The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1949
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 14,1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK THRKE THE NATION TODAT Big, Bad, Bold and Blustering Lewis Embarks on New Venture As Quiet, Meek Miners' Leader -u v By James Martow * WASHINGTON, May 14. (IP)— John L. Lewis, whose scowl and lactics may have made him seem sort of set In his ways. Isn't too old to learn. At 69 lie's trying something new: a smoother way of getting along with the public and the coal mine owners, Ills old antagonists. Lewis has been a famous leader at least 3D years. He's moved fron strike and crisis to crisis in Ihe coal' fields. He has roared at and denounced—roundly, publicly and loudly—th mine owners with whom he's had to bargain for his miners. And year by, whether or* not you liked his tactics, he's won Honor Students at Wilson new and greater benefits for them. But there's always been a question in people's minds: Could he have done the same for Ills miners without the great strikes that cost the nation coal, the owners profits, and the rimers wages? \Yllllng to j/earn The question nevqS^wiU be answered, of course. buU'JiswU 1 tactics have won him a lot jjl public criticism. „ Maybe the bad reviews he's been Betting In recent years every time he has come thundering into public view have disturbed him. At any rate, he's not so set his ways that he's not willing to learn something new. And he's will- IIIT to pay to learn. On bis payroll now he has Allied J^udkates. Inc.. to help him out 1 flR his public relations. . ' And a friend of lons-standinff, : George Creel, who headed Woodrow Wilson's committee on public information In World War I. has , slipped Into town for a month to give Lewis a hand. Crell at 73 Is four years older than Lewis. He's an old-time newspaperman, author and magmine writer. ! And lie feels this way about labor ' in^na^enieiit relations: If libor and management are ' IIIE to do decent, bargaining when they sit down together, it's a good Idea for them not to build up Ill- will beforehand by name-calling. Xnw It is Different This week Lewis' nublicity firm Allied Syndicates. Inc., got out 5 1 2-page sketch of Lewis. You can be sure it's favorable to him. It pictures him as a pretty genial man. which he probably is in spite of the times he's roared and scowled. It says: "In private life. Mr. Lewis is by •no means the 'sniff sowpwss* that many cartoonists and writers have endeavored to depict. He b one of the most affable, bis-hearted men •*i the American .scene." " And tomorrow Creel will distribute a renort on the miners' health and welfare fund which Lewis won frnm the mine owners. Trusting Creel. Lewis had many times !w*c<l him to come work with him a bit. . But some time ago Creel got sick in China, went to Baltimore for treatment, and stopped off here month on his -way back to California to help his friend. Lewis. In the past few years Lewis has been exnlosive, has called biz strikes, has been fined for con tempi of court, and has gone roaring on hi= way. Now suddenly—probably untie the soft-stroking of his piibliclts advisers—his mood and approacl feem to have changed, and soften ed. , , In other springtimes when m contract with the mine owners wa coming to an end, Lewis rumblei and hit the war drums. Tills year it was different. He ha started dealing with the owner on a new contract in a quiet an peaceful mood. But you'll have to wait to lear how long that will last if the mm owners don't see things big John way. U. S. Savings Bond Opportunity Drive To Start Monday The US. Savings Bonds "Opportunity Drive" will open Monday, and Mississippi County has a quota of tlSO.OOO of which 283 per cent has been attained prior to the start of the drive. In other counties in Arkansas at least three have exceeded their nnota. and one, Cnlhoun County by 3078 per cent. Both Pulton and Pike counties have reached their quotas, and Marlon County has •cached 994 per cent of a S5.000 quota. ' Arkansas has a quota of $«780.000 to reach between May 16 and June 30. and almost 30 per cent ns been reported. The drive Is being conducted to Increase the amount of savings bonds outstanding, and to point out to all Americans that their backlog of savings represents an important factor In the nation's economic stability. James Terry Is chairman of the drive in North Mississippi Counts and Mayor Ben P. Butler is chairman In South Mississippi County Coruthersvilie Bridge Meeting to Be May 26 The annual meeting of the Ca- rutheisville, Mo., Chamber of Commerce will be conduct*! Muy 26 ratine than May 19 RS stated yesterday in the Courier News. Geit. L. J, Srcj'drup, construction enfii- neer Irom St. Louis, will discuss the proiioscd bridge project nt Hint lime, and new nicnUH'i's of the board will 1» elected. the 1 d»y of July, 1M«. •"<' '« «l>lr« on the 30 day of June, 19.". Mr«. N. M. Moore, Applicant. Subscribed nnd sworn lo before me this 13 day of May, 1949. Elizabeth Mason, IBKAL1 Notr.iy Public. My Commission "Xjiitcs: 4-28-60. expiri on the 30 day of June, 1»50. Odell Campbell, Applicant. Lewcll Ma* McAfee Mary Ky»li Class