The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1931 BLYTHRV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFe ADS Two centa a word for ftrst insertion and one cent » word lor each subsequent insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 60 c. Count the word* and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aherp FOR SALE—Baby chicks. All varieties, custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, IMytlicville. 20-CK-TF Biggest Values We Have Ever Offered These Cars Must Be Seen To Be Appreciated. 1021 CHEVROLET COUPE .. ? 60 1928 CHEVROLET COACH .. Slit) 1928 CHEVROLET SEDAN .. $175 1929 CHEVROLET COACH .. 5225 1925 FORD TOURING .... S 25 1926 FORD COllI'E $50 1329 FORD SPORT COUPE .. $2M For Economical Transportation Buy Your 0. K. Used Uars From W.LDenton ChevroletCo. DEG1X HERE TODAY OlVilER EI.I.'A 'TOI.MVKH. dnnltbirr ol It mlnl«<*r nnd • Irp- ilulxonl for;«r I'HHj VAN DOOHX. erfianlird I Jynlor C"""- iry Cl»fc l» lk« <»" 1 n "' "™ Thru.k, Innn. lo«t lo krrp l«« nmonr; Ihe jr.mnstr «et «rum lit- niniln" t™ dull. ArcnnHmrlr. •"' imrvlin>ril mi uld tnrni hninB nnd rrniDjrlrd II. HAim IIOM.UWAT. nrilil wko wa« koljmi Ihr conntrr. Hopped Tlirnih. Al<r«<cil 1>7 r.lnBrr. aurcrd In mlay und pnlnl por anil arrorntf'ikb new cliili »•"•»',{ He inve tke nnrae "Jole rt« llvrr' lo the cl«b. nud »e •lUIf'' 1 ''* »ndl>iK <•> Chlcmto <«' M""'" OAU.BXO, "bo »onlil cook nun • Ing nnd ilTdm n trailer. Hut Nlcolo vnul* nnt voinr. In hill place (here arrived 'hrrr nT r-l» countrymen. A\(iK inu.lrlnm I'lKTnO could HEXITO ronli »lnl, your restraint In leaving him alone-!—but-with two eligible men It Is entirely too mucli lo e.fuect you not to flirt, but K you'vu got to carry on as you are, I want you to slick lo Holloway t.w\ leave IMtly Jackson alone. Ginger's aweel on liini hcrsclt ami she doesn't Ilko [lie liliu. u "* , lit ' 1 "" 1 " >k. nnd Glngrr look . nurd i«rn» «" «»"«« bf "'"• '" Icivc "lib. ClBBCr. He mlEK»l'll Irnvlnff. Bill l-HI. Icminluic <.ln- irrr. urnundril t>l»i tii "••inln lunger M <br Tolllvcr.' c»«<. »•" fnt ClnEtr-n K""d ;tf .»vrol<- In .Sri'.EII HONKV. J. fdrnii-r Irlrnd ..( <;ln»n>. :•'* InvlMd him 10 Ibim. Sbr Ml t« would «IT|. llord \ l nkr «.lniter r\ SL.UtS Hut I-.-IIIT It RENT FOB KENT—Shane apartment and five room house. ucst, of plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and heating plants. Both kept in per feet condition. Telephones 197 and 571. cislS ROOM & BOARD—$6.00 per we Mrs. John Smith. 115 West Cherry. 11P-K18 FOR RENT—7 room house, newlj decorated. Good residential section. 1030 W. Walnut. Call 521. IH'-Kl FOB RENT — € room house. 116 '".Cherry. Neuly decorated. Garden Phone 614. 12P-K1 FOR RENT—Furnished room wilt bath" and furnace heat. NO. Ill Chickasawba Ave., Phone No. 645 FOK RENT—Furnished apartmen lor- -couple. Hot & Cold Wate- S25 00 per month. Frank C. Dousla Phone 383 or 454. . 13P-K1 WANTED WANTED — Family Washing Washed and ironed by compe tent white woman. Mrs. Brown 701 3. Lake St. 11CK-TF KDUV JVCKSIIN. W.creupon <;lno>r went I" l*Jdr dl.uul II. GrtKnK word thnl Speed iTn» Lo!» C Eddr Ind 1-itllT In comr. AnJ ):ddy dci-ldrrt to linll Ibliiss in |IT mnklun life tnUrralile t»r t;\t\ffi-r. >lenn\Thllr llrnlla had iimiV a Irlp lo i:hlrne<i nnd _re- ilirned «lth n plnn lo klrtnni* Cln- ger KanivtHi; her Ktepmolher linn n hit of mrnirr. he nlniu lo kold her for heavy rnn»o«l. Sureil nnfl kl> "Inter nrtlvr. Her non.r l» COTTON, nnd ««e l« r 111 nil like Ihf *lrl filnBer « prelei] to Her. Ginger irnx n Ul frnT-ltil thai Cotlon tvunld vrn very nllrartlvc to Ilnrrt. Kddy ar- rnnsrn for Hard and Cotlun lo lie io=elhfr. 