The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWBI'Ai'Ell OP NORTHEAST AHKANRAfi ANn Rr>Trrii»»*i. WT Q o rt ,,o. XXXV—NO. 5<!. lilythevllle Couiler Mississippi Valley Lender Blytlievllle Herald Hlythevllla Dally News :^8T AKKANBA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI SAS, FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1.1,18 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PORTAGEVILLE FARMER SHOOTS BROTHER M( 'BIIDIfS 1 Negro Farm Hand Is Killed By Lightning A bolt of lightning which zigzagged across Blytlicvllle su 10-40 o'clock tills morning struck a ne- gro, George While, as he wiis chopping cotton on (tie Sain Green farm at New Liberty. The 65-venr- lold negro was killed (nsLintl'y by I the bolt which lore (lie lioe Into State A , . . o n A r f • ! " - "•'" lo ™ IJle lloe '"'<> Authorities Call Aflairig™^ a " d knocked down Mr. Mere Incident But Mass *'-"'••* >>"»I<I»>B nearby, Troops MEXICO CITY, May 20. (UP) — Fighting broken out. la tlio state of San Luis Polosi between r. Kcllcy Is 109, His Wife 105 age, so far as could lie learned, nnd was (lie only boll noticed between Intermillent showers. Tbe negro wns employed by Mr. Oreen whose farm Is just south of Ihc Hew Liberty cluirch, on Highway Cl, about four miles south or IE! PLUS the state, ... , r . ^T . y reenforc- J-Igtny rive Hundred lire , Ift . . _ _. .Workers Are Akron Idle At Eighty five :rs were idle. Pickcls of the United Rubber "bandits" and government ah --., forces, according to a telegram I Blylheville. received today by the 'railwavj union. Tbe message said the railway between Tampico imd San I.uis had been cut. ! The railway union announced! that "airplanes fired at the ban•''dils \villi machine guns." The mesjape said that the bandits had been armed by General Saturnlno Cedillo "war lord" of the state. Which had been heavily 'fit by federal troops. Discovery that the Rio Verde branch line had been cut was made today when a train left Tnmpico and failed to arrive all .,,„„„ .., . „ Fan Luis, (he railway union tele-1 . M> °' 110 ' Ma >' 20 - < U|) >Kram said. Telegraph and tele- „ s|lonU " lcous sll ' lke toclsi >' cl "scd phone lines had been cul mull- s -' x - ° n 1>lEmls of thc n - nlrplanes were sent in search of (lie train, it added. I Two army airplanes were said I to have gone over the railway iine and found the train. Tlie bandits were located at Ciudad Fernandez end tlio planes opened Ore on the concentration after which they returned to San Luis lo report lo President Laxaro Cardenas, the message said. Authorities claimed there was no military/importance to the incident. General- .Luis' Bobadlllrt. chief of staff, said minors of nn vprising were untrue. The president, however, with 10.COO troops at Ills back, took charge of the state of San Luis Polosi to prevent a possible uprising by the "army" of General Cedillo. The ministry of national defense said there were 10 regiments In San Luis, one in Tuma- luieas ami one in northern Vera Cruz. Troops Concenlrateil SAN LUIS POTOSI, Mexico, May 20 (UP)—More than 10.000.federal, troops were concentrated in-San t Lnls Polosi slate today to force,' by arms if necessary', the submission of General Saturnine. Cedillo and his agrarian "army." The troops were augmented by 15 army airplanes, which were flown here yesterday. tee Wauls Passage Free Of Wage Differential WASHINGTON, May 20. UJP>-' The house slei-rlng raiiiinltlee which succeeded in pelillonlnc the! wages uiid hours bill out of (he 1 rules commitlce organized a drive today lo force tlie measure through Ihe jiexl vveek. free of a wage differential amendment. Fifty representatives have pledged (hemselves (o help Chairman Mary T. Norton (Dem., N. J.). of I house Inbor rummltloc resist (be any such change In Ibe bill, 'nicy threatened to bold congress in session until the bill is enacted with universal wage and hours standard Tor nil workers in inteisiale Industry. The measure comes up in the bouse Monday. Success of the unofficial steering group would send lo Ihc senate » bill providing a2fl (cent minimum hourly wage, i creasing by three annual steps to