The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1936
Page 6
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Snoliomish Brave Leads Indian Uprising; •—•—————— .- . . ' O COURIER NEWS Dtlllard (Robinson Druj /IHmous .slbre . /IJcMullIn Grocery R"D Hughes Co . pv, Molor Co Mo Power Co East Arkansas <,,.Ti>e ll'-IPSET, 7- lias Fnsl Win in 0 Games; Hughes 'ins~ Standings W I, II 3 11 4 0 4 7 1 S 7 5 0 5 10 2 12 Arkansas-Missouri Power ,... .,._..., Hotpoints, 1935 winners ttit a luckless crew tills jenr crashed Ibroiigb ttllh an unevpccted win oyer Robinson uru« compiny t'o- Irtders \\lth pistline Ulllmid l'ir- 5 l§r, last nl»bt to ufeik n 9-giiiu f losing strciK nnJ gl\e PastHn- f ers undisputed possession of the top * l>£rch in Iho'Commercial Softball , leigue The scote wis 7 to C Tn the second game of Hie night's 1 doublebMder R D lluglicb com^ pinj Clolnleis bree/°cl tbion^li W & B to 2 triumph oier the Fist Ar- I ? kansis Biiildcis - By far most, of the excitement I picked in the opening gimc •Khen the Electrics ripidlj on their 3 wiy lo become the league's lowest doormat, sent the fonnuhblc llob- < inson Druggists down to defeat It j i. Tvas nttinc tint the ellmnx should j como as it did with Maim»ei Hnr- f, inon Tajlor slrldlng lo the plate 4 In a Inst inning ' clutch" «ml torn- ing through with a lilt that, s.'iit 1 t«o runs scmrjlng aeio^s the plitc and file bill game out tbe u Endow a| far is Robinson \\as conranetl. ! s , lavlors, II r\)-ofl /Tavlors blngle scored Pitcher , Stephens and speedy Cbnrlcj Kra-s<ion \\lth tbe t>mg and winning runs ind charged copelnnd who ' relieved left Innded Verne Rimer, v Robinson's itarllng hurler, wlln tlio • defpat K they counted lilts instead of 1 .runs in-scoring ball 'games Robinson would Ime won handllj getting H hits lo C for tbe hitherto' Shoil-ciicuited Electrics But only one of Robinsons inns was ei\rne:l 111 contrast lo three earned runs blithe Hotpoints Until Hi* fifth H nci inj Copehnd allowed but a ; bit between them [he Hotpoints scored one run in' tj • first lnnln» but Roblnsan got 3, n the second, 2 in tne tblrd and ,o i in tbe fouith so it looked like t hapless Electrics Merc due lo B 'P up th»ir nnt pitting habit 1 u F 11 the fifth wnen two hits two « Iks anj i'couple of errors sent four Ark Mo nms across the plate The final deluge of thc> sUmzi came v/ieu B P Bro Jon i/owcd cheat- hims wish to left neld to roll between nh legs liirning a single inlo on around thc-bises spunt Then camo Tajlors vncnlli innln» Push thai nndc giant-killers of the Electrics ! Clolhirrs Hit Homers , ,Ttiltnadire Huey clothiers left-' t hinder, and Tommy Phillips B ul(<l- ., ers' rijhlbnnder <|| d fair ) a \h c r pitching in the nlghlcip but lom- t mys 'home urn 1 ball was workin» 'deUimo R Kushui" j Rushing s and Wldner rods tup East Arkin- sasi hiirlers Inrd bull foi four ply * swnls Hesec Moore, Bulldm s»c -* ond baseman blasted one of Hi ey's . zippers for U-e circuit in th- final inning Neither lenm scored In the first Wo jnnln«g i,u Hughes got two In Ih U"^, °' 1 n(! m<1 "> "onieis and tbe Builders got one In the sum» inning Hugbrs made llnce In th= ' ™?,. fi . ft)l ." im "' t ; hllc ""ore s seven th inning blow accounted foi th» Buddcrs last score The builders engineered two dou- nie_play 5 that probiblj bcl|)»d lo keep <to«n ine clollners' scorins cons derably but on Ihe other hind Phillips uas the victim O t some don fooled oiitfleldin» and errors CLUBS MTo 'ff/£ CARL, or sv if, . 