The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1936
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1VILLE COURIER NEWS DOANT ^ N^BPAVEB Of HOttfflM.rr AHKAMSAB ANU BOOTHS BLYTHEV1LLE, ARKANSAS. FRIDA SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Governor Blames Illness For Unexpected r Return to Little Rock I.ITTLF HOCK, July. 24.'' (UP)F: 0 V,, e -, Rr - F "" c11 l(xla >' relurnsd Hnel n" le ' ere C01 »l^'"i"f! of illness after unexpectedly quitting a special iral,, ,,hi e |, ui (, earui ,, a delegation of prominent Ar- aT'lSis 0 '"" TL ' X!1S Conten »' al The governor, denied tliat his leturn w.u proinpica by fear Lieutenant Governor Lee Caajrl no»' .campaigning for governor! would grant pardons In • his absence (hat lie did i, 0 t wish issued or that- he returned on accovnt of HIE slate pclilical "situation "I have not been rcclln? well s '"f Saturday .and I just did not feel like Ifcing - an to the fair • Governor Futrell said. He nas nan a mild stomach disorder for pome time. He went lo Ills iiome and said lie would remain tliere until netl week or until he felt like retuin '»8 to his office. His administration reputedly has decided (o favor, the candldocj of John Ashley, one of nine Candida ies for governor. The governor got into a long controversy several months ago wllh Speaker of the House Harve rnorn because Thorn,' while: both the governor ami lieutenant .so* ernor were out of the state, coin- muted (he ..death sentence of a negro to life imprisonment. The .comminution was upheld by establishment of Thorn's right to act as governor at the time: -...vGov. Futrell left the train at . -TeXarkanaT- - , '•',.•'-,. , ', tJ f Cazprt' wajs-, reported J. to' be campaigning- In". Camaetv' E! Dorado and Beardcn for the Democratic nomination for governor. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 24. (UP)— The slock market today absorbed a large amount of profit taking launched on anticipation oT strength nfter (lie Landon speech and then made an Irregular advance in slightly Increased turnover. There was no Landon demonstration of the variety that had been predicted although a large number of persons in the financial district received the speech favorably, it was scud to fit in perfectly with the Wall Street view and hence favorable for thL market. A. T. and T. ......... 170 1-2 Anaconda Copper ..... 39 i_g Beth. Steel ...; ........ 55 1.3 Chrysler .... ........... .118 1 8 Cities Service ..... .... 47-8 Coca Cola ....... . ..... m Gen. Am. Tank ....... 531-2 Gen. Electric .......... 421-4 Gen. Motors ........... B9 3-8 'Notification Gown' of Peggy 1 jEIeanoi Holm Ja rrelt, , Backstioke Champion, Dropped . July 24. (UP)-Mis. Eleanor Holm Jarrctt. American and Oljmpic backstroke •••'••• Clementine Bowen Wins' Festival Bathing Revue FOW.-'-r CITY. Aik-Ml!ss Clementine Bovven 16-year-old (mushier or Pcstmastei and Mjb Clem licu'di of Oscecla, »ai> chp, : en winner in a Held of 22 in | Hauls In the annual bithln; re ' vue.aL- (he Ciovvky Ridge Peaih .l-'r.-nval .hnre jesterdaj ' Miss liuth Allen rrevathani of Balcsvillc-, was crowned festival Miss Bowen, petite and brown haired, weighs 105 pounds and L nvi; fed one and one half Inches fall. She received the bathing lirau'y-award, a silver lovlnp cub from the hands of Harvey I N SPAIN i^v r, om ( | ]0 Un |,ed stales Ohm- pic team by a special committee. C.uiie rf the dismissal wab given as violation of the tralnlm; rules, including attendance al cocktail parties., , The decision of Ihe 'srjvlpi committee' upheld ' a ' previous dls- I missal mtule last nhht on the S. j S. Manhattan on. which the Unit- led Stales team was brouaht lo [ Germany. ' The .committee gave. Us decision to President Avery Brundage of the Olympic' committee aboard a train en route from Hamburg to Berlin after