The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, iUAY 1, 10<17; Highway Safely :ffor!s Praised Many Lives Saved As Result' of Drive Conducted in 1946 BLYTHEVIU-K (AUK.) COUU1KK NKWS I, PAGE FiVE I11NGTON, May 1. <UI')l 1 1 lit i a! Works A<imiuis:rator Plli- l-lcming linlay < - ii'dited i're- ''.s highway salely i .saving (i,500 lives thai ''thenuse would lia\e been sacri- I iced last year "to speed and care-" For ls^^, Fleming said, Mr. Truman "lias lixed the saving of at 1< asi lo.cot) lives through the re- diiciion oi tratiie. aceidenls as Ihe ininmniu! ^o-il of the presicK'nt's liighway safety conference. 1 ' I'letning, chairman of the couler- ince, addressed a group ol national and state press assoriillion .managers who came here (ft plan a i oun.i y-wufe iH'Wspajicr (-ampaigu :u Lelialf of hi;;luvay silfely. The cumpaiull will start June 20 and continue through .Sept. 15 1 'i'MHinu said it would be "the vrcalest iieai'<-time public service i". IT uiidei taken "by Ihe press anil ;:o\'i; nnu in. lie:o:e tl:e ineeiini;, I'residenl T'uman recl'i\'ed the grou[) al the \Vhite Ht;u:-e. In the croup which called at Uic White Jloiise v.cre: Tom Ii. Oreene. Jr.. maiiawr r-f the Tennessee I'rev; Af.soci'.illon :>nd Bruce McCoy, manager of the Louisiana Press .V.-M-ia! ion; Arthur Sylves'.er of the Newark iN.J.i Evening News; Walter A. IK nd. cl the western uews- ji:i|ic'.- mnon. William I. Daley of the National Kdilorial As-octal ion; Julian II- llarvey of the National Conservation mircau: Harold K. Philips of Ihe Association of CasuaUv and Kufot. Kxecuiives; Claude Walker. seeWajrv of i lie Cook County (111.) Publ'.'lp-rs Association, and A. W Hoiilen anil W. P. nuninan. officials of the President's conference. \v,as extensive, in Ihe Hnlfmiin vl-|biirning it to the ground. einlty, crops were,uninjured, be said. I The house occupied by Cecil' Power to houses (here was dis- Mengenhall and fiunily 'on the! niptccl as soon us Hie storm hit. Mr. oilie Fnike.s farm near bteele w.<s Pepper said. That area Is SMviral also blown away and all their, by HKA lines. ^ |-ersonal pro|H>rly deslrovcd. | The Ciilumct Gin. owned by Tay- The Denlon Ciin Co. bmldinu .it lor I'Yecman, was reported feverely nenton. Mo., was also extensivelv damaged this morning. And (he damaeed. Al llayti. 1C trees in compress at Arbyrd. Mo., was .said Hi.- |:-uk there were uprooted. lo have been damaged. Tw() |, ( ,,,ses on Ihe James \V.'cola lias lleav.v Dam-.i^e Perry faitn near Hteele were d:-Six buildings and three in molished, as were iwo farm build- Osecola were heavily dama c :ed but in ! -s and a li'actor shed. Aboul :r. the yi'eate-st over all damage !' (> les carrying nower and liulu done when falling limbs -it-.d debus lilH "> '•»'<'»' snajiped between llollan i (iisi-iipted service of the Mnnlcii-ai and Slcele. Power and Light dislnbution M - S- 'I'h? rain iiecompanying the loin. Mayor lien Butler said today storm measured ,28 of an inch this that Osceola may be partly without mornimr. The storm .slopped nlmo-i power for a week and -that repairs "s -suddenly as it began and onlv are liainpered by a manpDwer slioil- eloudiness