Independent from Long Beach, California on January 6, 1960 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1960
Page 27
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C-IO-INDEPENDENT «*"' ·«·* «·"'·· w *' J "' * IM Television Log ·HUT OwMMl 1 Kl« Ch.nn«l 4 KU» cfconntl ] , KAIC ' MUCtMrtMlt KIIV Cb»iw«l 11 KCO» Chcmn.l 13 · . nkt'fntf*p*nrf«ftr ·MVMM no rttfomWllty tor chonfvi mod* bx itoMont. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1960 6:00 A.M. 4--Continental Classroom (repeat): "Physics" 6:30 4-^(Color) Continental Classroom: "Chemistry" 6:45 ' 2--Austin Green · 4--Farm Report 7:00 A.M. 2--Captain Kangaroo 4--Today, Dave Garroway 7:45 2-^Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A.M. 2--Vagabond: "Tombstone" 8:30 2--Amos 'n' Andy 11--Ramar of the Jungle 9:00 A.M. 2--The Red Rowe Show 4--Dough-Re-Mi, G. Rayburn 5--The Larry Finley Show 7--Chef Milani 11--Check It With Chambers 9:30 2--On the Go, J. Linkletter 4--Play Y'r Hunch, M. Griffin 7--Mama, Peggy Wood 11--The Jack LaLanne Show 10:00 A.M. 2--I Love Lucy, Lucille Bal 4--(Color) The Price Is Right, Bill Cullen .7--Chucko's Cartoons 11--Movie: "Meet the People,' Dick Powell, Lucille Ball 10:30 2--December Bride 4-^Cpncentration, II. Downs 5-^Ding Dong School 9--Health Happiness 13--Morning News 11:00 A.M. 2--Love of Life 4--Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker 5--Romper Room, Miss Mary 7--I Married Joan, Joan Davis 9--Charles Boyer Teleplay 13--Guidepost 11:30 2--Search for Tomorrow 4--(Color) It Could Be You 7--Navy Log 9--Gene Autry Movie: "Carolina Moon" 13--Lloyd Thaxton Red. Shop 11:45 2--The Guiding Light 12 NOON 2--News; Movie (12:05): "The Bride Walks Out," Bni'bara Stanwyck 4--Queen for Day, J. Bailey 5--Uncle Luther (cartoons) 7--Restless Gun, John Payne 11--Sheriff John, John Rovick 12:30 4--Thin Man, Peter Lawforc 7--Love That Bob! 13--UCLA Course: "Matrix Methods in Engineering" 12:45 . 9--Movie: "Jungle Cavalcade," Frank Buck 1:00 P.M. 4--Young Dr. Malone 5--Movie: "Great Mr. Nobody," Eddie Albert ( M l ) 7--About Faces, Ben Alexander 11--Abbott and Costello 13--Assignment Education 1:30 2--As the World Turns 4--From These Roots 7--The Ray Milland Show 11--Dial 999, Robert Bcatty 13--Guidepost 2:00 P.M. 2--For Better or Worse, Dr. James A. Peterson 4--House on High Street 7--Day in Court, H. Simras 11--The Paul Coates Show 13--Guidepost 2:30 2--Art Linkletter House P'ty 4--Split Personality, Tom Poston 5--Movie: "Big Stampede," John Wayne ('32) 7--The Gale Storm Show 9--Mr. and Mrs. North 11--Famous Playhouse 13--Brit. Movie: "Her Paneled Door," Phyllis Calvert 3:00 P.M. 2--The Millionaire 4--Movie: "Guilt of Janet Ames," Rosalind Russell 7--Beat the Clock, B. Collyer 9--Movie: "Tuttles of Tahiti," Charles Laughton, Jon Hall 11--Steve Martin's Club 3:30 2--The Verdict Is Yours 7--Who Do You Trust? 