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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida • Page 31
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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida • Page 31

Florida Todayi
Cocoa, Florida
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5D FLORIDA TODAY, Wednesday, May 29, 1996 Mother-son reunion a great joy Bible lists all we need to know CROSSWORD DEAR ABBY: Thanks to reading about International Soundex Reunion Registry in your column, the son I gave up for adoption 28 years ago is back in my life. 14 Out Of I DEAR DR. GRAHAM: Do you believe there are prophets around today, Just like the Old Testament prophets or the apostles? If so, wouldn't the things they say be Just as iiini jn, i vjijp mm most of the Aleutians 3 Marathon- er Frank 4" Anatomy" 5 Light authoritative as the words of tne Bible? Why 1 1 shouldn't we add other books to the Bible that are i '1 written from time to time Rivera 30 Woody's ex 33 Quarterback's time 36 Bar 37 Ancient Aegean region 38 Begat 39 Send forth 40" favor, sefior" 41 Sleep DOWN 1 Squander 2 Western i rememoer Deing drawn to the concept of ISRR, which, unlike other means of locating a child or blrthparent requires that both parties register and want to find each other in order for a match to be made. I clipped that column and kept It until I knew my son had turned 18, then sent for and completed the form. (That was in 1988.) Finally, a month ago, I got the call my son had registered the week before! Giving up my baby boy was the most difficult thing I have ever done.

Over the years, I assured I aiiu uavc ii uiii iu isiciiir I I DEAR YZi What you ill inn ml snooper wnnlrl hp tnip if weight velvet 6 Oppositionist 7 Bosc or Bartlett 8 Give 9 Temperature unit 10 Omega recede 12 Avignon's river DEAR ABBY ABIGAIL VAN BUREN oo "I iiy the Bible's message was "I unclear or incomDlete. and ACROSS 1 "How Green My Valley" 4 Transcript stat. 7 Labyrinth choice 8 Majestic 10 Pasta sauce 11 Raving maniac? 13 "Fever" time for John Travolta? 16 Dander 17 Grammarian's topic 18 Caviar 19 Competition 20 Watch over 21 Puppeteer Bil 23 Correspond 25 Trots 26 Partner in crime 27 Pub potation 28 self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope for a reply. DEAR ABBY: A few years ago, our son and his wife had a relatively large formal wedding with a sit-down dinner. The invitations requested "no children, please," yet the bride's aunt brought her hyperactive 5-year-old granddaughter.

Although she was a pretty little glrL she took over the reception dinner by running around the dining area, drinking champagne and dancing every dance. When the bridal bouquet was thrown, guess who caught it Needless to say, we were very unhappy that she was there because not only did she detract from the bride and groom, but she took over. We have a grandson approximately the same age who is quiet and well-mannered and who would have been thrilled to be invited to a wedding. Tm sure "A Family Man in Bangor, Maine" is a wonderful, well-meaning dad, but when one ignores the request of the bride and groom, one must wonder how many people like us feel outraged. No matter how cute the children, the stars of every wedding should be the bride and groom.

OUTRAGED IN LINCOLN, NEB. DEAR OUTRAGED: Anyone who has read my column for any length of time knows that I agree with you 100 percent. Not only did the bride's aunt commit a breach of etiquette by bringing her 5-year-old to the wedding, she compounded it by failing to assert parental authority when her child went out of, control. And permitting a youngster to drink an alcoholic beverage is dangerous for the child and also against the law. Write to Dear Abby, P.O.

Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Her column appears Monday through Saturday in Florida Today. play 15 Koppel or Danspn 19 Towel word 20 Have a whack at 21 Philippine knives 22 Those under M's employ 23 Saxophone variety 24 More harshly brilliant 25 Predicament 26 Picked a target 28 Illinois city 29 Overexcited 30 Half note 31 "What's for me?" 32 Khan title 34 Plumbing problem 35 Iditarod terminus ANSWER DR. BILLY GRAHAM if we needed further knowledge about God beyond what is given to us in myself that I did the right thing, but Fve regretted it ever since. I never stonned Solution time: 22 mins.

wondering where my son was, who he looked like, and if he was healthy and happy. I cried buckets of tears and never quit praying. Finding him, knowing he wanted to find me. and finally getting to be a mom (I never had any other children) has been my greatest Joy. Thank you, Abby and ISRR, for this miracle.

