The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1934
Page 4
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TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1934 •LXTH1VILLI, (AJUL)] CIASSIHED SECTION 'sWants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Start A Savl»(« Account With l. ; » On Everything for the Autumubllc llubbard lidw.. Automotive Kept, Hume 47(i I'houe ellmliiiilhii; therefrom iirwsslly notice ol imiixxsru cnairei 1 . W. K. GOBI', I'lesldrnl for Quintet Give Their I Versions of Lifei DiUy raie per one ror consecutive insertions: (Fife average was to a line) One time per line IOC two times per line per day .. We lime times per lini per day .. Me £lz ttaes pet line per day .. 06c Ifcmtti r»te per line toe Minimum charge We Ate enJertd for mice or six time* and stopped before explra- t'on will be tharr-o lor the num- btr of Ume» the «d appeared ana adjustmtnt of bill made. All Clarified Advertising cop)' mibmitted by perso;i£ residing outside ol tile city uust be accompanied by cash. Rates may be euily computed from above table. Mo responsibility will be taken lot more than one incorrect in- tertlon of any clarified ad. Aavertiilrig ordeica for irregu- iir Insertions take the one time rate. SEEDS & I'LANTS Suy Ikaiis and i'«s will be luril to tind n«t inoiitli. liuy no» from Ilubbard Hardware C'o. \VhL>|K>orwlll Pels Tor Sail' Drive across the rlvtr [or tile lin- esi Whippuonrlll Pea?, in \Vcil Tennessee. ftttK Reasonable. William 'I'm-lur & Co., Hiplt.T, Term. Aslislanl SemUry. ™'-I-°W SPRINGS. O. (Ul'l- 8e M-12 A liropliiM, mi Idealist, a iwlill- ] I'liui. an executive nu«l ;i paslor wi'iv H!. IVter's I'liatv in Home is mid j av*ml>!od at Anliouh Cullcjie Iter.' In In 1 Hit.' nhlcst plctc ot fiii'iiini!'!'i'« i-'ive Ihclr versions of "I Ur OUR BOARDING HOUSE ii 1 plli-s fulluiv: Murray Si'ut»mi;i>.H!, ex-mayor i>! CmrimiHll: Have ;i nutlliy IMHM; i'lid life lias Its meaning; lu,.il IJDV- t'Mnm'iils .supply amp!. 1 uppjitmil- tu.-. l<i work lor \uiruiilille c'aiiM-'s. Dr. C'liarles l.yitlo. MeiulvlUtf I'liouluiiU'al Seiiilnaiy Incully, Clu- C.IKO; .SL\'k lo \un .vnm> vii'loiy lui IV. JailV.s II. V;l!,i, Ki'i'i-i (Jliliaxo i'OMiinUliT for Hi'li-iv llilinnii liiBhls .iv.aui.-.'. Nav TiX 1 main pr-iljleui in : life's tni'iiniiii; )M nn i-eo —that of the (llslrlliiii'.iin \Vc ;uo i;iauts ine.hati lil'IMUM' mean-1 a social order which now wis | wcalili. If ivi' toulil ilml 11 mc '-'iy. | l»i! for Hie, mlve lilt. 1 |>roi)!nii oi .i:vli for 'ink one 1 ttt'.illh. jliy : \U' li.ive Tunnel Undre IkisMliorous ISTANBUIi (UI')—A prw.wsal lo :u;link nnroiw and Asia by means of ," UiniK'l under the Ilosphoroiis Arlinir K. Morijan. clniirmaii o!|'" ls been niiiili! by forclsn Imvn- lliv 'IViine.ia-K Valley Aullioriti',|l >: ""» l '' s employed by (he mumci- Is prt'slilrnt nf Anllci-li. |pality i)f I.Manbnl. 'Hie tunnel wuiilrt run from Ariiaoulketny on Ilk' f:uro|X'an side of Vanlkemy on I lie Ailallc Miorc. COAL k FOR SALE—100 ricks e«xl COOK WOOD at C. E. Billion's, Vk-k- biirg, Mo., near Sleek 1 . Good roads. 0|i kill FOR SALK OU TKAOE • Natiohal Casi, liecister. New Deal Trading Past, 120 \V. Main. 8ck2'> GREAT BARGAINS •K V-5 H)R1> DE MJXE TIIDOK. A-l Cuiiililion .. $ '32 '31 CHEVROLET Runs Like New FORIJ Buy .. C O A C H. S371 iV il rooln wilu Ortia. i-io'. i room FURNISHED ana gnia^c. cool, 16gi \V. Ash. Nicely furnislicd cool a-roo:ni| APAHTMKNT. Mre. uiuscau, - li!i ChicisasawDa. 