4:00 P.M. 2--The Brighter Day 5--Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7--American Bandstand 11--Frontier Doctor, R. Allen 13--Webster Webf't Cartoons 4:15 2--The Secret Storm 4:30 2--The Edge of Night 11--TV Readers Digest 4--Lee Giroux Show (4:40) 5:00 P.M. 2--Burns and Allen 9--John J. Anthony (5:05) 11--Susie, Ann Sothern (5:05) 5:30 2--Movie: "Framed," Glenn Ford, Barry Sullivan 5--Popeye, Tom Hatten 7--My Friend Flicka 9--Criswell Predicts 13r-Robin Hood, R. Greene H---People's Choice (5:35) 5:45 9--John Willis and the News 6:00 P.M. 4--(Color) News and Sports 5--Bozo the Clown 7--Hemingway; Weather 9--Cartoon Express 13--Baxter Ward, News ll--Jim Bowie (6:10) 6:15 4--Huntley-Brinkley Report 7--John Daly and the New 13--Goodwin J. Knight; Cal Tinney Sees (6:20) '6:30 4--(Color) Curt Massey Sho\ 5--Clete Roberts Reports 7--Men of Annapolis 13--People's Court of Small Claims, Orrin B. Evans 6:45 4--(Color) Jack Latham, nw 5--The Big Three (News) 11--George Putnam, News 2--Weather Vane (6:55) 7:00 P.M. 2--7 o'clock Report (News 4--Four Just Men, tack Hawkins, Dan Dailey 5--Youth Court, R. Lane 7--Wed. Nile Fights: Stefan Redl vs. Carl Hubbard 9--The Little Rascals 11--Frontier Doctor, Rex Allen 3--Expedition: "Conquest o (he Pamirs" . 7:15 2--Douglas Edwards, News 7:30 2--The Lineup, Warner Anderson. Nancy Gates 4--Wagon Train, Ward Bond Diana Brewster 5--Crossroads 9--Crusade in the Pacific 11--The Three Stooges 3--Wonders of the World: "Crocodiles in Mexico City" 7:45 7--Fight Night Final, Frank Hemingway 8:00 P.M. 5--Championship Wrestling 7--Charley Weaver Show 9--Charter Boat, F. Tucker 1--Citizen Soldier 3--Danger Zone, Col. 'Pappy' Boyinglon 5:.'!i) 2--Men Into Space, William Lundigan 4--(Color) Price Is Right, Bill Cullen 7--Ozzie and Harriet 9--Open Road: "Beyond LaPaz" 11--Trackdown, Robert Culp 13--Kassels in the Air 9:00 P.M. 2--Millionaire, M. Miller 4--(Color) Perry Como Show with Kay Starr, Buddy Hackett, Paul Anka 7--Hawaiian Eye, Anthony Eisley, Bob Conrad · 9--Movie: "Back From Eternity," Rod Steiger, Anita Eckberg 11-- U.S. Marshal, J. Bromfield 13--Teleplay: "The Net Draws Tight," Edmond O'Brien . 9:30 2--I've Got a Secret, Garry Moore 11--Bishop Sheen Program: "How Free Can You Be' 13--Passport to the Blue Continent, Tom Malone 10:00 P.M. Top Viewing. Today , 8 p.m.--"Danger Zone" (13). Documentary series of true-life dangers begins with Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington as the host. First show has a man who lived through a fire at sea, another who is an auto racer and a third who is alternate test pilot of Jhe X15. 9 p.m. COLOR--"Perry Como Show" (4). Guests are Kay Starr, Buddy Hackett and singer Paul Anka. Perry introduces two new songs he has just recorded. 10 p.m.--"The Space Lag" (2). Details below. 10 p.m.--"This Is Your Life" (4). The life of Nat "King" Cole is unreeled from a videotape made December 17 at NBC in Burbank. Radio Programs KUC -------- 570 KAK Kll --------- M* KHJ .. KMK ------ 719 UW( Ml" .......... MO KNX . . 7t* TM MO tM 1070 Ml* , MIT KfOX KrAC ....Ill* KOH --I HO KWKW ..... --1110 KWi* 1390 .KOAT UtO ...1410 .....1410 1310 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, I960 There's a special show 01 2) at 10 p.m. called "TW Space Lag: Can Democrac; lompete?" and it is an hour ong study of the Unitei States missile program wit] ^articular emphasis on som of the factors responsible fo lie Russian lead in certain ey areas in the space race Show ' will deal with the nter-service competition in he development of rocke missiles and its futile results as compared to the success ol lie Russians who are not com 1 ieting among themselves. A lot of top scientists wil ie heard on this show as wel s some of the military mosi ffected by the missile pro ;r;tm and its results . , . 