Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1962 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1962
Page 32
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.'* rw KMXTI i^JmsioiiLog Hj CkHtaff°* "*"" «_ jtTL* On' I f __ICAiC uneMl · m i n i m *amm ·*-'OMUMn L Mm ·3e°B'ia»e«. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1962 ic PAD) ADVERTISE3IENT - - S.-45 2 Farm Report; News 6:00 A.RL 2 College of Air. -Biology" 4 (Color) Cont Classroom. "Contemp. Math" (repea 630 2 USC Telecourse: "Every- day Law." Allen Neiman . Judge Roger Alton Pfaff is guest 4 (Color) Cont Classroom. "American Government" 7:00 A. M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 4 Today, John Chancellor 7:45 9 Cartoonsville--A.M. 8:00 A. M. 2 Panorama Pacific, R.Ro\\- 5 AM-LA. Stan Chambers 7 Chucko the Clown 30 5 Morning Canoons 11 Susie. Ann Solhern 13 Guidepost: Science (9-12) 9:00 A. M. 2 Calendar, Harry Reasone 4 Mom'g Stanime (teleplay 5 The Jack La Lanne show 7 I Married Joan. J. Davis 9 Movie: "Laddie." Tim Hoi C40) 11 The Princess, Pat Blake 13 Public Sen-ice film 9:15 13 G'depost: Soc. Studies (3 930 2 I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball 4 Highway Holidays 5 Romper Room 7 The Pioneers II Yoga for Health : 9:45 13 G'depost: Soc. Studies (8 10:00 A. M. 2 Video Village, Monty Hall 4 (Color) The Price Is Right 7 The Ray Milland Show 11 Face Lifting by Fjcercise 10:15 13 G'depost: Living in West 1030 . 2 Your Surprise Package 4 Concentration. J. Lucas 5 World Advntrs: "New Zealand," Arab. George R. · T .a Icing is guest 7 Our Miss Brooks, E. Arden 9 Understanding 11 The Paul Coates Show 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons 10:55 ' 2. Harry Reasoner News 11:00 A. M. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) Your First Impression. Bill Leyden 5 Women's Bowling 7 The Texan. Rory Calhoun 9 Crime Does Not Pay 11 Broken Arrow. J. Lupton 1130 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences 5 P.M. Mike Wallace, with ·Allen Funt, Ann Landers, Albert Dekker, Dick Pope 7 Yours for Song, B. Parks 9 Medallion Thtr. (teleplay) 11 Songo, Del Moore 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Scherer news (11:55) 12:00 NOON .2 Burns and Allen Show 4 (Color) Jan Murray Show 7 Camouflage, Don Morrow 9 Movie: "China Sky," Randolph Scott (M5) 11 Sheriff John, John Rovick 13 Midday Report 12:15 13 Public Service Film 4 Floyd Kalber (12:25) 1230 2 As the World Turns 4 Loretta Young Theatre 7 Make a Face, Bob Clayton 13 Assignment Education 1:00 P. M. 2 Password, Allen Ludden 4 Young Dr. Malone 5 Consult Dr. Brothers; Telecopier News; Movie : (1:10): "Bond of Fear." Dermot Walsh (Br.) 7 Day in Court: Neglect 11 The Gale Storm Show 13 Public Service Film 1:25 7 Alex Dreier Report 130 2 Art LinkletterH'se Party Guest: Ruta Lee 4 Our Five Daughters 7 My Little Margie 9 Tic Tac Bowl, D. McGrew 11 Divorce Court, Bill \\elsh 13 Guidcpost to Spanish (6) 2:00 P.M. 2 The Millionaire 4 Make Room for Daddy 7 Jane Wyman Presents 9 Movie: "Brother Orchid," Edw. G. Robinson ('40) 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 230 2 The Verdict Is Yours 4 Here's Hollywood, Jack