Workers patrolled main gates of the factory in protest against what they charged was company violation of seniority rules In layoffs of> 25 electricians. It was learned from sources close to the company that the management does not plan any attempt to reopen its plant. Several executives, including Vice .President T.VO. Graham- and sales officials, were admitted to their oltices through (lie picket lines "»« Mr. and Mrs. \vMJnm P KeJIo * . '""' ll » Wh ' 111(1 «'«temUo« In all work n-eek, decreasing in two steps ~ " a SODl1 olu ' lor lh f y '""'" •*'''" "'""'""I <" vcnrs; Mr 10 40 ' KP110J ' is m - Mrs - Kril «>' ft appeared probable that provisions would have to be modified for (he low wage Industrial soillli If southern senators arc to accept without filibuster a conference report reconciling the house bill with the one passed by the senate last summer. The . senate bill provides a 40 cents and 40- hour standard with a board empowered : lo modify' them /.where It believes necessary. Cadet Is Killed In Crash Near Airdrome SAN ANTONIO. Tex., Jvfay 20 CUP)—Plying Cadet Kinch Brlster Jr., 22. of Kelley Field was killed loday when his plane crashed eight miles southwest of the army airdrome. Brlslers home was in Yazoo Cits' hcc •"' Miss. iW€tt I'LL T€LL "^j^HBrg — ^~i.- BY BOB — BURNS _ Was Shot By Farmer Who Tried To Take Him Custody Albert Dent, 29-year-old negro, died nt the Blylheville hospital (his morning from a bullet wound inflicted by Haddock Arnold, farmer at Plat Lake. According lo Police Chief E. A. Rice, Arnold shot tlie negro after lie Imd drawn n knife on him ivhcn Arnold told him he was going to bring him to town lo officers, who had notified Arnold that lliey wanted the negro. The shooting occurred Sunday night on Arnold's farm, where Dent wns employed. The bullet entered (be negro's back under the shoulder blade and came out in the cbest, an examination -was said lo have 1 revealed. 31. G, Partlotv, deputy prosecuting attorney, said today lhat he was investigating the matter but that he understood Arnold acted In self defense. Officers say that the negro bad ( escaped from Policeman John Pos- |lcr us he was taking him to jail on two occasions. When they lo- c.ilcd him on the Arnold farm they asked that he be brought in. They said that Arnold armed himself in anticipation of trouble. Dent is said to haie served a (win in u,e Mississippi state prison in 1928. A preacher friend of mine tells me that the people today have so many things on their minds that you liave'ta make your sermons entertaining' If you wanta bring 'em In. I happened to think of Rev. Tweedle down home who couldn't gft many people into Ills church on Sunday. One day he ran Into an old man on Ihe slrccl who bad never been lo church and when Rev. Tweedle asked him "ivhy" the old man says, "i ain't got no pani.s." Rev. Tiveedle gave Ihc man a pair of pants and the man came for three straight Sundays and then didn't come any more. When Rev. Tweedle saw him again he asked him why he hadn't come to church and the old man says, "Now listen, Rev., lei's have nn understanding. Ho«- many limes will I liave'ta listen to your sermon before you flgger them May panls are mine?" j u l. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III May 20 (OP)—Hogs: 7,500 Top, 8.GO 110-230 Ibs., 8.50-B.60 NO-1GO Ibs., 8.15-8.25 Bulk sows, 7.25-7.50 Caltle: 1,500 Steers, 7.85 Slaughter steers. G.75-10.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.00-800 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-9.00 Beef cows, 550-C.50 Cutters and low cutters, •1,25-5.25 Chicago Wheat Weekly Auction Sales Are'.Well Attended Director* of tbe Mlssco corpora- doll, an prganlyjitlon sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce lo promote weekly auction sales here heard gratifying reports at a meeting last night nt the city hall. The sales, being held each Thursday at Ibe old Chicago Mill site are being attended by scores of out of town buyers and sellers from a number of slates, it, was reported The number of sales and tiie price being paid u vfiry go0(l for Ibis time of tbe year. Ihe directors decided. Al