The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 1984 1LTTHEVTLL1, fAllJ CODTHEB KIWI Red Army in Far East Is Motorized Miphty Defenses Stretch for'2.000 Miles Along Manclmguoan Border Tliis Is the last uf a series uf five stories un Mam liukiiu, Vladivostok and the ••Iliiiilrnhiirff line" being built In Silifrlii, written by William Pljillp Simim, nutrii foreign atTairs cvpert. mm- louring the world fur C'ourier Nuns anil oilier NF.A Service newspapers. BV Wlr.l.IAM nill.IP SIMMS (Copyright, 1934, NBA Service. Inc.) VLADIVOSTOK— Far Dili ill ill? harbor, you can sec three small uaihhips nboul the .si/o of Dewey's Olympiii at the natllc o[ Manila Bay. and of about tr.e same vintage . They typify the naval hrlplep.s- I'.css of Russia in the Par East, o factor tlial influences every Men of policy hereabouts, and gives color to the announcement of Foreign Minister Litvinoll that Russia Mill be on hand for t:e next world nayal conference. 1 saw iso sign of submarines liere. but was told there are a lew. transported overland by rail from European Russia, and "assembled here. But it Is agreed tlial the first steps of a war between Russia and Japan would seal the fate of this city. The Japanese could bottle it up from tr.e sea immediately, and a strong mobile army, operating nlcna ilje Chinese Eastern raihvas out of Manchuria, ought to be able to cut of! almost immediately the neck of the Vladivostok j>e.ninsula Then, recalling the successful Japanese siege of Russian Port Arthur, it would be only a question of time before Russia's las • warm-water port- on tr.e Pacific was lost to her. • • • Loss Would Be Serious That would be a highly serious lots, endangering the whole grandiose scheme ol colonization and upbuilding which Russia is initiating for all eastern Siberia. So naturally Russia has no' overlooked any possibilities, and ii encased in fortifying and protecting her border all the way back the long Trans-Siberian railroad a: it hu«s the Manchnkuoan bordc- as far as Lake Baikal, 2000 mile: from tr.e Pacific. i The islands and liills about the harbor Here: are strongly fortified , but I ~$n\ told' that Russia- In the event of war would base its opcra- • lions on Khabarovsk, several hundred miles north, at the juncture of the Amur and Assuri rivers . —a central [joint in any such campaign, and safe from naval action. liuild "Hindrnburf Line'' All along this vast front slrctch- rs a "Hindenburg Line" of concrete and iron, barbed wire entanglements, machine gun pill-boxes, and back-area defenses tincqualed ex- KITCHEN IIV SIAKY I- DAdl'i: MiA Strike Stall Wrlli-r Comparatively li-» Anicrinin Huusrttlvc.s make u><- of (he pim- |!>-m anry ]xj\vi!er as n means to- waid variety in ii-a.-unmg.v The niiiy .VLLIK-I- was iltMBm-d to make tin- Knst Indian;,' insipid and In• •vniiljli- txiwl ot lice mm,, palatable and lo .stimulate lupins »|i- lUilt-.s din-Inn deputing \veiillicr. lihe Inviniaoly aceomimnli-s a miry and nu-iu mid il.sii may or ii.ny nut be iml in us make-up. Vna-lable. curries an- excellent, Uiu. and help solve the everyday limchoil or supper p:obUm. CuiTlcs always miiK.e very nl- ti :ii-live dishes lo M-IVC became Hi,- iu-e : - FACE THREM Russia's Mechanized Army Parades Its Power ~ i port difficulties of the one-track i Trans-Siberian, has accumulated i vast stores In and nround Vladl- | voslok. which arc estimated as euf- '. ficient to keep the Red army running for a year even if the long thread of railway fo Moscow should be cut. His Chinese connections also bring out the possibility of rousing China against Japan if a Russian war should come. i Laundry Provides Jobs for Needy at Osceola laundry, is being assisted by Carl Dairjhly. ol lilythevllle. who is also is Ills services free. Washing machines and electric 1" the renter. This Inviting way to uw u tl; '' s "' s| lay "' " ll """' y llli " lu - M=i>' »">' ''eU-lii, ition wliluh lasu-,1 d- 4 l,t hours. irons are being used, along nil other modern methods, lor the work done in the old grammar fchool building basement. The city is furnishing the lights and waltr and the city council, at the suggestion of Mrs. WixMl, appropriated enough money to start the project. /i new fciiluic, lo be added tomorrow, will be calling for and delivering Ihe laundry in O^ccola. s:;urv arc servrd in riie. Of course. HV Mun-e which elves th «'"" li:Hinctlvc lluvor lo [In- di: Curry Saint- One want tablespoon tiibli-spunn llnur. 1 Juice butter. '2 cup.-, meal broth, t airiy '2 m- curry powder. Stir wllh u radishes, stra-.vbony and plneap- loik and cixik live mimnes. Add pie salad. ]:opm-i-rs. milk loa Almost any kind nf IMi-mvr , m . llt ,, m | i,,. mvl , (] i,|ckly. Add HINNI.(i,l can he n-lieined In ibis boiling wiitoi- to cover ami Mm- u,,,.'