The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1938
Page 3
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FRtfeAY, MAY 20, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE "Boom! Boom! Goes Damsite Town "Wide Open" Period Off To Flying Start Under Cowgirl Mayor By NBA Service DISNEY. Okln., May 20. — That loud noise in Ihe norlheastoin corner of Oklahoma U Ihe biggest boom since 7.hic and lead were ells-1 covered in the area. I While (he rest of the conn to 1 is (Supposed lo be wrestling with a Aiecesslon, ihe Inlmbilanls of Dis- (liey and olher towns around hue —Ketchum, Langley, Jay, Vinil.i and even cities as distant as Tulsa ami Joplln, Mo—arc prospering, because workers (and money) are flowing into tlie area to build a $20,000,000 PWA dam across Die Grand river. And (hat's not all. The traditional boointown byplay Is to be seen. Disney voted the oilier day, for Instance, to so on a 30-cla\ spree with just about anything going, under the administration of Mayor Billy Baker, a former cowgirl. After that period the citizenry will try Ihc "blue law" government of Mrs. Vera Silni 1 and then vote- on which kind of rule llity preler. Tlie way tilings are progressing it looks as if there will be more funning than frowning aflcr the permanent administrative setup is chosen." Disney, named lor Congressman Wesley E. Disney of Tulsa, who pushed the clam project through at Washington, seems lo have a bit of a jump' on the olher lowns. Sit- Jju'uHl almost on the S|X>t where /nest of the actual work will lie done and laid out so Hint Ihe road traversing the dam will continue as the town's main street, the village is a robust and roisterou;; stripling. Disney, apparently, is going lo j beat out Langley, another infant I town, and Ketchum for domina-1 tion of the section immediately surrounding the new dam. C. D. Armstrong, the rounder, laid out the first lot only last November, and already there are )50 buildings and 1000 people in the town. In true boom stylo, an abnormal percentage of the buildings are saloons. There are other reasons for the present prosperity than merely the 2000 laborers who will draw regular pay for building the big dam. The 1200 families living in the! 40,000 acre bns,in of the lake the dam will create are going to be in the market -for new homes'and farms soon.' "They're being paid a total of around 51,500.000 for their lands. " lany highways are planned for region and the Frisco railroad Jias surveyed a route from Miami to Disney. Government officials say the project will be self-sustaining and selfJli(!Uida£itig through sale of power and the ultimate Hood control benefits. This and other projects are expected lo rid the Arkansas valley of floods for all time.) The dam itself will be 0500 feet long and will buck up a- 40,000- acre lake with n 1300-mile shoreline. Promotion-minded residents are hopeful lhat the lake area will become a recrealion center, as did the Lake of the Ozarks region in central Missouri. As If there wasn't enough excitement around here already Ihere was even an oil strike ovei at Ketchum—but tliat didn't create much of a stir. The owner of the strike, Mrs ,' Gregory, wasn't pleased about ..