The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1951
Page 10
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VAOBTEH BLITHEVILLE (ARK.) COUBIER NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER ,T, 1981 g&_ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION J»M P«> [oi Minimum charo KK> 1 Hma p»r Un« 150 1 ttm«« p«r lino p«r day I* 5 ) tlmM p«r llni per day 1C • ilmM p«l lint n« daj 10 12 «mta per lint pel day Se Month p»r lint toe Count Etta average words to th« line «opp«l belon expiration will be charK- •d rot lh« number of <lme« lh« ad appeared and trljuBlinent or bill made All elaMlried adTrrlielng copy nub- mltUd bj pernona residing outside or IhB clly must be accompanied bj cash JlalM may raRlly bft computed from Ib* aboM table. IdTertUIng ordered tat lrre?ul»r In Mrtlona uke» the one llm« table. Ho rwoonilblllty will be inken ror More thtn one Incorrect Insertion of any c!a*«lflea ad. All adi are restricted to their proper elaallftcatldn «tyl« and type. Tho Courier New. rn-errea «h« right u> edit or reject any ad. Apartment for Kent Modem, tirvd? decorated apartment, reasonable, close In. Insrnrn nldg. Telephone 2216. Olllcc space nlsn able 9 i ? ' If you want to sell or buy USED FURNITURE gee us. Arnold & Gaines 406 East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf Save Money When 'You Ruy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf and equipment imdry Lot. building KOOd >iuRLneiw Ideal for couple Rc*t location In town Priced to £el[ Buy now and Ret bene- lit ol rah and winter business Ph 064? 0! «ee H H asriMU. 319 or 323 N 2nd 81 8114 pa 9:14 ^T^B•"1lle sn>)sctlptlons. CltJh plan or cash For details, ph. 2804. fl|3 pk 10^3 vail- 107 lur. 2 rm. «pt.. elec. 108 W. Ky.. Ph. 3109. 96 pk 9 Modem * room furnished <H'l> ! «electric kitchen, vacant. 624 W. Mnln. Oeorg. O. Y.t«, Ph. eBlB-4522. S room unfurnished apt. redecorated. Ph. 23M «< «> recently 3 room house In rear ol Apt. 122. . DaylJ, »!0. Call 3664. 9!5 pk 12 City Cale In Manila. Ark. Good location In center o! town, dolne good buslneM. Will sett approximately 35. Phone 198 Manlln. 9,5 P* W Uodem 2-TOom fuml*hed aputtmen Call SM or J595. «!< c* Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 cV tf Hew unfur., 3 large rooms and hath ttle floom Open dally 5308 W Hose g\ Ph S107-6023 8|11 P* "'" t nn. api.. 1 . Aah. Fur. apl.. 4 roomi and bath ele« trie refrigerator, gaa equipment, good fumllur. 1M Blmcm. , r*Tli. Ph 3373 T. TU ck »f 3 rm. unfur. apt. private BM. pk 8 Cheap— Used fence p05tE, IBles. 801 N. Franklin. k-lre f^rm 33 pk 9 USED COMBINES if it's a used combine you want—see us first! We have a very wide selection •Makes & Models! Cash or Terms- All 61 Implement Co. N. Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-31 ck tf ELECTHOLUX CLEANEK3 Sales - Service - Supplies Your old cleaner Inspected free. Call slriulon. .1. R. Hi ' 513 N. 1st, Ph. 8333. °|7 pk 10.7 Reasonable, one 4S.OOO. 2-10,000 unit butane stoves. Blonde Kroehler crib, adjustable sides, springs, posture mal-, blonde non-tip high chnlr. ear bed, sterlll/cr. training seat; other baby equipment. Also 2 puppies. Ph. 043 \V.. Osccola, Ark. D,7 pk II B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL WlcelT Turn I room •n, 10B W Ky.. Ph. «|i r* » Real bargains in brand new electric and gas ranges. These are not