The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1946
Page 2
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WKJETWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)V COURIER NEWS WEDNESWAY, MAY 29, 1946 Governor Wages j ^•^•^"i, •*- , ^ WarWHhKKK *$«y* Ma* OM His Life and Lirtt'of Offers. V E " ra ' 11 td " y ML <UP>- fare oniU*f gia. *,*„,• ,> l^saidfhe h*d recently J nUBwrous' telephone Woman Raises Farrjily, Runs Worm Farm DENVER (UP)—Watch your step, brother. That worm down there means money In the bank. Mi's. C. E. O'Brien of Denver has a soft spot in her lieart for worms. And-who wouldn't when the little wlggly creatures earn the family's bread and butten Mrs. O'Brien runs a worm farm. She claims It's tlie biggest one in the world although It's unly a .- „ dug-up Vacant lot with a lot of little oroer m ueor- }jlles of leaves sca ttered around. But from unfcleflUfied persons tin eatenedi. to* Vruin" him If didn't lay oft the Ku Klux Klan lie said-todi> he had ord f ;d the Elites 'attorney general to uiillze his entire legal staff to outlaw the Klan The young, governor, one of the most liberal; chief'executives In Georgia's history, said some of the spokesmen told him "the Klan is not used to having men In public .''question their operations. ' And that they "would get me unless I left Ihem alone." At the same 'time 'Arnall Indicated that James V. Carmlchael, now campaigning f° r 'he Georgia governorship with Arnall's en< , ment, had also been threatened bj> members of the secret group. Others Threatened, Too Aruall -.isMd the threats made by Klansmen In calls to him includec "other men in Georgia public life." Asked if he referred .to Carml- chricl,: who has blasted the KKK !n his campaign.-Avnall said he could reach no other conclusion. He said he had directed Attor- ' ney General, Eugene' Cook to file n writ of quo warrnnto against the organization on -grounds that: 1. Its incorporation In this state is fallacious in that. it is not a non-profit corporation or a bona iiclc fraternal order. 2 While posing as a non-political organisation it is actively engaged in politics. 3. Alleged acts of violence have been iieipetrated by its members. Dr. Samuel Qreen, of Atlanta, "grand dragon" of thi Klan, denied that the organization was engaged In politics. He said main- It's got an Important name—"The Colorado Earthworm Hatchery"— and customers range through the 48 v" I states,, Canada. England, Ireland, ne !-..„, CAA to Regulate Chartered Flights End of War Brings Barnstormers of Brand New Type. By CHARLES CORDPRY Itcd Press Start Correspondent WASHINGTON. (UP) — A new rnslormlng generation Is grow- ng up in America l»it these avla- ors, mostly cje-GIs, are -business- en, and NOT .stunt performers. I'hc Civil: AeroijiiuUes.Board, has ven these \comto^rclnl"bari>3loi iii- Australla and New Zealand. Worms are important to more people than week-end fishermen slow-moving dirt-dwellers fire bought by farmers and gardeners flsh hatchery owners, colleges ant romtnerclal anglers. Worms do a small scale but valuable Job ot cultivating the silSl, nm university laboratories always nccc a worm'or two to experiment on. Mrs. O'Brien has had time to raise nine grown-up children — three boys .and six girls—and de velop her worm business through it all. She says she started wonderln when she was 10 years old wli both ends ot a worm'kept wlgglln nftcr It was cut in two, found ou that only one piece stays Eilive, an then moved on to new field o worm-olagy. For $10 she got 500 egg capsule and 100 breeders from n Cnlifornl earthworm expert. Mrs. O'Brlci with the help of