The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE, .TWO BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1931 MY VALENTINE What, then, is a va;ciitine? Heart-shaped it. mubl be: Cupids, garlands, paper lace, Love birds in a Irte. Passion's harbinger of spritis 1 l : cr a wlnliy time; Compliment to one beloved, Bravely dressed in ihymv: Yearly, boon, to diffident Or hesitating lovers. 111 the Ultra-Feminine Mode . Where love that lost the way of I spet^i .i Way of verse discovers. ; Valentines are uc'iEht ami sold— | That docs not b:mc?n them; j But these lines .1 made for you— j Try to read' between them. '• Louise Bird Hnlslon. ' Society Calendar Moil fay Circles of the Firtl Methodist. I church Woman's Missionary sucic-1 ty will moot nt llicse places: 1, al- the church; 2. Mrs. B. F. lirog- don; 3, Mrs, A. M. Dull; 4. al Ihe ! church for a luncheon wilh Mos- '• dames George Hubbard. W. L. Hor-, n?r, A. B. Holland and W. C. Hlgfinsen as hostesses. Mrs. H. E. LaShot wlil cn'jr- 1 tain the Missionary sec.-.'.-,' nf i.-,o. Lake Street .Methodist o':iv,r<:i. | The Missionary society of .!>? \ Second Baptist church is meeting j with Mrs. Leslie Moore. i The Woman's Auxiliary of the: First Presbyterian church \vill meet | • with Mrs. Carol Dlakcmorc. ' ' The Cenlral Ward r.v.-cnt-Tench-; er association wi:! celcorate Fntii-| ers' Night in r. •roriiil proRiam at; the school at 1:30 o'clock. - The Royal Neighbors are muci- ing at 7:30 o'clock. The Woman's Missionary Society of tht First Baptist church will Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Pnrtlow and baby have gould FIRST PKEBBVTEKIAN CHURCH Mirth M. Call»w»y, Pastor Sabbath school, 9:45 A. M. nay Worthlngton, supt. • Worship service, 11 A. M. Sermon subject: "Reward of Fidelity". Evening worship, 7:30 P. M. Special music at. both cervices under the direction of Miss Leor.e Calllcott. Christian Endeavor society, 6:30 1 P. M. Miss Lorna Wilson, leader. MW -. WCC k: service, Wednesday cv- =WBEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Jesus the Friend of Sinners , I returned from Para-, cuing. 1:30 o'clock. Jonesboio where Mrs.| -n^ slrnnv ttn d of thu , Koplc snalt m inheritance the Par i low anil baby visilcd relatival ace . r or u ,j( 0 In Pnraaould wlilln Mr. Pet I low, t i, 0 u ^/u t [ Or was in comi in Jonesboro as court; ]oMcl fth | ch T. swore Ullto tlwlr Ia - bleiioji'.iplr.i-. | ()lers lo j,i ve iiu,,,-. Joshua 1:6. Judge G. E. Keck relumed yes-; terday Irom Jonesboro where he presided in circuit court for two The InterruUaiul Uniterm Sunday School l*ss«n for Feb. 15. JTesus, the Friend of Sinners; Text: Luke 7:16-50. Wheeler Cockc returned lo his home in Memphis yesterday after n vfsl Iwllh Virgil Fislicr. .1. W. Adams, nonde! Stephen 1 .] and Virgil Fls-hcr were among those j Irom lii'i'tt who attended the dance In Cariithc-rsvlllc last night. ! Mrs. E. J.. Browne is sending 1 today in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Collins and; daughter, Annie Laurie, are in'. Memphis for three days. I MUs Lillian lirlscoe and Mrs. I eoruc M. Lee are in Memphis lo-[ day attending grand opera, j Mrs. A. r. Barnaul, ol Osceolr., 1 Is shopping in Ihc clly loday. Miss Lucilc Armstrong is in 1 Memphis today for opcrn. 1'ILGltIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. Kliendlcnsl, Pastor Services arc held at the SI. Ste- :hurch, and Bible hour. I D:1S a. in. Divine worship, 11 a. m. Sermon subject: "The Blind Sec." All are cordially Invited. New, chic nntl an exclusive hat that not everyone can wear Is Uie modified Wi.ttc.ui, which makes Its appearance this spring as a gallant gesture backwards to the iiHra-femlnlne modes of another rtny. This charming version Is a medium brimmed ceiophanc yedda meet at the church at 2:30 o'clock, straw braid, In gleaming navy blue, with Ottoman faille ribbon fov ST. STEPHEN EPISCOPAL Church services will be held at 11 a. in. by the Rev. C. C. Burke, cf Marianna. All arc cordially Invited. