The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Fleming Can Show Rugged Veterans, Formidable Record By J. P. FRIEND Whatever ideas the coaches, players and fans have entertained towards classifying the Fleming (Ky,) football team as a bunch of "pushovers", may well lie'eliminated, Based on lhe information sup-* —~~ ^-^ — jjlled. by Condi Vincent A. Vatigli- mT. former Georgetown University stsr, tfie Pirates appear to be .the real McCoy; a band of experienced, lough ij'ombres capable of making 'Chicks walk the gang plank tt-Jday night, Instead' of being 'pushed nnd shoved around a )a Prescott last 'week. only two games.. They won 7 and lost l In '37 and recoidcd eight ^triumphs with but n single defeat last year ; . Already this season tliey have played and won two 'games. Two veeks ago they beat Kali, Ky., 26-0, ami last Saturday night they turned back Russell,. 27-0. I-isl year they won Uic> district championship, without, bcinj scored .on. In fact not a single opponent has denied lhe turf behind their own goal line at home since the % 1937 sea'son got under way, a note 1 worthy feat Indeed. They scored 213 points and had 39 counted •against them in '38. Veterans -Return Only one lettcrman was graduated last year and another failed to leturii to school, giving Coach Vaughan 15 '•• letl«nne:i around which to mould his current machine. The probable stalling lineup as indicated > by lhe Pirate leader lists one four year member, six who nre serving their third teim, two having earned two letters and'two played for the first time last year. That leaves two, n 160-pound center, Otti? Andersen, and Quarterback Rlnmdell Burklow, three-year players, rooted out but available for relief duty. Six of the Other twelve reserves have been awarded one letter" each, giving the Piintcs spine capable; substitutes: The^ visitors' forward wnll will average .171 pounds, -despite the presence .of ; a 155-pound end, Sum Alfano. The heaviest nnd only .200-pound member 'is .Sam Araco, tackle, who earned his first letter test year. Adjoining him Is Clayton, Stapleton, 184-pound guard, considered the best linesman en the squad. Mac Gardner, first year man, who muscled in on Anderson, scales 175 pounds. The right side of the line, Homer 'conley, 101, guard, Ivery Conley, 1 GO, tackle, and Alfano, are comparatively light but possess speed and are excellent Mockers. James. Johnson, left' end, weighs 160 pounds aild Is ii pa;>s catching specialist. „ Although Coach Voiighnn, said hls.'team "never 1ms any purlieu halfback;'kan-y Venters, "ciimricr- tickets for Friday's game between back, and - • - "~ -•--"-—•••- - active. 1 considered one of the leading nan «*"«>."«". o ^mg uvui\;. ini:y ivm carriers 'lii the state. Lawrence bc . sol(l - onl y »'Hh general admis- Smith,'halfback, is listed as the slori . tickets,nt $1, which will In- lilnfMtio - - . Km,!- • ' Tjn "... n i_t._ t tic. plllHl* lintli Hcl'nle ^ blocking pounds. He weighs !5f< _BTiYTOEVILLB.' (ARK.) COURIBR NEWS, "They're Off!" Gong Expected To Draw 50,000 A( % Delrdit • By MtiK olironY • tinned Pr«s< SUff (Mmipohdenl . DETROIT, Sept. 20, <in>)'-'rn- night's Hie night when the public the his will ::ee If Hob PasC6r goes way Max schmellng went in second meeting with " i clfamplon Joe 1/iiiLs More thim 50.000' fans were ex- j«f wnsoii me t-iraies nave losi 1\USIIVI11C taKCS TOlll'tll pooled in Brlgg* Stadium lo -Mt--.. i L „ .. „ lie -« l«e experiment—which. Is the OU I II C 1 n nrst heavyweight title fight ever I held In Detroit. .