yesterday's sale there were n number of hogs, cattle, goats and a Shetland pony included In the sales. New York Cotton" NEW YORK, May 20 (UP)—Cotton closed steady open high low close 852 851 850 853 801 804 858 860 862 804 870 875 8C5 8G4 873 879 8CO 8C1 807 875 8'jl BKJii 870 877 Oct ., Dl-c . Jan . Mar . May . Spots closed steady at 853, off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 20 (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today with losses of three and four points. Jill . Oct Dec Jan Mai- May open high low close 875 877 878 884 870 877 877 878 884 804 870 873 877 807 873 878 877 883 887 .. Beth Sled ............... 4e 3- Boeing Air .............. [[ 24 3 May Jul, open high 781-2 185-8 751-8 703-8 low close 781-8 181-4 751-2 757-8 Chrysler General Electric ... '/' j General Motors ,.,'.\ j lut Harvest .. ° ° Montgomery Ward 4 -8 42 5-8 131 1-4 . N Y Cenlral ... 12 I Packard '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 33. Chicago Corn open high 573-4 573-4 591-8 591-a low close 571-2 575-8 581-8 59 . Phillips PCI [Radio 5 i Scheiiley Dlst "'" 16 s 1 Socony Vac jj j Standard Oil N J ..'..,," 455 Texas Corp " •><-, U S Smelt « . "'""" other day with n Irip to LongviiW pletHml above, (hey celebrated the away. Mr. Texas, from their farm l'> miles Confederate iinny during the Civil War. S U "'.'."' (J " mv " lvlle " ho tr '«' '0 enlist in the Police Act To Destroy PLIES D °9 s l ere I L.IIIIL.U Evc ( , , nivUiL'Vlllo Every dog In DlyUiDVlllo not, having a vncclimtlou Ing In to bo killed liy police, who liuvc hecn Kh'en ordeyji lo |>ul till of them lo di'iith following the biting 01 flsrn persons and nt least Ifi dona by n mail ilog wllhln Ilia week, It, mis sulil today. Seven were dentroyed today mid • - • - Janancse Cities Visited by Warphmes While Celebrating Jap Victories HANKOW, C'hhm, May M. (UP) —Chinese wur planes ilew over Japan today In Ihe llrsl nlv raid hi Japanese history and dropped thousands of hand bills on cities and lowns, II- wns iwcrlrd olllcliilly. The hand bills. It wns announced, onr mercy! uiidefi'd'edl" rend: "Wo hnve .yon at Clilnn Is slroni; and Premier II. H. Minister Ho ring-chin" Jubilantly welcomed two giant bomblni; planes which arrived nt Hankow airdrome ; port of which raided and which lliey snld a Kiiuadron of Japan. lieiilth nfis poor, llmt lie couldn't live long. leal examiner.-; said his FEEING TENSF. Clashes Arc Narrowly Averted As Dates of Llections Approach PRAGUE, May 20. (UP)—Tension Increased throughout Czecho- slorakia today as.Czechs and members of minority groups worked to hold their maximum strength Sunday iu the first, series of about 11.000 municipal elections. Two clashes, ivlilch threatened to become rights between thousands of Czechs and members of tlie "Sudeten'. German minority were averted only by prompt and forcible action of police here and at Bruenn and feelings were explosive all over the country. The elections lo be held May 22 May 29, nnd June 12, in various cllles and towns, are expected lo show the strength of various minority groups as against Ibe Czeclis hence party leaders seek lo |X>11 the greatest possible vole In support of their demand!: for concessions. Slander Charge Against Editor Is Nolle Pressed LITTLE ROCK, May Slander charges against „. „. Wahlqulsl. editor, and J. P. Keith, printer of the Capitol Mews, weekly newspaper devoted to state capltol happenings, were nolle pressed by Prosecuting Attorney in municipal The charge grew out of an alleged slander of Jlmmic Giles, Britain, France, United Slates Would Force "Open Door" In Cliina SHANGHAI, »foy 20. (UP)-The x ..„„.,„„,,,. „ United Stales, Britain nnd Pm.»