The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, rtAYY 14, 1934 •LTTBBVILLB, (Alt); POUIUI r f AGJ* SECTION s Wants Call ?69 or 75«. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per one ror coiuecu- Vtve insertions: (Five tvengt words to a une) One time per llm .......... 10c 1*6 times per line per day . . 08c Three times t*r lln- per day . . 06c Ell time* per line pec d»y .. 06c £ontb rUe per Bat .. ........ We tttnlmnm rh»rg» We Ad* otuered for tlireo or 'lim'es ind stopped before expiration will be cliirgcfl (or the num- tt£ gi tta'e» 'the id «ppeared aba tdjus'tirierit o'l bill nude. Oc kU] hi AUTOMOTIVE AH Advertising copy Auto Gli« All Kinds Icstahed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10o kG-10 SUrt A Savings Account With Us On Everything for the Automobile Hubbird Hdw., Automotive Ilept. Phone 476 Phone Store Prospers , :hi|>s ll|tl1 llcK ' k ''"'''• &lllm ' s <lf >i:civcs. . U t«J" innv !illl(ls l '°""' nl>on '' (i - '"' °"- Tin- Oilcntnls mtisi use (In- .-.IKIH at HOUStOn rtes : i S |, H -k or -mi i« UOU artk-lr., i1 .,,, K , 1 , 1B( . jf ,„.,„ ls tn lm ,|,, Mll nd I . ' itt'jt] ]!c i-:ui (omvuH 1 \v!lh most "l'iiyin HOUSTON. Tex. mi'!--A!iml,l"'-m. I „,,„, (]llil ,, ts j,,,, ,, s mau , nf ., | '.'. Blau's fluathiK MOIL- is making i He convci.-vs enslly In 10 Ian- Isnicolnn vessel to work nriu'iTt liirn ji comfortable hvinu in 1'orl IEUUBCS. Danish. Noiu-cuuiii. Sivi'd-! ll()mo nf{ff ' hl ,' w . ]ls lnnl . 1 .|,., 1 llMKon. !l!h. Kiis-ihm. Vortiiiwse. Spaiilsli. iM| . lu . k , h( . ,,;,;„,,(,.„ 1(U ,',. Vetoran ot many a sfpull in llu- |l-.nt;llsli. (iainan. UMtisli und Hal-1 __ __ Seven Svas, Ulan pilots his bum-i Ian sailors lell him Iheir wants; ixint in'ouiul the i>o:l visiting the I and lie supplies them from his Rend Courier News Want Ads. California Teachers », . (jr.- • ,. ,,. i lullon--lliey d'.'n'l liiivs- lo bo Not 111 OlSSie UaSSIMis" lo liulil llidr jute. o[ the •sls- lierlntemli'iit, or public instruction, "aid there was no need for a irar- , u . . --. uncial .standard ol i-ojuluct for Cal- I Cnmmciulni: uii M.iU'ini'iii:, al-l ll'oi'iiln M-llODl leathers. RACHAMKNTO. Cal. iUI'> c.ill- Irilmlrd ui Dr. John L'.nr Uiill of' '"1'i.e bcbl teacher.-, arc Ihc no'- fornlu .svlicol l.-avlim may con- New Ynik University thai rettilii-i inal ones," said Kersey. "I don't ad- slder [hi 1 lask of mip.iLliii,; kn.nvl-1 tU)iw'illK-il for eaelk'i.s inlvocale ^jiiokln^, <lrlnk]n^ r or stvcar- edstc lo their yiHithfiil rnawsUonu- .siinll American cniniiunil-1 lilt;, Ijiit Hie fact a leather does paillculnrly IrsiiiK at linii".. Antilles would "sir.!!!! a 3211(1 derive i swear dues not make him Immor- Ihey cun claim al '• ' - ' • ' OUR ]JOAKl)IiN f G i LOUSE ttnnmft't'ed by persons residing out- llde pi trie city trust be sceom- pfcnied by cash. fch'tes may be felly computed from above 'table. Ho responsjoiuty will be taiten for more th«n one Incorrect In- wrtton of any classified ad. , A&v'ertlslng ordeitti lor irregu- -*r Insertions take the cue Uflia Vi'te. Used Cars These Cars are up in Rood condi- 'tlon ,ihd ready lo f;o. '3JTORD fetLtIXE F6Rt)OK Stt)XN. to«Vs arid runs 'like new. fea'rcaih at 5515 "it CHEVROLET COACH. 