The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, SEFi'EiMBEH 20, 11WS) pAQB-)^yi|||^ rfe^Mi CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for eonsecu- For Sale i Cheap. One National Cash Rcgis- ] 'lor. One n<uroughs Adeline Machine. One Cary Safes Call 795 ao-uk-si . ;-~ '-~ - «-" --v • - * 'vv 4ua AU iue a bM, O. O. Stii'cs Cot- lU)ie3 per Hoe per day,..C6c Ion Belt depot • w u'ues per line per day....05i —-—. . Monti, rate, per toe QOciC'H! good upvijnl piano. 811 Cards ot Thanks 50c ft. 15o Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered lot three or six 'Wies and stopped before expira- Von wilt be charged for the num- I't of times the add appeared and I adjustment oi: bill made. All Clnssifled Advertising cony 'ubmitted Ijy persons residing out-' «Ide of the city nnist bo accoin- paniett by cash. Rates may- be easily computed, from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions .taKes the otic time rat«. Maiu, 71. . ll-ck-31 5500,01) Slock iii Holt Funeral Home to Ije sold to tlw highest bidder, Terms Cash. CLEARANCE SALE Wo Must .Have Room i'riccs !nmi payments lu Suit 'Your Utidgel 19M Chevrolet. Town ediin. $519 . No responsluili.iy . be taken . tor more than one incorrect insertion ol any classhied ad. For Rent ^ Blythevillo, Ark. This will he open for LO days. 18ck-25 Leaving to\vn rrldnj:. Sept. 32, 3 rooms nice furniture to be 501-1 at Auction Barn Thursday morn- Ing, Sept. 21sl. I8-yk-2t 8 foot meat case. A good buy at $50.00. ville. Max Parks. Bly'the- lC-pfc-23 room funiislied apartment, with! th. Cull 527 P r)r f bath. 535 No. 6t U24. 1039 Spartan . . . Original cost S09.V5. I'lione SJC. 15-ck-22 m r'- ~fi\ x<> '"eater seats, suitable lur " ! churches. Complete slice shop Front room, two beds. Single bed-! c iuipment. Complete meat tnai- rocm, steam licat, phone 260. I 151 ' 1 equipment. Slmlebaker anitou- 19-ck-t-f l' allce combination. All i-eal har- — '"s. P. Simon, Phone 76-1. Three room apartment, furnished or vmrurnbihed. Private bath. Phone 280. Nice front room convenient to bath. Mis. Nolen, 310 Walnut. 18-ck-25 Bedroom. Twin beds. AH convenl- •ences. Call 581. 18-ck-tf Nice comfortable front bedroom. 1000 W. Ash. Cull Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on W. Main ' "- " 15-ck-U St. Gail 571 ov 3 197. room In r ni shed apartment. 209 _W._Kcnt\ick.v. Mrs. Sisk. 13-ck-ll Bedroom in private home. Oarage. Private bath. Gas heat. Man preferred. Phone 410. 9-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment, electric stove and refrigerator Call 433-W or 11. 133 W. Kentucky. . 1-ck-tf Spacious living-bedroom for two business women. Twin beds. Phone 230. 12-ck-tf Gcmfortable single bedroom for employed woman, phone 239, 1028 Main. iz-ck-tf 1, 2 or 3 furnished rooms. Everything modern. DM Hearn. •-^..: ^:.-"'" 30-nh-9-30 2 love'l?'furhished rooms adjoining bath. Garage. Men only. G13 Walnut. Phone B39-W. 21-ck-3-Sl Store building for rent, steam heated. Parkhurst Co. 2cklC-2 . 15-ck-10-!5 One acre of land fronting on Bf»r- fielrt read one mile east of Bly- tlieville. Priced reasonable. Splendid home site. See O. w. i*wls. 8 room residence "lie S. Franklin. Rent for $27.00 per month. $1300, S2CO cash, balance $25 per month. Also will sell G« Lake Street, residence and store combined for same price. Dr. J. A. Baliba. O-ck-10-9 Selected double red poppy seed for sale. 25 cents per ounce, postpaid. September and October is the time to plant. Major Little, Blylheville. 