The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1947
Page 4
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•;•«• PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUU1KR NEWS THURSDAY, MAY acte Kniilv Wixson, Society Kdilor 1'hono -Nil Helen Patricia Wise To Wed Clarence Webb Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Vjr'iic? Wise. 1033 CMcknsawba, anuuniic-.' the cii- gagemeiH of their dnuf>,r.l<v. Miss Patricia Helen 1 AViw. lo CUm-uce Scruggs Webb, son ol Mr. "r.ri Mrs. Fruufc Luther \Yi-.jb. Nor!:i lull Bl- The wedding will h>» so!fiv.iii?.'.'<> I 1 ' early Summer. Detailed pians will be announced biter. \ Miss Wise, popular m'?m!.<rr of tlv.' ^oungfc'f si( in Dlyiheville. was {irn- cluated from Blytheville linn s Ivvl. and received her college education at the University of Alaoaira. Tus-1 caloosa and University of Arkunsns, | Fayetieviilc. Mr. Webb, member of a phui-er Blytheville family, was also fradii- alert from Blyiheville High School. [ Ho is a mcmter of the Kisvi'.nit Club and Junior Clisnnbc-r of CVmnuMT?. Uurinti the recent war, he served in the Infantry, with Iwn .nvu :i hiilt years duty in ihi) Smith i'.ui'i.'. At the time of his discharci', he held t'ne rank of cai^.i:/.. ...i'. \Vebl) n-.w i-i associated with O\v.>ns Dur; Store. Sovovily Banqucl Given To Observe Anniversary Founder's Day :.ivl ;h? 101 h anniversary of Beta 3iLUi:i Pin sorority were cb?'.w! here las'. ni::>it by ir.cmbc.s n< Alpna Alpha Chapter with a biuiqui'l 1:1 the Colonial Rocin <•!' IMlel Noble, when pledges \vi • mi<i:i'"l and itual of Jewels decrees granted in Hiidlehht cele-ii' -.!u'->. (if Will Wed in Early Summer Bits of News At The Hospital* ,l,i: IIOHI'ITAl, Miss Palricla Helen Wise \Vi-ob, it was announced UHluy Vcrnice Wise. the; ljiide.-1'liM'l by her parents. U-rinp prohalion n.-v '.ncmlieisliiii were Mrs. l-'ram'i-s Clamljl'!, Mrs. Roller! A. I'mlcr Mr;;. Vnull >inyii. . \V|H Miss Klnisr Vatc's. Miss Miirlhai I-'nmoes Eleven i c-t l)<-!l. Mis,! •[-!„ JUi\i:ila MeMlllhn. Mis. ISi'l'iTl ( .| (J, Thcjiipson unl Miss M",ry .Sue- : .n LI Kow t >. Mis.s Miirtlyn ItCall will iv- hi'r nin iai T. Miss Kiiliba 11. <1 M'S. Lytter conducted ihe I'lvdi'iiu-;. HoslCSS Mrs. 1m Cruflo'i, new advi; nr the group was ;ui honored <!iicsl Mrs. Jim Craf'.on, new advisor ot Rave the wt.conu' niton 1 .',:; and Miis Bcttc uoyil ihsn::sv::l Ihr observance of Beta oij-m Phi's ICth birthday ami t;av.' v bm-f l.istmy of its orgaiu::a'l>:i Rir.l i'i-.)Wlh. Miss Almccln Beit; re::d a mrsfneu from the Sorority'.-' I<n.:i'';v. Walter \'f. Uoss, nn;l Miss AlKVj Saliba. retiiin- pro.ii !>«;. who .servul as toast inLiirei.;. lead a ptu'm ( .<, ive entitled "lji>:il<M -..! Tumorrow: Miss Joyce \V,ill* fiinR tin- m«&- nizalicn's son^ oi tiiL- year, herd of the Stars.' Tables were a'.iv-njTed horseshoe shuix 1 , vr.'.h ^ IIH^L- cryslKl bowl oi y.