The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1931
Page 7
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1931 BLYTHBV1LLE, <ABK.) COURIER PACE print CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents R word for first insertion and one c*ot » word tot «ach subsequent Insertion. No advertisement tsken for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. none 306 ==== FOR SALE FOR SALE-Baby Chicks. All varieties Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, BlySeville. 20-CK-TF Biggest Values We Have Ever Offered These Cars Must He Seen To Be Appreciated. 1927 CHEVROLET COUPE ..SCO 19S8 CHEVROLET COACH .. S 1328 CHEVROLET SEDAN .. $115 19Z9 CHEVROLET COACH .. 5225 1925 FORD TOURING .... S 25 1926 FORD COUPE $50 1329 FORD SPORT COUPE .. $209 For Economical Transportation Buy Your 0. K. bs«l Cars From * W.LDenton Chevrolet Co. ould K lvr FCU RENT FOB RENT-Shane apartment and five room house. Best ol plumb ing fixtures, light fixtures and heating plants. I3ol!i kept in perfect conoition. Telephones 197 arid 671. cklti ROOM & BOARD—S6.00 per week Mrs. John Smith, 115 West Cherry. llP-KiS FOR RENT—7 room house, ncwlj decorated. Good residential see tion 1030 \V. Walnut. Call 527. I1F-KI FOR RENT — 6 room house, 11' .Cherry. Newly decorated. Garden Phone 614. 12P-KI FOR RENT—Furnished room wit! batri and furnace heat. NO. Ill Chlckasawba Ave.. Phone No. &K FOR RENT—Furnished apartmen "for. couple. Hot & Cold Wate S25 OS per month. Frank C. Dougla Phone 3S3 or 454. . 13P-K1 WANTED nltu BOd DEGIN 1IKBE TOUAV GINiiER El.l.A 'TOI.I.1VEH, daunMcr mt a wlal»l*r nnd ""jj" dutjri-M (onatr VHIIj VAX IIHORN. orKanlinl » J«alor Colin- 1rr Club )B la* 1ow» of lit* Tbr«.», Iowa, |u»t <« •}»'» '''• nranng lae yowiK** » f t Irota nr- rimilns loo dull. Acrordlnul). »hi; l>iirrlia»fd tin old f"Tni home nnj rrmoiirltd 11. IIARII 11OI.1.0WAV, a yoiiim •rll.l nao <<«. knunlai; i""" 1 " th« eoanlrr. alopiird IB iica Ihriuh. Allrarlfd by 43 ™*',' 1B ||J ana'rtri-'orim'li'" "'«» rl "'' "i™".! He enve the nnine ''Jnle a> ^ f'j 10 Ibe rl«b. and h* auirncaira M-nolna; lu Chlcimn for MCOI.O CAl.I.EXO, wao coald cook and •tne ana alrnm n EUllar. llul Xlcolo.vt.uld not r»mr. In al* nlaf*- (acre arrived ihrrp <»f al> connlrrmcn. AXOKI.fl "»• " ntmlrlnm 1-IKTBO could rook. naJ BEXITO cool* tine. Gingtr mot Ibeiu on. Unrd Iwinn <o rrtlUe »« w»» '" Imp <rl(a Glnsrr. He auBB»»lnl Ir-nvlnir. Bui rm. UaouliiK Mn- K i-r. v'"«ii"l"l him 1" "'""I 1 " Innffr n« the Tolllvcru' Rural, lint for <:In*cr'jt roinl *ar ." rlll< J '" STKKT) HOM'.V. u farmer "Ifno al Glnitr'.. nnd Invited Mr- .1.11 tSrm. She fr» "f Cnrd mnir cnlillirHll^n.^rr nV?.-iili°» InUlfi I'ATTV SHAHS lo ink? corr ,.l Spcrd. llul I'all/ \«[>ialdii'< rnniL.. pUndloB Inanity I EIII1V JACKSON. WkiTtiiiioi ninii-r rcn< lo lid*y nlniul II. litine'lnit il'a »l«l«r. •»«• perMir Ixilh F.tAj and Pnlly In coinr. And Tddr dcildcd lo liull <u ,1, i, r nnklan Hfo mhmilile TOT litnccr. MrnllwMli innilr <i "IP I" Clywi;" inrnrd with n plnn lu klni err. KnoirlaB her >lrpmntlirr li«» n lot of money, hr filnna lo bold her for hcnvy rnn«om. Sliced nnd kin atnlrr nrrlrc. name I« COTTOX. nnd »hp 1« al nil like The jrlrl litnKcr Itcclcil lu ace. filne^r ivna a l!tt!c fcnrful thai Colloii would vi very nllraclUe lo Ilnrd. i:Jdy riinffcn fur Hard and Olltin In loBCfhrr. Pntly nr unlred nfl i Sn >ed, aad Eddy aluck with Uiu NOW CO OS WITH TUB STOIl CHAPTER XXVI1T Cl'EEI) did not overlook this 'par^ tlality of Cotton's for Etliiy Jackson, «nd realized (bat wbat was ralent to him must be llie same ^o Ginger. This, tbc-n, was tlie trouble. She was Jealous, nnd Speed, vrlio had been invited solely to cheer her up, hail added to her worries by bringing with him a pretty target (or her jealousy. Ho was increaa- Sagly annoyed at Cotton, who fpl- loived Eddy Jackson around tlie place wherever he wer.t, hung on bis every word, and made frank efforts to appropriate him and get rid ot Bard. On tho second day he decided that "she was going too far, so be took her aside and told her about it in an ugly voice. "I suppose with two men lo the house—not counting Mr. TolliTpr— and upon my ^-ord. 1 wonder tt restraint In leaving him one!