riinained loday. Lowes; age. To aid in restoring the city's 'eo'peraluic recorded last night power and light system, a rail for was ^ degrees and the high ye>repair workers was sent lo Mini- terday was fl> degrees. phis and Osceola city officials were Calls flooded the telephone told Ciey would be senl. Repr.iis! switchboards today and because were begun immediately and lights were reported on in p soin. 1 rcclirms of the town by 9:?0 this morning. According to estimated damage. the Aston Auto Pails Co. in Oscecla on Soulh Highway Gl. was hardesl hil. Windows were broken, steck was rain-damaged aiid -\ :io by 40- tool section of the roof was lifted nnd thrown onto the highway. Dam-' age was estimated al S^fi.noi'i. I One-tliird of Ihe Hueiianar. Chev-' rolel Co. was demolished and dam- ' age was estimated at .51.1,000. The company has set up temporary Head- | rn'arlers in a reecnlly-e-insli ucicd i slorage building in the rear of UK-I In Lew/'s' Miners Win Test Case In Virginia . May 1. <UP>case over Vlr- ;a';-tiri(v hiw was the State Cor- <m ruling In la- l.t'WiS illlll the l:V| r '|?. .irUer.s i.Vr'Ll. |' J, u n- tlie Hii-innonil \v. \ Uuicati had sought Lawr union memberships ,rj,.v securities muter terms <>t ihe law. and that the UM'W luitl violated l!ie slalule iiy selling ]nenl- li'-iships without state regulation Tl Oscco/o Seniors Honored By Ministerial Alliance •l-l A. ,-Uk.. M:iy 1.-. One i'.l ihe HUY graduating class Id Monday night when tlie "•>! Alliance entertained : es with a dinner parly ;il •I'-tlnKlis- Church. "Minim lo Hie 25 .seniors l"r Ihe dinner, gh'en n »'ere Mis. C. I,. MOI. ; <l. and j. naiik Sanders. ia^i 1 , lony di.s ii finr ^cre e:iir]';;en'.'y the hi underwent only actual plaeed. 'Mrs. Flovd Haralson. executive secretary of Uic Hed Cross chapter [ here, lefl this morning on a tour of storm-damaged ureas. Al Jonesboro :M yvai--n'd I.eioy Holder and his C-yen:- -old MHI, Roy, both ••;• caraw:i.'. uvre reported in a eTii'-nl comrlion al a Joncshorn hosiu'.'l. Three persons injured al Wricked Tiec were taken lo u Memphis., Tc;:n , hos- |)ilal for (realm"!!'. They win- Mrs. B. l.illlejolln, 53: ' Sliii ley Kalherine llrack. 'J: and If. lii::.l;, immission held that union (Ion. : en:!) 'iship; can b. 1 regarded us colors. ;'uri'ies undi'r Virginia law but pieces. was Heard of Hasl I'rai l>rincl|)!e .sneaker with Tak" With von on lh< lile" a s Ins subje.-l. bcnedie- e sell Hast. Mo., \\.is "Wlnit In Vov.iu,. ol Mr. Kandcrs gave I ho "1'le and gold. I were used in lalile eenler- I'l'ti'e cards and nankh l/'wis and the union were Wcsleyim tliulil violating the luw by (be meal. IHCI)ll>t'l i Sl'IVl- Wcrnc. allornry for lt!i::iin-ss lliireaii, had di-r restraininr. thf un- tnrllu-r : ,aU' of union i'.