Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 9, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1896
Page 7
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Unanimous Choice The New York Morning Journal recently offered ten leading makes of bicycles as prizes in a guessing contest,giving the winners free choice of any one of the ten machines. The result was ALL of the ten winners selected Columbia Bicycles The Journal accordingly bought ten Columbias, & paying $100 each for them, without discount or rebate. On even terms ** few will choose a bicycle other than the Columbia STANDARD OF THE WORLD Unequalled, Unapproached. Beautiful Art Catalocue of Columbia and Hartford Bicycles is free if you call upon any Columbia agent; by mail from u3 for two a-cent stamps. POPE MANUFACTURING CO. Factoriesand General Offices, Hartford, Conn. Branch Stores and Agencies In almost every City and town. If Columbias are not properly fepresented in your vicinity let us know. NEW KIND OF TELESCOi TIMETABLES. LOCAL TIME TABLES. Solid trains between "Peoria n.n<3 Sandusky" anil "Indianapolis and Michigan." Direct connections to and from all points In the United States nnd Canada. L. E. & W. R. R Arrive Leave SOUTH BOUND. N'o !1 Pacific Ex Dally.. 7:10 am 2:uS a m No 25 Indlanap's Ex Sunll:45 a m No. 23 Mall & Ex ex Sun. 3:25 p m 8:10 p m No 29 Fiissenser ex Sun No. 151 Rochester Local Arrive 4:45 p. rn. except Sunday. NORTH BOUND. 5:20 a rn No. 20 MaJl & Ex ex Sun.10:22 a m 3:30 p m No 22 Michigan City dally 4:45 p m 1:55 p m No 24 Detroit Ex ex Sun No 150 Accom. ex Sun.. 0:45 am •Does not run north of Peru on Sunday. Trains 2t and 20 run dally between Indianapolis and Peru, No. 20 via Tlpton arrives at Bloomlne- ton at 0:32 p. m, maktnpr direct connection jvlth C. & A. fast train arriving In Kansas City at 8:55 next morning, connectlns"dl- rect at Kansas City for Denver, San Fran- clejo and all points west. Free recllnlnp chairs between Tlpton and Missouri river for all passengers. Nos. 20. a, 22, and 23, connect at Tlpton with main line tralnn t or Sandusky, Peoria and all points east and west. For ticket rates and general Information call on J. J. Skinner ticket agent, L. E. & W., Peru, Ind., or C. F. Daily. Mnerai passenger agent, Indianapolis, Ind. •Daily. tDolly except Sunday. Leave ArKve. Bradford and Col, ...12:50 a m • 2:45 a m Philadelplila & N. Y,.'12:50 am' 2M5 a m Richmond & Cintl....'1:00 a m • 2:20 am Ind'pla & Loul3v!i;a..«22:45am ' 2:30 am Effncr & Peoria •;i:05am *]2;30am Crown Point & Chi..'2:55 am '12:40 am Richmond & ClntL.t 5:45 a m ttl:20pm Crown Point & Chi..t 6:00am t7:Wpm Monticello & Krrnor..t H:00am fl^-IOpm Bradford & Col fV:50am T4:l.->pm Effner local freight.,t 8:30 a m t2:15pm Infl'pls & LoulsiviHo..» 2:00 p m • 1:30 p m Richmond and Clntl..'2:10pm «l:20pm Bradford and Col....* S:0u p m *l:10pi>< Phlla & New York....' H;05 p m • 1:11) P m Monticello & Ettncr..t 2:20 p m t 7:45 a m Chicago •l:35prn *l:;inpm Chi & Intermediate.,* -1:30 pm «.12:30pm Kokomo & .Rich t2:30pm tU:Mam Bradford & Col f!:30Pm 112:20 p m J. A. McCULLOUGH. Asent, Locansport. ISil) p m ins-i p m P m WEST BOUND. I«»'*'«lBli«. nceom, dally PI Sun M Ifui.i limited dully, 'old no «'. >'nst Mall tfiJiy, 'old no <17' ........... . .... Knifns City Mtpwis dully 'olo i.o -II '... ; :13 p m PM: express dHllytx tun 'old no 46 ...JO 10 a in No. EAST BOUND. ii'N. 7. 4; Boston llm d dally 'old no 42,. 2:41 a m lijKnst mall dully. '<V(i no4fl.... ...... ..... »:*} « m 4 Atlantic l.Im dully fa Sun 'old uo -1 1.. 