The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1936
Page 8
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hun- s' hive nfliiipu PVPTTf v «iIlmllSH h?h M •< fj/llyldll Old Id 'Families Become Self-Sustaining on Small Faun * Holdings lly HI Mn WOOD Willed I'rosi Still toircsiioiiilint SAN FRANCISCO (UP)— 'I ho long-established DinLsh svstem of Einall land holdings may yet, become lha final solution In llv United Slatrs for the iTicultin 11 worker nnd tile lO.OOOOoo imemplovcd, according to Eric H Tnomsen is- Eistant regional director for California, N'evadi utih nnd Ail/oiin of the Rc'ettHii'Mit AdmlnK rii'ju , Under tlio Dinlsli system m U \lduak, or fimll'cs arc aid-1 hv ll'c goiernmeiH In bccom'n? outers of 20-icic tricls of hni on which thc> ctcnimllv become Eelt-siisliinint; In iddition to tie necessity In t!-c united gtit"s of rmdni" i so- Jutlon for uicmplojnrnt for fiimers who no longer cin succeed, and for mlsratorv farm work ers Ihomscn points out llml Up Emill holdings sjstim Is b"m? u- garded b\ lliaustnr's of o\ir Is as the only solution foi nincil'iri <n America. Hired Haml* to Go ^According '.'to this t'ncory, dreds of thousands of farmer become convinced thai agriculture can oiilj succeed in the Unit id States when th« ixcingc fnruiT undertakes production merclj on ci scale where he can op 0 rate his faun himself 01 with the nrmbTs of his oun fnnillv I Tliom'en has l«gun an active eampiigii in the four Wf-sl-m states vv'nere he represents the lie- 'ctllcment Adnunlilritlon for adoption of n mollfird form of the Danish smill-holdlngi hnd svslcm As regards California alone, there ire two aspects of tip present ceo rxmnc s'luition which he dcchrei tt-e small- loldmgi own"i hip svs- , tern would solve Ihc lust is Iho problem of the 200,000 inl°iilory farm workers who com" lo c.ill fornia it cerliln times cich j^-ir for the tempoinri emiilojment offered In the harvesting of sensoml crops Living 1'rcrinoiis for M uij According lo statistics eilneicl b) Thomson, Hie grcit mijoillj of thc^e niiTalory farm workers aie fimlly ni"n and lluj continue the Eeisonil gaining of a precarious living bcciu'c it Is tho onlv one that Is open to liicm 'I he gre-vt nujor Hj, .ie insists would n'k nothing l°tt"r trin gortinmcnt aH vlirh VouM fntiole them to biij n small farm for themselves on vltlc'i they cou'd become splf-supi'orthi' ind o\cntuall\ piy hick to tli* tovernmenl tne monev idvinc- 1 ! for tlu. purchise of t! e •><) or more acres'.comprising, the holttlng: With tile elimination of this class of nilTitory firm uork'is not onlv m California but in imuy other agricultural states Inoaisen believes the rjslem would end Hie present custom of Importm» hr" numb"rs of alien Mexicans into UP United State- Thomsen is convinced lint the present Federal pro rim for tbe handing of m^rilor} farm »or*- ers never vMll prodnc- |>eimiiic»t resulls it consists hrgelj of tile miintenaiice of omps \vhero tb j can be taken cire of propsrlj dm h'g working periods- ind for tbeli tianspoiiilion to diffpient inrb of Ihe counlij. RS the seasonal de inands of agilciillure may e\lst. Jiclleies If Onl> Kr.liitlon It is only through the smallholding Miitcin, nowcvcr. he afTlrmi tint n pcinnnent solution can b? foulid Unit 1 will enable these tnlgra- .tory . workers to' establish sn farms and homes of their own, rear their:'children under American educational advintiges Insure prop er medical attention, and develop stable community life. T/iotnsen declares ulatlslics for the past 35 years have demonstrated that the Danish small-holding; system, which