'IH A ;5(>o BATMC, A \tnwx /IS DRtVKfj /n MORE r.'A/s T///W THURSDAY, JJtf.y 23, 1930 OF li been done before, even in UK da; •, cf inllllon dollar boxin? gate^ The Torn do n inc."'JIT, lu'ii loins 10 yt-iis 1J,(, i, 0 ,( 0(1,0 llienc year:; is .rarely IMS than n mllflon finiics. Up to in-'- W ar ttierc were live francs (o n d-jl- li>i'. A litlh lljhtuiri" i-il-iilii- ikl'S I In: answer (ili-ar. r'lvu merclmnts who want lo slnmt well in I'icn OAII commiiu'/ Uif oit-ini/pi (,( P , i ->o ] i cent laU-oir on the \mx- money,! accur '""« lo WOO M , 1 ' hu [mil 1 <!<! I'rancc, Big(>csl IVWry-Go-U o u n d On Wheels, Grips Naliohs IIV .MOIIIHS niMlUlt'J' NBrt Si'rviri! Stuff (.•urrrMoinlcnl WlifS — The wrn-ld'.'i b^vr'st tncrry-vn-K unil on ivhcols i'l'Tjn- 'i< 'li i;u|)crclmr.]ed !rt;r- 1 KI do !•!•: '[Jll'l rr )». }( IV'l] Ikc-k with I Ins frimillin Iianu . Tour i IIT IM hlcvcllst'j, a score H <;f pi bl.lclty (tucks \ K 1 11 commprckil hoiiceri n (' iiilnmrbHi's Mtulpp^l M |lo ( «. n licet of conli-o!- t n i. is and. checkers, all ily over Hie roads of olockwise direction: A <1< n 01 mi re nirpln'ncs carry- )m n iiinmpii fly nvcrliviid MI sion coes from I'air; north, froni u ic norlli io 'M, froitj the Ci ,.;t (r) tl)0 i n Hie Alps (O'lho Mnlil- (!i nr lanlic. as:ii». on ii li i il I lit lo UK Pyrenees, the Ilio no] ihwcst, and I'ari.; U ui!l cover 2,170 and a mil In :2l slapes, VIM, (f us!, which will bring Hie I'arc dc.s Prince in I'iiii on All?, 2. n< url i fetcli up, prncUcnlly frvv ry nivlit. in a IUITO velciU-oin" wlitrc (lur leaders circle (lie track (o I !u> ik-ifenlni; dicers of an tx- Iraordiiiarily lunjo preiiortlcii of tin} liic::il ]!n]>iilnce. ' Maybi; half the stnrtm \vlll fip- isli. Less ihnn half niilsltcd u a;;o. Perhans one of the the- lalro IIIIK Improved a i' ill n cent i,i.';i!>on.i. PatriotiEin is inijiortant m u,,- Tour dc Frnncc. All Die Rri-H confinr.-iilal natlui'E—CKcsyt Hily v.liich ;l,|- yunr v.ns si-frei'in-J JVom sar.clicnltls—are reprt.wn'.c;! France, B-.Maiuin, and Sj)3l»-J,ii\.' cinboL'ij ^iv if:])rc-:;c!)tcd by tea));of 10. " The; Siialti-I.i-xfmtoiirc! con:l)iii- atlon .sii»:)i!iiiiii i!>o normal It::l)an outfit. There i.i n second c.iici; \\called the "H Aces." rom'sri.'in; four road-racer:; nplcci frc:n Ewl'wr!:ii:d, Holland, Juijoslavh, Austria and Ruinanln. The I'.'inalnlnj conteslanis am called "Tnurlst-Rondslcrs," hsi,^ principally composed of amliilloin Krrncli kids wiio Jiavc done in lr,c::l road-racing .tirrin,^ liiKt tv;o or Ihri-e years. movement corns,, from (ho flutter t-icA Hi" Ma (Tnr, fi cni („, hlpi. «!t!i ,\ Jl'ht b?ii(hn.. -t "T -••~j, - ">"'ii. J ;,t, t;:L- ii'ws-1 knees. The kick should In about hero, mid .diarjw; up toli'i) eiijhl-lncli '.sijlash. cii'l'ip" francs for the prlui!cs!i of | formed with an'easy mr, vo| .'