2-pk-10-2 Lumber. $18.00 per thousand feet at mill. Adjoining Clear Lake Farm. D. R. Garner, Armorel. 23-pk-9-23 Larje Burrough's Electric Adding Machine cheap. Tan Little Chevrolet Co. 14-ck-21 Personal 3 room unfurnished apartment Modem and in first class condition. Corner Main and Second. F. Simon, phone 7C4. 15-ck-tf U room furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone C83. 14pk21 Nicely furnished front room, stejxm heat, garage, Phone 5tiO. 5cklO-t Sho.' 'Rr-pairmji QUALITY SHOE SHOP Invisible half soling, crepe sotet rcplaccri on any shoe. Shoes dyed any cotar. Polishes, laces & supplies. Phone 120, free pickup 4: delivery. 6-ck-10-6 R nrm» Room and Board. Room adjoins Imtli. Plione 33-1, Mrs. Z. A Mc- DOF.S YOUR CAR fihinnni/, k Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? H's dan»rr(iii5 .iiul cvprnsivc (o drive n-'lli filcerms «c,ir and Fronl Whcrls oul of adjustment. Keeping Ihcin in gr.oti order is so fimnlr nnrt inwpen- slioiilil nercr tr",-.t (o clhinrcs. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEEIMVG GEAR ADJISTMENT, m- du.ling—adjnstmcni nf all Ball Socket joJnls — lightening trout Spring Clips und Irs. (Fnrls E.xlr.i). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The ahove Includes a complete INSPECTION aiid KEPORT on co.(,1iliun of Wheel Alignment and factors alTecting tire vvcar.l P ii IL LIP S Arouse Sluggish Uver, ivork oil the bile (o rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box el KIRBY'S ACTIVE UVER I>IM,S ; 25c .'nfall "KIrby" S((5res MEN OLD AT 40! OBI 1 PEP ~ New OSTREX Tonic Tablets contain invlgorators, Ktimulanls. 73 year old doctor says "I take O.v- rex myself." ,Sl.oo size, special to- CCO miles, Perfect condition 1938 Ford V-8 Deluxe Tudor. Runs nice new 1931 Ford V-8 6'0. New paint factory reconditioned motor $479 $495 1936 Chevrolet Sedan. A nice family car 1938 O.M.C. I',; T. Truck 2-speed axlis 1037 G.M.C. in. T. Ti-Hck motor overhauled 1W« Int. Lorn; W.js, (t9QC Truck. Ready to go *l>£iiJ<3 1936 l^jrd I 1 B. Factory motor Dairy Satisfactory quality nurt service In Daily product.?. • Cuttle free 0' Bong's Disease, in best of pliyslenl condition.'Call Mrs. Cirucc L:wniv. 002-J, for Hiilscll's Oraile A Haw Milk, Cream, Country Duller, uut- termilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged iin'ylime, ll;us';il's Dairy Premised land, Koiite 3 jor^Sale o7Trade" 1938 iimdel Clievrotet. 13,000 miles. Ciocd tires. A-l shupi', i^v older model car. Box "nir 1 C -/o Coiiji«i- Ncws - There's a Skunk Loose Wearing Glass Collar FfifOONIA, N. Y. (UP) _ if somelinu's (hero's « .stn-y about « more limn likely will 'te tnie. A party of imlso Jar tlglilly clumped on Its lionet. At conMilerublB personal risk, 11 mcmbei' o( the parly Irled In I'll) II I n/h in. rtf» i.... ,.• to ))iill Uio Jur of; tlijlitl)-. ' It stuck Then n stone wns to.wcil al the Jar. H broko. leaving H circle of glass clij) (! ln s to ihe nnlninl us it run-on Into the woods. Auy .sharp projectl:n nncom'orlabic for llic skiink, (he (•fiiiipm ftnrcfl. - :, . SUNNYSIKIK, WteTnjpJ-Ker- mll Lyons 1ms si Horse named Y.J- Imdn tlinl will, do more limn 30 different tricks, Including [lo»n sitting a ,,d call..