The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1946
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 194G .BLYTHEVILLJB (ARK.) 'COURIER' NEWS' Arkansas Soldier Given Life Term Three Others Involved In Brawl in Club Sentenced to Die. FRANKFURT. May 30. (UP.) — Three American soldiers have been sentenced to death on the gallows nnrt (wo others to life imprisonment for fatally shooting one soldier and wounding throe others Ktfb. 15 at Asporg, Germany, ii was announced today. | Four others whose names were! not given were acquitted, (he U.' S. Third Army said in annnnnrinj; the results of the (rial. Sentenced to die were pfc John Session. 24, Charleston, S. C • Pvt. Chester Home. Jr.. in, Baltimore; Sergt. John Woods. :>'j, Darlington, S. C. Those given life terms were. Pfc. Matthew .lories, 26, Drs Arc, Ark. and pvl. James C. Hatcher, IB. Havana, pla. The five were convicted in (ho slaying of T-5 Floyd D. Hudson rmd wounding ol three other .snl- .(llers In an enlisted men's club 'at Asporg. PAGE JTVB Legislator, Whose Bill Clamps Irons on Labor, is Meek Fellow By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN United Prtts Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Muy so. <UP)— There Is a meek-looking little man named Francis Higljee Case, who ust'd to IK assistant editor of the Epworth Herald. You ever heard of him? If npt, you better read on because he's the Case of the Case bill, toughest low Congress ever adopted for slapping down of obstreperous labor lenders. Even now President Trumnn is trying to de- :lclo whether to veto or to sign the LOW benrlng the name of the onc- litne Sunday School editor mid uu- thor of a book entitled "Hnndfocuk of Church Advertising." tee, trying with no great get more economy Into <?ove»nment. Only time he came near lo making the headlines before that I ry- member was by his own mistake. Before (he House was an appropriation bill which included one paragraph callintj for 425,000,000 lo bring Mexican farm laborers into this country during tho wiir. The second sentence said farmers themselves should pay some additional money in connection with the laborer's expenses. Rep. Case didn't like that part. He moved that thc;paragraph bo struck out.. It was. Immediately he was surrounded by representatives The mild-mannered congressman | from funning districts waving Ihe from Ouster. S. U, with the blue I m)l at lllm lll »l asking him If he'd seme suit,-the nondescript necktie I ''>st his mind? The scnrlet-fncec! •Police Seek Owners Of War Savings Bonds LITTLE ROCK, May 30. (UP) — Liltl c Rock police today were trying ,to locate the owners of $1,950 in War Savings Bonds found yesterday by two Negroes under n railroad viaduct here. Officers believed the bonds wore lost from a train several days ago as they were clamp from recent rains. • One $500 bond and five $100 bonds \vcrc mnUe out to James David liryant or Myrtle Hrynnl of Booncvillc; seven $25 bonds were payable to Glen B. Robertson, or Lcis Robertson of Texarkana; five ,$25 bonds were made out to Miss turtle Pearl Grecr of Texarkana, seven $50 bonds and three bonds were not identifiable. and the receding hnlr . line, finds himself after 50 years of obscurity a celebrity overnight. Odd thing Is that he wrote not one word of the law which bears his name. The Senate scratched o'Jt all 17 pages of his bill and rewrote the lei leaders awake nights. "The bill, as you may have heard, makes would-be strikers wail CO days Ijefore walking on the jr/o. It provides jail terms for labor racketeers, outlaws secondary Case elbowed his way through the angry lawmakers, announced that his tongue had slipped, ami moved that the paragraph be reconsidered. This lime he left in the money to bring the Mexicans across the border, but removed the sentence about the cxlra expenses/That hap- ic whole business into a piece of about the glslation that's keeping labor pencd a year ago at\d nobody paid much attention thereafter to Cuss until lie introduced a few months u»o. hi a genuinely eloquent speech, Ills now-famous bill. He was born In Everly, la., served as a buck private In the Marines during the First World War. edited makes wildcat strikes precarious cn- tciwises for those \vlio call them, " le ! nnd specifically says that any husi- Ior nessman .can sue a labor union for cash damages if it fails to live up to its contract. So let's talk about nian- of-the-hour Case: He's one of the two representatives from sparsely settled South j Dakota, where the Republicans have I been sending him to