01 ack of same. 7 p.m. "Fights" (7) has Stefan Redl acing Carl Hubbard. Against the colorful back- round of Italy and the Midle East a tense story of polit- cal intrigue unfolds on "The our Just Men" (4). Vittorio e Sica is this week's star and 1ai Zettcrling is featured. 7:30 p.m. Diane Brewster, an accom- ished and unusually beauti- ul actress, will be the guest ar on "Wagon Train" (4). ie is seen as a woman who arries a wealthy rancher »vice her age. The man hopes FM STATIONS LON XLU PFK . use FAC NX POL AI1C RKD WIZ FMU 88.1 KDUO 97.5 8B.7 KNOB 57.9 90.7 KCBH 98.7 91.5 KHOF ... 99.5 92.3 KMLA ,,. . 100.3 93.1 KHJ 101 I 93.9 KUTE 1019 . 94.7 KFOX ' 1023 95.5 KGLA " 103.5 96.3 KBIO .... ' 104.3 96.7 KBCA 105 1 97.1 KUMS 1(159 2--CBS Reports: "The Space Lag: Can Democracy Compete?" Howard K. Smith 4--This Is Your Life, Ralph Edwards: Nat 'King' Cole 7--Not for Hire, R. Meeker 1--George Putnam, News 3--Baxter Ward, News 10:15 I--Paul Coates File 3--Roy Storey's Sports; Cal Tinney Sees (10:20) 10:30 4--Wichita Town, J. McCrea 5--Big Three Final (News) 7--Studio 7: "Fight for the Title" 3--The Tom Duggan Show 10:45 9--John Willis and the News 1--Sports, J.Wheeler (10:50) 11:00 P.M. 2--11 o'Clock Report: Fleming, Stout, Stratlon 4--(Color) Jack Latham, nws 5--The Mike Wallace Show, w i t h Gen. Van Fleet 7--Lew Irwin Reports 9--Roy Rogers Movie: "Apache Rose" 1--Movie: "China Seas," Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, R. Russell 11:15 2--Movie: "The Creeping Unknown," Brian Donlevy 4--The Jack Paar Show with Joey Bishop 7--Lei's Dance, Al Jarvis 11:30 5--Del Moore's Hangout 12 MIDNIGHT 0--Movie: "Code of the West," James Warren 12:15 7--Movie: "Badmen of Tombstone," Barry Sullivan 1:00 A.M. 2--David Nivcn Teleplay: "The Island" f--KRCA Playhouse Ihe original cast of "Gypsy" on KRHM at 11 a.m." . . . Music of Eddie Heywood and Oscar Peterson on KRHM at 1 p.m. . . . Phineas Newborn plays for KBIG at 1 p.m. . . . It's SiUiler-Finegan on KBIG at Dixieland corded in 1917, on KNOB at p.m Pianist Alexander Uninsky, winner of the 1923 International Chopin Contest in Warsaw plays Chopin's Polonaises p.m. . Chamber Choir is heard on KUSC at 4:30 compositions on KCBH at X. BUSHMAN, JOHN CASSA- 5:30 p.m. "Dance of FM RADIO TIPS "Louis Armstrong: 1923" matures the first recordings the great Satchmo as he ayed with King Oliver's ·eole Band, heard on "Dixie- nd" at 10 a.m. on K N O B . . . Lots of g o o d jazz for the housewife on KNOB at Ethel Merman and by TERRY VERNON for a son to carry on his dynasty but when a baby is born dead and his wife can no longer bear children, his love turns to hate The wagon train finds her beaten and dying on the prairie and a friend of the family decides to find the murderer. The story of a forger who is undone when he stoops to murder is told on "The Lineup" (2) starring Paul Lambert, Nancy Gates, Marie Windsor and Josephine Hutchinson. 8:30 p.m. Attempting the first refuel- a rocketship from a 1,000 miles out in ng of :anker space nearly spells doom for he four-man crew of a pioneering ship during "Men Into Space" (2). Heading south to La Paz, Mexico, is the "Open Road" where fishermen find a p a r a d i s e o f b e a u t y a n d catches. 