™ I Ton B v evllle are nronnnul In Inl™ „ r, Lu "' »iyulCVUIC "Our planes could have dropped bombs," said General Ho, "but only Japanese nilltltirisls nre Chlmv's enemies—not tbe Japanese people." Premier Kung ureeled Commander Ilsn liun-slian, :n, who led tin! mid. Hsu learned aviation In Cler- miiny anil Itnly—Japan's partner:! In an unll-Coiniminlsl pac{,. It was announced ' lhat till raiding planes returned safely to their buses, Plrst reports were lhat the plnnos new as fin- us Osaka, Japan's second largest city, but General Ho sold that (hey confined Ihelr activities to Kyushlu, soulhwcstcni- mosl of Ihc Japanese Island groups, and dropped hand bills on Ihn great navy base cities of Nagasaki, and .Bassebo. among oilier cities. • As the planes dropped their hand bills. Japanese people wore celebrating the fall of Suchow, Transcript Asked For Appeal In Negroes' Case LITTLE ROCK, May 20 (UP>- .lolm A. Illbblcr, attorney for Jim X. Carrulhers and Bubbles Clay Emergency Operation tanned In Effort to Save Victim's Life persons and In Its dash for freedom, covered a 1 wide ureu of Hie city and bit a number, of dogs liolh In the vicinity of Dougim and Davis uveMlos and ulciu; Walnut street west lo Division street. iK ii Ing nmv will do no l as there In no way of know- whether Ihu rabltl animal had already coma In couluct with the nim-vacclnnlttl dog, It was- pointed out by olllcew. If n dot', which hn:» been bllten, Is vapclnnled now 11 will not be limiunilv.ed, a velcrlu- arlan said twlny. Police Chief K, A, «lci! iiniiflimcttl Mils uftcrnooti that tlio drive to kill unlicensed dons would continue until only the 00 having ttms arc left. He I'stlluiiles (In: number of dojjs In tin; city ut "around COO." An rnu'rgcncy operation was pec-. i lold to hunt the formed at tlie niythcvlllo Hospital clly lliorouehly for nil animals not three (lines after Imvli'itt bllten four Two Ai-e Hanged At Pitts- bovoi, Miss., Few 'Wit. ..nesses Present PITTSBOKO, Miss., May 20 (UP) —Alvln Taylor, 20, and Olllc Arm- slrohg, 1 ,, so, negroes, were lumttcd lotlny on a scaffold erected In fratil hroll'.ei'. Ai'cordliiir lo Mrs. Pepper, tlio victim's wife, the two men wero «u old .3» ciiHbcr pistol at the Pepper home nbout nine o'ulock llil.'i iiionilng. Prank had unloaded this ijuu mid Ihc two had snapped HID trlugev several times. l''rimk 1'cppt'r then reloaded the Kim and sovcrul mtnuti'S later his., brolher picked up tlio pthtol and "Bain pulled Hie trigger. The bullet struck frank Pepper In the lower nlxlouu'ii, Inlllctlnij a serious wound. Wives of tlio two men wore busy In Iho kllchen nt llic lime mid, both rushed into Ibe room when. they licnnl the re|H>rt of ho gun". Help was summoned nnd Pciiper 'us, ijlveii emergency rcalincnt by PorlaBiivlllo physician boforu bc- ln« broiighl lo thu hospital here. Pepper wns fully conscious when 10 arrived here mid snld the sJioot- "B- was accidental. Mrs. Pepper snld he lold her that Albert apparently did not know lib had reloaded tlio pistol. Tlio men iiru engaged In farming on u plucc about ten miles couth or PorlnijcvUli! where the accident happened. of thc county Jail. Sheriff O. L. U i dropping thc the their , are p,epar«l o lake a firm s " " for an -'01*11 ilnor" m n ™ V.V um " OTllt «>c e . reaiiested the red- It was rXly^por(e« loda crftl "art clerk'., otrice yesterday lo Japan sought, lo convert the fall of L'. r . C . pare .. B . l ™P scr! '": °. f llill>c ? s cor - Fred A. Donham court yesterday. Spots closed steady at 870, off 4. Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 20 (UP)- „„,. „„ trror milas , )y n llnolvpe Stocks were Irregular today an operator. Giles then said he* would early rally led by aviation shares not press charge.'; falling to hold. Trading was quiet AT&T ................ 129 1-8 Frcnh state welfare clepartmenl employe! IVial had been set today. Mr. Donham wrote Judge 11,-irb that Mr. Wahlqulst had made an apology In the next Issue of bis paper, calling Giles a "splendid young man" and declaring the alleged slander was not malicious but an error made by a linotype Suchow Into a death blow lo Ihc nationalist government. The democracies were rei»rted lo have no hope of mediating the war bill, to be determined to force Japan to reopen the areas which she had occupied In order to promote the return of roreign business. They will seek lo Impress Japan. Informed quarters snld, with the fact that there nre limits beyond which the democracies will not tolerate attacks on foreign nationals nnd foreign property. The tiifornmnls said the three powers were expected to assert