5 Good Tires, Good Motor Miis't drive Vhis car 'to appreciate it $363 '2S WOWGE SKDAN. New paint Good Rubber. A real buy for soih'eone 5155 •30 FORD jo ... COACH, ready to 5187 Many 6thers to Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY t/sed Car loi 'C6r'n¥r First 1 Watant Sis. BUSINESS i>UlteCiX)RY Furalture, 1-3 Regular Piice. Beds, dining*, center ana enu laoitc, chairs, aesk, smoking siands. Furniture rtpairea, rennisned, upholstered., t-arkhurst,. Main at. fnciie 'al, Ask for Patrick. Up Ittl Nicely furnished Ward on W. Ash St.. -I sooms and bath. Call 650 "or MB. Scktf FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hardin, alter 5 P. M. Ic kit Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolcn, 310 West Walnut. 30c k5-30 Kiiniltare Kf palrini—lipholsterfnc Xlso automobile up'riolsterlng. We Hviil 'be glad to reicr you to customers as to quality and worK- rharts'ritp. Complete line samples. New toca'tion 118 No. Second JKNKl.NS i 'SON 5-ck-6-5 UNFURNISHED 5 room npartmenl. 1013 W. Walnut. Call 078. 30c k-tl FOUR room FURNISHED apart- Ask *s aVfat the Hajcn Honey Center tolf Balls. Thej j re Bet trr. Htfbbard Aa'rttwaYe Co. Sck6-5 j(ou are flsh hungry conic to I.icFa'11 Fish Market, 415 \V. ftesh FisU At All Times. Ic k6-l COUNTY WORKERS UNION 'Coin Home Monday, 7:33 p.m. J'or Wen, women ever 16 $1 per ;ear HIGHEST Cash Prices paid lor brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Uea'l TrKding Toil, 120 W M»in. BOSTE RW*IRS: Steps, floor* Kcreeas, wall paper, paint, tic. ANTHfflTE for lennile control E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 1*0 Again Bvrke Sets the Trice Boiled Linseed 'Oil 95c gal. Turpentine 75c f»l AUMTeli "lamp Parts 30c each BURKE HARDWARE CO. The one price store 28ck5-23 Wrs. J. J. D»vb, Phone 421 Spencer Cor«Uere 25c k5-26j EXPERT Tjrpenriter and Adding 'Michine Rej>Wrinj. U. S. Blunk- 'ensnlp, 116 E. Rose, f-ill 165-}. O.EANfeRS, TAILORS *^e clean and store winter clothes hnd bed covers. Moth-proof, fireproof viaHs. Pay next fall. Cleaning Sers-ice FEEDS FOR SALE: HAY 6nd CORN at bargain, ort. Ark. 6. B. Rotelle, Lux- FOR SALE ydr Siile — l^ast yckr's crop Virginia soybeans, hay nnd corn. Sec or phone J. M. St<m't«rd, Mgr. V S. DcMoulin's farm, Henson, •Jio. ll-ck-13 'tolton Seed: Rowden Big Boll N«. ' AM 'for thin vriJc No. 1. H.M Man-in RobiBMi, Feeds, Hour, Groceries & Meats .it Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone '1 234, Kite Price Grocery. salnl." Vlcrllng Kersey, 0001,A'S IN A TOUCH Sl'OT! /e I OlDM'l KlIOV) \ A UHNfj AROOT \ IT? WHft't ' \ WILL i oo? oooi./\jAHi:N'r vaj/ A snovjtn TOR WCOIILTOOV3 \iu: V'KNOVI, OIU' r , \ /AAI3IJV YOiJR (I VJIIV - MO — C IT IGII'I AH IIW1TATIOI-I tw COHHAMO tO ALL VJOMUM IN MOO- AMO wE'm: ALL SUPPOSED 1O GDIN6 A NICE PRESENT, VER^y, N\OtNR-^l ENGROSSED \N M'OUJMt L OF GROUP OF <3&mLtMEN 1 KNOW, INCLUDEN(b r A>,ND FKVAOU SURGEON, ME WnVA A* CHES^ TOURNAMENT AND 'DUTCH LUNCH, ; EGA,t> j V THE LOOKS OP TWS HERD OP EMPTIES, IT EVIDENT YOU PITCHEt) QU\T& PARTS' WH(LE t rAV SISTER OVER THE WEEK END/ EVfrN IF \OU 601 WD OF SEEDS & I'LAN'fS Suv Beans and i'c» »U1 be liard OLD VLW-At. KU.EV OOP' Drive across the river for Die lin T3EFOPE I -RETURNED, HAD YOUR OWLS FOR f\ SHANTY SOCIAvL KNOW YOU "BUr/vS HERE tsl \Vhfppoonvlll I'eas in West frk-es KeiA-sunable. William Vuclwr A: Co., Tt'n'n. ^8-ek5-28 • T^E 'SMELL OF J STAVE TOBACCO COAL * WOOD FOR SALE—100 ricks AND OUTJ CLOTHES WOULD TLOOR f burg, Mo., riear Stcele. C-ood roads. 9i> klli REAL ESTATE .-.- - -' Al, HOMKV ~ / GIL'. V3HRW-I- YOU SIW UOMI'. M-)0 &L1 ( TUfvT's AVIFULLV 'JOHUIIIMG IDR f, (W.'JEKI, j'\ NICE OF iU 7EU. QOl.tIM N VOU — UMPiVTF.FUU: '11IKV s- \ VOU'lL Bt ft .- .•< LWt- GOOD l\E/\Mni-«! vnv\T !