The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAY Id, 1038 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NKWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate }xr linn lor COIIECCU- dve insertions: Ofle lime per line lOo Two limes per Hue per <l»y .. .08u llirce liirfes ]icr line per day ..OGc Six times per line per day ....03c Monlli rate per line COc Cards ot Tlianks 6Uo & 'lixs Minlinuui charge 50« Ads ordered lor lime or six limes and slopped before expiration will ue charged for the number of limes the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. i All Claf-sificd Advertising copy ImbniiUed by persons rcsidini; out• I'dc of Hi ctlty juusl, be ncconi- Witnlcil by cash. Kates may be 'laslly computed from Rbove table. Advertising ordered lor Irregular Jascrllam lakes (lie one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more tliau one Incorrect insertion ol any classified ad. isiiiess Directory Harry Huilcy's CURVE IN CAFE Good Fond ul Good I'riccs FRESH IlIVEK Cat Fish HXPERT AUTO KKVAIKS Garage opera led b.v Floyd ifurgctt Cigarctfcs Z for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones 5-1'-4 & 878 Used Furniture WE ISUY & SELL USED MJItNlTUKE KUY NOW - - PAY NEXT FALL HUBBARD 2nd Hand Furnidire Next to Coil Hold Piano Tuning tuned Mid repaired. Cai George For<l at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. Hardware Poultry lice Fryeis for s;ile. lilglmay 01. Mrs. Vida Oglcsby Miiltliews. 'hone lO-i'-a. i:i-tk-G-ia For Sale 1708 W. Muln SI. ' -^ -----------------------------$250 Modern railage, . 1'ricc reduced lo $1050. rash. $20 monthly. Thomas land ' : °- 18-ck-ai| 1 vooin re.'.ldeuee on Asli HI. till-i inilcd on corner lot willi 100' ool Ironlujje. House in pink ofj :oudilion. I'rltc' $2750. $250 cash UK! $1)7.50 per month, 5'.;-. riiomns l.auil Co. lH-ck-21 ELF.CTIUO * WELDING AT BEST f'HICKS PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mf g, Co, AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY K NJ<;ilT CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home Laredo Soybeans Kxtrii (iixul <)u:ilily—llrrlrancd 1 Ilu.'.lir] or ^i Carload W. A. GEMEINHARDT I'lionc 2250. DIattlu-us, Jlo. Lnryo Klondike slriiivbwry plants, •10 cents per liundrcd, or S-1.00 per 'riiousiiiio. Curtis Lllllc, lligli- way 01, noilh. M-pk-Vl REAL UARGAIN _ new imlioiml 'i lotol cash register. Cash SJ50. terms $1V5. lUistic Inn. U-ck-C-Q PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, fiUiii[;s, all IniUi- rooiu ncccftsorics, valves, electric water systems for farmer::, water Eoflencra, or nny other Ilcin ton- , nccted with pluinblni; or "Pete" The Plumber For Rent reoin fnrnir,!u<d house, neiisoii- able. HJ3 W. Main, after .1 -.i.m. 3 room furnisliccl apartment.. Vacant, May 25. Phone 291 ISektl room, nicely luniisticd apartment. Vejy icasmiaWc. 701 W. Ash oi; eall 1008. 17-ck-ii Conilorlulilc bedroom, U25 W. Main Phone 277-J. 17-ck-ti-l'. Fiirnisiicd room, cool, Ijatlirobni connection. Private entrance. Ei- llier twin or double bed. Phone 1032. 