The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 5
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TttlJUSbAY, OCTOBER 23, 1030 BiA'THKVlLt.ti, (AUK .) COURIER. PAGE CLASSIFIED ADS •two ctatf k noil lot •erUoo aad OB* cent • wort lot Mcb wbuqutat Injer- Uoo. No tdMctiMOuntUku for leu than Mo- Count tb* wort» *a4 tenfl Vt» PktMtt* FOR SALE " Hecxrt LAURA LOU BRPOKMAN Eat FISHER'S FROSTY NUTS—Fresh Dally. in DO- tl. APPLES—Just arrived. Good grade orchard run. For sale cheap. Fisher's, across from city hall. 16ck31. FOB SALE—Tires, make good fires. Sacks lor cotlon seed. Junk Dealers opposite Frisco Station. 22P-K25 For Sale Used Car Bargains Now is the opportunity for you to get a Real Good Used at a very low price and on easy terms, loo. Every Car Carries Our 30-Day Guarantee, Every Car Is in Firs Class Running Condition. 1930 FORD TOWN SEDAN ..5195. 1930 FORD TUDOR SEDAN .. 305. 1928 FORD BUSINESS COUPE 235. 1930 FORD SPT. ROADSTER 345. 1929 FORD SrORT COUPE . 295. 1928 FORD TUDOR SEDAN . 265. 1929 FORD SIT. ROADSTER 295. 19ZS FORD PICK-UP ROSTER 2G5. 1928 LATE FORD PHAETON 265. 19Z5 DODGE 15J TON TRUCK 135. 1928 LATE WHIPPET COACH 185 TUDOR TODAY Ailinlurr cut". <Uc l!l« CK1.1A SIlTCm-iMi, If, Khun Irnrna Ihr laltu'i »ht- Jin*»uiH> ilrnJ l» .-ill"- niul wnillhir. li-avc« lior iiii|irclriillou3 lioin UuKimorc 1<1 IK'e In Ntw nJlli hrr fnllirr, JII1IN Jll'JCH- IM.l., nnd her nrlnlucrnllc *'«\iicMiir.T uor.F.ns, eiiiv» nmllirr, 1* ii"« u ivldov •llrnrvra Jlln-lifll nnil ri-Hiiirrlcd l;Utr. ll.UIM'.Y SIIIKI.IIS, romiK neiv«liri|ie t iihutOKrnlibi'r, !• In love «!Oi the «Irl imd hi-fnre Icav- In;; linlllinorr Olla I'rui (ill iililnw, In InlruililkT 1JK- Ctrl In yimu',7 v^nl'tP. >I TK. I'nrKOUJI HKrifti, confctdf rlnis Ccllr n mcni In \vln Mlli'hrir* infection* llinncb ihc IH Jfnlout nnil lirplni achfmlnt ii> K?t rid of ttir I;*!!' IMrinlurri (Vll.-l In 'foil JmUI\?>, r^cliintl'.i^ Imf ilillrlmrx clKir.-i'lrr, nntl ilurM lilt MSI Ill.iNl'AVt *<lci:illy iiromlnrnt, l>rrnni,-* Ci-lla'i Injnl Irleni). MKeliHI tciiru* Jortl.-in li_ . . M-i diiiiirtiKT nltmillonji nnd fnr- lilJ» Ivcr (.1 •,!•!• MM. Celt* •- ln>r Kmiuliiiiillirr nnil Ihf Ui-iKirlM fur n rrst. Thi* ulrl ti. MTK. rniMniK* I.<ms: l^liini) fur n Ifiiirdiy vl.sli. JurJnu Cvlln vMls ihf- MlK-lieU In ITu- rlly rind Irirn lit !i-:ini Irrni JIAHTIIA. n It-iiMetl uprv/iiit, ntr*-miit IH !!n»tlt'Ce**fnl. iv-illr, Mr*. Pflmuim liim-he* "Illi ^IHohrlt mil li? Irlln her Isc Iiri'Ti lu% Chiron tin;? Jordan's Xt)\V CO ON WIT!! Tiin STOIIV CHAPTER XXXVI at tlio lloal Club. Must] ot I say 1 have to slvc lilm cretllt lor that. Vou know it seems to me— or—seems to mo Cclla said before that slie met him at your home. | Could Uiat be rislit, Evelyn?" 'At my homo? Cii. no, Joliii, you (must bo mistaken. Cclla couliln't |have said Uiat. Why—ridiculous!" Mitchell nodded. "Probably my mlsltiV.c," lie said. 'I don't reincmlici- very clearly. |\Vell, now tliat 1 know tlii.i young man (or what he is you can be- lievo me I feel lucky to have: thills turn out as they liavo. Yes, sir, getting her into tlie country is what tiiil U! Something el;;o to thank you for, loo." alono no longer bccnuaa I liavo—' Tho noiselessly moving -waiter was ftt Mrs. Parsons' side. He liolil Iray ot muffin* Bliromtal In nnp- klns. "Will you have n. muffin, mnd- uui?" What Kvelyn Parsons wouli hnve !tl<ed to do with (hut tray of inuflhis in ay lio Bucsseil, Tlio' flu° i-limas ot her ilinnmtic ECCUO been ruined by a plate ot bakco bluff. Blie looked up startled. If tlier was a ellnt ot llro in licr blue eye only Hi* wpilcr saw U. Tlieifj V'H i effort, '• Evelyn con trolled lie u. v i :< "' • VKIAN rAHSONH' i'C was lE^n' 'It I've helped, I'm ElaO, but • | diil it together, John." 