The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY,,JU,Li;'23/,i93G • '" rJLY'rilBVILLE,:'(AR]K,) COURIER NJ5WS Society — Personal | ilw number of friends TOl :it tl* i lomp of Mrs. i •-• Ml V ""^ Mrs - 'Edgar'$i«ul the week cml with Mv. ami . Cieimnii nnd fnmlly, Mr. mid Mr.s! M, S w ' M -niylor AD. Aljmiulliy and Miss Alice j,ii m ' Kcrftt h .^ ' tflurmA (rw Mlrhln any siiomllilB this woe* UK- Blyfm-vllk.'hospital w hero !.!> \n s r:,K^a,* S i, vbUI,* "McK^irl'rtoC.,,,,, her_ sister lir Memphis this week. rnlloyc ,j [^ Km ,*\ yIMrs by u,* SSre. |;ilt nrwnltxl ,i position With till' i,»' C n ,!i"i\ n i," U "''?, C1 . iln|ltlra " -Mi', nnd Mrs. Tiim ; .-r uml f:i:nllv tci a here with licv son, ] c ,f( smrHv IjIBupl. o: K. Miller, „„„ family. M^'llib bi.llds nnd .son. Bnblw. - Mr« !'• V ! ' n i.' . '™" r . L'; "" of iJyess Colony, vlsllcd .Mr. nnil Modern Ceils Replac Dungeons of Vatican) VATICAN CITY mi'i—Mrdi- '•val ihimu'oii'; ot Hi!' Vallo.'ii hnv- l)i en rcpliiccO by (lit- f!iu!!ct|.. ir.:d mot mr:ii:in \'\l-m\ in Uv> w.svUI 'I'iie iii'lsim tti'slsts of oniy '.vo 1 "'I" I" '. • I.':. :! to. 1 till! ili'W'lUlin of VaMcui |>ri:;!;mis. ]( ICKI'.-.. o'l to ;i cl liMiHi'il, :ill(l i:i fllied v.'U!! sliov.e:- lutl^s, hasiiilat. nnrl PV,>II .lt ! L '-mn. „<,,, Alexander ncmk c p ronoe O A I ly , vi J 1 fl '" m lhc ™ h ° M. A. i, , -----., nn;,. ^. i,. jMu.iui:, ul u p^vi \V-1'K, Pruo ,-„ n, his homo roccnl- 'j'hp tnoin slret't in KeisT ,-u^ - has|)itol, covered with iiiubs of trcA bj. ilic ! !i','!i:"T,'" umlcnvont trciilinenl sloi ., n , nit s iltm , tny „,,„,; scvsrulj .," hl ^; l- ., ri rrl.scti yet. t. .^u>in nut o-inu ,iuv [JJ^IU. -31*1 "I HI Is on the roofs wtra dumuied'Uy filling limb-, mid Miss Mary Jewelin '"w\. L ",V ,, • , , _ , ,,, ""J "*'"• "" Aa. and Mrs., Aubrey Earls-will |,] own <Iown move to Lllbuiirn, where. they Bot'ov Jot l>::in to npen i\ )iress Mte Anmi liol, Drekham has If" f'.r Her home in Tupelo, Miss.. after 'rvcnl <hvs vi«ll lierc is " !i 'cWi:>m, in the home of Mr. and',, Mr". A. 11. liei-khani. While Im'e ' Mi 1 i Itrektiain was uiioi-t of honor', j^. ttt a number 01 parlioa nnd other r,. , !im! Mrx - A " «'«vc rc ' lt , Vmo ", f^ > vlt " A ' McCa11 " Sadlier •ned to >., after lends. Hi Miss' !lij!:t BUI! tfleii'.ione llnc oy jotiK visited In Miss., the past wc:k. no innul'. 1 ; fci' iVo fctie lias hei'ii In- ciiri-.i'alu; in (do for a year, -Courier News (jiussiili ,1 Ads. I'm Tennesiice. J.icr: Truvis of ' Mars ton is •spending tills v.-cck in Cooler with «''i:d aelivitles, ^•'r. ami Mrs. Marshall Sjien- fi', who liavc been making their home iji Cooler lor three months, are leaving today to imke their home In Kt. Louis. Mr, Spencer,, V!! .. who has been rjnilp ill for two! ,^',. ,," "."