The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 3
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IURSDAY, QCTORKR 2:1,. i ni.YTHFA'iU.R, (ARK.) COriMKR NRWs Osccola ^ Society—Personal bh School organisations, which all the way (roni hobby clu.b fiiqully members: seventh Mrs. J. T. Olsen: clRlilh grade, But*- Oro. Doylo; ninth liructe, Miss Alpha tlanun; lenlli grade, Miss Lycila McCorvoy; eleventh grade.-Miss Martha Wellman" • » • Tfe Osccolii literary club met Absence of Thomas Gives' Text for Revival Sermon Is ruiltnde losers. "Thomas tlioy the t:<>t absent because Despite Inclement weather the [Girls Reserve or l?en age Y. I r* A ft-.^ r.rf .. . . 1 Tuesday afternoon at Ihn home of j atinidnnrc was pond at Hie First Mrs, J. D. Eitrlnston wlili Mrs. G. I rinptisi Cliuveh revival last n etn ™ C lota will co.rim,e Me k clc ng o" Tllc R wl ™ T , b , ; •' . 13 - Segravts lending t!ie lesson '.A and offer cx(r , cl|lrlcll , a torn the Chauutiw _ study c.urso , )lr<llo .u lilies U) every type of slu- °<> the life of U 1imlciv ,„„,,, have been |H.rfcel.»d in the I P-'fls on (He nroaram iwrc taken „, , E , i School during the : tj >' M « F- I'. Jacobs. Mrs. C. M.I.. _ .. month of school and are ex- I Harwell and Mrs. W. E. Hunt. Mrs. ) |ety popular witli ilie student v ^ J - '-"'"'• aml-Jci-se Drown- of Panizaiion following nnnouncenipiii ll'iixora and Mrs. Margaret Male club, wliicli has enrolled i aiul Mrs. Chas. Slionlz. boil. of tjccmise. lie u needed; he v lie hnit lost h< lOlltXl 0111 lllii: fiy. he rpallwii Evorylime iv< miss seelii!, 1 .. Lord. When : PAOF, THREE ly-thrco musically inclineJ bays : '''"isvlllc. Ky.. wlio are visiting girls h;u perhaps the largest' |; e [ e ' wcrc ou! of to ™ B«ests. D':- (hot Mi-s I'ylP of the slntc talon ai Ultlc no;k would ron- dm a .study c-mrf- here Novr-m- Ijcr. 3 10 0. Memliers were urged bershlp of '-.itiv of lhe groups ll( ' iolH refreshments were served | '•" auciul lhe course II only one Catherine Hal well teaclier of following the program. . i' la v ""d announcement was mailr- c music, Is sponsor of th: i • ' ' Um at toast Icn mmbcrs n,mt Ix- club and Ramelle Welnbei-g, a : M. L. -Stunner... C. I, Moore Jr.. I prosnu !lt , eAch days meeting if r. is president, llosa Ruben- and L-on Sullivan of Osceola were I l "' 0|m ' "odil were received by Hie is vice president: Beatrice Ijiumess visitors in Blyllt-ville ye- ' °'» anil '- al1011 tm ' ll - wort: Mrs. Maggie Bnrbicrs gave an in- frosting rcpoil r\f the recent . Mate P. T. A. congress in Jones boro. iho Osceola orti'jnl/allon v.-ns wlicn lie failed lo .slion- up it was a (lisi:ppoinlmenl to lhe others." The preacher compared the ab- , .-;ncp of Thcmas on this occasion! willv absence of church members. He pointed out lhe dlsap-l secreiary; lioiinle 'Jean Driv- j Unlay. easurer !ind Virginia Btirt<i!i, : Mrs. G. B. Scgraves, accompany- er. Ing her s.on, Nelson Scgraves, \Vas Bounty P. T. A. Council meeting at I? hobby club offers an oppor-.iu MemphiL yesterday, where Nel- JI-f-aeliville and il war. announced ly for every child lo follow his son is having some denial work - '-' lal il1 the r.iccnl meeting of the 1 bent and arc varied : done. 1 . fng from golf to stamp col-' » ' » . Marvin Napper is