The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1975 · Page 54
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 54

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 29, 1975
Page 54
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6-D Sunday, June 29, 1975 Philadelphia Inquirer 1 i Weise, Lauer Reach State Tennis Finals 'A 'v)M!i??rfA''i t .Hi) I I I ' 4J 4 Soa'l to Tne Inquirer CHUCK ISAACS IT'S TOUGH, sitting on the pole and all, so Schaefer 500 pacesetter Gordon Johncock relaxes with Cindi Sullivan (right), race queen, and Marr Nealon, race princess. Johncock Is Planning A Fast, Early Pace rOCONO, Frnm 1-D of 182.778 m.p.h. in his orange Gil-more-Coyote-Foyt. The 4fl-year-o!d Foyt has won 51 USAC races, including five 500-milers in an 18-year career. One of the most surprising came at Pocono two years ago when he passed the fuclless Roger McCluskey on the last lap. On the inside of the second row, directly behind Johncock, will be three-time 500 winner Bobby Unser, the reigning Indianapolis champ who might very well be voted the man most likely to succeed were a poll to be taken here. It's about time, wouldn't you say?" Unser asked no one in particular. "I've won on every track that we ran on except Pocono and, to make it worse, I've led every race here." Last year's Schaefer 500 was one of the most frustrating of Unser's career. A front-runner for most of the day, he was forced to ba;k off the last 100 miles so as to have enough fuel to finish. He wound up a disappointing fifth. "No matter how fast you can run, it doesn't matter unless you're able to be competitive at the end," Johncock said. "I'd rather run in the back for 4flfl miles and know I have enough fuel. I don't want to do what Bobby had to do last year. Nothing is more frustrating than to run around and see people passing you and not to be able to do anything about it." Starting next to Bobby U. will be the defending champion Johnny Rutherford who has been plagued with problems here. The 37-year-old Texan.who also won last year's Indy 500, qualified his backup car fifth fastest at 181.214 m.p.h. after crashing his new Gatorade-McLaren. Then, in Thursday's final practice session, his engine burned a piston, The Lineup Orivtr Gordon Johncock A. J. Foyt Jerry Grant inbby Unser Johnny Rutherford Willy Dtllenbtch Mike Motley Al unstr Duent Cerler Jr. Mario Anitreltl Bobby Allien Tom Sneya Ro9r McClmkey Billy Vukovilrh Jimmy Carulheri Johnny Person Salt Wallher Georee Snider Steve Krisiloff Al Loouasto Dick Simon Jerry Karl Sheldon Kinter Rick Mather Bill Puterbmnh John Martin Let Kuniman Bentley Warren Larry McCov Eldon Ratmuiten Gary Bettenhauien Bob Harkey Tom Bmelow ROW 1 ChaltHnint Speed ROW 1 WIWcatOGS Coyote-Foyt Eaela-Offy ROW ROW 4 EaeleOKv McLarenOty Wildcat-DOS 1 eaaie-ony Eaele Offy Eaeie-Ofty EaeleOfly McLsrenOtty McLaren-Oily ROW S Rocket-OHy tq' oily El-Otfy ROW EaoleOHy McLaren-Oily Eaele Oily ROW 7 Eaqie-Olly McLaren-Ofty Eaele Fort ROW I Kmetiih-OHy KmilUh-Olly Eaiie-Offy ROW t Eaqle-OHy McLaren-Oily Finley Otly ROW K Kintlith Otly RasCar-OIfy RatCar-Olly ROW 11 Eaiie-otty McLaren Oily Voilitedt Ollv Thirty-three car field averate: 1 7 344 1M.3I1 H2.77I 1I1.M4 H1.7M III.JI4 110.703 IT 721 171.571 1 7480 17 Jl 171 731 171 454 177 Ml 1 77 . SB 5 177.57 177.17 174.713 17J.7M 17!.5tU 174.43 174.343 173. 7!4 173SJT 173.301 173 377 173.137 173.144 17J M3 173 420 171.333! 173 010 If .500 m.e.h. necessitating the installation of a new and untried engine. Dallenbach, the former New Jersey resident who now makes his home on a Colorado ranch, will start from the outside of the second row after suffering engine failure in the midst of his first qualifying run last week. The 38-year-old winner of the 1973 California 500 has seen victory snatched from his grasp twice in the last year. He was leading both the 1974 Schaefer and 1975 Indianapolis 500s only to be sidelined by mechanical failure in the late stages. In the middle of the third row is Al Unser who won the Indy 500 in 1970 and 1971 and has been able to win only three shorter events since. Al, who hit the wall so hard here in 1973 that he split the steel retaining wall and forced a 45-minute delay for repairs, clocked 179.578 in one of Par-nelli Jones' Viceroy-Eagle-Offenhau-sers. His teammate, local favorite Mario Andretti, put an identical car on the inside of the fourth row with a speed of 179.238. Andretti, winner of the 1969 Indianapolis 500, has managed only two victories since. Starting directly behind Andretti in the fifth row is 44-ycar-old Roger McCluskey who has won only four USAC races in a 16-vear career, including the 1972 California 500. If a dark horse is to win this, the world's second richest auto race, the odds are that it will be Jerry Grant, the 40-year-old