The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, Some Citizens Every Time German Get Excited They Hear Uy BRUCE CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASthNQTON, Kept. 20. — A Washington resident called ilia Federal Bureau of tiivc-stlfation Ui<\ other day nmi implcml the fi-iiicn to have a gander at queer goings-on in (lie lint next door to I'is, in a rather tony downtown apartment building. k "llierc arc lights c» In that, flnl will) 3 o'clock and after, almost every night-," he announced. "Who- evcr's In there talks German all the lime. Must )>o a bunch of spies. You people ought to Icok into' St." 'Hie PBt sighed and went, forth to check up. In the end, it found—as it had anticipated—no cause for alarm. 'Hie Mat, II developed, was occupied by a gentleman of German blrlh who was very fond ol card games—penny ante, pinochle, and what-not. He had a number of like-minded cronies, also of German ancestry. Four or five nights a week they would come in and play cards, eat Hverwurst sandwiches, and maybe drink a little beer. SH-H-H, BEER PLOT IS EXPOSED They talked In German because that was the language they grew up with; but the most careful 'investigation failed to show that, any cf them were anything but good Americans or tint anything any more sinister than a little friendly card playing and beer drinking was hatched there. This is just, n sample of the sort of thing the' FBI is getting these days. As the nation's first line of defense against foreign espionage, it is getting a perfect flo:d of complaints from the citi/.enry. As a matter of duty, it runs each one down; as a matter of policy, it doesn't go arcund telling everyone what it learns. But a huge percentage of the complaints are pretty woozy. FBI is in good shape to fight any genuine spies that may appear. It new has a force of 800, soon lo be increased by 150.' In addition, it has what prac- tlcnlly amounts to n "G-Man Reserve Jporps," consisting of 'slightly, less than 500 men who' have •-llceir graduated from ;thfe- f thrceVmo'nth training courses which the 'bureau conducts. " ; . • , Practically all of these graduates are members of the police forces in different American cities. The FBI keeps in touch with them, keeps them informed about what is going on—and knows that in case cf need it has, in all of these different cities, regular police officers, trained in FBI methods and thoroughly sold on co-operation with the PBT, who can go into p"*'on if needed. SPY ROUTE FOR PERSONA!, GRUDGES The bureau checks oil complaints thoroughly, even if it is morally certain In advance that everything is okay. It is n trifle disturbed at (he number of people who seem to be willing to work off personal grudges by trying to turn in innocent people ns spy suspects, but it takes no chances. Right now it is keeping a watchful eye on all persons known to have overseas connections, and is bending every effort to prevent any recurrence of the sabotage cases of the last war. Incidentally, its cases don't often J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist in Blythcvllle. Glasses Fitted Correctly I iniul In cowl — or Imven't sj f ftr , mij'liow. Six limes, in the last llii'Ce yeni's, itnve Its cns<?s resulted In actual convictions In conn for Yiolnlloji of Die roplcnage stnuites. Afore often, It tins twen fouiKl Hint court trltils were nol necessary. Instead, ihc evidence is simply turned over lo (lie S(r,l« Dejxu-l- Itiimt, which quietly ects in t'.iich with ihc yepi'esemalmis of Ilio foreign jlation Involved. Tlie man who has been doing the spylncr | s called home, ami llmt ends it. Now with nn wnr on, of course, tilings arc i\|)t to lie n trilk tougher. Hayti Society — Personal —THE— Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE -Is a A real tire. Gum-dipped Coi'd, Non-Skid Tread, and 100% Cotton Construction