-llow rosi-s. tin: Sorority Slower, and daisies, i-en- Jo bridge UllU, UIICSIS tcrmg the main \:Mc. i Receiving Ritual of Jewels <'<-'- M:.". C. W.' Afliick was hi^h sew grces and p:;..; i\, r:'.".-; i.u.;"\'i"K winner and Mrs. F. K. Black tec-1 p.,|-[ the bar.qurt were Lo.mie Jo ,;nil li!i;h je.stenliiy wiit-n Mrs. W. m j v Kargctt, Mrs. Co "'.I Day, Miss j. ivhurd eiUi'rtained incmbris "1 ..ter Mar>-Ann S:nith. I.ii." UtU-.i BoyiU the Wi'dnesc'-ny Urake Club an.l M ,v Miss Ila Ho;;ers, liiss Jnu; Ciair three other j'.uesls. Mrs. \\ .ill:-r | u ,; Huliiuai. Miss Enily Wixson. S:±? r . Mrs. Alllirk and Mrs. Miss Iris -HUBhcs r:v.l Mis How- uey Krtnistel' ai a luncheon bnO.'.e. ard N. Moore. Ml;* Jin'Olhy .Kan ; .|,- ;jr; tl.iwer.s \vei\- vised vo de'.-'. Kiggn'ison will iv.i.-vi- lv?r tic-jree , 1;|U . i], ( . ],omo and the tahlr ' fro'in wliith luni-iieon was served Mrs. Ll'jyd vary Bapiisl. Women lave All-day Meet W>imm:'.i Mi--. Kir ,; Hai-ti 1 - 1 t'limx-h willhave -die. .".nvii'i' nest Monday • (Iviir-ii I'.u-l (hn-iiiK tl"' :-s:i- nii-ctiii:.'. ivvm; held II,!;. we,''- and next wi'i'k, i\'e i5-nsr.ul'' ;)n ( .:,"er st-rvices e:\:0i p\'i'iiin-4 lur i-huri'h v-'omen be- f'llMii; !<;r'lh at this ',vi ,'k : the lionn ol Tl'c l!;h!" .".t:: Harrv llvirri'tic i'i :i ruimd-tab!e discn-. ,irn. Ci'i;]i:ilini!\- inis.sion rc- • 1'v ennituuuily Mr:. Dec W''>>- i]ni llnlines. Mrs. 1-residcd at, '.In! Mr.,.' A. L. Lai- Mrs. Howard N. Moore and ihiiii'h- i-r, Mary Ann, will leave Saturday >y plane lor WashiiiKton. I), c.. lo oin Lieutennjit Moore, USM, wlio s slationed thi'i'e. They will niakc lielr home in Washington. Harry W. mines and B. B. Get;, v'ho went today to Little Rock for In- invitational Couuiry Chib golf oni'iiajnent tomorrow 1 , Saturday nd Sunday, were accompanied by Mrs. llalncs and iMr.s. (Jee. Mr. mid Mrs. Ross 15. Hughes Hid daughter, Miss Nancy Hnj-he.s, iiccompiinied by Miss Haiti Moi'^an of Wilson, have [;one to Ivonisville. Ky . for the Kentucky Derby. Mr. and Mrs. Baker Wilson hud as their quests two day.s, Mr and Mi's. K. J. cummin. 1 ; of Memphis formerly of lilylhcville. Mrs C. K. llendrlckson and children, Connie and Cathie, of Wilmington, Uela., and Mrs. IJro Cocliran and .small son, Robi'rt, Hector, are quests of Mrs. llenrlck- son's and Mrs Cochnin's ]iarciHs Mr. and Mrs. (.;. 1,. Mnir and family, and other relatives. Mrs Hend riekson. t]le former Mis; Ml / t Mnir. and children, were accom rallied here by Mr. and Mr.s. II. [I. llonchins. who visited them Diielly In Wilmington. Mr. Hcnd- ickson. who had his business head- rumrlers in Wihninuton, has been transferred and Mrs. Hcndrickson and children will join him when living Hi'ranKeincnts are made. Mrs. Cochran is the former Miss Doris Mnir and she and her son will return to Rector alter a brief visit here. Mrs. j. A. McKay, who has been umlei-KoiiiK treatment, at lilythe- ville Hospital, was