-.. Bomber 'Joe. making his firsl o.f. League Play-Off ATLANTA, Ga.; Sept. 20. (UP)— home towii appeninncc since whi- The Nashville Mlanta Q ning llic tlllo from Crackers in ii game that produced fireworks al. Die finish. Nashville won 10 lo G, maki u last nights' game h 101 ' 15 mt ° tlu ; Petunias In their ing it two victories nrst , Jllcc ' ln (? I" '30, nnd younger i. „„,„,, :„ .!.„ ;„,. Piulor-/tormcr fullback of NVnv 10 lo G, making it Iwo victories , "«•<•;""» '" J «. an apiece. The fiflh game in the scries i 1 ", 101 '",'/ 0 ," 1101 ;, «' llback wlll be played here tonight and T ov , k , ^"i^Mslty-lost^ a will be played here lonlght then the teams will go back lo Nashville for the decisive balllc In lhe four-oul-of-seven series. The game last night was n Nnsh- vllle walkaway through the first seven and a half Innings, with the tiny southpaw, MIKe Mnrtjnlk. having allowed the Crackers but five hits nnd no urns'. '" decision to the Detroit .. ', so nt New York's Garden, made Louis look like n palcokn. That was in '37, before Joe won the title, sliice (lint night when SODS and jeers filled the garden, ' —'- 1ms laiked more vehgefully llO (IIJU HU i lltl.>. iOJL-lll' 1 J1OI.IJI IIH But going into (lie last of the "K^'iisl SchmelhiK. eighlh, Martyiilk, wllh an eijlit- " ••-•'' run lead, coniplclely blew up. By run lead, completely blew up. By cast, Promoters Mike Jacobs and v vcn ,' Im »ort»nt, because Slnitflin' the lime Manager-Larry Gilbert of Scatty kontieth anticipated a Rate , ys , l)[!l s l uc '<lnyllghls,cut lhe Vok rnnld wnrm n,\ n MficNn,- nr 0 + tn^oi -^.icnnnft r — i\.,.. ,,.._. 01 men who have annovcfl l\fin he Vois could warm up a pitcher, ifike had tossed home-run halls lo Al Rubcllng nnd Lester Burge, lhe lormer's coming'-'with the Imses full The six runs all but erased Nash- vllles lead, but in lhe ninth, lhe Vols went after the offerings of Larry Milter, fourth Atlanta pitch-' cr of lhe evening, for Iwo extra lallies. And Sam.Nahcm held the Crackers In their half of the ninth. Nashville had built up an early lead by socking the •• offerings ol Luman Harris, nnd Ills immediate successor, Onnle Robinson. Frank Gablcr stopped the Vols until the eighth, -'vs hen Ihey broke oul again wilh two runs. Outfielder Cal 'chnpman, with four lilts, and Chnrlcy Gilbert, wllh three led the IB-hit Nashville attack. . - of at least'$450,000 for this ilrst 20-romid prly.e fight slaged In the United Slales in eight, years. The bout Is programmed for lhe marathon route—Just twice the distance cf their first engagement, when Pastor back-nednlcci'and zlg-zagged about the'ring with Louis In flou'n-i Jllln " derlng pursuit, nut belling men uering pursuit, nut belling men ' • ." "'* w-tvasmu 01 iwo uov.ei and most boxing experts expect grcc " suits ' I 4 l mh ' s of brigh HID chase lo end in seven rounds I i ' cllow sllocs ' fiv( ^ limousines, n bnli. or less lilts time. That's why the °' sovernmont-bonds, and 1Q dia- champion is the 4-1 fnvcrltc for moml "orseshop stickpins, softened a knockout, and a 7-1 favorite to up Lmls t In short, would lie be win. a bctler fighter if his rjo'k chops. — - .. . . Uirillli orpon*;. nivl Uni^l.,.,. r,^i,^ Reserved; Seats For . , Fleming Game On Sale ia?' 'star," 'rciiorts"'or'"the'"games . Superintendent W. D. McClurkin credit Lloyd ^ (Baldy) McMllllan, «™«y "'"louncccl tlrat reserved. scat ' !l Ted Pnss,. fullback as lhc Blythevillc Chicks mid Flcm- Especlolly is McMilliah ln S. Ky, would be on sale 'nt one of the lending ball Robinson's Drug Store. They will ' Chicks Work Hard both lickets. Those desiring to buy general admission tickets. only may obtain . Evidently expecting a torrid bat- them at llic regular price of 15= lie from the Kenfucklnns, conch- at Borum's and Klrby's drug stores. 