throughout. The cost to you . . . only $1.75 per week when you buy on our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budect Mgr. 5th & W»lnnt Phone 810 Y. W. A.'s Meel Misses Edna and Anna Khourie were hostesses (o the Young Women's Auxiliary of the Baptist chinch at tliclr home last Thursday evening. The girls enjoyed n pciltick supper after which they repaired to the living room lor thfir program and business meeting. Miss K<ina Khourie, the president, presided during the business session at which time the stere- lary'fj report was given, personal .service report given by Miss Hattie L:is Randolph and personal service work planned for tliU month. Mrs. Virginia Henson was in charge o! the program on "Home Missions" and was assisted by Mkscs Connie McElyca, Wanda Mills, Hatlie bois Randolph, the Misses Khourie and Mrs. Win. Huffman. Mrs. Huffman closed the meeting with prayer. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Huffman Oct. 10 with Miss Randolph and Mrs. Hcnson as hostesses. * • a Missionary Society Meets Mrs. J. w. Shrader was hosless to the Methodist Missionary society at her home last Wednesday afternoon with II members and one Miles conducted the devotional The meeting' wus ciwned with the visitor, Mrs. Cora Reno. Mrs. Jesse singing of "All Hail the Power." Mrs. Bessie Slubbs was in charge of the program, "Bonds of Living Fellowship." She was assisted by the following ladies, who each discussed a icple: Mrs. Earl Landls, "Alaska"; Mre. Stirader, "Shris- tians"; Rev. Evitts, "Kindergarten"; Mrs. Miles, "China"; Mrs. Mollie Dorris, "Japan". The closing song was "Oli Master Lei Me Walk With Thee" and Mrs. Miles offered the closing prayer. In a social hour the hostess served Ice cream and cake. - COLTER NEWS HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis ")" !>ot(w come back lomon-ow, P e:e Too much slulic! Meets •;- : Tlie'' Baptist . stateV Missionary •program a-as giyeji -.Wednesday. »f- t«-riboli:nt- Hie liqiiie or Mrs. Harry Getting* with a ve'ry good attendance. Mrs. M.' Kinsey was in charge of the program opening with the s:ng, "We're Marching- to Zion." followed with prayer by Mrs. Gilbert. The Bible Study was given by Mrs. O. c. Martin. An explanation of tlic program which was on "Baptist Mission Work in Missouri" by Mrs. Gilbert. Tliose taking part en the program were Mrs; A. G. Siiirey, Mrs. Mack Morgan, Mrs. VIoln Cullem and Mrs. Ben Braden. Mi's. Kcnsey closed the meeting with prayer. * « * Miss Hatlie Lois Randolph spent the weekend in Memphis vislling friends. Mrs. Wolf Khourie and son. Edward, and daughter. Edna, were in Portageville Sunday afternoon visiting Mr. and-Mrs. John Ifamra and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hamra. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Chilian were In Porlagevlllc .Sunday afternoon (islting friends. Mr. and Mrs, Rodney Brasher of Cape Glrardcati were here Sunday visiting Mi', and Mrs. II. N Brasher. Chas. Gilbo cf -Memphis was here Monday visiting Mrs. Gilbo and son, Gene. Mr. and Airs.- Oplo Shepherd were In Cnralhersvillc Monday attending to business. Julius Jacobs of JonMbora was here Monday attending lo business. Dr. and Mrs. A. G. Shlrey, Mr. and Mrs. C. McChmey Mr and Mrs. Fred Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Notgrass were among the Haytians who attended the boat oxcmslcti last Friday evening at Caruthersville. Mrs. Mae Key of Slkeslon was here Wednesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. ople Shepherd. . ; Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDaniels were in Stcele Sunday visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs C J McDaniels. Mr. and Mrs, Starr McDaniels were also visiting in Stcele Sunday. Mrs. E. K. Sickcry and daughter, Frieda of Lilbourn. Mrs Snm Hamra and Mrs. A. H. Hnnm^of Porlageville and Mrs. Richard Hamra of; Scnath• were- here '•-. Friday visiting Mrs.,'Wolf Khcurle. Mr. and Mrs. carl McDaniels were in Memphis Tuesday where Mr. McDaniels received 'incdlca treiUineiit nt Ur. Hills clinic. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Eunice flarkey, Plaintiff, vs. No. 1013 Glen Harkey, Defendant. The - defendant. Glen Harkey, is warned to appear within thirty days in the courl named In the cnption hereof and answer the complaint of Hie plaintiff Eunice Harkey. Daled this 20 day of- Sept. 1939. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. C. P. Cooper, Ally.-for Pltf Percy A. Wright, Att-y, ad Lilem. 20-27-4-11 Pistol, Sling Shot Expert To Give Show The fanciest sling shot shoMIn of tile world Is due to be displaye at the Harry Dalley Park, nea Itolland, Sunday afternoon wlie David Dudlah, International sllnt' shot champion and rifle and plsto expert is slated to do his stuff. "Look" magazine of May 23 an "Lile" magazine of July 24, devote, .full pages to Mr. Dudlah and hi unusual hobby. Pe<i)Ie of (his section also KO.\ Mr. Dudlah in the movies reccnll when he was starred In a fih "Umisual Occupations" which ap peared at Hie Rite theater here Mr. Dudlah, who with atrs, Dud lah has Just returned from Holly wood, has finished another snort short which will be released h Octcber. • This modern William Tell ha held the world championship f» the past t<m years during whlc' time he has defended lite title 1 times for all around shooting, BamlK Victim Qcts Carfare PHILADELPHIA (UP) _ Tw hrlduj) men commandeered Benjn -iniif,Ciller's automobile, drove hh five miles inlo the country, loo SiO from him and decommlssloncc the car. Leaving hl,n, hcweve they tossed him 15 cents for car fare back to the. city. Save Your Soybeans ; See us abbul a Blasscy Havris Clipper Combine Full 0-foot cut. IM11 width, stralglit through separation. Power take-off or motor driven. Easy terms arranged. Blytheviile Soybean Corp. So. R.K, St. Phone 555 Can You Spare a Moment For a Lonesome Pup? Congratulations! It shows that you find enjoyment in simple things... happiness in being friendly. It reflects a mind relaxed to enjoy the pleasant things of life. Neighbors and even strangers are quick to recognize and applaud your attitude ... friends are sure to cherish it. You're not only living life, you're smoothing the way of life for others. * * * Can Budweiser contribute to your way of living? Indeed! It has been thesymbol of better livingfor nearly a century. BUDWEISER offers you companionship when you're alone .., fellowship when you're among friends . .. a. flourish to the hospitality that graces your home. ANHIUStlt-IUSCH Makers of Ihe World's Moil Fanmiu Bter Budweiser S-60 MAKE THIS TEST DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. \ ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A SWEET BEER, YOU WILL WANT FtAVOR THEREAFTER com. mi.»»xium.»u»cx,i*c, •i. leun; «t>. Join-mil Of Navy. League Gives Credit To Marine Corporal j-Amci 'lea's first .shot, niter entrance Into thu World Wnr In ion WHS fired liy Corporal chockte of the MnrliKs nt Cuiain. According ( 0 ..g l>n p. w -. ev," urtiin of Die Unllcd fitnlra Navy !/>«gtie. The shot \vas -fired April 0, tho (Into ov t| u . unite,) sim,,,, (leolnni- tlon of win-, aeros* (lie bow c( u Clciiium liiuiu'ii as a warning to "heave to," Not until Ocl. 23 were American .shells .wreamina across (he, Hues lu-Fmnec. Account ol the Incident In "Sen Power" follows: "A German launch, with culler In to.v. was speeding u crass iho linikur of Guam on the fateful inoi'iilni; of April a. lan, uie dny lhi\t America entereil the Wovl War. Out oji tho bay lay (ho in- •terned «'iir«hlp Cormrmn, its Ten tonic crew unaware that President, Wilson iiiul just signed the wnr resolution, Throe Shols 1'lrcil "Siidilenly a shot whistled- across the tiow of (he luunch, fcllowed by two