Congress rcgu- | penk April III Safety Council . unday School paixn' In Chicago couple of years, wrote ills Uuly since 1931. For nine years he has done conscientiously the cr- 5ral:> ""> 0 - rands that a congressman must do for his constituents, voted with Republicans on most questions, an:l seldom mude si>eeches. When he dirt speak his voice was squeaky, but somehow his oratory was of the kind to make his fellow lawmakers listen. He has worked book, got a job as a telegraph editor of the Hot Springs. S. D., Star, and tried his hand at publishing n couple of. rural weeklies. He Is married, has a daughter In her teens and still lists himself as a newspaper publisher and rancher, even though Mrs. Mona Bostwlck took over his Custer Chronicle several Highway Traffic . Deaths Exceed 100 Every Day CHICAGO, May Z9. (UP)—The nation went on n gasoline binge last moiitli that resulted In tlu. 1 truffle deaths of more persons lhaii were killed In the 1941. the NntioniU snlil t<xl:ty. The denlh toll for last month reached 2.GSO, the council salt). Tilts was 47 per cent morn than In April. 1945, mid one per cent more limn the same month of 1941—u yenr dial set tin all-t|mn high for tho niition with 40.000 'fatalities. , The council warned that'at least 38,000 Americans would be killed In traffic this, year .unless present careless driving 1 and wulklJiR hublts were corrected. ; ' ; , ' The Increase was nttilbulecrchief- ly to the mountain and Pacific states whore a .soaring (oil has boosted the national total. Eastern stntes still lire below the 1041 death totals, the council said. Arkansas Postmen Meet in Texarkana TEXARKANA, Ark., May 30. (UP) —Some 300 members of the Arkansas State Association of letter Currier; and Post Office Clerks gutherco licre today for a two-day joint convention. Included In (he (jucsts wax D. P Murray of Knlnmnxoo. Mich., prcsl- clcnt of the National Association o Letter Carriers. A banquet for the delegates wnfc held last night, nnd business sessions and 'the election of officers was booked to fill today's schedule. Group of Methodists Protests Policies ot • Church School Editors INVHIiNKSS, Miss.. May 30. (UP) —A polillon charging that Methodist church school literature Is slunt- .'d politically and raclnlly and offends the soul hern church student wns forwarded today to the Methodist Council of Bishops. The petition was adopted at the HTiivlllc District Conference of the Methodist Church hero yesterday and directed to Hlsliop U. V. W. Dnrllntiton. MellKxIlsl Sunday School lltera- lure for the past two years has been 'more political and social-equality aimed," tho iwlltlon claimed, Tl>e bishops were "prayerfully iKlltluncil' to Investigate. Stutv Sen. Oscur Wolfe, Duncan, Miss., H district lay leader,' presented the motion. II was adopted 3510 3. The literature was deplored us "an offense to Ihe Intelligence of the average pupil, more especially those of the South." "We have lived (wnccfnlly wllh oilier races for cenluvles, and perhaps arc bcllcr (tuiillfled lo ktur.v Just how lo live with these people In brotherly love than some who lire- pare the nialerliil," the Mlsslsslp- pluns asserted. The conference delegates pledged j themselves us still "loyul iueml>ers 1 of the Methodist Church, ami having [a burning desire lo see It prosper." The question of clinnulw; the Sun- .day School literature was left to the "wisdom" of (ho Council Bishops, Head Courier News Want Arts. I hard on the appropriations commit- The most popular snails for an aquarium nre the mystery, pond, red ranashorn and Japanese live-, bearing snail. A commonly unknown fact Ls that snails starve to death and their diet sometimes should IK augmented wllh boiled oatmeal, lettuce or spinach. Camp Chaffee Separation Center to Close July 31 FORT SMITH, Ark.. May 30. (UP)—Cam]) Chaffee, near here, today worked double lime to (jet ready for Its last duys. , ' Tlie Installation was listed .ycs- lerday by the War Department In Washington as one of six separation centers that will be closed by July 31. ' Two Phones^•••i S Inch Polar Cub Electric DRUG STORE Hoy Woods — Owners — Rnlnh Nichols "The Spot Where niytheville Meels" 507 and 508 We Deliver 221 West Main St. SPECIAL Packer's Shampoo Two 60c Bottles $1.20 Value Only--49c PEPSODENT brighten up your smile For Soft Hands that a re l J . ergens Lotion ' —^ that are loved * si. on 50 IPANA PASTE 39! THERMOS BOTTLES (Pints) 75 BAYER ASPIRIN 59 C BOBBY PINS lo Package) 50 PHILLIPS MILK MAGNESIA 39 . . . 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