1'ntty he paired off Sp'ed, and Eddy Hack ivllb Uln- XUW GO OX WITH THE STOHV CHAPTER XXV11I OPERD did not overlnoU this par- J tiality o( Cotton's for EJrty Jnclison, ;nd realized that what u-as patent to him must be the same- to Ginger. Tbls, theri, was the trouble. She was jealous, and Speed, who hail been Invited solely to cheer her up, had added to her worries by briaglng -with him a pretty target lor her jealousy. He was Increasingly annoyed at Cotton, who followed Eddy Jackson around the place wherever he went, hung on bis every word, and made frank efforts to appropriate him and get rid of Bard. On tha second flay he decided that "she was going too far, so he took her aside and told bep about It in an ugly voice. "I suppose with two men In the house—not counting Mr. Tollivnr^- and upon mj «ord. I wonder it way you keep rumiln^ siller Now you cut It out." Cottou pouted prctllly. "I haven't flirted a bit," she iirotesled. "1 ouhln't fiir anything, lint I don't are about navd. Ilo'a Jusi another oll«r ad to inc. Please give him o somebody else nnd let mo have 3ddy. Eddy's just sweet. I could avc a corking good time willi him. an't 1 ask GIiiECr to trnile?" • * * -as horrified. "What!" be ejaculated. "Take Eddy nivay rom Ginger? Most certainly not. Yhy, they're as good as engaged. And you cul out lauglut; him all over the place, and rolling up your eyes every time he looks at you. \nd let him llfiht his own clgarels. oo, he's no cripple. And what's th« dea falling of! your clmlr with every limo he opens tile "I won't any more," »ald Cotton "Rut Glnt'er ecema BO— sort of blase— I shouldn't think she would be Bliocked at anything." "Ginger, blasol I.l«lon. that's all put on. I know that girl Ilko & uouX. At benrt she's just a Sunday- school class liko sho ntwaya was, Stie'e jiiEt putting on uli'd." Cotton did try, but Bard wns 60 plainly being only pollto to her aa a gentleman should, so obviously str:ilnliiK nt tbo leash to get bnck to Ginger, and Kddy wiu so to Inko thing! into his own hamU by having it out wtlb Hard, iu»n to nmn. "iiuid," he faid, "bo n good syort, won't you, nnd Uccp Cotton away from Ecdy. Cotlon doesn't mean n thini; In Hie world tho way aho cnr- rlcs on. but sbc'rt n Jollier by nature nnd can't help herself. I'm atrulit eny and cock-sure, lhat It was impossible for her to hide her preference. Naver before liad Kddy Jackson asserted himself In such manner In tbo ways of soclely. Upon the farm bo was master of all ho surveyed, running things with but as went In for high lite ho was lied to hang on to somebody's njiron strings. But I ran everything and everybody, end a wrel cordtu: Now mouth? He's .not so funny! vou luy off!" "Uut why should I Ire the goat?" she protested. "Why should tbey pick on mo to ride In tbo old Hat- llclrap and listen to Hard saying nothing ntall llio whole day long!" 'Well, why should I be wished on Patty, answer hie that? But she's got me, hasn't she? Don't yoil notice liow mopey and gentlo Ginger Is? She's not a bit like lhal nalur. ally. Full of pep, and let's-do-lt! Now you lay off." To please hlru, Cotton said she would. But Speed was "And what's more, I'd like lo know what you mean out liere? Didn't wasn't the thing?" "Ginger said she Cotton protested. s:noked before her fallier, or Doorndee. Just at the club." "Ginger liad mind, lo be there's POULTRY WANTED—Xfarket pri- • ces any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF POULTRY WASTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 21Q N. Railroad St., west of courthouse. J. E. Fisher. 