The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1947
Page 3
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MAY-],- 1947 BLYTJIKVIi;r>ir-(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Frisco Restores Normal Service Trains Now Using Rcguitir Route North Info St. Louis Officials of tilt- Frisco Railroad Company ;irmonncoil today iliiit re- '^HlilL- l]-;lin SchoclllU-S iH'UVft'U Memphis IIIK! Si. Louis Incl beoii PAGE THREE They're Looking Toward October l '.valors from the Mississippi Hivi'r In thi> vfeiiiiiy of Kockvicw, Mo., h:ivc i-* c-oih'd c-noin;ll to wnr- i';iii( ri'xiglitr traffic lliunigli tint ni-on. thi'v reported. FiixKiiiii; of ;he Frisco Lines tracks wliich skirts the Mississippi Hlvrr Nurlli of Ca)>" Oiral'dcaM sto|>|idl ivi;ul;u- traffic for two (lays, foi-ciiu: tlu> railroad company to (U'tonr it.s traffic ovi'v tile C:) 1 .- lon Hi'!: tines from Hoekvirw inlo HI. t.ouis and causing I he curlail- Jii"i\t <>* MTvii-f ot trains mimlK't 1 807 and 8(IU, Ix'twpon llic two ell IPS With both pn.ssoiiKOi- and frciBhl '•frvi'-t- r<"-uiiH'd nn iruular schedule-, the officials reported. very liitle delay in service is expected. IJamii^e in tin 1 tracks iu the lloiKl- (d men was Mlalit, officials stated. iMusknits are sold for food, in oily markets, under I he name of marsh rabbit. Got a Pass? L. Arkansas Oil i»omc Loon Bank Commissioneir's Acts Choilcnged Production Data Compiled KTKl'MKNS. Ark.. May 1. lUl" - Arkansas oil wells have turned out at least iri.OOU.UOtl barrels of the ' hijiild gold" .shu-e li)l!J, when the HlephelLs pool was discovered The figures are contained In » , report released ihls week by the ; Hlale Oil and (ia.s Commission ~h' j analysis .showed TV.T the Stuart ; l-'ie]<] in Oiiachila County has produced 7,(ltll}.000 barrels since 1SI41. wlien A. M. '1'ui ner and VV. C- O'l-'airell broughi in the firs'i well. The report listed !'.!!» prodtlcil'K wells in the Smart field Unlay. The i \Vesson Kield. which began in September of l!!-lfi. was said to have 1 mined on: about barrels; Hie iwo wells of Hie Pare City field are pouring out almost am banolv a day; and the Hlephens I'onl. (he repnr; s;iid, iuis accounted for N.- OOO.OOtl barrels since lltiil! WASHINGTON, May i. lui'i — I'.' 1 >'ui,i<-ine c.Miri was asked yo.s- ' rit.n in invalalalc a .sccliou ill [lie l"ii:,. o«in-r-, Loan Acl of 19:1:1 us 1 '1:^.; *hr<-k" det<-t!ill ion nf pnw- 1 to :lie i-cderal llonui Loan Hank With Other Danish Rulers \ was attacked bv the Long Mc'ach. at- Ciil., niiumba King Xavier Oigat takes a busman's holiday by listening to somebody else's music during an evening at a New York restaurant with his future wife, Aelress 7 Lorraine Allen. They plan to wed in October, when Cugtit's divorce from his former wife becomes final. Readjustment Allowances io Vets Checked Shippers Wage Battle to Halt Barge Line Sale MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. May i. <UP> — Shippers, businessmen and officials of cities on llic Mississippi Uiver today were unanimously agreed lhat sale of Federal Barge Lines to private interests would be detrimental to their communities with-! out guarantee of current scrviK and rates. A House subcommittee was told lhat the sale would be disastrous to river towns unless they received assurance that any private interest purchasing the barge lines would provide equal or better service and rate advantages. The testimony was given at a hearing (o determine whether the Federal government will provide S17.000.COt) for repairs and Improvements on the line or offer it for sale to private interests. State's Revenues Up $8,000,000 In Four Months LIT TIE HOOK. Ark.. May 1. <U!'!-~.Stati' revenues boosted by throe ne.v taxes imposed by tin 1 cGlh General Assembly—were inor-. 