floor models. Our It cim be your gain, we must reduce our inventory. ; B - F. Goodrich Co. '5f) Chevrolet $995 '49 Ford $1145 Here's • heavy ->i-Ton Pickup that looks like a brand new one. The color IK Jet blark. The tires are wry good. And It's priced its save you real money when you trade »t A (HiUHnf xr«en Custom 4- 4oor 8*4?.", Radio, overdrive, Mafic-Air* healer, spotlight, Fulton AU rift hie Id, grey and fclae seal eoTer*. Here's & truly fine ear. '18 Ford $895- I.ookiiiK for a larger truck? This 2-Tnn long whtelbase Chassis & Cab Truck It * line buy at $8!)R. Haft 2-speed avEe. Tile lEres are eNcellent [82Ax 20 tires on the rear). Red color. '48 Ford $945 Take, a drive In this Super Deluxe 2-door Sedan! You'll like the shining grey finish, th« radio and heater, the handsome green plaid seat cover*. The tire* are very food, too. '47 CMC $695 '46 Chevrolet $795 Another excellent buy at Phillips Motor Co. Thh t^-Ton GMC Chassis A Cab Truck li priced at just 569.T. The motor Is fn One shape. Here's a real buy in a dependable farm truck! Here** a car you'll enjoy own- in jf! The sparkling Jtreen finish U nice to look at; the pash-button radio and the food heater add to your plea-, •ore. Green pla«1ic se*fc eov- '46 Ford $645 '46 Mercurv $695 If you want a good little plrk- up, then this !£-Ton Ford It the answer! The engine runs like a clock—it'll give good service. Truck has neuter, too. Look for the green one. Look at what you get for such a »null price: the attractive dark blue finish, radio, gas heater, sunshade AND white •Wewall tires. This 2-door Sedan ts jttmn for the low price of »695! Broadway & Chickasawba ompany Phone 4453 SEE THE NEW GLEANER SELF PROPELLED COMBINE, just the ont for your soybean harvesting needs, today at ... Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceoln, Dial 520 — Blytheville, Dial 2371 for Ren* 1 rm partly fur house. Ph. 6213. 9,7 pk 14 Small furnished house. 1 block High School Also 2 room (urn. apt., came location. Phone 2087 or 6048- 0|4 pfc 18 around floor office, ph. 33*1. 9.4 ck 11 One 2 rm. (ur apt. Ph 3576 316 pk fl 16 Hollywood Continued from Page ft tractor John Lowe. ' i * ^rey Chap ap.ln la now 10 per renting a horse. The naK's name 'Is Little Son and he makes his Modern Cablna and Apts Lost Boy | .... j h , ,., .,,-.., et lourt, Ph 9951. 8tH pk 9]H "I" 1 debu t In IMne ht. — Gable's own Triffger. There's 1 room unfurnished apt with bath IOU In Call 3309 «27 cl It 1 room house with bath, rear T01 Walnut. call 2630- 8.11 ck tf Stpamheatcd bedroom Adjoining oath. 901 W Ash St. Ph. 2209 B.27 pic 9;27 4 room houso with bath; also 4 room and bath upstairs apartment Both u nf urn. Located &t Yaibro Ph. 4117. a;2» pk &;u 4 room house, with bath, hnt water. Built In cabinets, phone 2344 or 2552. 8:23 ck tf a re- p0rt |>y ( he way, that MOM w II rfttjf|e thp Gablp l Ava Gardner film 'Come and Take It. 3 rin. house, water In the house, no bath. |25 month. 1134 Willow St. 96 pk * 4 rooms, private hath, hot water. 