."" ";;;"","" ""; "°" < ... -...' .. - . lei Mrs. John Tucker of Cooler, i Hutkiy WrHjht h:is relumed aft | Mr. Waters of Ola, Ark., is' weks, will enter (lie Vcteram hospital as ™nn as he renclie-s SI. I.ouls. His wife will I'emiiiii iii the home of her parents until lie is able (o be vetunvul hnnic. The , house they have been living in will lie occupied by Mr. nnd "Mrs W. c. field. \vho will move this week end. Before her mntriuge two weeks ago Mrs, Held was Mi^ Ha»M F'or-'nec Uunwlon. She Ls a tcaeher in Cooler high school | Dr. nnd Mrs. T. s. Coouer :ire !:prndin« .several days at their e.i'iin n * Eifvnn Point. Mrs. Mmclisll iramra and Mr.5. Clav Leivh hnvc roiurnert home nflcr snvortil (lays biiFiness vi'iii i« Rt. Louis. Mrs. D. C. P.iffor.-l nccranmnied her, friend, Mrs. Evelyn Wlsmcr to IIIM- home in Camdi-n. Tenn Iho fnsl of this wee',: Mrs wi.s- mer had been a visitor in this cilv for two weeks. MIS. Pafford nnd children will remain in t^md™ for .several; weeks. vbltin» Wll'l I.-IPI,,], a]1 ,| lc l aUvo ,. Archie ni=liards. Misses Nina /rnx-;, Onal Taylor and Rnljye <-icck= Rushing have returned iioin ;i (,.),, to Nm , Yo] . k n! Woslnni'fon, D. c. Mrs. NewVierry Johnson and Mrs. Peter Coloman and children have returned from a several days '. t at Cn '"! > nl ° vtet ". Hardy, Mrs. J. \v. , wha tnsl wcek ANTS, RtVBUGS, a*J other CRAWLING insects er frilling 'friends In Tennessee. Cecil Earls, is attending a con- feren:a (cr Korge dealers in Kt. Louis. L. 1i. Gate.s is sp^ntuii^ a week's vacation in Forrest City. W. s. Smil'n went to Parasoutcl on a business Irip Tnesclay. Zel> Jackson of Mjcon, Miss., visited in Kciser n short while \Ve:l- nesday innrning. He was relurntiv; from a visit in. Blytheville. Mr. and Mrs'. llanry Adams au-J two children, of Macon, Mis?.. Tests prove llirvt finer- ground lice Brtvnd Insect Poivdcr l;itU 32f5 (luickcr—tacnuse it contains more killing parliclea j>er ounce. I larmksa lo cliiltircn nnd Jitls. Kill F/ies, Mosquftocs \vilii Bee Brand Insect Spray. ' Contains '\1% extra killing power (47% more pyrcllirins.) McCormick cc Co,; Inc.; Ualiimorc, MJ. f0., 6 .