydney, are shown as the appeared during Dr. Rutleclgc's trial at Cedar Rnpitls, losva. The 27 year-old St. Louis specialist in children's diseases lias pleaded innocent ,o an indictment which accuses him of fatally slabbing Byron C. Hnttman, 20-year-old SI. Louis aircraft specialist. Dr. Rutledyc said Hattman b attentions to his wife caused the fight which resulted in Hattman's death AP Wirephoto.) n NEW DELHI. (/!',—The Rovcrn- mcnt ot india is paying the French- Indian government $340,000 annually, in fulfillment of certain agreements anrf ciinvcntions entered In- wUh The French government in India.. Pnndit Ja-Aaharlal Nehru, prime minister, told questioners in parliament the government was considering "whether under present conditions It will be advantageous to continue all or any of them." During the war. the Government of India took over the mnnngcment of the customs for the French In India and paid them a lump sum of 620.000 rupees annually. The French government agreed not to produce salt in its possessions In India in lieu of an annual compensation of 450,000 rupees. The Government of India managed their posts and telegraphs, paying them 50.000 rupees 'or their loss of postal revenue. Another 18,000 rupees are paid to them lor Id the supply of opium remain in the hands of India. Nehru said no payment was made to the Portuguese Government in India. The French hold five settlements in India, with an aggregate area of Pilot Escapes When Small Plane Crashes KANSAS CITY, May 14. M>>—Edward Lobdcll, 29. of Fargo. N.D., escaped with minor scratches last night when his light plane crashed ar the Kansas City Baseball Park in a forced landing. Alone in the plane, the pilot sought, to land on the diamond when engine trouble developed. The plane crashed Into a fence at the edge of a high school playing field about 50 feet west of Blues Stadium where a crowd of 9,065 persons was leaving the stands. The Minneapolis-Blues game had just ended. AVOID ACCIDENTS! FREE lO-lECOMO BRAKE TEST SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Co. HOI West Walnut Phone 518 MacKenzie Continued from Page 4 think that any great country! wouldn't hnve secret agents prodding about abroad to see what they could find. All the powers have such agents, but their business is to gather information and not to create revolutions or spread propaganda. If Russia and the United Stales could in .some way iron this question of interference (and Russia claims to have her own grievances), Ihen il misht be possible to implement the Moscow radio's suggestion that economic collaboration is bojh possible and desirable. According to O. P. Sislcr. the mail i 203 square miles and a population clerk, "nothing very much ever uippcncd on the Moose. Just the same thing every day." He should KUOW. for he's been on the job 27 years and eight months, and that is longer than Ihe line has been owned by tlic Frisco. Walter Murray. Ihe bagenyc miui. i also remembers Ihe Moose troin wny back. He's been assigned to It only nbout four years Ihls time, but he did H hitch on the route more lhan 'JO years ago. Siranrtert During 1227 Flnncl "The tiling I remember mosl about that first hitch svus during the flood of 1921. We itot standcd on c?.ne Islnnd. Couldn't get in. of 400,000. Smaller still nre the Portuguese possessions, with headquarters at Goa on the Arabian Sea coast. Nehru said "There Is only one future for these possessions— merger with Ihe rest of India. Oeo- ginphically. politically, strategically, economically and culturally there Is no other allernallve. "Hut," Nehru added, "the government of India is trying to solve this peacefully and with the goodwill o[ the foreign powers in India." Mr. President. I now grant my- i Just ran back and forth un Cane self unanimous consent lo proceed." Island each day," he recalled. Ed 15. Roland anrt Spray Edwards don't like giving uu their Moose run. cither. Mr. Roland. Ihc conductor, has 38 years with the Fvi.sco. but he's a comparative nrweomcr ,.