Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on August 24, 1950 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1950
Page 2
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CnmPV Cpfo God Onl y K 110 ^ ^ ai Pushes Counterattack To Stockholm IjrUf vvy urvi^ infantry Through Korean Hell Peace Petition Is Launched Most Of 'Breaks By BOB BROOKS Capitol Gabfest The other four candidates on the Democratic ticket believe it's wonderful to be the incumbent during the currentj sun hanging above. By DON WHTTEKEAD By JOSEPH E. DYXAX jman steel-coal pool if another part KOREA, Aug. 24. (ffj--The sun shone with blazing heat that STRASBOURG, France, Aug. 24.!of the same picture, they mam- scorched up the earth and parched the mouths, of men who toiled^ European Socialists today itained. slowly up a hillside with carbines and machine guns. It was a hellish | counterattack on the| The assemblv headed for a recess ,.,,,, **,.. ,,.,- TVo nVivsiVal offnrf. nf nureinz snns and ammunition UD P UMleu * *."""""""»· CHANDLER SETS LDOT CINCINNATI, Aug. 24. (^--'Baseball Commissioner A. B. Chandler today issued orders that players may" participate in exhibition games this veai-'only between Oct. 9 and Nov. 7. He also said schedules and Qfaremt SHU'S Ctffzrn Thuruiiy Ev«nln«, -Aug. K '»» itineraries of barn-storming player* must be submitted to him for ap. nroval. . .. day for war. The physical effort of tugging guns and ammunition up " "but there were enemy machine gua fire and that mo]ten political campaign. One reason is that the governor can take credit for anything that was done during the administration, even if he just lifted a finger to help. For example, the latest release i'rom the "Garvey- for-governor" offices has the governor claiming credit for construction of the new capitol annex building, expected to .be completed art., next year. The governor, through no fault of his, knew nothing about the bill or saw the bill until it was introduced in the legislature. A group of legislators who had considered the housing problem of state departments for some time, drew up the bill and enlisted support for it unaided. The governor did do something for the program though. He signed the bill after the legislature passed it. The same was true about the Children's Colony. This program was laid out in an orderly fashion while Garvey was still secretary of state--money for a superintendent and a survey, then money for buildings. The same is true for the state hospital and the prison building plains and mountains of Navajo county by next election. XO ACTIVITY Reason for this is that no precinct committeemen filed for office under the Republican ticket] for the primary contest--a unique situation indeed for this stamping ground of the elephant. SHY Another oddity is that in Cochise county there are only two more Democrats registered than there were two years ago for the primary. Republican registration jumped 202 over 194S to give a total of 1,140, rivaling Republican registration in Pima county, which is more populous. Despite this increase in GOP registration, how- Sweat dripped from men's faces, glistened on arms and- soaked into fatigue garb. The heat was a living thing that embraced you with smothering f i e r c e n e s s . It drew sweat from t o i l i n g men and drained strength from limbs. It was as much the e n e m y as the Communists in the battle for an- Above us our planes roared in to strafe and rocket the enemy. They were wonderful, those fly bovs, doing-a magnificent job of supporting the attack and putting their lives on the line to do it. It was cool up there. It was cool and clean; .There was no dust and heat and dirt. There was no searing sun in the cockpit to drink the water from, your body with a consuming thirst. And if death came . it was clean'and quick. God .Only Knows 'Drunkard' To Play Two 'Extra Nights Tucsonians have taken the idea of outdoor summer theater to heart--so much so that Tucson little theater's five-night run of "The Drunkard" has been sold out. In response to the demand, however, TLT is adding two performances of the 19th century melodrama. "The Drunkard" will be played Sunday and Monday evenings in the patio of Lodge on the Desert. ever, there is not a single Repub- But' on the hillside,' the earth in- lican running for office in Cochise fantry toiled up and up in the face county. Maybe they're just shyj of enemy fire and the heat--and folks "down in the valleys of that cattle and farming county and hills programs--all done without help from the governor, other than the j of the copper mmes. governor signing the bill. But probably the payoff was that if he hadn't signed the bill, the building program would have hit a snag. IXWBTS · Some Californians are doubtfu' about the proposed giant pipeline from the Columbia river in Oregon to southern California. They are in a'battle with Arizona over Colorado river rights, and apparently aren't anxious to get fresh scars in a fight with Oregon. The Garvey rally tonight--which will start at 8 p.m. instead of 7:30 ·will be quite a noisy affair -- a good dance band and a show with eight acts, Robert (Buddy) Leonard will be master of ceremonies, and along with the others who are help ing is Mrs. Margo Leonard. County candidates will be introduced. President Explains Tom McNamara and Fred Blum- ·nthal, substituting 'for Drew Pearson, columnist, make this report of President Truman's chat with GOP Sen. Knowland. The President made the'pipeline suggestion, 'Tes, but wouldn't it provoke a fresh dispute with the people of Oregon?" asked Sen. Knowland (Calif.) "We would be taking water'from the Columbia 'they may need." "Oil, the irrigation needs of Oregon would be met first," replied Truman:" Enough water runs into the ocean-from the Columbia-river to satisfy the needs of both Oregon and "California." . P,1S. Such, a project would be paid by ihydroelectrlcal power as well as irrigation. · ELEPHANT GHOSTS Not too. long ago 'one of the stronghold's of the Republican party was Navajo county. In fact, in 194?, State Sen. Clay Siiner barely nosed out Republican' Marshall Hunter Group Plans 4 Camp' A special meeting will be held at 8 p.m. today