17-pk-20 Furnished house for (lie suiiiiiicr. Mrs. Geoiee Cross. 300 Lake St IC-ek-lf TJsed lavn Mowers 52.50 U p 3 room furnished apartment 000 l sed oil cook stuvcs ....52.50 un \V. Walnut, l(i-nk-23 ... . u| on (:<)„], Stoves . S2.50 «] Used Bicycles '. SI.59 UJ All iii Fair Condi lion SHOUSE-HENRY HAHDWARE CO. Coinforlablc bedrmn, 1017 Walnut, Cull 102. 2-ck-lI Coal & Ice My C'p^l Js Black ) But I Treat You White ICE T.OCAI. HAULINO John Buchanan Blythcvilic, Ark. Ph m , D 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS •Shai'iicncd Factory Way Bly. Machine Shop So - 2 »d- Plioue SOB Shoe Kepairiug Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMPLE SHOES Everylhing For Your Shoes 120 Free Delivery [ Anlo Paris S>:K us yon Used Ai.Uo Paris for roiin-cni;viu)ij.;T-i'i,vin<>tnEi City Auto jParls Co. Vauted To Buy ; S2JOO woi-jii or II.SK1) FUUNMTLIUK All Makes Kadlos Kcralrcil WADJJ FUJJNITUKE CO. 112 SV. Jllniu 1'boiic IKS UOOJI !X)TS WAI.I,I>AI>EK ; $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson HJMIJKK CO. Real Estate room unfurnished apartment. 700 W. VVaiiiutrt.MJss Hise Moore, 21-ck-tf. For Sale or Trad* Grocery store and gun station. 5300 cnsli, balance on liberal tcrjiis. Will clear $200 a month Write box "Z", % Courier. 16-P-23 Female Help Wld. Lady 30 lo <IO yi-ars old. drive ear. ncal liousokccper. companion. Apply Mead Clo. Co. lS-ck-25 Persona) Kirby's Tasleless CHILL TONIC Dnnlalns More tfolnjnrr-More Jrou TH« Rjcoramiin^ea T«»tment Tor MALARJAJ, CHIM,S and FF.VEI. SWAMP FEVER —AGUE VKVEU At All Klrlj Drof atom Salesmen Warned MFN • WAK'lIfU (or Jian-leish Knilc? of 800 families. Reli-.iuli lHi.',l!rr should .'.(art earnliiq weekly and innv.i:ic :a)>:dly, "wri Rrr.vlei;:h\. j),-, i. AKP.-27 , Calc. Joiner. Arir. frhrdiitol niriinrs njicratin:: roiiliiirjiliil Unitod stales durni l-rbriiiiry. J038. c.-irricd 1:).r)f>3 Iwssoii5ers and flew passenger miles. 1935Flymoul!i Sedan .......................................... $195 <;ood Sli.iiic ............ NO Trade 1931 Chevrolet Coupe .............................................. $89 Huns Ciuocl .......... (iaiid Tires 1936 Chevrolet ^ Ton Pick-Up ....................... $275 < :) i'an .......... j.oiv aiilc«j;e 1935 Chevrolet % Ton Truck ........................... $165 1936 G.M.Tiy* Ton Truck .......................... $375 '•"'iff IV. II., Slake Bod}-, ilral I5uy LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. G. ]\l. C. TKUCKS ^07 h. Main Sa[ L . s & Service KoKs of m LOTS $1.09 up Mwl roinplili' lino ul 1'alnl.s mid Wull[)u|)cr In N. Ji, ArK. lil.vllu'villo i^ Wal!(i!i]M>r {'<,. nidK, riiiiii« SSil KIt DRUG CO Y01IH tfKUCGJKT ^1 I'Jtone Ml Drs. VVert & Wcrt SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries IIKJHKS'I 1 QUALITY GAiNESMKT. 118 W. Mnlii S3 SCREEN WORK tiT A HAV1NCI Ki'|t.iiil"t' f. New KriTi'ns ADK 1'OH ALL POlU'OHWi Barksdale Mfg. Co. Gorgeous Plumed Birfl ; f DITSlurii '.._.._,._ .. ' .' T-^ -ir I"*" 1 I'llUIIG li> . 