The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MAY 14,1943 BT/YTHtVTLLE (ARK.) COUKIsE* KKWS FACE SEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House withMoj. HoopU AA.L SU6 SAX VIA*, JA*ON, *O FETCH DAT 6K» TXjeF6L SUt DIDN'T SPEAK 0« >JO 308, Art' SUE £ee»A MeoiOM FCiertOLV, tM VOIF6 TOPAX \>JM6hi KClfi- 3A*Ot*f 90 fH* ' >**« we —DM.' DID SHE- MELTON THAT 3OS? DID Srtt APPEAR CALM CV£ SMIT -rHt COLD, BALtFUC Of A COILED BA6VS SHOES BOCM THIRTY VEARS TOO SOOM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Too Tepid, Mister Woman Promises Suit To Gain Voting Rights CAIRO f.'T',—Mounira Tliabet says she will MIC Ihe government unless Egyptian \voivirn are siven Ihe riyht to vote before Ihe end of the year. Miss Thibet, a pioneer Egyptian ^ftniinist leader, wauls her sex enfranchised for the next elections. She did not explain in what manner she would bring her suit. »T t JC Read Courier News Want Ads. Treat Your Watch ToANewCheck-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices * Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! D H EIFI S Mr.el Ilreifus . . . Wear Iliamandi .All Work Guaranteed COPY.I6HT »Y HUGH tAWKNCE NELSOK DISTRIBUTED »Y NEA SERVICE, INC, 1 POUR days out of San Francisco, the 65-foot Simpalico, converted tuna fisher, once mine layer, raised Spear* Island. Bea Cosgrove left the grease- smelling alcove where her three women' companions still »at al table with the member of the crew who passed as first mate and spoke only with gestures and ogles. As she walked forward, she felt the pulse of the overtaxed Diesels slow The bow dropped lower, pushed apologetically now through the swells. She saw the captain in the liny wheelhouse. pulling awsy a dead leaf from the polled plant he tended so carefully. He looked up and smiled at her. a Bash of white teeth in his bearded face. The hal door hid Ihe cotton pants he usu ally wore, and the bare upper pal 1 of his body was incredibly hairy. In the bow, the reduced speed had stopped any breeze. Be pushed her dark hair from he eyes. Ahead was a small brow smudge. "Speare Island. Beautiful, is it not?" She turned to face Captain Oak. He stood beside her on splayed bare feet. The hair on top of his shoulders stood up in unruly tufts. He looked at her a moment, then turned and pointed ahead again. "Your future home. Home, Sweet Home." "So you do speak English? I thought you couldn'l be as dumb as you prelended," Bea said, provoked Hugh Lawrence Nelson Oak's bearded face wan creased In bewilderment "Ah, tenorila, what have JOB and I to do with love?" You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogun Jessie Snte Hotel Noble Hldg. Blytheville. Ark. 'You are provoked with me Thai is all right. I, Miguel Cervantes Vanessi Oak, say H is all right- But this thing 7011 are goinf must warn." He reached in a pocket of his white pants and pulled out a liny, nickel-plated revolver. He said, "You can use this 1 think." She took it, looker! at it. "I, wouldn't shoot that thing with a borrowed hand." Oak said, "The things schoolteachers know! But you are right. It is a 'suicide gun.' But it will serve a purpose. It might be used to draw attention away from that so efficient automatic you carry in your girdle! Yon sec, on the island, no firearms are allowed but his." Bea partially checked her downward glance. UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our Prices DRIVEN UNIFORMS TAXI and TRUCK All Colors — Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON C/coner-C/othier-Tai/or I Have At AH Timti For SaU MTenu tractor* *Bd e^ilpDMHt k»th MW and »ed I h»T« J*k> Oecrc. FarmalL ford ••< ctlwr make*. I now hare arm tart tractors and equipment read? r«t drllTtn at ilealeni prlc* I will trade for most anything T*« •\ave- 1'ernu can b< arranfed. to do. That • not all right" I "1 don't know what jou're talking about." she laid. Captain Miguel Oak shrugged his massive shoulders. "Those other three in Ihe mess hall. Of them 1 laugh. 