leaders for the 19 seniors at Wilson High School Hie Lewcll Mae McAfee, valedictorian, and Mary Ryals, saUttatortun. The baccalaureate will be May 22, with commencement exercises May 27 at the Wilson High School Auditorium. Shanghai Residents Fear City's Defenders More than the Reds Notice is hereby given thnt the undersigned has tiled with the Commissioner of Revenues ol the State of Arkansas for penult to sell nnd dispense beer nt iclMl on the twe- ilscs described us 400U E. Mnln ilythevllle, Mlssis.stppl Comity. Tho undersigned states that he U citizen of Arkansas, of good moral harncter, that he lins never been onvlctcd of a felony or other crime lYinK moral turpitude; that no Icense lo sell beer by tlie undersigned has been revoked within 'Ive years last pnst; ftiitl thrtt the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws o! this state, or any other state, relntlve to Ihe sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be Issued foi operation beginning on the 1st day of July. 194u. and to ex ulre on the 30 dny of June, 1050. Fred l'imi:hl, Applicant. Subscribed and sworn to before me this H dny of Muy, 11)10. Mrs. Mnrshnll Hlnckiird. (SKAL1 Notary Public My coinmls.slon expires: 3-0-53. Notice of v|lln( of Application for I,l<| 110r Permit Notice Is hereby Rlvoti thai Ihe undersigned ii«s filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of iho State of Arkansas for permit tu sell mil <tt:,]H'nse vinous or spirituous Iquors for beverage at retail on he premises described as iiipiox- nmtdy ',; mile north, on U. S. lKhwiiy Bl, BlythevIUo. AikiiiiMis. Application Is for perinll lo be ssned for operation benlnntnn "n the 1st day of July, 1D40, ivnd lo By Tom Lambert (Associated Press corespondent who yesterday flew from Shanghai o the Biritfh colony of Hons Kong.) HONG KONG. May 14. </P) — Shanghai today is a city ruled by Railroad's Business Prospects Declinina Statistician Tells ICC WASHINGTON, May 14. M>|—Th lHxuls said yesterday their prospers for business this year have alien off during the last two ionth.s. Dr. Julius Parmelee, chief stat- stician for the Association of American Railroads, presented the ndustry's estimate to the Interstate Commerce Commission. The agency •; considering the railroads' plea for a 13 percent long-term freight rate ncrea. c .e. Dr. Parmelee said reports from 34 representative rail systems indicate that 1949 freight volume will be 10.2 percent under last year, and passenger business 12,8 percent be- the 1948 total. Future Trades Class Visits Monument Firm Twenty members of the Futuri Tradesmen group and their instructor, K G. Lewis, yesterday visited the McHaney and Sons monumen works on U.S. Highway 61, South where John C. McHaney explained operation of the busin&ss to th group. The pupils viewed the pl"n for the Mississippi County Wa Memorial .which U to be erected 01 the court house lawn honoring th men who-lost their lives in the ser vice of their country during Worl Wars I and n. Americans visiting Italy, whcthe tourists or business men, will nee only passports hereafter, no visa befcg required, It is announced b the Oydnia America Line. Its nearly 6,000.000 residents ale nore fearful of their trigger-happy Nationalist defenders than of the Chinese Communists prodding at Its outskirts. Harsh and bloody measures taken by the Shanghai garrison are converting from contempt to singe the feeling residents have for the men assigned to defend _that greatest Asiatic city. Military edict, enforced by arms is now the law for Shanghla. Legal lootinK by soldiers— who never were distinguished for their respecl for other people's property — no\v goes under the alias of "requisition Imr." Tlirouth a tightening censorship le garrison decides what Shans ai and the world will know abou he war and about conditions in hat city. The garrison is following unswerv uply the military patterns 'einins, Tientsin, Suchow an Nankinsr. all ot which have falle a the net's. Talk of Final Stand With "volunteer" laborers, '.h Army L c sousing out trenche erecting pillboxes, uprooting vi! ages and burning down houses o the outskirts ol the city. The military and those politic: [iernres who arc allowed to spea all prattle solemnly about a "last ditch" stand and boast that Shanghai's defenses are like Stalingrad';'. Yet probably no more than a handful of Shanghai residents believes the garrison will even try to defend the city. They expect that as the Reds appear, as many of Shanghai's remaining defenders as possible will scramble lo follow those who already have departed. The defense thus far has riot qualified for any military accolade. Each time the Reds have attacked Ihe outer perimeter, the Nationalists have pulled buck. The garrison issues resounding communi- ques that detail great slaughter of the Reds— but the garrison is pulling back steadily into Shanghai. Some of the defense measure? are completely confusing. The defense works at the city limits could not withstand a determined troop of Boy Scouts. (nucklebusters fo Demonstrate V\odel Airplanes An air show feature stunt and recislon flying will be shown at le North end of the Air Base on lie r«mp