32 T" nu'.lto lace. M 0|>pOo(.<tl to In. ... . . , 38 To confine pxistuiB birds to . 28 Its wings >W .Mllilll (itld — — . 32 Also. •W C'unlaloupes. 3S C'l-unJ ruler. 37 Mire, ' o/ wiir. 1 Preposition. .. ..„-,.„.,, f- To Miifcil., CS, 3 Journey loj-jn, •S6 Molten •I Neuter liiotioim. 5 Billi.-ir.l rod. <! llnnkcd. 7 Yellowish Jii'nwn. It Melody. locality, 3f lliintliiiil 42 Hoblci'. 40 llpju'y SI Kisli. 51! t'o LICKNSKK tUCAL 1CSTATE BKQ.KBUS We list farm and city JYojicrty. If' •you would be B buyer or n seller, see T 15 K U Y 'A15STRACT & liliAl.TY CO 213 W. Walnut Phone 617! ELECTRICAL I'i.vltircs * A|i|iliai»- KXIM5KT WlUINfi Walpole's 'I'lic Coui|iletc Klrclricitl Slorc 110 So. and rhonc 311 GUARANTEED TIRES M/VVSMEU) fiOOOVCAK J-'JKEbTONE 4.40x21 ........ 51 Ifl Low Trices On All Sizes ARIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main 1'honc 176 Now I/mated at Id I North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICJE BUREAU RON EDWAKDS, Froprlct«» 4U BRkes of JRfbuill Tyrewrltets, Adding 3Uc,lUn$ Calcnlators—Reji 'J'o .nsri'iue, ,un •—- bird. CHJl is , .of CRESCENT Nightclub •JJ SlriH'l.. •<13 jS'l'lirlve.d. IDiio.ulli Auwi'ii'ii 15 The lip. 5V Work of sliill ' Over .TOO Isaacs' Btor»> "VVK RIAKH 'KM SEE 1'liono MO The Home of Good /''««rf HOT 1'IT BAItHKCUK OM)KMOWI,!.,'S 1'liojio ^2! Wo Imvc nn luwd tor tulo of for oilifr produulii. , MaininotH Urown, Wilson uml llioiin. I'ca«-Wlil|is niul New Hva. U'.-oicdaii — Korcnn. Col- Ion Seen- -I), p. L. II-A m ,d Kldicviilc 'I-A. Will soil for cnsli or track- yvltli you for oilier ot bc'ans or colton sent. SUJCTKIC «',OOKKI) HTHAKS Blusio By Fttrd'ti |Ktr JIC.RSOU For Reservations Call Holland 17 II. W. Ill llnlliinil, Mo. L. R. Matthews Gin Co, Til lt-r-3, Vurlini, Avlcinsas CI.UUH, Ciillon Kcf,l ,t Coal WELL, NQ5CPV ,15 GOING ! MOOTOO 15 OUR OWW PRIVATE COUNTRY AMP ;E£ 60NNA KEEP IT THAT WAV! __i WELL, WELL' SO TVIfcV'RE 60MNA Ki3£P THEIR. NICE, QUIET LITTLE MOOTOO A SECRET, ARE THE-V? PLACE; J'P SWEAR THAT \VA? A HUMAN .LAUGH BOOTS AND HEIt BY RDGAU MARTIN THE PLW6 FOR. Tt\"c. IrtOU&W OCCURc, ME.-I W'OMDER 6UCV\ "^VXt <=.ROOM'^, VOOR. Ht WArfb IN WASH TUWiS I5Y UOY CUANK VEAH, WE'RE NEUJ / GET READV CWJK\E SAV5 TO SEE IF ILLSAVTHEYRE TOUGH . THE DOC SAYS WE WOK/T BE OUT FOR THREE WEEKS. i GUESS WE CAN USE A MEW -MEMBER Aft£R ALL, TORTOWI. HERE'S THE MEW TRIGGER GUV, BOVS (WAR'S ON» KHKCKLliS AND iflS KUIKNUS BY JHKKRfU. BLOSSEtt GOSH ! LOOK .' FRECKLES' PICTURE—ASTA yp'^e MEXT TO DOLORES AND IMIS S1DR.Y SA.YS COMING . 'fO TME SMC HAVE 'IO BE ' i SUPPOSE TMAT& A^L. TMAT MATTERS J A.FT6R ALL., YOU MEN ARE CONSIDERED TME PAYIMG PUBLIC.' / AND DOLORES OREEM is GOOD FOR MY OOU6U.' DARM RIGHT/ WE NOW, SHE VJCRtT ROBERT TAYLOR, OR. CLARK GASLt; / ITS GUYS UKB US pur OUT TME OOUSM TO TAKE GIRLS LIKE YOU ID SEE G!Ri-S LIKE HER.' ct

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