I hope PjORiE I A PJE fTTU 1 AF A bImTTsB I I a I Iy I fcM' PiL A n'kPSUB I iMiE Tj6i AR ga Vi stTJlBiJElCjTSMiEitll vVHTo o)CS3 AiRIO SlBSjUlB' BIS t'r a tH I i-H? Tf jP'o'z you print the address again so many others will also have an opportunity to unite. A MOM AT LAST, SAN RAMON, CALIF. DEAR MOM: Thank you for sharing the story of your heartwarming reunion with your son. My best wishes to you both. Yesterday's answer Readers, for those of you who may not have clipped the Bible.

But that is not the case. In the pages of the Bible, God has already given us everything we need to know about himself and his salvation. That is why divinely inspired prophets and apostles, such as you find in the Bible, are no longer necessary today; and you should not believe anyone who claims that their teaching or their book is needed in addition to the Bible. God (the Bible says) "has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter That is why the last verses of the Bible include this solemn warning. "If anyone adds anything and if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city (Revelation Your question, however, suggests to me that you are uncertain of your own faith.

My prayer is that you will turn to Christ. He came to give us salvation, and in him "are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colos-sians Trust him as your Lord and Savior, for he loves you and came to open Heaven's door to you. the address for ISRR and would now like to have it it is: P.O. Box 2312, Carson City, NV 89702. Please enclose a 5-29 College Network helps job search estimates more than 80 percent of the 1 college students graduating this year are likely to use e-mail in their job searches.

The company new -j j' i iL, 10 rn i2 I 13 15 is Hii Mmm MlittwB hi mi 'jF "II'If 21 22 p3 24 25 27 29 ST" 32 33 34 35 r- 37 ZZZJ zzzzh 40 41 I college Network oners to make the on-line search a little easier and more fruitful with job links, expert advice and an employment search service. Go to If- Does America have an hon Send questions to Dr. Billy Graham, Tribune Media Services, 435 N. Michigan Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60611. His column appears Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Florida Today.

esty quotient? Find out how we cheat at homework or rip off a savings and loan. Add your own The Internationalist aims to be a one-stop site for the foreign business and investment market. Everything from international business books and importexport info to world government links and a place for grads to post resumes. Go to Very little is impossible on the Web. Catch stills, audio and video from a new film without setting foot in a theater.

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The Louise Brooks Society site includes interview, trivia and photos. It also draws an international audience. Go to http:www.slip.netthomasgbrooks.html Sam Vincent Meddis' Cyberworld column appears each Wednesday in Florida Today. little misdeeds, lake, is it stealing if it's just electrons? Go to WHAT'S ONLINE SAM VINCENT MEDDIS HOROSCOPE The say-it-isn't-so Web award has to go to the Dog Diaper 5-29 CRYPTOQUIP Home Page. A self-described breakthrough product" There's even a video! And we're not making this up.

Go to http:www.garlic.comddintro.htm GCH CGRRY'G RTUQK Some publicity gimmicks can be fun. Like searching for a lost dog in cyberspace. Get lucky, and you might win a trip to Jamaica. Go to MCVU YAUOUHAF RAAUZUT, mon.comcontest.html it i a wt Are we still on a first-name basis? QUESTION: While trying to work my way through several bureaucracies to get our air conditioner repaired, I encountered a voice-mall message that you might find interesting. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: CAN ONE VORACIOUS SCARECROW'S FAVORITE FRUIT BE STRAW-BERRIES? Today's Cryptoquip clue: equals A SCRAMLETS It gave the usual greetings and reassurances including the ritual "Your call is very Important to us," and then said, "If you know your party's last name, you may reach the directory and be connected." I realized that I did not fact know my party's last name because she had introduced herself to me only by her first name.