4 ji p ni 74 Local frt. Accom. daily ex 6an ......... K .« i> m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. NoSi arrlvp ....................... _ ................... '"••" ft m No yi arrive ........................................ •* •» P nl EAST BOUND. . NoS-lleavo IN EFFECT MAY 17,1S9IJ. TKA1JJS L,SAVE LOGAJfSPORT, IKD. FOR THE NORTH. No. 52. Ex. Sun; 10:31 a m for St Joseph No, 58 Ex. Sun. 0:10 n m for St. Joseph No. 54 Ex. Sun 8:-10 p m for South Eentl FOR THE SOUTH No, 51 Except Sunday 7:17 a. m. Jor Terre Ilnuto No 53 Ex. Sun. 2:47 p.-m. for Tcrro Haute For complete time card, Riving all trains and stations, autl for full inlormatlon as to rates, through cars, etc., address J. C. E.DCEWORTH, Agent. Logansport, Ind. Or, E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent. St. Loulo, Mo. Why Buffer with dyspepsia? Chas. Sroome, S-">0 South 2nd utreet, Philadelphia, gays: "It took only two months for Brazilian Balm to cure me of dys- .pepsia with which I suffered over 30 years. Now I have no pain or stojnacli cough and can eot anything. Brazilian Balm beats the world " The secret it Brazilian Balm kills the dyspepsia microbe. Brazilian Balm cures colds, old coughs, croup, bronchitis and pleurisy like Invented by Louis Q-athmann, a Chicago Gonius. Discovery of » Fnntlnruciitnl. Prlntlplo Leu do to the Uno o: u Lecu Made In SCCtiODH—PilHHlblIitl*B Of the Invention. [Spficlal ClucaBO Lcttur. I This is an nge of wonders. A fo«- months ngo it, wns announced that a German professor hnd found the means of seeing tlirong-h opiioue bodies. -The report was tihnost too startling'to believe until verified by countless ex- rHM'imonts. Other experiments with light rays hnve led to a discovery of hardly l<;ss importJince to tlie scientific world. LouisG:it.hmann > amechanica! engineer oC Chicago, Inis made u discovery in TO- J'raotion of lirrlits which promises rt sucldcn stritlu in astronomical science, such a.s the wildest cltvinr.s would r-ot have imns'iiu'd. Jjr.sing- his experiments «l>on a fundamental principle- of refraction Mr. Gat-hmnnn lias, perfected a lens which will jirovc ten, llftcen, perhaps twenty times ns powerful as any now in use. By means of this lens the moon u-ill bo brought \vil-hin five or Ki:c miles of tl.o nsfroiicnicr'scyf. Mars nnd his mysterious population will be close enoiig-h for a detailed study of surface conditions, for communication with the inhabitants perhaps. With the visual distance of all the nstral bodies decreased in such proportions :t is impossible to predict what mysteries of the heavens astronomy will revca'. before the close of the century. Not only nre tjicse the immediate prospects, but tlie possibilities that jnay be developed we practically unlimited. Gathinann has solved the one ..great difficulty which seemed to have set a fixed limit to any further progress in tclcvscojie-making-. ' He has made n sectional lens. All lenses now in use are made cf one solid mass of glass. \Vhen a lens of more than 30-inch diameter is made, the difficulty ot pouring it becomes so great mid tho.quality of the material nnd sharpness of the focus arc bound to ('ecrca.se so rapidly with the hicrcosiny: ei-/,e that the telescope makers have como to be'liovf that the lijuit in the pi-ogrcss of Ilieir cutting has been virtually reached. The se-tionai lens i-e- uwutl the dilTlculty. Eaeh section js poured nr.d uooled sepnratciy, and the rn'.irt: Inns, no nin*Lcv how largo, will consist of glass a.s ti-uc as