^!. "I'm mac!," said Mrs. Gregory. "All I wanted was water." The oil was found in Mrs. Gregory's water well, which had been the town's only supply of water. Mrs. Gregory had been getting a dollar a month from each family in town. Even before the influx of new residents, she was innkinr;! about $200 a. month. Now her water well lias ben "ruined" and | Ketclmm's citizens must buy their water from truckmen hauling it Into town. Other oldtimers in Ketchum also were uncxcitcd about the discovery. They said most everyone had known for years that shallow oil pools underlay the town. Ami Ibey're sort of- resentful about the outsiders who nre pestering Ihcm for leases on Uieiv land. That's the way things are nrtiond here. Just like in the movies. Here's n weekday scene down Disney's Main stix':t-mostly dust and ramshackle buildings, but plenty: :if business in tlie boointown at the site of the S'20,'K)0.aOlt 1'WA dam project on the Grand river. Postpone Scout Camp ; Planned. This Week The Cump Hoytl A. While, (ho otllclii) ciuit|) of Ihe Hoy .Scouts ol' Ameviea lor the niylhe-villo dls- Irlet, which was lo huve bee-n held today and tomorrow nt Walker I'ark has been |Htstponcd because of wi'iilhi'i' and will he held oil .luiH' :i :md Itli, 11 was announced by ciniip olhYlnl.s. who lidded Ilinl i Ihe public Court of Honor which was planned for tonU'lil will not clmni'.cd but will be held al the niinoiy ut 7::iO o'clock. All merit badges and certificates will be awarded tonight. Three nembeis ol Ihc Hoy scouts in Jily- Ihcvllle district will receive ail- viiiH'cinrnt to Ihe rank of Eaulc Scout, Ainoni', these three- v. p ill bt 1 James A. I'uckell, scout master of troop No. ;|8. H. is anticipated that In tuldl- llon to the Kuisle awnrds, approximately l[> scouts will be advanced to the rank of Life Seoul mid another Ifi to the rank of HUir Seoul. One scout will receive an achievement lank, being physically liicnp- acllalod Irom pa.sslni 1 , one of Ibe tests innilveil for a ranking as a llrst cluss scoul. Hlevcn utliill seoulors of Ihe lily- tht'vtlli' district, who ivivnlly completed a training course In scout leadership which wus conducted here over a period of lUri'i; weeks, will receive cerltflcalcs Issued by the National Council of Ihp Roy Scouts of America for their iichli'vi'im'iit In havlni; completed thai course. Funeral Services Held Simpson wterlMned sixteen tnom- „ ., (bei's of the 1'asl Matrons Club ill I'Or aatnuel J. JettreSS the Himpson home on Walker Avei line Monthly ovciilnif. Mugnolln CAUUTIIKIUWIM.U, Mo., May m blossoms, pink roses and lark.tpur •--I'lmrru) wrvlivs WITO lii'lil for / wt>|1 " usl ' l) )l > H'O decornltoim. A Samuel .1. .ii'iircss. who died ul the delicious twn course dinner wus lamily liuine hero, loIlowlnB a limn served from the IIII'KR tllnliiB table ilhir^i caused by urcuiti: jtolson- in;{ and an allack ul pneumonia which dnx'lopt'il lair litM uvi'K'. Mv. Ji'llicw; was born at Miutln, 'li'ini., .Si-pii-inliiT Ji), IITM, Hi' wus mnuii'd ID Mix-. Lillian i'cuiheilnn lit IMns Ti>im., In Ili'.IH ami to (his iiulun wcie born thrre Mills nilil four dauphins, who with Ihe widow .survive. Mr. anil Mrs. Jellross moved to llaytl In l'JO-1 where he wus cn- in the pracljcc ot" Uiw fur iv which was covered wllh a cloth anil centered wllh a of pink roses. Th(> lac bowl moved to Tmxton, Mo., where they will make their home. Mrs. J. V. Billings of Kennctt Mo., s|jcnl a few ours in this city Mo,, spent o few hours In this city Monday morning, Aubrey lisles of Corning, A'rtt;, Hienl HunOay afternoon In this city ni\ (he Bin'st of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde llurper. Mr. Ksles in editor of were (lie Clny County fjoiirler at Corn- .si'iited at .suiiill lubles In the llv-' ln>j and Mr. llurper Is a former inn room. Following dinner Mrs. '.lack IlaiI, the pi'esldenl, held u short business se.s.slon ufler which a numlipr of nanie. 