lienrlii? Airs. Jar- retls learful entreaties that she be pivcii another chance. ' The attractive brunel Art Jnrrett, Chicago orchestra "Will Di ive On to Success, Commandoi -in- Chief Says in Moiocco SPANISH KriitL HFADQUAR ' A striking picture of girlish beauty m her "notification gown" was Peggy -Anne: Lan- I don, shown here. Her dreii \ v,as a field flower niarqulsel(e, f 'WilhJts only ornament a bunch of Afield Bovvers. Jhe hat'sha „ w6re was of'wfilte leghorn. Int. Harvester ...2. McKesson- Bobbins . Montgomery Ward N. Y. * Central ...... Packard ......... Phillips Pet ....... Radio .... ....... St. L.-S. F ........ .' Simmons Beds ..... Standard of N. J. .. Texas Co ............ ^ 39 3-4 U. S. Smelting ...... 80 U. S. Steel ............ 645-8 Warner Bros ........... 11 Zonltc .......... .' ...... g ,. 84 1-2 .. 9 .'. 45 1-8 . 40 . 11 . 44 1-2 . 121-4 . 2 1-2 . 34 63 1-2 'New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 24. (UP) —Small advances were made on the cotton market today except that Ihe July opllon was depressed as much as 13 points. Tliere were 300 lenders for July In New Orleans and some 5,000 In New York, where the oplion advanced n dollar and a half « bale. Other positions closed with gains ranging from one to seven points, open high low close July ..... 1252 1252 1262 1265b Oct 1228 1238 1227 1230 £>e= 1225 1232 1222 1222 Ji") 1220 1227 1220 1223 Mnr 1219 1227 1219 1223 May 1210 1229 1219 1223 Spots closed at 1290, up 5. Chicago Wheat open high low close 1051-4 1051-4 103 103 105 1051-4 1031-2 1031-2 Jul Scp Jul Mrs. Landon at Notification 17 Dead, 260 Crippled at Result of Epidemic a Three States Bj- Prev, ,,, l')-The Sinnlsh rebellion Ls illng nccoi cling to plans and Mil drive on lo success Gen IFianclsco Piaiuo its command ei In fliltf •-aid today My Intense dcslie ami nu sole wish Is (o «i|ijire5s the in- iluence of Moscow In llio life of m\ coiinlij he added ^anco, who h commandlnu the rebellion from his headquarter* here said that damage done bj of lojaltst viaishlps at cciila had been.lnconsldciable and that no one had been killed The flea flrcd at forts not at he to?, n he said and was driven baa bj cffecthie reph from the fort batteries appear- leader .and radio singer, „,,,„.-„,. «t In the committee's train com- lartment in a plain whlle ; tunic her official blue • (Olympic''•uni- form havlnt been iaVeti,- from her last night on the liner. The committee refused to heed a petition, originated by -Layton Homer, : a newsparH'mau -from Bethany, W. Va. This petition was signed By more than • ICO of the 334 alhletes aboard. Mrs Jar- .rett's dismissal was the first time a woman" athlete had been dropped from nil American Olympic wife of'"'" seco " (1 l )hllse ,«!,«•£, "Sainst'an cpldem , Southern health officials begai. ' ......... ' ' of thdr batik -, — ^..c of dread Infantile- paralysis todaj and tx pressed, a faint hope that thr ravnpe- v was slackening after claim Ing 17 lives -and ten Ing 200 par alyzed victims. Dr. J. P. 'Leaki. infantile parals sis ; expert of the United States public health . department was to arrive -In Montgomery Ala toda) to direct a staff of Alabama nurses In the "after care of victims of,: the disease. • The epidemic has been most severe. In Alabima where 12 of Outlook As Rosy As; Ever For Overwhelming Victory, He Says . WASHINGTON, July 24. (UP)— Chairman James A. Farley of the natlcnal Democratic committee after striking out at Gov. MI M London's ncceptflnce speech j today renewed his confident prediction . that ; President Roosevelt will wjn more electoral voles (his fall than he did In the 1932 election. . :. '• ' He based his prediction on the. assumption that the 1 Roosevelt ticket will win in Pennsylvania, n state which went for the Republicans in 1933. Parley said the Republicans can do nothing "to disturb President, Roosevelt's positive re-election." , Commenting on the prediction of Republican National Committee Chairman John D. Hamilton .that the Republicans would lose only six stales In the presidential election Parley said the statement "Is asinine on its face." the ; 17, died and a total of 192 cases,.have been reported Five of the deaths occurred In Tennessee which .reported 52 cases and Mississippi reported 13 cases but no fatalities..',..,. < « six new cases were reported In Alabama today and l«o In Ten nessee. 