™? at Die, shaking hands, taking off nor niMlo'A hat. walking a mil n kc a «<U aiul standing on all loin Joel on a pcdeilnl 10 inches T. Truck. Long W. $295 1937 Dodge 1 ton Pick-up truck. Only .- ............ 1935 Dodge Truck T. Pick-up Many of our Trucks Have lloilics 50 Others to Choose From TOOT Little Chevrolet Co, Kasy G. ,11. ^. C. Pajment 1'lau riione B3 INotice Fishinf; License FOU YOUR CONVENIENCE, AVE ARE rnEPARED TO ISSUE YOUR FI8HING LICENSE AT OVK STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO, Phons S5 day 69c. Call, Drug Store. write Kirby Bros. Found Boy's bicycle. On-net- may same by identifying and" ' cost of ad. 810 Ash Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS' 3amcn. Cor. Rail rrad & Ky . Welding EXPERT ELECTIHG AND ACETYLENE . WELDING ne and heavy w< specialty. Barksdale Mfg, Co t'honc 10 or Res. 1U19 Position ^Va^lt.ed Drug tine Experienced stenographer bookkeeper, now employed, wish c.-j to change positions. Best refer dices. Write Box "T", c/o Coiiric- News. 15-ck-2 COWBOY ACTOR Answer HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Laic actor, Pictured here. 10 Afternoon meal. 11 Adult insect. 32 Penny. i3 Measure of length. H Brood. IS Sheltered piace. IS Healthy. -0 Three. 22 Inlet. 25Roi2cr,t. 26 Courtesy title. * 3 Corvine bird. 27 Wild ox. 50Fni;r plus 30 Bird house. ihree. 32Horso tennel. 52 Amidst. 34 Conveys. 53 To regret. 54 Self-esteem. fi5 Kindled. 55 He was famous for his or humane humor. 57 He was a —. — ot humorous * 3? Eon. 38 Work ol genius. 33 Domestic slaves. « Obese. •15 Ray of a wheel. items. 15 Plunders. 17 Instructs. I9Slratum. 21PartoIaslair 23 Bugle plant. 24 To ventilate. 57 Still. 2BSoom recess. 29 He was • in an airplgnc accident. 31 Rleasurc o£ area. 33 Musical note. 35Loss'dan- gcrous _ 2 Virginia. 'J6 Valued, willow. 40 Fern seeds 3 Spring /asllng^J Name of season. anything. 4 Kind ol lock, 42 Pieced out. 5 Edge. 44 Greedy. "Egg dish. W Sanskrit 7 Fence door. dialect. . « Herons. 47 To leave out. ' !) Fish eggs. 48 Air toy. J2He was a SOFurlivo actor in watcher. movies. Si Novel. WaJuut Vhoue S10 room house. 315 acrrs~of land! ! nillo from lotvii. will trade for 1937 Chev. Truck nnd Trailer" "2 IB E. Mnliili Penny gnver Gro! Alterations USED TRUCK BARGAINS ur uHcrallons, l'liotie Hciirn. Mrs. Alton „..., ,,<• 'Low GMAC Terms ' '' /a l()n> Phone 10? JOHN BOGHfflAK ICE COLD WATERMELON'S ms move. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. • ' -N'nw Located at im North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KKWAKUS, I'roprMor ' Mrtw ./ R«bui!( Typewriter,, Addln, M . chlnc , . Dd Washing, Ironing — Li_ • o Expert washing nll(1 (,.„,„„ c| noiiB), dry and nnlili. 6 $1.00. One day service. Willie . e Green, behind City .Ice -Plant. i" Hie Nijjht f MUSIC i HEAVENLY St RYDER— PLAY MORE WVuwNO--ro BETTEf? , OOC. AFTER TH LAST L1CKIN 1 WE 6AV£ /I GUESS THEY OL' GENERAL OOP IS TOO TOUGH O THEY'RE F|6SERIN WASH TUUUS THOSE CCAIV HOLV UPAHOAT'EM, PODNER! SCAMP AND I'LL HANDLE AND HIS "FRIENDS 9 I TRIED TO FIMD OUT H WHO. YOU WERE THROUGH YOUR. PHONE NUMBER, 6or TUB OPERATO WOULDNT Not Interested—Much WHY OOf^T WE KEEP OUR IDEMTITr" A HYSTERY ? 1T BE MOR£- KUM THAT . - WAY I ' I'M FIVE FEET TALL- BLACK ^AIR- —BROWN eVes--snoe ----AMD i'VS TOLD I L6o< EXCEEDINGLY WELL Iti A BATHINS

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