™- .nee mid served in u hinder a l mer one hour adding mo:e water S n..',i ,1-. meat and n-ady l(j iidd Ihe meat, u- border ol the f,".jrry unusual ami wi-ll cooked rice. Or cheap cms of If nei-1-.wary. Add Mil. Juice of ',01 '• meat can be oil In tike and kmon. baminn cut In inrli slices ' ' biowned imickly In hut fat. Then and i-oraimil inliisHi. Simmer 1111- Fitumcr Ihem in the MUUT ellher til tender and wrve with rira-. l-i:iib curry, liutlcrod ijitimiiii mid iieaimt iL-.ii ihiiliaib pic. milk, lonniui il: "'^ "W or on lop ol the stove. To Small Iliicc-whi'cJcd automobiles nuiKc (.-0001111111 Infusion niu Ix-lni; usrd by .•.quails of Lon-.., . cheap cut of lamb is delidmis mule or .Train.- cocuamil anil let. (ion [Milieu to viced throii'jli dcn-'c tabu-spoon chutney i-aiu-e. | {.'> cookul this way. slund In one en;) bomim water for InUflc. liibU-.s]xxjn.s lemon juice, 1 lea-j The following rule ol Kus.1 In- twenty inlnute.s. Slinin Umiuah ' *]i:.on sugar. \-:>. |i-a;.pc.uii .sjilt. 1-8 dian curry Is quite exotic In Ilin-or chec.scdotli. .siiiice/iinj cocuanul ui, , li-:i.-iEHHui iM-iiiK 1 : 1 . lUiid embodies u cuiioiLS comblna- dry as ixisslble. Mill butler mill .stir In cum 1 lion of couninut. onion, lemon and One (casixion Ihlnly sllcetl i-r |im,!,r and Iluur. Conk mid Mir |banaim. .pinker can be subslitiitcd lor' the i OSOEO1.A, Ark —The new Osce- oln laundry, sponsored by the city nlcipi.tilies have ! i frolliy. :»ni-ly add ininalo' AUSTIN. Tex. (UP)—Texas mil- | j"Ui- w meal biuth. Mivriiii- con-i One pound lean beef or minimi entered upon n'Mainly. When smiwili add minced of any cut, 1 tablc.snouii curry apple and 1 tuble'piion mitril co- council as a project to give em-! practical campaign for beautified .oidun. lemon Juice. Miiiar. salt ntiil ixiwder. '2 tnblespoon.', bulli-r, 1 (uanui lu the curry .•i-uiic j ploytnem to needy women, open-.>°rds and home gardens. Austin,] l«-p|X-r. Simmer for M mlnules. union, 1-2 Iix-sh locoanut. I bairn-j • I ed for business today. Ttmplc. San Marcos and many j It chutney ymice Is not avullabie. na. \-'2 lemon, 1-2 (IMSIXKUI sail. Moinl-iy'.s Sli-nu I Seven foruily washings were re-' otner 1)laccs ave offcrini! reduced , chnpix-d ciicuiiiln-r riin-s or mixed Cut incut Into .small cubes. Melt 1 URKAKFAKT- 'oriniijra cernil Motorized equipment features the war gear bfing assembled hy Rns- sfa in the Far East in huge quantities. At top is -JL squadron of light, fast tanks. Below is (jen. Rle.ucher, Red Army commander in Siberia, who is idollztd in Russia, having served against the counter revolutionaries and in China, and who knows the terrain beria like a. book. of eastern CC[lt der. on the Franco-German bor- Tokio, Osaka, or Yokohama anc 1 return. Capture of Vladivostok would be small compensation for such havoc. Russian preparedness in the Far East is In charge or the famous General Russian military leader who adopted the name of the famous German commander. Blucclier iri Command Bluecher. who is only 42, has already campaigned through the White Russian counter-revolution, driven the Chinese out of Russian Mongolia, and trained the Cantonese army of Chiang Kai-shek. Hr was sent to Tokio as military at- lievcd that more will be laundered daily utter : project is underway. Mrs. Walter Wood, who is managing the ig and U is bc-| 5mnmer w;i 'e r ralus to encourage sv.-n-t pickle c: than this nnm- llom<! Bauti-ning. hk. you can .-HI Kusl Iniliun Curry banana If convenient. The Kiujllsh ollen add I rhiiii|K-d ' AMILY LAXATIVE . , drl I taliles]KH,ii cb- bubble.-, add onion LUNCHEON: Uiown onion .soup. taehe, where he learned great The region of Chita, far to the west, where the Chinese Eastern "short-cut" brandies off the main line - of the Trans-Siberian, has been strongly fortified. Other points along the line near (he Manchukucan border: where Japanese troops might break thru anil .cut the Trans-Siberian rail- roa<I, tlms Isolating eastern Siberia from Moscow, have been put in shape for defense. Behind these -advance positions, air fields, hangars, machine sliops. tank concentrations, and strategic highways V.ave been built. Hufc Armies on Watch On her side of tile border. Japan has been doing the r^ime thing. In the dead of winter, in sub-zero weather, she built railway and highway bridges and other structures ol fcrro-concretc in utter defiance of usiial engineering practices, pouring and dryinj the concrete Inside artificially heated cof- • ferdams. .lust how many troops face each other across these fortified lines, only the Russian and Japanese general staff:; can tell. But 1 was told the Russians have about 200.000 effectives between Uike Baikal and Vladivostok. Russian sources indicate a be lief that the Japanese have more Iran 260.000 in Manchuria — no 000 picked Japanese. 