tJint o- a mi- f.'rosc!Opf>. J^iich seofion is a perfect Jens in it-self. foousL-ig to the same point ns every ot.bev sciaioi;. Thus all tbc sef- nnite. foci meet, and form one focus, giving a single and aroin-at.c "definition" or iir.ag-e. Tlus is the principle upoir which Uic eye vf tlie fly is built. Simple, as it may seem, the sectional lens is ii unique discovery. Experiments have frequently been mnde with two or three lenses with complete convex surfaces, so plnccd that the convoying rays of the two would meet in a single focus. Bub it was foiuid that the different sets oC rays conflicted with. L-ae.h other in their respective paths. In the Ga-t-lima-nr. ;ens. efich section is cut—not into a complete convex surface, bi.it according to its position on tlie cutire lens surface; that is, not each section, but all -the sections together form a siug-lft convex surface. The opaque material betivcon the sections docs not interfere with thejrnagc. The sections may bi: many or few, of any shape or size, provided only that every piece of glass is the same quality could not- Ijc useil in any nicy work. As the slightest blister or other irregularity necessitates a new pouring thedifTieulty of that opera-Lion increases greatly with t.he size of the mold. But it is primarily the ditugcr attendant, upon tlie cooling process t.hat. h,is set an Absolute limit to the size. The surface of the glass cools and contracts rapidly, while the mass within is still hut and presses outward. Though months arc allowed for the glass to cool, a dislocation of atoms, with consequent uneven density nnd uncertain clearness cannot be prevented.- The error 'becomes so appalling in objectives of over ;iO inches that there arc some who claim Unit, the largcstglasses arc no longer i he ln-si. i'or all purposes; that the anomalous si/.e of 40 inclies has more tlrawhiii'lcs ihan aclva-iifayi's. The statement is cinf.-.'ia- si/.erl ijy the fact that t he largest glasses are absolutely -unreliable, in vi_-ry c-olrl wc.'i-fhc'r. The fraii:i.' of the nirjiH-li'-o remains eon.'|)arat.ivi'lj- rigid while tan glass (ends to cuntrncl. resulting in an v.t^'r di.st'.^'tion of the foens. The sectional lens, being composed of picces frnin two to live inehcs in i.liam- Cler, obviau-s tho tlatigors of pot.-rir-.g and cooling, and miiiiinixi's t hi'clement of unreliability. The fi-iinn- into \vliicli tlu; sections are pui is ir.adeofa (;oni[jo- sititin similar to type im/lal. wlucli is not afi'ectt'cl (lOVfeplllily by cliangosof temperature. Kuch si'nnll glass can (listiii'I") it.s focus only in projiortion to ite si/.p. And if tin-re are ten sections across the diameter, tin- disturbance cm: be only ont-lcriih as groat as in a same sized lens made in a single piece. .Mr. GaUinKii; has built n telescope with .1 seven-iuah sectional lens at his private observatory .in Chicago. The iusi-ruuicnt is working adiiiiraijly, and is said lo be the equal of the telescopy at t lie Northwestern university, which has a fine objective of IS'/o inches. Gath- rnann has become wealthy through several otlier successful inventions, notably n submarine vorpvilo boat, the j-ihuis of which have been adopted by Uio (.icnnan navy. He expects to use a part of his money i:: building a telescope with a G0-i".ch objective. Jf suiliuicnV ccipital is ])rovided. be will at once vcn- Uire upon the njaUing o-f a lens twice ;.liat ditmieti'r. Aec-ordingto the citurns Oi 1 Ihc-inventor, n sectional lens of :M inches will bo twice as cleur. and therefore