Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 24, 1903 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1903
Page 7
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-J Established, 1873. Established, Iftft4 ? East Madison IIGlllMEIi SME tT KJ Workmen In the Argentine Plant of United Zinc and Chemical Com* pany Went Out. The following story from the Kan' sas' CJlty papers of last evening is of interest here for the reason that the Argentine acid works is allied with the--plant here, being owned .by the same company. The papers say; A strike at 10 o'clock yesterday partly ti6d up the plant of the United 2lnfe'and Chemical company, one; and one-iall miles northwest of A^gen tine. The company manufactures chemicals from Western ores. ' The plant Is one of the largest of its, kind Jn th0 United States and employs morefthlan 200 men, most of whom struck. • 5 The strike is said to t)e due'-'.o threi&tened reduction In wages, which the men say they were notified would go Itofe' effect this morning. W^. Page, manager of the plant, denied that the company contemplated Kuljdng any reduction in the wages of th^ men and said thai If such a re port jwas circulated among the; men It wa& unauthorized.' Eat Meat on Friday. Those members of the Catjidllc Chuiteii who have been in a state of alarm at discovery of the fact-that this I year Christmas falls on Friday will be relieved to know that Bishop Ho^n will follow precedent ;'and shortljr Issue dispensation permittin:; the use of meat on that festival.-; In order to keep the fast, however,:-an other day, probably the preceding Thursday, will be nominated as. thp dayrfor abstaining from meats at' td- hle..'" While the venerable bishoj) is kindlyin the matter of the Christmas turkey, he will turn his back on those who' Tfant to have a New ear's *turkey. i^ew Year's day will, too, fall on Friday, and Catholics will b^ compelled to''observe the fact—Kajnsas City Journal. A Guest Was Surprised. Mrs. C. E. Newton, of 303 South Jefferson avenue, is cntertakning her sIstec.Afrs-. Berscheer, who is enroute to California to make her home, ^jast evailng about twenty of the yq^ng maEri^ ladlds of Mrs. Newton's'-ac- quaintancei swooped down upon . the Ne#to^i home to surprise the unsus- In^ guest^ She forgave ttCem commendable and Christian"for- •nd the evening passed wit^ cards. Refreshments of a loost apieallng palatibllity foIlo«'ed .and Mm. Newton 's attitude must have been ins iried by the text which ^pm- maads ^Hat one "return- good for erll." I ^ies flannelette,gowns, 50 cents. Bo ^berg 's. LOCAL NEWS. • Misses and children's all-wool vests and pants, 25 cts, 60c value. Rosenberg Con Mull has returned to Indiana to spend the winter in congenial surroundings. Mrs. Sarah Solomon left this after- WHAT 18 CATARRH? Hyomei Cures This Common and DIs* agreeable Disease. Hyomei (fures catarrh by the simpla method of breathing it into the air > passages and lungs. It kills the germs noon for Cherokee, Kans.. where she j of catarrhal poison, heals and Boothsa «ill visit her brother, A. J. Ausmus. irritated mucous membrane, en- A leaden sky, sharp south wind and all the little signs of nature, indicate that ideal Thanksgiving weather is at hand. Mrs. A. C. Penfleld went to Kansas City this afternoon, summoned by the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. M. E. Everton. Mrs. Edith Mull returned today to iier home in Argentine. She has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. E. M. Johnson, at Gas. The Register will probably issue Thanksgiving morning in order that the force may enjoy the blessings -^f liberty and aid in the dismemberment of, turkey. Under Sheriff Noyes was in Humboldt today bunting for a man wanted here on a serious charge. He placed a man under arrest but had to let him go, proof being offered that he was the wrong party. The walls which are now visible in the court house square are the foundation of the court house and the basement. The basement will stand ters the blood with the oxygen and kills the germs present there, effectually driving this disease from the system. The complete Hyomei outfit costs but $1.00 and comprises an inhaler, a bottle of Hyomei and a dropper. The inhaler will last a lifetime; and additional bottles of Hyomei can be obtained for 50c. If you have any of the following symptoms, catarrhal germs are at work somewhere in the mucuous membrane of the nose, throat, bronchial tubes or tissues of the lungs: offensive breath of voice drynesss of the noso tUsjcUarue from nose pain across the eyes stoppaKe of the pala in back of the uc night head aching of the body pain In front of thedropplnf; in thutbrnni liead mouth op>n whIJe tendency to take cold sleeping WOOLEN LUXURIEa. Caahniere Sheet* mnd Other Article* ot Comfort That Delivht thtt Feminine Heart. burning pain in tho throat pain in the chest hawking to clear the throat stitch Inside losing of flc-sb variable appetite low spirited at times raising of frothy mucous nearly a full storv high and the build- expectojating yellow matter ing will rise two fUU stories above it. dinicu.ty In breathing frequent sneezing BiiAR HUNTING IN COLORADO. tickling* back of the palate . forniatton of cru.sts In the