-.liii-s without ap|ir<t\'al ol nniiii::Nion. Thr lorporation iimnission I'-i-nicit the rccniest. n.'krcl an ion from tin t Miss Martin Speaker At Baptist BW Meeting _OKC'|.;ri.,\. Ark.. May -structure. Window, stock and roof damage '"• •csulted to the Missco Im]ilemc,H) ''ropi'rly dama Co., tlie Louis, George Motor Co.' l> '" il Boul<l where and the ste.ed u-e Cream Co. in ''oofcd buildings Osccolti. Roof and porch damage f ' lass windows h -lue to fallin;; trees resulted to ilt - the '-he resiliences of w. W. prc',V!it Sr., rrn WriKlil, and E. 3. Childs. nuinbei 1 ol farm buildings West :o \vas heavy at the wind iin- un I b:oKC p'ate an emirs Muck North en.l if town Damage lit, Paragould vjii-s esnoialed at S200.000 and .sta::: pi lite hcad- muirtors in Uiti.; Itm:k of Osccola were reported destroyed, j that all highways out of Para- tel Tlic Federal Compress there was al-ii:ould were block I The Philadelphu at .solicited. North oi' Has-j badly damaged. , The sLorni Ktl''.t f :k windov;S| dustrial comimumy Damaye was also noled Frenchman's Bayou, Joiner, sett and Wilson. At stccle. plain gloss d by fallen trers. School. eo»- ue.sbjL''), was Arkansas Scientists Asscmhtc in Little Rock .K I-'():;K. Ark.. May I. IK- thirly-iirst annual meet- th.- Academy ol will open a1 Ihe tfiii\'ersily •Arkansas Medical School her KIITOW a I lernnmi. Officers will elected Saturday. Appropriately Named KIC'UMCNn. Va., May 1. (UP) --A Hlchniolid Negro named Willie Hoc;: • was lined Sl. r >n and given a l'2-lnonllis suspeiuled sentenee-- lor selling bcc/.e. . . ville l : 'tt ; .o a rear'Tioov Conliir.icil from I'asc 1 i,i Ihe v.-areluuiM' and rcsirli.u; *n Lhe rear "1 it. s:i(<l the hack end i.f ' ihe buildinu. Idled when the wind Mnicl:. tnl'iud over and DIP Mdr-s mil." Till rnofini: Irani tiie'hn:ldhiK was scaltereil tor :. diiarier-mile. Damage csli- uiatcii at SU.CCO. Dehris froiii xvinil-sinaslir.l biiiU!- insi-s. upiTiytctl trees. Ilattencd p;iw;-r- iine ]»i!es and ove:Unn"d billboard? lilterid mails nnd Iklds lliroiisuout I'emisco; Comity. Duuiayc within the city of Blylhr- ville was lighter than e,tr,ei iioints altlviiKh Ihe storm t«i:>h Us toll of smashed windows, lorn roofs and .•-,is;ns blown down. Plain gl >: s window:- \v!'ie broken ill buihlirps housing tile I.tingsU'ii-Wrolen Co.. the Ci'.y Dni!,' Htovc. and tl-.o Blyllic- , Shon The wiiui f mashed and blew oiu six lour liy ten-fciol panes ol gl.iss at tlie liaiigS'iJii-Wrnien Co. shov.'-ruom. Damage v;as cslimnteti at S ( JOO. Sinus of (he Arkansas Paint ami Co.. City Dm- and Fred Callihan Ki'.ilio Hhop were; blown il.iwn. Fallini; trees lure two holes in the root of Ol's .Shepherd's residence al un Kentucky. I'owi-r I,iocs SulVcr ,lno. C. McHancy iciiDite.l that a i.inl shed, pump holism aiui deiii'k i)-luni;ini: to liim were hluwn down. iat;:-i»e :>n estimated S500 ciMiiiiyc. i--n.ui nn^-half to one mil-.: of 3:j.- tlfiu v<'ll Avkaiisas-Missinin Power C;> lines near Holland. Mn.. were O'.v/n this iiiniiiinL; and lh [ . po'.ver sv-li-m was badly damaged ;u fc'leele. i iMii^Mi'. 1 olfieisils raid. PLepaiL- er.svs Ivi-in Wnhnil IMdm- and Uej'.or w.-ie hl'iniv.llt ll'.l'e to aid in rei.omtruc- HM;I. Tt was mil known dcfinil:iy repairs would be completed. ' t:.nii!h-rsvillc, Mo., was briefly hl;!cl;"d nut and tlie e-iir-panys eitieri;eiiey line Irmn Corning is now Imiiisimi'! pruvi'V to that -secliin. I!%-.-ir.'l damrif'e near BKthevill^ wa'^i p - '! ted this morni.i:^ by Hian- l- u !'• I'lier of Huffman. Mr. Pep- V rr. ov. ncr ol a :)0il-acrc f.ivm. .said i- \\as t he strouuest wind be had ,'.e! :-eci.