<>,-3 ° . , uiKienvenl, nn oncration for removal of her tonsils at the ^onlheost Missouri hospital in Cape Girardeini, has returned to her hnnic in this city and is gct- .tini? along well. Mrs. Joe Russell and mother Mr:;. Ed dice, sirait Wednesday aftrriinrn in Lu.vnra. Ark., where they attended a birthday 'party In Iwiio--, of^lhe former's son Jimniin-La.vcli. \\-lm was 5 years ._old. uffni.: nz: ,;iycn in the hqmc of InT granthnolher. with wljnm Ise li\-cs. Maor and Mrs. Freci L. Kelley |and children arc vacation!]]" at jrt Hot Sprints. I({ Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Waters V)f Atlanta, On., have arrived in Ccoter for a visit with Mr Waters' mother. Mrs. P. E. Wal"rs 1 nun other relatives. Harold Simpson has rcturnctl to Ins homo in I'arnuoiiM. Ark-., afler spending th e Mnnmer here with his aimt Mrs. Paul Frame, and at Blythevillc win,' another aunt M\"s Dnlsin Stewart. Mr. anil Mrs. Aubrey Riiellon nnd daiiijhter, Onita ,Jo}-ee and R. E. Prn!:os and son i.nve re- turnrd from a visit at Hot Springs, Ark. Mr. a:i;l Mrs. Buil Stowe, of near Cooler, announce the arrival of a baby boy at their home last. weekend. Rev. nnd Mrs. J. p. Crocker and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis' Frazlcr .spent Tuesday in Memphis, shopping and visiting with friends. Archie Richards nnd Mips Ninn Brooks were visitors in Memphis Monday. Mr, and Mrs. Don Alexander and Mrs. Rcbia Arnold spent Wednesday in Tyronza, Ark., as wests of Mr. anrt Mrs. Hobert Alexander. Mr. nn<l Mrs. James Coili; Wcodfin, of Mnrfrccsljorb, Tcnn.. are guests in the home of the Litter's parents. Mr. and Mrs W. O. Alexander. ' Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Whilflold and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. A .VMley aiid daughters, Wanda an:l ri — Sfe fsSl P( * n «5S B KS 'dasi-iLvU (SiM^.^l few'SH FJ 7m$^^ va^'^p Illlliilli^ii.!!! : |f ClM'T- : ' •' ^8^-^^ -^ ; ^^tWlS£'^^^^ v :-^i^g " "'"" " '" ':?ZT1®. CHILL TONICK 5Gc Nash W Oc.666 25c-666 1 59c Priimn's ...33c|& ...39c* '.'.'.S9c I 5(k Groves 37c foyer Aspirin WHITE SHOE POLISH 25c Gadi Polish .. '...Uc 25c Shu Milk . 17c 2Sc Pee Chce We 39c Columbia . . 19c WO-for 1 Swim Caps : ZSc-and 2-9c IflOlyfe v,-.~S Eisodol ..88c srii ilKCliiS FOR FRIDAY .-nul SATURDAY ™*^*™!!*nt*iK^J^ Elberta, Large Bushel $1.49. wrara*«weaac?a«n!aiSKCT;35Km»Ksn3^^ ni i.ii s ; ; .t!:-a«K«iv3;iss'asjErfiaa»ix7.!A7JV!as7V.Kl Ib. 3c Ccni. I fl Wariipoles Preparation PARPOH'ME, KAI5TER- HAVBXOU SORRY, BUT I MEVE-R AMD A ALL AT THE SAME TIME.- DEAL WITH DRiJG'STdKE AND YOU'LL HAVE PLENTY OF A/.OMEV LEFT FOR THAT VACATION. Rid Your System of Malaria! I Shivcrinj! w|!li chilis dtic momcn'. nnil • uurmn^ v.itii fever tlic nc.M—tlirl's cr.n of the effects uf ll.ilnris. L'n!r-j clicctcctl, Jiic <ti-MM will dd serious i,arr,i to vcar Israllh. Malaria, a liloeil infcclinn. "cn!U lor tu-o llim.M. First, i!c-[ro>-;nff Ihi in- fccann .in the Mood. Second, bnilti'n- up I lie I.ToocI to overcome the cffcris of lhc rtuc.lJC and lo fortify Ktin--l funt cr nllrck. ('.rove's Tasteless Chii! Tonic supnlicj !)t)lh lhe;c cliocls. ll conlain.; taMc!