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Seventh and Main Streets P. Q. Rorie, Pastor Worship and Sermon, 11 A. M., and 7:30 P. M. Morning service broadcast over junior, Hy and Senior Leagues. Mr. am! Mrs. A. J. Hnngn and KLCN. family arc uoiiig (o Memphis Turs-j Sunday school, S:45 A. M. day where they will make Ihelr In-lure home. Rlnco they camo here , 5.30 from that city a number of years ago Ihey have been closely Identified with church and civic alfairs. Roscoe L. Morris, Flat River, Mo., by BY WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Tht Coa«re(ailaralUt Is a man known by Ihe company he keeps? The prevailing opin ion holds that he Is, and in the main it Is true that evil communications corrupt good manners. But all of life's relationships, whether they mar or enrich our lives, depend upon the spirit In which we enter into Ihem, If Jesus came inlo the world to save sinners, he could not 'very well avoid meeting sinners and being friendly with them. It would have been as absurd to hope to save men from their sins and at the same time avoid mingling with sinners as for a man to go fishing wilh a fine array of tithing tackle but In a region wheret no fish could possibly be found. If we viere more like Jesus and had more real interest in our fellow, men. we -should be less particular about our companions an< friends but very much more par ticular about ourselves and abou the spirit and altitude wMch we display toward others. StWnj Shouldn't Fear Evil If. a mtn is -weak and easil influenced:'for wrong, he Is wise io avoid the influence of evil companions, but if a man is godly, with "the ppi'er of Christ upholding and BJfttalnlng him, he will Baixnict foi will be held at the was called to the death of his mother who passed away In a St. Louis hospilal Thursday, wns accompanied '}y George A , , m of mu _ »lc. an out of the state speaker. wish ti toward hie fefiow Good The council of (he Woman's Mis-'. sicnary Society of the First Chris- i llan church is meeting at the home of Mrs. J. C. McHarey, Jr., at 1:30 o'clock for a sewing party. The Woman's Missionary Society- of the church- Ji i\ic Nazaix-ne' will meet at the homo of Mrr C.. E. Cobb on-North Sixth sire.-, at j • 2:30 o'clock. . i There will be 'a men's banquet at the First Methodist chuvc'.i. • Tuesday ' Mrs. George L. Muir will have I the Tuesday Luncheon club. The 'Tuesday Contract club is meeting with Mrs. J. Nick Thomas. MUs Kalhryn Ltwler Is hostess lo the "Entre Nous" club. .,. }v5rs. [ RahcV>rr/h L Snil(li iV Jiavins 'tiie new Wednesday Contract club. . The Matinee'Contract-club Kilt meet with Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks. The Delphians will meet at the Hotel Noble. Thursday The Thursday Luncheon club is being entertained by Mrs. Russell Phillips. . Mrs. C. E. Atkinson is hostess to the Young Matrons JBridge club. Mrs. A. Conway is having ihe Mid-Week Bridge club. its banding and Its bandeau. D RIDGE: BY WM. r. McKEXNKY Secretary American llri.lfic Lvalue When Ifiinss are breaking b:id- ly for yen and you find nil of ihe trump bunclwd in one hand, you should play Ihe hand ^ pick up that extra trick. Carelessness In Ihe ntaying of Ihe following hand his two aces uml a queen, he could not \K blamed if he went to four padrs. Tlir Play West opens with the king of diamonds, which the declare] 1 wins with the ace. Sculh. the declarer. to lo hc ,,, 5 colllrnc i. FEthere To Be ' Guests Of Honor. Fathers of'pupils in the Cerrrsl Ward school'win it guests of honor at a special meeting of the Parent-Teacher association Monday evening at the school begin- WEST S-2 H—Q-10. B-G D—K-tt- J-8-2 C-8-7- ",' NORTH