Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on September 16, 1995 · Page 2
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · Page 2

Hartford, Connecticut
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Saturday, September 16, 1995
Page 2
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A2 THE HARTFORD COURANT: Saturday, September 16, 1995 WASHINGTON Republicans are hard to please. For presidential candidates next year, they already have four senators, a member of the House, a governor and a former governor, a former diplomat and several other hangers-on. Still not satisfied, the Grand Old Party continues searching. Maybe it will yet find a knight on a white horse, but the rider is not likely to be named Colin Powell. He is against too many of the things Republican activists are for and it is the activists who vote in the primaries that decide the party's presidential nominee. No less an authority than House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., says Powell would be a fool to run as an independent, as he apparently is contemplating. ' "This country is a party country," Gingrich said the other day in a television interview. "You run the House and Senate with parties. You appoint Cabinets out of parties. There is no magic independence of people who are just able to stand up and i mm Search for girl called off WELLFLEET, Mass. After coming up empty for five days, investigators Friday called off a search on Cape Cod for the remains of a Maryland girl who has been missing since 1986. "We're convinced that no body is in the area where the dogs keyed in," State Police Det. Lt. James Cummings said. Police spent five days searching a property linked to a suspect in the case. Cadaver-sniffing dogs pinpointed one area, and electronic imaging equipment showed the ground had been disturbed at some point. On Friday, police used their hands to sift dirt taken from holes 7 feet deep. They had hoped to find clues about the fate of Michelle Dorr, who disappeared from her parents' Maryland home when she was 6 years old. !The Wellfleet property once was owned by the grandfather of Hadden Clark. Clark was convicted in the 1992 stabbing death of 23-year-old Laura Houghteling of Bethes-da, Md., and lived near Dorr when she vanished. He has denied any connection to her disappearance. MM Pacemaker wires recalled WASHINGTON Doctors were told Friday not to implant in heart patients the type of pacemaker wire that has broken inside the chests of five people. All the patients recovered, and no one who already has the wire should undergo risky heart surgery to remove it, manufacturer Telectronics Pacing Systems said in letters to about 6,000 U.S. and foreign doctors. Telectronics asked that doctors return all The exhibit "NEWNOW: Alejandro Berlin Sculpture" opens Tuesday at the New Britain Museum of American Art. The show's title was incorrect on Page 18 of Thursday's Calendar section and Page 16 of the Scene '95 section Thursday. Cafe Allegre, at 50 Albany Turnpike, Canton, is open daily, including Mondays, for lunch and dinner. That information was incorrect in a restaurant review on Page 7 of Thursday's Calendar. Corrections of errors in local news stories are published in the local news section. Corrections of sports errors are on Page 2 of the Sports section. Corrections of errors on the editorial and op-ed pages are on those pages. White House criticized for Foster notes secrecy Associated Press WASHINGTON The White House failed to disclose to criminal investigators the existence of a notebook aide Vincent Foster kept on its travel office controversy and refused to surrender other documents on the matter, according to an angrily worded Justice Department memo. The memo, dated July 24, says that the events took place during the tenure of then-White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum. Nussbaum was harshly criticized in this summer's Whitewater hearings for refusing to let police see' documents in Foster's office in the days after Foster's death, which has twice been ruled a suicide. Foster was Nussbaum's deputy at the White House. In regard to Foster's notebook, "We were stunned to learn of the existence of this document since it so obviously bears directly upon the inquiry we were directed to undertake in late July and August 1993," says the Justice Department memo. The memo was written by Michael Shaheen, head of the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility. Shaheen said he learned of the notebook from an account in Newsweek magazine. Shaheen wrote the memo to Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis, saying he was not requesting any action. . Nussbaum left the White House m April 1994. In July 1994, his successor in the counsel's office made f ster's notebook available to the