1C-K16 Coats Relincd— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS Phone I'D FOR RENT 5 room bunsaiow with garage. Will decorate lo suit tenant. L. FOWLER TEiE JONESBORO DIVISION OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OP E. H. Taber, In. Bankruptcy. To the creditors ol the above named bankrupt of Leachville in the county of Mississippi, Division and District aloresaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that on Feb. mil., 1931, the above named petitioner was duly adjudged bankrupt, and the first meeting of the creditors will be held al my ofllc? In the City of Jonesboro, in said District on Feb. 25th., 1931 at 2 P. M., al which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting. At Jonesboro, Arkansas, lliis Feb 13th., 1931. F. C. MULLINIX. Referee in Bankruptcy pinoGREASIHIt jwr* SERVICE Gulf Service Station Bryant Sir-wart, Mgr. Phone 4 Main & Division ' Re&aiced FAY 0. DAVIS Phones 234 or -121 Local anil long distance hauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for local hunting. V. R. YPASHAM TRANSFER KW Chlckasawb.1 1'honc SSI JACK DEI,K Radiator Expirt, is now with us. New nnd Used Hftdiators For All Cars Jackson Auto 1'arls 2020 W. Main—Phone 6G FOR RENT Gcotl delta farms — from 80 to 1000 acres—Write or call for information. Tennessee joint Stock Land Bank 2nil Floor liartk of Commerce cc Trust Co. Memphis, Twin. HAY One bale or a train load. EAR COHN. shuck on, 86c OH. Shuck off, S6c per bu., In car lots. Colton SUlcs Sales Co., Inc. Blythcvlllc, Avk. Phone 174 or LD 1806. FOR SALE Stonuvillc N'o. 1 planting scud inch and sixteenth staple, .saved before any rains, big boll, easy picking, turns : out well Jit gin.. Price ?50.00 per ton. I.e'ss than ton S3.00 per hundred or will exchange ono for two for good prime seed. J.H. Smart, Sr. 1123 West Main Phone 551 -1H' -THjfls -fa )S CRASH! IT WAS 1 rr oaT CURB-Sfo^E A*i r IT UP WlfH A MEW BUMPER -fitew'u. TAKE CASES, I owitDseu. CUSSES COAL, -fo RID OF IT 10 distraction lilm- «eU, loudly liopeil BO, but certainly not (u the direction lhat remark would seem lo indicate. "Rlnecr— jealous?" "Yes— the way Cotton keeps making up to Kddy Jackson." "Why— Ginger's not Interested In Ki!,!y Jflcksun." "1'iio devil sho'ti not. \Yhy. llu'y'ro as gooil as married, nnd have hcon ever since Ginger was a kid. 1 know it was common talk when I was ticre. They're just walling until she's old on'ou^li." he said himself, when T)AHD went quite- wlittc. llo was shocked, bitterly Inn I. Thai frank glad way of GlnRpr had of lifting her hlne eyes until they a wretched job he made of it ne to Ihe unanimous judgment of Ills victims. With a cheery, stage- seemed .to melt nenealu his glance! managerial effect of showing every- Iwdy a good lime, he kept every It ntiln't aeem possible. doing something ho didn't wish to On—I BOP.'.' tic eatu slowly. "L'vo been iirclly ilimil,. 1 dlrln'i nusprrt It. Yes, oT course, I'll do wlml I can." lie got out the IliUtlctraii mid bis do and with the person ho vUhed least in the world to bo doing It. B Iwgan tho day by getting Cot paints and went alone lo Mill Kusii ton and Bard of! on Ihc horses —to patnt— to think— to suffer. Ginger— like lhal! Tho way her for an early canter, set Pally and Speed to gathering flowcra, while ic helped Ginger arrange the tables 'or tho bridge party, Around noou ho sent Cotlon and way her lips drooped and (rcmbleil when bis eyes told her he lovcrl her! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES $M"i OH! OH! Tho way her laugh quivered when needful errands, turned Patty nnd Speed loose in the kitchen to make •Couldn't have believed It. candy, and he helped Glngor tele \Vhat n jolly nss she had hi>cu phone tho invitations for Ihe next mind all made up to settle down he planted Cotton and Itard In one for her sake— lo abandon for ever of the cauoes to catch fish for sup- i.e gay glad ways of /file dc vine, per, cornered Patty and all for Ihc llghl In Ginger's eyes. Everything he had said and dono haJ been with that lu mind— Hist the tennis court, while be nnd Gin ger prepared the refreshments. There was DO getting around -his some dny they would he for ever diabolical machinatons. "l!ut you notice they don't smoke, And Ginger was wait- first day or two Ginger ceased do they? And suppose some others ing to grow up for Eddy Juckson. Well, that settled it. He'd pack struggle and resigned herself mnte at the club tin smoke— they're not ly, miserably, to tho inevitable, pin- her guests, and we are. 1 tell you. Rattletrap it out of llcil tomorrow. N'o, he'd ha about preachers' families, But Colton wns too vivacious, too I hanged if he would! He'd show her. She shouldn't have that laugh r.n bubbling over with the joy of life, him to add to Ihc others— lhal ho WON'T smoke any more," Cot- still bored company of Bord. a whipped dog. If that was the lay She would have gone frankly to ton saW Beekly. "And just kindly cut. out sneak- of the land he would play up lo Cotton in good earnest and give her wishes hut Speed's warning as to a real run for her charms'. ' She wna "I know what you go out And Speed, who watched Gin- there for. You seem to forset thai ger's unnatural reticence with increasing uneasiness, finally decided (To Bo Continued) I Shave Saved Taxi Driver New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 14 (UP)— Cotton closed open high low close Mar 1098 1098 1087 1081 May 1123 1123 1112 1113 July 1H8 1148 1137 113U Dec 1191 1191 1185 1185 Jan 1197 1193 1192 1192 , Spots closed steady at 1095, ofl 5 Burglar Escapes Barrage Cost ol New Photograph of Canned Goods SEATTLE. CUP)— When ar pul.':.d out a gun and threat- i ti-.e Boston police department pro- ncd to : shoot K. M. Dunn, 74- vides that all taxi drivers shall file their photographs at headquarters. •ear-old grocer, a 14-year-old clerk of tomatoes, hit the R. Clafiin and handed him tandit on the temple and Pricstman. laid down a regular bar- "Sorry." jnid Claflin, "but I can't rage of canned fruit and vegeta- accept this photo. It shows you lies ' I clcaii-Ehaven and you've got a Tlie aged B^cer, who watched moustache now." the bombardment, said the boy 'hit "How much dors a photo cost?" "Seventy-five cents," said Cinfiln. The driver lefl. When he rcturn- New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 14 (UP) — Cotton tloscd steady. open high low close IMS 1099 1087 1000 1123 1123 1113 1115 1144 1145 11'.18 l!3sl 1172 1172 11C5 11G5 1191 11IU 1185 1185-3D 1198U clo;crl steady nnd im at 1057. ,he bandit with every throw. He ran out the dcor after him, con- ed halt an hour later he did not tinuing to throw The man made his escape with have a new photograph. Neither 580. ' !dld he have a new photograph. •I saved 55 cents by using the Tile Xose Club of London admits only those whose noses arc so enormous as to attract attention. Read Courier News want nds. CCIDIONT TO COP" see...7M\s is \MCU\. HAPPENED To IF Voo CAKI HELP us DOT !! HE'S S1TT1MS ves, yc is.... AM 1 HE VjBUT SET VJP, AS tJABD AS VI6 TW To HELP EASY TURNS THE TAHLKS UIIUIL / VJELl! I OOM'T VOU SHOOT AW3 EE \_DOME wrtw IT? . .. at W^ KEEP TrttS (SUM, FtllA. IU WtLP W^EIF TO rV CWWbE er \jro tin OUT o 1 TWS.eoOMTfw wvs ^' '. L-l TiltES f EKTOL W5 1 fOR. ROBBER I HUB6V ARRW9S CLUBtL5 BE TRWP60 MKW <N EV£M S^fefe^^'S^S^^^fegg^^^^^H:

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