S—3' H—A-7-4 0—9-6-3 C—A-vHO.5-4-2 I " EAST S-J-S-76-4 H-J-2 D—10-4 C--K-J- 9-3 SOUTH—DEALER S-A-K-Q-IO-B-5 H-K-9-5-3 D— ft-7-5 C—!Jons The HMilinK Al auclicn, South would bid one spsde. He might even be justified in pre-empling wiih three shades bill wilh I his creal array of Irish card tricks he should not tor 1 dcutiie nt three or four spades, si it is best to stirt wilh one. WPS ning at 7:30 o'clock. might ovcrcall wilh two diamonds The following interesting pro-] but it is a rather weak bid. Nonl gram will be arranged: song, ad-[ would'show his club suit by bid He, W. Barham. They pjnn to return to-. lorrow. . • i Mrs. John Miller, Mr. and Mrs.! Joe Young, Mr. and Mrs. J. n. | Smith, of Osceola, shopped here; today. • '• Miss Belli? WhitsiU.. and E. B. Lymnn were- in Memphis last night i for the operas "Cavollcrlr. Rusll-| cana" and "I Pagliacci". fellowship. The be present. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30 P. M. "Church Building" will be dUcussed ite Kingdom Extension book. Tills is a very inspiration especially "to the cni. Choir rehearsal, Wednesday; 0:15 men th'e graci of God in kindliness of life, . in gentleness of words, tnd In that love that wins men frcAn their own ways of sin and selfishness. Here. | Is our .'lesson v;e find Jesus In contact with two sorts of sinners. The .one was a wry respectable sinner' who did not think that he was a sinner, at all In fact, one of Us deepest forms of. sin was in believing, that he was better than certain other people whom he despised. ' Simon the "Pharlaiee thought has been 111 in Memphis several 1 weeks, was taken to Ihe Baptist: hospital yesterday. Mrs. W. D. Gravellc nnd daugh- • ters, Misa Dehna nnd Maurice, ar"c in Memphis today for Ihe - opera Alfred S. Harwell, Pastor Our graded Sunday school meets at 9:45 A. M. U. W. Mulluis, Supt. Preaching by tlie pastor at H should not try the spad? linesse j .. I1sr Rosenkavaller". A. M. and v 1:30 P. M. Morning' subject: "The New Testament—our.chief source of in- WHU the ,,c,, immediate* the for tho tinned from dummy, declarer winning with (he king. Still hoping to find the hearts' split, declaior leads the five spot,] hut West wins with the ten. F.ast discarding H club. West plays his queen of hearts, Enst discarding i the ten of diamonds. The queen of I diamonds Is Own led by We.-t, F.nsl , discarding the jack of clubs, <le- Laxora Society—Personal ciarer following with the seven ofj Herman Spicer was a visitor iu diamonds. West follows right along | Osccola Tuesday, wilh (hc jnck If diamonds and Enst i Miss Maslue Drown attended Ihc discarding the king of chibs, de-1 <i, incc n t Forrest City Wednesday clarer is forced to trump with the fly.? of spades. dress of welcome, Mrs. Howard B.I din? two. Tills would satisfy East j If the declarer were to become Proctor- response Jud^e Zal B and hc would pass Somh would careless now and lend the queen Harrison- talk on "Founders Day", (ben bid two spates and if North • cf spid,:s. ftist would win thcjitor at Osceola Tuesday. ' night, Sam Cob!e, of Osccola, was Luxoia visitor Tuesday. W. A. Wood was a business vis- , H 'A Smith- selection "Fa-! went lo three clubs. South would last two spnric tricks. The proper] • • • • ' •• • no', Mnble Cook left Sunday for .is the eight nf spades which j Kansas City, Mo. From there she clc-.e i En* I k, forced to win with the nine i w m B0 [ 0 smaller Kansas towns oiicn with OIK spade. Wtrt iniglit! clar,;r' S - queen-ten of trump. In put in a dl^^ci ^-i h.^ir.: to: (his manner he rieebri'V vvnif.the stop North aivl Romh frcin wet- : ^'- -two tricks and im,kes three wo,, d , there'-.; : Quartet"; reading. Miss, so to three spades. Marie' Moon; address "Comincr-; At contract, South is ..». „.*.-,., — -- cial -.Hecrealion", Miss' Willie 'A.