Whitewater prosecutor's office, the Justice department ar congres magically produce a government." Gingrich, a former college history professor, is at least partially right. No independent has ever been elected president. But Lowell P. Weicker Jr. formed his own party, won election as governor of Connecticut and then governed fairly successfully for four years. Now Weicker is considering doing the same thing on a national scale. So is Powell. So, perhaps more than two centuries of history is about to be swept aside. One thing seems sure Powell will not run as a Democrat. In an interview with Barbara Walters broadcast Friday night, Powell revealed that he voted for President Bush in 1992 and is "not a fan" of President Clinton's handling of foreign policy. Still, his recent statements show that Powell would find it hard fitting into today's Republican Party. He might have been comfortable in Dwight D. Eisenhower's party, but, since Ike left the White House, the center of gravity among Republicans has moved to the right, just as the center of of the Encor "J"-shaped pacemaker leajs, models 330-854 and 033-856, not yet implanted in patients. About 20,000 people, including 9,000 Americans, have these wires in their chests. The company said the recall is different from one in January that has prompted more than 1,700 patients to undergo heart surgery to remove an apparently more risky wire, the Accufix. Porn suspect ran day-care site CHICAGO A man arrested in the Justice Department crackdown on computer-distributed child pornography ran a daycare center in his home, authorities said Friday. A federal magistrate revoked Craig Zucker's day-care license, but allowed his wife, Roxanne, to retain it. However, there was some dispute as to whether the couple still had a license. Federal authorities said the center operated at least until Zucker's arrest Wednesday. But the state said the Zuckers lost their license when they moved last month, and did not apply for another one. The state was trying to find out if the center was still operating, said Martha Allen, a spokeswoman for the Department of Children and Family Services. There was no evidence that children from the day-care center were victimized. Tax on Indian casinos sought WASHINGTON House Republicans, looking to tap a new source of revenue to balance the federal budget, are proposing to tax the earnings from American Indian casinos. The gambling tax is part of a package of two dozen changes that the House Ways and Means Committee will take up next week. The package, which would narrow a range of corporate tax breaks, would raise $30 billion over seven years. The government has never taxed income from businesses that are incorporated under tribal laws, which traditionally have If you have a delivery question or problem Call our Circulation Customer Service Department at 525-555S or, toll-ftee, 1-800-472-7377 before 10 a.m. (12:30 p.m. Sundays) for action the same day on a delivery problem. Hearing-impaired TDD users may dial 520-6990. BILLING: If you have questions regarding your bill please call the phone numbers listed above Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For information on reprints of stories or photos, please call The Courant's Customer Service Desk at 241-3911, Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The desk is open Tuesday nights only until 6 p.m. The Courant's address is 285 sional investigators, said Mark Fa-biani, a White House spokesman. That was a month after Whitewater prosecutor Robert Fiske concluded that Foster had committed suicide and that the travel office matter was a factor in the depression that preceded his death. Shaheen's office looked into an accusation by Foster before he died that "the FBI lied" in a report to the attorney general on how it came to investigate the travel office. Foster's notebook, "we are told, critiqued, line by line, the FBI's Report to the AG," said the Justice Department memo. "We believe our repeated requests to White House personnel and counsel for any information that could shed light . . . clearly covered the notebook, and that even a minimum level of cooperation by the White House should have resulted in its disclosure to us," Shaheen wrote. Separately, Nussbaum refused to supply Justice Department investigators the notes of an internal White House review of the firing of travel office employees, according to the memo. In the notebook, which reporters have been allowed to review in recent months, Foster wrote of discussing the travel office controversy with Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, according to his notes, was not satisfied with the administration's handling of it. As to Hillary Clinton's involvement, Foster wrote in one reference, "Defend HRC role whatever is, was in fact or might h.'le