9J5 p* 12 , 719 W Ash. Ph. 6325. Small commercial b!dg, W. Hlway 1ft. See T. W. Webster. O. K. Barber Shop. 5 room turn. apt. Also storage 3 room unfur. apt., electric water h«tt«r, private bath, Phone 3«IB. 94 pk 11 Auto Supplies and Services Doat endinjer your family with ult? i!r«~BtTT LM TIRFS. f-HAPMAN sinivicm STA noN KAlD *nd DiTlxlon Phone 2563 13;13 ck t! Hlghwl price* paid tor wiecfced 01 burned automobiles, 1040 or latei model*. Wad* Auto BalTAge, Ph 3765- DID YOU KNOW 7 W« riR? o ef«ry numb«i 1 tuns ml s- •lon for Ford. Cherrolet. (ind Plymouth 1938-1051 models. Wfido AlllO B»!»f^«. ph 3i as e;e ck ia AOTO AND PURNTTTmz LOAN3 Prompt Pertonnl SfrrtcQ Gtaierfcl Contract Purcha** Corp 10* South 5th Fhons C803 «;s ck tf Services Washing Machines repaired, ftl) makes. Blytherille Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair $-D»y aerTlee on Jewelry—3 day* on VRtchei and clock i Guaranteed work done bj f rlCM eTper* repairmen PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 320 Acre Stoclt anrl drain Farm For Snlc Good four room house (large rnomsj. Kxtrn Urge baro—other bulld- IHL;B OT» nil wrather road two find ona InU miles from Rood town. There ; ~" npproKl ot cuHivfttlon , and timber. This fnrin can be boiiRht W. ^lain Phone 6331! for t2B,oon. JOE o. RADICAN. REAL^ 1 TOIL DEXTER, MO. »|7 cX 11 atcly 230 acres In high atal« Bnrt hftlRnce In pasture Femalt Help Wanted For Safe, Real Estate FOR SALE Modern 3-bedroom hoiise, gas heat, attic fan, roomy closets. This house is less than two years old and in choice neighborhood. Price $10,000. ?3,600 cash, balance F. H. A. Modern S-bedroom home on Pecan Avenue close to the new high school. This house is in first class condition and a good buy. Lot 70x160'. Only ?8,650. ? 1,400 cash or less \vill handle. See 01- call George M. Lee, Realtor 317 E. Main Ph. 6061 fl-6 t-k 13 2 room hou.*« with half Mth. rmist be moved from lot, chcnp. JSOO. Tb 3631, 1711 W A*h. pk 11 on 3 (oi* at 220 Uilr This properly has been renewed reccnil? InMrtt »nd out l-nrge screen DacX porch 10 i M tcet. 12 i 2A gatn^e Also Rood 4 room houso and bath on rear of Lady to live In home »nd cure for children. Will pay small aalary. Apply in person, 321 K. Ky. Avo. 9j7 ck 14 Notic* FARMS FOR SALK 31i acren 7 mile's northeast of Sifces- ton. Mo., all Hi cultivation. Ha* 3 iics, 3 hams. 2 brooder hou*e§, smoke house, garnpe and sraln houne, Main residence hn* 7 rooms, bath, all houses wlrcxl Tor file ctrJ city. A real buy at, $200 per acic. 160 acres, about 5 miles north of P.isco]a, ^^D. lias 4 houses. Ail land In cultivation,..-- located on good gravel ronrt. PrlcedVta rcell at $150 per acre. 40 acres." 6 room hoUF« and emnll barn, off main road about one hull mile, l,and nil Jn cultivation except About 3 acres. Price only $110 per acre. Willie ChAffln or Johnny Chaffln CHAFFIN BROS. DHUG STORE Cariilhcrsvllle, Mo, Real Estate Farms—City Property LfMNS U lnt*rer\ied In Buytrtf or wHlnx •*« Noble Gill Agency REAl TORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe Bldg. Ph. B8B8 ll» ek If RADIO & TV SERVICE Tour Mt on the blink? roi fftst *err tc« call Uar.&gei Carl Long; nl BLYTHEVILLE Television A Radio Service 114VS W Kftln Phone 37M 1!|U ck t TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 111 W Wilnut Plenty of Parking Space for Safe, Misc. H«/p Want+4 renting '01 13) a month Thl^ prnprrtj can >aMiy be O) fin tine ed Price HO,000 Al H19 LaJce Si . tlrat clnis MOKT auUcUng 30 » 50 (i or 1500 ^q tl n connection with building U A larne ni'c]|-ftrrani;cd moilrrn I^^)lIl^ wlin 135U i T^arx old and In Ural class contlt Mnn Can b# used Tor icrerai dlffcicnt tYtics ol nuslness Price 112.000. 