Linkletter: Pamela and Portland Mason 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz 11 Movie: 'The Bride Wore ; Red." Joan Crawford ("37) 235 2 Charles Collingwood 4 Sander Vanocur. News 5 Telecopier News 3:00 P. M. 2 The Brighter Day 4 Say When. Art James 5 Makeup Tips; Dorothy Gardiner Show (3:W) · 7 Queen for Day, J. Eailey 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons · ; 3:15 2 The Secret Storm 330 2 The Edge of Night : 4 (Color) pl*y Your Hunch · 5 Skipper Frank's Cartoons TWhfiDoYouTrufil? ·1:00 P.M. 2 Amoi'n'And/ 4 Movie: "Hell Drivers." Stanley Baker (Br.-'57) 7 American R^nH^tyrH with Joey Dee and the Starlight ers 9 Birthday Express 430 2 Life of Riley. Win. Bendix 5 The Lone Ranger 9 Movie: "Big Punch." Wayne Morris f4S) 113 Stooges. Don Lamond 420 7 American Newsstand 5:00 P. M. 2'Movie: "San Francisco Story." Joel McCrea. Yvonne DeCarlo, Sidney Blackmer C52) 5 Popeye, Tom Hatlen 7 Abbott and Costefo II Superman. George Reeves 13 Joe Palooka, J. Kirkwooc 530 7 The Soupy Sales Show 11 Casper the Friendly Ghost 13 Tom Malone's Sports 5:55 4 News Almanac 11 Vmce Williams. News 6:00 P. M. 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Bozo the Clown 7 Baxter Ward. News 9 Newsreel. John Willis 11 Highway Patrol 13 Peter Hansen. News 6:15 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 7 ABC Evening Report 13 Harold Fishman 630 2 --THE BIB NEWS-ONLY FUIL HOUR OF NEWS LOS ANGELES TELEVISION 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show 5 Clete Roberts Reports 7 Tombstone Territory. Pa Conway 9 Cartoon Express 1 Space Angel; Dick Tracy 3 Waterfront P. Foster 6:45 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 5 The Big Three (News) 1 George Putnam Dateline 7:00 P. M. 4 Whiplash. Peter Graves. Hidden valley holds gold 5 Beal Odds, Mike Stokey 7 Bat Masterson, Gene Barry 9 Science Fiction Theatre 1 Huckleberry Hound "Beanti« of Bangkok" * WONDERS OF THE WORLD 7:15 Doug Edwards and News 730 2 Marshal Dillon, James Arness (Gunsmoke). Rancher's (Mark Roberts) past catches up with him. (Color) Laramle, John Smith, Ben Cooper, Sue England. Fugitive stepbrothers force rancher to help in bank robbery. (Series will be preempted next week for "World of Sophia Loren.") Peter Gunn, Craig Stevens. Edie is shot by hoods. 7 The Bugs Bunny Shew Daffy Duck is sleuth. 9 (Color) Best of the Pest: "The Murderer" The Best of Groucho with Italian sisters 3 "JAMAICA'S CALYPSO BEAT" Musie-Fun-Sun! 8:00 P. M. 2 Password, Allen Ludden. Dina Merrill and Abe Burrows are guest celebrities. 5 Yancy Derringer 7 Bachelor Father, John Forsythe, Noreen Corcoran, Gary Clark. Kelly gets her first kiss 9 I Led Three Lives, Rich ard Carlson II Rescue 8, Jim Davis. One heart attack fake, one real. 13 CLENDALE FEDERAL * SAVINGS PRESENTS... "A WAY OF THINKING" 830 2 Dpbie Gillis, Dwayne Hickman. Statistics shatter Dobie's resistance to Zelda's proposal. 4 Alfred Hitchcock Pi esentr. "The Test," Brian Keith, Eduardo Ciannelli, Rod Lauren. Lawyer defends a teenager 5 Roller Skating Championships, El Monte 7 The New Breed. Leslie Nielsen, Greg Roman, Barry Morse, John Baragrey. Lots of suspects when life of stormy Welsh playwright is threatened. 