Is possible only through 'government aid, constitutes probably ' the Ideal one foi America. At the time Danish small-hoW- Ings' system ivas hiaii3ur.iI/:d Thomson admits, It was not re- Bar;te<l as being entirely nn unmixed blessing. It was feared it would merely enable the hired man and the dairy maid lo get married, Increase I'm' population of Denmark, diminish 1 UIQ number of agricultural workers, and in ths end rc.siilt In the small holding owners becoming public cban;oi on the .supposition that lliey could never become self-supporting on suc'.i snnll portions of soil. However, tho contrary proved lo be the case, nut In 1000 an "Act Conceining Acquisition nf Lin;! for Agricultural Workers" was pnss- ed in Denmark, which had for its specific purpose creation of independent fmall landt:oldin«s lan;c enoiigli to bpcomo economically ss>lf-supporthi! r ^la.vlnnjii) Acre.-igc 7Juselilr.d Tlie number of these iioldlngs In Denmark no«- runs Into the hundreds of Iliousnnds, While there liie 20-acrc. tract has been considered fric ideal ons for local,conditions, a larger tract. Thoiiiscu admits might be more desirable for His united Slates. One of the most significant In- tilcitlons of the economic sound- nes^ ind jiistiricallon of the Dan- l.'c cvldtnce of Unit adequacy' to piovlde piofitiblc employment for an cier Blowing number of people. 'II 1 " simc 01 i similar, system In tbe United Slat s could b; undo the basis not only of a fiolu- lion foi the a"ricullura! system but for, many of the 10,000,000 now unemployed, ho believes. I ewei Found in St. Louis ST LOUIS (UP)—There lias b"Qi> i dcciens- In autoniobilc iccldenfs Involving liquor hi st Louis of 41 pci cent according In riank J McUMlll director J of streets. The decline, In Actual cas:s «ns fiom 5-iD to i>3 h c '.sald. : Pcdcshhin Injmed by drivers under th(> influence of liquor'wiT- Inihided in (he fl»mp 5 vvhicli tool: into cDn«id"iatlon um only llios» intoMcilcd but diivcrs with tin; oloi of li(|i or on tlj-lr brt.illis MiDrvitt did not iltempt to'c'x- plun the d-ellne . ' Onn gallon of [asolinc, properly " i v cd vvilh nu is rf|iiiviijeni. to 83 iioiin h of <ij n unite 1 NEW FALL TERMS ON FURNITURE fins now Pij only :i -smnll inMiicnt dottn and'Ihe' balance' this'Full. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. i'MUc\ilIc, Arli. Thursday-Friday, July a-24' itnvlii'; dry summers. lied spldcr.s are very small—so' small in fact, thai Ihpy are not readily seen withoiil tho aid of -. " '«>"d lense. They food on the "!! <Wi In Uic gi-hs.<il.inil [here-. lower side, of collon loaves and ly reducing the likelihood of nn Ihc first evidoncc of Infestation piilbrcafe next year. , is shown by Wood red blotches There Is only one generation of on tbe upper' .surface. As fields loppcrs n year, Grasshoppers out- become more heavily Infested en- jreaks, :such as experienced this (ivc leivcs become instv and' red '«ir, do not originate suddenly, nnd Juki biovui ind dij fialher, they arc based on nn- ihc mnst pinillcil contiol nici hcckcd reproduction for two or sure:;, a coidnit, to Dnlgit rsclv uorc years. A BiicccssWn of dry , Univcisitv of Ailan^s college of ipplicitlon of Farm News Kdltctl .1. O. FUM.KIVI'ON iinty Agricultural Ajj Ass't. County .'