'You're n wonderful helper." Kvelyn waited. Slltchc'll did not speak.".After a few momenta tho vcmun's azure gate met Ills again "You're uiirtcrstnnilliiBi John.' said earnestly. "1 feel that I lean talk to you r.s (o no one else There's a lililo confession 1 ousb. to make. 1929 LATE FORD SEDAN 325. Fcssibly your old car sill cover the down payment for you. Don' wait—See our USED OAK BARGAINS TODAY. I'HILLH'S MOTOR COMPANY Phone 811. PALL CHICKS—Rocks, $8.CO; horns, t7,00; Assorted, our choic $6.00. Other breeds. Catalogu Irree. Prompt and guaranteed de Hvery. Bend Ic per chick, balanc C. O. -D.' "Missouri Poultry Farm Columbia, Mo. 23P-K2 FOR RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apar ments on West Main street Te cphone 191 and 511. 15tl. Then iierliaiij yuu'll Be I wliat this summer has—meant t I me." There was nn Instant's r^ lanil then Evelyn continued: "Three mouths ago when I J OHN MITCHELL rested one arm I turned from Paris I was a broken on the table. He eyed his com- hearted woman. Yon know tl panion as he spol:c slowly. happiness that Dwight and I—Go bless lilm'.—had always "The man's a Rambler." lie EaU. "Works Die fashionable resnrls,' irniiC-AlUiutic liners anil any place lie's likely lo find real cash. I understand lie lias a number of men and women ot lilgh social rank among his acQua!ii(anei-s---iiarticu- lariy \vomen. Must be rather a 1 stick character!" Kvelyn Parsons wns leaning forward. She looked astonished. "Oh, John, how terrible! Imagine Cclla becoming interested In such a—tncii an tiuposter!" "Well, I can than!; you for helping me break up that an'nir. net- tins her out at your borne was wlicit did it. 1 ' •Tut T think this is dre.iiiful!" Evelyn persisted. "How t!id you find out about this, John? 1 ' No mnflins," sho snld. Mitchell helped hiinscll to tl ot bread nuil tho waiter move way, "What you've told mo Is a wo crful ICSBOII," lie tald slowly. "B t is moro than tluit. It's the re id of a be.iutiftil Bpirit. Your lo or Dwlght will bo.enshrined In nultllude of unselfish deeds lor others." Evelyn stirred. "Dwlght?" she snlil. Then, catcli- iiR bersclf, sho added quickly, "Oh, of course. JI It Ibis was nn odd speech from Olh was not of tho cu to sulk. K Kvelyn noticed (hot tho as unusually quiet during she did not meullen if fact. Mvp. 1'nrsonn, buviliK iked on a career of "makliiK tilers hnppy," devoted her i lo herself. did not KO to tlio country lull, but had dinner at homo. At- cnvnril Cclia, Insnlrcd hy Mnrllm'a rcir.lnlscences, wroto n letter (o icr mother.' Then she curled on tho davenpoi-t and became nj: ili'.'il In hc-r Imok. I.lsl nnucan paid an uticsiicclcil call at llarcluvuod next ilrovu up vveariiiR IbiMftnso white itnrk trousers, checker mid li::(H vhlch was her favorlU hot \viullior- costume. . , . ... 5 'T;iko you on for n BCt ot tcivnls!" slic called In Cflla n!i film opened the iluar mid let herself into Hie "Why, Lisl! Where come from?" "Oh, 1 hnd n row with niul lecidcd lo clear out for a while." lilm'.—had always know Never a cross word between us in 20 year?. Vou understand what his passing meant to me." She touched a handkerchief daintily to her eyes before g on. "1 felt so alone! There was one to whom I could turn. In desperation I left everything nnil sailed for France. Those months were miserable. 1 had Iricnds, but they had gone abroad for pleasure I kent to myself and mourned. Yes it was a dreadful winter. 1 think 1 am fairly bravo, John, but I have never been so unhappy!" ".My dear, if this hurts you, dou't go on—' "But I must, John. I want you to understand. Besides 'telling it —lo you—doesn't hurt. It helps! a widmv of 10 months Mitchell did not notice it. He wns finishing his coffee. When lie put down his cup lie seemed to look at his companion with a new interest. "Evelyn." ho said, "you're s wonderful woman." * • * t IB luncheon was soon over. There was no opportunity tor Evelyn I'arsoua, try as sho would, to roach again the liifili dramatic «A\7IIAT was the trouble?" "flits lime? 0!i, Kate knew f had a date last night. 