9 (Color) Kingdom of Sea 11 Medicine of the 60's (reconstructive plastic surgery). "Nose-bobbing" and "ear-pinning" operations are featured. 13 Page One, Peter Hansen Premiere of weekly documentary with film clips of century's headline stories. The Long Beach earthquake of 1933 is one of opening features. 9:00 P. M. 2 The Red Skelton Show. Vivian Vance guests as hot-tempered Clara Appleby, who gets cooled off but good with George's new "cooling blanket" . 4 The Dick Powell Show: "The Legend," Sammy Davis Jr., Powell. Everett Sloane, Larry Dobkm. Dreams of return to glory of former boxing cham- · pion are shattered by a drunken' blackmailing newspaper reporter. 5 HITCHCOCK diitb ridi * STRAKOERS OH A TRAIN1 13 Ski Show, Tom Malone . .v r .-. Top Viewing Today 830 PJH.--MEbltiXE OF THE 60'S on channel 11. Plastic surgery special features "nose-bobbing" and "ear-pinning 1 * operations. ," 30 P.M.--PAGE ONE on channel IX. Peter Ihn- sen hosts new, weekly half-hour program presenting film dips of headline stories of the 20th century. 9 PJL--THE DICK POWELL SHOW on channel 4. The host portrays a newspaperman and Sammy ] Davis Jr. guests as a former boxing champion who was cheated out of his title. Mr rtiniii wot tar atateo. ark in Bellflower Sunday at 3 p-m. in the first of a series TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1962 7:00 AAL *t MO-- Mews; teem · Dorothy Dandridgt. who won an Oscar nomination for her movie performance in "Carmen Jones," makes her dramatic debut on television tonight Dorothy portrays a singe who has just finished a two year sentence 'on a narcotics charge. She tries to make comeback. The program is "Cain" Hundred," 10 run., channel 4 If you're wondering wh Dorothy has never before ap peared in a dramatic role o television, there's a simple an swer. "They never asked me be fore," she said. If she had the opportunit to do the telling, she'd tal herself into a series. She's go it all planned. "I'd like to do a situation comedy with Nat King Cole, 1 she said. 'Nat's an old friend o mine. He was my first ac companist when I was 1 years old. He's very funny "Naturally, it would have a how business background. 9:30 2 Ichabod and Me, George Chandler, Robert Sterling. Bogus Indian (Stu Envin sells "Made in Japan" arrowheads 7 Yours for a Song starring Bert Parks 1'M-Squad, Lee Marvin. Policeman charged with cow ardice. (Time switch today only.) 3 China Smith, Dan Duryea 10:00 P.HI. 2 The Garry Moore Show. Jo Stafford and comedian Bobby Ramsen with credit card skit, salute to 1955. 4 Cain's Hundred, Mark Richman, Dorothy Dan. dridge, James Cobum, Ivan Dixon. Nightclub singer tries comeback 5 Clete Roberts Reports 7 Alcoa Premiere. Fred Astaire: "The Man with the Shine on His Shoes," Henry Hull, Cranhan Den ton. Tippling itinerant printer teaches editor's son a lesson in facing responsibilities. 1 George Putnam, News Peter Hansen, News 10:15 5 Big Three Final (News) 3 Harold Fishman 1030 5 Divorce Hearing 7 Teleplay. "The Bomb," David Niven 1 The Paul Coates Show 3 The Henry Morgan Show 11:00 P.M. 