1 do not care what they do It is fine if they go to Speare Island. For you. for one so beautiful, with a figure like . . ." he gestured. He repeated, "It is not good. For those others, maybe there is no other chance." Miss Coifrove'i fray eyes could take on a greenish shade at times. She said, "I'm *0. Tve taught school 20 years. 1—" He interrupted. T do nol care about your past. Even if 1 believed the words you say." "And you have something to suggest?" "You laugh at me. But never mind. 1 do have something lo suggest. Go back with me on the Simpalico. Do nol stay on the island." • • • CHE stared at him. His ilit eyes ^ were a liquid brown. •And if I «tay with the other three?" He shrugged. "I suppose," Bea said, "I shouh be complimented. You break youi four-day silence, and make pro posals. But the answer is no." "Proposals?" Oak's bearded face was creased in bewilderment He laughed suddenly. "Ah, s«no- rita, you thought I spoke of love Of love between us, eh? Wh« have you and I to do with love? He waited fer an answer, went aa at last. "It is not the time, n But there i< something else which we knew. Somethin stronger maybe." "Stronger? What do yoti m*a»T -Hale, senoriU. Hate." Bea looked at the island, closer now, with individual teaturei clifli and white foam line emerg ing. "I'm not goiag b«ck," ah Mid slowly. "I did «* this* M. 1 a* F. C. CROWE i milt sotuh nl M* "It does not show," Oak said. Unless one has an eye for such alters." "Thanks. I'll take it, put it in y bag. And 1 suppose I'd better a put the few Ihings I have to- elher." "There is plenty ol lime. We ust wait outside lor Ihe righl oment. It is a bad Iruuling." Bea smiled. "I'll lake care of lysclf." She reached oul and pat- ed his shoulder. The lufLs of hnir were springy under her palm. She erked her hand away. Miguel Oak said, "You were not uilt to hold so much hate." • • • T was lale afternoon and (our •* women were on the forcdeck ol he Simpatico when she entered he cove, hugging closely the over- lang of a yellow, scarlet and black lift. The wake pushed oul anc ossed the restless waler agains he green sea growlh on lidal rock retreated and left Ihe long slream ers brushed and dripping. A group of men wailed silenlly i one side of the small dock while noisy sea birds littered tly other. When the Simpatico slii closer Bea could se* strands o barb wire which caged the men shut them off from the wide tabl where one man in spotless whil sat wailing. Miss Copgrove and her Ihree companions held identical overnight cases they had been given to "bring everything they wanlcrt besides clothes" lo Speare Island. All [our were dressed in their versions of suilable. Miss Cosgrove in • black suit skirt and coat with a loose white blouse, ankle socka and comfortable low black shoes. Mabel Jones's flowered print hung loosely and shape- letsly from her sloping shoulders and left bare Ihe lower part of her tanned, muscle-corded arms. In one work-hardened hand she carried a gray coal wilh mousy moth eaten bits of collar fur. Lilly Warren 1 * shocking pink slacks were too tigtit across the seat. Her orT- r*d shoes wen open-Iced. Her hennaed hair (cll.bplow shnul- .ier length lo her .well-filled green sweater. Agnes Firth's shoes were patched, run over al the heels and neatly ix>lished. Her service-weight hose were darned and she wore a nondescript gray suil as If il were an unpleasant chance actiuainlencc. As tlie Simpattco cnme in for a landing, hundreds of birds look the air, screaming their opinions. The group ol men milled about, herded themselves toward the closed gate. • • • OKA COSGROVK could see the whites of eyes in dark faces, ic flash of teeth. She heard them augh. She looked around to see illy Warren lucking