.Agent Poisoning Now Will Ro: clucc Danger of Serious Ou'tbrcak Next Year. • lieiinrillpss of nxtcnl of dam-, !fie. farmers uf North Mississippi j Bounty .should use poison lo con- j Irol i;i'iu:.shn]i)icr Infcilation.s on their farms, even thoiij;h they miy fi;cl tliat the extent of dain- i(,'e does not justify (he clfoil, varns J, O. Fiillerlon, county it'ent, v^'ho lias been In communication .with Dwlflil Isely, en- iiiiioloijlst, Unlvi'i'slty of Arkanas college of iwicullnre. lent, 'llicy have heavy hodloY. and ure poor (ller.s; (hey move only a few miles in the coiirce' of a week oi- KCVcrn), days. Ttmy\ iisniilly few! nnd reproduce on' the wimo farm, nnd therefore arc .strictly a community problem Calcium arsenatc, the poison which I'i used- In inakinj; a bran miLsh I may bu secured (it the ' Mimly wllhoui. ctiarui:. I otricc Dry .Sulpluu- Dusl Is Ef- fcclivc in Combating Collon Post. , fair CaSalogue Available Tlie'MlssL'dpjjj County Fair ivlil bo held at .Blythevillo ficpt, 29- Cctober 'J. Kalr catalogues may hi- M'cui-eit at the county nijcntv; olflce or from .;. Mcll '-BVooks. Oliiimbiu 1 of Commerce, city' hall] 151.1 Uiei'ilk'. Sjjt'dal, prices nro of- fewd to l-!f Clnli members. Qct your copy now while they last. S;;ndnary Developed For Humming Birds SANTA ANA, C'ul. (UP)—A hiirnminf,' btixl sanctuary where ni'iniy 1,000 pairs of liummlni; .biiiLs uiade their JSCOXOHAI head-' i|ii:ii(e].s has teen developed hy Mr. rnid Mrs. • B. F. Tucker, o! l.i,(i(! )!KK;|I, at their mountain rc- treat near here. The task bcijan nine years ago it-lien tin? Tuckers rnun<| (lu'ce liah.s ot hummlnf; birds in their Ciinyon. ]!y tjiiij; n'd rib!)on% aroinnt the >:liill:s of flowers find then ar- B to keep the latter filled '.i'ith n syrup ol sugar and water Mr. Tucker steadily increased the paivonanc of the hummers, in one suininrc alone he used half a Ion of .sugar for IhLs mixture. '•nee. liwai Haby two which In a "()„„ [„ 'I llOMS;,, |,|" , O. fi;p»— Wi ii .Ann Rr.v.'lln'r. the lnf U'i' of Mr. niir'i M n ' C i M. -Rnwllr-5, V.R.S born o "one f.'!)-/ In a Ino'iu Maitla Ai:n was born v. low Ifrlh-flir oecurn dottors :;ay happen;; ( thousand births. Live Beaver Models i For Anniversary Coin ALBANY, N.. Y. 1UP)_A live : bcaver is inoUclliii: for Hiss Ocr-j (rude K. Lalhrop, sculptress, prc- j paring a desisn [ W a m i n C , OI!1 . • memoratini; the 250th anniversary of tbe granting of Alliany's city charier. ' - * The beaver vnf,. trapped in tho Adirondack';. After , completion of '. IhB design llic animul will be re| turned to its • wildcriics; habitat 'and freed. . . ' FKDLAY, O. (UP)_ A pllcnt deed, bcsi'liis the date 1334, and fccaii,,;; the cignalurc of Andre" Jai'.isen, was presented lo Ru^ell ojinhill, Hancock comity ""„',,. or, fcr mine. The deed, p^IZi •m pardimcnt, 1 convoyed to Moses Oman title n a pnrct-l of hiiuj. MANI-KV TOURS .Wm. Hotel, Mi-mphi, All Expense Tours lo UiUas i p ;ic]] Sftt., 123.01) Sirs. B. A. Tcarnril •' Osccola, Ark. fhoiin 101 nqiorls are comln!; to ' ' The immi'dlalc pm-paso of ..... ^ (u ailing grasshoppers Is lo siivn ''ounty aucnt's office to lli c effect :rops as much us possible, but! that mini! cotton fields arc' Ijelii'V here nrc several other Imporlant : Infrsli'il with red spiders. Tiic •fiisons why llic hopper should i'«l rpldcr Ls a. pest, of' cotton which may r.msr: severe. Injury X! controlled now. First, sely .stale's, polsonini; Is a pro- ccllvn measure against damn^c o fall pastures and crops .sown aler; and second, It will prc- •cnt Ihc hoppers from dcposlt- ca.sons ciinliibntes to this condl- Ion. Wet .sprliuis about the time if hnti'hfiifj partially destroy yoiini', Mr. Isely advises. ...The yellow Iccnst will begin dc- loslllug eggs In the grasslands or div aijiiculluic Is sitlphui dust Mr. Iselj Infonped J o rullei- Ion, counts ittnt (lint diy sill |:hur mltlit be ippllcd it the rale of n pounds