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 (Color) Jack Latham mvs 5 Mahalia Jackson Sings 7 ABC News Final 9 John Willis, News; Dow Finsterwald Golf Tips 1 The Tom Duggan Show 11:05 5 LEON AMES THEATRE . . "OLIVER TWIST" . . , 7 Baxter Ward News (11:10) 11:15 2 Movie: "A Thousand and One Nights," Phil Silvers, Cornel Wilde, Evelyn Keyes ('45 - 1st run). Suitor of Sultan's daugh ter seeks magic lamp. 4 (Color) Jack Paar Show- Jack Haskell subs for Hugh Downs for 2 weeks. Jackie Mason guests today. 9 RELIABLE MORTGAGE 7k- PRESENTS . . SECOND SHOW!-- FIRST RUN! 'MURDER WITHOUT TEARS' For back in the days when Elizabeth Taylor was being photographed in pinafores in stead of low-cut evening gowns, Gloria Jean was a child star too. She had a lovely soprano roice and appeared in 40 movies with such stars as Donald O'Connor, Bing Cros by, W. C. Fields, Charles Boyer and Groucho Marx. She left the movie business vhen she was 17 years ok iccause her agent advised her she needed a transition perioc o make the change from chile o grown-up roles. Gloria now believes it was a mistake to leave the busi ess at that point. Hollywood orgot her. She has returned to Holly- 7 The Honeymooners: "Alice and the Blonde" 12:00 MIDNIGHT 7 Movie: "Fabulous Su. zanne," Barbara Britton 1230 1 Sincerely. Maria Palmer; (1235): "Tne Bribe." Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Chas. Laughton(MS) 12:45 9 Movie: "Mr. Lucky." Cary Grant, Laraine Day ('43) 1:OOA.M. 2 Movie: "Secrets of a Nurse," Edmund Lowe 4 One o'clock Curtain 130 4 Almanac; Newswrap TERBV VERNON "Nat and I have an act bu it's dated and he's turned ti producing." Concerning racial issues the colored singer said: The world is watching us. When we have more Negroe in television on a pennanen basis, it will help our imagi abroad." · · · · A LUSCIOUS looking younf lady named Gloria Jean Schoonover has lines totalin, 53 words in "The Dick Powel Show" airing 9 pjn. today channel 4. There's nothing particular!; significant about those words but the face of the gir who mouths them might ring a nostalgic memory bell fo: you. vood, but not the movie usiness. Gloria currently has a'job s a hostess at a restaurant ear Republic Studios. Dick Powell recently ate at he restaurant and, noting the ovely hostess, offered her a it role in tonight's program. While there may be noth ng significant to you about he 53 words she speaks, they re significant to Gloria Jean, doping to make a comeback, ie said: "They might be the most mportant words in my life." * * * * -.-.--.-ARE YOU the kind of per- on whom jocular friends hail ·ith the greeting: "Is that a banana you're ating or your nose?" """ ' : If you are, tonight's "Med-! cine of the 60's" might ap-j eal to you. It airs at 850 n channel 11. The program concerns rhin- plasty, which is the medical ·ay of-saying nose-bobbing. An operation performed un- er local anaesthetic will be hown. The patient and the urgeon actually talk to each ther while the physician is n the process of taking her ose apart and putting it to- ether again. Individuals who have nose- ob jobs--Danny Thomas and immy Durante shudder at the lought--don't have to worry bout their friends greeting em with the banana bit Their friends won't greet icm at all. Won't recognize