in the Santa Rita hotel of members of the Captain Hunter Memorial' society for the purpose of forming a "camp" of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Mrs. Charles Wycott,. organization secretary, announced that the meeting will be attended by Maj.i Edmund R. Wiles of Little Rock, Ark- a past national commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. pushed forward God only knows by what force of courage and determination. And then the wounded began corning down the hill. A soldier came down, walking with the limber legs of a ' drunken man, supported by two of his comrades. His face was almost purple and his eyes were glazed and unseeing. and racks had been built to hold the stretchers. The ambulances rolled up alongside the train and the wounded were lifted out and carried gently into the cars. Most of the wounded were still now. They were deep in sleep beneath the merciful peace brought by the' drugs, most of them: A few stirred restlessly. One man whose face was swathed in bandages struggled to get out of the Communist-sponsored Stockholmisorfle time early next week as .the , " general affairs committee took up peace appeal in the east-west pro-j^, ., point progress reporr on paganda campaign. j Winston Churchill's proposal for a Termed the "Declaration of/unified European army," Strasbourg,' 'the Socialist document The assembly's security subcom- calls for "peace without appeasement." Its author's intend to press for its 'adoption by the European consultative assembly this week. mittee, bowing to opposition from British labor and the Scandinavians, decided yesterday not to press for a formal assembly resolution at this time. litter. The medics pressed himSdorsed in the general affairs corn- back while a young doctor gavelmittee late Tuesday, regional fed- him another shot of morphine, (erations could be_ formed within Gradually "he became quiet. Then came the walking wounded with bandaged heads and arms and legs. There were no more stretch"The heat got him," a buddy|ers, so they filed into a bare rail" said. that damned heat." | road car and They then brought another one down. He was on a stretcher. Four South Korean youths carried the litter, trying hard not to hurt the man who moaned in pain. And behind them came others. Some managed to hobble down alone, but most of them were being helped down with their torn legs and twisted arms and blood-stained faces. The medics did what they could at the aid station. They bandaged Maj. Wiles at present is making WO unds, eased the suffering with arrangements" for the last reunion| c | ru g s anc i poure d plasma into the came around with a blanket for each of them--except one. "I'm sorry", the soldier said, "we're out of blankets. I'm sorry". The wounded man said, "That's all right, Mac. Don't worry about me". "Well, I'm sorry", the soldier said. of Confederate veterans, to be held at Biloxi, Miss., Sept. 27 to 29. This will be the-seventh such reunion he has organized, Mrs. Wycott said. Should a local camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans be established here, it will be the only chapter west of the Fecos river, Mrs. Wycott said. The local group.hopes to send delegates to the Biloxi reunion and Is considering plans for construction of a Confederate monument at Picacho, scene of a Civil war encounter. All interested persons are being'j invited -to attend the meeting. Believe Phoenix Couple Killed In Accident EL CENTRO, Calif., Aug. 24. (U.R)|| Mr. and Mrs. John M. Q. Yee were killed yesterday when their car veins of those whose own blood had gushed onto the battlefield. And then the wounded were carried back down the dusty road they had walked qver a few hours before. Back they went in ambulances--and some by helicopter --to an advance hospital. Doctors mended the broken bodies as best they could. Hospital Train Dark . That night I sat in a darkened hospital train which would take them to a bigger and better hospital in another part of this tortured land. The passenger seats had been ripped out of- the little coaches onto the hard eased floor. themselves A soldier the council by only a few of the member states. The amendments obviously were aimed at British reluctance to relinquish national sovereignty -to regional groups. British conservatives expressed dismay at this development -- initiated by France, Italy and West Germany. The British tories said it reflects Britain's "abject abdication" of European leadership., Freebe-Out Seen Formation of a regional federation by France, Italy and Germany, they said, would ultimately mean Britain would be · frozen out and that Germany could take over Eu- Arrow lightweight Shirts The chief backers are British Laborite Maurice Edelman and Belgian Socialists Victor Larock and Henri Bolin. They asserted; Sachs-Parker Offers that the declaration will be "the west's answer to Communism's phony peace taljc." The' three main points of the declaration call for support of the United Nations in the Korean conflict, opposition to any appeasement of aggressors and active efforts to solve world issues by peaceful means. Would Ban A-Bomb The Stockholm appeal urges only the prohibition of atomic weapons. Andre Philip of France, meanwhile, convened a meeting of the Federalist assemblymen for tomorrow to pledge their continued efforts to achieve European union. Under proposed' amendments to the Council of Europe statute, en- Just after midnight the train jropean leadership alone or in part- began moving-taking the men|n e £ sl "P with France, back to a life that never would be Britam's aloofness to the Schu- the same for most of them. And that is a glimpse into the hell of this war. « Flake in the general election. But collided with a truck 1 mile east it looks like there may be only ghosts of elephants walking of here. Police believed the victims to be from Phoenix. Need APPLIANCES! "See DON MEANS Ph. 2-883T 738 E. B*waj Sachs-Parker ONLY THREE MORE DAYS, ENDS.SAT. FINAL Penaljo, Mode and Delmanette S H O E Every Pair -.of Spring and Summer Sho.e« · Must Clear, in Two Groups Yaluw to 19.95 Good Selection In Large and Small Sizes. 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