9 p.m. A plain girl who works in in office is bypassed in mar- iage and then, after getting he check for $1,000,000 on The Millionaire" (2), feels hat she is now wanted only or her money. 9:30 p.m. "Bishop Fulton J. Sheen' 11) considers the question .of How Free Can You Be?" tvhen he talks for the TV arneras. 7:00 A.M. fl--P.I Bishop, Ntws ABC--Frank Hemmowav HJ--Wink Marllndafe KNX-WorldNews R'ndu KGER-Chrlst rallh Mlsslo FI-Hlt the' Road KABC--John Trotter KNX-Bob Crnn. Show KGER--Aubrey Lea KNX--Frank 'GOSS KFI-News; Southland KNX--Bob Crano Show GPR--W. B. Record KABC--Paul Harvey (1.S 8:00 A.M. FI--News, Hit the Road KABC-Cllff Enple, Htm NX--Hugh McCoy; Sports KGER--Wilbur Nelson 1:15 ABC--John Trotter NX-- Bob Crano Shov. KMPC--Bob Kelley (8:25) KFI--Pat Bishop Reports KGER--Voice of China KFI-Andv and Virginia GER-Percv Crawford KABC--Wendell Noble, 8:50 9:OOyA.M. KABC--Breakfast CHJ-Frank Car*. CNX-Hygh McCoy, News KGER--Lutheran Hour 1 KNX--Bob Crane Show 7:30 KFI--Ladles' Day KGER--John Brown Hour 10:00 A.M. KFI--News; Swlngln'"Voars KABC--John Holbrook news KNX--News; Right to Happiness (10:05) KGER--Rescue Mission K ABC-Tel lo-fcst KNX--Second Mrs. Burton lo:30 KABC--Jim Ameche (Jo 1) KNX--Youno Dr. Malone KGER--Ovorcomlna Lite 10:45 NX--Ma Perkins GER--Rev. LeRoy Kopp 11:00 A.M. KFI--News KHJ--Wink Marlindala KNX~News KGER--Dr. Louis Talbot KFI--The Swfnoln' Years KNX--Whispering Streets KNX-Couple'Nexl Door KNX- - ' " L3a st Club irroll, to V 10 p.m. a steel-nerved MP the bottle and pro- When ;oes on :eeds to be found standing ver a murdered woman in an .Hey, holding a gun, the de- ectiVe of "Not for Hire" (7) s sure the MP is not guilty mt lias to prove it. When he inds the real murderer, his iwn life is placed in jeopardy. 10:30 p.m. Marshal Dunbar jails a ivounded outlaw when he is brought into town by his gun moll for medical assistance during "Wichita Town" The marshal and the girl are attracted to each other and she shields him when two of the outlaw's friends arrive to force a jail break. 11:15 p.m. Judy Scott, a singing pro- tege of Jerry Lewis, will guest on "The Jack Paar Show" (4) !--Helen Trent :R--Sunshine Mission iphasis (11 MO) - KFI--Pat Bishop, News KNX-Just Entertainment KGER--Dan Gilbert 12 NOON KFI--News; Farm Reporter KABC--Paul Harvoy KNX-Huph McCoy, News KGER--Through Ihe Bible 1:00 P.M. KFI-Ntws; Amlv Manstltli KABC-- Mv True Storv "HJ-- Paul Comolon (to 3] NX-- A. Jackson, News; Arth* Godlrer (1:05) KGER-- Airmail from God KGER-- Christian-Jew Hour KGER-- Heaven Home Hr KGER-- Health Valk 2:00 P.M. KFI-- Are You Llslenln'? KABC-- Don MacKinnon NX-- Mows; Art Linkletter KGER-- Long Beach Band KNX-- Phlllc 'Norman KGER-- George McLaln KGER-- Storv' Book Time 3:00 P.M. :FI-- Nsvis; Marv Hlckox $HJ-- FranK Carroll (to 6) (NX-- News ".GER-- Good News, Music KNX-- Condvlis and Grant '.GSR-- Dan Pike Show KFI-- Dick Sinclair Tlm» 1:45 !ABC-- Business Final 4:00 P.M. CFI -- News; Dave Shaw KABC-- Don MacKinnon (NX-- News 4:15 FI-- It's Music Time KNX-- Condvlis Grant GER-- Gilbert Bellshaw GER-- Charl'lo Turner CFI-- Sports (4:55) KNX-- Poinl ot Law (4:55) 5:00 P.M. Phil Rlzzuto (5:10) GER-- Aubrey Lee 5:15 KFI-- News; Weather -- Carroll Alcott FI-- Sid Fuller, News 'ABC-- William Wlnler [NX-- Tom Harmon :OER-- Bulldcrfc of Fallh ;FI-- Dave Shaw, News iABC-Orval Anderson .NX-- Frank Goss; News 6:00 P.M. :FI-- Feature Wire :MPC-- Bob Kellev. Snorts ; ABC_Edv«rd P. Morgan HJ-- Paul Comolon (to 8) CNX-- Sports Storey .GER-- Back to Ihe Bible FI-ScyllvH'lrsch, Soorts ABC-- John Dalv; News ' KNX--Thi World Tonlcht KFI--News; Dave Shaw KABC-Vlrgii Plnklev KNX--Jon Arnelt Show; Master* of Mtlody «;35) KGER--Rey. Al Harlan KFI-Flnanm'Valher KABC--P. Harvey; Musd Evdle Gorme' (6:55) 7:00 P.M. KFI--News KABC--John W. Vanderg-k ""---Walter Cronklle, nws R-Famlly Bible Hour KFI--Atomic 'Age Answers KABC--Sidney ;Wallpn Export TELEVISION and RADIO Repair HF fi.QftQ? a r*K* nC D-909I j:; t i%,{'i.r. 36 years at same location KNX-Arnoj ' ' And/ KABC-Wor!d"f Tomorrow KFI-News o't Ihe World KNX--D'bl Your Pleasure; Andy Griffith; Burns-Alien GER--Rov. Victor Gltnn KFI--Rollle Thomas, Spls. KNX--Bob and Ray 8:00 P.M. KFI--Frost; Emphasis; Milestones In Melody. 8:10 KABC--People In Itic News; Lee ZImmer (8:05) ! Sccrcst ._ -. ... . Editor Report KGER--Voice of-China 3:15 KNX--News Appraisal: 1960 "Far East" KGER--A. U. MIchclson ' 8:30 KABC--Youno Hollywood; Lee ZImmer (to 12) KNX--Tills Is L. A. ".GER--Airmail from God KGER--Dan 'Gilbert CNX--Frost Warn. (8:55) 9:00 P.M. FI--News; Emphasis; Doye O'Dell (?:10) .NX--News; Opinion please GER--Rev. Lee Shelley 9:30 GER--Dr. orr, Blbla 10:00 P.M. -Fl--News; The West KNX-Rlchfleld Reporter GER--Wilbur Nelson 10:15 FI--Myron J. Bennett NX--Tom Hanlon, Soorts NX-- Philip Norman :GER--Clarence Welch FI--Art Baker Notebook 11:00 P.M. . CFI--News; Sports Final HJ--The News-Wheel NX--News; Merry-Go- Round (1U10) 11:15 Fl--Changing Times 11:30 12 MIDNIGHT W-Ben Hunter (to 51 NX--Music 'III Dawn .GER--Texas Tlnv llo 5) ""*' RELIABLE RADIO-TV CO, OPIN MONDAY * FRIDAY TIL » 202 EAST FOURTH ST. ROGER A. HOWELL Smrvlctng tko Following Arma · LOS ALTOS · LAKEWOOD · IELMONT SHORE '. · NORTH LONG IEACH · DOWNTOWN LONG IEACH · ···iMlCUT OUT AND FASH ON IACK OP YOUR TV SUfmtrnfm^l "DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOUR SET TO THE SHOP 1 "CALL US EARLY OR LATE--WE'LL FIX IT RITE AT YOUR GATE" Then charge U--via Canftamericard or International Charge-it SERVICE Alt Open 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. Phone GA 6-4213 20 Yean In Lang Beach AIL PARTS AND LABOR GUARANTEED JET TV-1523 Willow RENT WILL APPLY Call HE 6-3248 . p-T _»' E j t , CHURCHILL'S memoirs wil come to ABC next fall. Such famous personages as PRES IDENT EISENHOWER, HAR RY TRUMAN, THE DUKE OF WINDSOR, MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT and ANTHO NY EDEN are listed among those to appear. . . . "THE FLAGSTONES," first situation comedy series to be produce! in animation, will be starting next fall on ABC, The show created by the same outfii t h a t d o e s "Huckleberry Hound," is a satire on moderr family life against a prehis toric background. NOR 2 P' m " O r i g i n a l and Joey Bishop is the guest- .lass Band," re- on KFAC at 4 The Netherlands p.m. host this week. SPINNING THE DIAL HEQDA HOPPER may have lost some of her