The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 19-15 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS More Given Ikins Pardons Retiring Governor Restores Citizenship Rights To Convicts IITTLE ROCK — Governor Ad- feins, of his last official nets before giving up Ills chief executive's position thjfe afternoon, hns granted 10 more Pardons restoring full citizenship rights. Pardons Issued by Adkins yester- c'ny went to: ' I iicius Newton, sentenced to life from Clark County for • first de- Hiec murder in April. Ip44. Charles Buggy Jr., Negro, sent-' encod to 15 years from Garland County. In 1937. Howard Clnrriy, sentenced to 15 Xcars from Crnighcad County in 1937 for burglary mid'grand larceny. C. E. Clcvenger, sentenced from Howard County in 1044 lo two years for assault with Intent lo Hill. Limisey White. Negro, sentenced from Hempsioad County In 1940 lo 21 years for second degree murder. Percy Wilder, Negro, sentenced from Crittenden County In 1943 lo six months. He lias served five months of his sentence. W: YV. Cook, .sentenced from Cralghead County in 1940 lo three years for overdraft. He hns served his sentence. Marlon ' Welsh, sentenced from Greene County In 1935 to three years—for manslaughter, Yyelsh received nn indefinite stay of sentence in 1936. Jasper Brown, Negro, sentenced from Chicot County in 1040 to 10 years for grand larceny. And Haywood Withers, Negro, sentenced from Jefferson County In 1932-to five years for bui'glary\ and grand larceny in 1032, and to three years in 1936 for grand larceny. He served his sentence out in !Q40. There's Still a War on 'Forgotten Front' Nurses >i/one Not To Blame For Shortage liy UUTH SIll.I.IiTT "Eleven nrmy lios|il(«l nulls nrc uliout to be sent oversells without uny nurses hecunse of the lilt; In nurse rt'cniltmenl", si\}'ii v ii recent news llem. Who is responsible for Hint? Not just (lie women who uoloitt! to the nursing profession, Kvei'.v limn or woimm who luis vised Ihu wnr for his personal i;uhi responsible, For wliy should wo peel 11 nurse to «lvn nj) BcHul'pivy id n compMivtivcly soft life to their country In time o( war whui'- ever llicy nio needed Is responsible. And every "Imck lo the home (or women nfler the wnr" ndvocnlc Is responsible. For why should women ted duty iKiiuul to pinch hit when tho uoliii! gels loiiish, If their rljitiUi ns dlkens uro lo bo Ignored Infer? Lei's nol blnmc the nurses iilono for Ihe fuel thill nurse reel nlliuenl In Ihe services Is lugijlni;.. Wo shouldn't vx|iwl move of thorn ns <\ yroup limn of cMlliins In i;cumil. Temperatures Atlanta Augusta Birmingham 47 Charleston 80 Charlotte 51 Chattanooga . 46 Hi Low 51 :iS - Chicago - Cincinnati Denver . Detroit Jacksonville Tallahassee Kntisas City Macon Memphis Miami . Montgomery New Orleans . N'cw York San Antonio Savannah Tampa Washington ; Dallas Houston . ..;, Jackson^. ; .. {-.jLilue Rock'.' ;" Shrovejibrt .' 2C 31 52, 29. . 07 . 61 . 42 . 02 .53 . -73 . 50 . 50 . 39 . 13 . 05 . GG . 35 . 67 ,'CB . 01 . 58' . 04 39 vf-mx&. While the Western Front drama snares the big headlines, the wnr still floes on in Burma,' where Allied forces, including American-trained and led Chinese troops, are gradually forcing the Japs out of the country Photos above, taken near recently recaptured Bhamo, show, top a unique jeep tandem, serving as a "locomotive" to haul freight cars filled with supplies; left, below -knowing that Japs oitcn feign death only to heave u grenade wnen they gel the chance, a combat cnmcrnmnh rolls over the body of n Nip killed on the banks oi the Irrawaddy River; below, right: Frank Cnn- cellare, NEA-Acm'c Newspictures' war correspondent, who look the photos, sits atop a tank manned : by a Chinese and an American Cancellare's camera has covered the China-BUrmn-Iridlo theater for 22 months. Gunner Dangles In Midair Over Hagoya Until Rescued By Mates GUAM, Jan. 9. <UP>—Crew members of a Superfortress coining back from Friday's raid on Nagoya told a hair-raising story of a gunner who dangled in midair from his gun blister in- the freezing stratosphere over the Japanese city for more than five minutes at the end of a homemade leather strap. The gunner, Seret. J. R. Kranta of Hickory