110.000 Manchurians under Japanese and While Russian officers, and 12.000 White Russians. Kussii Powerful in Air Large forces of airplanes arc known to ii? present on both .sides The Russians say the Japanese have 500 airplanes and 50 airfields wllh- In striking distance of the border. But Japan is also afraid of tre Russian nlr menace. Here lies Hiwn's b?st strength In "The hot corner of Asia." For the congested match-box industrial cities of Japan are within easy nunj distance of either Vladivostok or Kliaruirovsk, and Japanese cnnjurc up thoughts of what a fleet of incendiary bombeis could do on a flight from either city to deal about Japanese military organization. Then he was recalled to Moscow and given command of the Red army in the Par East. He knows the ground and, recognizing the trans- IIAV, MACHINERY FOR SALE Sealed bids will be received at the office of the Levee Board, West Memphis, Arkansas, until Noon, June 7. 1934, mid then publicly opened for the purchase In whole or in part of the machinery, implements and equipment that lias been used by the Board Loral Production Credit Assn. Lends On Budget Basis "Production credit associations were designed by Congress to meet the sound short-term credit r<» rmiremnls of agriculture and are bringing farmers Ihe cheapest money they have ever had." said i Mr. Kellog, field represent a live of j the Production Credit Corpora-' tion of St. Louis, wlio is spending a lew days in Mississippi county assisting H. D. Woodward, secretary- treasurer of the E'lanttrs Production Credit Association. | The interest rate on loans made i by a production credit association! is 5'i per cent. Mr. Keltog points out that many farmers ore lowering their interest costs even further by getting their loans on a budget basis. The association advances the money only as needed so the borrowers do. not have to begin paying interest charges until they start using the money. Loans are made to farmers and stockmen for general agricultural production purposes, such as the production of crops, livestock, dairy, and poultry products. The lerm ranges from 3 to 12 months, coinciding with the marketing period of the crop or livestock financed. "This practice of making loans lo mature at the time they can be liquidated most advantageously is giving the farmer the maximum I Lucki les are u kind to your throat __, _ J0 f^ll iilg, \tJC lilllklCI IJIV ULilAULIUI cutting weeds and shrubs andl cl . et |i t service," said Mr. Kellog. harvesting hay on the levee. Ceiti- ded check for W~< of amount bid musi accompany each bid. The IJoard reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Information will be furnished tipj on application to H. N. Pharr, Chief Engineer. West Memphis, Arkansas. W. M. Smith. President. St. Francis Lcveo Uoard. 15-22-29-5 Since its organization on 12-2933. the Planters Production Credit Association has received 198 applications for 515.574, according to Secretary-Treasurer H. D. Woodward. The territory served by the local association comprises Mississippi county. Farmers interested in obtaining a production credit loan should see H. D. Woodman, Osceola. Ark. \\ L. G. MOSS Hlylheville's Cut-Rate UNDERTAKER Why I'ay A Big Price? was a Famous Host in his day —and the hotel which bears his name maintains hi« reputation Dor.'t Miss MKMI'lllS COTTON* CARNIVAL "Smith's Greatest Tarty" May 16, 17, 18, 10 Free Parkin; in Oarage • In modern Hotel Gayoso tha Hospitality of Ine Old South and the convenience of the new join to aiak* your stay pleasurable—and memorable. "Famous for fir.a food—sinca 1842." Rates as low at *2r2. *l so "2, 8 ; 1 HOTEL M « m p S ONE OF THE FAMOUS KOTCU of THE POU i'H • Home of Radio Station W M C ^ W HKRF.VF.R the fines! tobaccos grow — in <uir o\vn Soutlilan'l, in Tuikey, in (ireccc — all <n p rr tlu- worlj, \vc gather tile very of the tobacco Crops for Lucky .Srrii;,-. Ami tliat means onfr //-.'• ctulfr Units. Tlie center leaves ar<' tin- milil- cM leaves— llicy t.islc.- Ivlti-raiul farmers arc paiil liiylier pncri fiir them. These clean rrnb-r U-JH-s are the cmly oiu-s used in mnking Luckics. Thea "It's ti>a«eil" —for throat protection. Anil every l.tifkyis fnllypiicked with lliese choice tobaccos — nude round and firm, free from loose cnds~that's uhy I.tickics keep in condition" — wily you'll find that l.uckies do not dry (nit—nu important t™'» " retry nncktr. Naturally, l.uckies are al- \\ajs in alj-Wiij^ kind to your throat. "It's toasted" V Luckics are all-ways kind ,'•> "oar throat *fS 4* Center leaves -these are the Mildest Leaves 73^

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