others. The nrst shot was fired by Corporal Michael Chockle, one of a party O f l(i (J. s. Marines, commanded by Lieut. W. A, Hall of the Niiyy. Every .seafaring man nii(l((rslamVs tills manifest command lo 'heave to; The enemy launch immediately surrendered. "Memwhllc Ihc governor of Guam bad sent his aide In a barge to Ihc Interned (Xnnornn, demanding her smrcmler. lie was complying with orders received from the Navy Department at Washington, when word of our entry into the war had teen Unshed to (he faraway naval staikn in the Pacific, Oernunis Illc.K- Up Ship "Soon the aide boarded the warship and Informed her captain of the surrender order, Uul the Germans had anticipated bis errand, ami Ihc Americans scarcely had Uriic to leave Ihe vessel before II wgs l)loivn tip by It.s own crew. For PAGE THKR1 tho next half hour small bo.Ui In the hftrbor wrie ploklim up silfvlv. OIM, More, than K!X mo.nlUs later, on Oct, VI, the mm of Hattory c, Uth )*lil Artillery. i«l Division, hauled J gim up en tin. ii,-lng lino hem- lialhloiiiont, Vinnoe, HIK) . on t n * shell scrMmliig j,, ( |i<> aolierol di- J'cclloh (if tlid Ooiuian lines. It wun Ainoi-lfn'ti lira hosllli- slid I In France." Masons Will Meet At Hall Tonight The Clilokasaulja IxJdue 134 will meet In tegular colwoeallcm tti Ihc' I.odpe Hull toiiloui nl rlshl, ovlock, II was nnliounoed (May. VWtlne Mnsohs are Ihvlleil to' nttend tills nwoiiu,. ut W |,|(,), ()„. Mnslcr's dtgn-f win !xi coniv-rrcd, 'COURTS MIR. Bernlro iiiirchel hns filed suit in ohancery court ut!alnst Jessie liuvchell, asking for a dl- vorco on the irroimd or Indignities. Mrs. Kimlre imrkcy Is M okin K „ divorce on tl«. M,IU<> B roimd mill Mrs. Tnye Young- I, usldiin n dl. J-orec from n. v . YOUIIK, ulso clinr B . hie Inrtlgnltlos. Olaiitlu f CUOIKI- Is (iltorney in,- t] H ; jilaindiis. Hoy Kell, clini-Mcd with filriillnu an nulomublle from oil th u street of Ulythevlllo which belonijed lo tho Meter Bales Company, waived pvelimlnniy hrai-liiij In Municipal Court today mid va\s held to clr- ctill court, After announcing ho was unable to maVc bond, none was set. One inrin was tiled oh a public drunkenness When n fmsl. is heavy lo blacken erowhig vceelnlloh, It la called iv "bltick frost." WARfiiFYOUR LIVER BILE- Wiltal Cil«md-*nJ Vou'll Imj Oui of W In tin' la Go . rr Nioiilil (.our ,n,l (». 0 ,, olln ,|., „, c ' ,-„— 1 , lnl ? J '' >l " pljl>wcl! "l« | ly.>flM*MI» nnot)lii\vliii;tn:iOy, j'yuf ton J dots n'titli-'Oit yniip ntuiiiui'li. You iri'V ruiullpitcil,' Your wliulo lynum Is iiolumcii BII.I you r«l io\ir Hunk mill tlio ivorlil Imikn ' ' ' A itK-n' l,o ' , ,. . In lii« bllo w iHdr. AA f,,r C.rlor'. .' i.' i'; r .' UU 1iy """"•• lli ' fl "< v "iilWi e. Al nil Qrun atorcA. IQf unil 2 Abe Pickiis Concehtrales On Food Profiteers Now . (UP)-Hb foitr, for pcaco flpparentiy Im fnlleil, AUc I'liHis, \\lui has rftlled by long • dlr.tnnco lelephonc sileli its Adolf Hitler, ^nvlllfi Climn- lU iiiitl IICiiKo MtlsKOllni, has turned Ills unajjpolnled dljilomnllc i-Uoi'ls to the domestic Btoile. I'lcktts sent (lie, following lela- am ii) President, noo,;evclt; ' with you. Sugar polling Clcvclaml olglit ddllifM hundred, flovemtnelil lias po*er to 'fttop pioniecis from ^IdnnlnE American people, Please act.—Abe Plckus" PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stoek Guaranteed Best Prim Kirby Drug Stores in 2 of 3 minutes with G-E Automatic Heating because only it \erysmall (uianllly of boiler water li iiecessaiy in Iho G-K Oil I'lirnnce. 'Jim-!, two or tliree mimilcs after the thermostat colls for heal, there is steam In the rnuiaiorsl But quick stnmiini; is only ono of iniiny G-E fcatiireal HERE ARE OTHER ADVANTAGES: NOW COSTS LESS. it«o i, Ictil news—uml/!oodn™s. Anew low |iifcD for tlilj lilg-volno 0-E Oil l ; iimaeo. HOT WATER. PU.UJ. 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