drynessof the throat. in the morning lo.s.1 of strength spasms of coughing counh sbort and hack ing cough worse 'nights and mc)rning.s less in vil;il force alf<!eling of tlghtnes,s across upper part of the chest The Sport Is Good from September UntU Winter Has Fairly Set In. The spring season is comparatively brief, as the fur is in prime condition only for a short time after the bears cctme out, says the i;ilustrated Sporting News. They take immediately to a vegetable diet and a strenuous life, wiiich soon works off the layers of fat, and by June 1 the fine winter coat becomes thin and more or less shaggy. By September, however, the fur is again in good condition, and from then on hbnting is good until real winter sets in, and the first big, lasting snowstorm Bends Bruin hunting for shelter. The latter is not necessarily in "a dark den In the rocks or in the cave formed by the roots of some fallen giant of the forest," for the falling giant is seldom considerate enough to form anything which could, seriously be called a "cave," aad good rock dens are few and far between. If winter comes on gradually, the' bear will take some time in selecting a really good den, but llj It seta in suddenly and in earnest wljtl^ a big snowstorm, the bear wIU "hble up" In any sort of shelter; fallen trees, plies o|^ brush, bushes or ledges pt rock, and almost invariably on the northern sides of the mountains, where the snow lies longest and they can sleep till thefeaelt- ing snow trickles in on them and drives t&em out • 'The method of hunting Is the ssme in both seasons, but the feeding grounds differ. In .the fall they collect where Hyomei will destroy activity of all i catarrhal germs in the respiratory organs and in a few weeks the cure will be complete. This is a strong statement, but C. B. Spencer & Co. emphasize it by agreeing to refund your money if Hyomei does not cure. T 1 - Reductioh Sale in ' • ; la order to reduc^ our stoct of Ladies' and Misses' Winter Hats to the lowest possible point before the^aspn closes, we will o|fer_otir entire line of Ais'Jclasspf goods during the next tlri^ f ysat Igreatly reduced prices, tJir stock is still very complete, you need anything in this; line ^ou can savje money by baying c^o ^i Remember • ? ^ GREAT BARREL SALE QF RIBBONS CONTINUES Until November 23rd, liicliilslve. fUR the berries gr6w, but In nie spring one runs across their tracks almost anywhere, as they are then constantly on the move, and feed on the bark of young alders, willow and all sorts of water plants, fish, frogs, ants, etc. Having collected your outfit, you send the pack train of dogs, with the cook "wrangler" and one guide, on a day ahead, and then follows a long ride with the head guide to where camp has been made. You eat a tremendous dinner and crawl into yoiu: sleeping bag at half- past eight or nine. The next morning : you have breakfasted and are saddling your fresh pony (for every man must have at least two mounts) as the sun peeps over the mountains. Strung »ut in single file, led by t?e head guide In the midst of the dogs (only the terriers are not coupled), you ride for perhaps half an hour, when a halt Is made, cinches are tightened and the magazines of your 34-40 Winchester or Ru- I manlan Mannllcher filled and the rifle replaced In the scabbard under your I right knee, trigger down to protect the ! foresight. Then you remount and the ' line spreads out, and you move on, the , dogs still cQiIpled, covering some "draw" (small valley), and all looking carefully for "bear sign." A DIFFERENT GAME. Blx Men for Football, Bat in an Attmlw of'the Heart Mttle Men 'Sometimes Do. "Oh, arent'they perfectly splendid!" exclaimed Ethel, her eyes and cheeks glowing with enthiislasm as she watched t the bnriy, mud-cotered mfiaahs fussing ^ «ver the football, relates the New York Tibaes, As I am somewhat short In stature, sniall of bone, and flabby of muscle, I "began to ri^gret hkrlng'brought her to 'the^'gaiB^.'" VI do^'lbvlove big men!" j Ethel con- I llded to me. en thttste«tljpaUy applauding J a gain; of a few yards made by the gl> 5i |^c.jceater. ' . i Each season brings something new in the realm of bedding. There have been linen sheets, can^bric sheets, sheets of silk and sheets embroidered and lace trimmed. This year marks the Introduction of cashmere sheets, says the Washington Star. Cashmere sheets are treasures that fill a woman's heart with delight If she has her monogram worked on them in silk there is little more to be desired. Bed linen has not been ousted, but cashmere holds a place of its own in household economy. The fastidious cashmere sheets, and they are used in stopping at hotels, where there Is a possibility that bedding may be damp. They are also used on yachts, where they are welcome as a protection from cold as well as dampness. There are home-staying people who use them In winter, and still others who believe in them the year through. They have none of the objectionable qualities of flannel. There is regular sheeting in cashmere cdsting $2.50 a yard for the lowest priced in the natural color to $4.50 for the finest white cashmere. " The finest ready-made sheets cost $14.50 In the white, and $12 for the best In the natural color. They