1 ! of "Chlnker- Chek" were played and pi' went to Mrs. l ;l , II. Jiloineyer for hlRh score ami Mrs. J. W, Davis for low, The Willulny of Mrs. W. P. Rouen- win i the moiilh and she received n gift from the. club. The next meellni; will be held June Johnston nnd number of yeais. in 1918 .lli« linn Jly moved lo Ihiiy linve since made their homn 20, with Miss Ksslc unit wtii'ie Mr, Jrcivs:; WHS ncllve M \... } ||,. mv |j( )0nr In hi:, proli'u.liin until III health j ' ' , ,' rci*! lutn (u ic-tire. Tli<> body, iic'uinpanled by Jils fninlly HIM! a mmibur of friends, was taken to Martin, Tenn., where Interment wus iiiude lollmvlng a shori service by llio llaplist mlnls- (IT of ttuit city, who cimilui'ted the linuriil til Mr, Jellre.s,s' molher a MlsKlnuarr Swlefy lias Mccltuj; Mrs, .liihn Kills, assisted by Mrs, Mary Hums, Mrs. Jerry fScluumum, Mrs. II. V. Simpson'and Mrs. Lloyd lioiters, entertained Hie Belle. 11. lienm-ll MKsloiuuy fiocloly lit the ! Kills limne on I'Viuusun Avemu 1 325 Graduates From Pemiscot Schools CARUTHEIISVIMJ1, Mo., Mnj 19.—Harold S. Junes, supeiinteml- ent of I'eiuiscol County Kcbools yesterday iinnuimced Hint about ',125 j _elghlh grade students would be graduated lliis year in county grade .schools, elimination exorcises will he held this inuf next, week. C'cir- iitliersvllle bus Ihe lurgesl (jriuhiiil- Ing eluss. wltti 1!-,, while Wurdcll Is next with 'X>, and Sleele third wllh ao. At the Hospitals U'w niunths MIJO. Sniviviiii 1 , nre the widow, Mi's. I,Illln 11 .Irltiv.v, fnnr ihiuiihirr.H, Mis. Cluienre Culley, Ciirlxm Illll, Alu., Mrs. Ijiuiii Heaver. Kansas CHy, Mi>,, MIK. K.irllne Ulce, Curboji Illll, Alu., and Mrs. Jack C'olm, .St. I,mils, Mo., anil (hietr sons, L. IV HlHl W. .). Jellies*' (If Memphis, Tenn., and Jim of this, city. Luxora Gin Installs New Dehydrating Plant The townsite oilice, leil above, is llio hub of activity hi Disney and headquarters of the town's founder, C. D. Armstrong. Hotel accommodations sifsn't the world's besi.' The Cot Hotel, above at right, Is a busy hostelry catering to workers employed at the dam site. to Tennessee for a month's slay wiih her imcie, Arion Baker. Thursday. They were accompanied home by Mr. Holms' bister. Negroes Draw Fines In Several Theft Cases Hayti Is Association Officer Willie Campbell, negro, was lined $10 and 'sentenced lo 15 days in jiiil after he pleaded guilty lo a charge of receiving stolen property. He is alleged to have had in his possession a quantity of cylinder oil, which was recently stolen. Eunice Margcrtim. negro, also pleaded guiily to a charge of sfeal- some towels from a Memphis laundry truck. She was fined $10. The case of Rosa Lee Bates, negro, who was charged with assault with n deadly weapon which grew out, of an alleged attack on negro man, was dismissed by Ihc stale. The cases of Jessie While, who lives on (he Lee Wilson farm nt Grcenbrier nidge, and R. B. Lucas, charged with grand larceny, was dismissed. Tlie men were charged with stealing some chickens. Lnnge, and Sudbury Parent Teacher associations which are sponsor- Ing the affair. CAlltiTHERSVILLE, Mo., May 19.