10-ck-n COUPK. A Kcal S228 '2» DODGE SEDAN, ilavc to S*e to Apprwitte ?155 CI1RYSLKK Fishinj tar StDAN. Krai $ 35 '32 WRD IV- TON Tft.KCK . S2U4 OUR CARRYINC. dIARGKS ARE REASOriABLK M»ny Others to Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Used Car Lot Cttrntr first i IValnut Sis, Nicely lurnisticd cool BEDROOM. Bess Hall, ail W. Main. Call 2MJ. 1C Mi FURNISHED house for summer. Mrs. Oc-o. Cross, SOU Luke. uc klli FURNISHED bedroom, 1011 W. Walnut, ill's. EU Hardln, after A I P. M. Nicely Furnished BKD ROOM. Mrs. Molcn, 310 Wcsl Wriliiin. 30t ko-M UNFURNISHED 5 room apartnienl, 1013 W. Walnut. Call U78. k-ll FOUR room FUHNISHED apartment. 700 W. Walnut. ISJ-tK-u BUSINESS iJiUECTORY rlirhiturt, 1-3 Regular Price. Beds, dining, center anrt end lables. thiirs, desk, smoking stands. Fur- jnuiic rupaneU, reiinisneu, UIJIKJI- stereti. jfurkiiurit, Main bi. t-iione b'l, Ask lor Hainck. 14|> Wl Roomers acd Buartiris — Hume-like atrnnbplibrc. Trices rrnsonaWi-. Mrs; J. F. Sanders, 511) \Y. Main. Call 278-J. • 7 WANTED TO Furniture Kepairins—Opholstcrins Also automobile upholstering. We will be glad to reier you to customers tu> to quality anil worK- manship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JENKINS & SON 5-ck-C-5 <\sk us about the llagen Honey Center Golf Balls. They're Belter, llubbard Ilirdwarr Co. 5ck6-5 WHEN you arc fish hungry come to Mcl'all Fisli Market, 415 W. Ash. Fresh Fish At All Times. Ic kti-1 COUNTY WORKERS UNION Court House Monday, 7:30 p.m. For men, women over 16 $1 per year HIGHEST Cash Prices paid for brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Main. 8c k6-8 We brfy Chickens and cst prices paid. Kite 1'nte (iro- ecry, 1'hor.c 234. Ill E. " " ' kli-9 Rooms with or Kilhoul board, steam heat, hot water, reasonable rates, I'lionc 2J4, Uitc I'ricc Gro. k5-2!l HOME REPAIRS: Steps, floors, screens, wall paper, paint, etc. ANTIMITE for Termile control E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. FUONE 100 Again Burke Sets tbe 1'rrce Boiled Linseed Oil 95c c Turpentine 75c gal. Aladdcn l.amp Farts 30c each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store 281*5-28 Mrs. J. J. D»L<i, Phunt Spencer Corseliexe 2Sc k5-26 EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Repairing. U. s. Blank-I lite bid, anil a lien will enship, 11G E. Rose, Gill 165-J. 22c k5-22 TAILORS We clean and store winter elolhcsj and hcd covers. Moth-proof, fireproof vaults. Pay nest fall. Unique Cleaning Service FEEDS FOE SALE: a bargain, era, Ark. HAY and CORN at S. D. Rozclle, Lux-l jllllc - 1034 .- 'or authority FOR SALE Cotlon Srrd: Rowdcn Bit Boll No. 2880 for thin land; xlsfi Stonc- villc Nn. 1. 51.50 wr hnndrcd. Marvin Kobiuson, 310 E. Main. 18-pk-5-18 Feeds, Hour, Groceries A Meals .it Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone 231, Rite Price Grocery. 9c k6-9 W. H. Stovall 5-15-22-29-G-5 Admiiiisliaiuv AUTOMOTIVE Alto All Kinds ImUUed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc. k6-10 lieail C/'iiiirlcr News Want Ails. i you: 1 .salv.uion liv AhciT luo ii;t!iiu.l>!wE JU5t ADORE OOOIA?OO,X(\ : o! i.vr/j -..' n,-wn« vou- / on vis i !t.u. .;m,M'a ou lit"RE COMC-'j WlOlllEY? -n's OUOLA! YA UETftR ( AHNGUMCE ITS A MEDAL TMKT WAS PRESENT ED TO ME IN TWV?. 4^ BOER WAR, CLAUDE/—I OMLX WEAR IT ONE THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF THE MOUNT OV MAO>'UBA,THE 7'7'- rt OP FEBRUARY, 1881 .1— SOMEHOW, 1 OVERLOOKED THE TlUt TO BUSINESS / —YES, I TUWS A CL^SSY UOOKIN' -PIECE 0V- I WON A LONG TIME BKCK, 'BVCYCLE CLUB,"FOR "PANCY WHEELING/ TH" (SUV I WtNT UP A6AINST WAS A SEWING A<3ENT PPOM AN' I BEAT HIM OUT ON £> HANDLE "BAR HEAD-STAND U. WAS ABSORBED WITH Apaninent unauie. lie kis £ CJfT TOR THE ,1 mV SMIRS'f 11V DAW OF AU. tinwriSICOOL.