1 thai! SB.Jru.CCO higher in the first ten months of thr present fiscal year than during the same p-nou of ll'4j-4S. State Revenue Otiio A. Cook reported yi'ste-i-day Dial Jus de|7:utmeiit lias colle'-ted $-13B:!!.77o .so far this fiscal year. Collec-tions ilurlng April iiniounli'.l In tS.'i. ] l.::'.?n uitli iiu-i-CAses notorr iu nearly every major tax division, ^evfii-.iice taxes, raised by the r 1 - c-.'nt legislature, \vetc moie tli.r.l doi.ble collections in ilie same month last year bri!i[',in;i in ?U!'j,;:87. Liquor taxes were move limn SKO.MU) higher than tile previous April, bimgin!: the st.ue Lrrn.r: HOCK, Ark. Muy i. 'U!'' — The I'lmpnyinent f'ei-tnil.v l>ivision ainiontiei'd loday that mil ail \'i-:ei'a!is w<mki be eligible for i eaciiu'dinent allnwances when Iheir sclinn] terms etld. I'nrlfov Oill. slate admluisti.ilor nf tlic K-S-n. said tbnt under I he law nn veteran is eligible for llic allowances fnr any period of time lhat lie 1ms received a subsistence allowance from the Knvcrnmetit He added thai if I here has been a duplication of payment I lie veteran must refund the E-S-I5 allowances. Gill pointed out that the law has commissioner | oilier stipulations. It cancels Ihe rlsllt to further readjustment allowances if the former .serviceman nccepls n payment to which lie knows lie is tin: entitled Also r;i!l said, there are criminal penalties if veterans fraudently lowaucc.s. The readjustment, allowances by ilie employment .security dlvi-iinn Gill stressed, are intended only for veterans thai have been unable to find civilian work. Any person rc- eeiving the payments- bust be availuble for work at all limes. and Loan Assoeta- as-snciatiou seeks to ; i vn\-ernment consei-vii- .ok over Ihe hank last nleis of Commissioner -;,hey Weslover. iillorncy foi s of the bunk, ehaitenit- i unaul Uorl/eil. unhmllcd, deli-uiitlon of nnlhorl- ' TIMMI of the law under | lurik was sel/.ed. It was entirely within nvtlon whethei-' (be ina- i,[ Imiiie loan bank.^ WII.T beai'lnu eillu'r befnn- or Nnzi Field Marshal Asks Truman for Clemency N'Heinlii'i'i:. M:ly L i HIM Counsel for Krliard Milch, '.he formei- Null l:e!ci m:ir:.hal. Mild loday lie hu.l a; iv:<!e,t In Pn-sid<Mit Tinninn loi- e]i-,l!i iu v. He said he also wauled a --m:in:c Ibal Mil:'h's llic scnlenee '01 w.o ilijnes would not "rellivl d:-,:r;,!c on Ins foliner rani; in the ( alrlnrec." Dr. Fri.diirii clivlmld. Mllch's at- Kiriu-v. suld li,, asked thai Milch mil t.'c assigned menial task;; 1 .such a. Mitch din^ini',. htdqc's Mother Dies I.1TTI, KIIOC'K. Ark. May 1. Mll'i l-'imerid services will be held here tomorrow fiu- Mt.s. Carrie C Anten. tl, r i. molher of Circuit .Indue Lawrence (;. Auten. \vht> di«Ml tit her son's homo ycsleVday Mis Anlen was a native of Orasul Kapids. Mich., and came to Lll'le Hoi k iu Illllti. She K sutvh'ed by another son. Anlen of l.lltle Hock, and . May 1. (UP)- Kiiiii Cluislliin X was hurled ye.i- lerday at Koskllde Callicdral Clla- pcl. Inidlliotial in:erinenl place ol Danish kin^s. A bishop sprinkled earth on the coffin as it was lowered lit Us itnal r*'sliiiH place. Au honor unard and :i company of arllllery Mood i at attention and 1 sahiled. I ThonsaiKLs of Danes lined C'open- I haKcn's stre( k (s to wulch the lun- -rai procession. and wonndhiu one person. , v/ltli a : kni/c and then shot'W. B. Police said Kraxler had been;.Graham .twice In the leg. drhiklni; heavily when he emerged [ „ Frnnlcr- surrendered to police linin the ii»usi> hi wlilt-h he lived, without resistance; threatened several persons with the '• icvoh-er, chased two Imi-nije «Mn\ iiead Courier Nfewi -Want Ads. Alleged Terrorist Held After Wounding Ncirjhhor ML'MPIIIS. Ti'im.. Muy I. UJl'i I). I' Prn/or, :l-l, was In custody today after torrorlztiiK rrsldcnl.-i of u icskU'nlial dlsli'lcl \vl:h a caliber revolver and a pocket on the Job PIN-WORMS NOW CAN BE BEATEN wllll Ihi.-l Tlic iii!