The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1949
Page 11
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' PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams K-YTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WeU-,-«U KEEP HIM OUT Of THERE/ DO SOU WANT PEOPLE GOIN' BY TO THINK WE'RE TOO LAW HERE TO FINISH BLJRVIN 1 OM wt-ry, WHEN HE'S TOO HOT HE DIGS DOWN WHERE IT'S TO GIT A COOL SPOT. THE COOLER . Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1049 te^Si! 1^^ «I C ^5° H MV Y* 3 * 0 -' ™* SOAT HAS— wL/kwfA^wST^Sv^i-l,^A??^ >»M;* L.T-S «^^^*^«rt^ F S&4 R A^P^S ^fc^rMA^ii*' TAIL 0»i HIM' >rfs ^^*-- H1S «* STe «. H'T TRV TO KID THEM EITHER = »-»» „. _ FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MEKK1LL BLOSSER Sinister Figur* SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM Von c»i* enjoy (he wonderfvJ convenience &nd econora; •! harini soft water on roar tarn If you get a modem Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Highway ffl Ph»n« 7414 For the Finest Prescription Service Mildred Crow and Norwood White , . fn«>k. Mr*. Malenr, | n k«-r (hlr- <fr», &•• brea 1r*Mpt^d I* rMa avtar, VHI kar aailM arnx-lf ala7- IHK with Ihr »«ru. Sh/- ltmr»m Mr». Ki-rr««» M U !• lorr -rt«a Rv4r. wan waata nalj livr mtiar-r. Th< Marra^ae. wh* p]n?B l«e ••!<•. la A alraairrl^ lMIFT«>iin« Maw wa» alna arllrvra (hat catawlrttpkr l« ar«r. Aari Hnw tar Marcarae ha* Ja«t a«ked Mra. MalAaf If afr lal* kMBhanrf rvrr rm\\e4 h^r pr^tt^. XV rj^HE Marchese becan to play again, and Mrs. Malouc, flushing, went into Ihe kitchen. She trembled a little because no one called her pretty any more. Was it because she didn't want them to? She leaned forward, now, and peered at her reflection in one of the polished aluminum pans that hung over the oven. She saw woman in her late Ihiriiei, with a pert nose, a short upper lip, a pointed chin, hair dark brown and braided, gray eyes. "Don't be a fool," stie said aloud. She prepared lunch with an almost violent efficiency. When th- mid-day halt came. Victor explained that Mrs. Everson was having a tray with Rudy. Twenty minutes out for lunch. "We are behind schedule." the Filipino said. "We must push R to make up time." Another stop was made at sundown and again Viclor set a tray for two, carrying it forward to the cab. "She Ifkt* hem* alone wtth him," nopes." Victor shrugged. "We drive all night tonieht. So please make the coffee strong!" They were in motion again Mrs. Malone served the whe Marches*. He had dressed for din- ler and was freshly brushed and shaved; she noticed a fragrance of eau de cologne. The candles wavered, the gardenias shivered, the robot record-changer substituted Bach for Prokoneff and Stravinsky for Elgar. "You are an excellent cook, Malone." "Thank you, sir." With desert, a foaming prune whip, the Marchene drank » small glass of Benedictine and smoked a cigaret. Mrs. Malone noticed his hands; they were long-fingered, Urge, the wrists slender. Immaculate hands, strong and sensitive. He glanced up and caught her looking at him, and her heart jumped. He smiled but said nothing, and as she cleared, the table, he seemed to have forgotten her. The comforting personal interest of the morning was kwt She lelt alone aga,in. a . . t J^URING the night, late, the trailers began to climb i steep mountain road. Mrs. Matone had lived at sea-level for 90 many years that the sudden altitude wakened her to a feeling of pressure and deafness in her ears. She swallowed to overcome H, and conscious of a rapid pulse, got out of bed and went into the kitchen. The window was open; she sat beside tt until dawn. The deepening light disclosed that the trailer* had reached the summit of a tumultuous range. Below. another plain, pitted and scarred like the face of the moon, surged to the horizon. The moton made a nnal noisy FOR SALE Concrete cuJTerU. iz inch t* il inch, plain or rtcnforced Ate* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than I umbel f»r barns, chicken bouses. pnrap havse*. tenant houses, LOO) sheds We deUrcr Call ns for free estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO THF GRAXFS COMPANY I\E VITOIl^ eal E'tjf. - M.