*!?!.d that the slonn \s.i.s ;,iconi|>ameri by a '-lisrii'.- r"d cloud." TWII l,ar!l< on hi.s lariil were destn , ii ami scaltercd by the wind, lie ; ii<i. A hoiisi- was mined ofE it.s I iiiniiaHnn. !le reporlod ([linage to a iuiinb:r of other farm Liu Itnai shich rtnils were torn e /.r.'n was ]iieked u\i :j> the ,-! sel liown aero:"S :i pasture, Whire damaye lo rjuilc'tlng." verc blown from the City Hall and about three mil VJicr window daniasin resulted t'l • Ualesville. unroof i Brooks Grill. Don's C'\fe and liielcs, nprooliii!; nil.v.' '•'(rtcl there. Two biiildiiigs belong- j knoekiiiK down (ei, ; n;: to the State 'Highway Depart-; ixwer line poles. •lieilt near Stcele were demolished r _ . 'iut damage lo ctmiptncnl was negligible. Inoperative the pasl two y I vs. "he Burton and Ejinza Gin sulfer- -cl about $3000 worth of damage.. F:\ini; de.bris from the ciii building wrecked three ncar-bv houses. Dales Garage and Welding Shop here vns damaged. At Holland, a 30-fool front flew iff a radio and refrigerator shop •ind landed on a new car belon-^- : ng lo Ellis Poole of Stccle. Tile :ar was -smashed. Cmiler Heliool Closed Bus shells, buses and the luncli- •oom of the Cooler school, closed because, of storm damage, wci-e vrcrked by the wind. A house thenc b^loneir.g Lo Mrs. Janie lones was literally blown awtiy. Lightning struck ii Negro house. the. little in- of l.nnediile, iioribwen ol' sevei-.d liotis- tr-es j o LUXCHA. L. Stanford pupils in a : 7::io tonight '| r.uditorium. Recital Ark., -May l.-Mrs. T. ,':ill present her pinna May Day liecilal at WAUNIXC. <)Kl)i:it In the Chancery Cnurl. Cliicka- sa\vlia Dislricl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Gladys Thomas Plaintiff, vs. N:i. 10.C21 1K| j Lcroy 'i'hiunas Defendant : 1 'I'he defendiinl I.eroy Thomas i.' hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court, named h the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plalntlir, Ol.ulys Thomas. Dated this 1st day of April, 1917. 11AHVKY MOnlUS. Clerk I)y Hetty Binllli, D. C. 1 Percy Wriglit, Attorney for pluiirllll. For Complete Protection Against All IHSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124W. Ash St. leleii Marliu was guest iipeakei' with Ihe topic "Isuioiieans and rlu-U 1 Itehnion." :it Monday atler- n'.s meellnii ol the ilusluess NVomen's Circle ol l-'nst llapllst Chin.'h nt i hi- home of Mr.s. Tj-ed limith, :itll Ivast lluril Kt. Mrs. J, H. MeCiiiils condiii'tcn' ie devolioual, and Mis. Gladys Hurr was progiam leader. Suhjecl ol the |:roi;ram was "The Kield al ,- Dcmr". I'artlcipalniK wei'e ^(l•s. Krnesl Mam. and Mrs. D. V. Ma- In.'k. Keli eshnu'itts of strawben ie.s, shorlcuke anil cotfee wei'e served lo the nine members and Iw'o ruesls. .Mi-i^i Adirtin ami Mrs, i'ai Conway Jr.. ineseul. Nancy Uzi.cH Selected CAR Convention Ooicgotc OKf'Kfll.A. May 1. Nam y l!v/.ell has liecn naiui'd delei;ale 01 V.'llli.nn Ill/yell .Soeiely, tMlildren ol |! v American lievolulioll. 