5s_. Joe Dlldy and Milchell Best Oiit-of-toan fans who wish to took advantage of a letup from buy reserved seats or general nd- -I--O.I ~_j .,.,...„.. „, . . njsji^, tickets by mail were ad- lo write direct to the high Mr. McClurkin pointed out that .hose buying reserved sent tickets it Robinson's may only purchase ieats for lhe next game each week, but those wishing to buy reserved seat tickets lor. other games later in the soascn may do so at lhe high school. o!';"So! and. drove the Chicks at a fast pace Ihis week. The mentors spared them.from the rough work, but-'utilized that time • brushing iip on the fundamentals which appeared .lacking in the opener last week. Indications point lo a full squad en hand to greet the Pirates, barring last minute injuries. Hugh "Tex" Havbcrt, veteran halfback who missed the first game because of a siege of bolls on life right knee, returned this week and has been prancing around as spry i'.s a young colt. He. probably will see action at least parl of Die game, lhe big chief sold. , Coach Dildy is just recovering from a severe chill suffered last Friday. Coach Best handled thi snuad Monday but the tribal lead .er -was able to take over yesterday, though still "wobbly." , .The', entire "Fleming roster follows: Wt. Yrs 1GO 3 2CO 1 ICO 18-1 175 161 Name James Johnson Sam Araco Ivery Conley C. Stapleton Mac Gardner Homer Conley Sam Alfano Lloyd McMillan Ted Pass Harry Venters Lawrence Smith Rhudell Burklow OHts Anderson Tcny Vertuca R. B. Sloan Sylvester Allen "Wortey Collier Burnett Stnmk Victor Stevens Wlnfred Sisk Darrell Sisk Fred Conley jack Jenkins Lee Garrett Pos. End ' Tackle Tackle Guard Center Guard End H. Back F. Back Q.Back H. Back Q.Back Center F.Back H. Back H.Back End Tackle Tackle Guard Guard ,End Q.Bnck P. Back Ralph Richardson End 155 173 165 169 155 140 160 HO 135 HO m 105 175 HO 150 137 130 HO 133 BASEBALL STANDINGS Southern League (Shniiglmessy Playoff Final) W. I.. P"i Atlanta 2 2 .500 Nnshville 2 2 .! National W. I,. 54 Cincinnati St. Louis B4 57 Chicago 19 Brooklyn : 74 64 New York 69 70 Piltsburgh 65 76 Boston 59 19 Philadelphia , 44 95 —r Schmellng i the Ilrsl round in June, 1036. Veteran Scnmeling had belled Louis into thu petunias in their of New 10-round , bill Today's Sport Parade By HENRY Md.EMORK DCTROlt, Kepi. 20. -lUPJ-Joc ills defends Ills world's heavyweight boxing championship aualnst Bob,,Paslor here tonight, and to help you pldc the winner I have compllwl u list of'-questions pertinent to the bont.Mf you can answer them colroclly then y pll j, !1VP the key to tlsc wJtiiicr. Ifc-re they nre: • , . I.--.b the Michigan 'hpxlng C"in- mlssion going to' allow baftlted turn? lu the ring? In his first fight with Louis the .sharp turns slowed down Pastor considerably,, mill he lias requested the .same turns as nre used at the rnOlanajjclls Sneedvuv 2. Will Pastor le flllowed to 'use starting biocks unil spiked riipesV Ii. Docs l/iuls know enough about narksnifliiship ta lead a moving target?, He didn't the Irist time lie fought Pastor, and was conUmmllv cheating- behind the winghi" New Yorker. Ornltlmlogicnl slnllsllcfehs have figured - llmt Pastor ijt cs tt t about the same speed as the duck liawk and should he led by 14 fret. . 4. Will Pastor's time for the first 100 yards be recognised as official by lhe A. A. U. If his time exceeds the record of 0:9.4 now heid by Jesse Owens? .5. Will the rules that govern the six-day bike race-be in force, and It they arc, will Bicycle Bob be credited with points when he laps WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1.939. . 