«rrtrii of I'ln-Wornm hr lui-iivii for rrntiirlt-B. nii.l millUiii lim:i liavp Miuitlil n wny to ili-ul i I'.'nl Mini livca Illllik' the liiinvitl I ,. I'l.iliiy. IlLiiiiku (., u nwlnl. ninltrallr unlit has nmilc l>u»>. *flil« O ||n'iI- > n IW i ilnl liiirrcdlint In P-W. 11,,. I'ln-Worrii Inlik-u <ri!vi-],it'C.l In tliu ]uU)rali>rlva ol Dr. 11. Jn)-ni> ft Son. Tlie niii.-ill, c:tiy-lo.(nlci T'W t-iMrli nrt In n Bi-t'i-Iiil war to roniuvp Phi-\Vi»rm:i. Ki> {ti'li riillaotl liy thl» iik'lt' |>ca( Auk your itrui:i.i»t fur jATNt'S F-W ulij follow Ihn 1*1 niouui rin-Wurm relief! Panama Hats Cleaned & Kcblockcd The Johns Shop r,0:i W. Main • Almost every liinir In tlie day yon will find a good use for tlic "Jeep" as a truck, lij-lit tnu lor, runuboui or moliilo power unit. With its nili>lity Willys-Overland "Juep" l-'nj{iiieiiiul powerful •l-wliecl-drix", yon can go most any where in a "Jeep," on or olf the ro;id ... in I'nir weitiliLT or in '"mil. Get n "Jeep" on tlie job. It will pul! plows, harrows, seeders, mowers; low 5,500-lb. trailed payloaiis; haul HIM) His. Tlie "Joep" will carry men and tools ..-cross (own or to liard-io-^ct-at places in a jiffy. \Vherever it goes, its power take-off is ready to run your machinery riijhi on die job. Come and see what tlie nnuzingly versatile -i-purpose ! 'Jecp". can do for you. Local A. Loilf IHfitinu'*- Mnvln^ Ooin goal • lid phtMDt Hnlp Aid •«iilvuKJ]l. AAn My ;iimr«d»rk n*ullii.l Ml in. H*T*l<iift • =>.. •arvtn* A flt --•• ••> I'h.nti' 'M\\\ 3EF THE M1GHJY AT POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Operator Phone 49 Steele, Mo. Death Trap? Kince Ihe inslallallon of ilond- huhls on Ibe \\ r aslilnntf)n tnonu- ment several years alto, nearly a thousand birds liave met. <lenth by tlyiiiH into Hie .shaft. As llio baseball sonson opened li;illp:irks took extra precautions ng;)insl strangCM-s entering playei's 1 dressing rooms. To ^el by tins gtiarcl ol Y;inkec Ktndixim takes :\ pass signed !jy President Larry MacPhaii, _ -CERE'S FAST RELIEF: r.rjilL.nrhlrrr'rli.ji, Crroruiit:,-::-! nos> I'.r. V: i:ii:,rr.u'fc. f. fur ::.TIU >.•• ;l:;-:>'. I'n\v<j ( r „_ ;ll 4 ,-, coar.'. c r.; t v L'i y "i tic -torn Jiletteate^ &8, DREIFUS Hybrid Seed Com GROWN TOR ARKANSAS See Yaur Dealer: OWENS TKACTOR CO. l)l.vthcrille K. A. C'llIl.DKKSS I.r:u'livillc 1IAISVKY H1STF.HS £* IMM>.. T.raolivillc M\SSCll IJiri.KMKXT CO. OsceoLi j.r.r. WILSON co. Wilson KEYS MADE T,nd<s Oponcd and Repaired. Door Checks or Overhauls. For Service Call JIMMY "Sl'KCK" HKOCK at Chisum's Bike Shop I'iS Ko. Tliircl KU IMione 5!IG Free Delivery ^ Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 IOU Chickasawba , 1 A gift for Mother lias a special meaning all its own. To express your love far the dearest Mather in the world, you noli/rally desire your remernbrunre to be Ilie finest in quality . . . Hie finest in value. Our grand selection of superb jewelry values is your answer to Mother's Day gift problems. Choose now. 3 DIAMOND RING Shimmering center diomond ... two matching side nn nc BULOVA WATCH Lovely 17-jewel "Janet"...daintily styled, dependable. LAPEL WATCH Accurate wolch ... flattering coi- tume piece com- Beautiful SERVING TRAYS PEARL NECKLACE Handsomely wrought in rich, Beautifully strung, luslrous, mafching simulated pearls. GiiHering Pins ^ Goy, saucy costume piece for her spring ward- No Extra Charge for Credit ™|iP«aw*» 5 «r** saMiS^siK:' HEART LOCKET Exquisitely engraved, gold- filled locket and chaiii. *Q BEAUTIFUL COMPACTS Smart make-up accessory. Beautifully designed. $JJ SO af n (leans Experience has taught us It's in the FINISH Also - - - Experience has taught us that People want their cleaning in 8 hours or less. Therefore - - We Offer BETTER CLEANING with the HUDSON FINISH In S Hours CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR ,-520 West Main, Hl.vthcville, Ark. Phone 2612

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