freedom of the seas and rivers throughout, China nnd Immunity j against the .raptftiese naval block- |adp. Military naval and dlplomstlc conferences In Shanghai were expected to result In Immediate demands for the reopening of the Yangtze river (o foreign shl[K at least as far as Nanking and tbe removal of restrictions on the movement of foreigners 111 occupied zones. The Japanese raised their Rising Sun flag over Suchow today and began preparations for a new drive on the provisional of Han- kow. and Stage Director In Duel PARIS. May 20. (UP) - II,my Bernstein, leading French nUy- 34 7-8 wrlglit and Edouard Bourdct. dirt'C- 29 3-8 lor of the Comcdle'fonglit 52 1-2 a duel lociay and BourdH was 31 1-4 wounded In Ihe arm. TJie men fought wllh rapiers In secret on a private estate In the •2 west end suburb of Paris. •4 Bourdet's wound was not serious. i-8 Bernstein Is a veteran of eight 1-2 duels but Bourdel never had fought i-8 one and Is an inexperienced suor«!s- •8 man. After the duel the two were still iiEry nnd refused n reconciliation. Bailey Hearing Re-Set For Friday, May 27 CARUTKERSV1LLE. Mo.. May 20. —Preliminary hearing for Harry Bailey on charges of murder and felonious assault growing out of the fatal shooting of Lullier Surton and the serious wounding of Hubert Ulley al Bailey's Holland, Mo., tavern April 19 was again continued when called before Magistrate J. D. Huffman today. The hearing, twice postponed nt Ihe request of the .slate, was postponed this lime at Ihe request of the defendant and was re-set for Friday, May 27. PORT WORTH, Tex. (UP>—Slier- Ifl's Deputies Qurley and Davis picked up n 28-year-old man on suspicion and look him lo headquarters for Identification. "What Is your occupation?" the man was asked. "Well — If you must know, I . --,- ,,,..., D un._ iivisiuv.) i\j Mil 11 deaths. Only a few wKncsscs were present. Taylor was convicted on a „.„.,„,. of robbery with firearms. He was negroes under the third person hanged In Missis- Mlltolce ' K««e«t«l the fed proceedings before Federal Judge Thomas C. Trimble for nn appeal lo Hie United Slntes Circuit court of appeals at St. Louis. The appeal wns filed several weeks ago when Judge Trimble ruled Hint a temporary writ of habeas corpus granted, them by the Inte Federal Judge Jolm E. Mnr- tlncnn should bo set aside nnd Ihclr petlllon for a permanent writ dismissed. Date for a henrlng on Ihe nppenl has not been set. Tlie negroes were sentenced to death In the electric chair for criminal nssnull upon a young white woman early In 1935. sippi for [fiat crime, which wu; made a capital offense In Armstrong was sentenced for ,,n. mutilation murder, of Irn ncll Calhoun, ncuro woman, here last Sun Bather Takes Nap, Gets 3d Degree Burns CINCINNATI, O. (UP)-Tnke u tip from Wllshire Henderson 24 of Montgomery, o., mid don't, fall asleep while Inking n sun bath, Henderson made Ihc mistake of do/Ing off while sun-bathing ami wns forced to go (o (he hospital for treatment of tbird - dcsjree burns. Plan "Speed Up" Of Home Building In Blytheville Delnlls concerning Ihe nciv Federal Housing Admlnlslrallon Better Housing program to he launched immediately In Blytheville were discussed last night at a meeting of C4 lumber dealers, contractors, architects, realtors, and reprcsenlalives of financial Inslitullons. newspapers, nnd utilities, of Blythevllte, Osceola. Kelser, Yarbro and Sieele, with representatives of the Federal Housing Administration. Tlie meeting was attended by A. Syd Wlllb.inks. slate manager, H. W. McMillan, production manager. A. D. Wright, morlgage conference representative, and N. W. Ferris, fide one representative. The speakers outlined plans on how local activities can be tied In W'llh the nation and statewide movement to stimulate building of new homes, repair and remodeling of existing real estate properly under Ihe now nmcnd- inenls lo the National Housing Act recently passed by Congress. The Better Housing committee of the loeal Chamber of Commerce, with J. Mell Brooks as Ihe community chairman, will be up for the purpose of carrying on local activities. Plans to be put Into effect Involve Indirect