'Two of Alabama's ne* cases were in the center of (he epidemic, area In that- stale and Ihe others were on the southern fringe. • No .hew,, cases were reported In Mississippi ..or.' Tennessee jester- day and ; only • three in Alabama leading, Jiealth officials to state guardedly that perhaps the dls ease was waning. First Case at Knoxville KKOXVILLE, Tenn., July 24. (UP)—Krioxvllle's first case of infantile paralysis In the current tout] I'roclalms Ne« Republic GENERAL HEALQUARTEHS " •• 'pinhh Rebel •July 24.' rebel Norlhern ' up) -0e» lhern nnlflo Arnu Moln liadci In the north pio 1 a new republican yov ;inraent In Spain todav conlind In 1 - Ihal the left v/ing Lovern me it ha>- dlslnlegralcd /»s MI -• lama his proclann- llcn fro'i. Burgos his Unipoiury he Klriuni lers winvcss advices told of rhnol'c condillo •• In San &e- bastlan with Americans nnd other (oiel-neis In crave danger Huncludi, of forc'inen In San Sebisl'an have ltn<n refuge In the Imlitd Male- Brillsh Ger- imn m d French si miner embas- ile< pvllciilarlj the laller whose blc basement house othci niilcn French and They »ere ^mn 1. ivjuiuiui-^ licping l)ial the irrlval ^ «utshi)is and the United states UUesliip Oklahoma would enable Ihim to cscajie The major of San S°bastlan — • __ Off to Aid Americans r \ • ,A '< ' A' « •; '!•">'" 71 s J M* » * ' v j ^_ * •' i « '^"j\7' !i t-^ : *% *; -, v.' * W^> s"- 4 v> .' kr : XlJ< , x»>, Ihe U S battleship Okhlioma Micro n above Cherbourg Fraud, to Spanish vuittrs alonj was orrtcied from _ , • ,»u*^ 1111,1 l[JL U C Quincv in route to Euiope Eecrctaij of Stale Conlell HU1 elded Ihal safety mcasuus «cic neccssarj lo protect incro thui 16CO A '»ei leans In U,L bloortj Spanish lebelllon men Thice American Warships Are Now Approaching*;Spanish Coasl ''. '," , WASHINGTON, July 24 lUPI — |The Alncilcan consul In Barcelona (oduy oflldaliy connnned that ^ .clerk attached to the American ccnsjilnlo was killed while on, a 1 . m sslcn lo rescue an American [citizen from the outskirts of Bar-, Ihe clcik, Santlaso Itsurraiao, 1 " Spinlard, who had bran i5m- .Ulojecl iu the consulate for 17 , Jjenrs and his companion, a Brit-'' lili chaulfeur, were killed while'" driving a consulate car, bearing- Hie, Ameilcan IlflR, Ihrocgh ^he cltj to bring to the city George'" Jenkins head of the Ford Mofor «v..«,,,! nuuu UL u , c wllh tin. U S 6 j comrany at Barcelona May Rule Spain if Madrid Falls Issued oi< ordei Uielcss for all .women -' In thu 1 city to •assemble at lived placo> vvlu're the gov ernmenS would nimertake to protect them. Goifrnment Claims Virtory MADRID, July 24. (UP)— Gpv irnmenl troops, making a vic- lorious advance In Ihe mountains north pi Madrid have split the :olunnis of the rebel coriimander Sen. Emlllo Mola. l ^".SV Huffman F& ™« Mangled _ ,-,„„. Jean Griffin,.daughter oTMr!'a"n'dl Mrs. W. L. Griffin DENT FflTflL Tor the proudest event ot her life Mrs. Alfred M. Landon was charming as she appeared for the notification ceremonies in Topcka. She wore a salmon- rose print redingote over a sim- pls white crepe dress, wilh white accessories Chicago Corn open high 93 1-4 03 1--1 .89 M I low close M 3-1 90 7-8 87 1-a 87 1-S Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., July 24 <UP>—Hogs: receipts, 4,500. Top, 11.00 170-230 IDS., 10.75-10.95 140-160 Ibs., 8.00-10.60 Bulk' sows, 8.15-9.00 Cattle: receipts, 800. Sleers, C.80-7,50 Slaughter steel's, 6.25-9.