her husband. ' printer, dug a few holes in tl vacant lot. filled them witli leave turned the worms loose and let na ture take Its course. The $10 Investment has paid of Worm farmers don't have to loo far for food for their stock. Leave old rugs, tin cans, with lettuce m meat on Sundays, will do. burning crosses on Stone Mou tnin near here. Former Gov. Eugene Tnlmadg seeking re-election for a fifth ter hns made "white surprenmcy" I chief iilaiik in his plat(t\mi. Y x . _ . . tcnnncc.of "white supremacy" was .recently stated that h e would w the solo purpose of the reactiva- come the Klnn's sii|>|x>vt, alo turn of the brotherhood some five [with nil other groups," In the J \\ecks ago with a huge display of 17 primaries. ers a status of dignity by bringing hem under federal safety regulation. These are filers who have bought big surplus military transports and sei up [unscheduled airlines—aerial truckllnes—ready to hiul anything and anybody anywhere. You see them at airports everywhere. They take display ads In the newspapers. One of the biggest splashes was made by the Plying Tiger line, composed of veterans of Maj. Oen. Claire Chenmiult's famous squadrons in China. • r r EsUnwt* 3M Operaton • These filers have federal recognition now. They no longer are "outlaw" operators, as some have facetiously called • them,, . . , No one knows >iow many. there are todny^ One. flxpert.,estimates about 300, wUh;.Vj«t^runs,.CWttpri5-ext«nt the lilg 80 lo 90 per cent. There are only n scheduled airlines by comparison. •'-Many of the newcomers are liioestrliig operators and will fall by the wayside. This may be hastened b'y certain excises which federal &»fety niles will entail. But experts say that In many cases their financing was so poor they would have folded sooner or later anyway. The government, nas approached, gingerly ttio question of regulating the new generation of nonschcd- uled operators. ; . r , , ,•It must sec that flying-is safe Someday It may have to Impose economic regulations to . preven price-cutting If the: market becomes .saturated, but It is not believed this v/)jl happen just yet,, ',Jt also .(iiust ealculiUe to what, will , divert^ , mainly some day the business of scheduled commercial lines whose o[x>v- atlons are closely regulated by government. In the meantime, the nonscheduled business Is mushrooming like the truck baslneu in an earlier day. By air go women's dresses, eggs, flowers, fish, high-priced Items of all kinds, and charter passengers. F«w Accident! There have been surprisingly few accidents In this new Indua- try, but one big one might be enough to give it a,black eye. The desire to forestall this was a large factor in CAB decision to imiwsc safety regulations. The regulations also cover' the prewar aircraft service groups whose charter . opcratipofc were confined planes. After Aug. 1, the nonschcduled airlines will have to obtain operating ccrtlhcales from the Civil Aeronautics Administration. They will have to Inform CAA what operations they will conduct. Their pilots will have to have considerably higher qualifications than now. They will have to file Might plans before taking off, so that the airport' always will know where they arc supposed to be. There are move restrictions on bad weather flying and minimum requirements -are -set for aircraft Instruments..-A".;this may cost the operators some money, but the add- eXI safety will be worth it, officials here reason. oporutipnt t*. th«!«i r <H' four-seat air- America.