the tight wcaler into her sliicks. "You come loo lale," one man ailed. Anolher snid, "Mas valcn cualro >ajaros en riumo quo ciento vo- ando." The Simpatico touched Ihe dock, lur engines Inrned over slowly, holding her. Captain Oak called, 'Step ashore! Step nshore! Quien anda al reves anda el camino doe veces." The men laughed. The lour women stepped ashore wilh llieir ovcrniRht cases. Their sea legs lent motion to the dock they moved slowly toward the man in while. A scuffling sound made Bea look back. The gale was open and Ihe men pushed through. They ran Ihe few slcps, jumped lo the Sim- palico. Her engines reversed, swung her slowly, pitching and tossing in tlic rip and crosscurrents. Ihen nosed her low.-ird the enlrance of the cove. The sea birds hovered uncerlainly. Some skimmed low over the Simpalico's wake, while Ihe rest settled noisily to the dock. Miss Cosgrove bumped inlo Agnes firth, turned quickly and found herself at the table. She [aced Ihe man she had laughl herself lo hale. The realily. inslead of her previous nebulous and Dloocilcss menial piclure. The man slood up. "I am Henry Gough Harding," he said. "If you ladies will open your bags for inspection and present your oreden- lials?" The opened cases were lined up on the table. Koch of Ihe women held oul her teller on the embossed paper of the l.onelyhearts' Matrimonial and Correspondence Club. Henry Harding took the letlers. glanced at Ihcm, looked up mo- menlarily and Ihen sal down as he aaitl. "These arc your passports to a belter life on Speare Island." (To Be Continued) FOR SALE Concrete culverts. It Inch l» 4* inch, pUin or reenfnrced. Alsft Concrete Balldini Blocks cheaper than lumber fer karm, chicken homaes, |»M» h*M*«, tenant heue*, teel sheds. We deirrer. Call « f*r frae wtisMt* . . . Ph«ne <91. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. i in • Ncrlh 'in* Fhont 113? iMODERNEi j BEAUTY SHOP ! s fumirl; lene'r R«t«tj 1 NIMre4 Vincent J Marte imm Time Save K Monevl | Plant Sinkers ! ACID-DELINTED i I Cotton Seed i L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. { Cherry ft tUllroai n»ne 4411 WHAT TW.--I Be DREAMING- MMM.A6OV oouco A TASTE FGH. THIS sour Of STUFF ' What't it worth to you, Dad, if I think up a way to got rid ol Mom's relatives?" FKISCILLA'S I'Ol* That's Our (iirll \1. VERMEER 5EE, PR15CILLA? THAT'S WHAT WE'Ll HAVE WHEN WE &UILO OUR OWW HOUSE.... A DUTCH DOOR! THAT'S ALL RIGHT TOR WU, POP. YOU'VE GOT LONG LEG5.. &UT HOW ARE THE REST OF US GOING TO GET OVER WE'LL KEEP THE TOP PART OPEH AND THE BOTTOM CLOSED.' HY MICHAEL O'MALLBY and RALPH LANE th*t mom«nt in th« Ponds'home... I YJAH7WHAT IS IT, COPPSH 8 wasnt sure Bugs Batson would let me ih. So I had to bluff a bit. CUT Tttt YACK, MOS. POND, rtl 00 THE MR. CHANNEL, DO VOU REALIZE... ITS VIC If LINT, BUGS. I'VE 6OT 50#l THING FOR vou. KSLIE TURNER WASH TUBBS UNLESS WE HELP HIM KEEP ON CrUMtOi Ml EMOTIONAL UPseT..,F».Tlaue.,AM IMCUtcC TO JO1U f RIENDe It! A "SHUCK ONE*...OK EVEN 51IDMIO PIECE Of GOOD LUCK. COULD CMJ»C A RELAPSK '. 0[G 6 CHISF DANGCR MOW A fALSE SENSE OFSECPRITV HE ORADUALLV LOSES HIS URQf TO DKINK... THE TRAGtDY 16 THAT GO MMW Of 116 HAD 10 HIT ROCK BOTTOW BEFOKE We WERE OESPEdME ENOUGH TO DO MUCH HBOUT IT, RIGG6. AJk. CAU'T HEIP IHO6E WHO OWLV WNtT TO WMIT TO <?im! YOU FELLOWS HAVE WORKED A MIRACLE WITH 310, &EM. IT'S MSI A QUESTION OF TIME NOW' They Cover Everything HUGS BUNNY THE.V AKENT FOR SLESP1N6 M PARK BENCHES EITHER ' BY REAOIN* THEM, ONE MAV FIND OUT ALt THAT &OES ON IN THE. WORLD., VA MUST BE &ONMA 00 A. MESS O' READIN\ THE. DMLV BLEAT, BU6LE A.NO BL.A.9T, GOOD MAN.' V f NESMSPA.PERS ARE A 6REM SOURCE OF INFORMATION . BY V. T. HAML1N h.c Ailvonliire *HH/ WOW TO EWJOY MV FIRST HOLIPAV IM YEARS; BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES Ijtbor

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