hem. 8 PJM. "A Way of Thinking" (13) as Dr. Albert E. Burke discussing the science battle be- ween the U.S. and commu- ist nations. He offers some ENGINES FACTORY DIRECT CALL 24 MONTHS TO PAY SEE PG. ST, YELLOW PAGES KFOX-Ckarttt KC£R-anu F KABC-News; Saorti K.HJ Bas.rlQ.L~tS KNX-tea crana slo KCCR-Autrm in KABC-- alews Arauid WnrtJ tix-ftct Cm. Km KFi-*!m! SKtttand KABC-W. NeK; Newi KNX-BU Crara Show KCEa-tttana 1 rm Mr 00 AJkt KFi-News; Ha r» Road KABC-»it«S|Paj«Hary« KMJ-- Mews: Soorls KNX-News: saomM K-Gf R-»OC*» Nttro KABC-NewtViaorti' CHJ-- Bot«rt 0. Lewis . ar* ir«w KFUJtnarts; News KABC-- wimam Winter KGER-Voka a Qua* KFI-AKrV«R3VIre!ala KABC-- Market News KGER-WcrUJAlsvaa 9:00 A J,t (ABC-Raw James: Una KHJ-Pner Miller News KNX-- Mews KGER-LrtterMHow KABC-Urrai" Bemttt KHJ-Roe*rtO. Lewis KMX-BoaCraiKSAow KFi-iaXer bay KCER-JsMt Brown Hour KFl-EmofuL 1 " KABC-- Ean NisMinsale KNX-SBry h rtolrrwotd 10KJO AJtt. KFI-News: SwtaoW Vrs KABC-Nwij Br-ktait dub -Ceoic Fester.- News r*" 1 ' *rnmr Cootrcy KFOX-- Tom Brenrtan KCER-- Rescue Mission KCER-^vercoming LJfe KCER-- Re». LeRoy Koea KFl-- Emonasis (19:51) 11:00 AJ\I. KFI-News; Swinoin- Vn KABC-- News; Don Allen KHj-News; Boa Frew KNX-«rws: Art Unttetter KCER-Or. Uovd Annrn KABC-- Teflo feit KHJ-Lucky Pierrt KABC-Carlton Fredericks : Snorts KCER-- Can Gliaert 12:00 NOON CFt-News; Farm Rreorter «BC-Paul Harvey News KHJ-- Newt; Bob Freed -Hinfl Mccov News R-Hioti Noon E:we (ABC-JamevRotfson Nw» KHJ-- XVilterCTKeefe KNX-- Nelson Mclnlndi KFKalif. Aortt UJ:ai KFI-News: Hart to Heart KCER PAL KFt-Newu DM SMdalr rue lli.l; Q. Mow« Ktu-Caanc fo«J»: Hews ixx-Mewu rat Bunrim HOER-AimaaironCoJ -si^sS fcC£R--Otrbtun CruuOt 2.-00 PJH. KFl-New: Ok* Sinclair CMC--Newii J. c Sway*. KH-«ewi; Final Lr»li KNX-Newu Pal Bum-am WEr - KNX-Womait'l waiNna- toni Pndta Norman fill KCER-CaorgaUOaLl Kf t^Eironairs 11:9); N« 3.-00 PJL s J.. s.rrn H j-Crtric New 'R Brw«n!na KCER-O« Pltl TtoK. C Ctdl KFt-Emdmi" -Ptrurul Story 4:00 PJ«. rABC-- Jim McCuln Nt : Fttund« Review («:«) KMX-- Om. Colltnffwood; TM iMrv-Un« (4:15) KCER-R».At»Sl«»ider KABC-- Hnn JCNX-- «ou» Call «:SS) 5:00 P.M. :FI-- Reoomr; Hnn «BC-«ewi; Sam Blller KKJ-- Ntwi: Soortt KNX-- Lowtll Tnomat: Ptnl Rluuto Soorti (5:10) KFOX-- Souukin* Delon ".OER-- Auta-ey Ltt ICABC-- Soeau RnoH - NX-Carroll Alcnn HFI-Polnl il Law a-.Ut KFI-SId Fvlle^Nen -«BC-«e»aiine Hem * KFI-OiveSnaw.New KABC-H. Weanr; Nevrt KNX-- Frank cou: News 6:00 PJiL IFI-- Newl! Future Wlr« MPC-Bott Relief. Seortj KABC-Edward P. Morgan XH^-Newi: Soom KNX-- Scorhlde; Bnlnns KFOX-Oo KKnatlo* KGER-eact to tr* B^M -vat wn r. ua-Ttt mra Tin^t KrU-Mwu Paul ___ KNX-forK KaaUoKEM KFOX-AI frft l«9 n KCCR-RM.AlrUrlM KABC-Flur«i wealMr 7.-00 PJrt. KFI-Newi: BaMitand KABC-«m. Witter? Serfs. KHJ-Pagl Carattl^ruw HHK-Hn: RICKY* Ham WER-famlt, BJ* hour - ' Ouetrien | KCER-srJ. KFI Nt«n ci'm. wora KABC-Carnan rVeaenda Cltm UU-NBA B«HrrMB I7JS): Buton Ceffia at I.A. uten 00 PJ«. KFl-Fmt: Nwt! Emch'tl rTB'SSS, 1 ?, :FOX-f rant stnxn ;GER-VMe et Ouna KABC--MloM 'Unf KNX-Aik Mayor Verry KCER-A.U.MKttsoii KCER--Rev. C.T.WalKcra 1:4! KCER-OanGUixrt KHX-fmt W«rn-a (I:SI) 9:00 PJ1. ewi: L dutterton KABC--Nn; Ram Jarnei KNX--Nwi; Opinion pettt not (to 17) KFi-Oirleln'eWnt KABC--Nl*t line KCER-Or. Orr. Bile 10:00 PJ«. KFI--Ne»t; Emonatlt KABC-News; RatDhJar KHJ-«ew: Joe IMM KFI-UleUne KABC--NIsM Line KNX--P1UI Norman I anile KFI--KFI Banbtand KCER-aarencaWeld) 11.