preiident,. Forty-five members altended llic- t. Taylor, vlqe president and, snide .sehcol ParotH Teachers As- llrovi 1 Tucker, sergeant al arms, j'.ociatidi mtcllng hei.? Wednesday Imbers of lhe .story nlling club' afternoon and made plans for a kt a study of famous myths ' benefit Hullowe'c-i. parly to be iends and will also seek to : siionsoretl in co-operation with the the art of'' story ''telling. • high schocl P. T. A. and given in i Nichols is-president, Flor-:'.he, club rooms at th; Court House • announcing that 36 of lhe 100 vol- j church and Go:l can |:ravens, .vice presidenl; Helen •oiiHallotve'cti nifihl. umes needed to bring lite school | without ihem. but It ing hvUrcsllns messages.. Td-ntgiil he will fpcik on lhe 'Tragedy of Npjlccl." Last night Mr. Rivers' ^-|x>ke on lhe "Tragedy ot Absence." He u^U as his text John 20:2-1 "But The inns, oni of lhe twelve. rjlled Dldj-mus, nol with Ihrm when Jesus cyme. 11 Ih? speaker jaUl in'part: "It was the fust Lord's D.iy alter Jesus had b:cn rnlsvil from : ihe dead and we fln-d ten of lhe <•!' :-i;:!es gathered In an upper room ' for a n'.cc'.ing. but Thomas was "L"-:; nt. The gi-cii|! did nol expect Judas, but they did expecl Thomas I song has cvi 'to be there. Think of what he comment, l.. • irlswd when )m was not lltere when were Impiv- 1 \tu- !/)!•(! c-a:ne. 'Inumas was one • 'Leave It Ti.i of ihe leaders of thai day, and | nnd Mrs. I ,, t "" The pretu-h !a^e with an .. m the" scrvl. i W. Hines ;'i for Iho . Piis: Pine Uliiir, i :lurin^ the m , Mr. Sims' vli. his work as ^. pi mi Is Is. i»r wns lie iibsont < unl wanted or ^ miwlng because •e. After Tliomns it ( \] Miss LSI in- l.ord was pt-es- M,- S . p| w ,, 'i.u he had mlssed.jter of Ekroi :uvs a service wf| B i IP . sts ot M , i Mug witli lhe I M1 ., A ,i, , •• illM-iple.s met on <l^iy Thoiniis wnsl lOiiclucled his mes-j ,'K-:il 10 the unsaved I i : -. ii.iisicnl directovl I'-.-.UiW Church of j iiiit.-lii!t' lhe music "'S in a sreat way. '••'•i', is unusual and •••' I" whistling nnd i -' much lavorable' nl'lil Ilie iwoplc ! *ilh lhe solo • Mrv J. T. Hall Mcillln are (he day nlglu with Miss Aim Noedham. Mr. anil Mrs. [dby Hodge were Ilie HIIOM.S ,.f M, , nlll | Mrs . Lcn . Kiiul llodi;o. Sunday. Miss Onli'iuiiy Turiinge, l?e(;(;lo irnagf and Murlo Uniciister vis- i, smiili Sunday, c. Hyiic nnd daush- were Hi? Sundtiy !:. 1). Walker. of Miss Geneva Ryiw. Kveryone Is Invited 10 Sunday school al Ix>nc Oak earli Knnrtay nionilnj;. cd In the slate i|iiarrles here, nrci: OTTI:H nALLACIIULlSH, Argyllshire. (UI'J—A nioiiMcr otter, mrasurlnii Tour feel ten Inches from nme to - What the Normal- Man Should Weigh Walker Sul-ilnil. the lnr[/,--sl si-eii In the Wi-sl! I.'kton :is Hie guest Illlihlands fur many jv;ii.\ was kill' -If! (o ' According to Leonard Williams, (if. IX, ii sjlfled writer un Oteslly—a man's normal wclghl m u:jes 45 to 4!)