— but -with two eligible meu Is entirely too mucli to expect iu not lo B|rl, but i( you'vo got carry on OB you arc, 1 want you stick to llolloway awl leave ackson alone. Ginger's sweet on in licrsclC alul slic iluc^n'i llko iho ay you kecii running niter him. ow you cut It out." Cotton pouted prettily. "I linvcn'l IrteJ a bit," s!io protested. "I ouliln't fur anylhlng. Hut 1 ilon't are about Card. He's just another ollar nd to me. 1'leaso nlvo liln o somebody else ami let mo havu just sweet. 1 couli nvc a corking good lime with lilin 'an't I ask GUiscr to trade?" • * • 1'EIiD vvns horrlneil. "Wlial!' he ejaculated. "Take Eddy awa rom Ginger? Most certainly no' Vliy, they're as cood ns cngauci And you cut out tagBlnf him a iver tbc place, and rolling np you eyes every timo ho looks al you Anil let him light Ills own clgarel oo, tie's no cripple. And what's th :tlca falling oR your chair \vtl iauBhlnB every timo ho inoutli? He's .not so funny! No you lay off!" Uut why should I lio the goat' "I won't any more," said Cotton, Jut Ginger seems EO— sort ot use— 1 shouldn't think ahe would ic shocked al anything." "Ginger, blase? Listen, that's all ul on. I kuow that girl llko a wok. At heart she's Jusl a Sunday. chcol class Ilka she always was. lie's Just pulling on ntrs." Cotton did try, but Hard was so laluly being only polito to her as gentleman should, so obviously training nt the leash to get hack Ginger, and Krttly wus so rcshlngly gay and cock-sure, tlml t wns Impossible for her to bide icr preference. Never bcforo had Eddy Jackson isserlcd himself In such manner li he ways of society. Upon the farn 10 was master of all ho surveyed running things wllh a high hand but as he said hlmseU, when hi wenl in for high lifo ho was sails (icil to hang on to somebody's acron strings. nut this was a new Eddr. 11 she protested. "Why should ihcy pick on mo to rWe In iiio old llat- tlctrap and llr.ton to Hard saying nothing at all the whole iby long?" "Well, why should I be wished on Patty, answer me that? But "she's got me, hasn't stie? Don't yod notice how mopcy and gentle Ginger is? She's not a bit like that naturally. Full of pep. aiul icl's-du-lt! Now yoD lay off." To please him, Cotton Eald she would. But Speed was not satisfied. l«V:o things lota his own liniula having It out with Hard, man 3 111311 "Unnl," lio said, "bo a good sport, 'oii't you, mid keep Cotton nivay •om Kiijy. Cotton doeau'l menu a itnn in iho world [ho way she curies on, bin sbe's n Jollier hy nauiro nrt can't help hcrBcK. I'm afiuld liiEer Is—well—a lltilo jealous." Hani, bored 10 dlstrncllon lilin- elf, tartly hoped BO, but certainly ol lu iho direction tb«l Speed's cmark would bcem to indicate. "(HiiBor—ic-nluiis?" "Yis-tlic wny Cotton keeps tnak' UK ni> to Eddy JackBon." "Wliv—Oliiscr'b not Inlercslcd n KdJy Jncksoii." '"The ilcvll pho'R not. \\'hy, tlu'y'i'G us Eooil as mnrrlcil, nnd havo liecii ever since Glnpcr wp.s a kid. 1 know it was con;inon lalk when 1 wns liero. They're lust waiting until side's old cnoutli." OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern "And what's more, I'd like to know what you mean cmo!;ini5 ciKarels out here? Didn't I tell you It wasn't tbe thing?" "Ginger said she didn't mind." Cotton protested. "And 1 haven't smoked before her father, or at Doorndee. Just at the club." "GinRcr bad to say she didn't mind, to be polite," Bald Speed. "Uut you notice they don't smoke, do they? And suppose some others at the club do smoke—they're not her guests, and we are. I tell you, there's- a sort ol conventionality about preachers' families, and you don't lit in." • • • • 4'T WON'T smoke any more," Cot- ran everything and everybody. au< a wretched Job he mail* of It ui cording to Iho iinnnliuous