-"-'" K n imblicliy truck buliliul j dfshmrd In cliinlnale .sliirncs Is llii>.!-n|r! of |)hrj|ir(?raj)h I fomt! 'out of tile M-aljr'at tin, of cxcltliiK ..momciits of of «ricli strike. Toes shnuld b" tninl«l an:l jOI-jliMy pnlntwl Do not ki;'k too fust. Tin- of 'th:> kick is tipiilifd in I\K v i U'l 1 . not cut of il. TM-il !<( the rc'a nf records the I'M Amu-lean bU-ir:i>!iey snorln pro- mo'.crs rsn tiiki; oft Ihi'lv hals n lilt or:;inii/rT of Ihis tonabosl and urn of the most 'lanuer'uis of alt initial Of Six-Beat Kick NOTB: Tbls is Hie Ilrst of a Kfrio; of .swiinmitiu Irs- L :ons liy din inotltcr of Dm fa- niinis aqualic llatrgrr i;irk. ,...;. . i!y ^nts I.-KANCKS well: N'atininilly Ki'iatvn !i\viinnii.. n ^ „ U)"] first st:p in arqiiirinj Ihe ru-Ji- menls of .swimming is lo grasp ths I side of a pant and kick In? ID^S. • I advis!; (he .six-heat kick, willi S ' J I- toes turned in, kncrs rr-!axc:l, an:i legs stniig'nt, bul not rijicl. My following this exercise far 30 1,1 why tho li bruiisht out : r-els burcly sbrj jf 111" watw, Orlsans Families Drop Greatly in Siiic NEW ORLEANS, La. <UI')— New Orleans families are ;.p!t:h- small"•. William Dinwid.',i(i, rcscnrcb '-'Xpert for th» Assorla'.ii.n of C;>MI- mi'vijo, reveals. Tho statistical fj"nrcs ar p-rwns ,|jer familv in lim, 1 : - S.ll 38 the Norllirast Arkansas : W. Osceola 10 Newport 9 Ciirufncrsvlllc' ........' 7 .Jonesboro 5 I'arngould a Pel. .70!) ,(iH Texaco, Nuiribcr Eight Teams Win at Cooler COOTKR, Mo—The Texaco team of Cooler defeated t'he Doiiglas team, s lo 4. mill Iho Number Ei»ht team trounced the Barbers club. 20 to 4, In . cooler softba.ll lenmic games Tuesday 'night. The Texaco , lenm won tlio flrsl hnlf race but Ihe -Number Eight team i s setting file pace in the second half, bslng undefeated.. Portasjeville Passes From Kilty League CAHUTHEHSVIM.E, Mo.— With Hie transfer of tbe franchise, players ami contracts to Owcmboro, Ky..M)y t'.ie I'o.rtagcvllli! Pirates, flic deal.being completed over the week end.. C'liriilhersville bsciims t'he on- I ly KoiilheastMissourl town to rc- | main. a. nn'inber of an J.rjaiiinsd league, -iho Norihcnst Arkansivj l.engue. Portagcvllle belonged to Hit- Kitty League. The deal was effected by the. Pi- nlfs, .nccordlng to oniclais of the team, because of lack of money. The Portagevills players went tu Oivensboi'o Inst Tnuralay and all forinnlltlr.t vverc closed over the week end. , The thorn of hardened hair.' . a rose I ftcncl Courier News classldcd Arts • Baseball Results Konlhcni League Nashville D, Memphis 3. Knoxville 14. New Orleans H (!) Inning tie. darknm). Little Rock at ClKiltanooga. night K.nn^. Only games. '.:;, American I.eapne '' Chicago :i, Washington 2 (12 Innings). ' Philadelphia 7, Dslroll 0. ; Cleveland 8, Boston 3. St. Louis 0, New York S. Natirmal