13.000 ca?h. D^Lancr 10 yenri Sot or cnl] JOHNNY MARR Office phone '1111 Residence phone 2596 Or See Hussell K. Mavr I'h. 6807 7-16 ck tf Younc man or tarty lor general of- tLrn work In cot ion office. Armorc Planting Co. 9,fi cX t DISTINCTIVE STONE •ArkmiMi Apple Orchirfl" Brauuru) thin or tblck cut Ion? lon« for Homes. Patlon. Walls Walks Bftrbecua Pits. Plne.itonea flnrt rir» lncea. Also |&rg» Chimney Cap* . Handom: pfr »qr deliTtred $1500 Cuatom: p«r »qr. dellTerad 4500 '•B per iqr delivered 1500 Sirbeciie- p«r *qr. delivered 32.50 Chtmn«y Cap*, per §qr. fool .80 Telephone Ml-R 3, Batcavlll*. Ark or Wrt%« McBride Stone Quarries a Blade. Ark. WHAT TO DO W OASB OF AN AC CIDXNT rr rout car fs damaged Ir accident here'* something yoi should know Buurnelt will give you » fren paint Jnb ori »ny work o »300 nr more Fhe whole car u paint |u*t th» damaged p*rta Frei mi days - <10a nlghu BURNITT •AL1S 511 >aat Kaln i|23 c* V for Rent, Miscellaneous Boflpltal Beds, 1300 per month; rheel chulra M.OO per month: baby .edn 14 OC pei month, rtvcuum clean- m. »100 r" d»T: waiei and poHnher 1 00 pti day WADI FURNITURE CO Ph 3123 34 ck 9,3* c or Sale, Cars and Trucks HECKSHER WESTEND AUTO BALES Ph. 4274 - 21st and Kenwood Wo Finance "Cheapest Goixl Cars In Town" 25 Cars AT Trucks We Rent Cars & TrvickK fl,20 tf Private Rooms Comfortable bedroom, kitchen p UcgfB If rtesltcd. Ph. 2514. 9;5 pk 12 Bedrcxims. BlythBTlll* Hotel. Th. a;24 pk Bedroom convenient to bath, nice location, ph 3325. 611 W Main. 8;24 pk 9 3-* Nice large bedroom, private, bath, garage. 1000 W. Ash. Ph. 2700. Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection . J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection Itt W Alh 3t OLrWCOB HOTll BUILDING The wRgs are telling about the atomic scientist who installed a video eel at his home near Oak Ridge and found that he had tele fission. It's supposed to be hush-hush but Sheldon Leonard is playing i role patterned after the late Bugs; SieREl in "Young Man in a Hurry 1 at MGM. • » • New sfraiegem In the battl against TV U an "It's-Belter-n B i p Screen" argument b y Holly wood. In the past week, seven di rpclors have popped off to me the superiority of big; screens. 1'ep the boys are onfanirlny. • * • Jack Paar got a big howl on his TV debut — with James Melton talking about his ability to remember all his lines. Whispered Jack "I've got the whole script memo- graphed on the back of my eyelid.';. I learned this trick at Wes' Point." • • • Caption under a photograph of a group of studio cuties at Yellow stpne Park; '' G cysc rs and Dolls." • * • Gloria Swanson and Wtiliar Boyd as a love team against th background of purple sage, tumbleweeds and chuck wagons? Danged if Gloria hasn't already talked to Bill about it for 1953 and dog-gone if he hasn't drawled "Reckon it's a good idea. Ma'am." The plot will have Gloria playing a wealthy, disillusioned woman who heads for the wild west and meets COMING To Blytheville Friday, Oct. 5 WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Coat J. G. "Bob" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf Wonted to Buy Experienced food nnrt beverage wait rcss or waiter Hours 5 p.m. to 1 « m. Uniform njrnlshec!. The North Star Slipper Club. Ph. 8257. Pi< pk 11 Help Wanted. Male Cypress lumber cut to order, G. G. Flowers, Ph. G363 8-25 pk 9-25 80. Have several 