removed today lo her home at Blytheville Ail- Field. Her condition is improved. Mr. and Mrs; Ivan R. Vanl'at- ten ami her mother. Mrs: W. B. Thompson, left today lor a ton" of Western United Stales. Their trip will include visits to t.ns Ve- L-as. Nevada. Sun Francisco and I/is AnRi'les. <;alif.. Oregon, and interest ill'; spots in other states. They will visiL Mr. ten's molhrr. Mrs. I). H. VanPatten. in .leroine, Idaho, and other relatives in Idaho. ' Adimlled: Mr:.. .losie Kiinbell. ':ity. Mrs. T. II Hums, iilei-I ', Mc> Ml:;, JiiiiK's Meeeham, city. Wyli' 1 Hams. Stcele. M'). Khirlcy MilliKan. Kt;"'!.', M:j. I)i'i-ky Lynn Duoley, city. Dismissed: Mrs. Jim Uec-d, city. Mr:,. Vi'rnon Hay and Ij.thy, SJteele nicctliiti ill home of Mrs. Wlllurd H. Pease, 9C2 Walnut St.. 2 o'clock. SATURDAY American Association of University Women meeting at r.'.tn? of Mrs. Fred Fireman, 3 o'clock, Luxor a High Alumni Members Plan Banquet 'WJXGR'A. Ark., May 1 —One hundred and fifty former students oi the Luxcrn school are expected to attend a Home Coining banquet i>> the high school gymnasium tomorrow nii;ht, The purpose ol " lc banquet is to organize an association, elect officers, and lormulate plans for making the meeting and banquet an annual affair. A history of the school will be .given by citizens of the town who were ainonc the first students lo attend during the school's lirst years. Unbelt I ee Hillilh. eily. Mis. II. C Hoover, oUy. Mrs. Hill Ciosskno. city. Mis. Malldy Doyle, Sle-.'ie. Mo, Mis. Claude Wheeler. l.UKora WALLS HOSl'ITA). )isjnissed : Maiy Jane Hal ion, city. Jerry Wayne Michael, i ity. Mickey Keel], city. Mrs. liohetl Uildine. Route 'A, city. II, 1,. Crawford, Rlseo. Mo H. C Kmitli. eily. jlino!d l^ubanks, Runte I. eily. Kvelyn Jeaii McUaniel, eily. Mrs. M. <!. Willinnham. Route 3, eily. .liniic:; (>. Hulford, Trnimm. Coming Events Mi:;. 1.1'iidenni'^ T'owlcr host'js 1 ; to ::IK; i;inb. May l'\-llowshi|i pj'o'.'.r.un at Lake Street ?.]( thfjilii-t Church, spim.s-.jied by t;uuui-il ot Clmrcli Worn*, n. An ma I miTliii^ o! C>'[nuicil v,'ill iire- \-*'{\ the program. Semrr oanCjilel rivr-n by lli^l iL'l.ool Parent-Teacher A.ssOL'iatioi • .1 hii'ti .school. Chall'.er N. P. K. O. Sisterhood Mother's Doy SPECIAL! Regular $5.50 Machine Wave $3.50 ARTIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 313 North Second Phone 3302 iiT'iiH-. \M-rr in;»(U" i Liul.ii M'.vsion :i' r.s. J(»!ni cliciT.v. v, i.. H (I by Mrs. Mav Will •{•llmvsli'.p ;w Given 1 oinori'ow Clul) Is KiUcrtaincd By Mrs. G. G. Caudill Members ol Ihc Town and Covni- trv <Ji»!