twice as powerful as a single-glass lens of the fame si/.e. Moreover, as the difficult-;? of making large molds is removed, it will biMnuch, easier to make n sectional lens of 100 or 120 inches.than a single lens, like that of the Verkes telescope. As ihc> power of a lens varies directly ns the square of '.he diam- MAP TO COVER A MILE Plan to Reproduce tho Topography of tha Whole Country. BenaCor Cnnnn:i, of Utah,Points Out Soro of tin; A.iiv»ntugai 'Vfliieh Would Flow from tho Completion of fcu«U u Work. Senator Cannon, of Utah,' has introduced in the senate a joint resolution which lias fo/ its object the construe, tion in. the neighborhood of'the city ol Wash ing lou the moi?!: gigr-.n tic piece Ol map-making ever undertaken \a the world. Mo proposes to luive the sur face o.f tho l.iiiiK'C'. Suites roproilucut! cm a SCT.Io'of ou<: square yard of ir.:i[ for ea.cli Kiiiuir" mile of actual nrea fills is not tw I.":.- merely a l!at n::ip. or. which the natural and urti tidal .'ixlur'.'S pf the country a.r;: to be indicated by lines; b^t every fca.luri; of vlic country —niouiitji-ins, Jakes, rl;o.rs, iioucls anrl crct'.ks, null citii's ami viilap.cs, are to be rcprodirwHl in r.iiniatiiro. in c.\'piiUj:iUon of his plan. Senator Caanou saJd to a !s"cv. p ^"ol•li Jlcrald mini: "Fiitt v.-ill bo p-Ovib.'i^lieil t!ic periphery of the United Stales. r'.sg'rog' ing 1 .10,S3o milc.s, fiioxvi!!;; 1 iho exact liyuinl:i,i'ii;H of \vnt*T ami land. Tho iin:if:'in.'iry rreogTiipIiical linos of state i'livi>'ioi) would bo nvj,vkuil b;" footpa-tlis. Tho mutt, would i,hon be fi-i-.iiled, on scale, from npparcnt st-;i Novels on. e.iu'it n.iid west, to Uio g-ivarost hoig'lit ;it.tjii]i:'il within our lioinidiirios. "Skilled tO[-.op'rii;)l]i-j-s and li.vciro- praplmrs ^^ r o^.l(l ninrk on its surfao-j f:\nct rcpr^scnUvtJon i:.i iiiiuiatiu-a all tha.t nature suor,',? within the splendid domain, of our lain]; awl to this would bo added what il.ie nin-p-ixiakors ca.ll 'cijltiiTO/ or tho (Ic'ino.'i.tioT?. oi the hrmdiworlc of man. Some appointed time of tbc year couJd bo selected—say tho 1st of June, n.nii tho country ropro- dueed a.s OH t.hnt day. 'J'ho vavyinp' colors a.nd advaiiconicnt. of vop-otation frow south to extrtrno north would bo shown, ffivinjrllu-MThy sou:o idea of, the la.tU.vjdinB dillcrence betwocn the several sectioD.s of the country. "Tho mighty Sfisuissjppi, with its 10s- souri tributary, would be 4,50(5 yards long; and 1-hree foot wide of actual \vrttor. 1,'aritan bay and lo\v«r Xtnv Vorlc bay would lia.ve an actunl arctt Of 100 squaJ-e yards, upon which ti mimic reprefienta- IN • CATIl'MANN'S OBSEBVA- •TOKV- ground [irceisely according to its position on Uio coinj)!c'tt convex (surface. Tin: prhicivle of uptics involved is this: In looking into-a-tolosco[ie, vho cyos arc fixed uotn'pon the lens butnp- on the 1 pnijit. where the incoming roys •of Jifi'ht :iro focuscu. ....... The importiince of the invention of the sectional lens wiJJ be the better realized when one considers the tremen- clotis.diflicTjlty of mn.ldng a very large Ions. The objort fflasK of the tek'scope in Lick observatory isM inches in diam- eUir; nnd it took months hnd months of work, months ami months of repented failure to get proper results. The Yerkcs telescope has a 40-inch lens, the largest ever made. With all the precautions exercised, with the thousands and thousands of dollars-spent on the work, these lens are sadly deficient, niter all. A microscope containing material of THE SECTIONAL