Californian who almost won the 1972 Indy 500, but was penalized to a 12th place finish after receiving fuel from a teammate's car. Grant is driving an Eagle-Offen-hauser called the Spirit of Orange County Special in honor of the thousands of people in that southern California area who contributed to the team. He surprised a lot of people by grabbing the outside front row starting position with a speed of 181.864 m.p.h. And Grant, according to Johncock, is the one who'll have the edge when the race starts. "That's definitely the place to be," Johncock explained, "because he'll be in the groove to start with and the track is smoother out there. Grant was in no mood to disagree. "We'll definitely be in the hunt," he said. Spectators should remember that special traffic plans will be implemented at 8 a.m., when all access roads to the track will be made oneway incoming. At the 170-lap mark of the scheduled 200-lap race, the same roads will become one-way outbound to help make departure as easy as possible for the anticipated crowd of more than 100,000. The first and second-seeded players, Bob Weise and Harrison Lauer, reached the final round of the Pennsylvania State boys' 18-and-under tennis championship for the Walter L. Dream Ends For Rosewall WIMBLEDON, From 1-D wall trailing at 6-7, and serving at 15-30. Rosewall's backhand vollev was called in by the linesman but Roche complained and the umpire ruled the point should be replayed. Roche passed Rosewall, then let him hit over the baseline to win the set. "I don't complain about bad calls why do you?" a seething Rosewall asked Roche as they crossed over. ' "It's in the rules," Roche replied. "It was so far out I felt I had a right to appeal," Roche said later. "The delay only briefly upset my concentration. It may have been worse for Kenny. That set was the turning point of the match." In the best women's match yesterday Britain's Virginia Wade edged Rosemary Casals 6-4, 4-6, 6-4. Neither double-faulted and there were few unforced errors. Casals remained in contention until she served at 4-S in the final game and Wade conjured up three superb backhand returns for the match. All of the other women favorites advanced with ease. Chris Evert downed Lindsay Beaven of Britain, 6-2, 6-4; Martina Navratilova of Czechoslovakia hammered Natasha Chmy-riova of the Soviet Union, 6-1, 6-0; Billie Jean King, the third seed, outclassed Belgium's Michele Gurdal, 6-1, 6-2; Evonne Goolagong Cawley eliminated Jennifer Dimond, 6-2, 6-4; Margaret Court, three-time Wimble-, don champion, sank Glynis Coles of Britain 6-2, 6-2, and seventh-seeded Olga Morozova of the Soviet Union downed Mima Jausovec of Yugoslavia, 6-4, 6-2. The quarter-finals' line-up: Evert vs. Betty Stove, The Netherlands; King vs. Morozova; Wade vs. Cawley and Court vs. Navratilova. Put Pride in Your Ride! Mf M if! K "M Wm iyMHtirt. Only Leon Paul's Paintarama Gives You: A Factory-type, new car finish baked on in fully enclosed gas ovens. Plus Your choice of 5,000 colors lowas 3 coats of tough acrylic paint j 59 BODY & FENDER WORK- FREE ESTIMATES. Quality is a Must with Us. fp' IE0N PAUL'S tpiiiiiTiiifimo V;. W ''ii5lwe!-'' Now in Our 30th Year. PHILADELPHIA 5025 To"PsiHie Ave . Tel. CU 9 1ST) 1 Mile N. Pt A rpct Circ e rtw Wool .ar d & tlrr,AOCl A,e AUTO PAINTING CENTERS & BODY SHOP BUCKS COUNTY 2P59 Bristol Pike. Cornells Heiqhts Rt 13 r-tw. Strret & Woodhaven Rds, Tel. 633-2322 CHERRY HILL. NEW JERSEY Row!? 38 & nudflP'Ow Ave. (Between lei. 66J-3;9 Tillman Bowl yesterday at Cynwyd Club. Weise of Spring Lake, N. J. scored by 6-2, 5-1, retired, over third-seeded David Kusio, Allentown. Lauer of Pittsburgh won a third set tiebreaker by 5-0 to defeat fourth-seeded Jan Schnitzer of Wilmington, Del., 6-4, 2-6, 7-6. In the 16-and-under semifinals for the Norman Bramall Bowl, top-seeded Murray Robinson of Philadelphia defeated fifth-seeded Jim Bro-der of West Chester, 6-2, 6-2, and second-seeded Jay Lapidus of Princeton, N.J., beat fourth-seeded Junior Gray of Philadelphia, 6-1, 6-0. Carla Gaiscr defeated Janet Wei-land, 6-0, 7-5, to gain the third round of the Delaware Valley women's championship at the Rifle Club. In other matches, Sue Lyons beat Nancy Williamson, 6-0, 6-3; Betty Weiss beat Jill Gomez, 6-0, 6-2, and June Wreen defeated Jane Driscoll, 7-5, 6-2. Carol Renz of Media, won the Phila, delphia and District girls' 14-and-under championship by defeating Nancy Reinhart of Cheltenham, 6-1, 6-1, at Philadelphia Country Club. First and second-seeded Josh Sar-ner and Charles Parkhurst entered the final round of the Middle States boys' 14-and-undcr tennis championship at the Suburban RC of Valley Forge. Sarner beat Flip Ruben, 7-5, 6-3, and Parkhurst defeated Kevon Glickman, 6-3, 6-0. 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