|lo'a frrcina two bid ru-.d should ; s»''< »"d ^;™,, m ;, l , ! ; 1 '"i" 1 ,, 1 ,?,,!., ,,", Lawspri: .song "Fathers'. Quartet". "" .... .... ... ~,,r. , Re. freshments will -be served in ihe Eccial'hour. . . , • • • • tin;: into no trump, bill i! is a • oan. S 5 Class Strives ! t-nier past. N'-rlh Kl-.ouid flmw. At auction he For kccord Attendance. ! t™ cln'r. s :al h would 1* jusli- for ho» n >Jv*"' lc The Beta Chi Sunday school i Tier. ir. biddins three spa.les. Imr 1 onois in class .of the First Prcsbyleriani North should pass, «ltho»eli_wlth_' Count ni.n 1fM._ diurcti. which is' now second in [ " ~~ the contest in progress for several'. cr Q,nrm. Mr. a:ui Mrs. D. S. La- weeks. is making special efforts- llr y, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. llowcn, to have a- large attendance lo-; M,-. and Mrs. Charles B. Driver. rnorrov;. All members arc urged lo M r; .. j. !,. Ward. MKs Evelyn Dcvollonal and Bible sludy Wed-; icscfay evening at 7:45. Choir rehearsal 'Thursday even- ,ng nt 1:30 o'clock. Last Sunday was a bad day, therefore uoth our attendance and collection were off. Let us go over tlic lop tomorrow with 400 present niid $300 offering. FIRST CHURCH OK THE NAZARENF. 110 Cherry Street A. T. McAnally. Pastor Sunday school. 9:30 A. M. Midway Notes attend. IVSn Honors. Ward, all of Osrcola. t'ntiTlain Mcsdamr-- K. M. Mt-E W. M. Weber were shoppers Tuesday. Snooks Cravvley and Blythcvill Cbvcuce stngi:ig plays for Sewcll. Rev. O. G. Hall was a business vteitor at Osceola Monday. Metdaincs Clarence Vollmer nnd William Wunrlerlick of Blythcvillc were gcesls of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Ccoke and family Sunday. ! Mrs. Frank Vollmer sps-iit Sal- ing at 7:3t( I 1 . M., the Pastor i unlay in Blylbeville. ] Mrs. Or.i Hill Is visiling relatives . in Memphis Ibl sweck-end. j B. O. Wilkins and Phillip George '. wire Osceola visilors Monday. II Mrs. JiArtle Bonds was a busi- | iu\^ visitor at Osceola Saturday. Mr. ;u\rt Mrs. Russrll Boweimnd Mi.s. Lehman Driver returned Sun- To Hive Special Musk. Tiie opening tsercLsw adult department of the i First Baptist church ai Ilir home of Mrs. Hol!iH5s\yorth Kriiiay cv:- the ning lor the nicn'.hly sccial meet- Fir.; 1 Monday. L. It. Autry anil l.iinih- were Blytlicville visitors Saturday. ] Mr. Alvin Gray accompnm'ed his Junior Maxwell, Frank Linrt. Mr. . rousui, Mr. Charley Gray lo Meni- We have clnfscs lo suit all ages, C. E. Cobb, Supt. Morning Worship and sermon by the Rev. Holt at 11 A. M. The N. Y. P. S. will meet at the church at G:30 P. We want to have all Ihe young people present. Kenneth McAnally president. Evening Worship nnd sermon bj the paslor. 7:30 P. M. Prayer incclinB at thu church Wednesday evening. 1:30. Brother Holt will have charge of the service. Clioir practice and Bible Study iiiecls al Ihe church Friday even 1-. M., the Pastor wil have charge. , Our new chmth building wil soon ba completed at tlic cornc of Second and Vine Streels. W will announce our first service I It at a later dale. FHiST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. iJitimtr. Minister. Church school. 9:45 A. M. Communion and devotional. H Christian Endeavor societies. 6:30 P. M. There will be no evening scr- vice. The public is cordially Invited. that character and' reputation »-crc the. same thing. That was a very great rnistake, and with i Simon made the other.greal mis take, ol imagining that, sin was largely a matter of offense agalris conventional standards. It was in conceivable to Simon that a man rrjlght make a high profession o religion and be very earnest, anr yet aij the. same -time be., a very great sinner, through lack.of lov and kindly tbnsider'atlo ryfor others Sinner RtpMlttd . . The other sinner was ->' 1 . 