pc acle *i«d . pous pc a neadows in (lie .latter part of .In- | Hint Ihk dnst sliould ho applied y, but most of the CUBS arc Inld In such n miinnci that it would n August, miming over grass-; reach the undci idc, of the cot anil Is of no value in destroying j ton • l>e C!;ijs, Mr. Isely slates. Thc most important hopper icre Is (he yellow locust 'which Iocs not migrate lo nny orent ex- ''sen level Soiithcin Ciltfoinhs CnUpilra county is situated 175 feel below You t'lo l)o?L lubricn- lii.n rnvviw in Hlylhc- villc, ;iiitl— Carry n full ]j IK . „; f ac . t'try recommended hil> ric;int;; for all c:mi, mid Uwo a flifforpiit' lni, r i_ / cant foi- 'OMcli ililTci-enl- ly .speeded unit, of your car— — I.el's Lubricate. PHILLIPS Service Ccnlcr lluinlis folks! You KUVC, us.ii jjfiind rc:e;jffkm for 'dm- first barKiiinsurn"- Uii|i(iiltinil.v IJiiys., . Mere ;irc mure, I)ur.s(iii K - w /th ^iRp-und want'• jiuiical.' 'IV 1 ?" liai'Hmns .ffatuml for Tluirstlay, Friday iiml Hutiinliiy. : \\ v ndvisc early stu>m')ing. '" 'So As.'wlmeitf Whitelioes r i'emu'v S A Mill CloKi; Out of. Men's Sport Shoes •SI" •49 a, J'ro-.ui mill \vliito only. All leather; 'irst riunlily'l All rizcs! We bought, iliese .shoes at ;\ burgnin. We are wiling them at. a bargain! Elivipn. Tic:; and Pumps! Odd lots ,iii(i broken' aize.s \/$ of bi'jlt prico .'iho:-.s. Towels JS & '^*j$ 4 •&£ Men's: Fiinc'y Dress Socks 5C' I'nir First nunlily! All skes! Limit !> iiair to ci'stomcr. Siipcial ;-ur<-hasc. for .wimmlnx pool. Jjnl received too ):it<>. Exlrnsis,!, weight and quality. S))«-i;il OfTc-r! rn!;!wichcit ;nr Kovclly mrsli rrnnn pin- tU\ ( ; and stcu-itis. Thoy v.'cn't Inrt. Inn? :>i this lr.\v pricr! Limit. 5 pair to a customer! #& Sheets THE LIFE ©F CHRIST 9 A Sin^ini; and 'l.Ukuifj Pi<tin c aialmcc— 2-00 N'is,'lit— 7:00 Admission— Malmcc & Nicjhl— 10 & 2'ic —\\ilh | c Tax n's New Straw Hats SSc Just received new shlp- nii'nl. A mill colsc o'.'i. Hats tint were made to for nine]] more! "IsDO! Heavy, durable, iiiihfivm^d shncls. We advise early shoiiplng. Purchase! Crinklo Cotton Bed Spreads Kl.\ins inch r.l/c. Fust colors. v;rli ni^dc! While 3 down iasti All sizes! Full cut! Well mnclc! ?/. r.>:y tf l«\u- Kiddies! Tennis Shoes *f A mill dr:M' ^ ojtj, qi'Slilyi Well made! f 0 to 10. Pair For This Kvenl! aO-l'iecc Thud Breakfast Set Consists of 4 !>l,U«s. 1 '. nips. 4 saucers.;ar I Ixiwl, cream ni'.chn-. i | Irncii doth aim -i na p. I. kir.s. Colors: Orron. yel- [• law. blur- nnd tvci. TOMORROW lij JULY 24TH We make ii easy for Blytheville fo ride the cooling waves of comfort in a great Comfortable -'Economical - Fashionabk lii-.ublc lirerlul Sii'rilx Spnrls coal: and trousers Men of Blyllidyillc . . . Celebrate! Here is gre^t !U'.v/£ lor you! Tomorrow morning . . . promptly at 9 o'clock . . . begins our annual sale of scientifically breeze meter tesi:£rl . . . coal , . , porous , . . eco- uomicai ... comfortable . . . fashionable • • . nalionaily famous . „ . Haii Schaffner & Marx Dixie Weave Summer suits! Need ShiflJc Ilreastetl we tell t jl,j s mea ,, s ^ 0 you ? Epcrls Spcrls Weaves are the most practical summer s!ii?s yon esu wear. They are featber- [jght ^^ yo]] aj^iiional com f ovt jj y Jielj:ni» body moisture to evaporate and ciiey are not a one day suit . . . requiring icv; hips to the clesncrs. Select one from (he iiiotlcls illustrated in surf greys, dusk Mies, lanbavhs. No charge'for alterations naa hi' i^« The Best Shop In Town • 315 Vi/EST MAIN STREET iHc's Headquarters for Smart Summer wear %^^^^H^1

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