—Dr. J. V. Moore, Hnyti, was elected secic-hiry-treasurer of the Southeast Missouri Veterinary Medical Associalion. a new organization formed iiiis week at Poplar Bluff. Dr. C, T. Old, Sikeslon, president, and Ur. John Seipel, Poplar Bluff, vice-president, were Hie other officers selected. The organization will meet twice yearly, the next meeting to he at Hnyti. "Summer Roundup" Of School Children Near The annual "summer roundup", when all mothers of children entering school next year are asked o take the children to the County iealtli Unit for a health checkup, vill be held Monday, May 23, after 1:20 o'clock, it was announced to- luy by ollicers of the Central, Negro Is Given Death Sentence At New Madric Files Divorce Suit Harry Gerkin has Tiled suit chancery court here against Cora Gerkin, asking n divorce on the ground of desertion. Ed B. Cook is attorney for (he plaintilf. Read Courier News Want Ads. Band To Attend Poplar Bluff Jubilee An invitation IKLS been extended to tlic city band lo attend Ihe Oznrk Jubilee to be held in Poplar BHilT May 27 nnd 28, it was announced today by C. G. More- treai!, director of Ihc local group. Tlie group will accept the invitation, if jiicans of transjwrtalioi) can be provided, Mr. Morchcad said Five to six hundred musicians will march in tin 1 parade nnd play In the massed ccmccrt which will be broadcast, over WMC, Memphis, ns will olhtr failure events of the jubilee. Six j-.umtcrs nre required for nil bands to use in the concert. U is reported dial the slate of (•Unsylvanla. lins added 500 andt- Viwial state highway patrolmen primarily for the purpose of reducing the number of accidents. STOP HERE! FOR Gas & Oil Remember— We Check Your Ilalicry Wheel Alignment FREE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th ft Walnut Plione SI HIJW MADRID. Mo., May 20. — One ^jury in circuit, court yesterday sentenced n negro man lo dealli In ihe state's gas chamber and another jury sentenced a neyrp woman to servo 10 years in prison on charge pp.knifing a negro- mnn to deatli. John Jones, former convict, :!•!year-old negi'o, vias sentenced lo death on a eluirgc Hint lie was ilty ol a -statutory olTense against a white woman t^ear here last February 7. He did not take the stand in ills ou'n behiilf. It \vas understood no appeal would be sought. Anna Terry, 35, was the negro woman given 10 years for felonious assault. Miss Ciinrhv; Jone« wus I'cinorert from the Hlyllievllle hospital lo liei home last nlKht in a Holt uml liuiee. Miss Eunice lirosdon uucli'i'went an emergency operation for appendicitis this morning at Hit Wnll.s i)os])llnl. Jimmy Mcdlln, of Osceola, Is patient at the St. Joseph's !ios|>ll(il Memphis. G. J, Pierce, of Osceolu, has Ij admitted to the St. Joseph's hos pllnl... Memphis. Ik'ibeil Noleu, Cooler 1ml whos lip was fractured Monday inu'riilii when he was struck by. n cutlo ilanter, was rcmovcil from Ih Walls hospital to the clinic thl jint,' In :i Holt iiiubulttiice. Al ler his' hip mis. placed in a cast h as^ returned lo the hospital. Carolyn Aim I'etcrsou was dls missed from the -Blydievllle hos illnl today. LUXORA, Alk., May III. —' The Iitixoru Gin G'mnpimy'K new dehy- {Irulhi^ phml, which is one of four in Mississippi county, made llio •si li'sl run yesterday atternoun llh Iwo ("us of fnwh cut nlfalfa nulled Ul lite rain at (he mill, Mr. l-;d A. Teafin'd. of the ompany, lU'slj^ned the plans am icclllcntlons lor the entire plant nd Mi]iervlst'il the inirchiise inu islallntlcm of Ihe iniiehluery um inlpmeiil, lifter « caieful researcl I I ili.'1/vclrnllun nmy liwtisUijii f plants In operation. 