> welu Kuests ycslc-ixlsiv «f- leriKvnn of Mrs. G. O. Caudill al her home, in whieh she used i_r- laiiKcmenls of SpriiiK Ilowers la; 1 occasion. . In Ihe altemooii-s uimu-s lush «roie wiv-i awauled to Mrs. Corn''- | Mvis 'Modlnuer inul second hi',;h Mrs. Cleo Limpslon. KcIrcshmeiUs were served. Ann Wecdmon Initiated Into Alpha Lambda Delta Wash Cloths Advertised erroneously in Tuesday's paper 3 for $1.00 Should hove beers 8 for $'1.00 12,44 20 Wall 4' Fixture—3 ' Adapter Type Life Fiuorcscctvir i.t L Tin- M:iv 1-clinwshi,. U>,v prrKram i Miss Ann Weedmun dauKhler nf w n Her- Mr and Mrs. Harry E. Wccdin.'n, 116 East. Davis St.. n«s »ccn im- t lilted into Alphsi Lambda Dell:'.' onorary [raternily for en. at Texas State I') Yemen. Denton. As one of the •!•! new ]):• IH'I'.I toil kc Street Mrliindi't (•hiireh. M"MiMiivd In- \vo:neii "f the United C->iii!cil of Church V.'oinen. will 1'iivr (lie thi'lili- "l-'ahrir ot l r el- hnv.sliip." Mrs. c.. w. unial.niUy win be i:i ••liarur ut 111" prn:.:rain a'ui tlv.- dt'- \-(itioll:il will ll" Kivrn h\' Pu-S'iy- l'-ri-iu Church woi".m, t'-.ikiiv. 1 . i'ar( : rin tlic prn-.u'ain will l)c l.-ik: 1 Sheet, Ir.Ielhinlist Clinrcli \vn.n--n; First IMrlh'.diM c>an.-;i ii'mi'seiiliiliv's. iv.lui \\'.ll p'escnt "Stale 'Illi'l 1 ::; [ Cr.nri li Winri'M II;,'.:' Tiiiscih- ••r ill l!!-ilk" v.-'ina-ii nf Sr Sfeplien's Kni--c'ipal (.'luin h. v,h'» \\\\\ ha\e Abiail th'.' K.ihr'c," ind Fir .-I C' C-liui'ih WMiiic"i. who will lie phnlet "Kil>-,i.- of Kel- k'v.-ship." Tiie liev. II. H. Hhvins. past (if Lake f-rn-i-et Clinrcli. will the benediction. easier than even WITH -i-tii; v:\uicrs e.iu l PORTRAIT (!r.-\ rsi Soft l : ..isy-to- mnna^c \V.I\TS! \Vayes l,ist Ion'; as S20 beauty s.ilon pcr- mancnts ! Y^nr m lyj- /.\Trv / f ;v 'ill, if Ml (omjildtlj members, freshinan TSCW. She she Vliss Weedman is :> major a vi:«.s iirudtialed lust Kprini: .eville High School, when vlis pi-psirirnl of the Red ivpi^r ::<ib. member of student Council. It.iiinnlisin Day Qvieen. iircsidenl >f Home Erimoinies Cln:> siiid N.i- ional Ilc.nor Society. Hhe w;is elected lf-47-l't picv- lent of A'lliia l^nnbila Delta 'i(- ,er her initiation. Entertains at Bridge LUXO:(A. Ark., May 1 --Hprim: floweri decorated the country h:mic of Mrs. Kdwar't Seagraves Tuesday afternoon when she and Mrs. Tmn Callis honored Miss Mary Hanielt ?illiinan with a Ijtitl'^e p.irlv. At Ihe end of Ihe came. Mrs. F.'.iKi- lu-th Williams Silliman won hi.:li rc^re itnd Mis. Joe Hires :,ecoi: I Miss Silhmnn was ]-.:'cscnted ;:n!:l fall anil pepper .''el.i. The h.-.'.evi .served strawberry KO cream and cake. ONLY il GIVES PLASTIC. CURLERS AT /.'O EXTRA COST WW •Vv/ Wood's Drug Store 221 West Main Phono 507 Red Blood Cells Must Be Kept Up If You Want To Feel Alive Thousands Now Regaining Olc Time Pcp.Vigoratul Drive Hy Releasing Vibrant Energy To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cult Overwork, undue worry, nnd lr\rk ol rcr- tnin fcxxls often rwhiccs thr retj-Mmn:' hloot! Just linsii'l the iiir.vtT lo kc* p tif your ritcrpy nnd drlvi*. Kvrry <lsy—rvrry Jtour -million!; r»i liny recl-hlovxl-rolls must pour Tor'V trnru IhP marrow oT your lumrs In rr- .larc those ttmt mr worn-out. A In" ilo->rl count mr\y litTcrt yo\i hi r-vrrn 1 I'ftvs: no ft;sprtlt,', iinrtcrwrU;lit, n* nrrry. fv run-clown condition, l;ick o! rsStanrc l'> Infection nnd dhraRr. To ret rrnl roUrl yon nnKt. k"rp nj •nur hlotxl »tTOnv;lh. Mortlrftl ftxilhnrlllr.