Point, Tenn., was limited 34 back into the Ii-29 unconscious and Kven lirng o( C':its SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)—It may be just the San Jose Chamber of Commerce publicity man talking, hut they swear it's (rue: "Lightning" gray kitten mascot for the clumber staff, cats nol dogs and drinks water out of a paper cup. Said Angcll: "It was the first tiniO'I ever trip It, but they showed' us how school." Krant?, regained consciousness be lore the plane reached base. It ,wn aid of the rescuing pair. Wittcc got! """"'Ml that the temperature w hold of the strap arid his extra pull 3B bclow Kcre outside the plane du furnished Hie adctccl strength to ing the time he dangled helpless Commission To Fight For Utilities Control LITTU! HOCK, Jan. 9 (UP) - Cliulimnii Marvin IliilhonU of Ilia Arkansas Utilities Commission says the coiumKslon \vlll [lnht fol 1 Its rittht of Jurisdiction over stale ii.llll. ties whi'n H nnli'i'S un ititcrvcnlloh . , - . In (he Ti'dcral l>o»vr Crtihmlsslm to service fov less mont-y and'tlio: henrlnu ut WnshliiKloii Feb. 'M 01 •ospi-cl of fuclnK hnrdshl|>, 'dan- (he Arkansas I'ower mid l,!(jht Com >r, niul even denth, if otlu-r folks p im y's "show raiinc" cmilvoveray. "lames Destroy Hotel In Ohio; Woman Is Killed UMA, Ohio, Jan. 0 (UP)— One voin.m wns klllml and.four men vcro seriously burned when n fire k'itroyi'd the Mllner Hotel Siinuay. rnnu't's Hull of tlnm died on lie way to a hospital. Dhc missed ft 'Ircmrns' ^escue net by four feet In jumping nut of it flaming third Ihilhcoat says the commission IK- llcvcs It has sole and exclusive jur Isiilcllon over ulute ulilltle.s miilli-ri, And iuldn: "The department no only conceives It to be Its duly un tier Ihe law but a lunlter In Hi highest public' Interest lo sco tha our jurisdiction - Is nol destroyed niul slates', rights niv presoivcd." The FPO, li\ Issulnu'iv notice of the hcarliiB, «tilcl_ lli« A. l>. and floor room. Klrcmni battled the Wiue for nearly four huurs In /cro lempcrn- .ures before gcltlpg It under coriJ cl. ' ' '\ '• V« , » I Two buildings ad Joining'the hotel! were aim eultxxj,^."-' 1 ' " f ', The four badly burned hotel! Eiit->ts were James Dennis of Mld-| dletown, Ohio; Norman'Diake- oil Shank, W. Va ; v AveVy'^ZaSgentenl of Limn, and Alfred Hnrdeman of| W, Va According to War Manpower! Commlsafon, 3,000 Navajo Indlansl never before separated irom'thcirl normal surroundings "vTciV recrult-l cd In New Mexico last year for! ralhoad find shecpheidlng fobs Inl Coloiado and Wyoming ' • • el no need to make sflcrlllces? Every man or woman who hns •er belittled or ridiculed or ina- ;ned women In uniform Is lespon- ble, lob. Such tnlk ean't hclii but tivl Ihe results of any of the rlve.s rrcnllllnij horses. KlM'l'S IGNOltlll) Every fnmlly Is responsible who i\s said to « imvKc ilnughtvv sviuil- to become an nrmy oi 1 nnvy .... - .. . .., nrse: "YVc'd worry ourselves lo must, bpar the burden of proof as eiilh about yon; mid besides you lo wheilier-lt Khnll comply w|th a nn do ns much t'ond right here ill previous Arkansas,Utilities Comluis- omc." .. slon order uovornluj; Us riUo base or livcryone of us who Iliraugliool j wll-h 'ii'Inter Ccdcrnl Commission he wnr lias assumed Hint women | nilhiB which would nullify the stale re not boniid, as are men, to serve ruling. ^ ; Recapping and Viiltariizing * * A1H> LU-'U TO YOUR TIRES MODI WPOETZ TIRE* CO. y, HI Norih bring Krantz in through the window 1 by tllc head first. ~ ••\ve thought IIE was dead, but , Awarded Third Cluster after a couple of minutes his eyesj „. „ „ . , , blinked and we all clieercd" said 1 , S nff S " gt ' Charles T. Hunn. ar (, i husband of Mrs. Mnry O. Bunn, 'Q, fro I n r, A n ,, ,- i 1407 Wcst - As '! Street, llBS bCCIl btnff Sci-gt. R. B. AiiBell, Ihe radio • nwnrded the third Oak Leaf Clus- operator, wlio is from Diibuque, III., t er to His Air Medal while servlni; WHEN CONSTIPATION makes you (eel punk as the dickens, brings on stomach upset, sour taste, gassy discomfort, taXe Dr. Caldwell's famous medicine to quickly £ uH the trigger on la?,y ''innards' 1 , and feel bright and chipper again. DH. CALDWELL'S is the wonderful senna laxative contained in good old Sjrup