'I'hts pluu III inake Ihe llnlsheil product Mr. Toufoixl anllelpalns u vcr nccc.ssfiil seiisou wiih Ihe Inrg mount of ncrc:i|;(; In iilfnll'n. jMcuulny evening. Miss fiwan Naylor had cimrije of Ihe lesson which was u sludy of (he missionary wntk done by Mi-llunllsls. In China thirhm Ihe. past slxly years. Mra Leslie I'Vriiiison iiiivi> the Bible meditation. Mrs. Helen Baker, Mrs Ihilpli llerryman uiul Mrs. 1,. I' Umisden assisted Miss Naylor wllli he program, Mrs. W .L. Mcyei loscd the proKi'um with priiycr irs. John Kills, president had ge of Ihe business session, iifli-i vhlch (lie hostesses served a duln- y dussert coursi 1 wllh codec. Mrs. A. II. llhoiie.i was a guest of Ihc oclcly. Approximately 70 per cent of the world's motor cars nre In tiie United Slates. It is 'best to keep the imlvcrs joint well yreaseil, but never pac il full of grease, - , : , employee In that ofllcc. I'Yej Koloslt-k and son, Fred Jr., and iliuuilUer, Nellie, of the Btnnc- y C'oiumimity were Cariithersvlllc visitors Monday allornoon. Mrs. Guy Hall has returned from the Memphis Methodist hospital whore she had undergone an ap- H'Ddeclomy. A. n. Sanders of Hnyti spent n r ew hours here Motulay ntteiidhiR lo business iiinUvm Miss Clnniel Hall left for Cnllf- ornlu where she will visit with her friend, Ihe former Miss Rnih Crowe, who lives near San Francisco. W. A. Hudson of Deerlng, Mo., spenl a few hours here. Tuesday inoriihiH nltendlDij lo business matters. Mr, and Msr. Albert IJrcnt of Alexandria, La., have arrived hero lo lie HUesU of Mr. Brent's par- wil-s, Mr, mid Mrs. M. Urcnl. They will also visit with her relatives at Hninrjadoclo, Mr. tiiul Mrs. Edgar Niclicna fju'iit .several hours Monday cve- nliii; at Point Pleasant,, Mo., with his niollier, Mrs. R. O. Nlckens, l)i> Is millo Ml. Tiint of Wnnlell allernoon In this anil vlsltlnt: wllh Carutliersvillc Society — Personal ii-ky Nlun Club Met Mrs. I.loyd Kogors was hostess U> the two Inhlc Uicky Nino Drldrje Club Monday evening. After thu usual niliiibcr of progressions! prl/cs were (iH'iuilcd lo Mrs. Harold I'op- liiini, high, red leather hassock; Miss Jewel Williams, consolation, novelty cnndy Jar. Mrs. rophain also received the traveling prlzp, linen hautlkerchlcfs. Mrs. Rogers served cbtckm salad • sandwiches, picklfts, ollve.f. moulded clierry snl- iid, Iced cup cakes and colfee. Past IMatrnns Meet Mrs. J .W. Davis and Mrs. II. T, Miss Honnlo silent Monday eily shopping friends. Mrs. Clnrti'tulc McRK'aln nntl dainshter, Miss Mnillm, have le- Unlicil from a two weeks Irlp. They spent several days In Itodirsnor, Minn,, and vlsllccl In Chlcnyo and UceiiMir, 111. Mrs, Harold R. Jones, and uon, Uiinirtl, nre In I.ltllo Sock, Ark,, wherii they will upend two weeks as guests iif her pAre Mr. nnd Mrs. 11, O. lleiuiclt. Mrs, Marlon Dnrrow has rctiirne< from McComh, Miss., where sin had spent the past two wccka will liw pnrcnls. Her sister, JWIss Jem Clciullimlng, ncemiipauled her houn and will visit, here for severe weeks. Miss Bcrnlcc Chlllon and niece fiiixnnnc Onln, rctiinu/d Mt.nda moriiluu from Columbia nnd b Louis. Mo., where Ihey had spor Ihi! week end wllh friends. Mr. and Mrs. R. II. French ( Jucksmi, Tenn., are lierc nuil w. siifiid several days aUcndlng business iniitter.s nnd vlslUng w:J Ihelr danghler, Miss; p.oroll French. ,„.., Mr. and Mis. C .O. 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