'who knew herself for siich. Ther was no question about her stand ing In the community. She ha evidently been guilty of gross sin hat had shut her out from re pectable society and that mad ier' known in the city as a-sinful Yet in the' soul of this vonian was somclhing that- so re- ponded to the Master's goodness and gentleness that she brought icr tribute in the only way that eemed possible-the bringing of precious ointment and the wasting and anointing of the Masters eet The tears that poured forth old of her contrition, and the Master's word of approval marked he reality of her repentance. Yoi \this moving scene only Text: Luke 1:36-50 And one of the Pharisees desired him lhat he would cat with Im. And hc went into the Pharisee's house, and sat down to . meat. : And, behold, a woman In the city, which was a sinner, when he knew that Jesus sat at meal in ttie Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, And stood nt his feel behind him weeping, and began to wash ils feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment. Now when the Pharisee which had bidden him saw it, he spake. within himself, saying. This . man, if iic were a. prophcl, would L have known who and what manner of woman this is that touchelhhim: for she is a sinner.' And Jesus answering said unio him, Simon, I 'have to say unto Ihee. Arid he said, Master, say on. Tnere was a certain creditor which' had two debtors:_ (he one owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them oth. Tell me therefore, which of Ihem will love him most? Simon answered and said.-'l suppose that hj, to ^.viiom h? lor- gave most. And he said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged. And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon,- Seest thou this woman? I have entered into thine house, thou gavcst me n<y water for my feel: but she hath washed my feet with tears, analj wiped them with tho hate of her, head. . ; . .,_ M . Thou gavcst me no kissr but this woman since;the time T came in hath not ceased lo kiss my feet. head with oil Ihou didst not anoint: but this woman lialh. which are many, are for- moved Simon the Pharisee to ccn- soriousncss and questioning. Instead of glorying in the love that could win a sinful woman and re- her to hope and character My nnolnted my feet wilh ointment. Wherefore I say unto thet?, Her sins, . given: for she loved much: but lo whom'little is forgiven -the ;.; same loveth little. And he said unto her. Thy sins are forgiven. _ And they that sat at meat wilh him began to say within them- .-« selves Who is this that forgivelh sins «lso? ..../ " And he said lo the woman. Thy faith hath saved thce; go in peace., , Simon only questioned the integrity and greatness of the teacher The rebuke to Simon as Jesus gnvc it was kindly, but definite and detailed. For many gcncralions the record, has stood in the New Tesin- Baptist Sundav school in the morn- • After Mrs. Eula ^pors.-n had! :mrt Mrs. L. B. Cannaday a nd | phis aaliirday. in" vill be featured, wilh a vonl «ad from lru- liClh Psalm U.r Hielsm, Ike. Tln-o. Wv-oMridgc and; Miss Addle Byrn is visiting !>or Gus McGuuglian visitors Saturday. EElectlon -by a msle quartet com-. dcvolinnal Mrf. posed of.T. II. Ha)IK- P G. Hunt. nnii Mlf - H E Roy Hcgan and H. i. Darnell:. I'r.ucrs. League Has Par.y. The 20 member; of the Epworlli League of Ihe Lake S:rect Mcl'.io- disl 'chinch who allcr.ded Ihc parly : lasl evening made cnndy at the i home of'II 1C Kcv. ar,d Mrs. W. J.'; LeRpy. ' ! Taffy candy was "pulled" and| other entertainment amusctnent. liresidi'd in vion. Each wui Arthur Hurtui-...' Hariif. 1 !- riflcr.-! Mis. A. W.'il. i!'..-=idon'. the v.c;c Blytlu'villc grandmother- nt New Survey this week. Thco. Wooldridsjc nr.:l Ike Cm;- j Mr. Tom Gray of Corinth. Mi*,?.. . . 'iiar,s.ic-;iiaday visited Leonard Hill Sunday. ; tias Ix-en visiting his brolher. Mr. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hiuiy Stanford . cl-.r;fc;l to rop-| WCVC visitors In Liixnvn T:i< L. W. Gray Inr the past week. Mi. Eiml Webster and his •na fov an iMicrrv..iit:l Mr. and Mrs. Ashabramier and 1 Ihcr mntie a business trip lo. Car- rcinlcsl. Later :\ dclicio'.ix pl.ilc; r am iiy w o re visitors in Blyi.hevilte I ulhrrsville Saturday. .1 lunrh was Fervctl. H»ve Bridge Dinner. Mos Catherine Wa-.d und F. Whltc, of Osccola. entertained ' Receives Hi-noi . ,i Cf Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Clumbrrs.j anoruea: ,. ho J5 & 5ludcnt al rjhic Moanlaini | college. BU:e MounUun. Mi:*., hn:^ ' bei-n elected to the Srribblrr'<- club, i I She '-as ere cf the four In-s.i-j ^•'y.-^n ? .v>' 4 ^ 'or Ihis honor. Ik.Mdoi Tuesday. i Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hill vW.crt i Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Tompkins i«^ Hie Kiicsl of Mr.v. Emma Harris i Mr. ati;l Mrs. S. F. Hoark nl Dly- and finnily. Tiic.Mtay evening. Mr. T. Henrtrix niul fiiinily Imr mnvixl lo Truman. Aik. Their son. nonnis . h-ivi'i- an Bv.^raae of at kasl ••»•'! »omc after visiting rclcilivv.'.; nl Gov- brldf.^ dinner al. the Hotel K-blrjj^" n 'n' ; r.i; ( !ies. 'ill membrrs tire, 11 "!'. Ark., for the past week, last evening. 1 electee! to this lournalhlir snrirly.' A delcclablc iiKiiu was served tc Another mcmbor is Miss Elua- the guests al a table attractively 1 1)rth Haley oi JJ.yiiwvil!c who is a junior. Saturday. L. M. Maxwell was a LuNai.i visitor Monday. J. C. Jones of Ihe Giu-lmsl farm 1 Robinson until \Mrd Itred Crawley Monday. I Holland. Mrs. MxCioughnn ins reiurncd! M 1 ^'" Mildred and Helen Hnr- Mill slay school with Mr. Is out nl nrranged with sprinc lIow^rs and Valentine mollf. Later bridge was cii joyed. The guests included: Mr. and •Mrs. J. W. CoX, Me. and Mrs. O E. Massenglll, Mr. and Mrs. Horn- Saturday night wilh Mrs | Emma Wcbslers. Miss N.iosnl Webster spent Suiir LAKE STKKET (METHODIST CHURCH W. J. I*Roy, Fastor. Sunday school, 9:<5 A. M. Church. 10:50 A. M. sermon s,nbjecl: "Christ. Our Saviour". Epworth League. 6:40 P. M Church, 7:15 P- M. Sermon Jccl: "What Would You Think Is The Worst Siu?" Tli- girls and boys In the sixth •cvciilli and eighth grade are re- nucstcd to meet ul the church nl 6 p M lo organize a Hl-Lcaguo oftuit Is being made to have storo lice Wednesday, 7:15. Prayer meet- "lirs Msiie Moore and Miss Ella Non-is' classes will have charge of the dcvolional services Sunday evening. Special music Sunday evening. Come to the liltle church that holds out lo you n big welcome. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH ••Soul," is the. subject ol the lesson-sermon to be read in the Christian Science services on Sunday, Feb. 15th. The Golden Text is: "I have longed for thy salvation, O Lord; and thy law- is my delight. Let my soul live, and it shall praise Ihee; nnd let thy judgments help me. Psalms 119: 174, 115.) Among the citations from the Bible is the following. "Wilh my soul ii»y 1 desired Ihec in the night: •ea. with my spirit within me will I reek Ihcc early: for when thy iKlgmcnts arc in the earth, the m- labilanls of Ihe world will learn righteousness." (Isaiah 26: 3.) Services arc held at the Hotel Noble, room 104. at II a. m. Chinese Capital Faces Unemployment Problem NANKING. China. (UP)—Despitt its growing prospcrily. China's new capital city also is confronted with as serious a problem of unemployment as the United States. According to the lalest census more lhan one-half of Ihc population is jobless. .u,-nt for all men to read, and yet how few dare to have toward the sinful the courage and love of f.« sinner^ Master! How Sew fee! .the need ... of searching their own hearts to :ir) inquire whether their profession .., of righteousness may not be . Pharisaic pride! Surely it is true ;/ that those who feel most conn- dcnce in themselves may in- real- . Ity have the creates', need of cry-. ;.' ing. "God bs merciful to me, Connecticut's Gretna _,„.