-i^mAT A ,11 DlNOShUR! V\iF. JDS' ('BGIVIMG WOOtiE IHEyw 1 WK'RE !OO j. etCH DVir-iO f LI11LE Ditto THAT ..("DUMB TO KNOW M* TO II.VIE n-\ AVLfiV OOP GA^E /^ SHE'5 BURNING / vj.'UPWEU'T WH X, HER; ^ ^/V'EMUP/ k. ^^o^\[•\^T> { v CO'JLOM't TiliNK OF DtPiJiVjlliO iEROF «-H W'.'A REMIMD HER OfAUEV OOPJ IT UP,- AND Tl-it: ON THE Tttv\^ AND PL/\CE BUT, AS TOT ;-', UONNIIO IS 1)01 N(J OKAY! DO WOO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WO\TA MOON)\WOTfft P.M.! BUT;OOMWOW Vo OtV.l DUWKW-1 SNOOI'Y .!()]•;! WASH TUJ5BS AKIOTHEP. STRANG6N NOTHlWQ OF VAUJB. MOU S6E, TWS \N« MOTHER'S RCOM. SHE KEPT HER JEWEL!« IMTHE SAFE, BUT SlhKE HER DEATH, WEM JOE THE CDCU'S HI.3BANP HE'S SORT OF A H&1JD'/ MAM, .l.Pf'G Sf.ilETKifJO ELSE R/STERIOUS. IIISHT "30MS C.'JE 8f!0!<£ IUTCJ VJALL SAFE. ANYTHING MISSIMO7 LEGAL NOTICES KKACHINd 1'OR TliK SKY! 30 YA IOUZ. A HAN6IN 1 OKI JvtlTCHIM'A ITU' BACK, OF ) Rioel PER TRUCK, /GOSH HUH? y 6ET TH'S THlNfl OFW ME^ / HOLD OM A E BOTH OF . We OU6HTA oiue VA ft IN TH' FACE I ,/we 6ET THIS THIW6 8A-CK ON TH 1 TRUCK, CilT 6OIN' RUN Of-,f»N BACK. TH' TRUCK DOUiN HEpE ! RIGHT WH6RE Vft — l - ^—^=.— - - -~~- IJQ »S~lTB.p[c"u.C»r;>rr— ^ ~ —"- .-^^^ NOW FRKCKLKS IS \VO!ilUF,D! AND HIS FHIENDS COME C\'. DIMWIT...EPLL rr! WHAT D:D THEY SAY V.'CLL. CALL UP D:R*5 BAMK PiMiJ OJT ABC'JT T1IXC CH^CX.'. TELL TVEM V/S HIM. A';S> ASK ;, OKAY: 13053.' HELLO, IS TillS T)iE CARRIERS' AN3 S=A CAPTAINS' ELEV6MTK NATIOHAL BANK?, I'M CALLING FROM SMADYSIDE.' OH. GOLLY. MR. MASON! i CAUSED DIRK5 ARREST- ANO WHAT DID THSY SAY, FRECKLES WHATS THAT? HE MiO A RECORD.' A.VS MIS CHECK IS GOOD If POULTKY \Vc will pay Uc P«r pound for licavy HENS. ». T. Worthy, 315 E. Main SALESMEN Need 2 high class men between ages of 25 and 'la for niytlicvillc. No losifcrs need apply. Answer promptly. "X", Courier News. COMMISSIONER'S SALK Pursuant 10 a decree of ti: Cliancery Court o! this county, rcli deretl in tile case of Peoples Build IXMn Association vs. H. Snider, ct-al, I will, \vllhin lawin hours on May 29. 1934. sell at Hi front door of the court house a Dlythcviilc. Aikansns. lo the cst liirlder njioii a credit ot tl'.rc months, the following describee property, to-wil: Lot number U'cnly-six i2C). of the Original Survey o: town of Blyllicvillr. Arkansas The purchaser at said sulc will required to give bond ivitii approv ed -security to secure payment 1 * tnincrt upon the proireity ihcrefo DaUd this Bill day of May. 153 K. L. GAISES. Commissioner in c'nancrr Reid. Evrard it Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintilf. 5-3- Notice is hereby given that tl undersigned, as administrator ' the estate of C. if. Burns, dcccas en. will apply to the Mississipp County (Chickasawta Dislric Probate Court on llic loth day tiie follovin; lancis belonginc sale! estate, or so iiuicli tlicreof a nay be necessary. to-\vit: Nort ir.lf of Lots Nine and TCP. "Slork "Ii" of Morris Addition Blythcville. Arkansas. Said sale Is untie for I IT l>" KC of paying the debts of ta NOTICK Annual mecling of .stockliolde of Blylhcville Coltmi Oil Mill be licld at 10:30 A. M.. Tuesday, June 12. 1031. at office of W. A. Gage .t Company. Falls .lliillrllng, Memphis, Tenn. Among other mailers to be considered will lie proposed change of By-Law providing for amendments of By-Laws by

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