r.ENS. eter, tlie sectional lens of 120 inches would be twice as clear rind admit nine times as much light a.s the Ycrkes lens: that is,, it would be IS times a.s powerful. .The tremendous power of such a fjlass can hardly be conceived at first thought. \Yitli the best telescopes now in existence, the moon is= still Q'J miles distant.' Cut. tho instrument, ns calculated, would brijicf the satellite to ::i/ 3 miles rrmfe'C. Think of standing on ii. mountain and looking 1 into :i vaJloy three miles from your eye; then you will underHtand how tic moon will loo-k through Hie now telescope. But this is not aU. The only reason fo; 1 setting 1 u limit of 3~0 inches is that the instruments for fjrindinff now in use could not well handle a larjrcr surface. Mr. (lathmann himself is networking ou a new grinding machico, with which he hopes to be able to make a lens of almost any size. Be that'as it may, there ciin be no doubt that an "improved rrrindcr will soon be invented after tho sectional ions has boon introduced into science and demands the appliance, --Tliei-o is no reason for an absolute mechanical limit to the rapacity of the grinder, as is the case with the glnss mold. Ii/jrtg'ine a lens 250 or 300 or 5CO incho's !n diameter! There is no reason why one should not be made before the nc.vt century begins. With such an instrument the moon would be a few blocks ivway. Mars could be broiig-ht so close that' we could see the cities: the people walking about; the mysterious "spots" on the. sun ma}' be studied as •thoug-h wo hnil them uniler a microscope; stars, millions and billions of stars away off in an infinity that we ha.d never dreamt of peeping into, will be marked on the astronomer's chart; indeed, if tho ranking of telescopes does not-present somenewcliffictilty, ihat sets another limit to si/.o, ;he most rambling fancy could not overshoot the roai'k in its speculations. ' Tho possibilities, logical as they are,seem almost too grand to'believe. But we laymen can only sit arid 1 wall, and admit that this is an ago of wonders. E. T. C!uNr>:,ACH. Slio Yfantocl to Know. "CharJey," snjfl young- Mrs. Tockcv.' "you know I alwa.vs-try .to'keep postecf so that T can tall; with-vou intelligently." . ' .'.- - "Yes." . . . . "Well, I've been reading- about horse races." ... "You don't say so!" • ' "Yes.- And 1 want to ask you one question. Do they pick out" n short horse, by measuring'him from liis feet upward, as they measure a man, or do they measure him horizontally?"— Washing-ton Star. ... -^ SKNATOH AHTIIUB tion of the inofiicient CnitCKl States navy could be anchored. Pike's peak would he nearly nim; feet higher Unm the apparent ic.-i II.M'P.]. The- shies would be built of f>!:iss ns nearly us possible in cxa<*t repj'C'sunUitioi; nf their actual n.i'j)-,;t<.".'tine. aucl 'iwnoatJi (hem would be rim eii.-cc.riL' iincs for i'i'ii:inin;ition at night. "Souio ido:i of the rjinjrr.itiide of this map c'tin be q-i-iispcd 'ram ;.hcsi;itcmout that it wonlU lie ucnrly 5.00U.OOO times larger thun the uninial ninp published by l"n> gun oral land oiTico. "Jicocutl.y- there hns been :i serious nnd C'OiK-crtvd effort in c-ongross to bring 1 t.Ii.'it vast both- of legislators in bot.h houses to an uppi'fcimion of: tlv: needs of coast fortifications. The United St.-if.CK prespntfi ;i ii-.-itc/r front iieiirly :is lonp: n-s the iin:ig-iD.iry line which encircles the p'lolie. One hour spent jilojJi' Uie mimic Keaconst of this m.