1 wouldn't tell her who with, UiouBVi, -and so she ?ot mad. She took every tin- Ele p.ur of slippers from my rack and hid them In llic.yai-a^e. When 1 got ready to pntjon. my brocauo sandals there wa^ii'l a shoo In siBlit except tho tolf oxfords 1 had on. Can you Imnstuo it? Kate had locked overyllilim ot hers up and mother's shoes won't fit me. I cmild have tilled lid!" List looked so fcrcclous that Co- moment which she had hnilt up be-1 Ha laughed, fore. From personalities tlio con- "What did you do?" she asked, vcrsatioii veered sharply to prac- "went In my bedroom Elim>ers! tical affairs. Mother caught mo co;niiiR in laliT, It was nearly 2:30 when John and didn't wo have ; pretty picnic! Mitchell, oil tho curl), lifted his hat More fun at our house!" and bowed as Evelyn's motor car colln was on her way to get tho nov«l away. Sho had olfcred to rackets. ?avc him at his office but Mitchell "Come on." she sail!. "1)1 lovo d lie had an engagement nearby: I lo pi^y and It will cool you o!f— was watching from lh« even it the sun Is liot." window when the limousine For two hours Llsi patlcnlly b-Jt- reached Grammercy Square. She ^ j,^ over , !ia I1( , l w j,| r h celirv had tired of her book and began to I |d rot|lnl| nnj j, avc tllo t, OB inner niaious. ' | helpful instruction. At one o'clock. OUR BOARDING HOUSE HOUSES Ulf3ri-T GO ou OF BEFORE AMP hie HAS rlABlT OF -file HALF MAS-ort A -Post; LIKE: -TO WELL ( -~-*. I 5M GUILDS CLUB,-fo S-TAMP "Through nn nsrency. After the night of'her birthday party 1 was worried. Wanted to he sure, and so I made an investigation. The thing took quite a little time. Jordan is shrewd euoush so that he's only once gotten into legal cntan- Elcmenis. 'The people he fleeces, n-yaf 1 understand, aren't the" sort who care to rush into court or the newspapers. "You're sure ho really is as biiil 113 you say?" "My information is authentic. Xo question about It." Mrs. Parsons wan not e.ili After I came hack to New York 1 made a new self. past on. . Tiie car ntoppcd. Cella called to U |r3 rarsons appcnr i;d to tell (hem as leaving, 'ihen lllll( , ]l(!on W3= rea ,i v . [j s i accepted Martha that sho was leavi effort to forget my I told myself that what was was past I must carry There were business affairs BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A BED TIME STORY By Martin to tend to. Then you came to me —with Celia." Evelyn paused dramatically. "From that first nlKut you came to sec me everything lias been different. I ielt tlw.t here was someone who needed me. Hero was something to which I could slvc myself. I was trying to make dear little FOR RENT - - Light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 700 West Wai- nut, Phone 618. 13C-TF FOR, KENT—Two to eight room residences $8 to $30 per month. Dr. J. A. Saliba. Phone 410 17ck24 FOR RENT: Furnace heated bedroom. Call 645. 1110 Chickasavvba. ck27. L'elia happy, so I gathered young people about. Their laughter •Dut how-whc'rc"did"Coliu' come and brightness wer= tlie very things I needed. Don't you see? AMiat I've tried to do for Celi.i—and for you—has given me a ucw life. I'm she gathered up her sweater and hooks, opened the door and ran down tlie steps. "It's not too late, Is it?" asked eascrly as she stepped iut6l mom oiit later smiling. Ihc car bcsido Mrs. Parsons. "it was Toil." sho £nld ; "Too late for what?" coming lo take me to tlic "The picture. You. know—John.: am \ you're noiivg. too. .' ' Rarrymorc. 