I could have known her last name only If I had been a personal acquaintance of hers. In short the last name has AReorrange letteri of th w(our scrambled words below to form four words MISS MANNERS JUDITH MARTIN DAHHOL I I2 I I you by using the forms of friendship. The only way to reverse that silly trend is for enough people to do this. I really dont want my 24-year-old daughter at my wedding. I feel as though she has no regard for me and in some sense would poison my special day.

We have not gotten along well since she turned 18. In fact we didnt speak for four of those years, and her whereabouts were unknown to me at that time. In the past two years, despite the overtures I have made, she continues to express resentment and hostility toward me. She and my fiance have never met and she doesnt know of him or our intentions. If it is acceptable not to include her, what would be an appropriate way for me to handle this with her and my Immediate family? You are in luck: Miss Manners has an unassailable way for you to avoid inviting your daughter to your wedding.

But you must promise to use this information politely, rather than to embarrass or criticize your daughter. Traditionally, children were not expected to attend, much less be prominently featured at their parents' weddings. One reason was that more people had children after than before they got married. But in cases of divorced parents, the idea was to spare them the (at best) mixed emotions of seeing a parent making a commitment to someone who, however much liked, is not the other parent Miss Manners confesses to worrying about putting children on ceremonial display under such emotional circumstances. This is hardly your or your daughter's case.

But you have Miss Manners' permission to invoke this rule, anyway. If anyone asks why your daughter is not present just say quietly, "Oh, I don't think it's appropriate to expect children to attend their parents' weddings." Send questions to Miss Manners, United Feature Syndicate, 200 Park New York, NY 10166. Her column appears Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Florida Today. Tj I nr I I I I While watching people leave an office building, one gent said to the other, "Hard work never killed a man, but it sure has scared a of Complete the chuckle quoted by filling in the missing words you develop from step No. 3 below.

Fl I ARIES (March 21-April 19): Attention revolves around home, property rights, marital status. Financial dispute amicably settled jthrough intervention by fair-minded Libran. Taurus, Scorpio also in picture. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): If you don't know what to do, do nothing! Time on your side, 'play waiting game. Focus on basic issues, pets, dependents, fitness.

Look behind scenes for answers, hiding place located. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Fascinating dominates scenario relates to love and money. Writing skills featured, big reward awaits if you find right words. Moon position creativity, sex appeal. CANCER (June 21-JuIy 22): Round out project, don't be deterred by persons who lack faith, inspiration.

Lunar position accents home, property, family relationships. Negotiations completed in your favor. Aries involved. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Relative may attempt to take credit for your work put foot Jdown firmly.

Stress originality, daring, courage "iBf convictions. Be open to possibility of new love. Aquarian plays top role. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept 22): Intuition figures "prominently, directions change, keep plans flexible.

Personal possessions more valuable 'than originally estimated. Investment potential highlighted. Pisces represented. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct 22): You'll live up to expectations.

Detractors claim lack of fortitude. Fool them! Emphasis on valuable contacts madfc through social activities. 1' Gemini, Sagittarius persons involved. SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov. 21): Individual who previously opposed your concepts makes major concession.

Relates to partnership, investment, discovery of minerals. Clandestine arrangement necessary to fulfill mission. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Music involved in association with wish fulfillment.

Focus on speculation, finance, romance. Libran lures you into area of Eros. Get promises in writing, protect interests. Verify claims. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan.

19): Obtain added information by perusing Sagittarius message. Check silverware, supply of condiments. You'll be entertaining at home, question of marriage discussed. Libra involved. AQUARIUS (Jan.

20-Feb. 18): Don't judge book by its cover! Mirage involved water not where it appears to be. Scenario highlights travel, education, idealism in romance. Expected financial aid delayed. Virgo in picture.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Obtain hint from Aquarius message. Plans solidified, element of time important. Money belonging to others involved, you're trusted as emissary. Serious discussion involves possible inheritance.

IF MAY 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You are unorthodox, intuitive, fascinated by mantic arts and sciences, including astrology. Unusual, eccentric people are drawn to you, you number them among friends. Leo, Aquarius, Cancer persons play exciting roles in your life. During youth you were subject to trauma of loud disagreements among parents. Current cycle relates to change, travel, variety, marital status, possible addition to family.