tomorrow afternoon bv he Blytheville Knuckledusters. According to Charles Blttner. scc- etnry. between 12 and 15 plnnes re expected to participate In Sun- lay's competition for control line lying. The Knucklebusters previously lave staged a contest for rubber jnnci control planes. The control Ine planes are small gasoline engine powered models, controlled by wire. The flying demonstration will bc- n about 2 p.m. and last through most of the afternoon. The Blytheville Knucklebusters a"* 1 at present trying to arrange competitive air how for their smal planes with the Jonesboro group and also plan to take part in show in Memphis, July 9 and 10 which is sponsored by ihc Academy of Model Aeronaut!' . It has also been announced that a demonstration is plan* ed for the Northeast Arkansas District Fair, and that several of the planes will be displayed In an exhibit booth there. The demonstration will be Imited to control line flying at tlu fairgrounds because oi limited space. O. G. Schwartz is president of the Blytheville Knucklebusters. NOTK'K Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has tiled v Hh the Commissioner of '(evL'iuics of the Stale jf Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at relnll on the premises described ns 422 West Ash, Dlylhcvllle, Mississippi County. Tho undersigned stiitcs that he Is a citizen of Avkniunis. of good moral character, thivL he has never been convicted o[ a felony or other crime Invlylng moral lip-pUm!e; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked with- i live years last past; anil ihut the nulersignod has never been convlct- il of violating the lows of this state, or any other slate, relative to the ale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit lo tic sailed for operation beginning on Say It . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP (ilenco* tfulldln( Phone 4 491 or 2747 C. A. Tiin( Construe!ion Company Aulhorl/eil Dealer for Butler Ktrel HullilllUM —(Irnrral Contracting I'. O. Hux »:< ' rhniie XMi Hlythevllte, Ark. The KKCKKT of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. 1'IIONK 4451 Extra Large Prints! Latest Kodak Album! only 35c 6 and 8 exposure rolls G«t cl««r, i«m-f«ciing photo pf'mtl in lh« new Kodal Album. «l this thrifty price. 5x7 »nl«go- ment, 20c; 1110. 40c. S«nd WIM *nd n»g«tive» with moo«y to; Venetian Blind* of Such clean Venetian blind*! Duit ikitli right off Flex* linn, it'i 10 iilm-imoolhl . Tliii aluminum bend* for quick liruiii-upi, inapt back Into perfect shape! Lighter, e«»i«r to operate. And th* beiuty lasul Plastic finish won't chip or crack. Flexa- lum Ji fireproof, rust-proof, weather-proof. Custom-made enly. Com* clioote (rum beautiful colon... hring whulow measurements. So inexpensive I Custom - muds only. Com« L-lum*e from beautiful colors ...usk for estimate without * obligation. BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Inc. W. II. 1'ease So. Illwuy 61 J. Wilson Henry Phone 2431 $ 25 »r more tviiclc in allowance mi your olrl wnslier, rcitimt- less of mitkc or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Rel'riKcrntnrs Household — Commercial • Air Conditioning Itmlios—Record ("layers • Wushcrs • Gas We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. W. Main Phone 201 The 111 flttlnn, i<icn« oxford that does not "hug the ankle 1 * te made smil anil comfortable here. Finest work at reasonable cost. K-fl LTGRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP III W M a l M ST PROFIT By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT Bv Advertising In TKe Classified Columns When You Want To Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. WILL APPEAR SAME DAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 Blytheville Courier News If you have not met good service—now you have the chance! Visit Our Modern Service Department ATTENTION Soybean Growers! the B. F. GOODRICH STORE 417 W. Main We have the most modern equipment for Wheel Balancing Battery Service Spark Plug Cleaning Tractor Tires Truck Tires Passenger Tires See passenger tires mounted by hand-without the use of tools. Seat Covers at Regular Price-No Installation Charge SATISFACTION GUARAN TEED ON ALL SERVICE! DORTCHSOY NO. cleaned. Tested and Dushel. 2 SEED SOYI5KANS Re- Tagged. PRICE $2.75 Per 1919 Soybean Support Price 90% Parity. Produce more soybeans per acre by planting Uortohsoj No. * highest ylclder in 1948 yield contest. Seed For Saie By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Main I'hone 856-857 SHEET METAL WORK Duct work, blowpipes, (utter ... all types. For expert work call Taylor Lay ton, 828. 112 North Hr-t. Blytheville Tin Shop 1 EXPERT SERVICE Laundry & Dry Cleaning • Cold Storage Furs, Woolens, Blankets and Drapes NU-WA Laundry Cleaners Phone 4474 B.F. Goodrich 417 West Main-Phone 6331 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickaiowba SWIFT'S PREMIUM ( 3SJ BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space When You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Call D. G. FRI 32 Year* Experie • Dur'onl I'ainls • imp*rm) Wallpaper^ ___ I'hone^^Wl^——A

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