„. -f Town Clerk Louis Schiller jr., show 238 were inarricd here in 1929. but then a law was passed compelling Schiller to make public marriage stMlstics and the figure dropped to 151 for 1930. Schiller formerly had a widespread reputation as n friend ol by Col. Zack T. Milbr. The new .-j breed is being developed. Miller .,; explained, lo discover a new kind of beef animal that will naslm.-;:S well and produce better meat than ;>j the buffalo. '.',', lovers desiring marriage without publicity. Owl Ends Six-Year ion—L Egg »00 al Sunday school. There \\erc 12f> last Sunday despite the ram. SIJCOND BAPTIST CHURCH E. 7,. Ncusom, Pastor Sunday school. 8:45 n. m W. M.| Blaylcck. superintendent. The census gives a total population of 510,072. of whom only 235.813 men and 33.953 women are properly employed. Tlic class of the unemployed claim a oi 300.306 :rsons, or 115.1U men and 187.12 women. HARR1SHURG, Pa. (UP)—A rc- chrislenlng ceremony became necessary a i the Slate Museum .recently, because "Jerry." pel- owl of Ihc museum, ended a deception of| six years and laid an egg. Having accomplished that cn- lircly unexpected feat, for Jerry was named for the comic stnp character of thai name and was always considered the most masculine of birds, the owl proceeded to duplicate the performance and tn provide further constrcnation. The re-christening was a simple ceremony In which J'Kry became Gcraldine, but retained the original nnme, bestowed upon it by Mrs. Bovd Rotbrock. wife of the museum curalor. A similar occurrence, v-as reported recently by the family nf Governor Gilford Pinchot. whcv; pet macaw. "Oscar." added lo tho van production of the stale. Oscar's name remains unchanged, despite Ihe Incident. The National Capitol at Wash- . ington is the only buildin? in inz United States over which the American flag is officially flown continuously, both day and nighl. throughout the year. 1 I MATERNITY HOSPITAL—For urv- I fortunate girls; secluded, private, ! rates reasonable. For information \vrtte Fairmount Hospital, 4911 East 27th, Kansas City, Missouri. Closing-Out I am closing cut this week liic Full Stock of Purina Feed & Mills Fted. Reason, changing localion. If you are lookint; for bargains conic In. Going al Actual Cost. J. C. McRad Ash & Railroad St. Hospital Notes Luther Callls* Steele. was admitted to the Blytlicville hospital. cd. NEW HRITAIN. Conn, i ui'i— ! "-Xv -vit'.i Miss Vclma Me-by. "church. 11 n. m. and 1:15 p. in. Failing fcr nearly a \vc:k lo pel. Little Irene McKay has beyii | j,y t hc pastor. Moriilng subject: himself arrested so he could spend I HI this week. ' ' p -xhc Thinps That Happened to Ihc winter in j.ul where it was I Mis. Einmeit Webster visited all Abraham." Wo are Ivg inn ing a sews™. Peter WMilen It-rcod ihe- 'icr mothers. Monday attcrncon. rics of sermons en Bible history. Ifiuu by tcs^inir a brick throiikli a 1 A now rtwclims is l>cl:ic erected ! You will want to hear all these plate glass window Hc uas arrest-|for Mr. C. C. Couou on ihe Em-j sermons. mie Hawkir.s iarm. I B. Y. P. U.'s, 6:15. Choir prac- MILI.FR I?RKEI)S NEW CATTI.i: TONGA CITY. Okla. lUPi-A breed cf cattle, the result of crossing Brahman cows from Inch-i the American buffalo, is lie-1 Ing raised on the 101 Rancli^hcre j Gretna Green's Marriage, j INFLUENZA | Records Show Slump! SPREADING! BAIWATUC^m, ^-Th, ^^^^ ^Svf ° \ I nurriage rate has slumped tadlyl Tdkc lfc as a P'e xc " u \ L ' ;| since this borough lost its rcpn-' Use 666 Salve for ISalllCS. || ' Your message lo n Courier News Ad Taker will be Irnns- mitlcd lo n,000 readers. Call 3<W. RE§I)1T§ are Certain

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