Pepsin to make it so easy to tafce. MANY DOCTORS use pepsin preparations in prescriptions to make Hie medicine more palatable and agreeable to take. So be sure your laxative is contained in Syrup Pepsin. INSIST ON DR.CAtDWELL'S—the favorite ot millions for 50 years., and feel that wholesome relief from constipation. Even finicky children love it. CAUTION: Use only as directed. .CUDWEHS SENNA IAXATIVE coxwNtD.ngyKnp PEPSIN suflering from frostbite. The plane commander First Lieut. John D. Bartlecd of Great Falls, Mont.,' told united Press Correspondent Lisle Shoemaker that two 20 milimeter shells struck near the tail and knocked out Krnntz' blister, depressurizlng the cabin Instantly. The sudden depressurizing apparently sucked Krantz right out of the blister with only his foot and nnklc and one leg left inside. Gunner Sergt, Ft.'L. Cook of Erlangcr, Kans., first noticed the mishap and called for help. Gunner Sergt. A. R. Hart of Spokane, Wash., and Ci-pilot Sccor™ Lieut, p. w. Crowe of Baltimore, rushed to try and drag Krantz back in the plane. Said Hart: "I could see Krantz' foot and part of his leg—the rest of his body waa out the window." Crowe and Hart had only one oxygen mask between them and rushed it buck and forth trying to slay conscious. "Even while Krantz was hanging head downward with his back to Ihe fuselage, he was struggling with his own mask," Hart said,. "But the hose c'ohhection .was out. He had no oxygen. "Lieutenant Crowe managed to get a grip on him and we pulled him up until we were gripping his pistol belt where it crossed the shoulder "By that time the strap holding Krantz' leg slipped and his entire body was out of the plane." Then bombardier Second Lieut H. K. Wittee of Ninonk, 111., got rid of Ills bombs and came to the administered blood plasma lo KraiU/. as n F ) ying portress waist gunner who was Weeding about the nose | n || K . ,4oisL Bomliardment Groui) and i mouth.. - , in England. FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osccola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 Oscwla, Ark. MADAM ROSS Palmist and Advisor Gives true advice on all affairs of life. n; SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TRAILER LOCATED ON CITY LIMITS ON HWY. 18 SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and all work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you wllh your floral needs. T^FLOWERSHOP F.T.D. Service We Deliver Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J, M. (Mac) Williams, owner Glencoe Bid?. LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative 208 Lynch BIdg. SEE ... CALL ... or WRITE me for your COTTON SEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers Also Seed Sacks 111 S. Bdn-y. Itlytlicvlllc, Ark. Ph. 2G31 [§ CHERRY NEW YORK SFlNSURANCE CO. lle, Ark. If It's IDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. '25 Years' Continuous Service" DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER) • OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blythevlllc, Ark. Phone 2921 But it wasn't so extravagant as it seemed. Hats were bigger then — and also fewer. Mother's hand-made mauve vclour was good for several seasons. ' Today, Mother's hat bilis may total as much or more than the price of that quaint old vclour. But she gets many more hats for her money. It's much the same with electric bills. If yours seem about tiic same as they did years ago, it's because you arc enjoying so.niany more electric conveniences now. And you're Retting /ar more electricity for your money than you ever did before — about Iwice as much today ns you did 15 years ago. Not only has the price of electricity come down steadily through the years, but it has stayed down while war sent other costs climbing. .". "•"':"' 1"'!"":':',t". Hard work and good business man-- agement by your friends in this company, will continue tomake electricjjty"dependable, - <cheap — one of the big bargains of .all time. • '/fair NELSON EDDY M Tho Electric Hour," wWi.Roim. , t /frm&rasfor'j Orchestra. NOWewry Sunday afternoon, 4t30," * * Eirr, ens ft'cticorfc, •• • 's OurBusmess toSerre $£»«_ - OWA/MTO XW£YOl/8£TT£&/.

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