\ OPOT I'M **! fORCEO to (\T\EMD r\ suownrj u-i noNonor THE Farms for sale—20% down Balance like rent Ethel Thompson, Carutheisvllle, Mo. ll-pk-5-ll Vmo'S GOING 'IO HWC I GOT, TO GWE HL'R TOR A FOR SALE OR TRADE Nalioiial Casji Register. New Deal Trading Post, 120 W. Main. 8ck22 MODERN 3 room furnished 'ment wilh both.- neasonahle. Call HG. H-c-tl 2 room FURNISHED and garyge. ' Cool, 1601 W. Ash. Nicely lumisliccl cool 3-room APARTJIENT. Mrs. Duncan. 710 'furnished cool BEDROOM. BOOTS AND HKR WJDDIES Bess Hall, 611 W. Main. Call 280. 1C k!l WOT out OF ^00 i^ow . on .SOT IH W)T 50 MM<»V OUT Of 5\^£ '• 1 VOU ft OWE 1W OOtQ. Av WCEW FURN1BHED house lor summer. ( Mrs. Geo. Cross, 300 Lake. 9c 1:10 6V.N3 MAWN' SOKt OUT or- ment. 700 W. Walnut. KOOM & BOARD iir/n'vs AI.I, AT SKA: M VJHV VASH TUHHS : POR WEEKb'.l N COT TO HELP / I llftTG TO M>MIT IT, BUT I- I'M I AVRftID PAD'G IM TROUBLE-THAT BTALLV, I'VK OEEN PAOOVG SHCM A PtfvOl. HIM. I'VE TO ' BUT ' Home-likt rrasnnalile. / SES, I 1KIWK SO. I PAD'S BEEN dETTIHG IPHD'JE. CAi.'-S. I LISTENED IN OM OWE. :^- ROVIE SOMETIUMG WROIJ6. IP I CALLED THE POLICE, I MI6IIT MflKE MftTTERS WORSE. \CCM)KNTS WILL SALESMAN SAM C'MOM.MOU 60(5,05' <3U" J '. ' M IK) ^ HURRV TO BftCKTOMV JOB! IS THIS W BEST THIS HftCK WM 1X3 'OM fr 1-llLt,? .. ^ rS DIRK MAKES FRECKLES ANI> HIS ....THE MOD CAPR'ERS'AM? SEA ELEVEHTH NATIONAL BAHK.OP TEMPLE.' ^ ITS C'-f.Ki, I FEEL'NG3...3Y "R-'E TICE \'.'(AT BA 1 .^ THAI I GAVE YCU WAS RK, I'M AWFULLY I WAS RE7 GETTIKG YosJ 0JT I T KEALLV WAS YOUR FAULT! You.CAM SEG IT-IS, KOT TO BE liOtJEST !.' USED TO THIMl; T1UT 3.'JCC£S3 CAME 6Y STAR1 !!-;G AT Ti-iE BOTTO UP ESJT, si vice I'VE BtLlt IN HESt, I IT G3i/ua FROM S CM IHL; IHSI»= TELL HIM I JUST TOOK THE GOLDP1SH A WALK AROUND TIE BLOCK. 1 IT KIGHT BE A GOOD IDE. TMAT BANK ANi> VSK 'CM IF TIL? CUECK 15 RUBSER.OR IF IT'S RUBBER.'/ Be k6-8 Roomers ard Boaror' almosphfre. •Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 511) W. Main. Call Z18-J. WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens nnd Eggs, highest prices paid. Rite Trice Grocery, rhone Rooms with or without board, steam heat, hot water, reasonable rales Phone Z31, Rile Trice Gro. k5-2l I'OULTKY at EGGS VVr. will pay lOc per pounrt for hravj HEMS. B. T. Worthy, 315 K. Main 14ck5-11 WANTKK AT OM'K. Small Horse or large pony. buy or Irade Pontiae cci Write P. O. cox 873 or come 1231 Holly St. 12pkl MALE IIKI- Man wanted tn supply customer, wilh famous Walkins Products in Blythcvillc. Business cstalihahed eamings average Sli weekly slarts immediately. Write J. R Wntkins Company. 70-88 W. low, i\vc., Memphis, Tcnn. Distance Best Protection For Radium Worker WASHINGTON ( UP) — ;offcrs the best protection from 11" harmful effects of radium, in Bureau of Standards new hand book enlilled jProleclion (or Amounts Up to 30 I Milligrams." • I The book issued principally fo j those exposed to radium, suggos 1 :hal technicians should habitually nearer than 10 feet radium in storage ro stay !m icar a palienl receiving trcalmcn "Permanent technicians shou have at least six vvreS'.s vacation i' and should sixrirt ar, inuc ime as ix)ssible out o[ doors." 11 book states. "Careful blood coun should he made once determine their physical lion." When radium is carried Hl» Stone- per handred 310 f., Main. 18-pk-5-18 9c k6-9 containers should be willi handles long; enough to the hand at leas! 12 Inches When stored, radium entirely surrounded with lead. When .shipping by mnil or press radium packages should "conspicuously" marked "Radium —Keep Away," the bureau warned.

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