been." 8 ELLSWORTH RD. Serving John MacDonald gravity among Democrats has shifted to the left. Anyone who has any doubt about the GOP shift can ask former Republican Gov. Thomas H. Kean of New Jersey, who announced recently that he will not run for the seat of retiring Democratic Sen. Bill Bradley. Kean, a popular moderate, said he was repelled by the growing influence of "right-wing radicals" in his party. "If the whole priority is just reducing the budget, you're just crunching numbers and you don't have a guiding philosophy and that's not governing," he said. And what is the top Republican priority been small businesses. The House provision would tax the casino income in the same way that earnings from businesses run by nonprofit organizations are taxed. Businesses with net income of more than $75,000 face a tax of at least 34 percent on non-exempt income. Fourth draw in chess match NEW YORK The fourth game of the Professional Chess Association world championship ended in a draw Friday after challenger Viswanathan Anand easily held off an attack from titleholder Garry Kasparov. It was the fourth consecutive draw since the 20-game match got under way Monday. With each player receiving a half point for a draw, the score in the match is 2-2. "I'm basically quite happy," Anand told reporters after the game, which was played in a specially designed soundproof booth on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center, Kasparov tried the English opening as play began, deploying his pieces safely and trying to gain territory on the queen's side. Anand, counterattacked with a pawn thrust in the center of the board. When Kasparov seized that pawn at move 16, many experts The reader representative Elissa Papirno is The Courant's associate editor who serves as reader representative. She investigates reader concerns about the accuracy and fairness of our news coverage. Readers may call her at 241-3900, or toll-free at 1-800-524-4242, Ext. 3900, these hours: Monday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Tuesday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For delivery problems, please see information at left. n Portions of today's newspaper are printed on recycled paper with recycle ink and The Courant can be recycled. Broad St., Hartford, CT 06115 A TRUNK SHOW BY ANN MAY! 1MK as IllK NT . A wonderful trunk show by Ann May - Today Saturday, September 16th! Suits, jackets and skirts - just . a touch more elegant and unique with a flair! Ideal for more sophisticated day wear and on into evening. Exquisite clothing for the days ahead! Come join us! ft- I WEST HARTFORD CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS the compleatt gentleman for nearly twelve-eighths of a generation Party battle this year, just reaffirmed by Gingrich? It is crunching numbers and balancing the budget. But that's not the extent of Powell's potential problems with the Republicans. In an interview with Time magazine published this week, Powell said the American people "are not entirely happy with what they see in Washington. Too often they see partisan bickering and fighting that goes beyond the reasonable levels of democratic discourse." Gingrich has proved himself to be one of the fiercest partisans the House has ever seen, and has been willing to wage bareknuckle fights to win votes for his ideas. How could he and Powell get along? Beyond that, the general's interview with Walters showed he is out of step with Republican activists on a whole list of important issues. Among the issues and his comments were: Abortion: "If a woman becomes pregnant ... it is her choice to abort; it's a matter between her, her doctors, her family and her conscience and her God So that's predicted he would win the game. But a series of trades in the center of the board simplified the position. Although a pawn ahead, Kasparov was left with no way to break into black's fortress. Korean assault remembered SEOUL, South Korea South Korean and American veterans tearfully remembered Friday the U.S.-led amphibious landing at Inchon that turned the tide of the Korean War 45 years ago. Hundreds of people lined the streets of Inchon to cheer the veterans, who were accompanied by armored tanks and 200 South Korean marines armed for battle. "I think it is very meaningful to remember this great operation which turned the tide of the war in favor of the allied forces," Inchon Mayor Choi Ki Sun told some 80 U.S. and South Korean veterans of the landing at a ceremony at the Inchon Amphibious Operation Memorial Hall. Earlier, veterans set adrift wreaths of red and white flowers in the waters off Wolmi Island to remember the 21 men who died to help put 13,000 U.S. Marines ashore. Pope attacks corruption YAOUNDE, Cameroon Pope John Paul II asked African clergymen Friday to strike back at corruption and hopelessness that leaves their continent in "unspeakable suffering." Lottery numbers Friday, Sept. 15, drawings Connecticut Dallyi 404 Play Four? 8717 Connecticut Lotto: 1, 2, 10, 16, 17, 44 No first-prize winning tickets were sold. Tuesday night's Lotto jackpot: $9 million. New York Dally! 