1,1 (he National Conveiillon of ihr; i'1'iiuiil lion May ^-1 and U'li in \Vashiiu;totl RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 'i DAY KKIU'ICH ON ANV MAKK OR MODI'il, HK- 1.1A1I1.K WOHKMANK1I1P. t Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY Open 7 a. m. Tuesday and Thursday With Those Dirty Clothes (.'lose ~>:'M p. m. Nights Open Till i) o'Clock 323 North 2nd St. Help Wanted RAY WORTHJNGTON TW rnO»BU lu»M. Cm T •< Tone Jn Trudcnlial Program Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKEC Serving This Section for 21 Yean 115 So. 3rd Bljthcville, Ark. .Sponsored By BHS unior Ciass the GREATEST THEATRICAL PRODUCTION Ever Staged in Blythcvillc High School Auditorium the Great Virgir and His Wonder Show —FEATURING— Julie, America's Sweetheas-f- of Magsc and other Outstanding Acts such ess "The Weird Execution On Mars" "The Great Trunk Mystery" Tickets on Sale Now at BHS Auditorium This Ad Sponsored by Phone 2342 312 West Main St. \V(! PHONE 2642 Call for and Deliver ). c. Mis. UiH'tild K. Wctivcr, rsUlnit, uf the uroup, who cnUT- liii'd Ihein Siiliirdity wltli n Kinvli- <ni in (Iw C'oinniiinHy House nt Vest Mi-inphls, will also ullciul. Tin- .tali 1 will !»• rcprt'svntcd by Mrs. ). M. HlKKK "">! lu'i 1 lii-aiiililiniuhli'i-- Aini'llii KlH'i'liiirl, wli» will aurve is |>ui;i'; Mr.s. C. A. Davis, 'jlnto |>ic» ili-tit; Clinton Diivl.s, culDr l)r:iicr UK! fchiii-lus IJuvis, nslior, nil o[ HEADACHE CAPUDINE The good old immc of Smith is Mild to be ti • British family name (leaning "nn Iron worker or nllli." Hardware Mutual • Insurance Company j of Minnesota j I,aij;c I'Jivklcnd Savings p Low Net Cost Pretcclton I For Service. { W. L. TAMKE j •lOJt K. Davis SI,, I'. <). llov «l J I'linnc ::lfi7 Hlvtbeville, Aik. • FRED CALLIHAN KkTlrical Appliiince Co. Anlhiiii/eil Muli>rolil Itadln Sales nnd Servli-o Illli S.nidi I'lrsl SI. Tuila.v's free MCM Ili-enrd Mr. and Mr.s. I'hllllp Applebaum Save 50% Chopping Expense riiinl Clii'iiiii'iilly Delinli'd, l-'u/y.-l'i-fe COTTON SKKI) Save Hloiioy-—(i (o 10 I,Its. jiur Aero. Any torn, poa or liciin pliiulvr will plant (lieso snioiilh, slk'k cotton sued. Can In' plowed . r > lo (> days alti'f plaiil HOWDKN III! — STONKVll.l.r; 2C 1) [' ei 1, 11 :«; Hulo BLYTHEViLLE SOYBEAN CORP.! Phonos 856-857 I. Rosenthcil continues to lower prices them, here they are: you asked for Full Fashioned Hose I'tiro Silk, Tul! Quality I.adic.s I'rite Fashioned, .?:!.<)() Hose. Our Sail 1 only $1.00 Ladies Blouses :i(l New Stylos to Select l-'roin . . . Tlu'si- Ari' He-ally h'ine Illotises from $2.98 Ladies Gowns t.adies (!elaiu'se Tricol, Ciowns. 'I'rarose, Itluc, Ited Striped and Whilu only $2.98 Hoys' & (Jills' I.OIIK .*i Short Sli-evo I'Ol.O SHIKTS, Striped and I'lain Colots, Keg. S.'i.hO Larm- Assort munf, iMKN'S WOKK ['ANTS ............... '. MKN'S SIIIK'I'S cq only JJ SJM 1 S^.f>(l Oade HOYS' WOUK $1.!)8 Quality HOYS' \VOHK I'AN'i'S sniirrs <»s ION'S OVIOKALI.S Hcjf. S(i.!)5 Kxtr:i (Jnalilv MKN'S WOKK StU'i'S ?2. 1!) HOYS' OVIOItAhl.S S17G $12!)- $«7!) $17!) Men's Shirrs Men's Hhie Chamhray Shirls, a KcKiiliir Sl.iin Vain.- K\ cry where • . . al Our (tcdndion at $1.25 Girl's Dresses SI.1IS (Juality Kills' Dressi'.-i, Special I .of in Late Styles . 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