jildgnieM of bis \tcllni9. Wllh a cheery! stage niE!]agerl5i effect ot showing every body u good time, he kept every oil doing something ho didn't wish do nnd wltb the person ho wlshe- least In (ho world to ho noiiig it. TTE began Iho day by getting Co ton and Bard oft on the horses for an early canter, set Pally and Speed to gathering flowers, 'while ic helped Ginger arrange the laWes for tbe hrldge party, Around noon ho sent Cotton and Hard off In the Rattletrap to do needful errands, turned Patty nnd Speed loose In the kitchen to make candy, and ho helped Glngor telephone the invitations for the next party. Or If they were at Jllll Itush ton meekly. "And Just kindly cut out sneak- Ing Inlo. llie kitchen, too." i Speed. "I know what you yo o:it there for. Yon seem to forget tUnt I'm responsible for bringing he granted Co! ion and Bard. In OHO ol (lie canoes to catch fish. for sup Jier, cornered Tatty and Speed' on the tennis court, while he and Gin ger urc-iiarcd Hie refreshments. There \VOB no getting around. his dlnliollcnl machinations. A Her' the first day or two Ginger censed to struggle and resigned herself ninte ly. miserably, to tlio inevitable, pin Ing wordlessly. . Hut Cotlon ivas too vivacious, toe bulilillng over with tlio Joy o( life to be entirely submissive to th still tioreil comcany o£ Bard. Slie won !il have gone frankly t T)AIII> wcut rjulte while, lio vns shocked. Wlterly hint. That frank glad way of Ginger hail of liltiux her blue eyi-a unlll llicy Eeemcd .(o melt hcncnlli his glance! It didn't Eoem possible. "Oh—I see,'.' lie said Blow])-. "1'vs been pretty dumb. L dlrln'i suspect It. Yes. ot course, I'll do what I can," He got mil (lie RMIk-trnri nnd Ills alnts anil weul alone to Mill Hush —to paint—to think—to snuVr. Inger—llko that! Tho vay her ngers curled up, wiivui nnd re- poiniinr, <A-ithln his liaiul! Tlio vay her lips drooped and IrcmUlcd when his eyes told her he loved her! 'he way her laugh qulvcved when n dulled In her bcauly! Ha wouldn't linvc believed It. \Vhat a jolly ass she hr.d li'ccn nnklug of him. Here lie had his nind all nmdo up lo cctlle down mil become a ;;ooii man nnrt (me — or her snke—to abandon for ever be say glad ways ot l"ic <Jc Ginger an avowal uisbes but Speed's ^•arning a Ginger's own interest sealetl he lif.s. And Sjice^, who watched Gin gcr's unnatural reticenco with In creasing uneasines's, finally decide $AW"Tr< ou-f iU OUR ^SU MEAU -f(i 5AV VoU T l?e ASWWO $3ET. FOR lHAY CRASH \ MIME. T fp Ptisd To "TH' TILL ir BaffLES ,-fo i-r BUMPER -i"rfeW T J.U TAKB VflUR I CflUU) SEU-'. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES fr* ; OH! OH! ill for the light in Ginper's eyes. ifverylhniE he bad said atid ilnno md been with that lu mind—(hat spme day tbey would l« for ever each other's! And Gliigcr was wnit- ng to grow up for Eddy Jackson. Well, (hat settled II. He'd pack up and Katllctrnp It out ot lied Thrush lomorrbv,-. No. he'd lio hanged if he would! He'd yhow her. She shouldn't have that Inuyh on him to add lo Ihe others—that ho bad run from her prc?ence lilco a whipped dog. If that was the lay of tbe land he would piny usi to Cotton In good earnest and give her a real ruu for her charms'. Khe was charming enough. Hut (Jiuger's blue eyes! (To Bo Continued) WANTED — Family Washing Washed and ironed by compe tent white woman. - llrs. Brown 704 S. Lake St. 17OK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prices any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, Z10 S. Ftmrth St. 9C-TF POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 21Q N. Railroad St., west ol courthouse. J. E. Fisher. 4C-K16 Coats Relined— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS Phone 119 FOR RENT 5 room bungalow with garage. Will decorate to suit tenant. L. FOWLER Phone 888 of Canned Goods SEATTLE. (UP)—When a burB- ar pul!.3d out a gun ami threat- net! to shoot R. M. Dunn, 74- ear-olrt grocer, a 14-year-old clerk iur!