December your most profitable, memorable month of 1996. taken the place formerly held by the first name as an Index of Intimacy! How long before the love-struck swain asks his inamorata for permission to call her by her last name? "Mary, I love you. May I call you Miss Jones?" Is there any way to reverse this trend? It was bad enough being first-named by my physician and miscellaneous clerical personnel, who never gave me any name to call them by. Now, even my bank's ATM calls me by my first name. I find that ultimately demoralizing, being first-named by a mere machine.

Can you recommend any countermeasures? ANSWER: Even for Miss Manners, it's hard to reason with voice mail or ATMs. But she has no problem politely requesting people whose companies use these machines, as well as doctors, clerks and other unauthorized would-be chums to address her formally. Although offered as a gentle correction, this is no more rude than it is to suggest that someone addressing you formally if there are any such people left please PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS I' I5 5 5 7 IN THESE SQUARES 111,111 UNSCRAMBLE LETTERS I I I T77I I I 1 FOR ANSWER Ut" SCRAM-IETS ANSWERS 5 '29 '96 IAI3H1 1 101 pajeos sei 3jns 11 jnq 'ublu p3 J9A9U xjom 'J9L0 am oj pies ua6 euo '6uipnq sojjjo ue 9Aea 8doad 6uiqojeM oiiuaa W3H1 10 01- qiBuai vjag Ajsni puouiiv JUNIOR ART B. Jay and Steve Becker The player who consistently makes an effort to count to 13, either as a declarer or a defender, cannot help but realize a marked improvement in his results. It's as simple as that.

Take this case from a qualifying segment of the 1996 North American Open Pairs. South arrived at four spades after West opened a weak two bid in diamonds, indicating a strong six-card suit and 6 to 1 1 points in high cards. West cashed the K-A of diamonds and shifted to the nine of hearts. Declarer won with the king, led a spade to the ace and returned a spade to the king, learning he would have to lose a trump trick to West. The outcome now hinged on avoiding a club loser.

South overtook the queen of hearts with dummy's ace and cashed the heart jack, discarding a club. West ruffed and returned a club. Declarer played low from dummy and won East's ten with the king. A club was then led to the jack, but when East produced the queen, the contract was down one. South's line of play would have succeeded had West held the ten of clubs, the queen of clubs or both club honors.

Only if East had the queen and ten about a 1 in 4 chance would the contract fail. Nevertheless, the fact is that declarer overlooked another approach that was virtually certain to succeed. After two rounds of spades and two rounds ofhearts had been played, it was known that East had started with six diamonds, three spades and at least two hearts, and therefore no more than two clubs. Accordingly, after playing the K-Q of hearts, declarer should have cashed the king of clubs and then led a club toward the ace. When West follows to the second club, declarer puts up the ace and leads a spade, forcing West to win and return a diamond.

Declarer ruffs in dummy while discarding one club, and gets rid of his other club on dummy's high heart to make the contract. The same result accrues if West started with a singleton club, whether he chooses to ruff the second club or not. However he elects to defend, all roads lead to ten tricks. West dealer. North-South vulnerable.

NORTH A873 A 3 J4 AJ87 WEST EAST 10 9 4 97 1086542 AK10 952 7 6 52 10 3 SOUTH KJ652 KQ 83 K964 The bidding: West North East South 2 Dble 3 4 Opening lead king of diamonds. A well-known player, having spent much time, effort and more than a few shekels some years ago to improve his game, is said to have observed, after three years of tribulation, "I've discovered the secret of the game all you have to do is count to 13!" Truer words were never spoken. L.ZlJ.. -i! lit-. 1 ii 1 "What a Sunny Sunflower Day" Llndsey Hoffman, 9, Titusvllle Mail your picture drawn in black ink or black felt pen on white paper 8Va by 11 inches with your name, age, address and picture title to: Junior Art Contest, P.O.

Box 419000, Melbourne, FL 32941-9000. Age limit 14 years. First-place winners receive $2. To hear your daily romantic and financial horoscope, call Florida Today's NewsNow 511. Dial 511 then enter category code 1550 for a menu of horoscopes.

Each call is 50 cents for five minutes. Calling details, 2A..

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