list of guests due to the blast of ED SULLIVAN over salaries paid to the stars, but on Sunday she will come up with a powerhouse of guests including such HANEY, who was a baseball broadcaster here for a greal many years prior to becoming active as a manager, will now return to the microphone for NBC to assist LINDSAY NELSON on the baseball broadcasts. PEE WEE REESE, another great baseballer, has signed with CBS to help DIZZY DEAN on the baseball telecasts. . . . NBC is m starting a series of screen tests to find new, fresh talent and details can be had by calling NBC in Burbank. So far the tests are only being set in New York, but will spread to nesto Lecuona plays his own Er-lnames as LUCILLE BALL, STEPHEN BOYD, FRANCIS Ponchielli's the Hours" is featured selection on "Masters of Melody" at 6:35 on KNX . . . . Burl Ives and, Alfred Drake sing on KDUO at 7 p.m. The musical biography of Louis Prima and Keely Smith at 8 p.m. on KRHM. This is part of a two- parter . . . . Aldous Huxley speaks on KPFK at 8:30 Paul Weston's "Solo Mood" at 9:30 on KBIG followed at 10:30 by Terry Snyder's "Persuasive Percussion" . . . . "Pick Yourself Up," songs by Anita O'Day backed by Buddy Bregman on KNOB at 10:30. VETES, GARY COOPER, Rl- CARDO CORTEZ, BOB CUMMINGS, MARION DAVIES, WILLIAM DANIELS, WALT DISNEY, JANET GAYNOR, BOB HOPE, HAROLD LLOYD, JODY McCREA, RAMON NAVARRO, TONY PERKINS, TEDDY ROONEY, JAMES STEWART, GLORIA SWANSON, KING V1DOR and the WESTMORE BROTHERS. The show, to be opposition to SULLIVAN, will be a sort of documentary of the movies from the old days to the present A WEEKLY, 30-minute series based on the six volumes of SIR WINSTON NALS RODEO is due for CBS on Friday, Jan. 15, from Dallas, Tex. Top cowboys of the nation will be competing in the various events. ONE THING ABOUT . the New Year · like Sixty . . . IF YOU FIX THINGS, tell eople who need your servicelk n "Call an Expert" in Class!-' ied. Dial HE 2-5959 now. DALE CARNEGIE COURSE Presented by Eric Sutteit Associate! Dale Cn.T,eole · SPt«K ffftCIIVElY SHORE GROUPS · LEADERSHIP » MEMORY TRAINING · HUMAN RELATIONS New Cfai*f Now forming Call HEmlock 2-5841 fcr Orong» Co niy Coll Klmberly 2-3434 Retail Grocery Meats 2093 PACIFIC AVE. HE 5-4320 Hours: 7 to 9 Daily and Sun. -- Holidays 8 to 4 P.M. MAN THOMAS, famed Social ist who tried and failed many times to be President, has filmed an interview for "Wisdom," the NBC series, and it will be seen soon. . . . FRED the coast. . . NATIONAL FI- It'll go Rays' Range Formerly Ray's Hut CARSON ar ORANGE Ike Back, Set for Talk to Congress WASHINGTON (/!) --End ing a 10-day vacation Georgia, President Eisenhow er flew back Tuesday to city abustle with preparation for the reopening of Congres today and for the big politica year ahead. The President himself wi touch off the real work of th session when he delivers hi state of tile union message t a joint Senate-House meetin on Thursday. Eisenhower pu the final touches on the mes sage during his stay in Au gusta. Today, he will meet wit his cabinet to go over th message, which o u t l i n e jroadly what the administra lion hopes the Democratic lontrolled Congress will d( this year. Eisenhower's detailed re quests to Congress will com ater, starting with the an nual budget message on Jan 18. This is expected to cal for record peacetime spend ng of 81 billion dollars. · · · · · · · · · · I Open 8 A.M. - 9 P.M. Seven Days a Week DAT . NIGHT AND SUNDAYS j All PARTS AND LABOR k GUARANTEED W [Bud's TV,_82J_ Cerrjlos, office SOMEONE IS 'or a chance to WAITING buy you )usiness. Salestalk them wit! a Classified "Business Op portunity" ad now. Phone IE 2-5959. P TV REPAIR DAY-NIGHT-SUN. iGOD HONEST SERVICE II.C.I CREDIT CARDS HONORED! 