— 7 Inches 1M Pounds HORLICKS \\ MALTED KIUK • L/OIIC 0(tk II secretary' and treasurer and i TI, O meeting opened with groun ' library up to standard had -rlne .Jov-?s, cheer leader. | singing by .students of the sixlli i acquired. ' ; dramnlic club will promote | grade and Mrs- Robinson, president. Tiie third Erade was awarded ,ludy of drama and the prm-, 0 f u, e Keir?r P. T. A., made an in-• lhe prize offered monthly li the of acting ami during the year | tercstlne talk in the value and grade having the most mothers trained for entrance iii the I dramatic contest. Mary Al- ! Wellington is -president of the ; Lotii:e Hale,' vice incident* Jettie Driver, secretary antl | lircr. . j |iiiita Greer heads-the Girls] Yes ,as president with Mary e vice president and Jane [Lson, secretary and treasurer. 'ss organizations huvc als~i perfeclc-d and officers elected •ach of the six grades now rised in the high school. Hir- 'ope is president of the senior or twelfth grad:, Jettie Driv- ice president; Ilentrice nose. ;arv-treasurer; Lav-erne Schur- ehe^r leader, and Ramelle berg, reporter. enth grade officers arc Mary i Slier, president; Allen Ses, vice presidenl and Mary >rine Phipps, secretary. Eighth j -. Jane Flanigan, president: .•rine Jones, vice president and Wilson, socr.Haiy. Ninth : Alitla, Thoiimon, preii- Ireiie Olrtham, vice presidetit ,avaida Hied, secretary. Tenth -. .Margiieric; Pope, president; Rose, vice resident; Mary *i{. .secretary-treasurer and Tompkins. : jargcant at •\ .Eleventh grade, Walter Cox. .tent;' Bonnie Jean .Driver, president; Dorothy Vales,.sec- .•-treas'.irer and Leon Sullivan, ml at arms. • ;. C, L. M'jore Jr.. principal of igli school, is senior class or and the olli?r classes, are orsd by the following respcc- ! MlfSeS Tlli-!!:-| I.Vo,. v .,,„! T M poinlmcnl lo the Lord and lhe ]|an Milan of M,..„'',,!,,,, -no of n hi the slate receiving -a j Castor end oilier Christians when . sis ie r Mrs >-'"» v .. • , gold slar for twenty five !>er. cent ; lliv members are absent from the Mrs. Elvle'Tat"'- ' •suiulny. of lls in?inbersl)iu btlnK sub-cribeis j services of vorship. | n Loiie Oak <• •[• | W " S " v ' il101 u. the Child Welfare mi!ga?Jne. of- | Tllt . prli -. hC r further slated that Mrs.-E. l'. "pc-leli' wis n rllm^v tidal organ of the- Aviation. I tlle mdividiMl u!,o absented him- guest • of i!, Oude DoM e Mrs. J. S McCains, principal of si-if from the worship >.crvic;s was Sunday. " lhe grade school, made a ilrrl talk j l-'e greater loser. He Mild the Miss" Eunk-c Brooks sp-m Sinn« ct nlon «. <i»y "ighl with MKs Il'azcl Walker hurts the, Miss H e!i-n Hodge spent em lo slay the church boukaure of Chi LSI for ihe I away. Same people me I lo <ll; '3 |1 > > lh « r nsrsoml likes ai:d ! dislikes. If ihey nke lhe preacher | ] llfcy alien J— if they do not like! " ' ' When stimulants pall try this, drink Nerves that are tired and bodies that are fagged are soothed and toned by Horlick's—the world's quality' malted milk. At better drug stores everywhere. Or send ten cents for sample and mixer to H OR LI C K'& RACINE. WISCONSIN 1 !> Fl. U " 107 : 5 Fl. 10 " 112 j r> Ft. 11 " 178 j 0 Fl. 0 " 134 ! a FI. • i " i'ji ! C Ft. 2 " lot) 'Ihesc wflL'hls In'Uide cnl:r.