come In dlfferont sizes. The sheeting is in different widths. The woman who goes In for cashmere sheets usually gets four for a bed I and replenishes ber stock a sheet at a time as they wear ovlt She will probably take the natural color, because it will not shrink, while the white may change slightly. The natural wool Is delicate in ^ade and not objectionable. Along with the cashmere sheets the bathrobe habit has been developed. The mo.'jt delicate garments in weight and texture are made of camel's hair for the women who beiieves in a dally tub. The finest are of camel's hair, in the natural color, a soft red brown. The robes are thick and warm, have a texture of silk velvet and are almost feather weight Silk trimmed they coat nearly theJr weight in gold, and one will not be less than $65. There are few things in woman's attire that are not to be found In wool. There are woolen corsets in which the woman swimmer delights, for they are flexible and warm and their shapeliness makes them a becoming under- s»arment for bathing. Then there are woolen dress shields which may be worn and laundered indefinitely. The thin silky wool fabrics are a boon to women, if they are woven with a hard twist This makes them un­ shrinkable. They are to be found in dark sh^files, delicate tones of blues, pinks and heliotropes and in whi^e and stripes. They make delightful unllned suits, for they are durable and do not crush Into wrinkles. They are pretty In negligees, make warm, light under petticoats, and In the omnipresent shirt waist they are Invaluable. In a wool shirt waist a woman can be warm and clean at the same time, for she sends them to be laundered as she does those'of linen and cotton. If ERE TO ROOST Thanksgiving: Turkeys that cause your inouth to water when they gobble. They roost here so they can be sent home conveniently with all the other Thanlisgiv- iug dainties Pumpkin, Yan Camps. Mince Meat in Bulk, per lb,. Sw6et Oranges, per doz Cranberries,'finest Jerseys, qt. Sag'e per package English Wajnuts, per lb Hickory Nuts per bushel . ..IOC .,,ioc ..30c . . IOC .. 5C . .-200 And Then, THE TURKEY I The fanciest we ever had. Fine young Fellows to be dressed; Well Dressed Fellows, plump and tender, = 18 cents a Pound. NOTE —Your order for Turkey should be in Tuesday or early Wednesday morning. FRYER BROTHERS. K tT' CARE OF MEN'S CLOTHING. a Few Saffsestioas for the Wife Who Takeji Intereat In Her hand's Appearance. The neck bands of men's white shirts frequently wear out before any other part Wash the shirt to remove the starch, rip the old band off and press it carefully so it will retain its original shape. Cut a new band of linen interlined with muslin, baste It In place, stitch on the machine and work the usual number of buttonholes. Make other repairs that are needed and the shirt will be ready for the laundry, says the Boston Budget. If the silk, ties are soiled, try cleaning them with gasoline. Pour a little In a cup of bowl, dip a clean cloth In It, and'rub the soiled places, dipping frequently. .When the- gasoline gets dirty,.tret a fresh supply and proceed aa before, untn\ the ties are clean, then han^ thiiii nir whet «~n6° dust wlU fall oH fhBmxaitlVfi Has crrapbratedi'This dneavnofcUMa tlii«ii »rbi «fi Glande S. Golbertson Undertaker and Embalmer Black and White Rubber Tired Funeral Curs Ainbulance in C*)nnectioii Sp«fcial Attention Given to Shipping and Receiving Bodies from Trains GccdEveniiig, Have You Smoked Vet? :If not, try the Home Madti ^v.d Uia. ii Made Cigars. 'Tine as Silk" 6 cts., "Buster" Sets. "Opulento" 10 cts. J. HERING, lola. Kans. For Ssle Every where.where Qood Cigars are £old Made by. cleaning. Prepare a cleaning fluid by pouring a quart of jjolllng water over one-fourth pound ol; soap shaved fine and adding a heaping tcaspoonful of borax. When dissolved, stir together so it will form a strong suds. Dip a small brush in this, jay the collars flat on the table and scour until clean. Ainse with clear water and hang up until half dry. th6n cover with a cloth and press with a hot iron until; dry. . The borax is a great help in removing j grease or soiled spots of any kind from woolen garment,: and Is perfectly harmless. "Vest and ,coat buttons may be purchased to replace those that are worn or lost, and (f the binding is worn In places, rebinJd with new braid. If there are any places to be mended, place a piece like tb^e garment under the jwom place. Sew it down firmly, allowing as.few stltclie$ as possible to show on the right side, ;dam back and Cortl| over the broken threads, catching It down to the cloth beneath. Then place a damp cloth on the place and pres» with a hot Iron. Our Buggies; and Surreys Before Buyihj^ F. M. ANDERSON, Practical ArehftMt. Plans, Speclflcatlc(n^ and Batimates on all classes of buildings. Special attention given to modem Improvements and superintending. OlBce, room' 1T. second ioor Northrnp ^nUdlng. Children's box calf lace shoes, 89 cents.. Rosenberg's.r O. W. Held. r JjfcT, flcJA REID 4 flElt)* ; Phytlelans an^ •urgaena. ICE SuppUetf to 1 A« Tra4« Direct ' at the factory or from otir delivery wa^ouii. All deltvery wagoag have bur usme on tbem.

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