-00 PJVI. :Fi-News: Saorti Final :ABC--News; Alex Dreier KHJ--The NeovWtteel KNX--Nm: Prill Norman 11:11. KFI--Wrau0 KABC-Mlstt Lint :NX--Mtnlet'iiDawn iFI-thns-nTlmej Il1:in Ml--World Today 111:15) JFt-ThlnaledUte KABC-Earl Nleritlngale 12:00 MIDNIGHT :Fi-RonMcCorlto» , KNX-Minlc ill Dawn ' KFOX-«vrcn Cherry (to i) KGE R--Or. J. Vemon McGee; Dan Pike no I) KLON |KXLU suggestions to strengthen the| U.S. efforts. 8JO PJH. KUSC 'Page One" (13) premieres JgJ,. \-ith a weekly, half-hour of,!cimSi ^ V « B ^ 11m clips of the headline tones of the 20th century, 'eter Hansen serves as host larrator." Tonight's opener FM STATIONS may include clips of the 1933 arthquake in Long- Beach. "The 9 PJrt. Red Skelton Show 2) has the comedian, in his role as George Appleby, in- ·enting a "cooling blanket" or those long, hot summer lights. When Vivian Vance, lis TV wife, tries it, some- hing goes wrong. She gives rim a cold shoulder. 10 PJ.L 'Alcoa Premiere" (7) guest tars Henry Hull as a printer, with travelling feet. He gets job in a town where the newspaper editor is trying to each his son the responsibili- ies of the profession. Where he newspaper editor fails, the irinter succeeds. 11:15 P.M. A young man falls in love with a sultan's daughter and eeks for a magic lamp that! will grant his every wish.! That is the plot of a 1945. movie starring Phil Silvers, Cornel Wilde, Evelyn Keyes .nd Adele Jurgens. It's on ihannel 2. . FM HIGHLIGHTS Eydie Gorme at 9 a.m. on KNOB. . . . Discussion "Our Retarded Children" at 10 ajn. on KPFK. . . . "Do Re Mi" at 1 p.m. on KMLA.... Frank DeVol at 3 p.m. on KBBI.... Mantovani at 630 p.m. on KFAC. . . . New Symphony Orchestra in stereo at 8:15 p.m. on KPOL. . . . Enoch Light-in multiplex at 9 pjn. on KMLA.... Edmundo Ros at 11 p.m. on KGLA. . - .Band to Perform Trie San'UFe Sprints Youthlqf spring and .summer con- Jand wfll perform at Simms certs sponsored by the Bell-' flower Parks and Recreation Department.. r OUT AND PAST! ON tACK O-YOU* TV 9 I Expert TELEVISION and RADIO Repair HE 6-9897'""" "" S6H Jf«»»l 31 y«or» at »·· hcaili* S6H Sttmft' RCA VICTOR · ZENITH · PACKARD-BELL opt* rvt»T NIGHT UMTIL f RELIABLE RADIO-TV CO. 202 East Fouriii Street . S«nrJcJ«j ft* Fattavhf Artat · LOS ALTOS · LAKEWOOD · IELUONT SH01E · NORTH LONG IEACH · DOWHTOWM LONG IEACH ' i"~ OUT AND rASTI DM IAOC OF YOUR TV 1£T I I Daring! Sfarr/ingl A Killer Tree on fie rampage on SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE ; TONIGHT AT 7:00 · KHJ-TV CHANNEL 9 THE FIRJT JHOW AT 4:M Big Punch THE SECOND SHOW AT 11:11 Murder Without Tears SAVE. AT, BURKS All New 1962 COLOR TV Ilk Itill 1st III llillll Illlt lltl Su Our Color Display of: RCA, ZENITH ADMIRAL; Open E«»iag« end Sondoyt BURK'S 35G Long Beach Blvd. 5372 Long Beach Blvd. HAROLD agrees. you gef whaf you pay for in SERVICE ON YOUR TV HC «-65J PACIFIC AVE. RADIO TV mi PACIFIC AVE. EST. Ill) I · · I DayNiteTVCo.: SERVICE CALL