J.eaKiiu Cliieaao 3, llrooklyn 2. Cincinnati 7, Boston -I. New York B, Si. 1,-jnls 2. Philadelphia !G, MUUsburgh •!. Northeasl Arkansas LeaRue. Paragould c-3, lialcsville 3-10! Cnnithersvllle 4. Newport 3. Jone.sboi-o at Osceola, rain, x MRS-HOE.SGER ADVISES THE SIX-&EAT WCI / , I TUGNED IM, Kl^EES R AND LEffs STGAIG-HT;'&IJT HOT G!G!D a ion lo Pay .'stniil, is paid a ary, ransin;; us hiqh ns franc 1 ;, which is $1,200, liii mcnlir.s Rrlnd. Thnt puts the initial hire up lo nroiiiul $100,001). L'nr-h participant is furnished a bicycle, whicii is sealed to prevent .substitution. A vankwct of .spare bicycles as well as two i-epnir trucks follow the convoy. Each racer bus handlers. Besides the wages of tbe. hired men. there are numberless prizes running inlo big cash prizes- prizes fcr Ihc best daily run, in nil catrgortps. prizes for sprints, prises offered by local merchant!; for local toys who do well in ....„ „. „,„,„ tll(liL ' o™ territory, mixes for the will hi' dead. A Spanish competi- ni"-':!-.cyclist to pass a certain cafe lor w;i;. killed last year. A large \ in n certain town, prizes for, the non-finislicre will b: ^oiinlnln-climbing.^ "nicy arc of-j minutes, a pupil should be able to "" ' big i churn the water in goo:l style at ill-ithe conclusion of the lesson" . Uenl5. siirprislnuly, have ''ospite the doorcase in famil <;«e to the raet I'nai aim-' • s - ;< "'"l'c or homes in ;'ne riiv. is a p:\lt m injiirn!, i.omc pretty seriously—if lh<' ivcniil cl last: year and the jinn: Ixiore holds gooil. Ewsl Sports Hallyhoo S''.- Ihe bi::-;esi national sports r.allyhio in the world has com'- mcnced. Americans, ihinkin^ ol the world sorbs, Bi-ltoiw thlnkIni: of Ihe football ci-.p, can have another iliinlc. l''or sheer pnpiilnrlly, crt'.vi's. excitement. cm:y danger, and m- iiili'rc.'it there's ncthhij in Ihi- fli-ld of sport coiircelilion t; (.•r.mparc lo this grjii:! of . clos: lo a month. ' Vciy lew events, if any, CCIK.! U in the turnover fur the prouioi- c'!.i. It covers :i'-'iia(ion, i:; no other proRSoioml .or anuitcur cciu- lo;;t C'IOK:, rt, t.ttratts not <mly but pavmi! guests Iron: UIM; end or Frnnci: to the other. "he "taki-" from Die coimnvia Interest lur publicity'is enoriniiiis. It was left Tor a Prenchmai: lo rackctlZB. (he popularity of :i national sporl as it ' never .'iai- W OUIFJPRAY HE AtVVAYf GETS H/f BUG {. SJ/TVX. fAitaj'.ii llftRKTOnllOSE DISTRESSFUL I "* CRIBS ' .VVIlo, I SflLLYfe - OF KITCIIEM'S FLIES b. WAHOOJ THEY'RE DEnoT WEVE SWED OUR SALf & Soullirni /Wile .Jttanooga Tingnam f Orleans ,ltl c Rock ^nir>his * sio\ville si l\ NO FLIES ON US, [.•1O6H3P8, OLD American W. L. Pel New York Cleveland Detroit: Chicago Boston Washington St Louis . National Pet IV \®a Gulfspny knocks ' cm Jca<1 —doesn't |Chicago ,., ^ St IvDUls {New York ., j Cincinnati Pittsburgh . '< Boston t Philadelphia M BroonljTi , l( I: 55 31 . 33 35 .602 47, 42 .528 . 44 41 .518; 45 42 .517 . 41 43 .461 .34 53 .331. 