^ xti.\Iysl5 of tlic (>loo:t, >mvr hy post- proof shown t!ir\t KSS Tonic I. •»mn/inr'y rllrrllvn In Inilldlivr up !ov ml anrmi.i. This Is cli:c* to thr SS: To»1r formnlft which con'ali,^ pprvi.i and potont ftdlvatlni; Inprf-JlcniF. Alsr>, SSS Tonic liolpa yoxi rnjny th loorl >'on rut by liu-rrn.sln^ tlit* ^!\.iU!c (Ui'''-^llvc )nlfc- w!icn It Is no«-or^Mil- rally ux>Hlllc or ?<-A«t.y--lhU3 tlic slom- ich will hnvc little cause to got tmiky -viih BAA. bloat and glvo oil that sour fo*ifl taste ) Pon't Whit! Enprpl^c* your body with rich, rril-liloocl. Start on SSS Tonic now. As vigorous blosxl svir^t'S throni-.h^ut your whole body, Rronlcr frcsn:n.vs and strength should make you rat britcr. silrrj) bolter, ted hcltcr, work brUrr. nlny brtlcr, hftvo a hcrtllhy color ^low l]i your Fk1n--flrm flcfh fill OMI linllow rlacrs. Millions of bolt IPS sold. Cot a • >oUle from your rtrun slori*, SSS T< helps Build Sturdy Health. CLUB 61 Formerly Midnite Inn Open Nightly lor Dancing Orchestra Tuesday and Friday Nitcs It' you \vfint In have a nicu l.imo <|iiii'lly, Ijriii!,' the jjii'l friend to Hit: new (H (MAJI1, L'crnu'i'ly llu: i\]idniic Inn. Here, you'll find };oinl music and good I'rieiulshiii . . . and )-ini'll ctijity our 8 [liece band. Conic on out, .vnn'L von? Under New Management! Call 944 for reservations Couples and Parties Only Owned ;incl Operated by George Ford and W. A. (Red) Bickerstait Mother's Day, Sunday, May llth Mother's Day DRESSES •far\"' '>JUfe> Mayflower * Sue Terry * Jerrie A Suzy Que * Amersport * Patricia Lee * Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Rights Doctors say your kid ncyicowtrim 15 milea ol •inylutx?3tirlilti'rswhk1ilii'li | i'»JHin[ytlbe blooJ and keep you hcMtliy. Wlion they not tired ami don't work rijrlit in U«s .l.tytiiiip. many people liavolm-el up rujrhtj. 1 n.-n'jt'ii». orBCanlyiias.ia«Oijw]thBHiiirtiji«:iri(HJuini]i;r sometimes shows thorp b RC'iiuUnm: \vro]isr with your kidneys or bladder. Uo:i L m-rka this condition ami luEovuliiaMo, tvslful^kep. \Vhendisotilerof kidney Timcli-n P'jirnits poisonous matter to remain in your 1 -\n-i.\. it may also ruu:<cn:ii;Hiiii; hacKikclik*. itujiini.-aic palnu, IPS lining l.wn of |K'j» nn>] *'nf swelling. puHint-sa under the vyva. iKMU^ und tlirzincss, Uon'l wail! Aakymir drumri'.t d-r P^ rill*, a Blimulant diimlu-. ww\ n*wci-ssf ully Ly millions for over Hi yean. Il.>:in's rivo hapiijr relief nnd will he!p U:« JO miEt-d of kidney tubes Hush out imisimuua v.-aMo fruui your blooJ. Get Doaii'd 1'iib, Boxer Short Sets for Boys Sizes 2-7 The TOT Want to Keep Sicalt'ny? Ml l.:ilh.! 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