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-7.25 ' Slaughter heifers, 4.50-8.75 Beef cows, 4.25-5.25 Cutlers and low cutters, 3,90-3,75 Hitchhiker Is Taken 111 Suddenly Yesterday Thomas Cameron, 68-year-old hitchhiker, was lakeu suddenly ill on chtckasawba avenue (Highway 61) late yesterday, while eiiroutc from Mobile, Ala., to cape Girardeau, Mo. Cameron said he was bora In Texas and had worked recently in a government office at Mobile but had no place he called home. He was removed lo the city hall where he remained overnight and today while efforts were made to secure trans|x>rtation for him back to Mobile. He said he was suffering from heart trouble. New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 24. tUP)-j Ot tfHI r>lncn/l P inn rtii ' Young Member of Former Wilson Family Killed at Cape Girardeau OSCEOLA, Ark. - Friends In Wilson and Osceola received news yeslerday of the accidental death of Farrell Marlon Carlock, 10, at his- home In cape Girardeau Wednesday night. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Carlock, who until recently lived 1n Wilson, where Mr. Carlock was Frisco agent. The parents, having had a burglar scare the previous night, tiad loaded a pistol and put It nway, leaving two extra cartridges lying on the dining room table child, later In the day found an old pistol, unused for some time, in the room of . a boarder anil unknown to his parents, placed the extra loads In t. The owner of the gun, coming In later, suggested it was not wise to play with the weapon and asked for It. In handing ft to lie man, Farrell dropped It and II went off. The bullet struck pene- by Broom Straw Seeder Charley Nelson, farmer on the Stan ton Pepper farm at Huff nian, sustained cuts about .the hands and arms'and his chest was severely scraped when he fell or was pulled into a broom straw on the farm early last Cotton closed steady. open high loiv close | July ,. —- •"»!• *iic u 111 it; i, ; the table, glanced away and i— trnted the heart of the boy. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May U^JCTlf ffJ£Jf f</1> (,lt/.K. 1320 1343 1320 1343 1232 1220 1230 1223 1222 1244 1231 1235 1225 1234 1229 1233 1223 1232 1222 1236 1228 1229 1229 1227 Spots closed sleadlly al 1310, up 4. Spot Avtrite Is 1198 The average price of 7-8 Inch Funeral services were held"ya? n,H f l"r. Cape Glrar <Ieau with burial at Dalto, Ark. Mr and Mrs. A. F. Glascoe Osceola attended the funeral. of Five Brothers Shipnules (UP)-When i> n -en the flagship Pennsylvania with Admiral A. J. Hepburn on l-ojrd steamed Into t^ e Golden Gate, It developed that the crew also CAD- by of Trade, Board ofT the farm, they all enlisted In i.._lj the navy. ' seeder night. According to reports Nelson was not engaged In the Job ot feeding the broom slraw seeder but picked up a few straws and attempted to feed them into the machine. He suid when he did so he was "Jerked" Into the claw-like mechanism and Injured. , : He received emergency treatment at the Blytheville hospilal. Armorel Boy's Neck Is Pierced by Metal Sliver Marcus Walker, elghl-year-old' son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Walker of Ihe Armorel community, received Ireatment in a Memphis hospilal yesterday for on unusual injury. The boy's curiosity caused him to- walk close lo a blacksmith's anvil while a -cousin was busy there. The workman gave the anvil a hard blow with 3 hammer and a tiny piece of sled struck the boy, piercing his neck. Yachtsman Says Whale Proved "Jonah" to Him SANTA CRUZ, Cal. (UP) — A whale proved a real "Jonah" for Dave Wilson, pitotnig the club boat "Jack" In a recent race of the Sanla Cruz Yachl Club. Wilson was obliged to 'content