30 t>7 ,315 ' _. anil gnacs nqvcr wiggle again after Gulfsnray hiis ilicni. Will not stain. It has a mild, pleasant odor, .ipc I a pint at ncighbor- I hood .inj department- stores or Good Gulf tlcalcrs. 1,000,000 com_ ^»..»... B line. Tlic big fellow ilinkini; our ImniU in H;\nk I!arr Hint's got charge of iKc bollling. You cnu tell William Wilkcii by Ms Imt's being on. I'm in the middle InuRliing and Tom's atnnding there in back of me. We're prclly m>ich plrascd nt your buying B million ca5,M. Harry E Wi]llcn Here goes the millionth c^se of our Family ? s Whiskey! With you buying a million cases of The Wilken Family Whiskey/1 can't see as there's much sense in me telling you how good tasting it is and everything. All I want to say is thank you and would you please remember the credit for it has got to go to Grandad and Dad—seeing they're responsible for working out the ways of making our whiskey /• so extra mild and tastyl ^$L> P.S—Kttr. n cwr of our Wllkcn Kemlly CooVInc Album If yo' '^**. l 1936, los.S. Fiiwh & Co., Inc. BUNCO) AND B01TUD BV JOS. S. FlilCH & CO ISC SCHENiEY.PA.-DlviSIOHOFSCKEKLEYPRQOUCTSCOJNC «MiL>rt InlMi r^sHi,i .,. ,, _ .. . . fc-rc<l lncst "'• enterprises whieli arc France's for ticn.i! advcrMsiiig and by local i FACTORY TRAINED RADIO' Now iiv:iil;il)l c for "n "H iiiiilces of repair)) 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. P • • ' • ' rOLLOW the lead of bis lire users who luiy only on proof of performance. I-ast year Greyhound buscs'travcled 138,000,000 miles from Coast to Coast and from Canada ro the tin If across deserts and over winding; mounlai.i'. roads. . ... They have won the National Safety Council's lu»hcst award in inter-city bus operation for the pas! four years. This is indeed a tribule lo careful driymj;, efljcieiU equipment and the reserve sa.ety of Firestone Tires possible hy the 1'irestone Patented Process of Gum-Dipping whicii prevents internal friction and lieat. Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires run up to 2S 3 cooler a:id give greatest blowout protection—the scientifically designed non-skid tread will slop longc ov.^, 1 i,,i>.. m y UCSIJJDCU iion-sKul tread will slon fJ ; ;-> - 'rt d 'ff g a c 'ii i P»ff £ "- L - *™iii<uMiff3!ai your car up (o 25% quicker and give you 50% ^"i^l&Syt^QJLLJil 5 T E R P I E CT] longer non-sldd mileage. ^yM^^m^S^^^^^^^^^: 'rake no chances! Buy ,„,„• tires on proof of' J'frformancc. ^ , p car U)d ^ ^^^^i^-^jMm I/ Tire Construction! C 0 9 llw Fircjlonc Exhibits at the Great Lakes iivl.J(Ti.cJ<in,l ..„,( Ccui cn »i,,l in Dali, FOR 25% LONGER TIRE M1LEASE EQiilP YOU!) CAR WITH T»re$to8ieSEflimE TUBES HIGH SPEED SIZE A special compound on inside of t,,bc ".is Ihp mntv Mirfacc n,.ainst ! M ka 5 o. IJy inaiiilainmua consmnt n ir pressure, hrcslor.c fcral^lcTubes will incrc,-,^ your Z5 v c . 4.50-11..;;;.. 4.75-19..:.:,. 5.25-18.;;:;.. 5.50-17.;:;:... 0.00-17H.D.... PRICE SS.60 9.10 10.85 ii.qo 15.90 FOP. TRUCKS f..00-10 ____ .... 30.Y5 lic:kT)T« . . . 32x6 H. D.:. .. iO.85 18.75 40.25 ' om night ofcr N.O.C. NntiomrWc Nrtuxirfc

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