The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTIIEVrLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Dowager Queen Mary Simple Dignity of Their Dowager Holds Briton's Affcclions By MII.TON lUiOXNEK XF.A Service Staff Currrsinimlont I,ON'PON.—"Seventy-one nnd going .slroiit!!" flint will be (lie unspoken thought of millions of llrilons on May 20, for on lliat clay Queen Mary will have passed another milestone In hot- life's pi)gi'ima:_:e. Now, in her widowhood, the dmvager Qnren ri'.'ts affiira in UK' consciousness that today she Is more popular than over before- in her long life. Britons remember hor as the model wife and mother; :is (be woman who, with her htri- l;anel. Klnu George V, kept tho cleanest court In tin 1 hsl.ory <-f Britain; as the soveu-icn who tried to intcn-sl hei-M'lf in tin; doiuns cf ;dl classes nl' her Mibjrcls. Some years ago. vlii-n Mie christened the fir cat steamship "Queen Mary" al O.lnsiiow. :,!»• was unaware of the delicate '-hearing" of the hro.aticastint, microphone. Thru-fore, millions of Britons Jicard her sav: "What do I do'now?" few minutes later: "Did nil right?" Those l-ivo queries seem tody her whole, life. She. ways been keen to <!o her duty tintl equally as l:mn to know Hull H has bceji done fully and properly. The British people honor her, loo. because of her bravery. In 1030 nho KinTc-ml Hvo KLu^erim; Worn. On .January 'JO. after .:;,-:;.-• ]y 43 years of happy married lite, her husband. Ki 11-4 George V, o'it-d. Her mclher's pride in seeing her eldest-born mount (he (lirone soon . was shattered, niipii King Kchviml • Vni'lnsislcil upon maii-yinj! Mr.i. Erursl Simpson. There were leu .anxious days Hint shook Ihc foundations of the Hi-Hlsli Kinpii-c. cut- Aucl a i f do II to em- has nl- minating in December 10. Once more Ihc occasion. nboiit to link fections with Edmtrd's abdication Quecn Mary rose to She be^nn going up the nntlnnttl af- tlie royal house of Windsor. When she felt sure Ihnl all was' well and that her son. King George VI, was winning his own way with the people, she withdrew as imicli ns possible' from public functions.; She has tet;iin to live her own life nnd to do the things she likes to do. Jfer loft where the ullllrml inblDB nn: instnlled. Ami when was another She saw earrviiK; she came out, there nnrclii'ru-.scd Incident. Mrs. Johanna Pidon her fifteen-months.old baby in her shawl in a way Welsh wonu-n luu-e. "I am find (o see you doing Hint." snid tlie Queen. "1 always carried my children thai, way, hen they were liublcs." It was n human touch that hit en lei- in Wales. Ban Anijusllne. Texns. used a lent , - , , which covered three, acivs ureter period of mourning over, which to grow an uxperhnctitnl she hns gone to tlie opera, fonrsl. tobacco crop .MH.II.IU.IHUI nights- of plays ami films, nndsbr tours London—\villiout p'omp anil processional—in Uie company of her granddaughters. Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, Raw. She' visits oltl friends in llicir cmmli-y rioutes null hus old ern- nies come lo ten In Marlboion'.h House in which sbc lived 28 years ago, when .-he v.iis l'iiiice.<is of Wales, and which is onre iicniii her own home, with many of tho old cumins, carpels and pictures (lint are so familiar to her. Her release from (.he more formal dnlies of Queen Consort has Eivcu her a belter opportunity to show the human side of her personality, last April she unexpectedly visited Hit stricken areas of South Wales, Now usually, •when royalty goes lo the homes of (ha humble, the folk are carefully picked out and forewarned. r.o they cnn bo nil scrubbed v:p and arrayed in their best bibs and luckcrs. But Queen Mary fouled her guides. She motored lo Pontypridd, rode through some mean, narrow. poverty-sii icken streets- nnO paid a surprise visit to a club of the unemployed, housed in an old granary. J. J. Watkins. coadess. collartess nml with his sleeves rolled up, was busy sawing wood out of ohieh he makes canes. He showed her around and she follcnved liim up a rickety slaircase lo the Chinese. Hero Goe.v lo School OAKLAND, Cal. (UP) - Uiirry Lin, 22-year-old Chinese aviator, who became an overnight national liero when he sliot, down a Japanese plane and was yiren a purse 1 ol $10.000 with which to continue his nviiitiim studies, is working for his master's degree in aviation in lln; avlnllon scliol here. One form of the modern variable-pitch .propeller is operated iliirini! Iliicl-.l by the pilot from (he cockpit; while oilier forms "f llu> pTOiN'llc't- automatically change pitch lo lit Hying conditions. Week F.nd Event Merc Will Honor Floyd A. While A i-oinpletc- schedule hns been aujjounml for ;i Camp-o-Rnl, ol- fielully named Camp Floyd A. While in honor of the Blytlievllle : hoe me rclKint who lias been active in the seciiilini; movement in thl-i vicJnil\ F lor a number of years, lo l;i' lu-lil at Walker i>ark oj> Friday and fiat in day ot Ihls \vcek wheii tin: city wilt bo host to the II tr<«;(>.