0. Is a man who was slapped silly only a -year ago by that Me^,,13 mis m.wu more vengefuliy bE*'!,,!.^ 0 , rl ^' . Ma ' x .'c Hoscn- nbout Pastor . than he ever |,u fc ? ^" L^J'™ 1 •«*?« With "fair nnd warmer" fore- can sland up agalmt Joe Louis? 7. fs Louis mad at Pastor.? This is_ very Important, because Slnitfli who have annoyed him. Remember Max Baer? And Max Schineling? . .. ' , called 1 " ls If n lire on blov/s out faster Pastor's will time be Doc Prblhro's Phillies Mumble Reds While Cards Beat Dodgers BY GEORCJK K1RKSKV Unlled I'ress S'taff CoiTcspofiileiil NEW YORK, Sept. 20 (UP)-the Cincinnati ftcds' pennant drive today bogged down to Its lowest depths June 1. with their lead (rimmed to 1% games, the Reds cannot afford to dilly-dally from "•iw on. , fn their most ludicrous exhibition of the Reason, the Longue- Leading Keds were hilmbled yes- terdny by the last-place Phillies, 13-1. Until yesterday, the Phils Iindn't won a game from the Hods In Cincinnati and had wen only two out of their 19 games. llut Kirby lllgbn, the prize the Cubs let slip through their lingers to UK; J'lills, had the Reds eating out of his big right hand. He let | them down with six hits and didn't I allow a run until the eighth, when he had nn ll-rim lead. Tlic Reds did cviirylliing wrong. The' crippled Dllly Myers made three errors before he was taken out. Bill Werbei- and John Niggel- Ing contributed two more for a total of five. Vandci 1 Mcer, who started, was wild nnd couldn't come down the alley ivilh anything on the ball. He was denlcked vvllii none out. The Phils collecled 13 hits oil Vandpr Moor, Niggling, nnd Johnson. As the Hods' lead melted lo 2%' games, the Cardinals moved closer lo lhe top than nt any time since Juno I, when they trailed by only two games. With Southpaw Max Lanier, recently- called in from the while he fixes H, or \vill « albwed to catch up with 0. Has the possession of (wo dov.en bright Pastor, of the curly brown locks —n fair-skinned, well proportioned Inil, t\vo Inches shorler than the tall hrowu bomber—broke camp nt Brighton .yesterday ^and motored into Detroit after eight long weeks of Iralnbig for tills greatest chance of his career. At his hotel "Bicycle Bob" \vas calm and confident. Ho had • brought, his wife Florence, on from New York "to watrli me win the title." Louis and his enlourage broke camp nt Northvillc this morning and came to. town in time lor the noon weighing-in nt, the State Mr Grcuncis race track, where Joe expected to scale 2Q1 pounds and Pastor 187. , Pastor, was about eight pounds heavier Ihnfi when they met before: . Because of. the chase of their first engagement,. many fistic fc\- lowors said It -whs : nillng Indeed that the Michigan commission hnd designated lhe 'race -track for the \velgl\tng-ln, ngurlng that the shout will go up. "They're off" when'the opening gong sounds. They are ecu. fidcnt Hint Ptislor will try lo evade the linrcl hitting negro by fancy fooUvork for the frist 10 ramds,.lf lie can keep out of corner Imps. Then Bob nmy essay n few punches of Uis own, mixed \vllh plenty cf (bulling). Pastor and his manager, Jimmy Johhstone,' says he'll surprise the boxing world by beating Louis because he has improved 300 per cent turnip greens, nnd ., still cnrae hard? ' i " 10. Will Paster have a letter fipm his pastor when , he enters the ring? . .. . ;11. When people say the fight will go "twenty" what do they mean, rounds or seconds? 12. Has Pastor been" informed nf Ms opponent's iituna, or Is he still being kept in the dark concerning it? '. 