40 acre tracts om one 120. one 95 and one 160 acre 1 or Land Good buildings. Rood roads, mall ana school bus romes OT tho door En Mississippi County. Ark. In Pemlscot county. Mo.. 1 hrtve ons 3u. tour SOs two o[ them on concrete Plumber's helper, experienced, ph. 22IH. 9|7 pk 9 Major tire company lias opening for manager of vecap shop in Paducah, Ky. Also op- We Buy—Sell—Trade Used FURNITURE Halaell & White Furniture Co. Main & Division St. Ph. 6096 8-20 ck 9-20 Retail Boomerang SINGAPORE. (/T)— Dealers In textiles In this British crown colony are worried—they're losing a lot of money. That's because thi_'ir original idea was to make 2 lot of it. The market is now flooded with Indian and -Japanese textile ma terlals anci buying has sharply tapered off. When prices rose sharply became of the Korean War. many textile firms thought things wc{e going to get much worse. So they bought up everything they could, placing extraordinarily big orders But the prices in Japan suddenly nosedived, and material which cost SI per yard now is sold at 40 cents The result: the price in Singapore has dropped to about 50 cents. cning for rccappcr in Little X b)t « {" Rock, Ark. These positions offer good opportunity with ex- :ellent employee benefits. Paid c *" vocation periods, etc. Write Box Z-6, C/o Courier News. 0-6 ck 9 Philanthropist's Story ABILENE. Tex. (AP) — Ttte life story of Arthur l.«c Wasson, Big Sprinc rnnchor. oil mnn and philanthropist, is told in a new book, "Adventviring with a Purpose." The book was written by Dr. Rupert N. Richardson, president of Hardin-Simmons University at Abl- WANTED 1<-ne - II was published by the Naylnr c»5h buyers tor Co - of Sa " Antonio. »na small [arms ttm did not ] Wasson and the late Mrs. Wasson Shave donated about $2,500.000 to FARMS-FARMS-FARMS JKEt located this year. Will buy _„ , you know raSt M or n jo"P'lancl^biTP** I 5oultlcrn B "P tlsl InstitUIIons. Was- romt Irom thf Sovith It you w»nt to ! son has cattle and oil Interests in s. Montana. Arizona. New Mex- Sewing mschlnes We have revera) tocxl u?*d machines R: n harrraln Fhone 8001. 109 South Third on Hall. ro«d. NCCCH1 SEWING CIRCLE 8.29 tt 3 oc 4 room Kerosene heater Good condition. A Bsrgaln. Comae: Gtorcft Ctnrk, *t ««i or 4214. 8 2A dh tl 140 acre tracts with sreod buUdinss. yood loariA. tnnll and school bus I have a procrry store with bus st« tlon on Highway 61 south ol Bfyihc- vllle, One brlcK j.tore with 5-room home lor $3.0CK), on Hlchwny 61 This la rraUs 1 worth the money. See or call R M BECK 301 N. Broadway Blythevtllfi. ph. 1K>3 WANTED: Experienced Euclid operators for Job near BlythevUlc. S J. Cohen Co.. Blytheville, At*. Phones 3616—3S2S—SIM. 9,S ck 9 irth Bar man. esprrlr-ncrH. T. Star Supper Club Ph S2S7, tr»de your farm see. write or ] RIAUSS LAND CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Phone 3322 63 ck 10 ico. Oklahoma Colorado and northern Mexico Thr 1951 U.S. corn crop is mated at 3.3 billion bushels ductlon in I960 was 3.1 billion. Pro- The first broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York took place on Jan. 13. 1910 to some 50 listeners in a Times Square Hotel, according to G. L. Archer's "History ol Radio to 1326". 94 pk 11 O.K. Apt. Fl7.e 3SOS. 8:7 pm. cheap Phono 96 pic 9 Wetrertr aluminum, at t\ barcnin CT, never us«<S Alw> rtrop leaf k'ftch- en (fttlc and rhalri^ 2 '.able larr,ps= anrt Wlr.dKHT chair. Ph, 3026. 