himself with second place because at the most crucial point of the Should Madrid fall to rebels, or be Isolated by them, Diego Mirtinez Barrio, above Parliament president, may try to rule the country from Valencia in * the east. Strategically Oie government has set up a committee, under Birrio, to rule Spain's severi easlern provinces. Chief of the left.wing radical Democratic parly, he Is powerful and widely respected Jerry Hearn Injured In Fall This Morning Jerry Hcarn, carpenter, sustained a severe ci't. on 1 the right arm above Ihe wrist when he fell from a scaffolding while working at the Meyer Graber, 1013 Holly street, Ihls morning Hcarn's arm was cut > when It ciune In contact with a sharp object as he fell. Several stitches were required to close the wound. Coughlin's Office Denies Report of Pope's Talk ROYAL OAKS, Mich.,', July 24 <UP) — Spokesmen for Father Charles E. Coughlin vigorously de nied the report today that the radio priest har talked over the long distance telephone to Pope Plus XI at Rome at any time during the week. ' "Perhaps," his office said, "the report originated because of long dLslance colls Falher Conghlln made lo Bishop Gallagher who was aboard the boat for Europe ' Swain Visits Fiancee race a huge whale suddenly loomed up In the middle of his course and forced him to make a de- lour. Time Stands Stilt NAPOLEON, O. (UP) — Time slood still for residents of (his town when Ihe clock In the corirt house lower stopped. Ircn supports for the weights broke after 60 years' use. FOB I SIE1RT Well Known Resident o Osceola Succumbs a His Home Theie OSCFOIA, Ark-nmiral sen Ices for William Slenart 00 vv.h passed nwiy nt his home Thus ilny nflcinoon will be held In th family icMdencL on Kclsu A\e mm at 10 30 Salurdaj mornini; Burlorwlll be al_Unien,cj.meUrj The Rev B jl, Coienvlll comluc the services Mr Stewart suffered a slrok of pin til) its tliuc >eais mo fion which he ncvti full) ireovcrul but had oiilj been confined his honiL since Julj to A natlic of Indiana he came to Osceola In 1009 as in Intel lor dccoraloi with the W A Prr.ihet Constu'ctlon Co, who built the uixscnt tmdi. schoo building, men Used -as the lilah school Several of Osccohs fin est homes and public Uilldlngs stand as a monument lo hi", gen Ins IncliidliiL, the conthouse Ursl Baptht church Brlckej Drug stoic and the A G Brlckej home lie was a deacon of the Baptist' .church. He is survived by Ills-Widow, one son Max Sttwnrt, thiee itcp sons,'..W.. A. Grlgsby, Shreveport, La , P L Grlgsbj p'ccoln, Prank Grlgsby, Dlythcvlllc; a .stcpdniigli- icr, Mrs P J Olive Memphis two sisters,. Mrs. c. O. Mclntyrc Brooklyn, N.' Y., hnd Mrs. Gene Prltchard, Indianapolis, Iml. Pallbearers will be: active, J. C. Scurlock, J. B. BuJin, J. E. Counts, R. H. Jones. J. S. Mc- Jants and J. J. Hublrard: honorary, p. E. .Tompkins. Clay Ayers, Louis Nnilling, O. W. Knight, W._ T.. Toolc, Finlcy CarU'rlght, Roy Dillard, T. A. Giles, P. M. Sangster, Gill Mastln, . Arthur Bowen, Edward Bradley, J. W. Mayliugh, A. E,' Thome. Saker Turner Critically 111 At Memphis Hospital Baker Turner, deputy sheriff on lie Osceola district slnff of Clarence H. Wilson, was reported In i very critical condition at the tlethodlst hospital In -Alemphis his afternoon. Attending physicians were said 0 hold forth little hope for 'the officer who underwent. a serious operation Monday. He was sink- ng rapidly today. The killing occmred on th'e night of, July 22 The tar was riddled with bullets and later was binned. ^ Consul Lynn W Fianklln, re- 4 porting to the state department us of IQiam Spanish lime today, said IhurraJde'.s body hnd (we'll ' brought Into the tlty by Spanish, authorities who expressed "concern bjmuathy mid regret ' Powers Send bhipi, . WASHING10N, July 2-i (UP)^-~ Intel nnllonal cooiMiraUon on, ai scale