->5 <illi;iine, wliich killi the infc;tion in tV- Mcod, and iron, wiiicli enriches rnl Luilcls lip Iho liloo:!. Chills nml fever soon ilo|> nnd you arc restored lo licsllli nnd comfoil. For tialf ;i cctllury, Gro\c' Tasteless riiill Tonic ins been sure ri ci lor M.ifo.rii. It is jnsL r,s U'clnl, too - i Ecncrnl Sonic for okl nnd young. IMci< 11 <o l.ikc am! ab;o!ulrly harmlcs;. Slfc lo K'« children. Get a bcMt at any diu- slow. Xoiv two £iws—SOc and $l Tie ?jsw cont.iins iy, liniwasinncli ...i iuc -"w "nd givet you 25% more for your money. DEODORANTS SGc Deodo ..........39c . (We Blum </S 35c Minn 29 6Qc Ncet Cream. 49 Ponds Tissue 1 LAXATIVES SGc, GOc & $1.20 Sal Hcpulica 25c, 5Qc $1 fiik Syrup of Pepsin 4f)c 60c. Sump of ..49c EJ5 Gallon Mineral Oil 5k Phillips Milk of 1125 Konjola |1 Alarm Clocks $125 Argoiane 1 JL98 Jfc 98c 75c Glover Mange Bem. 6Dc 75c Vince .t! fi W U 8 i§2^ u, & JHi'JUJEKBKXHH I'nro CMIIC Ul l>(>ll!llis .III icy C.'ilir. ii'Kts Ciisp Moil (1.4 Kadi """' : ""~"'"'' m—i—rrvi in •'•••••iimi i IBIMJ I'Vcsh 1'on nil - V^Wt^kVr BANANAS {!nlllni -Sr •ii r?jJi-sKai»i«.i!jK«»i4B*s«PKi FLWRjsi'^jfc?^ MML. -J^I Ilsffip"i5ip •"-"•— ' mrmnirrr-iiiTr ••IIB -< l-'icsh Do^cii rt 1 PlY'SPRAY TOBACCO KLENZI1 ICUcltoii 2 for Holllc JO' firali;!!ii . I^C 1,1). 1!()\ I/ .(owe!, .') 1,1). ,|'flc 'Sauce' Cotuilry C.liili N(i. 2 (.':in B for 25 C. C. 1 ., 2 y, win 11) Avnnihilc No. 2^. Can BEEF ) 5 4-ibctn IBWB^ Knihiissy TOMATO' ju ^vi_lf If ('luini Tall Can . u Eiitii i(; W.£ No. 2'/ 2 I'an BUCKETS Charcoii] ga *«PgT l »•«•••! I Illll mjj,qgK C/UP 0. K. -{AC mJ£U__ ."3 liars lU JjfA Wcsco '••""." arc' *^V K I.I,. Hox^Q' • 2-I-0/. l'ft,C DoUlc'lu liu-li 19 C TWINKLE -r- ^r (Inltlon Dollar (itillon ,Iii. Crackers', t Wcscn 2-hh. liox Each 15c s-o/. i!ot. E C. C. I'ineapiilc ' Dolf, -ISS-O/. .. .Spaprhclli I! Boxes FKU1T .IUICK C. C. Can 10° MOTOR OIL 2 c £;,, 95° PCM * liKI-ir KOAKTH '1'hk'k i!ii>, I,!). .... -|i)i RhnnlrU'r Clitd, i,b. ^:"n THE BEST BEEF IN TOWN "C. <p." MEANS CONTROLLED QUALITY ui:ni'' STI-;W, 1'onn^i TT7! ' ; —TT ti^Mrx»«iiiKss?!ssa-'asassi£(css»jj^HriHs; HKANS Tall Can SESSSSS&X HKKV S'l'ICAKS itniind nr Loin, I,l>. . Thiik Rib, I,!) BEST iW Kroger's Delicatessen Luncheon Assortment SLICED SPICED Nice Served Wilh Kral't •Cheese. 1,1). PIG LIVER S "™;V t I!y lhc Slid (ickiniC ,b. LL'i BACON i\!od. (Jradc Slici-1 FOEK CHOPS'" VEAL CHOPS „. 1 lo fi !|c Fish \Vhi(iii!>' or •Inch Salmon I'oiuul Thick Rib Ib. 15c Chuck Ib.

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