9,1 cfc 8 RAV BECK Osc«ola. ph 975 A Invelr MX room lol in onp 01" Blyrhr-villo 9 I Hit 8 Fry cook, experienced. The North Star Supper Club. Ph. 8257 94 pit 11 Salesman Wanted OPPORTUNITY Wanted Held man over SO with cur to service and 5e!l farrneT.i ftnrt machine owners In Eastern Arkansas. We have a top-quality Unr. of oils, greases and petroleum sprclaltles. Hlch mm- lol in onp 01" Blyrhc-ville s bm r<\<mm- ' mission, quarterly bonus Kxrellcnl op- tlal areas This hf>,i?e iuv?rr1 in- ' portuntty for man who want* earn- n lor both r, I. j, v i n'\ loans. Ph. 3498 or call at 1U3 W. above $500 no a month. Call F. O. rt-n Frakps, Hotel Noble, Saturday or 5un- «,7 ck 11 ! <Uy. "i" pk • Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Extra Power Get The Best 'I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 ** ** _ . i ** ** FREE Entertainment All Day NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST Walker Park Sullivan-Nelson's SPECIALS FOR TODAY • 1919 Chevrolet Fleetlinc 2-door Sedan witk ndi* and heater...a beautiful car for only I129S. • 1919 Chevrolet 5-passenger Coupe •quipped with both radio and'heater. . .$1295. • 1910 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. . .now only $245. • 1948 Ford V-8 5-I'assenger Coupe with seat covers and heater.. .5945. • 1916 Dodge. 2-door Sedan. . .special price, $495. • 1949 Chevrolet '/,-Ton Pickup Truckr-special, $875. • 1949 Dodge 3/4-Ton Stake Body Truck. . .only $S9» • 1948 Chevrolet l'/ 2 -Ton Long wheelbas* Truck... $795. • 1948 Chevrolet '/2-Ton Panel Truck... now - only S795. Easy GMAC Payment Plow Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at LLiVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phon* 4578 Topper's master. Short Takes Marjorie Lord and John Archer are calling it a day sifter nine years of marriage . . . Next big one to go Fox is ''Impressario," the film biography ot Sol Hnrok . . . Jack Demp.sey checks into Johns Hopkins .Sept. 24 !or a physical checkup . . . William Shakespeare's life story is ending for the screen. Fame at Special Night Show American Legion Auditorium Fri. Oct. 5 CHILDREN ..... 30c ADULTS 60c Tax Inrludrd last! TV's coverage of its first Hollywood premiere—Arch Qbler'* "Five" —was a flop. Only big name stars willing, to face the' camera wer« Dette Davis and MacdonaW Carey. Marie Wilson fled the mike when she was Informed she was on virleo channel . . . Alexander who starred in "Wilson." will play Ingred Bergman's husband In the oft-delayed "Europa, 1951." SHEET METAL WORKS — ^—^^OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to Vi inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 NO DOGS ALLOWED! These are good clean, dependable Used Trucks! 1950 GMC 2-Ton S\VR Truck with very low mileage. . . and equipped with brand new lircs. Trade todav! 1950 GMC '/ 2 -Ton PUkip. Here's a mighty clean, late-model pickup that you can get at a bargain trade! 1949 Chevrolet '/2-Ton Pickup with deluxe cab. Radio, healer, good lires. Drive it today. $895 1947 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pieknp with deluxe cab and BRAND NEW TIRES! Blytheville's best buy! HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dtaltr Used Car Lot - • - 300 East Main Strut

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