13. Is Jimmy Johnston psychic, biased or just plain crnzy when he says Pastor will knock out Ixnils hefore the 12th round? U. Will Governor mron Dickinson allow lhe nieii to cnlcr the ring in tights? He frowns on the shorts worn by Boy Scouts, yon know, and may issue a Inst minute order requiring Louis nnd Pastor lo fight- In double breasted diving bells. • . 16. Is the power of Louis' punches Icgilimnlc or did nr'iiiMock. Uaer. Gnlento, Sdimellng and all the rest of his victims go (o the hospital just because can de chloroform is their favorite perfume? 10. Has Pastor made a will? 17. Is there a private agreement between lhe two waning parties that no innocent citizens (such ns Pastor) will be shelled? 18. Is it true Hint Pnslor has named General Gocrlng as his successor if nnylhlng should happen to him? 19. Ifavc the sports experts any cause ne nas improved 300 per cent .._,:, ,„ " „ , ->•-- -•' "»i since .their last fight-having gain- f ?' l to , p ' edlcl "? °" lcomc M " ed exneviencc. shimlrm. „„,! rLrh " lc . lr , slcrUng Pw/crmnncc on tiie ed experience, stamina, nnd punch In 25'bouls. mcst ol which lasted lhe distance. Pastor and Jimmy Insist that lhe champion hasn't Improved a bit, that lie demonstrated the mistakes In his last engagement with Tony Oalenio in June he made wllh Bicycle Bob t»o years ago. p rt But betting men emphasize Hint 514 Louis knyoed Galenlo in the fourth ' 5 gg round in Juno, nnd that Galcnto .549 knyocd young Lou Nova last week at Philadelphia. Also lliat tills same Nova was good eii:ugh to hold Pastor to n draw In February '38. By this reasoning, Pastor Onlento-Nova fight? Read Courier News want ads. 'NATIONAL'S EAGLE ' WHISKEY "The King of lilends" 50 Proof —tf)%" grain neutral spirits National l)isiilltr«) > r(xluctsCorp 1 .,N.Y.C .536 .497 .461 .428 .317 -Amcrlciin r.c.iguc W. I.. New York ..' 100 43 Boston 83 50 Chicago , "• 79 63 Cleveland 79 S3 Detroit 73 68 Washington 63 81 Philadelphia 52 91 PH .COS .584 .556 ,556 .518 .364 St. Louis 40 101 384 Yesterday's Results Southern I.MEIIC (Shauglmessy Playoff Final) Nashville 10, Atlanta 6. Today 1 * Games Soulhcui league (ShaUghnessy PlayolT Final) Nashville at Atlanta. National League Philadelphia at Cincinnati New Ycrk at Chicago. Brooklyn at St. Louis. Boston at Pittsburgh, two. American League Cleveland at Washington Detroit At Philadelphia Chicago at New York St. lot 1 is »t Boston. National League Philadelphia 13. Cinneimvatt 1. Chicago 3, New York 2. Pittsburgh 5, Boston 3. St. Louis 6. Brooklyn 1. . , is an Inferior lighter to Louis. The bout Is slated to start at 10:30 p.m. (EOT). It will-be broadcast over the NBC blue network, a supporting heavyweight card of four f;ur-roundcrs and two six-rounders goes with It. >•:•-• The winner Is expected to defend the crown against Oalento in June, possibly at Detroit, If tonight's gate Is up lo expectations. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS American New York 6, Chicago 2. Boston 0, St. Louis 2. Detroit 8, Philadelphia 4 Washington 10, Cleveland 0. SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — Tsvo "pelting bandits" '-Aho- had already help up and robbed seven petting parties. In Uuir eighth successtul robbery got is cents frcm the boy nnd, 13 cents trom lhe girl. ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE We have on hantl a supply of New Crop alfalfa seed for sale. U. S. Verified and ;i|t- provcrt for A.A.A. payment in North Central District. L.R. Matthews Gin Co Phone 11-F-fc Yarbro Tost Office, Blythcvlltc, Ark. minors, rmrJihg n five lilt the cauls stopped the Dodgers' rush, ,0-1... Hank Leibcr's 21st homer with n male on base featured the Cubs' 3-2 victoi-y over lhe Giants. Hilly Herman's single after I,nrry French had reached first on Hnnnlng's failure to hold ft third strike produced (nd winning, run. French went to second en a balk and counted on Herman's hit. French was credited ivith victory No,- M. Rookie not) Elliott's homer with a mate on has? gave Pittsburgh a 5-3 victory over the Bees. Paul Waiicr hit In Ills L'OUi consecutive game. Kdgar Smith, White Sox cotton lapped (jcuthpniv and one-time Yankee jinx. i;At powerless to stop the Broil* fcombeffl. who tapped a (i-2 trlUinpli. Oral llildcbrand won his 9th gnuie, allowing seven hits. The Red Soy. further entrenched themselves In second place l>y scoring a 0-2 win over the Browns. Rudy York'* plnclj single with the bases loaded in tile eighth enabled Ilie Tlgeis to come from behind to beat the Athletics, 8-4. Bnck Newsmn held the A'a scoreless behind a 3-0 lead until the seventh when he Mew up anil (he Mackmen scorei! a:; tlieir runs. Hank Orecnbei-g hit homer No. 30! with a mate on In the ninth. Washington clubbed otll n JO-9 victory over Cleveland to keep t)>r> Indians deadlocked with the White Sox for third place. Yesterday's hero—Hank Lclbcr, whose homer with &• mate on base played a prominent part In the Cubs' 3-2 victory over the Cllants, Forrest City Band To Load Osccola Parade OSCEObA, Sept. 20. — With the Oscedia Sofnlnoles 1 season opener scheduled for lomurow night with Coloiiy, preparations are under way for a gala affair, according to Superintendent Roy Diuvson Purest City's cwck band will x on hand to furnish music prior to and during the game and lead i gigantic parade at 5 o'clock. At Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First rhone Hi least one hundred cnr;; to tnke pare, Conch Frnnk Jones said his squad wns shaping tip nicely ami game lime should find them ready Kenvy Swift, swivel-hipped halfback] is the only casually. He suffered n back Injury Insi week, and probably will be out for at least a month,-possibly longer. H APPY GRO.& H OUR FREE DEI/IVKRY 103 W. Slain St. 1'lioun Is PHONE 205 FOR YOUR POULTRY Nice, fat liens and fryers & other poultry at nil times. (VK DRESS AND DELIVER FREE! STICKLER-GOODWIN CO. «« E. Main Start the Season in a ....STETSON Wo have so many desirable Slctson Styles from which to choose you r . new fall hat. Here are some of our most popular. Easy lies the head that wears this Stetson It's the "Open Road" ... the new Stetson that's as tight as a gypsy's song:. It has the casual air of a country sfentleman, the softness of night . . . the poised winged lines. In the new exclusive International Colors. §5. Ol B.i.tO. v - The Stetson Air-Light It's cool as a brisk' A ti t it nt 11 breeze! You' flattered by Us casual, sporting lines, perfect )il, ..soft mellow fell. In the New,.ex') elusive lnt«vnation»l Colors. $;V Stetson Scores with The Tyrolean This new Stetson Tyrolean is the l)cst grandstand [ilay of (he sea son! It's'the Stetson that's male ing Ail-American on smart heads this Fall. See Iho "Rover" today §5. For Your Son- the Junior STETSON He'd he proud o f h i s Junior Stetson . . . styled after Dad's . . . similar shapes, same attractive colors. §3.50. Many Men Prefer The Stetson PARKWAY For Ihcsc who like green there's tlic Silver Vine, (lie Heck slix is gray, Acorn Mix 1 , a beautiful tan, and Flemish ' Mix, a becoming blue. All soft colors. The Uat is vclvcly smooth with mix finish. So. As Usual The Best Styles Are Always At 315 MAIN- —315

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