1 Used TVs for Sale I [ Ace Electronics--3603 E 10th St.| IGE 4-5720 \mm STEREO COMPONENTS Flexible Dependable Listenable AT CUSTOM SOUND 3687 ATLANTIC GA 4-1611 OPEN 1-8 P.M., 9-1 SAT. MORE You'll feel like THE BILLIONAIRE when.your en runs as smooth as a top. Long Beach Engine Rehuilders will keep it that way for you with NO MONEY DOWN --24 months to pay! Ring valve jobs from 49.95. Frit Oillrirr If you are looking for QUALITY in beef, PRIME BEEF is your answer. Brake reline, motor tune-up, motor exchange 8 automatic transmissions... all are given expert care. Have your chauffeur drive thD car to 3525 Long Beach Blvd. 6A. 4-0407 is the telephone number. 3 Reg, $4,50 Service Call With This Ad. Ad Good Until Jan. 31, I960 GA 4-6794 Russ's Radio and TV Service 11H E. CARSON Nuw Hlddan Antenna! Now . 2.Y«or Warranty on New DuMont Picture Tub* 'Emerson w i I fl- 17-inch Full-power Transformor out Remote Control. Aluminried Tube. . Prices Now Only ........ Easy Term i. Ramol* optional. W« N««d Your Trod.. In Parts Service Guaranteed Wo Honor International Charge GA 2-1080 $050 · f c WE GUARANTEE to repair TV In your home or absolutely NO CHARGE CAPRON TV 0152 Long loach Bl»d, PH. GA 2-1063 REG. $4,50 SERVICE CALL $2 4-3002 - r AND SUNDAYS r ORIG. COST MOOO 27" Sylvania Halo Lite ' TV I completely overhaulcd*% A I" 1 00 I New Picture "/OK ' Tube ONLY f ^ P. B. SPECIALTIES CO. 1315 Temple CE 4-8414 I TV CALLS $0 · · EVE, SERVICE " nA i Tai i Dclly 9 to 9 GA 2-7911 Cloud Sunday H n o a n . w . , II O coll HUT SERVICE QA 7-6585 264 SOUTH ST. PACIFIC COAST HWY. · 2 5 » HE 2-5677i TV SERVI-ZONE | MM E. 10th Street ? Wrlglev-Belmonl Short $3.00 | OPEN SUN - CLOSED TUES. BIXBY TV PICTURE TUBES CASH OR TIME Munti TV Repaired GOOD USED TV's 429 WEST WILLOW GA 7-4420 GA 7-5615 SETH THOMAS-WESTCLOX OFFiCIAL FACTORY AUTHORIZED SERVICE STATION SPECIALIZING IN REPAIRING All MAKES OF FINE WATCHES AND ClOCKS CALIFORNIA TIME SERVICE J!9« 1AKEWOOD BtVD., IKWD. AND STEARNS. OE 4-2345 LIVER, STOMACH AND DIGESTIVE TROUBLES QUICKLY DISAPPEAR! Why continue 10 suffer distressing T n r , n , , ' STOMACH, ACID VOMITING when Dr. Chan's Fn. mous Chinese Herbs mav help vou back to Health and Haoolness? They arc created to benefit Ihe en Iro svilcm, soolhlno the atlectcd Darts, thus vou jet duck rettfl without Dalnlul olllco troa montwllh Iho natural Herbal Treatment. "MV STOMACH DOESN'T BOTHER ME ANYMORE," SAYS _ Coniu/taflon ViHhoul Obligation Houtand, t,an raja/nect Meir n.alffl -fdroiigH fit* Nafural Therapy, why nof you? A trial will convince you. Mat* an ointment now/ PT 1-4 Office Hours: fues. », Fn. 10-1!, Wed. «, s«t. 10.12 Won., Wed.. Sun. Closed Dr. Chan, D. C. Chltiett Herboloqlit Phont HE M»7» 928 Long Beach Blvd. W ,TM M)

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