uncqualed since the Boxer rebellion In China oiwrated 'to-' day lo rescue beleaguered Americans and foreigners of all nations trapped In Spain's bloody UUI war , " Vhlually all major powers,were, Clerk Sees Law Passed To End $24,000 Salary Armed With Blackjack, | e>«" the Allan, 23, carries a blackjack with him when he visits his fiance. Arrested for carrying a dangerous weapon, Allan explained to 1 probable In the i highest .salaried , the magistrate that he needed It to protect himself from other suitors who also share' Ihe atlen- tlons of his fiancee. He was released on suspended sentence. , , Lee's Broken; It's Joke TORONTO, Out. (UP)—A racing fan attending a DufTerln park meet laughed loudly when a horse kicked his leg and broke It, "It's all right," he lold alarmed witnesses. "The leg's made of wood" vji-ji-v»tj tn lllnv ullilc^ n JICH lute relief law he was authorized to receive an income of $24,000 a jcar ' , Swenson Is town clerk of Rockford township. When financing of relief burdens was returned to political units It was 'discovered that he was ontilled lo collect a fee of 10 cents » paper In relief cases. • In Swcnson's case It •. meant making out of on approximate 20,000 papei-s a month, thus giving, him a legal right, to, collect $2,000 r . a month. Tlie town board got around It by voting to pay Swenson a monthly salary. j .... 1Mkl j U1 t/unci ^ f YTCIe i- rushing «ar vessels to the flamlnV^ Sjianlsh iKiilnsula • ' * rrlendly coopeiatlon of all the * grcnt povvcrs was' informally op- cralhiK lo aid Ihose trapped amid the bllkr confljcl Iiance today -plated all of * her \varshl|M and vessels"In Spanish, waters at Ihe seivlcc of American nationals The United Slates was reciprocating hi the International l move 1 -^ > ment by atdhvj in removal ot Belgians and other nationalities. In addition to hei own citizens Will tAlcuate Americans Secietary of State Coidcll HulfJ ' expressed confidence that llie^t, three American warships now ap-"j preaching Ihe Spanish coast and '• Ihe American merchant liner al^2 ready there will be able lo evac-^ iiatc all Americans vvho desire to« leave Spain. He said there had been no re",; finest to the na\y for use of-* the battleships Aikansas and \Vy-** oming, now at Cherbourg France*" us It was considcied probable that *, the oilier four ships would be-., able to meet any emergency *' Ho explained that the Arkan-, sas an<l Wyoming are filled with naval academy midshipmen. ' ,' fegro Pah- Admits 'L' Theft of Cotton Seed - Carrol .Dennis and Henry: Col-' ler negroes, waived preliminary' icnnng and Indicaled Ihelr de-' ire lo enter pleas of guilty when arraigned in municipal court this norning on charges of burglary ~ md grand larceny. The negroes arc accused '.of. jlealing several tons of choice otlon seed from seed houses on he Hiram Wylle farm, where hey lived, o\er a period of sev- ral months,. and. disposing of; tha seed to an oil mill. They were placed in jail, when, mable to make tl.OOO bonds, to' await action of the fall grand ury. John Moore, negro drug store porter, was fined $15.on a charge if disturbing the peace^ Self-Defense Pka Wins Acquittal for Fiannigan POCAHONTAS, Ark, July 24 (UP)r-A Jury today acquitted -Joe Fiannigan of first degree murder charges In the death of Fato Mock a month ago in a rural community near the., Missouri- Arkansas state line. Fiannigan pleaded self-defense'. The slate has asked that the death penalty be inflicted. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and continued ' warm tonight and Saturday. r- Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair tonight and Salurday SllgKtIy : warmer. The maximum temperature hers ycslerdiy was 85, minimum 70, ,\ clear, according lo Samuel F Morris, official weallur observer.

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