•! uf liuy Scoul.s of Amerlira I'll- I In- lilytlicvlllc district. At -1:0(1 o'clock Friday afternoon, Id' camtjers will foi-m"a parade to bi-liiii at .the I-'irst Olirlstian eiiuuli on Main .street at Rixlh .•.Iri-ct. The parade will r;o from ( point east o» Main street lo l-ianklin Mreel, then norlli lo llavi;; Avenue to the park. Invlla- (inii-, have lietn extended lo Hie .-.-f'lKKil Ijiittd ,'i»(l to local units ol the Ciirl Seoul.-! lo pailiclpiit.! willi Hie boys In tills parade. At r>:IKI o'clock, the boys will Set up camp am! prepare, supper, n (he ivealliei- penuits, the campers will sleep Friday nlalil in t ems pitched In (lie east part of the city park. However, if \ )M \ we alh<-r should develop, the Mississippi Coiinly Fair nsMKjiitlton's main exhibit building will be made nvall- iihle for honsitiK the camjiers. Hhower Iwllis in the t;rand stnml al the paik will also he placed at the disposal of tlie scouts. Following supper which will be prepared |,y the .scouts who will utilize the- barbecue pits of the park, a baud concert will be prc- .M-iiled. if (lie music can he provided. The rampfhc program fealiw- iiit; comiminity singlnt;, introtiuc- lions, yells. Iroou slunLs, and a Court of Honor will be the final activity of Die day before dismissal al 0:01) o'clock. Taps will be sounded at 10:00 o'clock when nil scout- ers must be in bed. At 0:00 o'clock Saturday morning, reveille will be sounded, tho scouts must rouse themselves, mas- SI\BC the knots from their muscles rtm! prepare breakfast. The camp site will be inspected :\t 8:00 o'clock and an bom- Inter n personal inspection of Scouts will be conducted. Two ours of rany events will precede lunch at ll:TO o'clock which again will be prepared by the st-outers. Al tlie conclusion of the meal, a softbnll tonrnniiiciil bv troops will be held. If nil invitations are accepted. one troop from Osceola, one troop Irom Joiner, one from Lcachvllle, one from Wilson, Un-ce from Dycss uiwl foui- city trops v ,'itl parllcliJate In the cnmp aclivilles. An InvKallon hus been extended t» the jiubllu to utlend all restlvl- lii's at (he park Incliidhnj ihe i-:impliri' |)fc;,>ruin mid court of honor l-'riday night anil Hie scout LHjne.s Saturday morninij. THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1938 Boston Lowers Red Flag As Quarantine Emblem liOSTON (Ui>) _ A 237-year-old law K-ijiiiii))!; red nnys la IK phiml nciir llu> liomi! ol iJfjsoiis wiUi in. Unions illsouKcs ii:is licen removal I roil) .Massiic!m.'x-Us slatiilc books. A new law permits municipal oliiciiils lo "give the public notice ol inireler) phurs Ijy sucli mi-ails as In (heir Jixlgim/iit umy Lo tin- tnosi i^iucttml for tljc common surely." Hushing for Die 287,500-vou tr:iiisfuriui:i-s ut Moulder Uum llre l»"j ttel In Files Divorce Suit Theodore Knndolpli lias filed suit In chancery coint here asking r o r! a dlvorcu from Carrie Randolph l •in lli« t!i-ouin| of liuliijiillli's. HI-;' AITUOA- A.'<mc:i; OF TIOX . Nolitc is hoi-fay plvi-n Dint tlie undersigned 1 !!1S flled will) Uic Commissioner ot Hewniic of the Slate of Arkansas application for De-unit lo sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for l>i;vera»c fit rc-lail on Hie- premises dvsviilKd as lIusscH ';: store, 315 W. Main .si HMlxivilk', Ark. Application is for permit to he issued for operation l.c::!nnin<» on Hie fust, <lny or July. I'-t.'JH anil to expire on llio :toiJ> ilay of June 1030 ils iirpscrihed by HiiHetiu Uati-ti .January 1, 1!>;W alK ] .Siinplmm-nln! 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"Mileage has ranged from about 23 miles per gallon over bad roads to several miles' more on good roads. From my experience, I cannot recommend the Ford V-8 "60" too highly." THE QUALITY CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD! Boomy bodies, on 112-Inch wheo)- hase, 123-Inch springbase. Ganerous luggago space wllh oul- Eido opening ...In all modeli. Seal backs lhal swing Inward as "Soil." powerful biakes. will» woll ai forward tor «aJY enlranc* safsly of steel (rom podal la (a Vudor Sodan. wheel a&d 4. wheel emerg.ncy, • ~ . Smoolh, qulel V-8 englno. «UBnt lov; pjlce Ihtrf Includm adrerllwd bollcol leata In all speoda. otjulpmBnl. Low opcrallna co«t. DELIVERED IN DETROIT INCLUDED ( I-'EDERAI. AND SPATE TAXES EXTRA) ' Price I's for Ttitlor Sedan illustrated and includes nit the following: 1 bumpers, with -1 bumper guards . Spare wheel, tire, tube and lock • 2 clccliic horns • Cigar lighter and ash tray • Heat indicator - Speedometer with trip odometer . Headlight beam indicator . Buiit-ia luggage compartment • Silent helical gears in all speeds. The Thrifly "60" ^ FORD V8 You aiT invited to rail us loday for n Demonstration Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Ford Dealers >»c S10 Blythcville, Ark.

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