-.p would be a bet-tcr exposition thnn nil t.lirt speeches th.nt could be rntulc: in congress. "Out. of the mnltiplicilY of pract.ictil iulynntcig-.es which wonM "flow is the sliimilns snch a ninp would g-ivo to home-Beck in jr. There arc in'tli; 1 ,-.public luiirl states of this nation nearly 1.0(10.('00 sq-.iare miles of nnoccnpic-d territory. If but "antI f>f t-liis is .-irii-blc. JG,000,000 fnjDilies mijrht hnve cac.h n ?0- ncrc f.'i.rm, tincl this nndrr irrigation is BiiiliciCTi.t to produce, independence and even-wealth." Senator Cannon's plan and proposition -a.ro r.bl.v seconded by Iiiscollcafrnc, Senator 'Brown, also of Utah. :mcl a mim'ber of otljor imlr.cntial rnembcrs of the senate ami house. A Mystery of the Hide. Somcthinp: that, no man understands is why a nllivclaTnped in an immovable vipo. will not put the bullets into the same liolc every time, even if the wind does not iiitcrfore. A correspondent, of Sliootiupr a.r.d Fishing tells ho\v be put n rifle of ::2 caliber into u vise ami -fired it. t'jiVliines, the siirhts boiiifr'always e.iraecl directly at a-mnrk. T.ho bnlit'l.s went all over n foiiT-inch circle. a.t 50 jnrds. Theoretically ::!! oujrbt to hnvp p-one into riic same hole. A mm~ who iiok'is his Vide gripped hard at one tiinv -r.iid ca.sily ;i.t another will not s!it>ot as \,-f 11 n-« orio'who lakes (Jje same Hold of His. rifle every time. The best results are olrkiim.-d from bench rests w.heii the man puts his shouidnr a.ga.inst. the riJle'butt. -_J . Chi»l» J ' r onfl and the liiko. One ei:rions efi!ect of .bicycling 1 in ICiirflanri 1 is tho'olimina'tion ."of chap- cvons out of doors 1 . .Young- women, who would.-not have dreamed of riding horsolxiek niiatlendfd by n groom. EOW g'o wherever they please alone on their bicycles. TVlKit Treii«ure Troro fic»n». .Treasure trove ir.en.ns in law. mcmey or 01 r.er treasure found bidden and the r-.v.-nrr enkTiovvr,. in which case it be- ^^N^^^}SSB^^x^v^s»ss!*^^^ • eAlTORlA for Infants end Children. |V/|OTHERS, Do You KNOW • T I EatcKlin's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, cmny so-called Soolhii! jno?l remedies for children are composed of opium or ni< 1>O Vcn Know that cpi-jra .-i"<3 nioipliiac are stupefying narc that Par<rgoiic, Syrups, and ti? poisons? ^avr-. 30:. j;ciiu;'.icJ tosellaarootl: Bo Yoa Know th.il in riohtcuuulrits drj •without labeling tlicni ]>oiaons ? I>O YOU Ktio^v thai you ^liould not permit ai-.j- meckinc '<; bf K:VCI! your c'.iHci unless you or yoitr physidLn '-now of what it is compused ? Ho You KnO T .v that dsloria JE a pare)}' vcffeLaKs Jjn.-para'.io:!. n:iJ thru: :. !ist (3 its ingrctlieiiU is putiishcil willi every oof.lt ? Po YOU Know that C-?tori:i is t!ic prtsc-iptior. o:'ihc fnnioi:s nr. PIHIJIK: rilcne, Ihat it. liaD been ia uie for nearly thirty year*, r.r.d iliat more CiiU.ria !;. uo^-S3:d than of alt other remolds for children comljiucd? j> o ypu Kiiovt- that ihj r.itcnt Office Dep3ri);ic:ii of t;ic 'Ci:itc;i SUitOh, .-.n<l o' otlicr countries, have issuffil cxflujive right to Dr. Mlclicr and l-.lr, .