-. There arc about 25 species of Ludwlgla, a bog plant, in North Retired Landowner And Attorney Dies ALTHEIMER, Arlc., -May 30. (UP)' —Ben J. Althelmer, 68, retired attorney and prominent landowner, died yesterday of a heart attack. He was educated '« the Jordan Academy at Pine Bluff and '. later practiced law In Chicago where he headed the firm of Alethimer, Mayer, woods and Smith until his retirement in 1939. After leaving Chicago, he returti- ed to Althelmer where his land holdings ar e estimated at 15,000 acres. Surviving are one son, Ben J. Althelmer, Jr., of Altheimer; and U-o nieces, Mrs. Elsie Sellg of Pine Bluff' and Mrs. Carl Frankcl o( Toronto, Canada. A N S Grcicery & Market '-"-•;. , . . - V- , ' Charlie LEyahi/ Prop. Formerly of Luxora, Ark. (Swcessor ta Bpeck & Sons Gro.) Phone 2597 Jack Sprat 211 SoV First St. Quality Foods CRACKERS Sunshine Krispy \ Found Package COFFEE CANOVA I I'liund Cair or Glass 29 C GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Jack Sprat No. 2 Can 13' RONCO Egg Noodks, 6 oz.; Spaghetti or Macaroni, 8 oz. VINEGAR Red Distilled Gallon Jug FLOUR Plain or Self Rising 5 Pound Hag , 35 DOG FOOD l*ard. 8 Oz. Can 2, For'' 25 PUREX '/2 Gallon 29 PRODUCE FRESH PEACHES Pound GBEEN BEANS 2 Pounds 25 CELERY Ijrge Fresh' Each 14 C LETTUCE I^arge Firm Heads OLD POTATOES Red Triumph 5 Pounds 24 C CABBAGE Fresh Green Pound FRESH TOMATOES No. I I-arge Pound 15 C MEATS MIXED SAUSAGE I'ound FRIERS WEEK END 23 C YES PWMMST Pound 53 C MEKTSKK Pound cue YES DRIED FRUIT ; \ 1 Lb. Cellophane Bag Prunes, Ib ... 16c Peaches, Ib .. 35c Apricots, Ib 45c Apples, Ib 52c SAUSAGE, All Pork .. Ib. 35c SIDE MEAT, Fresh Pork . lb.38c GROUND BEEF ... lb.29c CHEESE, Amr. Cheddar. Ib. 59c BACON SKINS .... Burris Simple Simon GINGER BREAD MIX . Box25c Jack Sprat Cream Style CORN . . . No. 2 Can 15c Supersuds 1 Box and 1 Octagon Cleanser 1 to 3 28c Vegetable V-8 JUICES No. 2 Can 15c 46 oz. Can 32c TEA Maxwell House VA Ib. 28c; !/2 Ib. 54c Tenderleaf V* Ib. 24c; Vi Ib. 47c Victor FLOUR 25 Lb. Bag $1.25 50 Lb. Bag $2.45 pi • « • FfUlt Jail Pints, Doz. . 59c 72e 98c Crackelles • ™ 25c B-V . . . . . PIG FEET * , . . SNOUTS-EARS . . . BEEF« 7 Inch ." COOKED SALIAMI . DRYSALIAMI BOLOGNA, Sliced . LIVER CHEESE . . . HENS. Full Dressed . FRESH BEEF TONGUE CALF LIVER . . . Jar Each 5c Ib.lOc Ib. 38c Ib. 4Sc lb.69c lb.35c . lb.43c , lb.59c . lb.29c Ib. 49c Jack Sprat TOMATO JUICE. 46 oz. Can 27c Ready Mix — Dorothy PIECRUST . . . . Pk9.10c Arm & Hammer BAKING SODA . 3 Boxes lOc Red Ripe TOMATOES lb.12k HUNTS — In Light Syrup PRUNES ; No. 21 Can 30c .Crispy Icebox LETTUCE . . . .. Head lie Crispy Stalks CELERY Each 12c RONCO— In Cellophane Bag MACARONI or Spaghetti bag IQc Spur Gherkins , PICKLES ... 22 oz. jar 25c Calumet -Sunkist 432 Size LEMONS Doz. 19c California Valencia 126 Size, ORANGES. . . . Doz.65c BAKING POWDER lib. Can 19c Great Northern or Baby Lima BEANS...lib. Cello. Bag 12c Large Crispy CARROTS Bunch 9c Hard Heads BEEF LIVER lb.35c CABBAGE Ib. 2k 2<SALE 'Marsh Seedless 64 Size GRAPEFRUIT . 3 for 25c U. S. No. 1 Red Triumph POTATOES . . 10lbs.for49c 7>osts RICEJOASTIES \ Garden Fresh SPINACH lb.15c Crispy Bunches RADISHES Each 5c BOTH FOR 15c I to a Customer LAVA SOAP Barfa Small White LIMA BEANS . . No.2Can18c STRAWBERRIES - Pkg. 67c BLACKBERRIES - Pkg. 54c APPLESAUCE - - Pkg.33c PEACHES Pkg. 31c I SUCCOTASH - - Pkg.27c WAXBEANS - - Pkq. 22c' SUGAR ' Pure Cane Domino 5 \b bag 35c 10 Ib bag 69c Spare S & 4» MILK Pet or P«vely Large Size Can 10* PALMOLIVE SOAP Regular Size . 3for20c PALMOLIVE SOAP s Bath Size 2 for 19c Cashmere Bouquet 3 for 27c LIBERTY CASH GROCERY Blytheville's Food Headquarters 501 W«*t Main Stra«t Phone 2763

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