39S WlnFoun 3835 Pick lOi 4, 7, 9, 13, 18, 20, 24, 26, 31, 38,42,45, 48, 49, 54, 60, 65, 74, 79, 80 Take 5; 3, 7, 19,27,31 Massachusetts Daily: 2263 Mas Millions: 7, 21, 36, 42, 44, 47; bonus number 9 Maine-Vermont-New Hampshire 890 and 9955 5 Card Cash: 5, 8, 14, 19, 26, Queen Rhode Island Dally; 6442 New Hampshire Cash Lotto 16, 18, 28, 29, 33, 36 For Connecticut lottery results, call Courant Source after 10:30 p.m. at 246-1000 or 1-800 246-8070. Source 5688. For Powerball results, enter Source 5687. For all other states that have lotteries, enter Source 5689. Touch-tone telephone required. I fiifl 1 S MM FOB TIX2 VAY VB MVS TODAY. mJ SAP f? Relaxed & Easy All Cotton Pure Comfort Many Solids, Stripes and Plaids While they last We always give you Now take another 229 Pa? Road, West STOWimVM MmJw.. pro choice." Gun control: "I am willing to put up with some level of inconvenience in acquiring guns or having guns in my possession that make sure that I am a responsible-citizen who should be allowed to have a gun." School prayer: "I have no problem if . . . a quiet moment is allowed for a child to do whatever the child wishes. ... I would be against any sort of stricture that says you will come in and you will pray." Many Republicans have battled for years to get Republicans to take the opposite position on each of those issues. They no doubt will be like Ralph Reed, head of the Christian Coalition, who said Powell's comments would "disappoint a large number of -people, who then would be quite unlikely, in spite of his heroism, to be willing to support him for the presidency." What Reed was really saying, very politely, is that, for many influential Republicans, Powell no longer rides a white horse. The writer is the senior correspondent in The Courant's Washington bureau. Theepope likened Africa to a man left" beaten and near death and said the Church must urgently come to its aid. "This very sad situation. . .also has internal causes such as tribalism, nepotism, rac- ism, religious intolerance and the thirst for power taken to the extreme by totalitarian . governments," he wrote in a landmark doc-ument released on the second day of a;1 weeklong trip. y His trip also includes South Africa and . Kenya. The pope's next trip is an Oct. 4-7 visit to the United States. The pope did not cite particular nations, but his comments rang loudly in Cameroon ; where two Roman Catholic leaders have been murdered since 1991. His words also were likely to resonate in Rwanda, where a number of clerics, including three bishops, were slain in last year's ethnic massacres. Quake area declared disaster , MEXICO CITY The impoverished : states at the epicenter of Thursday's power-' ful earthquake were declared a disaster' area Friday, and 300 soldiers were de-;; ployed to hardest-hit Guerrero and neighboring Oaxaca. The troops, which include military doc-; tors, are under orders to help the injured ' and rebuild the hundreds of homes, mainly ' adobe huts, that were destroyed or dam-'1 aged in the 7.2-magnitude quake. The army and state and local officials all . provided conflicting reports about the ex-' tent of the damage. :- The army said Friday that the quake" killed three people, injured five and dis-" placed 1 13 to emergency shelters. A total of -111 houses were destroyed and 266 damaged, according to the military report. But , the state government reported 800 houses 1 damaged. ' Budapest subway reopens BUDAPEST, Hungary Continental Eu- "i rope's oldest subway was reopened Friday -after a $27 million facelift restored it to its J fin-de-siecle grandeur. The subway opened at the turn of the -century in the heady twilight of the Austro-' Hungarian Empire. Its restoration combined a touch of nostalgia with a pragmatic '' look to the future. ' "Budapest must develop her mass trans-.' port system to meet the challenges of the1 : 2 ,st century if our city is to become a ; regional financial center," Mayor Gabor ; Demszky said at the opening ceremony, ; - Care was taken to make the original 2V2- mile stretch of subway from the pedestrian ' heart of Budapest to just beyond Heroes' Square, a major tourist attraction, look as it did 100 years ago. From The Courant's wire services Layaway Now for Christmas iThe Finest in Diamonds 2jpJHawaRsaewy I ti 20 off suggested retail prices.. 20 off to3ay & tomorrow! Hartford - 236-7777 EXIT 43 OFF 1-84 Wei, Sat. IU: Tkm., fit W-9: Sm. 124;,. y . 1 l; I J v i: 1 , m II- v ' ml- 1

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