-.ssigns lo vise 'Jic: \voj-J "Castorla" unu iLs fonni:ta, and tliat to imilile them is a f.aic ->ri:-on oBtiiic? no YOU Ktirwv that OTIC of the reasons Tor gia!iti::f; I!.TV sovfrnnsciit pro:«!ioi: was because Castor.a~cl been proven to be alJSOlalely IiifiTiless f I>o You Kngw that ,ir, avsi'agre «o;cs of Castorin s-'C fiirafehod for ,tj c£Htf$ f or oiieccnt a dose? j>o you Ki»t»v that -wh-n possessed of thi'i ptriect i-rcjjan.tic 3, yOi— "';:':drca ;rjj •fee Isiipt w"., aud that yon may hnve Hiihrokeii rirst ? Well. t1»«> se tm«r.g» .'ire ivorth knowins. T"-.ey r.r; .TacU. Tlie fac-sluille signature of Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Brazilian Balm THE GREtT SOUTH AMERICM BALSJM.I I JMLAGKCO. RADICAU-Y CATARRH!! It clears the head of foul mucous; heals the uores and ulcers of the head and throat; sweetens the breath, ?nd perfectly restores „< he senses of the taste, smell and hearing. Stops headache aud Cropping iuto the , tLroat. Also destroys the genn -which causes .:• HAY FEVER. maiuug a perfect cure-in a few days. Kever , fails I No fatal case of J.AGRJPPJ; ever fcsow« > where Brazilian Bain. , -*s faithfully used. 'ir. ' destroys the grippe germ and quickly removed •] all the after bad effect '/. NFALLIBLE in ASTHMA, CROTJP, BSON« ~'J CHITIS, FtEURisv, PNEUMONIA, DVSPEPSIA,' * RHEUMATISM, TYPHOID and SCARLE* ; FEV.ER, HEASI.ES, and any disease where there is Inflammation, 1'ever or Cocgesf ion. ]' Greatest relief in Consw»')tion evey dis-' covered. ' ', , urea a Kresh Cold in one day."'"stop*) EA&ACHR In 2 m'.nutes. Stops riuKlhR In tlia bead and relieves deafness. As an injection ) Invaluable in leraale troubles, for outward use h<;:ils Cuts, Sorei and Bums like magic, Pj*» •' vents lockjaw Irom wounas. QUICK CURB FOR CONSTIPATION AND PILES. 3 Its Healing Power la Almost Miraculous, The Best Family Medicine In Existeaoa, 60 Gent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or Two Weeks Treatment lor CatairL 91.0O BOTTLE EQUALS THREE SOo, BOTTLES. \ HOME TESTIMONIALS: | Balm cured we of inveterate catarrh which I had for over M years: { 1, warm in w fa. -It is'the best thing f< ,- f t . .. "I was vt-oru alfflost to the-grave with a racking cough that all tjje remedies and the doctors failed to relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Brazilian Balm. It shalf j be my doctor through life."—Mrs./. Galhway, Pottstovn, Pa. "Jvas fearfull] " crippled v.p with rhcumatistn, could not get my hand to uiy head. I took ten Sf> cent bottles of Brazilian Balin in six mocths. Am cow entirely cured end as Him- / We as I tvas at forty."—/4?M0» B<irrM ; aged S,f. A lady iii Cincinnati -was 8ft '• afEicted with a=thma that during the v.-iuter for seventeen years she was unable tt . <Affr- u-ino- rlmvn. was entirelv and -Dernianentlv r-ired \\-ith Brazilian Balm. ', sleep lying- down, was entirely and permanently . ,, _ , B. F. JACKSON & CO., Cleveland, ft, i For sale by the follovrins di'usgists: B. F. Keeslinjr, gcaeral agent; Be» Fisher, Johnson Bros., W. H. Bringbnrst, G. W. Hoffman. D. E. Tryor, Q- A, H. D. Battery .ana A. R, Kistler. , i iys to. Hi* o.rov.-;i. Trove is from the ,. i 11 "i 'o f i 1 'IffCOL ft /£A TRADE UAfX, IN THE WORLDS For keeping the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES,Headachy CURES Constipation, Acts on tho Liver and Kidneys, Purifies th* Blood. Dlspols Colds and Fevers, Beautifies the Complexion and Ks 'Pleaglnjt and Refreshing-to tho Taste. . SOLO BY ALL. DfiueGiSTB. i'^-X :;io-:y illu^iralai! 1 ciplity-pair": Lincoln Story Hook iri»«n '.o every pnrchastr «1 fi ^»AaffeoM.i.«olitTca, PriccKc. Ask your dmcc-i- 1 -:. r LINOM.K Va* Co-Tort Wayne. Ja& •'Tor Sdk- by B. F. KBESLJNft. • "" ' ' Complete A can of Van Camp's Pork and Beans will satisfy a whole family. Always moist, fresh and ready to be eaten. At all grocers.' • VAN CAMP'S' BOSTON Send 6c in stampi and we will tend you a sample can. Van Camp Packing: Cc..'i2fii£napons, 1st!, f" ^^ n \i , .Js

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