«l a can of tomatoes, hit- the >andit on the temple nnd floored lim. Then the youth, William Priestman, laid down a regular bnr- •age of canned fruit nnd vegeta- IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP B nrtJ | ar Fsranpe Rarrac/p THE UNITED STATES pop c orgiar Escapes oarrage THE JONESBOHO DIVISION; OF THE EASTEKN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. '.: IN THE MATTER OF E. H. Taber. In Bankruptcy. To the creditors of the above named bankrupt of Leachville in the county: of .Mississippi, Divissort and. District aforesaid, a bankrupf. Notice is hereby given that on Feb. llth., 1931, the above named petitioner was duly adjudged a bankrupt, and the first meeting of the creditors will be heM at my offic-3 in the City of Jonesborc, in said District on Feb. 25th., 1931 at 2 P. J,f.. at which time the said creditors may attend, yjrove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact, rucli other business as may properly come before said meeting. At Joncsboro. Arkansas, this Feb. 13th., 1931. P. C. MULLINIX, Releree in Bankruptcy AuTOGREASIHG WW SERVICE Gulf Service Station Bryant Plionc 4 Stewart, Main & Division FAY O.DAVIS Phones 234 or -121 Local anA Ion; distance hanllng. Special rates on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. R. WASHAM TRANSFER HOC Chlckasawtrt I'lionc 851 JACK UEI.K Pndialor Expert, Is now with us. New find Used Ifcidialors For All Cars Jackson Aulo Paris 2020 \V. Slain—riioiic 66 FOR RENT ! Good delta tanns — from 80 to 1000 acres—Write or call for information. Tennessee Joint Slock Land Bank 2nrl Floor Bnim of Commerce & Trust Co. Memphis, TCHM. bles Tlie aged grccer. .he bombardment, said the boy hit he bandib with every throw. He ran out the clcor after him, con- Shave Saved Taxi Driver Cost of New Photograph BOSTON. (UP)—A new rule ol the Boston police department provides that all laxi drivers shall (lie their photographs nt headquarters. A driver approached Inspector James R. Clailin and handed him a photograph. "Sorry." laid Claflin. "but I can't accept. this photo. It shows you clean-shaven and you've got a who watched! moustache now." tinuing The man mane throw canned goods. escape with "How much docs a phclo cost?" "Seventy-five cents." said Claflin. The driver lc.fl. When he return- er; half an hour later he did iiDt have a new photograph. Neither Idid he have a new photograph. "I saved 55 cents by using tbe The No=e Club ot London admits [ beau," he gloated. only those whose noses are so] • enormous as to attract attention. Read Courier News want ads. Net>: York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 14 (UP)— Cotton closed eteacly. open high low close Mar 1098 1098 1087 1081 Mfiy 1123 1123 1112 1113 July 1148 1148 1137 1131). Dec 1101 11C1 1185 1185 Jan 1107 1193 1102 1102 . Spots closed steady at 1005, oft 5 I\'ew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. H (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close HB8 1099 1067 1090 1123 1123 1113 1115 1144 1H5 1138 1139 1172 1172 11G5 110ft 1191 1101 1185 1185-3b Jan. 1198b 1200a Spots closed steady and unchanged at 1037. WN^C At SO ? ft* SEEN OE 6RMK>E«> Mai- May July Oct Dec AN ACCIDENT TO_L1NDY! HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 8fU-. bn Shuck oft, 86c per bu., in car lots. Cotlon States Sales Co., Inc. Blythevllle, Avk. Phone 174 or LD 1806. FOR SALE Stoncvillc No. I planting Kcctl incli anil .sixtccnlli Kt;iplc, saved before any rains, bin boll, easy picking, ttinis oul well at gin.. 1'ricc $50.00 per ton. Less than ton S3.00 per hunrlvcd or will ox- change ono for two Tor good prime seed. J.H. Smart, Sr. H2;i West Main Plionc 551 By Bkts&l ~ SAY ' LIKE UE'S SITTiUS AUD CAM USLP US EASY TURNS TIIK TABLES nt . osw . VLt JUST KEEP TmSOUN, ( I'l \JR> t,\T OUT 0' / VJCLL! wnv f I DON'T VOO SHOOT AH9 VDONE WITH IT- I-I THE WtES PtE^TOL HDS' 6SRUSTV. ARRIV9S V)lTrt60*l. LLUDf-S SOLDIERS OMW 10 Gt MORE

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