AM ' ME4-2M5 " Open 9-9, 7 Days urn UUCEWOOD BLVD. We do an trpes at WASHER REPAIRS AND REFRIGERATORS On- Uedaltln Art FRIGIDAIRE MAYTAG we alu rent watnen. refrlgtrltera and TVs We will allow up to 1100 traot-ln (cceriting or noil en · new wainer Uwd WASHERS from SM.50 BEGHTOL'S 1372 W. Willow GA D-2H2 WITH( AD TU SERVICE »SO DAY and NIGHT @E 4-3002 BUD'S TV, III Cirritos, Olllci tl» SIMer, Shoo ORANGE T.V. 11TH ST. t ORANGE AVE. HOUSE CALLS HE 2-1919 HOME TV REPAIRS Days--Evenings--Sundays Prompt Sin let--Rusoubli Rites Electronic Senrlct Asucuies Hr.SprinjSI. t Billllr. El. Mil SPRING ST. HA 5-6266 Transmission Leaking Compliti Sul CAP lob, Farts and Liber, VJCR on Most Cars ' UV A, E. Transmission Eich, SS3I Chirr/ GA :-E575 INCOME TAX Rl* Your Return New For Early Refunds Open Ereninqt Until 9:10 Awftatmenls In Yrer Men er Our Otfica Conplila Easiness Sinrlei 1)57 Oraogc AT*. GA 7-flll DiDIO DATE FESTIVAL 'A DAY IN THE DESERT" i oanat Racn-camei Race* | Hene siuw cnittui ' Beautiful Clrti H Harem CoirumM Nnnn PMCMI · DAY. FEB. 31 i mcMet trtt f SATURD II you want ta try this you can but you might get all tangled up. For an expert adjustment at only 6.95 remember this: Lene Beach Engine Rebullders is the place; 3525 Long Beach Boulevard is the address; GA 4-C437 is the telephone number. {They do overhaul and exchange work, too). TONIGHT SEE COWBOYS AND ENGINES . . . ... Tihen your engine toes on the warpath hit the trail for the n'n; and valve experts at Cherrr Anaheim Engine Re- tmlders, 2015 L Anaheim SL, Loni Beach. For only 543-50 ' (most sizes) ne'll put power h yosr car and a smile on your (ace. We aba rebuild rulers. Call GE. M»D. Antonatic Trusnlssion oreihanl. 139.50 labor, plus puts. FHEE SERVICE CAR NO MONET DOWN f WE SPECIALIZE! fANTASTIC VALUES! SPORT fl / frem DRESS y^ - SAVE AS MUCH AS / t** .1211 EAST ANAHEIM, L. B, NEAR ORANCI Avr. Dr. C. A. VARVEN D E N T I S T · COMPLETE DENTURE SERVICE t REPAIRS WHILE YOU WAIT 0 18 Months to Pay · Pension Work fcntolkol titractloM Airaaged For OM Block north of South St. on Cfcerrj Aft, H. Ung both 5881 CHERRY AVE. GArfield 2-7906 DESCANSO GARDENS I "111,111 llll.itf Coallltt" i Tram Ride It Acrei «l Flcwtrt also FOREST LAWN »UU Sn»er» ttaned olau wnoow "Tha Creanitaf largest njinttos leanlitul SUrm · WEDNESDAY. FE» n f fA ·ft: taOtiitt km and ^te/O nldedtauntDOffl LAWRENCE WELK I AND HIS ORCHESTRA - HOUTWOOD7AIUOIUH jl FRIDAY. MARCH J--HIM il SATURDAY, MARCH V-tlUI (' r-rr-'jjii'v'.^rt-i'^.-'^Tr^f-r^ Bit Tcitt LIHITEO R£SERY1TIONS! Merry-Mae Tours , \ GA 7.15M GE 84141 H ' v ·^-·^'^ i-^--..-...d mo. Kim Normal D«wn VALIANT Factory Equipped Delhrer^Heri S I Q Q "· ""'til I U«. 109 it Jprint Cniil AUTHOIIHD SAlfS t, SESVICC £200 N. BELLFLOWER letwten Vim St. t, Arterti TO 7-2731 "PLASTIC. SURGERY" Watch how plastic surgeons correct functional the process often giving the patient a "new look" that means a new life. The TV camera gives you a surgeon's view of delicate nose and ear operations. The broad field of plastic surgery Is reviewed. MEDICINE OF THE (JO'S TONIGHT/8:30/KTTV/11 PRESENTED BY BLUE CROSS OF SOUTHEM CALIFORNIA

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