„.., nnfM , ,.,„ ,, ,., ™ the Mnosc. having been on the LIITLE ROCK May 14. i/l'i - nssiBnmclU t or four yc-irs. Mr. Ert- Three Ncpro children died and a wnrds ,,„,. |)CC|1 Bk j nR m( , Jolu , s . fourth was critically burned In » | boro-Dlythcvillc nnd return daily fire which destroyed '.heir home for lllc I)nst u Three Neejro Children Killed in Home Blaze Don't Miss the Delicious SPAGHETTI SUPPER CEDARS CLUB —AIR BASE Tuesday, May 17 from G to 9 p.m." $1.00 I CR1149GS Including Pic & Coffee Kor Reservations 11 Kyuichl Tokuda, founder and chairman of Japan's Communist -Party, smiles broadly as he views a recent workers' roily •turnout in Tokyo. Last year ^Tokuda was hit by a homemade hand grenade while addressing a similar meeting. (Photo by NEA-Acme staff correspondent Richard C. Ferguson.) icrr this morning. The dead are Norman, five. Shirey Ann, two. and Robert King. 16 iionths. Alr.ic King, six, was severely burned. The father, Charley King, said lighted kerosene lamp [ell from a bedroom table and exploded. His wife carried their two months old daughter, Bobby jean, to safety. Police Free Man Held As Would-Be Suicide MEMPHIS. May 14. i(T>—Police have released a St. Louis man who lad been held for questioning after his car wns found abandoned on tlic Mississippi River bridge here. Inspector Pete Wiebcnga said Bertram H. Smith. 28. tcld police his cur broke down and he had to walk off to get parts. His parents feared he might have jumped into the river. Read Courier News Want Ads. Now they need l»rgc credits from west Germany, which also is short of cfvsh. ' Officials salrt Ihe 16 trains a day all>wed lo puss throxigh the Soviet Zone fiom the Wesl nre iiol enough to relieve many shortages very fasl. even though the airlift still continues The airlift . flew in its 1,000.000th ton of coal yesterday. years. Thnt takes cnrc of the Moose crew, except for H. C. Monts«IHery. He. never makes he run except when a steam engine is used Every often i,hc Diesel locomotive Incl MEMPHIS. May 14. (/Pi— -The lo go to Memphis for a big city Dixie Greyhound Bus Lines will le chick-up. That's when a ,team un- ' conlracts June 22 for a $1.000.000 gine look its place. Morlgomcry , bus terminal hnr. Earl W. Smith went along to fire the boilers. | president of the company, annonnc- The Moose \\ns noted for its "on ti e" record. Tomorrow it will leave Jonesboro nt 6:20 am, and perhaps the bellowing of the nlr horn will sound just a little dif- Bus Terminal Planned ] ed yesterday. ferent tomorrow just because It will be the last time it will be heard along the route. Perhaps ibc passenger lisl will be one of the heaviest because 11 Is the las! run West nranch. la . was the birthplace of President Herbert Hoover for n famous short line. The Moose will arrive in BIythe villc at 8:30 ni> depart a 11:10 a.m. to return no more. IN BLYTHEVILLE! THE SECRET OF A BRIGHTER, CLEANER WASH m Send your clothes lo the Blytheville Laundry and they'll come back to you cleaner, brighter than ever before. But that's not all. Your clothes will last longer because they're treated carefully, gently ... an important consideration today when it's so expensive to replace them. Next time call Blytheville Laundry and you'll discover what we mean by reall.y "good laundry service." Blytheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 Soybeans For Sale State Certified Ogden Soybeans • • • bu. $3.50 (Blue Tag) Burdette 19 Soybeans bu. $3.25 (Improved Arksoy Variety, Red Tag) BURDETTE PLANTATION RURDETTE, ARK. Phone: BlytheviHe 782 Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The ideal way to remember special occasions. Also oilier types of cameras for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200li \V. Main Phone 3(547 4% HOME LOANS Klbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society I'hnr.i: lii'jIS Evenings FARMERS fXPfRTKAD/OSALfSAIVDSFftWCf / .BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. 6 I 138 E.MAIN ST. Bi.YTHEVIlLE.ARKv GEM CITY SHOWS SHOWS-RIDES-CONCESSIONS STARTS MONDAY, MAY 16 Nights and Saliiiihiy Matinee NORTH 6TH STREET— Tn Yon Under Auspii-'cs Of The American Legion 30 COTTON Ch.mic.lly delinttd collon wed terminate quicker, plant >nd plow the 5»me w«k. Rtd«« chopping «P«nse »nd produce more cotton ptr *cre. STATE CKKT1HKU VARIKTIES AVAILABLE D. * r. L. No. 14. per M Lfc. Bag 'JJ'JJ U. J, P. U N». li, rtt SA Lb. B»»... •• StonevUle '1 B, Per 5» L» Baj i SloneTill* 2 C, frr 5» Lfc. B»f I lUwden «1-B. Per 5» Lb. Baf ' H»lf * Half (Hibrtdl. Per 5« Lb. B*S Coktr'i tW Wilt R«i!rt»nt. Per S* Lb. B»r P»l>, Per 5« Lb. fl>([ Kmplre, Per 5« Lb. B>r in .nd T<«r nrdfr «r «rt TMT »«P<«lT today. 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