1 looked in tho morn- h,i m you would." ing paper niul found tho name of "Love to bin look at me!" the theater. It's on Forty-third] it decided that ono of Cc- etreet." "Oh, I'd think we'd better put that off until tmothtv day. to know such » man?" "He's the tine who pulled her out of the water that time slie nearly WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. -04 S. Lake St. ITck-tl FOR RENT: Four room apartmen completely furnished. Call 6W or 968. L. L. Ward. 21ctf FOR RENT: Nice bedroom for two men or two light housekeeping rooms for couple. Miss Minnie Jones, 516 Chickasawba ave pk27 FOR RENT— Front bedroom, ad- jolixing bath. Private home Phone 479W. 22C-K2 FOR RENT—Three room apart merit, close in. Apply on prem iscs after 10 A. M. 511 West Mail 23C-1 VANTED- Two men with car to uu;e over established territory vith Fuller Brush Co., in Southeast Missouri and Northeast. Arkansas. $22.50 per week while leaning. Opportunity for advancement. Apply or write D. K. Paseur, Hotel Glencoe, Blylheviile, Ark. 21p-k24. OllDF.R National Savings .t Loan Association, Plaintiff, No 4840 vs. Charles' B. Brasher, et Rl., Defendant. Tlic defendants, Brasher and Hattic warned to appear within thirty days in Hie court named in the caption henul mid answer the complaint of the piaintill. National Savings WANTEO--One or two unfurnished, rocms John Lane, Phone 1"3 or 744. ' 22C-K25 FOR RENT — Furnished 2-room, stcnm heated apartment. 201 S. Lake. Phone 443. P-K-26 WANTED Eat FISHER'S CAKES PIES—Fresh Daily. AUD tf. NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Geo. Carney, we now have the btst equipped independent shop in (own. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We know we know how" PLATE LUNCH 20e Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S FIVE-AN'D-TEN CENT STOKE —Auto Parts- Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st Call 66 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52'' tnfrun Bldg. BlytaeTlile, Ark her invitation to remain. Whiln they were eating a telc- v \ ma<i message came tor Celia. Sho she excused herself and reappeared a liii's dresses emergency. Two hours later nt tho finish ot a thrilling steeplechase a figure in AVe can come, in any caught Cella Mitchell's It's getting Jront of her afternoon, and you sre The girl leaned loiwavii. (Tn lio Contluucil) non't ho home as it is uutil five.' New Orleans Cotton New York Cotton NFW ORLEANS, Oct23. (UP)-- otton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1042 1078 1042 1078 1062 1092 1076 1103 .. 1097 1126 ... 1120 1148 ... 1139 1163 NEW YOKK, Oct. 23. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. : ' Open High I.ow Close 1043 1040 1057 1060 1071 1070 1035 1120 1138 1043 1082 1087 1058 1100 1105 1121 1149 1106 1042 1037 1031 1057 1071 1070 1092 111Q 1136 1042 1066 1085 1085 1099 1007 1119 1142 1160 1060 1071 100C 1119 1130 Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new- Mar iMay .... Spots Eleady nt 105B. v.p 28. Loan Association. W W HOLLIPETER, Clerk,|July India has a small flsh, the ami, willed gives an audible croa wlicn ou the surface of llw water. Sjiots steady at 1080 up 30. By Hurvcy Morris, D_ C. Owens & Khrniau. Attvs. for plaintiff. Read Courier News Waul Ads. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FIT enoosn TO ny? OOGHT TO Be FA2BAS.! J.'OC6 UJTEDESTEO FB6CKL 1 AH. IM THIS FARBAR GO AFTER. Cl.KVKIt. THESE WOMEN 1T.L Sf« SHE'S O-EVER \NVT<,POP, XOO CfvN'T VfltH MINUTES VATHOUT WHAT XCTJ 3PCNT VVK.H t«^E CUMlUti f UTEPftOV CM>tea AS CO CHASING THW riNV*ynV( GIRL, OOOQ.HOU W\GKT GCT V/WKT DO AT ONCE-SOUTH AMERICA OE Attys. i UNITiO STATES. Permanent positions;, mechanical,salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries J.25.-S1GO. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1115, CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FOUND Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Fir.c for Sandwiches. tf- . . i. . . The Whito House grounds of about n acres. WERT lie'Makes 'Em Set), V. R. WASIIAM— Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and ^mjk.isus anywhere. Special nu-:> un carload lots. Local Phono Memplib Phone 3-03. GOOD HOME MADE PIES 10c IVr Slice. All Kinds. TOM'S CAFE 105 X. Second SI. Theme 17 OUK FKEMIUM is goods to suit jour laslc and the best workmanship. \Vc deliver promplly. You pay for what you get and >-ct wrtal you pay for. Blythcvillc Upholstery & Hcpai Shop J. 11. Jenkins, Mjr Phone 469 111 S.'lst. S

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