public contact through lumber dealers, financial institutions, and others directly Interested In the program. Lumber dealers and financial In- program and arc now In a |»si lion fo develop appllcallons for loans for those desiring lo repair, remodel, or otherwise modernize their existing properly, as well ns those Interested In building new homes. II was announced. Immediate objectives of (he campaign will Include the construction of several sunll "Demonstration Homes" by dealers nnd builders wllh newspaper advertising- nnd publicity. Inviting public inspection during construction and formal opening upon completion. A cooperative newspaper advertising program, telling me story of the new amendments will also be undertaken. Outdoor advcrlis- Ingr, radio programs, direct mall campaigns, will also be carried c.n by the local Better' Housing Committee working tn coo)icratlon with the Federal Housing Administration. Joe Dean, representative of a bank at Forrest City, nns present at the meeting and Announced lhat he had made approximately •' "« -• j —" «• •»••*• IP , .* ~u.u.jv,i uvaivi.i *uin tiifiuiciai iif* make a living playing marble stitutlons have been furnished with boards," he answered. Information concerning the new - >« unite "piau.MIIUturly $250,000 worth or Federal Housing Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight loans, which had been very satis- an<1 Sntllr<5a }'; lwl thimdershoa'- factory and thai any one seeking ors ll> cxtr(;m e north portion, Sata. PHA loan in this vicinity- nnd urdilyv unable to obtain a loan, will' gladly be accepted by his institution M ,„ , .. . , -----provided It Is underwritten by the „?,, , t''\ md jrs!iowers and PHA. slightly cooler Saturday; lowest terh- Tlits is expected to be an added advantage In Blytheville whew Thieves Active Night !n Blytheville Thieves were bold In : Bly'thevllle Inst night. They stole bicycles from oir front door slo|K at about 7:30 o'clock nnd entwwt two business buildings through the front doors, uflcr they wore prlud open. Steve Brooks Jr., k>ft his bike on his slops when ho went in to cat supper nt his homo on llio Yiirbro road. It wns gone a few, lulunlcs laler. Juck Cliainblln, son- of Mr. duel Mrs. L. D. Chnmblln,- left his blko ut Hie steps, of Miss Mania Hughes' home across from the high school on Chlckasawba avenue, only to nnd It gone a short llmi! Jjitcr. '; The Ashcmft Feed store, at Mnih nnd ijike streets, was burglarized. by a thief who boldly broke open tbe front door and walked In. ApV' parently it was only money whlcli was wauled as two dollars was Uikeu from the cash register but the iiicrclmndlse was not disturbed. The same :neUiod wns used to gain entrance to the bulk station ofllce o( Ihc Texaco oil company. The burglar slolc a nuantity of cylinder oil. An Inventory was being taken lotlny to ascertain the com- plele loss. City Hall Scene Of Many Group Sessions Out of town people here for a meeting last night were surprised lo find the city hall overflowing with hundreds of people attending;' celliiKs In nlmost every rooriC' Meetings of Ihe PIIA clinic,] Qoy Scouls. Dheclors of Mlssco? 'jaifc- (ion corporation, Little Theater aud choir rehearsal for comniencemeni exercises were going on at the saifli time. r f Student Is Injured At Park Playground. John Bruce. Wilson, a student in the room of Miss Sunshine Sjvift at Ccnlrnl Ward school, was'injiired when struck on the forehead by a swing at WaJker Park today where Miss Swift's pupils were on a picnic, Accordbig to reports the child was playing ball and ran into the swing, which infllclcd a severe gash on the forehead, He \vas treated at the Blytheville hospital ana dls- iilssed. WEATHER there has been difficulty In ob- ^rday was 88, minimum 67. clear talnlne loans according to Samuel K Morris, ofB '""' 'Oans. ' c i a i weather nhvnvr. aremplils and vicinity — Mostly cloudy tonight and Saturday, probably local tliuiidorshowers and slightly cooler Saturday; lowe e( » peralure tonight, 70 to 72. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 88, minimum fi7, clear,

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