-.rM']aq«<L.-.,in»-iriMirdrK P s r £ • • I \ Phone 521 Phone 3075 GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support price* on your Soybeans, Corn, \Vheal and other Grains. Our Bins are Governmenl Approved, GOT- eminent Financed, 5 years lo pay For Full Particulars—Call or Come In. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blythcyillc, Ark. Phones 856-857 Say it With Klowerr THE FLOWER SHOP In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service TUDEBAKER SPECIAL 1927 BUICK 4-DOOR H*j ne>, Iwo-lont paint, lood Uren, mn. ntr» <re!L See thta c»r f«r j"od cheap traniporutlon. PRESCRIPTIONS Prafe Stock Guaranteed B«st Kirby Drug Stores RENT A CAR Orfrfe »ajwhei» Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Choos* Your Car 19J7 Mercury o-1'assengtr Coupe 19-11 Plymouth 2-door . 1940 Sludebaker Commander (-door 1939 DeSolo 4-door 193S Oldsmohile i-door On!.y a Few of Our Many Fine Cars Chamblin Sales Co. "Yoq? Friendly Siwlehakn D««kr" Raiirnatf * Ash |. h , m , sfiy 'STUDEIAKER f&UT i CWJT PlAY WlTUOor STOONG tM ELBOW OUT / / PRACTICAL J TAK» LIKE • fa SWEET •i i- *«r»JW7» v . GENERAL QUARTERS. 1 WE'RE A6ROUND' ALL WE'LL ppicDCl RIGHT Me RE ' ! 1 WT TwentS NO ow WITHIN BUTON THE OWE* S/PE OF W£ /SUXJO We made 475 miles today—who »ald American* are getting »oft?" RISCILLA'S POP HY \L VEKMEF.R OH, NO?? vuu SHOULD HAVE SEEM ME WHEM I GOT HOME... ! WAS A BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN BROWN ALL OVER; MV MOTHER MADE ME TAKE A BATH/ WHAT HAPPENED TO IT? Taking Lucy Home BY MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE WELL, TACKY THOMAS.' FANCY MEETING YOU HERE.' NO. I LIVE MY FATHf HOUSE B/ THE WOODS. IT'S TIME I i. HOME, TACKY I'LL WALK WITH YOU. WEAKLY HOME/ THEN TO FIGURE OUT WAYS AND MEAMS fOR &ETTIM6 SOME QUICK CASH: HELLO, LUCY. DO YOU LIVE HERE AT THE HOTEL 7 WASH TUBES LKSLIR TURNP;R TJ.T'S * RED LtTTER FOK. CMW.. SHE'S SPEWDlMa IT WITH JPkM 1 B*,THikJG SUITS FOe. BUGS BUNNY H s Confusing UGM.' WHAT A PA5TIN' I'M TAXIM'/ W-WATCW HIS R-RIGHT, BUGS/ VIPE/ I AIN'T NEVER SEEM HIT SO MANV TIMES/ I BEEN HIS RIGHT AN' HIS LEFT/ THij ROUND YOU WATCH.. I THINK TH' GUY'S GOT THREE HANDS/ HY V. T. HAMI.IN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES KY EDGAR MARTIN HOVJ .N001-3 W.VS effort, the gears clashed, and (he caravan, bumping off (he road, came to • stop. Mrs. Malnne saw Rudy swing down from the cab. He yawned and stretched, both armi above his head, his fists clenched. Then he came into the kitchen. Madam Noah'i asleep," he said, "Make me some coffee, for goodness sake." He sat at the ^narrow table, pushed his cap back and rubbed his fingers over his bloodshot eyes. Lucky (or us the weather's warm," he said. "I'd hate lo meet blizzard in these mounlains!" Mrs. Malone got out the coffee pot and started to heat the water. As she started measuring the coffee she turned to Rudy. "Isn't Victor coming in?" Rudy stopped rubbing his eves and nodded, "Make enough [or him. He'll be along as soon as he checks his tires." a • a VICTOR, his face drawn with Ih. fatigue of driving the sedan which was pulling the smaller trailer, came to the door. He looked oddly disheveled; his blue- black hair, usually pasted back with oil, fell in thick ropes over his forehead. "I'm dead on my feet," Rudy said. "How, Victor?" "I too,""Victor'said. The men drank the hot coffee, holding the cups between their cold hands, gulping noisily. "That fool woman!" Rudy said with disgust. "All night she tells me to hurry! Hurry—and on that grade! If I had, we'd have landed upside down in the bottom of • canyon." Victor held out an empty cup for a re-fill. "She's sure scared <rf thai bomb." he said. "Who isn't?" Mrs. Malone asked. <T« Re Continued) Nichols Drug PHONE 46«1

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