-uy . Indoor clolliin;. Gel on the scales | nnd see If you me overweight and I how much. | The Modern wny lo lake off fat I is known us Hit- Kru.sel.en Method ! —and is well wnrlh a four weeks trbl, I Cul out pies, cakes, pastry and j Ice cream for 4 v.ti-ks—go light on I potatoes. Lmicr. cheese, cream and ; siigai 1 —cat moderately of lean meat, chicken, fish, i-alads, green vegetables n:rj fruit—take one half a teaspoon of Kriiwlien Salts In a l?lass of hoi water every morning bclorc breakfasl—tloii'l" mLss a niornliii!. Ail H5 i-enl Iwtllci of Krusclicn Insls 4 weeks—3d It at Kirby Uritg Siorc>: or any dnis slofe in "the world. —Adv. 1 COLD WEATHER Brings You HOT SPECIALS From the New Dixie Store Co. DRESSES Wool, Jersey Three Suits and Solid Colors and Printed Crepe Dresses ree 5 Too, Relieved Of Neur- s Through New Compound—Remarkable Record Made. IRS. WILLIAM P. BURK lout two years ago I liad an I: of (lie flu and my .system 1 ^ft in a deplorable condition". I Mrs. William I'. Bmk, 1232 Ii Slrcrt, Joplin. "I had no 1 to, felt theil and worn onl I-as lip all liours of (lie niglit | o bladder weakness. I had back pains and was losing I; arel str?n s th. I tried niedi- 1 without ll)e least relief. er taking u vo bottles of Inedicine 1 began to improve jiltli and pick up In strength. I pulling: on weight steadily. ppetltc was restored and my I -s became normal. Pains left I iek and once again I am in 1 health. My son has taken I la and it eliminated ncur- ttn Ills body. I s | m ii always l good word (o say for this • medicine." is nol an exceptional case I tas of .Koujola are filled with I u<* happy experiences Try !a for jour troubles today lola Is sold In Blyilwville, :as at Kirby Drug stores, all Ilie btst rtrnsffisls In is Ihrou^liout i:ii s entire COATS Woof Velour With Fur Collars Black, Blue, Brick, Browne sizes 12 to 44 • o 6 95 HATS Felt Hats For Ladies Black Brown Choice Wash Dresses Long Sleeves Fast Color Prmts Sizes 14 to 52 choice IJovs Fleece Lined Unionsuits 59c Hoys Overalls or Suspender l>:ick ; Sizes I (o Hi. 49c Misses Kibbed nnd Fleeced Unionsuits Sines 2 lo 10. 59c Childrens Hose IQc All Sizes Choice Mens Work Gloves 5c Cotton Flannel, Pair Cotton Bats 2 1-2 Pound Size Mens Flannel Shirts 79c Good Values at Dingle Blankets Assorted Col- CO4% ors, Full Size D3C Outing Gowns Womens or Childens 27 In. Ginghams Light and Dark Checks Boys Suits All Wool $^,95 Sizes 6 to 18 You have laid the firmest of foundations for success in using the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting' of Lucky Strike " Says CLEMENT O. MINIGER V 1 Noted ihdiMlrial leader and philanthropist. President Electric Amo-Iitc Company. • ' Director Willys-Overland Company ' ••'• "The demand of Americans /or theutmostincomfort,convenience 'and safety has made trie Electric Auto-lite standard equipment in many of the finest of American automobiles. In using the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting' o/ the LUCKY STRIKE tobactos you have laid the firmest of /emulations for the success of your product. Because you are rendering Americans a service which they appreciate most— the benefit of modern science." Everyone knows that sunshine mellows—that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos-the Cream of the Crop-THENr-"ITS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! 11 Its toasted Throat Protection — against irritationi • against cough t with its policy of laying the facts before the pM«- ' f]x American Tolacco Company lias inviteJ Mr Clement 0. nSi Wr .^Ti'" 1 " 1 U " U ^ *"*"* ^^ *™^*™$«A<«™- Q1910. The An-. a Tob«cco Co.. Mfrs.

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